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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and now, and now we have the debate coming up tonight. i'll be hosting over on the fox broadcast network, your local fox station. bret and megyn will be here. should be quite a thing really. should news break out we'll break in. and it probably will. >> announcer: to the showdown in the show me state. will the gateway to the west lead one of these nominees to the west wing? now, live from washington university in st. louis, missouri "your world" with neil cavuto. welcome, everybody. well, apparently it is tonight. the big debate. the second one. the one that they said was almost an afterthought for a while after that raucous first affair. it's suddenly front and center. all the developments with donald trump and video that has emerged 11 years ago and e-mails that have been dumped on us, democrats say unfairly, about what hillary clinton thought of crucial issues that she might at least be arguing one way in front of campaign audiences and another way behind closed doors.
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welcome, everyone. i'm neil cavuto. and at stake on this university campus of washington university the fifth time it is handling a presidential debate, is one that could set the tone for donald trump going forward. he arrived here a short time ago, and we are told he's on site as we speak. hillary clinton arriving in the same past hour. she is not stopping by the facility ahead of time to check it out. but both candidates making very clear this is an issue they'll continue to pound, not only the significance of the debate but the significance of both of those issues. i'm talking about each other's issues. no doubt hillary clinton, who we're told could be getting the first question, responding to the latest developments on donald trump and what he said about women 11 years ago. and of course donald trump when given the chance to respond about issues that could go nuclear, if it gets to be a tit for tat on who said what about women and who did what to women years ago. so let's just say interesting.
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trish regan is here. mika is here. i'll begin with you. as a donald trump supporter was any part of you dissuaded, chagrined, angry when you heard these comments? >> no. as a woman of course i don't condone those comments. but he has apologized to the american people. he's said he wants to be a better person. it happened a long time ago. he's given his heart and soul to this country. and as a mom and as a christian at the heart of christianity is forgiveness. so i certainly am not wavering in my support of him or any of his core supporters. >> what do you think of those supporters or used to be supporters who are no longer supporters and they're turning away from him? >> i think it's only going to help him. you and i discussed a year ago on your program why i thought that ted cruz or donald trump would be the last man standing. it's quite simply this, the old gop playbook isn't working. it's like einstein's theory of crazy. we've done the same thing over and over the last several election cycles and it's not
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working. these voters are really not voting on logic. it's all about emotion. they're frustrated. they're angry. the little guy on main street has been left behind. and donald trump brings hope and he brings change. they're tired of the corruption in the doj. they're tired of being disenfran schoo chooized congress. they're tired of no checks and balances. and i think that's what voters really care about. so i'm very disappointed in for example paul ryan. i heard him at the rally in wisconsin on saturday. and he was listing everything that was wrong with the obama-clinton administration and yet he was pulling his support from donald trump. they're not team players. >> trish regan, if you could pipe down a second here. your view, first just as a woman on what you heard and whether donald trump has to do something significant tonight to reach out to women. >> yeah. well, he obviously does, neil. i mean, as a woman i detest what i heard. i think it's absolutely
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horrible. and i'm shocked by it. that said, i think that he has a supporter base that's going to continue to rally around him. as mika points out, this is an emotional campaign. that said, emotion matters. and so tonight he needs to reach out to women, to women who feel as though they have been slighted in all of this. independent women that he might have had a shot with. maybe he still can. i don't know. he's got some serious repair work to do. the problem now is here tonight potentially we're going talking about all of these issues instead of talking about the economy, instead of talking about national security -- >> which is probably why he has to put it to rest right away. because when we talk about all of these key party figures, you know, nearly two dozen of whom have said you're either not my guy or i'm going to vote for someone else, how does he arrest that? or to mika's point, trish, does seize on that and say that's the
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establishment for you? >> well, that problem would be politically beneficial in terms of once again rallying up the base. i think this whole campaign has just really k45id everything. and as she pointed out accurately, the same old playbook does not work anymore. so he's got to find a way to thread this needle and it's a very, very difficult needle to thread because he's insulted so many people. but you know, neil, he's done it before. he's managed to kind of be that comeback kid, to use a clinton phrase. >> every time someone has counted him out he comes back. >> he comes back. so the question is can he sort of massage this through here tonight? can he say something that deflects it maybe with a little bit of humor, with a little bit of an apology that enables him to move on? i don't know. independent women that were on the fences are going to say don't know if this is the guy that i want representing me and my daughters. that's his challenge tonight. >> yeah, that's what he's got to try to do. you know, mika, your thoughts on
