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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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[narrator] listen to your heart. don't let it quit on you. let's go for a walk! [narrator] uncontrolled high blood pressure could lead to a stroke, heart attack or death. get yours to a healthy range before it's too late. hurricane matthew is stepping up its assault on south carolina and georgia right now. moving very close to georgia and south carolina coastlines. this is a fox extreme weather alert. welcome back to our live continuous coverage of hurricane matthew. i'm gregg jarrett thank you for being with us. >> and i'm marcel. some weakening is expected over the next 48 hours.
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some say a storm surge of 9 feet is possible in the capital of south carolina, charleston. one boat owner is worried. >> we're concerned we're going to lose the boat. you know, the reports are varying from 4 to 6 feet to 11. if we're 11 feet, everything is gone. nothing can survive. fox news chief meteorologist rick wrightman is standing by. where is it going? >> likely making t 1200
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it's going to be very interesting to see what barrier islands look like when we get out in the morning. whenever we get moving tomorrow we're going go check that up, but we're going have to let some
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of this water get out of the way first. we took a ride in downtown savannah and checked some things out. the city has faired quite well in this. i kind of put myself in the worst part and i'm just getting creamed right now. that was the strongest i felt when i started doing this tonight. we went out. i saw a lot of downed tree limbs. it's just like a dream when we drive through this. we didn't love any trees. nothing came down completely from what we saw and we did a substantial drive. we went into a low lying area and saw a big roadway just watched out. we were in a chevy taho. i didn't think we could get through it. there was a lot of water there. from what we saw, we went down some of those really beautiful
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streets. bull street and some of the other streets in savannah and everything seems to be fairing quite well at this point. as i look behind me, that's river roads that came up. it looks like it came up two or three inches, so we're hoping the tide is about coming up and the storm surge is about -- hopefully about through for the sake of everybody that owns businesses in low lying areas, has hoemts in the low lying areas. we're hoping the worst of it is happening right now. hopefully these tides are going to start to kind of pull back a little bit. we're going to have to wait and see on that. >> well, rob, you're doing a great job out there. right now let's go back into tubby's, i believe is the name of the restaurant they're letting you use, stick aurnld and get shelter. go back inside tubby's and stay
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safe out there. thanks a lot, great coverage. >> reporter: yeah. >> further south in florida hundreds of thousands of people are in the dark where hurricane matthew has been bearing down. it's past them for the most part. for two days it was pretty severe, officials still sizing up just how much damage was done in the sunshine state. any lights back on there? >> reporter: nothing's happened any differently. it seems like the utility crews are waiting for the sunrise to get back out in a massive force to restore electricity for all the homeowners and businesses. up and down the coastal barrier islands toward the eastern coastline. florida power and light says so far since the hurricane slammed
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up the state 24 hours ago, florida power and light has said it's restored 650,000 households and businesses with power and promises that by sunday night everyone north of palm beach county all the way up to the georgia state line will have their power restored. now, of course, there's also another big utility, duke energy, and they have not made such a similar prediction. you know, it was 24 hours ago at this moment that it was hellacious, howling winds raging through this beach community, wind and rain going hor zonltdly speaking. and so when everyone woke up this morning they thought, well, did the hype materialize, did our fears materialize, category 4 hurricane? lo and behold there was a hurricane that hit and swung by very powerfully, but the overall impact and damage and assessment seemed a lot less than everybody
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expected. so it was a big sigh of relief for much of the very populated central and southern florida counties. much different story when you got further up. up there, that's where hurricane matthew's eyewall passed closer to land. hurricane winds and significant storm surge ripping things apart. scenic 81-a, one of florida's more coastal highways and then jacksonville, as well as st. augustine, more than four feet of water when the hurricane's eyewall made landfall surging into the streets making many impassable. so those as are seen today and tomorrow, those will have to be cleaned up and assessed for damage as well. a lot of bridges closed to traffic because of safety basically, not because they're under water still.
