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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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live from washington university in st. louis, mo no, your world, with neil cavuto. >> welcome, everybody. boy oh, boy, if you were thinking that donald trump was going to fold under the pressure and with a lot of republicans stall warts saying he should step out of this race, donald trump just a short time ago saying that is not his plan. this despite a growing chorus of major republican party power players saying you are an embarrassment, step down. the devil is in the details, of. even if he were to do just that, what does it mean if all of
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these folks say leave? because the simple fact of the matter is, we have never had a precedent for this sort of thing. and then what happens if they do tell him to leave and he doesn't want to leave? let's just say sticky wickette. let's also say in wisconsin that big event that donald trump was disinvited to, well, they are still speaking. so you are still hearing from some of the top republicans in that state, including senator johnson. we've heard from governor scott walker. pretty soon we are going to be hearing from paul ryan, the highest elected republican official in the country who was aghast at the remarks attributed to donald trump more than 11 years ago. peter ducey now in wisconsin on what they are making of this sun party conundrum. >> neil, the latest reaction to donald trump's decade-old comments about women is coming from the woman that he is married to, melania trump. she says quote the words my husband use ready unacceptable
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and offensive to me. this does not represent the man that i know. he has the heart and mind of a leader. i hope people will accept his apology as i have and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world. this morning his running mate mike pence said he was also offended. senator ayotte says she is going to write pence's name on her ballot. there is a lot of members of trump's own party piling on. we did speak to some female voters here in wyss wes who do not think this should be the main issue of the election. >> i don't like it. but that was a 11 years ago. and how many men talk like that? you know, if everybody's skeletons were out there, we'd have a lot to be ashamed of. >> i'm offended. they were disgusting but i'm more sat that we are not talking about the issues. >> it was 11 years ago. it was behind the scenes. it wasn't done in a debate. and it just -- it doesn't bother
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me even though i'm a huge women's right activist. i think trump is still for women. >> we also heard in the last hour that the republican national committee does plan to stop sending mail out to voters at least temporarily, the thought is they will resume mailings once the trump campaign rights the ship. it sound like donald trump is figuring out how to do that. he just tweeted in the last ten minutes that he will never drop out of the race. neil? >> all right peter. thank you very much. we are waiting to hear from speaker paul ryan who is addressing the same crowd that governor scott walker is. we'll go back to peter and the speaker twhoons starts happening. in the meantime, growing chorus among major republican party players establishment players. that's something a lot of trump loyalists like to poupt out that the establishment is jumping at this to say move over, again, locally that is anyone's guess whether that can move the needle
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here. there is no precedent for this sort of thing, dumping a nominee at this point. shawn duffy a republican congressman from the state of wisconsin. i assume still a trump supporter, congressman? >> i'm still with mr. trump. i have five daughters. and what will trump said is offensive to me and my family. that's not the way i think of women. and my wife and my mother and my kids. but i've got to tell you this, i never supported donald trump because of his positions on women or family. i've never agreed with those positions. i supported mr. trump because of his economic positions, how he is going grow the economy, how he is going to keep america safe, how he's going to secure the border. frankly, if we are looking at you know the clinton family and the trump family i don't think either of them represent america very well. the clintons are weird, and mr. trump has been offensive. so we are left to come back to the issues that are going to make america great again. and we have to evaluate those issues and what leader can do it. i still think it's donald trump.
