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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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e-mail is a disaster, you are a disaster, when i get in we will do good deals. >> you did not hear my rebuttal. >> that is it! see you back here tomorrow. >> welcome to the campus of walk -- washington university in st. louis, missouri. in three hours trump will try to save the presidential campaign in what most call a make-or-break debate with hillary clinton. it will be the explanation point on one of the wild of the weekends in recent political history. i am bret baier. trump is trying to fend off calls from the party to leave the race over his vulgar comments on women on an 11-year-old recording bragging about unwanted sexual advanced on a married woman and others and the future of the republican party could hang in the distance. clinton is hoping the attention will stay on trump and off
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revelation of her own duplicity, and his -- hypocrisy that came to light and her husband's past affairs and the treatment of the women make allegations which trump tweeted about today. we will have complete debate precoverage, predictions andysiy of "special report." with team coverage and jennifer griffin is in the spin room in st. louis but we begin with carl program ron here at washington university. carl, good evening. >> yes, donald trump knows he has to reassure the public he has to win this debate, he has to get things back on track, and do all of that without being offensive. >> with six republican governors, 14 united states senators, and 20 united states congress men revokeing trump for him in wake of the tame
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reviewing the lewd boast as a star he could grope and kiss women without concept, donald trump lashed out and i quote, "so many self righteous hypocrites watch the poll numbers and elections go down." he trump expected the controversy to be the first top intonight in the debate in st. louis against hillary clinton. he telegraphed the counterattack promoting a new interview on breitbart news with juanita broaddrick who during bill clinton's presidency accused him of raping her in the 70s allegations never proven. donald trump quoteed exclusive video juanita broaddrick relives brutal rape. >> i am still afraid especially in she is president. >> breitbart released another video including two additional former clinton accusers, and tim kaine suggested that chin -- clinton will focus on what slow did rather than said. >> state pattern of sexual
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assault and i cannot imagine that undecided voters part of this townhall will not want to hear him explain why he thought that was acceptable behavior. >> clinton campaign chairman elaborated. >> he will have explaining tonight. but this is not an exception. he has said the same horrible things about latinos, african-americans, muslims. >> the trump campaign manager, conway, canceled her appearance on fox, a noted pollster who specializes in helping republicans appeal to em. giuliani appeared in her place. >> was kellyanne conway unwilling to defend trump's remarks on women? >> i don't think anyone will defend the remarks. is kellyanne conway still a strong supporter of donald trump? absolutely, yes. >> in the swing state of ohio a must win, for the first time in 100 years, the columbus dispatch
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is endorsing a democrat, and blasted trump and i quote, "he has proved a liar of epic proportion, a bigot, brag art and admirer of foreign thugs and reckless and demonized muslim, insulted women and mock disabled." the final despite in ten days and a 20 day sprint to election day, and tonight the trump campaign knows they need a clear and decisive win to get it back on track. brett? president obama is making his first public comments of the leaked trump audio and spoke to an audience today in chicago. >> the most disturbing things about this election is the unbelievable rhetoric coming at at the mouth of the republican figure. but i cannot repeat it there are children in the room. he pumps himself out by putting
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over people down not a character trait i on advice for somebody in the oval office. >> hillary clinton will likely find herself on the defensive tonight over allegations of behavior from more recent past, involving statements she made at big money behind closed doors, speeches for wall street firms. jennifer griffin has that part of the story from the spin room. jennifer? >> good evening. hillary clinton's senior communications director told reporters that she is not even sure hillary clinton ever watched the trump video tape but was briefed on it, and the moderators have telegraphed it will be the first subject of the debate when it begins in three hours. >> hillary clinton left her home in westchester, new york but refused to weigh in. the strategy is for the first remarks to be on stage standing
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next to donald trump on the debate stage. >> she has to pay millions to say that. >> trump's aides try to turn it back to her alleged look wall street speeches and her campaign chairman's hacked e-mails. >> she pointed out that she is a different person to them than in, she has to be different politically. we have two hillary clintons. that said we have a person who is a liar. >> former new york mayor giuliani was referring to a speech she gave in 2013 "politics is like sausage being made, it is unsavory and all of the back room discussions and dailies and people get a little nervous, sow need both a public and a private position." >> her campaign chairman podesta was asked about the remarks. >> there is nothing that she has not said in private that she does not say in public, but she put failure the most aggressive wall street plan of any candidate, really, and stands
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behind dodd-frank, and donald trump wents to rip it away. >> her running running mate talked about a speech she is said to brazil bank "my dream is a common market with open trade and open borders." i don't think we can dignify documented democratic by wikileaks and assume they are accurate and true, anyone who hassed to get documents is completely capable of manipulating them. >> tim kaine clarified her position on trade and pivoted back do blaming the russians. >> the director of national intelligence indicated that this kind of hacking has been traced directly to the russian government and there is a direct intent to glue the outcome of an american election. in that is true, you cannot accept as gospel truth everything they might put in a document. >> hillary clinton will get the first question tonight.