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how much is devoted to this. if donald trump comes right out of the gates and says i'm sorry and gives a full act of contrition on this, is that enough? or does he use the potential nuclear option if hillary clinton makes a big deal of it to say, well, i said some awful things. your husband did some awful things. you know, that's the next way you can take it. >> i was thinking as a woman i'd really like for him to stay away from accusing bill clinton of his behavior because i think that shows sympathy for hillary as a woman. i think it would be better that he apologize and take responsibility for himself, not try to deflect it -- >> not go down that road. >> not go down that path. >> his route has always been to say she enabled this behavior and she spoke out and targeted the women who said awful things about him. you just think that that would be a mistaken path to go down. >> hell has no fury like a scorned woman. >> all right. well 3uput. the ladies will see how that goes. to their point, there are some
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in the party who are disgruntled by it saying there's even a more right now even as we speak to search for some sort of a way to drop him as the party's nominee. that's a lot easier said than done. then there's the issue of even if you were to push him to do so he'd have to go along with that. and donald trump is indicating no way in hell he's going to be leaving. randy evans is an rnc rules committee expert. it isn't so black and white, right? >> it's not. actually, there's a little bit of wiggle room. it's actually, neil, in rule 9 where there's some wiggle room where the party theoretically could deem there to be a vacancy and end the presidential nominee, the republican presidential nominee. there's also the ability of the rnc to itself change the rules under rule 12. it's a time-consuming process. it would take about ten days. but the party itself could actually even change rule 9.
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>> 400,000 to 500,000 people have already voted. millions of dollars are out across the country right now. so it could disenfranchise those who already have voted at a minimum, right? and it would also mean to those ballots that have been printed out you've got to reprint them all, right? >> you're right. i said it's a legal possibility but a practical virtual impossibility. with millions of ballots that have been already printed. tens of thousands of votes that have been already cast. with more voting for example in california on monday it's a practical impossibility. listen -- >> you say -- i keep rushing you and i apologize for that. but you can do something at the electoral college, right? after the election they meet in the following month in december. now, traditionally that's sort of no drama, it's perfunctory. but there have been times where it's been quite crucial, right? could something happen there? the meeting of state electors.
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>> in this cycle anything could happen. that's why i'm so cautious about saying that's impossible. so far the only thing that we've learned is that everything's possible in this cycle. anything and everything could happen. the electoral college is certainly one more step in the process that could be -- you know, could alter the outcome of the election. >> and for whoever you win over, coming him at the top of the ticket even against his wishes, as you point out it's shaky ground to be on. you've got his loyal supporters who are still very loyal who won't like that, right? >> listen, i agree. who would have thought that dnld frump would be the nominee or that bernie sanders would win 23 states. who would have thought the second debate would be about the tawdry details about locker room talk and about whether or not a former president did worse. none of this is anything that you or i -- even when you and i
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have just chatted about this, have ever even thought about. i think there are still many more things to come. we still have wikileaks sitting out there. but if you're a candidate or in this campaign, you have to be wondering what is off limits? because now with the discovery of wikileaks and every tape recording and every video recording there's no telling what lies ahead. >> no telling at all. randy evans. we referred to how the electoral college to maybe screw things up or whatever. but it has happened in our past. 1872 horst greeley the democratic nominee, he dies after the election. the electors meet. they ultimately decide in congress, we can't give electoral votes who a guy who's dead. scranton had already won the vote. it was a moot point but it was a close point because the nominee had died. that's the only time that kind of thing has ever happened. we have a lot more coming up
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including the other scandal here that's getting scant attention and that is hillary clintonti's e-mails. many democrats are arguing wait a minute, the russians may have had a role in hack these and we're not too keen on what they were doing. but is the subject of those hacked e-mails accurate and if they are and they seem to consistently show someone who's saying one thing to crowds and another thing behind closed doors, is that fair? is that balanced? is that even right? more from st. louis after this. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage