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>> all right. so when you say that, you don't think that these other issues that are raised -- you are right, they are 11 years old, comments that suddenly came to light -- are now distraction from that message and that it's hurting his message? >> oh, no. it's distraction. and it is most definitely hurting him. but as a republican and a conservati conservative, where else do i have to go? i mean, if i don't have mr. trump, am i going to go to mrs. clinton, what went after the victims of bill's sexual aggressi aggression, called them out publicly and wasn't supportive of them? one who wants open borders, who wants more taxes, more regulation, allowed for the growth of isis? i have no home in hillary clinton. so i'm stuck with the only guy that best matches my economic positions and my global ideas kmr which is donald trump. i mean we are in a tough place no, doubt about it. >> but there is another plan afoot, i'm sure you are aware
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there is another plan afoot to maybe bring another nominee forward. maybe that could be governor pence. i have no idea. but they are looking that but coming up kind of without any clear legal grounds to do it. >> i mean, the republican party and conservatives like me will cross that bridge if one is ever put this front of us. you mentioned that mr. trump tweeted he is not going to get out of the race. i don't think he will. >> he is not. congressman. >> we are in simultaneous use waters. >> we'll watch this close. here's a guy who might have some ideas. paul ryan. earlier today he is disinvited trump to this very event. listen to what he has to say. >> i many what i said and it's still how i feel. but that is not what we are here to talk about today. you know what we do here in fall fest? we talk about your ideas. we talk about our solutions. we talk about our conservative principles and we promote our candidates right here in wisconsin that are fighting for us, candidates like our senator,
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ron johnson. you know, what matters in elections is are we giving people real choices? seven people out of ten people in america, seven out of ten people in america, they don't think this country is on the right track, do they? seven out ten people, they think their kids are going to be worse off in this country. we have never done that before in this country. we have never given the next generation a darker future. we have always stepped up and fixed the problems in front of us in our generation so that our children and our grandchildren can be better off. and you know what -- you know we're doing about it in the house, you know what we're doing about it as conservatives, we are offering people a better way. we are offering solutions. i tell you what, last january we got together of we said we need
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to take an agenda to the country. we need to show men and women in america those seven out of ten people, that's not just republicans. that's not just independents. that's democrats also. they need to have solutions. and we are offering them. let me tell you a few thing. number one, six plans -- go to six things. we have got to get people out of welfare and back into the work force. our welfare system isn't working. our welfare system tells people stay out of work. we need to get people back into work so they can get on the ladder of life so they can reach their dreams. we're showing you exactly what welfare reform looks like. you know, second thing. we are not safe. you know this. you see this terrorist attacks in this country. see what's going on overseas. we have a president, president obama that is phoning it in on national security. we have a president that has
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been hollowing out our military. we are showing you exactly what it takes to rebuild our military, to secure our border, to go on offense against isis, and to keep america safe. this is important. i tell you what -- and you want to get jobs in this economy, get the federal government out of the business of micro managing every little aspect of our lives, of our communities, of our society, of our small businesses. we are losing self government this country. we've got this new fourth branch of government, unelected bureaucrats are writing our laws. look at this. we had a case made right over there in racine. and you have got this waters of u.s.a. regulation coming from the epa. it is telling farm urs how when where and what they have got to do if they want to farm. and these things don't go through congress. here's what we are saying. all of these rules and all of these regulations that come from these unelected bureaucracies that don't know our community, that know our people that don't
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know our businesses -- all of that has got to go through congress, congress, for a final vote, approval amendment before it goes into effect. it's a simple principle. the principle is one of our founding principles. we govern ourselves as americans. we believe in self government. the laws that we live under in this country need to be written by us through your elected representatives. not by these unelected bureaucracies. and that is exactly what we're offering. that is exactly what we're running on. that's exactly what we are giving people. let me tell you what. how many of you think obama care is working? i don't think he thinks boom care -- obama care is working. it's failing. biggest health insurance companies in the country, united pulled out, aetna pulled out.
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this thing is in a death spiral. premiums are doubling every year. the deductibles are so high you might as well not even have health insurance. we are showing you sirs time in seven years, republicans have alternatives. it is republicans have alternatives. replace obama care with patient centered health care so we can choose what we want for our families, lower price, more competition, lower prices. and i have got to tell you you are not going to fix this economy. you are not going to grow jobs, you are not going to get economic growth and job creation -- all right. we are monitoring speaker paul ryan at this big wisconsin event. it was to feature donald trump today. in fact they were even considering having governor pence with him as sort of a united effort between the establishment and this renegade ticket, full. but then those comments came to light of what donald trump said 11 years ago and then all bets were off. the speaker disinvited mr. trump but kept the event going on.