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so there's much more damage likely to be revealed throughout the day. south of northern florida, so we're talking central and southern florida, like in the treasure coast, up and down the intracoastal, numerous boats took a destructive beating sinking at least partly into the water and many times totally into the water, but by far the sunken boats, downed trees, and damage to buildings and homes ranks on the isolated scale but not the widespread scale that everybody was expecting with a monster category 5 -- i'm sorry -- category 4 hurricane that was only chugging and turning at 35 miles an hour. again, that was major. i cannot stress, though, up north florida, you know, daytona beach, st. augustine, jacksonville area, still a much more serious situation, a lot
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more damage. but where most of the population of florida sits in central and southern florida, just really -- they're not going to mind this weekend, which is going to be a lot more cleanup remaining to do, a lot of tree debris, tree damage, piles of it, businesses like this coldstone ice cream shop and starbucks who have their tree remaining. it's going to be a buzzingly busy weekend. back to you, gregg. >> well, if they lost power, maybe it's going to be free ice cream there. phil keating, thanks so much. >> it'll be too soupy. >> yeah. got to give it away. >> phil was saying they were breathing a sigh of relief there, but an anxious morning for those along the coast of georgia and south carolina. >> right. hurricane matthew is bearing
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down on that area. very high winds. storm surges. a huge concern for those in the storm's path. so stay with us for more of our live special coverage of hurricane matthew.
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we were just checking in in florida, the damage there a day after the hurricane hit in earnest. let's head up to south carolina. full force of hurricane matthew is hitting. joining us now is laura joseph, deputy public information officer with georgetown county. lauren, describe the situation as it is right now. >> well, gregg, where we are up in georgetown county right now,
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we're still getting lots of heavy rain and wind. we have not had as much wind as was forecast but we still have a ways to go with the storm. we have scattered power outages throughout the county and our beach areas, but so far we have no major reports of major damage at this time. >> with respect geographically to charleston, for example, where is georgetown county? >> we are just north of charleston. we're between myrtle beach and charleston. we're the little area in there. >> lauren, this is arthel. are you getting any calls on your emergency lines? >> not calls so much for that. we've had calls regarding
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tornado warnings and we've had some calls about power outages. we've had some scattered cell phone outages but no one calling about major damage. we've had trees down. one tree in the city of georgia took down a power line feeding to a house, but not anything like we've seen down in the northern florida area. >> what's your biggest consider right now, lauren? >> the biggest concern is also one of our a greatest assets. we have five rivers and the atlantic oechlgs anywhere that is on one of those water assets is a concern for us. with storm surge and with just, you know, possible flooding and all of the rain, we're concerned about all of those areas that are basically, you know, along the water or on the coast.
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>> and, lauren, when is the last time you were able to go out and take a look, and what did you see regarding the water, the rising water. >> well, i haven't -- i've been here at the eoc since about 7:00 tonight. i have talked to some of the folks who have been coming in from the city police and the county sheriff's department, and we have had -- in downtown georgetown there is some flooding downtown. we know that there was a very high tide on pollpolly's island. high tide hit around 2:to and that's when it was the worst so far. we're still expecting the worst of the storm to hit us early afternoon. so people still need to continue to be cautious and when the sun comes out, not get out of their houses. they need to stay put until we get through this. >> you described already some
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flooding in the downtown area. how bad was it and if the brunt of the storm wasn't, how bad has it hit you? >> again, i was not down there to see it myself. the deputy that reported it said that it was over our front street area. it was not as bad as what we had last year this time when we had the 1,000-year flood. so -- and, you know, we're a coastal city, so sometimes we have a little bit of water on our roads from high tide. so i don't think it was catastrophic. as soon as we have more information and are able to get out and assess things, better i what's happened. >> sure. lauren, what's the power situation like there? >> in our county we have -- the western part of our county is very rural and right now the
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provider for that side of the county is reporting about 2,000 services out. over on the beach areas, we've probably got -- let's see. we've got about 300 or 400 customers without power. >> we're looking at some pictures now. i don't know if you're near a television set of some of the flooding in your state. you know, it's pretty extreme. what preparations were you able to make in advance? >> well, between the state and the county and the city working all together, we were able to get a lot of sand bags out to folks ahead of the storm. you know, one of the greatest things our state did was start our evacuations very early. on tuesday is when they first started evacuating areas in the state.