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the question is, whether she will shake her opponents hand when she come on stage. no one expected the lincoln douglas debates tonight. brett? it will be interesting. thank you jennifer griffin from the spin room. now, what we could expect during the debate. charles krauthammer joins from washington. charles, it has been pretty remarkable 48 hours for people who cover politics. >> as you look at the debate, what do you think is going to develop? >> it is in the hands of donald trump. he will decide which way it goes. he has two choices: one choice is to play the good boy, to be contrite, to be able to say the word apology without mispronouncing it, and, look, that is something that he has been urged. i think high is very unlikely to do that. he is obviously not contrite about this.
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from all of the tweets all of the reaction you get the sense, others have done it, and bill clinton has done it, and why are they going after me and attacking republicans and attacking the clintons. the other choice is to go nuclear. and that is to make this a fight. about the morality of the clintons, and here he needs to go after hillary clinton and he needs to hit on the issue of hillary clinton aiding and abetting and enabling and attacking the women that he was supposedly involved with. in that kind of fight, he would try to do to her what she did to him. in the first debate she put out the cheese and he followed every one into the mousetrap and ended up in a fight with miss universe which was self destructive in the extreme. he is going to want to bait her into a debate as a level she is not used to and to milk her lose
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her cool and she is pretty good at keep her cool but if he can make her get into a shouting match with him at a certain point to bring her down to his level, then he has a chance to come out ahead because he is good at that. he he did that in the debates in the primary season and won them all. >> this is not just about the two candidates head to head but a down hall where you are trying to connect with people asking questions in the round there. to see that back-and-forth, it could be different in this environment. >> it might be but, imagine, the two of them treated like a normal townhall ingratiate themselves with the questioner in the audience and on their best behavior, then it comes out a draw and a draw for trump would be deadly. he is behind.