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how, you can hear quite a few trump loyalists in the audience not very pleased with mr. ryan and not very pleased they have ostracize their candidate. but it is what it is. a growing movement. better than a dozen key players in the senate and the house. and those who had previously backed mr. trump who now say he should step aside. again i stress that isn done an clear historical precedent for in a short of the death of the nominee. of course you have heard from mr. trump that he has no intention of stepping down. so the fallout from all of this with democratic strategist emily sutton, and catty listen des from the gop. noele bickford. noele, this does nothing to help donald trump's momentum. from your vantage point, what is it doing to his potential fund-raising it's going to hurt him in fund-raising, neil.
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the reason why is because any donor that was already on the fence -- i actually spoke to someone on the west coast this morning and i said well give it to me straight. i goes kiddo, i was going to write a check to him today. he goes right now, i don't want my name associated with him. i asked him this. i said already so you are not going to support him because you don't want your name on the report. he said that's true. i go, are you going to vote for him? he goes absolutely. you can see where there is going to be a disconnect but they are going to stay the course and vote. what other choice do they have? they don't. >> the hope is among some of those mainstreamers if they can come up with a choice. that might be easier said than done, right. >> the real issue here, women are the largest voting bloc, 52%. and your earlier women voters that you had on said it well. for too long, the democratic party has hijacked the message to women. they are going to use this as
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another champl. but problem is that over the last eight years thanks to obama and hillary clinton and predating back to bill clinton we have 2 million more women living in poverty, 50% of america's school children -- >> cathy, i don't want to interrupt you but we are looking at mig pence. he is leaving indianapolis now for a fund-raising event in providence, rhode island, i believe. he also was critical of donald trump and these comments but he wanted to keep the message on -- the message of that campaign. and not given any free passes to hillary clinton. but he is under enormous pressure now as party surrogates are toying with the idea of having him move forward and step up as the party's nominee. there are no rules in place that would allow that though what do you think? >> there is no precedent for this. there has been no precedent throughout this entire campaign if you think about it, the number of unusual thing that have happened. but i still think that as a republican party we can find common ground in uncommon times.
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mike pence has done an unflappable job over the course of his vice presidential accountsy supporting donald trump. i have no doubt he will find the right path going forward. the main issue is women have to stop living conservative and voting like democrats no matter what the fallout of this is conservative policies have better empowered and protected women. that's what we have to remember. >> emily, do you get a sense democrats are getting increasingly republicans might just find another nominee because this one looks beaten up enough where a lot of you folks think you can easily beat him in the election a hop from today. a new guy? maybe not so much. >> trump is staying in the race. one thing we know about donald trump is his ego. >> you want him to stay in the race. >> the republican party chose their nominee. it is not democrat created. he is their nominee.
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down the ticket, every senator, every member of congress who has endorsed said they will still vote for you, do you still support him and do you think he will make a good president? i know you had shawn duffy on there is no choice, he has to keep supporting him that's not true. if you don't think he will govern well and you don't think his judgment is there to be able to make the difficult decisions in front of a president every day then find a way to work with hillary clinton as president. that is the option in front of all of them right you no. they can keep putting up walls, keep trying to find a way to say this is too far because it is a affecting my base. they are worried they are going to lose republican women, independent women, republican voters across the board who find what donald trump said apauling as everybody should, and they are trying to find a way to consolidate their base. this shunt be about politics, this should be about politics and governing. >> hillary clinton is no better an example of governing. >> everything comes back to politics, ladies. but thank you very much. all of you, very much.
