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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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right to hurricane matthew. >> this seems like it's playing out across matthew and across the east coast. >> matthew is wreaking havoc as it sets its sights on savannah. >> at least four people are dead in florida and major flooding is expected to continue today. >> we have live team coverage this morning. rob schmitt is live and we start with leland have it vittert who'ses be covering this. good morning. the most important thing is what you don't see and that is any lights behind us. a million plus people out of power, pouter outages, and it could last a couple of weeks. if you ever spent a couple of weeks in florida in october, you
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know how miserable being without power can be. catastrophic? these folks behind me lost their gas station. for folks driving around, the real issue, of course, is all the debris. this is a sign from the gas stain, boards with nails all litter the roadway, sheet metal wherever making it dangerous for folks trying to get around. it's the most dainch in terms of the actual damage right now. places like st. augustine, we can't even get to because of the storm surge flooding. this was the perfect storm as the eye of hurricane matthew moved up the coast of florida. it coincided with high tide, pushing all that water even higher. a number of rescues there in st. augustine florida as people were trying to get out and the storm surge was happening so quickly. going forward, biggest problem here, what you don't see to the
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untrained eye is what marco rubio pointed out yesterday is the beach erosion here where tourism is a life blood in daytona beach and it's going to take a lot of time and money to repair that for spring break a couple of months away. another thing, a key to savannah, georgia. that's where we find my colleague rob schmidt as hurricane matthew makes its way north. rob? >> reporter: leland, thank you so much. we're getting pounded in savannah. this is as bad as it's been. we've been doing these live shots since 7:00 last night. we're only 20 miles from this hurricane. it's offshore near tybee island, hilton head island and we're feeling the brunt of this storm now. 50, 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts maybe more. this is as bad as it's gotten. right now if you can still hear
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me through the microphone, i want snow you behind me, this is great news for the people of savannah. a lot of people have business here along river street here. this is as low as it gets in savannah. we're just about sea level. behind me, this was like a big swimming pool just about an hour ago but now the savannah river, it's taken a lot of that water back in. savannah looks like it's going to be just fine. we went for a little drive, a tour between live shots. we saw a lot of downed limbs and localized flooding and nothing too bad. there was so much history in this city. it's such a special place. we didn't want to see anything destroy. we're getting nailed by wind, feeling the big brunt of that storm, the worst we've seen in the last seven, eight hours. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks, rob. stay safe out there.
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let's get you a view of the scene. >> that's right. janice is live in the studio. what are you seeing this morning? >> we might see the first landfall in over a week. the first couple of hours watching the center of the storm come onshore in south carolina and we just got the 5:00 a.m. advisory, still a category 2 storm. still a formidable presence along the east coast. and i think the worst of the damage from this storm is happening right now along the southeast coach. so there's savannah up toward charleston. we're dealing with the potential of the landfall in the next couple of hours and the devastating storm surge, hurricane force winds and rainfall of upwards of a foot. we'll be covering that this morning and throughout the weekend. >> janice, thank you. the worst is happening right now. from one storm to another,
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with just one day away from the second presidential debate in st. louis. >> this morning both hillary clinton and donald trump's cam pages are in full damage control mode as brand-new fox news polls shows trump's numbers shrinking. >> mike emanuel is following. >> we start with senior correspondent john roberts and a rare apology from donald trump. john, you know it's big news when you're getting an apology from him minutes before news breaks. >> reporter: he finds himself where no presidential candidate wants to find himself with one month to go from the election and some of his party running away from him as fast as they can. this is all because of a hot mike incident made public yesterday. donald trump was doing a hoyle access program with billy bush