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fair and balanced. the other controversy here that democrats largely are dismissing because they say it's all courtesy of russian hackers so you don't know what you're getting even if it's accurate at all. at issue is those hillary clinton e-mails and what she was or wasn't saying in public and whether it did or didn't jibe with what she was saying behind closed doors, whether it was bad old bankers who weren't so bad when she was talking to them, trade deals when weren't so awful when she was talking to them, quite the opposite when she was talking to large crowds, and completing the trifecta here what she thought of sort of going through all of these refugees coming into this country, probably she said that we had room and we should follow up on what the president wants to do to get more here. then behind closed doors reading some problems with the way they're being handled and whether we can accurately and comfortably vet them all. so two different reads, what to make of them. rick grinnell, former u.s. spokesman at the united nations,
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and hakima amara, a democratic strategist. rick, to you first. what she is saying particularly on the refugee thing is kind of consistent with these other revelations. one thing to the public, quite a bit behind closed doors. but if we're to believe her skepticism about whether we can vet them properly, you have to worry. >> well, not only should you worry because she's admitting that we can't vet them and she literally says there could be jihadists coming in. think about that. the secretary of state, who knows the screening process really well because the state department is in charge, if she -- >> it's a low threat but not an unavoidable threat. >> are we talking one? ten? are we talking 1,000? if she doesn't believe our vetting system is absolutely secure, then she should not be mocking someone who sayslet tack a pause until we get the vetting system right. and that's exactly what trump has said. i'm more concerned about someone who doesn't understand that
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russia is always trying to affect the election, always trying to hack into our computer system. why didn't she go into that extra step? this is nothing new and no one should be surprised russia is hacking into this, to find out that hillary clinton is not totally secure and that doesn't have a full confidence in our own vetting process. >> i don't know if it umz up tonight but if they're going to raise some of the stuff that dumbs up with donald trum whap he said 11 years ago, certainly some concerns about hillary clinton and what she said as recently as months ago. fair discussion tonight, don't you think? >> i think absolutely it's going to bear a discussion tonight. but hillary clinton, what she said in her speech in 2013 was that yes, she thought that the u.s. did not have the proper vetting. but that was comparing to jordan that had -- was letting in hundreds of thousands of people. which is why her suggestion, her national security plan, is only to let in 65,000, which would be the capacity at which we could verify that we're not taking in any terrorists or people of a concerning element.
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>> but one thing that concerns me in these interactions here is her concern, which i admire, a concern again and again raised about this process -- now, publicly is quite another thing. it feels on the heels of other things we're saying about bankers and saying another thing about them in front of campaign audiences that people can't trust what she's saying. >> i think it's very interesting that we're sitting here talking about we can't trust what she's saying when we have donald trump who says i respect women, i have women working in my organization when he is making comments on a hot mike about grabbing someone's -- >> no doubt. i'm not justifying one for the other. but i just think for democrats to get on a high horse about this issue strikes me as a little odd because what comes through in these e-mails again and again, and i can mention any subject-s she's saying one thing to campaign crowds, quite another behind closed doors. do you trust her? >> i absolutely 100% trust herr.
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and i think it absolutely shoerz her understanding of the national security process. by saying yes, we're not at the capacity to do that in a private speech and also creating a national security plan that takes into account those limitations. >> can i say one thing, neil? one thing that's really troubling is when we talk about jihadis coming in here and not having a secure system in place, the secretary of state was in charge of and she doesn't have confidence in. when a democrat says a hot mike, we're talking about policy implicationses here. forget about this 11-year-old hot mike incident that nbc news has held for 11 years and then released in october. it's troubling. it's terrible. but we're talking about policy -- >> you do think donald trump should address that tonight. >> absolutely. but this is -- >> and you want to see hillary clinton address this tonight. >> absolutely. what i want to see is a media that's fair, that deals with policy. what's the policy implications of the hot mike? what's the policy implications of jihadists not being able to
1:20 pm
be vetted? >> that is addressing hillary clinton's plan. and i think it is really ludicrous we're sitting here talking about something he said 11 years ago. her national security plan which will only take 65,000 refugee, not the hundreds of thousands that she is -- >> i do want to settle this refugee problem. something tells me we won't be able to do that in this segment. we'll see how much it comes up tonight. both of you so much for take the time out of crazy schedules. we want to bring up the donald trump thing. we're not missing it. we want to make sure we're on top of both controversial developments for the campaign. let's leave it at that. if you're a preacher and you are a disciple of jesus as this next gentleman coming up is, how do you handle what you heard on an open mike from donald trump? interesting. after this. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented.