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was behind before the incident. he is hemorrhaging support in his own party and need as win. a draw is not good enough for hill. there is only a molest. and only one other opportunity in can he can regain traction. if i am him, i go nuclear. >> we shall see. we are less than three hours away, charles krauthammer in washington, dc, thank you, more on the debate from all sighs coming up. hurricane matthew is now just a memory, but a bitter one for millions along the southeast coast. the storm has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone and moving out to sea. steve harrington is in fay fayetteville, north carolina. >> hurricane matthew dumped 16" on the rain and the water is simply getting underneath the roads and the asphalt is
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collapsing. all the winds are gone. for many, hurricane matthew is not over. the threat now in north carolina comes from the 16" of rain hurricane matthew dumped along the coast, cresting rivers at historic levels. flooding through tuesday could threaten hundreds of build education and the structural integrity of major roadways. >> legal talk is dominating the heirs on other national channels but we need your help. >> 15 people have been killed by the storm in the united states. seven in north carolina. most those killed were kill on the roads. more than 800 water rescues have been carried out, many near in this area. first responders from new york city saved three people clinging to the roof of a car as the floodwater raged all around. >> blue skies on sunday gave homeowners in four states the chance to survey the damage. >> this catastrophe is something
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else. i am waiting for 9 electric company to do the pole and maybe i can find someone to start cutting the tree. >> 1.5 million homes and commercial properties were damaged in florida georgia, south carolina and north carolina. trees uprooted, sections of major roads destroyed. >> if we had a direct landfall hit, the consequences would have been much more severe than we believe they are now. i do not by saying that, want anyone to abandon the caution that is associated with this aftermath. >> haiti is dealing with the aftermath of a direct hit from 145 miles per hour wind. 30,000 homes, many simple wooden structures, are gone. and the death toll in haiti is at more than 800. and it is expected to climb even further. >> driving across north carolina you can see giant holes like
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this, growing every hour and trees are across some roads and there is also standing water on i-95 right near us at 2' deep, and a five hour traffic jam that is a parking lot. >> thank you, from north carolina, and why did someone at nbc wait so long to leak the donald trump recording from 2005? as we go to break, a look behind the scenes inside the debate hall. this is the debate hall at washington university, a townhall format and the moderators be from cnn and nbc. washington university has played least to the most presidential and vice presidential debate of any other site, three presidential debates and one v. debate. you can see there will be 900 people, students, and others in the hall, but, an the townhall setting there will be 40, and they have submitted their
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questions already. remember, this is the stage where memorable moments happen between bill clinton, perot and george h.w. bush, bush and al gore and the moment also happened here in a townhall. but washington university hasn't seen a debate like tonight. special report continues after this. .
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so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. >> a big question rising from the relieves the 11-year-old trump recording why we are lending about this a in away contract election? fox news media analyst, howard kurtz is here, with thoughts on
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that. howard, good evening. >> good evening, plenty of questions swirling around nbc whose corporate family includes access hollywood and the apprentice, and that includes what took so long? the tape of donald trump bragging about groping women has been in the archives for 11 years and it just surfaces now? happens to surface now in the final month of a tight election? someone with access leaked it on friday to "the washington post," who told me today the reporter would not discuss the motivation of source but the source wanted the footage made public before tonight's debate. access hollyn its own story in recent days, and nbc senior vice president said the news division was pursuing the story and checking with lawyers for days under a agreement where access hollywood would have the first crack at breaking the story but the news division continued to go forward after the program access hollywood decided it would not publish anything until tomorrow after the debate. now, after losing this access,
3:20 pm
hollywood aired part of the tape on friday night but cut out the parts with the most damaging comments from billy bush, a co-hot of the "today show" who has "apologized and said he is embarrassed about play along with trump. and a spokesman knocked down reports he will appear on the "today show" to apologize but has been pulled. "apprentice," quoting numerous former staffers and contestans from the apprentice saying that donald trump made lewd and inappropriate comments to women and donald trump campaign said that is totally outlandish and calls the story "false." but what happened to the footage? nbc said it does not control the off air footage because it only licensed the store and that is where "access hollywood," the most explosive story was sitting under its nose at nbc. brett? >> thank you. months ago when most republican officials were still mocking and denouncing trump's candidacy,
3:21 pm