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so can be done now if there is this move to try to find an alternative nominee to donald trump? the only kind of recent history, and it's not even recent history, 1872, freely, the democratic nominee ends up dying after the election but before the electoral college met. it was a moot point. ulysses grant had essentially already won. that's about the most we can see of this situation. also in 1972, when thomas eagleson was gorge mcgovern's running mate even though mcgovern said he was behind him a thousand percent when word came that the senator undergone shock treatment out he went and in came sergeant shriver and that november came a huge democratic landslide defeat. doug weed, presidential historian, ed rollins former
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reagan advisor, trump supporter. doug, there is no precedent for a situation like this where the nominee is neither ill nor dead. so what do you do? >> yeah, that's right. you mentioned horace greeley, he was a liberal republican who broke away from grant because grant was corrupt. >> that's right. >> and democrats say hey we couldn't do any better. that's why they supported him. this isn't going to happen. one of the main reasons it isn't going to happen is mike pence. mike pence is in a perfect position. if trump wins which seems unlikely, he is vice president. if he loses he's in the driver's seat next time aren't. and the more loyal he is to trump, the better he looks. and let's face it, most of the republicans, like it or not, they like -- they like trump. so pence doesn't want to make them angry and all these other republicans promoting this idea they want to be president themselves. they are not going to sword mike
1:19 pm
pence. >> yeah, you don't want to mess with that, right. >> we should point out, too in the case of horace greeley in 1872 -- and of course doug can tell you that, he covered that at the time, kid, kidding, but the election already happened. >> i was 5 years old. >> so this was before the electoral college met. which is a different beast and a different comparison there. ed rollins, this issue of the fine line that governor pence has to walk, ed rollins, what do you think of that? obviously, he has to be -- address the comments. but he doesn't want to go too, too far what does he do. >> he is a man of principle. the american public got to see him. he is a spiritual man, religious man, a leader in the evangelical man. and a future presidential candidate for our party. i think he has already expressed hess outrage. i think his statement is
1:20 pm
measured statement. i'm a father of a 21-year-old daughter, and i have a wonderful wife, and two wonderful sisters. like everyone else i'm appalled by the statements that were made. donald trump has to turn this thing around. he has to get on the stage tomorrow night, has to eat crow. has to do a maya culpa. he has to take about i made a major mistake. i am at a different place in my life. i love my wife, i care deeply about my daughters. i apologize to voters and women everywhere and he has 30 days to talk about how he is going to lead this country. he can wake up as president on november 9:h 9th or wake up as the most desplikible republican candidate in american history. that's his choice. which he hasn't done to this point. >> can he do that? he has overcome different issues
1:21 pm
in the past. this is particularly unique. to some, onerous. what do you think? >> he has time. what makes this moment bad is the fattct that we just now learned about it. that's the only reason it's bad. you can compare this to what fdr did to missy la hand. or lbj to fiddle and fadle. or john kennedy to mimi all forward. for blil bill clinton to juanita broderick. there is no comparison. this is not a big deal except it is a current. we didn't know about it. and that was the danger you have in having a candidate who hadn't run for governor senator or congressman. >> these are words spoken versus by these gentlemen in these examples actions taken. it is what it is. we'll have more right after this. with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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all right. i want to share with you right now, the power of old republicans who have sort of distanced themselves. many had already distanced themselves but then the revelation of this tape from 11 years ago sealed the ill deal. in different degrees they all said he is not our guy. these are the people that demand donald trump step down. you can see it as well as i do. these were never big fans of donald trump to begin with. the next group are thosepry retracting earlier endorsements. that is congressman from utah. senator from idaho. former governor, john huntsman arc former presidential candidate himself. congresswoman ann wagner. and congressman rodney davis and on and on. there is a final group here, those who say, we will just not vote for trump.
1:26 pm
some of them would sooner vote, you know and fill in the blank with any sort of a name. but they include governor gare herbert, utah. john kasich, of course the ohio governor who never did support donald trump. skipped out on the republican convention in his own state. hen here's when you know things are bad, when arnold schwarzenegger said he can't stand by you. around schwarzenegger, of course, who fathered a child with his housekeeper, that was a big surprise to his wife. nonl, he says he cannot stand by donald trump. you hit a bad patch there if that is the case. there is a lot going on here that the hillary clinton campaign must be loving. despite revelation of e-mails that seem to stand at odds with their public positions on issues like trade and how to get along with the banking community and all of that, it's all getting lost because of the attention
1:27 pm
focused on donald trump and these comments about women 11 years ago. to jennifer grifton with the campaign in philadelphia. they must be loving these revelations, right? >> neil, we are here at the debate site in st. louis. in fact, the clinton campaign trying to remain absolutely mum and let this narrative just play out. they don't want to step on the news about the audio tape. what i can say is that the clinton campaign in terms of the leaked -- the wikileaks leaked e-mails they are not willing to authenticate those e-mails but they have warned that whoever did hack into the campaign's e-mail account may have altered some of those e-mails. this is a quote from john about testa. quote it should concern every american that russia is willing to engage in such hostile acts in order to help donald trump become president of the united states. from that padesta whose e-mails