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all right. so many of the -- i guess for lack of a better term the republican establishment sort of stepping up from donald trump. john mccain, senator ben sasse, i could go on and on, saying good-bye, you're not our guy, can't support you, we don't know what we'll do but we're not going to support you. others going so far as to say we've got to find an alternative. maybe it's mike pence. enter tony perkins. president of the family research council. to get his support is a big deal. donald trump got that support. but it does come at a time when many evangelicals in general don't know how to wrestle with this situation. good time to ask tony how he does. good to have you.
1:25 pm
>> thank you, neil. >> how do you feel about all of this? >> very 2rubtroubled, neil. this obviously is concerning, disturbing. not surprising, though. this stuff about donald trump was out during the primary. his interviews with howard stern. this is why i was with ted cruz in the primary and campaigned with ted because ted and i share a common faith and we both seek to live according to the scriptures' teachings. we both love jesus christ as our personal savior. it came down to a choice in this general election between hillary clinton and donald trump. and as i have said many times what brought me to the point of supporting donald trump was not shared values. i'm not going to try to cover that up. we don't share the same type of values. we don't see the world the same way. although we do have some shared concerns. we have concerns over the supreme court and the next president, what type of justices he'll appoint. he has said he'll appoint pro-life justices. hillary clinton, her first
1:26 pm
campaign event after receiving the nomination, was with planned parenthood. she's made very clear the party's platform is very clear, that they want to force every taxpayer to fund elective abortions. look at national security. donald trump has said he's not afraid to call out who our enemies are. and then he's made a big issue of religious liberty and freedom in this country, which if we continue what we've seen in the last eight years under barack obama we're not going to have religious liberty in this country. so -- >> tony, is any of your -- have any of your followers been dissuaded or concerned? what if there are more tapes that are released as some have intimated and even more embarrassing or compromising language used? do you stand by him? do you just say all right, we might not click over the messenger but we like his message? >> well, i mean, at this point realistically there's not another option. ballots are out. people are already doing early balloting. this is -- and i'm not going to
1:27 pm
seek sanctuary on the sidelines and say you know what, i can't do anything about this. look, we can hold this -- hold him accountable as we go forward. can't do anything about the past. don't like it. it's distasteful. i wish it hadn't happened. but it did. the reality is what we have to deal with is the present and the future and i can guarantee you what we have under hillary clinton. it will not be a government that evangelicals and other americans who love their freedom will enjoy or prosper under. this is what we have, neil. we've got to make the best of it. is it something we would prefer not to be in, this situation? absolutely. but we're here. we have to deal with it. >> as a man of god there is the eye for an eye argument and that if it is raised tonight he can always respond to hillary clinton by saying whatever i said doesn't match what your husband did. >> no. wrong. >> i think you get the gist of where this could go. >> wrong answer. >> how do you -- >> i've -- >> how do you recommend he
1:28 pm
handle it? >> well, what i've communicated is that he needs to own this. he needs to take responsibility for just this reprobate behavior, this wrong behavior. he needs to own it -- >> don't come back at her. >> no. >> just leave that out there have and move on. >> this is not about bill and hillary. this is about donald trump. the american people are a forgiving people. he needs to ask for forgiveness and say you know what, i have made mistakes like this in the past but here's my commitment to you and to god. i'm going to do my very best going forward to live in a way that does not dishonor this office or dishonor the american people. >> well put. tony perkins, president of the family research council. very good having you. this is the second debate at washington university. this time they've been hosting a presidential debate. but second debates are a big
1:29 pm
deal. remember what was in their second debate. that barack obama came back reeling from a poor performance at the first debate with mitt romney. it was the second debate that ronald reagan did the same against walter mondale when people were calling into question whether reagan was getting too old and feeble to be president. so second debates can either turn an election or confirm what we saw in the prior event to cinch an election. after this. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have.