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on a bus saying some vulgar things about women. here's part of it. >> you can do whatever you want. >> one of the first casualties of the outfall of this was an event this afternoon at a festival and elkhorn. this was put together by reince priebus. he was supposed to appear on stage with ryan for the very first time. he disinvited him. mike pence will be taking his place. here's what paul ryan said. quote, i am sickened by what i heard. women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. no woman should ever be talked about in this manner and jason chaffetz of utah who kind of came around to reluctantly support him said, quote, i can no longer endorse trump for
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presidency. late last night trump tried to stop the bleeding from all of this. we don't know what effect this is going to have. shortly after midnight coming out with a video to apologize. listen here. i said things i regret. anyone who knows me knows these words death reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, i apologize. i travel the country talking about change for america, but my travels have also changed me. >> but at the same time he was appearing contrite he reached out and took a swing at hillary and bill clinton. listen here. bill clinton has actually abused women, and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. >> as you can imagine, clinton taking advantage of this, leasing a tweet yesterday saying, quote, this is horrific,
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we cannot allow this man to be president. the apology just beginning to sink in. it was released shortly after last night. not a lot of people have had an opportunity to see it. we'll find out through the day what kind of effect this has and whether trump can in fact stem the bleeding here. >> that's what you call an october surprise. >> unsfwleevl you know what? on any other day this next story would be the lead. wikileaks dropped a bombshell on hillary clinton and now we know why she's been working so hard to keep them secret. this as new e-mails reveal white house and state officials working to crush the coverage on her e-mail scandal. mike is in st. louis with more. mike? >> good morning to you. yes, all throughout the campaign you've had hillary clinton's critics and former rival bernie sanders pushing her to release
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statements of her paid speeches. now john podesta's e-mails reveal information about some of those paid speeches. in a 2013 speech to brazilian bank she says, quote, my dream is a hemispheric open market with open trade and open borders and she said you need both a public and private position on public policy. the e-mails revealed she was far removed from the struggles of middle class because of her and bill clinton's, quote, fortunes. they're not going to confirm the documents leased by wikileaks founder. it was said, quote, with today's revelations we're finding out who hillary clinton is. it's not hard to find out why she fought so hard to keep her transcripts same. hillary clinton is expected to
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be hunkered down in her home doing debate prep. pete, kristen. >> thank you very much. it's going to be a huge showdown. it was going to be big. people are waking up to a new apology of donald trump and to wicky leak speeches we've waited for for a long time. >> that would have been huge news. it would have changed everything. >> she said she's detached from middle-class life. she takes a public and private position on policy issues. >> and supports open borders. that's huge. >> no. i think it will color the debate in st. louis, no doubt. but how is donald trump going to get out from underneath this, we'll see. >> the time is now ten minutes after the hour. >> that's right. we're continuing to follow hurricane matthew's storm and its path.
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horrifying moments captured on camera as hurricane matthew sends waves crashing into the front porch of a florida home. sandbags usefulleless in the wrf this storm. they're battling 105-mile-per-hour wind this morning as the monster storm moves up the east coast. at least four people are confirmed dead and at least 15 inches of rain could fall today. >> that's where our caroline scheibly is live today. caroline? >> reporter: things have gone from bad to worse. winds were whipping around in every direction. they were pretty steady. now they're coming every which way. the rain is coming in sideways. the power is out throughout the city. we were operating on a
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generator. earlier transformers would pop looking like fireworks behind us. it makes it hard to see how the rest of the city is fairing. we're just not sure this hour. as we spoke to you 45 minutes ago, we have good news. remember when we showed you the park down there with white caps? the savannah river had come over the wall, into the trees and benches. it has gone down a little bit. it has receded but as we get back up to high tide, we expect that to be up. the flooding and storm surge is at a record level here. overtopping the street is almost unheard of. they had a weak hurricane in 1979. is that was a weak hurricane. they're not sure how to realkt. what may be worse in the days to come is the low lying areas to the west of 5 where the evacuations were just voluntary, not mandatory what we're facing here. in the coming days, it could get