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so we got a lot of people out early. we did not have the traffic problems out that we'd had in past storms. so far i think it's been a very good storm response. just helping people to, you know, do whatever they can to protect their property. >> that's very good, lauren joseph. it sounds like you had good preparation there. you learned from previous storms and that's the best thing you can do and not let it happen again. we wish you well. good luck with everything. we hope that in a few hours when daylight hits, it's not too, too bad. >> thank you for calling. >> you know, she's just north of charleston and if you ever spent any time in charleston, north carolina, you can take buggy tours of old town charleston. >> very clean, exactly. >> but they tell you about the historic flooding that's happened there and you can
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actually see marks on some of the buildings as to where the waterline was during these terrible floods was that they experienced over the years, but what struck me is when i took one of those tours how complaisant people had sort of become. well, it was a long, long time ago. i've got news for them. >> let's hope it doesn't get up there, to the historical flood houston marks. >> i hope not. >> still hundreds of thousands of people are in the dark along the atlantic coast thanks to the hurricane winds of hurricane matthew. >> we'll take you live to savannah, georgia, coming up next. p?p?h
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welcome back.
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following the news of hurricane matthew. rick reichmuth, how is it looking? >> it it's amazing how long the storm has been with us. in sichb days never made landfall in florida and now we're right here on the south shore of south carolina about to make landfall unless it makes this easterly jog here which certainly seems to me like we would see this make landfall probably -- it could be an hour away. that's the center most point is as it crosses land. you see all the yellow, the heavy rain filled in across much of south carolina. we already have a major flooding situation going on in charleston. we expect to see the second highest flooding situation we've seen in charleston. water has already gone over the batteries. we've got the flooding going on. we've got the biggest storm surge in savannah going on. take a look here.
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this is the highest here near hilton beach. take a look at these winds, beaufort, 96 miles an hour. hilton head, 83 miles an hour. beaufort, that's about to go up. this little red is going to rotate inland and you're likely to see the winds get into the 80- and 90-mile-an-hour as well. our storm surge is going to continue. you see the red that's flash flooding going on. you get the idea. we have a lot of impacts going on from the storm. as we move forward in time, we're going to watch incredible rainfall rates across south carolina and north carolina. look at that. 18 inches of rain from the storm. we had two weeks ago an incredible rain event across eastern parts of north carolina that brought like a 500-year flood. that ground is saturated, the trees are weakened, the rivers are still full and if we had a
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24-hour period where we get 16 to 18 inches of rain, that's going to cause massive flooding across eastern south carolina. while we might see landfall, the impacts are going to go on for quite a while. the other thing, the wind, we're not going to be done with it for quite a while. this backside section is here before this thing is done. we have a long ways with that. finally this rain, we have rain for saturday in south carolina by the afternoon and evening. moves in across north carolina. hangs with us until probably midday on sunday before it is finally gone and we can be done with matthew. but we have a long ways go from that. and the last thing i'll show you guys. this track is going to continue to pull it across the coast and then pulls it down to the south. don't worry about it. once it gets down heerk it will be a shadow of its former self. we still have a good 24 to 36
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hours ahead for this storm. >> all right. rick, thanks for tracking matthew for us. >> you bet. >> as rick mentioned a moment ago, savannah is dealing with a direct hit. major flooding there. that's where we find caroline scheibly once again. caroline, update us on the conditions. >> reporter: sure. we get gusts every couple of minutes. you have to grab on to keep your feet stable. the rain is steady. we've seen the transformers pop. we saw one over there. the pop sound and sparkle ha goes with it. it looks like another transformer blew just to my left up here. we here are without power like hundreds of thousands of people. we're running o an generator. rick mentioned the savannah river, historic levels coming up
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over its banks. all day yesterday they were shocked that it was at the seawall. a step out of my shot here, my photographer is going to try to give you a push in. i know it's dark but bear with us. you see that? that is a park down there, white capping, taking over benches and trees. behind us is a boat that we hope is going to stay on its mooring. we don't know how much higher it's going to get. meanwhile on this side of the street it's coming down hard. this is a billing that's 200 years old. used to load the kocotton up he and load up the boats. the water is running down the walls on the interior side like rain. people have their buckets out trying to capture all the water coming in here. this is an incredibly sturdy building. the smaller homes on the inline in the low lying area have been