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headache, vomiting, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> you might have been seeing that debate once or twice here. it was a very important debate, a crucial one for ronald reagan, who would perform miserably by his own estimation in the first debate with walter mondale. everyone saying you know, you're looking like a dottering old fool, get your act together. in the second debate he turned the age question on his opponent and of course the rest was history. goes on to be re-elected in a landslide. second debates are a big deal. just ask barack obama, who recovered from a shaky performance in his first outing with mitt romney. what's at stake tonight?
1:34 pm
a.b. 12stoddard, real clear politics. what do you think? obviously that puts the pressure on donald trump but then you've got all these other developments for him. what do you think? >> i think you're right, the second debates have traditionally been a chance at redemption and can actually turn everything around for a candidate. and it can be a second start. for donald trump even if he comes tonight, neil, and into some unimaginable form contrite, humble, regretful, not in attack mode and just ready to really say sorry and that he's a changed man, i don't know how much it's going to rescue his candidacy because as you said and your other guests have done, we just don't know if there are other audios or videos coming out of his speaking this way and other things from the "apprentice show" in particular where producers are saying there are. that makes republicans very nervous about up tomorrow even with a good debate performance and saying everything's on track. because they just are in this mode now where they simply have no idea what's around the
1:35 pm
corner. >> i often think, too, a.b. that there's a danger in doing the media's bidding. if the media says you should say you're sorry again and again it could dial your energy back, obviously. you could feel like a guilty kid, yeah, i did drive the kid into the garage kind of deal and you can lose all your punch. that people know what you're getting. he's already told people he regrets what he said. but if you spend too much time regretting and not going on offense you're going to have a lousy debate, right? >> listen, i'm going to have to stick up for the media here. it's not the media's bidding. you have people within his own -- >> i understand. no, no, no. i understand. but the danger is in spending a whole debate -- >> and that's why there's a disconnect, why there's a disagreement between people in trump's own camp that he just wants to be himself and move on. he wants to say sorry but he wants to get on with it and he wants to be himself and he doesn't want to be overscripted. but then there are other people in his camp saying you have to
1:36 pm
be really sorry and you have to -- there are people asking for him to change. and to be a different person. >> i flow. he has to get it out of there in the first question or two. that if he spends the entire debate talking about this -- >> you're right. >> -- or if it becomes the subject -- >> the best thing for him to do is to have an actually believable contrite moment, unlike in that video where he just went on to say let's talk about, you know, the clintons. he has to have a believable credible moment where he does appear contrite. and then he can move on and be himself again. but if it's not credible -- and she is going to keep hammering him, i imagine. he can get caught in a spiral. he needs to feel that he's really laid it on the table so he can go back on to policy matters, things that have fueled his movement and places where he can put her on the defensive. if he is not ready to really go deep like i said at the start with something that seems really genuine, it could go off the
1:37 pm
rails. >> no, i definitely see what you're saying here. but i'll tell you. it's going to be rough, one way or the other. especially if other tapes as you say emerge. you've got to have a game plan ready for just that scenario. a.b. stoddard, real clear politics. thank you very much. i told you where we are. not only at washington university but st. louis. that's the home of the cardinals. but more importantly home of the clydesdales. and these are very big horses. and you get a sense of that when you see connell mcshane next to them. connell. >> well, it's interesting, neil. these beer tents at the debates, having covered the last few, have become very, very popular. maybe it's a surprise to you. before 9 debate. but especially here in st. louis because as you say we have the clydesdales, the horses here. this is a really secure area. we're right next to the debate hall. we all have to wear these secret service-issued credentials. you look at the horse stable, so do the horses. look at donny. donny here's got the same credential i do, which apparently gets him into the
1:38 pm
hall. i don't know if he gets into the debate hall itself or maybe just the spin room. mcgee, second horse i presume a first name. mcgee also with a credential. eight clydesdales. this guy's 2,000 pounds according to the data that we have. i do have one horse lined up to speak to you and it's jack. this is rudy as well. i have a son named jack who probably -- this guy may listen a little better than my son. debate tonight, jack, is it trump or hillary? jack upset with gary johnson being left out of the debate. but rudy's here. real quick, the clydesdales, the budweiser clydesdales, why budweiser and the clydesdales? why are they associated so much? >> they date all the way back to 1933 when they were gifted to august busch sr. to help sxwrat the repeal of prohibition. they helped deliver the first case of post-prohibition beer to the wlous. >> is that right? >> yeah. today we're still delivering cold buds with these clydesdales around the country. >> can you give neil and i a ride back to the airport? >> certainly. >> all right, rudy and jack.