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even worse. back to you guys. >> thank you, caroline. we appreciate it. >> stay safe out there. the man accuse of the execution-style killing of a sheriff's deputy, police say lovely then stood over himour m. authorities say lovell racked up 11 arrests, two of them for armed robbery and now faces the death penalty. a chicago cop brutally beaten by a man on drugs, afraid to use her own weapon to stop him. this man was high on pcp, it appears so, and smashed the cop's head into the pavement until she passed out. the city's superintendent said she thought she was going to die but feared the backlash of pulling a weapon. the officer is recovering in the
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hospital. two other cops who stopped the attack were also injured. when you think about this, this is what happens when cops are afraid to do her job. >> and the fact she would let her head be pounded into the pavement. >> you believe you're going to lose your life if you pull a firearm, they're more afraid of the backlash. that's why these conversations really matter. amazing. >> good point. the time now, i guess, is 17 minutes after the top of the hour and donald trump is reissuing a very rare apology overnight. >> how could you miss it. >> we've got it first on fox & friends first. how to turn it around before tomorrow night's debate. plus, we're tracking hurricane matthew as we have been for several days. we've seen fox's coverage as the
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storm moves away from florida and heads right to the carolinas. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to fox & friends first. donald trump and clinton are dealing with getting ready for tomorrow night's debate. how should trump respond to this bombshell during sunday night's debate and get the focus back. he's prepped candidates for the debate stage in the past. scott, thanks for joining us. you anticipate preparing for a
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debate. you don't anticipate a video like this dropping just a day before the debate. how is that going to change the way donald trump prepares? >> there's two issues. the decision has to be made whether to put donald trump out there in a speech format before the debate. i would advise them to do it. i think he needs to deal with it in a live speech, not a video. there was the machado convenient and the story over his taxes. those are going to dominate some portion of the debate. now we throw the new leaked audio from the "washington post" on top of that. i think a speech over the weekend wow help clear the decks. number one they're talking about humility. he has to show humility and sloughing them off saying it's ten years old or this isn't a germane issue, that's not going
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to cut it. >> do you think inherently then donald trump is going to have to be on the offensive or is there a way to control the flow of this debate? >> that's a great point. he needs to get the focus off of him and onto hillary. where he's more trusted is on the issue of the economy and jobs and free trade. if he can steer the trade back to those grounds, that can be a suck selfful night. the trouble is now in a 90-minute debate, you're having to deal with three major controversies. getting out of st. louis with a win meaning spending more time on the economy and jobs and less time on your controversynd and explaining them.
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that's why i would suggest you try to deal with that. >> you mentioned a 90-minute debate is often distilled down to a few seconds or few moments. what would be the opportunity or moment for donald trump to find that? >> well, given what happened last night, he's got to find a very human humble moment to be apologetic about what came out on friday night. i don't really think the video that was issued is going to cut it. i think he needs to show some real contrition if not being right off of a teleprompter. he needs to have a real moment where he acknowledges his failures and short comings and to explain why he's still fit to become the president of the united states. ultimately it's finding a presidential moment. it's showing i'm human, people make mistakes and here's how i need to own up to it. not reading off a sheet of paper but doing it off the heart. can people do it from the heart and mean it and donald trump has got to find that.
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>> boy, that's got to matter. on top of the wikileaks where hillary clinton says she wants open borders and makes a number of other revelation, the ante is up. kristen, back over to you. >> pete, the time is now 25 minutes after the hour. the deadly hurricane making its way up the east coast is threatening millions. we have coverage of hurricane matthew creeping up. we'll be right back.
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it is saturday, october 8th, 2016, and this is a fox news alert. hurks matthew moving up the east coast. the deadly storm pack 1g 00-mile-per-hour winds and 9-foot storm surges. speaking of breaking news, major breaking news rocking the campaign ahead of tomorrow night. hillary clinton, her speeches are finally revealed and donald trump issued an apology. >> i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. i'll be a better man tomorrow. let's be honest. >> we won't let you down either. "fox and friends" first starts right now. >> i'm kristen fisher. >> and i'm pete hegseth.