alabama senator jeff sessions began an early champion and now sessions finds himself perhaps with little company as he continues to support his nominee. senator sessions joins us. you have in alabama, for example, three elected officials who rescinded their support for donald trump, including the governor, and you have six governors overall who rescinded their support, and you have 14 republican san franciscos -- senators who said they cannot vote for him and 20 representatives from the house. what does it mean and why are they wrong? our officials need to slow down, think this thing through, give donald trump a chance, and he has reached a whole new group of people, and that is what i liked about his whole candidacy, bringing in work people, union peoples african-americans we have not had before and he is
3:22 pm
talking about the thing they care about. he is talking about leadership, and changing the course of america and yes be he has problems with this tape and other problems that caused people unease. >> are you worried about other tapes? >> why have any idea that anything else could come out, but who knows? this election is like alabama and auburn, our team that believes in lower taxes, less regulation, and honest trade policy, and immigration that is lawful and serves the national interests, strong national defense, that is who we are, and she favors more taxes, more regular legislation, more government, weaker globalism and open borders on immigration so the gap is unbelievable. and we have to focus on the direction the country should go. >> senator i have heard trump supporter saying the audio
3:23 pm
characterizeed it as locker room talk. here is what senator tim kaine said about this today. >> he said that he may have said the thing but i never did there and that is when thing, but i think the tape raises a lot of questions. and if you take that tape as accurately describing his actions it is a pattern of assaultive behavior and it is much more than words. >> they talking about unwanted sexual advances that he is bragging about and that is not really locker room talk. >> it is locker room talk, it was banter between those two guys --. >> i have not had locker rooms with that. >> i have not heard it either. but it did not prove he did anything that was improper or illegal or salted someone. >> he was bragging about something? >> i don't know what he was talking about. i think people have overread
3:24 pm
assault part from my reading of it, touched somebody against their will, maybe he did, i don't know but i don't think so. what i would say, he needs to talk tonight, express regret, and apologize for the statement and make those kind of statements and he has to talk to the american people about the choices we face and the direction this country needs to go and to focus on that entirely sit a big mistake. >> do you think like he tweeted today he should focus on bill clinton's affairs in the past and what has been alleged to have been done? >> we know former presidents have certainly not been perfect, john kennedy, supposedly had an affair with a woman from germany who my have been a spy, a mafia girlfriend he met with on more than one occasion and we know the stories about bill clinton, he is accused of actually raping a lady. >> committing a rape.
3:25 pm
they served at --. >> we should point out it was never brought forward or confirmed or convicted. >> he was accused. >> should donald trump go down that road? >> that will have to be his decision how he wants to handle this. i will not tell him he has to take we constant abuse for words when hillary clinton assisted her husband to defend against real actions against women. again, this is not what the american people are looking for in this country, they want a leader unlike hillary clinton, who defends their interests. she said in those secret speeches, she said i tell the membership one thing and i am telling you rich contributors something else. i believe in open borders. i believe in a trade western hemisphere trade union like the european union, i suppose, and that is her vision of what the world should be like. that is wrong. law is substance in the wikileaks e-mails, and the
3:26 pm
democrats say you should not open the e-mails because they came starch by russia. >> necessity can say what they want they are lout and that is the way it is. what i would say, the question, why did it come out on friday? that is the day wikileaks things came out. just the day to cover up the fact that, to me, what she said in those speeches are disqualifying as heard. she does not maintain integrity the american people and this is a fundamental challenge to her integrity a leader for america. >> ten seconds three as trailing in the polls heading and the weekend and then this happened. can he turn this around in this debate? >> this can begin that turn around, and it will be a difficult challenge for him. but he can begin the town around today and if he stays on the message of what is best for america, his understanding of
3:27 pm
the errors we making and how we make america great again he can turn the election around. >> we appreciate you coming on. >> much more trade ahead here from st. louis and the campus of washington university and our panel looks at the challenges ahead but be facebook is here and interesting to have insight before the she down. >> we are in the media filing center and we will find our friends at facebook. robert, what do you have? >> today is the news is on the drum conversation, and wikileaks, and 8.3 are talking about trump tame and 3 million about wick release so a lot of interest heading into the debate tonight. the last 30 days the top five issues on facebook, taxes is first, that is the number one issue, and racial issues are second and the economy is third, and crime and criminal justice is 4th and government ethics is
3:28 pm
next and the tax return that is driving at the love the tax. >> you have a lot of people engaged? >> we have seen a surge in the size of the conversation the last 30 days. you look at the candidates, 50 million people are talking about trump in the last 30 days over 625 million interactions and those are likes and posted comments related to donald trump. on hillary clinton she has a large volume of conversation, 43 million, talking about hillary clinton and 500 million interactions and since the start of the career we have seen 1 190ment in the people and we will continue to see that tonight. >> problem, thank you "special report," conditions after this.