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taking it worse than us. we document know how bad it is on tybee island and some of barrier islands and low lying place. we can't get to them. there's no way. the bridges are out. the bridges are closed. it's a dire situation at this time. >> tybee island and some of the areas there, did most everybody get off the island? >> they did. it was a steady drumbeat of officials saying leave, leave, we can't protect you. the bridge that leads there was going to be inundated. they went door to door asking people, pleading with people to get out. the latest estimates i saw yesterday, they thought about 100 people were still on tybee island. that's just guessing u number no
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telling what conditions they're experiencing over there. once it's daylight, we'll get out and see what we can. but we can't get over there, i don't think, because the roads are still overtopped with water. >> is there a seawall in savannah? i'm trying to remember it's been so long. and what other precautions were they able to take? >> yeah, the seawall -- i'm going step up. show gregg what you can. back there is a seawall. it's not a massive one you see in most cities but it is indeed coming up there. if you take the storm surge and the water coming up over the river there and add it to all of the inches of rain that have been coming through, that's going to get some of the low lying streets. we were talking yesterday, an afternoon thunderstorm can take out a lot of streets in the city. we don't know what will happen because the last hurricane will was 1979. these are historic conditions. anybody you ask, teen
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old-timers, they don't know what it's going to be like even in daylight hours. >> it's such a shame. savannah, you know better than i do, it's one of the most gorgeous cities in the united states if not all over the world. it's a picture post card all of the time. >> reporter: they will be digging out, i think, for days and weeks. we are on a little bit of a hike here. we have a little more protection than some of the low lying islands do, gregg, but it's going to be a rough one for these folks, and it's not over yet. we have the wind and the rain and in the coming days think about how soaked the ground is. the geography here on this 100-mile coast, all of these rivers will have that storm surge, that water pushing up through them. think about the trees that will be falling over, not just from the wind but the soaked ground. once this wind quits hitting us over the next hour, we've still
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got damage to come. >> indeed you do. caroline schaible, thanks once again. >> let's hope number too bad there. as hurricane matthew continuing rolling up the atlantic seaboard, the storm is leaving florida. leaving it behind. but that state is not yet in the clear. leland vittert joins us and is assessing the damage. looks like you found some. >> found a good amount of damage, arthel but knot nothing you'd call catastrophic. the gas station oerps were behind me when this thing came toppling down in the midst of the storm. still when you drive around you find things like this, siding, sheet metal, boards with nails in them all throughout the
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roads. that definite lick makes moving around treacherous. it will be a couple of days. perhaps the real story here is what you don't see and that is any lights behind me and that's because there's about a million people now in florida who are still without power. and out here on these outlying areas you can watch the wind and the waves batter this part of north central florida and once that happened, it can take weeks to get power restored to some of these islands. we talked about -- you heard caroline schaible talk about transformers blowing. we saw dozens blowing all yesterday in the early morning hours as power lines got pulled down by the trees that were falling and also by the wind. it takes a while to get the power back on. if you ever spent any time, doing it without power means doing it without air conditioning. not exactly a pleasant experience for a day and certainly not a pleasant experience for a couple of weeks which is what people here are going to be going through.
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just north of us is where the big damage is, about 20 miles north here on atlantic avenue, you run into what's called flag ler beach. it's a residential community. their front yards are now cliffs because much of the road got washed out by the storm surge as it pounded there up against that wall there that they had built that a-1 a was on. they're going to do a lot of road repair up there as well. further north, st. augustine, a lot of flooding there, the mayor there calling it catastrophic flooding. we can't get up in there to show you that. they say they're going the try to open that city at least to the media come sunday. now, going forward, what's the big issue for daytona beach? we talked to marco rubio, the senator yesterday. he noticed something the untrained eye would not see. that was the storm surge had a
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lot of beach erosion that came along with it. that's because of the combination of the high tide and also the storm surge occurring right at the same moment as the eyewall moved here about 20 to 30 miles out to sea. it brought both of those things together. so the beach erosion is a huge deal because of how much of a life blood the tourism industry is here to this part of florida -- all parts of florida, but especially here in north central florida along the beaches. i asked marco rubio what it was he wanted to do about it, what he was going to do about it. he said to fix beach erosion it was going to take a lot of time and a lot of money. when the senator says it's going to tack a lot of time and a lot of money, rest assured it's going to be a whole lot of both. folks are certainly in for a pretty rough ride short term as they put their lives back together and those kinds of things. on the other they're in for a pretty long ride from a