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let's get straight to the latest on hurricane matthew. this hurricane is hammering the coast of georgia this morning at this very moment as it inches into south carolina. the category 2 storm's lashing hilton head, carolina, at this very moment. >> watch these waves just crashing into that window of a home in palm coast, florida. >> while the worst is far from over, matthew has left plenty of destruction. at least unfortunately four people killed so far in the u.s. as floodwaters washing away parts of a state highway. look at that video in flag ard beach, florida. >> wow. we're tracking matthew in the weather center but we're going to start with leland vittert live in daytona.
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leland. >> reporter: kristen, good morning to you. that highway that's warned out is about 15 miles up the road and impop for us to get to. the main takeaway from what happened during this hurricane especially in florida is what you don't see. that is, lights behind me. we're working off a generate tlaernd are a million people without power. if you ever spent time in central florida, you know that makes for a miserable experience. no air conditioning, no refrigerator, and there's a lots of people out here who will live like that for weeks. as for the destruction, the devastation, certainly not catastrophic but significant. for people coming home, there is still an awful lot of debris all over the place. we found this. this is one of those price signs for gas that flew away, sheet metal everywhere. and in the road there are a lot of boards with nails sticking
2:32 am
out of them, those kinds of things making it very dangerous for people driving on the road. we often talk about this hurricane. it's not the wind but it is always the water that makes the big difference. video from st. augustine florida shows the flooding there. a number of rescues had to take place as the water rose so quickly when you combine the storm surge and high tide. truly a perfect storm. that perfect storm also really caused a lot of damage at daytona beach where tourism is the life blood of this. it's going take a lot of time, a lot of money to get that beach ready especially considering spring break here which brings a huge economic boon to this community is just a few months away. speaking of tourism especially this part of year, it's essential to the lives of those here. good morning, rob.
2:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, leland. thank you so much. we're still getting lash. good solid wind gusts wanting to push down river street here. that storm about 20 mights to my east just offshore. it really did a number on this area. more so in the past hour. you might be able to tell if you were watching at 5:00 a.m., there's not as much rain coming down at this point. the winds are still pretty heavy. but this storm when you hook look at it on a radar, it's very top-heavy. all the moisture seems to be on top. once the eyes come through. that's what we're seeing now is getting these stinging lie little water droplets. we're still close to the eye of the storm as it goes through. mandatory evacuation still in place until the storm moves through. there's also a curfew in place
2:34 am
until the sun comes up. tybee i land nomt far at all. it sits right on the atlantic. it will be interesting to see what the sun shows when it comes up. that's what a lo of people are wondering. it's full of people from tybee island. they're saying, you know what? i'll stay in salve nachlt now a cat 2. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio snow rob, i know those stinging little water droplets can ta toll and they're pounding your face out there. let's get to janice. >> janice is live in the fox news weather center. good morning. >> hi. the storm will continue to so so for the next 20 4 to 36 milehou.
2:35 am
we had wind gusts in excess of 80 miles per hour, myrtle beach 40rks miles per hour. it's still pounding the coastline. hurricane warnings up for millions of people and the storm surge still an issue, in some cases 8 to 12 feet as it continues to push inland and freshwater flooding a concern as well. there could be incredible rainfall which could cause flash flooding and massive problems as this area has already seen a whole bunch of rain. historic rain. looking at this path, will it make a land fall, we're not quite shufrmt it could be the closest it makes landfall in the next hour. the bottom line is hopefully by sunday and monday it will be offshore.
2:36 am
i know you probably heard a lot of talk of does this come back to haunt the southeast coast again? i mean there is a possibility, but it will be a very weak system. so hopefully we will be saying good-bye to matthew by weekend's end. >> that is good news. we don't like saying good-bye to you. >> you're doing 12-hour shifts. >> hair and makeup was needed. >> busiest woman in showbiz. thanks so much. from a physical hurricane to this. >> this is huge. we're just one day away from the presidential debate in st. louis and there's so much to talk about. >> that's right. both donald trump and hillary clinton's campaigns playing defense. >> we have team coverage this morning following the clinton campaign. >> that's right.