1:39 pm
he's a nice guy, by the way, neil. you should come over afterwards and say hello. >> it's interesting too, connell, because you quickly volunteered for this story and it had nothing to do with the president of beer 50 feet away from you. it was the horses -- >> no, neil, i'll do anything to get the story. i know that. >> i do know that. all right. connell, thank you. but we're done horsing around, america. there's more here. this is free on basic cable. stick around. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card.
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1:43 pm
coming at the top of the republican ticket. i don't need to repeat it. there are children in the room. >> all right. the president a few moments ago commenting on this donald trump tape that emerged 11 years ago. a good point to bring up with foster freeze at a time when some donors, certainly a lot of name brand republicans are abandoning mr. trump. some going so far as to say drop out of the race, period. you're embarrassing all of us. foster freeze, you are still standing by him, right? >> well, i'm not a trump supporter, remember, neil. i basically grew up on top of a palomino horse taking care of 140 steers and moved west to wyoming. the west is embedded in me. one of the codes of the west is you ride for the brand. i gave everybody a check when rick santorum was my guy, dropped out. when trump got it, i said okay, i'm not riding for the trump brand or the republican brand
1:44 pm
but i'm riding for the american brand and that's a good brand to ride for. >> so you're still sticking with this brand who heads the republican presidential ticket, right? >> absolutely. in fact, i september him another $100,000 last week. an enormous amount of success beyond my dreams because i paid not so much attention to where people have been and even where they're at today but where they can become. and i harness people's strengths and pretty well ignore their weaknesses. it's obvious the strpts and weaknesses of our candidates who are in this race. but basically, i'll make a prediction. if donald trump wins, within one year after his ascendancy to the white house he'll be hosting bible studies. >> all right. that would be an event to watch and hopefully we'd get our cameras in there. but you've heard from all of these including just about a half hour ago, foster, the republican tennessee governor says you know what, i can't support you.
1:45 pm
that's now almost two dozen prominent republicans who just can't support the guy, who want to find an alternative to the guy because he has damaged, they say, the brand and he's an awful nominee. you say what? >> well, i'm saying peter haslam, paul ryan, ben sasse, they're still young. they can kind of see the vision. america was founded on the judeo-christian value. and one of the key things about that is forgiveness. and i think a lot of us who see a brighter america because of all the wonderful things donald trump has said he'd like to do to chait direction of our policy, we're going to place more emphasis on that for heaven's sake than we are on a comment 11 years ago. in fact, this could backfire because in the democratic party there's a lot of christians and christians kind of are turned off by the fact that someone would do such a nasty thing as to bring up something 11 years ago just for political -- to gain political -- >> maybe so, foster. i don't know where and how this came to light. i kind of understand the backstory on it. but it did.
1:46 pm
he said those words. they're coming back now to haunt him. there might be other words. there might be other off-mike moments that come to light. we don't know. i guess you as a man of god as well, as well as a very rich republican, you are not letting this trouble you to the point that you'd reconsider him. >> well, i wouldn't call myself a man of god. to become a follower of jesus you've got to be a sirn and that's where i qualify more than a man of god. i believe that we have to look at the issues. here i challenge you to do this and challenge every one of your readers or particularly those on the sideline. go home tonight on a piece of paper on the left-hand column write count issues that are important to you. everyone's going to have different priorities. on the second column write down all of trump's positions and on the third column you write down all of hillary clinton's positions. if you look at tony perkins, for example, a lot of christians
1:47 pm
think freedom of religion is important. hillary clinton has publicly said christians have to change their beliefs. and then she said we have the freedom of worship. that's different than freedom of religion. in romania during the communist heyday you could have freedom of worship. you could go to any church you want but you better not be caught reading you why bible on the public bus. >> does your wife feel the same way, foster? >> my wife is one of these secure women who hears all these things that trump said -- she doesn't like the terminology, but she knows there's a lot of guys out there, they probably use the same language, but she's a trump supporter. she's got her hat on. making america great. lynn is a very savvy woman, and she's on board. >> all right. foster friess, thank you very much. very good chatting with you again. >> thanks. and glad to have you back, neil. i love you, man. hang in there. you're doing great. >> thank you very, very much, foster. i appreciate it. claire mccaskill, the missouri
1:48 pm
senate democrat, she's going to be joining us now. her take on this and how much of an issue this becomes tonight. stick around. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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>> it certainly is a beautiful campus, beautiful city here. and the democratic senator knows that, missouri democrat, good to see you. >> welcome to st. louis. we are happy to you have here. >> i'm happy to hear that. we were talking about what comes up tonight in the opening and it is a panel forum. but, first, hillary clinton deals with the studio audience and member questions.