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tourism industry as they try to get back on their feet. >> beach erosion is never good. thanks for that very thorough report, leland. good to see you. i want to catch you up on political news, what many people are calling a bombshell for donald trump. he's taking a great deal of heat playing defense. less than 48 hours from a second crucial debate in st. louis. in a 2005 videotape it was released on friday. a hot mike that he's wearing picks up trump talking about women in vulgar and lewd terms. the clinton campaign quick to condemn. this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president. >> trump issued an apology, first a written statement saying if he has offended anyone, he's sorry. that was followed by this video
1:41 am
apology released around midnight. let's take a listen to it. >> i've never said i'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone i'm not. i've said and done things i regret, and the records released today on this decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. i travel the country talking about change for america, but my travels have also changed me. i've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. i have gotten to know the great people of our country, and i've been humbled by the faith they placed in me. i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. let's be honest. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important
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issues we're facing today. we're losing our jobs. we're less safe than we were eight years ago, and washington is totally broken. hillary clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. i've said some foolish things, but there's a big difference between the words and actions of other people. bill clinton has actually abused women, and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. well, there are several aspects to his apology statement, but the written one and the video one we just showed you, and one aspect, he seems to be blaming the clintons for what's happened to him in the revelation that has lit up the twitter sphere and the internet today. the other aspect is when he says
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the words my words are not a reflection of who i am, there may be a great many people who say, yes, they are. that's the whole point of your words. you're con vague, you're expressing your beliefs, your sentiments, however guarded they may be. >> what some people are saying already after they first showed the video around midnight, it seemed that donald trump was reading from a teleprompter, very rote, not very contrite, almost angry. but he did say in that tape he's going to be at the debate on sunday, which was a big question mark. heading into the debate, clinton, she does hold a two-point lead. that's according to a poll out friday night. clinton's lead expands to four points. clinton has 48% to donald trump's 44%.
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>> those polls taken before this latest controversy. republicans are distancing themselves from their nominee, some even calling for him to abandon his white house bid. it may be a bit late for that. trump was scheduled to campaign today in wisconsin. he was to be there with speaker paul ripe, but ryyan, but ryan apparently disinvited him saying, don't come. mike pence is going to go there instead. ryan did issue a statement saying he was sickened by what trump said. all eyes and ears will be glued to the television set sunday night. what hillary clinton will say about it, too, it's a rather touchy subject for her given his accusations and his campaign's accusations about her husband's infideli infidelity.
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>> but i wonder if he's really going to go there now especially in light of this recent videotape coming out and the remarks that were heard on the hot mike. but the other thing about sunday's debate, not only will you have the moderators questions but regular americans and it will be interesting to hear what their questions will be and also how donald trump responds because, you know, when he goes off the cuff, that's when his campaign folks get nervous. >> it's interesting. as a citizen in the audience, you stand up, you ask a question, yes, there's some advance screening of the questions, but an audience member has a chance to ask a perhaps more poignant and stinging question than a moderator does, so this may be a real problem for donald trump. >> you've got to know the people who are his close confidantes right now are preparing for
1:46 am
every angle. >> except some have said who are close to the trump campaign, he didn't do well in terms of preparation. he doesn't like to prepare. >> well, apparently he's preparing this weekend, which is probably why we won't see him on the campaign trail, leaving governor pence and rick ryan toance the questions about this very take we're talking about. >> indeed. by the way, paul ryan disinvited him to the rally in wisconsin there. how many other people are going to disassociate themselves very aggressively with donald trump here on out with 31 days left. >> well, we will see. so that is a political storm for sure and hurricane matthew is the other storm we're watching as it continues to march north. >> people are fleeing the atlantic coastline. they're moving inland including one bride-to-be. we'll tell you about that story coming up next.