2:37 am
a rare apology from donald trump. >> the trump campaign is hoping it can turn around the firestorm of controversy over a leaked tape in which donald trump was caught on a hot mike with trump saying he liked to grab some women by the genitals saying basically as a celebrity he could do whatever he wants with women. here's part of that tape. >> when you're a star, you can do it. you can do whatever you want. >> there was an event that was to happen today. wit us to see for the first time on stage the speaker of the house paul ryan with donald trump. reince priebus called in a favor for the speaker of the house do it. later yesterday paul ripe and his team disinvited donald trump. he said in a quote, i'm sickened
2:38 am
by what i heard today. women are to be championed and revered not objectified fiechltd reince priebus said no woman should every be talked about in this matter ever and already we're seeing defections from the trump support camp. jason cha virts says yesterday, i can no longer vote for the presidency. late last night they got out there with an apology video. it's the very first time we ever heard anything like this from trump on facebook and twitter. here's a part of that. these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. i travel the country and talk about change in america but my
2:39 am
travels have also changed me. >> at the same time he was expressing contrition h he took a swing at both bill and hillary clinton in that same apology. listen to this. bill clinton has actually abused women, and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. >> and hillary clinton responding this is horrific. we can't allow this man to become president. obviously this is going to come up tomorrow. you can bet on debate day today they're going to be going over possible responses just in case, and i'm sure, it comes back up. back to you. >> wow. huge news we're going to be talking on this channel and all day long. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> now we head out. >> pete, good morning to you. throughout the democratic primaries you regularly heard
2:40 am
democratic senator bernie sanders press clinton to release her speeches. now john podesta's e-mails shedding new light on what clinton said behind closed doors. in a 2013 speech she said, quote, my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders. in a 2014 speech to goldman sachs, clinton said she has trouble identifying with the middle class, quote. so i live that and now obviously i'm kind of far removed because the life i've linked and the fortunes and i enjoy but haven't forgotten it. they were released by wikileaks. they're not denying they're the clinton campaign chairman's communications. reince priebus saying, quote, with today's revelations we're finding out who hillary clinton really is and it's not hard to
2:41 am
see why she fought so hard to keep her transcripts of speeches to wall street banks, paying them mihmions of dollar secret. there's also close coordination between jen paul mary who was at the white house and jen socky who was at the state department and now at the white house. they were trying to make sure john kerry was not asked questions in 2015 about hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail. clinton said, a-ha, close coordination between the obama campaign and -- >> thanks very much. from the basket of deplorables to the bucket of losers. the time is now 41 minutes after the hour. >> we just heard about the scandals plaguing both political
2:42 am
campaigns. how will they play out tomorrow, our political panel weighing in. next.
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welcome back. donald trump and hillary clinton both in damage control mode while facing fresh scandal this morning. the poll showing clinton leading trump by just two points heading into the next presidential campaign. >> tuning in now, gus portella and democratic author of "crossing the finish line" laura chave. gus, i'll start with you. how bad are these heading into the debate? >> first of all he needs to come out. they don't represent what he
2:46 am
believes in. >> lauren, i hear you. >> of course they represent him. he's someone who has serially grasped and degraded women. he called into this network the morning after the debate to insult a beauty pa jemt winner because she gained weight. this is a pattern. there's nothing he can do to redeem this. he's going the lose by historic margins in america because women turn american elections. they have since 1980. and they're going to deliver him a humiliating loss. >> gus s that what we're looking at or is that something donald trump can overcome and pivot to big issues on? >> i think it's something he can pivot on and definitely overcome. the last debate he started off very well especially when he talked about trade and stuck to
2:47 am
the issues but more importantly, the issues -- even women in this country care about is jobs in the economy. >> the character. >> or the speak to the issues and obviously talk to the american people on those specific issues. i think he wins. >> he could have stuck to the issues. he's completely eviscerated his own. he has leaders in his own party who want nothing to do with him and at this point are worried about the house and senate because it's so toxic. it's terrible for the country and the republican party. i take no pleasure bus there's no way he can come back on this. it's going to play on repeat for the rest of the cycle. at this point he mass completely and totally self-destructed. >> gus, this is a town hall format, not a debate format.