1:52 pm
should she take this on right away? should she address it? donald trump comments first. >> it depends on what the question is. she will, watching her in townhall setting she tries to listen to the question-and-answer the question for the person who is asking. that is what townhall is supposed to be not about say what they want to say. >> but they always do. all the audience gets it when we do they they are trying to avoid answering question. obviously it will come up. it is more likely for hick to begin round three of trying to do sincere apology. the first one was not an apology, the second looked like he needed to hold up a newspaper to prove the date because it looked like a hostage tape. >> are being a little mean. >> little. >> one more apology, being contrite and i am hearing from people who still support him, move on. can he move on? >> i don't know if he can. he is defensive.
1:53 pm
by nature. frankly, i don't know that american people are going to be able move on. this is unprecedented to have someone who has shown now a tendency to be a predator. >> but people have argued, and i don't know if they take the nuclear option, whatever he says doesn't match what bill clinton did, if he goes there...what do you think 1/2? >> bill clinton is not running for president. hillary clinton: the defended her husband and in that is the basis of her disqualification? on the other hand she respected her marriage vows and stayed in marriage. >> but the wrap was that she went after and targeted accusers but it looked like the acausers were right. >> a lot of that is going to a personal part of her marriage. i don't think that gets in one -- gets him one vote what hillary clinton will do tonight is talk about the contrast in
1:54 pm
terms of the substance of the policies, the stability her record, her ability to move in to the oval office in a way to protect our nation and make us proud, not make all of us slightly embarrassed. >> but as a woman and a senator at time in 2006 you were embarrassed by bill clinton you said he has been a great leader but i don't want my daughter near him. it raised some embarrassing issues. i said that, i should not have said it, it was mean, and i immediately apologized for it. obviously, but --. >> as a mom, as a mom. >> this guy cannot apologize. we have devote see a sincere apology for anything, the gold star family, gatt shaming a young woman, call be a judge being unfair because of where he came from all the thing he has done and how about what he said, think about that?
1:55 pm
what coming out of her, whatever, how does someone running for president --. >> i understand where you coming from going back-and-forth is a zero sum game and against bill clinton it is sprayed issue but it comes at a time whether democrats are consistent on the issue of honesty and owning up for your words. hick -- hillary clinton in the e-mails and her comments on the big bang, on trade deal, on the refugees, they tend to be in interference with the e-mails. she said one thing and another behind closed doors. >> i disagree. we do not know in the context of the e-mails are correct, russia changes e-mails when they hack, no question about that. we don't know --. >> it would be a lot zeal to get things out on republicans. >> listen --. >> you do not question the source there. >> this is postmarked by russia and russia is trying to impact
1:56 pm
our elections and every american should be outraged they are messing --. >> no doubt. you are right. on the issue of the even trade deals and the issue of what she called a gold standard or other e-mails, open unfettered trade in speeches, largely, is that fair game for donald trump tonight to say, which are you? >> he is not a good person to be talking about consistency of positions because he changes his position almost like he changes his shirts. having said that, she has been very consistent in the campaign, opposeed to tpt, she said she voted against trade deals in the senate. she judged details --. >> is it going to be nasty tonight? >> i don't think she will be nasty. i have no idea what donald trump will show up as tonight. >> you do not seem to be a donald trump fan? >> probably not. >> just wanted to make sure i got that right. >> that part you got right.
1:57 pm
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>> hello, everyone, i'm juan williams from st. louis the site of the second presidential debate joined by my co-hosts in new york city. we are the 6 today but, as always this is "the five." >> t minus four hours until debate two between donald trump and clinton and if you thought the last one was doozy this could blow it out of the water under pressure to suppress the fallout over leak the tapes and crypts less than a month before th


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