1:28 pm
appear to make up most of the hak. the excerpts from clinton and's speeches, has the header clinton admits she is out of touch, quote, obviously i'm kind of far removed because of the life i lived and the economic fortunes that my husband and i now enjoy but i haven't forgotan it. others talk about her support for single payer health care system like the one in canada. another discovery, comments she made approximate the trans-pacific partnership strayed deal quote my dream is a hemispheric open market with open trade and open borders sometime in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it powering growth and tune for every person in the hemisphere. clinton told a brazilian bank in 2013, she added, quote, we have to resist protectionism and other kinds of barriers to
1:29 pm
market access. obviously free trade has been a controversial issue and this weigh may not play well with bernie supporters or supporters in ohio and pennsylvania. >> i was thinking about bernie sanders in philadelphia, still campaigning for hillary clinton, obviously aware and he had criticized hillary clinton on these speeches and saying one thing to investment bank skers another to people there. i wonder how that's going to go down with those loyalists. we'll see. imemmanueanuel cleaver join missouri congressman, clinton backer, joins us now from kansas city. congressman if they can verify the e-mails are accurate they are not russian plans and it appears hillary clinton has said one thing on trade deals, another on investment banks, behind closed doors versus to the public, would you feel like you were duped? >> not necessarily. i think that the e-mails will legitimate in terms of this
1:30 pm
campaign. i think it's -- they certainly should be talked about. i think in part some of the -- some parts of the e-mail actually coincide with things that she is saying now in terms of green energy and so forth. >> right, right. >> but i do think there are some parts of that that, you know -- the important thing is the date in which she said it. if she didn't say that, if she's not duplicitous enough to say on the campaign trail with bernie sanders that, you know, she's against the tpp, and then say something different to the the. i don't think that's the case. but nonetheless. >> but she does have a record -- sir, she does have a record on that deal, once calling it the gold standard, and then disavowing it. and then talking about her husband's great economic years, in which trade deals played a big part, including nafta. can you have it both ways?
1:31 pm
>> or is she so delighted and the campaign so delighted with fixation on donald trump and what he said about women that it doesn't really matter? >> nafta, it was, i think, something that many of us considered to have been a mistake. including, i think hillary clinton. there is no way that a president hillary clinton can set in the oval office and say all hand on board we're going full speed ahead on tpp not after the primary campaign and not after the general election. >> congressman, can you trust her word and what she said? >> well, i think -- look, one of the things that hurt donald trump was the fact he would say something and we could show -- or the media would show just the opposite of what he had just said because there was video footage. and i think. >> yeah. >> the same thing would be true if hillary clinton said once she is sworn in as president if that should happen on 8th of november
1:32 pm
i'm for tpp you'd have all kinds of problems in this country. >> well, you are right about that. congressman, always a pleasure, sir, thank you for taking the time. all right, congressman cleaver. you know what they want to do, they are looking at the possibility of finding a substitute for donald trump. good luck. you were there. you were financially secure - it was glorious. how do you know that? i work at ally - it's my job to know about finances. what else did you see? did i have a speedboat or anything? toss me back in, i'll check. he's finding out if i have a speedboat! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. negative on the speedboat.
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test test . . gary johnson has message for republicans now trying to seek out an alternative to donald
1:35 pm
trump. what are you looking around so hard for? i'm the guy. gary johnson. coming up.
1:36 pm
all right. you know we're not understating this frantic rush among some, i stress some republicans. more the so-called establishment type who are saying, you know, the better part of val or, mr. trump might be for you to step down as our nominee. okay. then what? for one thing donald trump doesn't want to step down. for another, there is isn't a process in place if he did. ken grove. legally, what do they do? what can they do? >> well, there is two scenarios, one where he doesn't step down. and the other where he does step down. if a vacancy is created, even in this late part of the game -- and it is late -- there is a
1:37 pm
rule, rule 9 specifically in the republican national committee rules that will allow the party people to get together and pick a new nominee. if he -- you know, that could be death, it could be resignation, it could be other reasons. if he doesn't step down, as he's saying he won't, then the party, under this rule, doesn't have a clear path. it says in the event of a vacancy. there are some words that say if he is incapacitated or otherwise -- and the party could get creative and say this is an otherwise, this guy is unacceptable, and stick a new person in there but i think we would have litigation leading right up to the election. it's hard to imagine how that would play out. >> you know, then i think about the four or 500,000 that already voted in early voting and to say nothing of the millions of dollars that are already out to states across the country with his name on them.