2:48 am
he's going to be facing questions from not just clinton but regular voters. how is he going to handle that? >> i think he has to speak from the heart. this is what the american people truly care about, especially when you're talking about double-digit employees, especially young people. they're undecided and sew this is an issue that trump can truly capitalize own during that debate, especially in a town hall format and talk about his plans and his campaign sort of plans for the future of this country and what he can do as president. >> this debate will certainly continue. gus and lauren, thanks for joining us. lauren says the comments will be irredeemable. hillary has called voters irredeemable. we eenld find out. the time is 48 minutes after the hour. >> as hurricane matthew continues to move up the east coast, did you know there are certain apps to keep you safe
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the threat from hurricane matthew is far from over. fortunately for us r, curt the cyber guy is there. >> i wasn't there on purpose. good morning, kristin. i learned a lot by being trapped up and down the eastern seaboard here. where you're at the top of florida and you just felt the brunt go by. hurricane matthew up here.
2:53 am
close to north carolina. they're going to be feeling the effects today no matter what wherever you are. now you can tune in -- >> venn us the ski, do i have that right? >> yes. it throws extraordinary detail of wind going around and you can drag a little slider and predict where the hurricane's going to be in the next hour. also preparing iffer the recovery, you're in this area, the storm has hit and you're evacuating. you're weight for the news go back home. you can get a little ahead of the game if you're smart and get on twitter. if you go on twitter and find local police is excellent. this is where you're going find a message coming across, hey, we just opened such-and-such
2:54 am
bridge. >> you know what else i like doing is creating a twitter list. >> that's a smart idea. create a twitter list so you have your police, your fire, and now listen to the water company. of your water municipality, they're going to be the ones who say it's safe to bring this water. you don't know what areas in your community may have been contaminated. it's such a brilliant idea. keep an eye on this. that's going to be a good way to know when it's safe to go back home. >> and another of my favorite app. police scanner. >> you remember yesterday we had a lot of action there, so what you can do, you tap on this app. download this app. i think it was $2.99 or $3.99. best few dollars spent. it gets you right to your police
2:55 am
department or fire department. they say, hey, we just opened the bridge and let them on through. >> you're going get it there first. >> exactly. >> thank you so much for being with snus good to see you. >> pete? >> kurt and kristin are two of my favorite people. well done. hurricane matthew is making its way up the coast of south carolina after tearing up florida. we'll have the latest. come back next.
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way up the coast of south water rising. horrifying moments captured on camera as hurricane matthew sends waves crashing into the front of a home. category 2. >> trees toppled in florida and now parts of georgia and south carolina being pummeled with 100-mile-per-hour winds this morning as the monster storm continues to move up the east coast. at least f people are confirmed dead in florida and up
3:00 am
to 15 inches of rain could continue to fall today. matthew left at least 300 people dead in haiti. thank you so so much for joining us on this special edition of fox special predebate sunday edition of the show tomorrow morning. pete, it's been a pleasure to be with you. >> indeed. we'll see you. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. >> right now. ♪ >> good morning to you, it is saturday, october 8th. i'm abby huntsman and this is a fox news alert. >> oh my god. whee! >> wow, from death to down trees and a massive storm surge hurricane matthew wreaking havoc all along the east coast and we have live team coverage this morning. >> impressive apology from donald trump for hot mike moment. >> i have said and done things i regret. words released today on this decade old video are one of th


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