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it's like rain on your wedding day, and if that's not ironic enough, what about a hurricane. a woman is scheduled to get married next weekend. she's evacuating with her fiancfeiance fiance, her 6-month-old daughter and her two doggies but she's hoping the hurricane doesn't dammada dampen her day. mikala, we're looking at a picture of you. what's the situation? >> we're in a hotel outside of
1:51 am
the area. they didn't have a vacancy for one night. luckily we have family who generously opened their doors to us. >> where do you and your fiance live? >> we live in brunswick. >> what's your plan now? are you going to get married on your actual day as planned? >> you know, as soon as we started evacuating, we just -- the wedding itself just baecame so tertiary. it's our family's safety followed by home and community. you look at your home and try to grab the most important things out of there and look at your house like you're never going to go back, you know. >> how are your nerves right now, mikala? >> you know, i'm a
1:52 am
solution-oriented person, so we've been in go mode trying to really spin out a positive vibe, you know, to, you know, try to make things better. we have a 6-month-old. we don't want her to know there's extreme stress. the reality of it is we're safe and super thankful our guests are here and we didn't have to worry about them. i feel so horrible for all the brides that were planning a wedding this weekend that have family here to worry about and with all the hotels booked up all the way to alabama and those kinds of things. >> yeah. so you do seem pretty calm. is your fiance as calm as you are? >> yeah. you know, it's just another bump in the road in the story of life, but if anything, it's made us closer and made our family closer. ironically his name is matthew, so, you know -- >> your fiance's name is
1:53 am
matthew? >> it certainly is. you know, it's ironic, but if anything, it just shows us that if we can weather a hurricane together, you know, the rest of our lives should be super easy. >> yeah. it should. your daughter -- we're looking at her. your daughter is gorgeous. what's her name? >> scarlet marie. >> that's a beautiful name. >> i love their outlook. instead of saying, oh, my goodness, we're starting our life with the storm, they're saying that means we can get over weather or how many storms in our future as life will deliver them. >> absolutely. >> well, you know, we certainly wish you the best. we hope you have a wonderful wedding. is it going to be a big one? medium sized one? small one? what was it going to be? >> we were going to plan for 100
1:54 am
people at the local buoy barn. our hearts go out to them and hope they're able to evacuate as well as the caterers that are in involved. i checked in with a lot of them to make sure they're okay and evacuated. again, our wedding is so tertiary in the grand scheme of life right now. >> you're certainly going to remember it, mikala, aren't you? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. since the day can happen whenever for everyone, it's a happy one. >> you said about 100 gets. are you planning -- is it a sit-down dinner, party, dancing and stuff? >> yeah. we were planning a complete traditional-style wedding. >> wow. complete with toasts that will invariably make matthew references and not just your husband matthew either, huh? >> absolutely, absolutely. there's still a grain of hope that we can still have the
1:55 am
guests down here and have all the flooding and stuff taken care of before they come. my guests are staying on the island. it's kind of heartbreaking to see the images, to see the destruction and flooding that's happening on the island right now that's near and dear to our heart. we're doing the best we can and thankful that everybody is safe. all our friends have checked in with us, so that's the most important thing. >> you've got a great attitude. life throws a curveball at you. you're starting marriage off with a big kurn ball but it sounds like you're handling it. are you going on a honeymoon? >> we work at an orphan orphana hope to go down there if our daut 'eers grandmother will watch her for a week.
1:56 am
>> we wish you well and the fact that you're in the midst of what could devastate a lot of people, you're still concerned about the other brides and the destruction of the people who have had to weather the storm. we definitely wish you well and thank you so much for being with us and sharing your story with us. >> thank you. thank you so much for having me. >> what are you doing up at 5:00? just to talk to us? >> yeah. >> no. i have a 6-month-old and i've been displaced from my home, so i'm up at all times. >> all right. mikala, take care. best of luck to you and matthew and your daughter. best of luck at the wedding. >> bet of luck ahead. >> sometimes weddings don't go as planned. >> i'll tell you what, she's so cool as a cucumber for real t best disposition. >> for real. >> it's been a blast being with you for the last five hours. >> it just flew by, didn't it, from midnight to 5:00 a.m. east
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coast time. we thank you for being with us on what is our 20th anniversary. special edition of fox & friends first is just moments away. >> thanks for joining us.
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good morning. it is saturday, october 8th,
1:59 am
2016, and this is a fox news alert. hurricane matthew moving up the east coast pounding georgia after pummeling florida. still packing powerful winds and storm surges. and major news ahead of tomorrow's big debate. more trouble and donald trump issuing a rare apology. >> i apologize. i promise to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down. >> "fox & friends first" starts right now. this is saturday, october 8. i'm pete hexa. >> and i'm christa let's get
2:00 am
right to hurricane matthew. >> this seems like it's playing out across matthew and across the east coast. >> matthew is wreaking havoc as it sets its sights on savannah. >> at least four people are dead in florida and major flooding is expected to continue today. >> we have live team coverage this morning. rob schmitt is live and we start with leland have it vittert who'ses be covering this. good morning. the most important thing is what you don't see and that is any lights behind us. a million plus people out of power, pouter outages, and it could last a couple of weeks. if you ever spent a couple of weeks


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