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>> i believe he will not bring up pick's personal, but there is the possibility he will talk about hillary clinton's situation. if it gets to that. i don't think he prefers to do that. but he will. the clintoned had a rough time in their marriage 20 years ago and it was litigated out. at this debate tonight and in the rest of the campaign we want to focus on the issues and that is what hick will do. >> we doesn't know what will happen in the debate. be honest. anything really could happein the debate at washington university. today, donald trump was active on twitter first on wisconsin, thank you to my great supports i heard the crowd enthusiasm was unreal and that is the cheering that interrupted paul ryan and others. tremendous support but for some republican leadership, thank you. so many self righteous hypocrites watch their poll numbers and elections go down and tweeting exclusive video, juanita broaddrick, and willie
3:33 pm
conference to bill's defenders crimes terrified of enabling and hillary clinton talking about interviews with accusers of former president clinton, of affairs and worse. we will bring in our panel, steve hayes and monica crowley and david kennedy, senior politics writer for us news and world report. monica, i talked to senator seconds and they are seeing a lot of republican defections. is this the moment? >> this is the moment for donald trump to step up and try to salvage the campaign. the united states is a country of second chances and americans love a comeback story. this is the moment to maximize the opportunity. he has a real chance to show he is modest and humble and contrite and not characteristics associated with donald trump. this is his chance to show the
3:34 pm
american people that side of him. remember, we do have precedence. we have bib big being accused when he was running. arnold schwarzenegger running for governor of california, being accused of groping women. we have president obama facing anti-american preacher in wright, and nixon going back with the speech and they all salvaged the candidacy and won wren they handled it the right way. >> why is this different? because we heard donald trump with the ought yes? it is cutting through much more. is it because of what? it reinforces the stereotype that everyone thought was true about donald trump and he treated women repugnantly and now it is on tape and there is likely more tape. i think donald trump is almost irreparable position in this case. it is unlikely he can come back and win the presidency and i got off the phone with a top aide
3:35 pm
who said he described the campaign in two words: disarray and trepidation of what is next. there is little direction from the top. people are voting. they voting this week. there has been no direction from the top. there are rumors floating around and, remember, donald trump was behind in this race before this tape by three to six points nationally in most battleground states and he is the first republican in 60 careers to likely lose the white vote of college educateed whites and he is behind regardless of the position on the race with minorities. i think it is line likely for him to come back no matter what kind of performance he puts together. >> we hear trump supporters and this frustration that the wikileaks does not get covered, the things about hillary clinton do not get play, and it does not break there, fair criticism? >> to some extent but we will cover it later and donald trump
3:36 pm
has a huge platform to drive that narrative in front of 80 million or 90 million people and we will have a huge tune in. the point is important for the frustration among trump supporters they are treating some of them like this tape being released as the town point but you look at the polling average in the states, heading into tonight, mots of that data long before any of this tape controversy blew up, hillary clinton at 340 electoral votes based on the polling and now there is no sugar coating the republican party is in a very precarious situation. people down ballot distancing themselves are trying to do so because most voters are repulled by what he said and they are really infuriateing trump and his base and he is egging them on. so they are going to lose voters one way or the other and it is not a big happy family. >> three of the four trump tweets democratic with
3:37 pm
republicans, republicans. now you have down ballot races as guy mentioned, the senate hanging in the balance, and, frankly, is it possible you -- there is help for democrats in the house of representatives? >> a it is possible. what strikes me in reporting this for the last 48 hours, talking probably in total to a couple dozen different republican elects officials and staff and rn c, the two conversations taking place, we have conversations most like like we have been having involving can donald trump recover? can he turn in a good debate performance in if he apresident percents do people forgive him? and the other people, candidates, strategists, people work on senate races, down ballot races the questions they address, how big of a bloodbath is? are we talking about hassing both houses of congress this year? are we talking about losing them in such a bad way the republican
3:38 pm
party is you are -- irreparable, a sense of catastrophe. >> i hair on twitter this this is the same stuff we her at the beginning of the primary. yes, nobody said trump would do anything and he turned it around and won the nomination. i hear what you are saying. >> look, i get why trump supporter whose say that, i would make the same argument. you are talking about vastly different circumstances where you had 17 candidates in the republican provide marry and a media eager to egg donald trump on as he beat up conservatives. now we have a media totally hostile to donald trump and in favor of hillary clinton's worldview ideologically and is eager to see her elected a totally different, and one-on-one race. >> the split that steve is talking about is real but it reflect as deep are split in the country between the elite and everyone else.