1:38 pm
then what. >> what i was talking about are the rnc rules. that's the tip of the iceberg. then you look to the 50 states. you have got early voting gone on early. people voted even for hillary. saying i voted for hillary thinking the republican past was going to be trump now that you picked someone else, i don't want to vote for hillary. or of course people voted for trump and said i want my vote to count or not count. whatever. it's a mess. of course we don't actually vote for president. the electors. >> that can be messy, right, quen, because they immediate after the election, and they do a lot of things, right, if they don't like the results? i mean, where they normally stamp what the election results is. explain how that process would go. >> that would be fascinating. he would have to get 270 electoral votes, whatever the republican is, donald trump or some other person would have to
1:39 pm
get a suu sufficient number of electoral votes. and then lease electors legally when they sit down and vote in december can vote for anybody they want. there is no penalty. faithless electors, a term i love, who can vote for anybody but they may be subject to penalty under law. though there has been no successful case to punish a faithful elector. >> when greeley died, the election was over, grant won anyway but we've never had anything like it. >> no. no. this would be unprecedented and beyond anybody's comprehension, i think. >> all right. thank you very much my friend
1:40 pm
for stepping back and looking at the pig picture. ken gross, an election law attorney. you can imagine people will be picking his brain getting a sense of what is and suspect possible. we are here at washington university. this school is about to host its fifth -- fifth presidential debate. they are very, very good at this. you might hear some of the students behind me. they are very enthusiastic about this. all the time i thought it was because i was here. that's apparently not the case. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates.
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all right. we are just getting a statement now from entertainment tonight
1:44 pm
host nancy o'dell. she was the one with whom donald trump was wooing and he failed. trying to hook up with a married woman. saying this just now. politics aside i'm saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all. when i heard the comments yesterday it was disappointing to hear such object fix of women. the conversation needs to change because no female, no person should be the subject of such crass comments. whether or not the cameras are rolling everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender. as a woman who worked hard to establish her career and as a mom i must speak out that the hope of society we will always strive to be better. even though mr. trump has apologized for those remarks no doubt they will be a big subject of the debate tomorrow here at washington university in st. louis.
1:45 pm
james joins us right now. i want to touch on other issues with you ambassador. right now the candidate you are backing is in a storm of controversy. others in your party have urged him to step aside. he is not. what are your fews on this. >> my party is daemt party i'm scoop jackson joe laborerman democrat. i'm in a odd position. i've worked for two republican and two democrats presidents. i'm hard to put into a category as a party member. i have no skill at all in getting inside the heads of american politicians. sometimes i do don't badly figuring out what terrorists and dictators are going to do. but i'm going to have to let other witnesses deal with the political situation here. i'm no expert on that. >> that's a brilliantly defendant political answer ambassador. let me ask you this -- with regard to the issue that you care about, do you feel this gets to be such a distraction that no one will talk about them? >> i don't know.
1:46 pm
i really don't know neil. i've never seen anything like this and we've been following american elections as an observer all my life. and i have never seen anything like this. >> now, in the middle of all of this, we have these hacked e-mails that have come to light, ambassador showing hillary clinton in a bad light, reversing stances she took on trade agreements, that she tells crowds she hates but behind doors she likes, railing against the banking investment community in public but behind closed in private speeches not the case. i get the responses, then, the russian's hack this focus more on the folks hacking and not on the e-mails that they are charging. what do you make of that and the fact that the russians, if that's true, are apparently a lot more clever at this and adept than we thought? >> the russians are very good at this.