3:39 pm
you go on social media you talk to regular americans and they don't care about what donald trump said 11 years ago, and they care about the serious issues facing the country today. a weak economy. no job creation. wage stagnation, a net from islamic terror. that is what they want to hear him talking about and hillary clinton talking about not stuff from 11 years ago. the elites are wrapped up in it regular americans are not. >> regular americans, i talk to regular americans not just elite but people in wisconsin and i am e-mail and text with people not elites and never will be. they are disturbed by this. they are frustrated, they don't like what donald trump has said and done over the course of election, maybe some were never trump supporters and maybe they will --. >> but i am not excusing what he said i am saying that most average voters want their current issues and the life of future of the country dealt with and addressed. >> if you are talking about
3:40 pm
issues, that is fair. if you are talking -- but i don't think it is only the elites troubled by what trump is saying. >> i said --. >> truck has a decision on whether three wants to make it issues and will he bring up bill clinton indiscretions of the past or make it about issues? that is the open question which route he will take. >> but he stay in the race. >> absolutely. >> definitely. >> staying? >> hard to see him leave. >> next, the hillary clinton story, and, first, i checked with twitter to see how they are covering the debate. >> this is the door to the spin room where the campaigns come to spin reporters after the debate, and we will find our friends at twitter, adam, how are you? what do you have? >> we have been, laughing all this campaign at what the big policy issues are driving conversation. last month, foreign affairs, economy, and terrorism. obviously other stories have come up along the way. hillary clinton, her health, her e-mails, the clinton foundation,
3:41 pm
a bit of a spike there at 9/11 when she collapsed at the memorial in new york, but look at the last 24 hours, donald trump and the tapes. off the charts. policy conversation, dropping to next to nothing. those tapes, this conversation, driving the conversation on this entire election right now. >> as far as issues overall this is trumping that? >> second most tweeted day of the campaign so far, more than the v.p. debate, more than the conventions, more that super tuesday and the primaries. this is the second biggest night, first debate was number one all the ingredients for a big night here in st. louis. >> want to tweet you,
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>> the russians and the united states senior members of the u.s. government confirms they have been hacking into democratic accounts and now hacked into my account and put out documents purported to be from my account. >> i don't think we can dignify documents dumped by wikileaks and assume they are accurate. anyone who hacks to get documents is completely capable of manipulating them. we have two hillary clintons: that said we have a person who is a liar. that is what she is. >> some of the sound from the sunday shows this morning. fair and balanced join us from the spin room, in washington university, we have democratic national committee interim chairwoman donna brazile. >> always a pleasure to hear your voice and see you.