1:47 pm
and i think that it's possible to change e-mails. i mean, if you write a program that's that taste says change owl the "nows" to "not" and" not" to "now". it doesn't have to stay pristine and the russians are very devoted to this. they are skillful at it. work hard at it. they have crazy names for the gru and kgb military intelligence and civilian intelligence. the hackers are called cozy bear in one case, and fancy bear in the other. but they are really good at this. if we organize things the way we did at the beginning of world war ii, and we turn to the people who go to the hackers' conferences in the summer, the
1:48 pm
definite conand black hat and put them together with the best that the national security agency could come up with and said all right you are a team, go after this particular country's infrastructure, its cyber infrastructure we could make life absolutely miserable for virtually any place in the world. as it is, we're victims and we are not going back. we are not playing offense prosecute much at all. we're just playing defense or sitting on the bench. >> if they are right, sir, and very quickly it seems like a lot of russians are doing this, don't want hillary clinton to win. they are not for her. >> it's hard for me to say. but whatever they are doing, i don't think it adds to our understanding to look at what they pretty much executi all the time that subtle diplomatic maneuver known as lying through their teeth.
1:49 pm
>> okay. there is that. ambassador, i always learn something. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> lying through their teeth thing. that's pretty subtle, but pretty direct. >> when we come back, gary johnson who has an offer to make to all you disenchanted republicans out there. don't have to reconvene and find a different nominee. you have already got one, in him. that's after this. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah! and you're gonna fist bump to that? get out of my sight. don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get 20 gigs and 4 lines for only $160. with no surprise overages on america's best network. for the best deals on electronics, travel, even shoes.
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all right. it is a beautiful day in st. louis. you are washington at university. a university that's hosted and be will now host it's fifth presidential debate. there are other buildings with that honor. but i don't know if ever.
1:53 pm
do we have ever? it's got to be up there. >> and then they have the added drama and excitement around the comments around what donald trump said, the e-mail dump with hillary clinton and the heightened if interest in this presidential debate as well. but probably more pointed is what's happening with donald trump right now. revelations of that tape issued eleven years later in which he made disparaging comments about and to women. and already a number of republicans have disavowed him. gary johnson says you don't have to meet and talk about comie inp with an alternative nominee. he's your guy.
1:54 pm
he joins us on the phone. governor, your take is search no more. i'm here. right? >> caller: well, reaching out to republicans that really don't feel represented by donald trump, yeah. you don't have to conduct a search. myself and --. we weren't wall flowers as governors. we we were all about small governments and delivered on that in a really big way. the comments donald trump made yesterday turned the page. this does really seem to be on horrific scale though. >> all right. but he has survived such crises before and if he was controversial before, you are right he's probably more controversial now. but it is not as if they are flocking to you, governor. your numbers are sinking. so what makes you think you are a good alternative?
1:55 pm
>> well just that i have the experience. and look, to tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything. keep your word. hypocrisy. i think that is the one unforgivable in life, saying one thing and doing another. >> but i read from a lot of what your support is. i know what you are saying. i i get the feeling your running mate bill welt is more interested in e -- what do you think? >> bill can take on that role. let my take on the hillary side of this. >> he's your running mate. >> he can take on trump. i'll take on hillary. these e-mails that were released were hey a wink and a nod. >> he doesn't like trump.
1:56 pm
he seems to like hillary. so you're not on the same page. you don't want either of those guys. >> we don't want either of these guys. we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't actually think we had the chance to win. and right now i think the republican ticket is imploding. there is an honorable alternative to that. i think hillary -- you know, if these e-mails, if her statements, her speeches in front of wall street actually garner enough attention? well you know what, that's somebody who says one thing one place and does another thing somewhere else. and croney capitalism. government says pick winners and losers -- long time and i think that these revelations bare that out. >> we'll watch closely. governor good chatting with you. governor gary johnson. the libertarian candidate for president of the united states as we wrap things up here at washington university. i don't think when they were
1:57 pm
coming up with the plan to have a presidential debate at this ie dillic and beautiful campus they envisioned some of the heatened controversy going into that debate and worrying about whether there would be enough viewers on whether there would be a baseball or a football game, i think there is going to be enough interest. yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
welcome to a special saturday edition. per know and story. >> with the next presidential debate looming tomorrow it's been a wild 24 hours. on the campaign trail and along the east coast. our top head lines of the day. first republicans are grappling with the fallout from donald trump's incendiary hot mic


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