3:46 pm
donna, i start with something that has not broken through, a little bit today and i saw you on abc, the wikileaks story and the e-mails that are coming from it and what is inside them. you cannot confirm she gave the speeches to the firms? >> first of all as you well know, brett, early this year the democrat narc committee reported we were the victims of a cybercrime while many in the media spent their entire focus on the content of the e-mails that were released, and in some cases released with personal and identification information of private industries our job at the democrat national committee is tone sure we protect not just the personal identified information but protect the sanctity of our electoral process. with regard to the latest round of e-mails that were dropped whether it is powell or podesta
3:47 pm
or bernie, here is my view: if it is postmarked from russia and the united states government confirmed it i am not open to listening to that information they are spreading. >> all you know --. >> without corruption this is very important, because, i want to get to what happened, we were the victims of a cybercrime. it is very, very important that everyone understand the democratic party, this is not about partisanship but about country. we want to protect --. >> understood about the russian part, but, done narcotics let me interrupt for a second. if you want to clear the air about what is accurate and what is not why not put out the transcripts of the speeches to the different firms? >> look, first of all, here we go, the reason we know that secretary clinton gave the
3:48 pm
speeches in the first place is because she released information because she released her taxes, and when donald trump --. >> so release. >> look, put out his we federal tax records, to see what is his business dealings with russia. >> i know that issue is a big issue. >> if he stiffed individuals. >> you are saying they are false in the e-mails --. >> i am the chair of the democratic national committee i am not about to open up e-mails that are post marketed from russia. you open them up --. >> but someone has the trips? >> you have miss information. >> i get it. but someone has the transcripts? >> someones what the trips? >> you could put them out, right? >> you know, i am not familiar with who has what, i am familiar with the democratic national committee and what they are doing and with the cyber crimes we were victims of, along with
3:49 pm
many other democratic institutions and other americans so that is my focus we have 30 days which to talk about the important issues. >> i know you don't want to answer that question, so let me ask you something else. >> i answered the question. >> no, no, no, on the trips we will turn. what is hillary clinton needing to do tonight? is she going to be aggressive against donald trump about the tape or is she going to let -- stay back and see what donald trump does? what is the strategy? >> as you know, tonight, townhall format is designed to allow secretary clinton to talk directly to the american people, these are voters who still have questions and the fact they are undecided she will, tonight, gave them concrete answers, solutions on how she is planning to deal with everything from isis to the economy, to student debt, income inequality and
3:50 pm
climate change and give the destruction of hurricane matthew, it is important to hear from a candidate who has common sense solution and not someone with a bunch of what i call lewd and crude remarks. donald trump should come in here with contrition and come in here saying i am sorry, he would have more republicans fighting against donald trump than democrats because donald trump has managed to insult not just republicans but the entire country. >> donna, last thing, donald trump tweeted out today interviews with some of the accusers of former president clinton, including juanita broaddrick, who accuses the former president of raping her. what is your reaction to that? and do you think donald trump go down that road? >> first of all, i'm not running the donald trump campaign but, again, i talked about contrition and i thing that donald trump sh think about donald trump should be very, very careful about treading down this -- what i call slippery slope to the
3:51 pm
cesspool. when that situation occurred, when president clinton and the first lady, mrs. clinton sur suffered and chelsea suffered and the president was held accountable and i think it is unfair for the donald trump to in any way insinuate and he knows hillary clinton and bill clinton but it is unfair to insinuate the kind of garbage that he will try to insinuate. it will hurt him and cause more republicans to disavowal him but if he wants to bring it on that way because that is what he's been doing over the last 18 months of of his candidacy there is a direct line between what trump said in 2005 and what he said in 2015 and 2016 and i think tonight the american people will find out he is morally unfit to be president of the united states if he goes down that road. >> donna brazil, we appreciate your time. sorry for the delay there back and forth. next time we'll be on the same
3:52 pm
set. >> and booboo, next time don't bring me any e-mails unless you clean your system. don't bring down corruption but we could always have a decent conversation and i look forward to seeing you again. thank you, sir. >> we appreciate it. thanks. we're back with our panel. steve? >> yes. so sort of interesting, she obviously didn't want to answer the question about the e-mails. and the press are on it. other hillary clinton surrogates have been unable to answer that question. if they want to clear up any misunderstanding about the e-mails, put them out and put out the speech transcripts, let everybody know what happened. for a campaign that talks incessantly about being the most transparent campaign in history which is a laugh line for people paying attention, they sure aren't making good on their promise. >> and you asked repeatedly, will you put out the campaign speeches. >> and that is why they are in the e-mails, they were go fog scrub the policy in the speeches. >> so why wouldn't you put them
3:53 pm
out and she said donald trump taxes, that is the type of evasion we're seeing from both sides that drives people absolutely crazy. now i suspect they are not saying one way or another because they know that these transcripts are accurate and if i'm donald trump tonight there are two phrases that i'm hammer on repeatedly, open boarders and open trade. these are lines she's given in private to wall street bankers but during the primary against bernie sanders, pretended she was a protectionist anti-free trade person and she is not and the open borders line could really be damaging to her in key areas in this country in the general electorate. >> if these came out in the primary, they would have been more devastating than they are now in the wake of the coverage of this tape, right? the primary they are deadly. >> totally. considering bernie sanders was hammering her on a lot of the issues from a populist point of view. but imagine the weekend -- the republican nominee and anyone besides donald trump would be
3:54 pm
having if this came out and this was the main story. instead we're talking about tapes. guy is right, the open borders comment sha they uttered and then said later she never said, that is proof that she was lying about that. we would be focusing more on that if it wasn't for this taip. >> monica there is substance in here and there is a lot but to donald's point about russia, it is concerning about the u.s. intelligence community, whether you believe that or not, has pinpointed russia as behind all of that. >> and that is right. and americans are concerned about the government's cyber security and the secretary had a private server while secretary of state and if it is true that russia and the kremlin has her entire e-mail inventory, what other hostile foreign actors have that as well. and what is most damaging is
3:55 pm
when she said, well i have a public position and then a private position. because that underscores what most americans believe about her, which is that she is dishonest and untrustworthy. >> is there one thing that could come out about hillary clinton that changes the dynamic in donald trump's favor. >> that is the big question. because if the race goes on this trajectory, i think donald trump loses and very badly. it is not only a question of what could come out that would change the dynamic, how the media would cover what comes out that changes the dynamic. we've talked repeatedly about things we have thought are big news stories that haven't been covered by the rest of the media. >> anything that changes? like a bombshell that changes the race? >> i mean, i couldn't rule out anything. >> pay for play, direct -- >> direct pay for play allegations but we can't talk about that in a vacuum because we don't know what will come out about donald trump and there are producers and people of worth that have said -- >> on the clinton side, is there
3:56 pm
something -- >> apparent sexual assault, i don't think so. >> back with final thoughts after the break. ing up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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finally tonight, a reminder, two hours and one minute from now, megyn kelly and i will take you through the debate. it starts at 8:50 here in st. louis. we will hear from our experts about what to expect in a debate that really could be unlike any other we have seen. think about the possibilities. they are endless. where this could all go. remember it is a town hall here. and it is going to be interesting to see the interaction with the people in that town hall format and the interaction with the moderators. anderson cooper and martha raddatz. thanks for inviting us into your
4:00 pm
home tonight. that is it for this special report. fair, bbss and unafraid. as we leave you from the campus of washington university, a special edition of "on the record with brit hume" starts right now. good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is a special sunday edition of on the record. the second presidential debate is two hours ago. a 2005 video of donald trump rocked his campaign. everyone is watching to see how he handles that issue tonight. but at this hour the national polling average continues to show hillary clinton with just under a in a two-way race and over a two point lead in a four-way. and a heavy favorite now by four to one. and let's look at a couple of snap polls. they are the only polls that give us any sign of how voters are responding to the donald trump video. a politico consult


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