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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 10, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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word, the letter "c" on% >> sdheent know the word letter c f. i win i will instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it is awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> when they go low, you go high. >> bernie sanders says she has bad judgment she has really bad judgment. i was surprised to see him sign on with the devil. >> he owes our country an apology and he needs to take responsibility for his actions and his words. >> when you talk about apology i think the one that you should be apologizing for and the thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted and you acid washed. >> that was something i said about abraham lincoln. >> now she is blaming the lion the late, great, abraham
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lincoln. honest abe never lied. that's the big difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> i know you are into big diff version anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it is exploding and the way republicans are leaving you. >> she calls our people deplorable, a large group and irredeemable. i will be a president for all of our people. >> the next president i can be for every american. >> like nothing we have ever seen before. we have fox team coverage this morning. senior correspondent mike emanuel with a complete wrap of hillary clinton's performance. >> we begin on the right with john roberts live in st. louis with donald trump's best moments. dude morning, john. >> good morning to you. >> oh my goodness. what a debate that was.
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donald trump turned h-- he did enough to stem the bleeding and int ruptss from his campaign. the hot mic indent from 2005. donald trump spent much of the beginning of the debate trying to explain that. they asked the question right out of the box. here's part of how he explains it. >> i don't think you understood what you said. this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it. i apologized to my familiar lip and the american people. >> for the record you are saying you have never did that. >> you view the things said and i was embarrassed by it but i have tremendous respect for women and women have respect for me. >> unlike the debate posture he wasn't shy about going after this. anderson cooper wasn't going to be fair to him. he paid that off.
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listen to this exchange. >> i would like to know anderson why aren't you bringing up the e-mails? >> i brought up the e-mails. >> no, it hasn't. it hasn't been finished at all. >> one on three. >> after the debate he was accused by members of his own campaign leaving a lot of issues on the table not following up not pivoting properly and leaving a lot of things hillary clinton said unchallenged and missing opportunities particularly on the e-mails. he did not do that last night. taking every opportunity to hit her on the 33,000 missing e-mails. >> listen to this exchange. >> for you to say that there was nothing wrong with you deleting 39,000 e-mails, again you should be shamed of yourself, what you did. this is after getting a subpoena from the united states congress. >> we have to move on. you can respond and then we have to move on. >> we want to give the audience a chance here.
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>> after getting a subpoena from the united states. >> a lot of people giving donald trump the win last night especially fred luntz focus group. he is in the keystone battle ground state we will see how the polls move or if they do>> hillary clinton seemed to have her back on the road you heard her using abraham lincoln to justify the wikileaks show. >> also in st. louis this morning with the backside of things. >> wikileaks had its home meant on the big debate stage. when k hillary clinton was asked about revelation in the hack campaign. after the e-mails clinton was asked about comments she reportedly made to financial groups basically saying she has two different positions, a public one and a private one when it comes to wall street
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balancing her public rhetoric with her actual position. clinton blame moscow for the recent hacks. >> putin and the russian government are directing the attack, the hacking on american accounts to influence our elections. believe me, they are not doing it to get me elected. they are doing it to try to influence the election for donald trump. we deserve answers and we should demand that donald release all of his tax returns so people can see what are the en tankerments and the financial relationshi relationships>> we are going to get to that later. secretary clinton we are out of time. >> he defended himself saying he is not moscow's darling. she was making reference to the movie lincoln, trump didn't buy it. >> she got caught in a total lie. her papers went out to her
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friends pe banks, goldman sachs. she said things wikileaks that just came out. she lied. now she is blaming the lie on the late great abraham lincoln. honest abe. honest naifsh lied that's the d big difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> clinton said the debate was pretty much what she expected. she is back to the voter regulation event in detroit and ohio. >> it was really crazy. what did undecided voters think about holy spirit' performance? what do they think about hthe ht mike moment. >> what about hillary clinton's form man's tonight? >> still think she sounds disingenuous>> frustrated. >> not worthy of my vote. >> typical.
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>> same old, same old. >> she is educated and she got slammed. >> at the beginning of the debate donald trump explaining the language that he used that has been so controversial over the last 48-hours. here's my question. has he finally put it behind him? did this debate serve as a pivot? >> it should be. what somebody says against what somebody does is different. >> no, i don't think it should be put behind him. this is an issue of character. i have daughters. i cannot believe>> like he said it's locker room talk. i have been around many who -- >> i like to think men don't talk like that if they do maybe we should have a woman running things. >> which candidate came out hey ahead? let me start with you, did donald trump do anything to stop the bleeding last night?
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that is what was coming out in the spin room. >> everybody is saying he stopped the bleeding. if he stopped the bleeding i think it is temporary. i think this is a campaign and candidate who needs major surgery as opposed to a band-aid or bandage. i honestly don't think this man is going to be able to stop the lose cannon had a he has been in the weeks we have between now and the election and even before and perhaps during the debate. i don't think the hemorrhaging if you will of not only the candidate but this campaign and what is happening in the campaign. >> michael steel had an explosion on his twitter page references the gop, former head of the gop. >> wasnhether or not there is a civil war. >> he did getter he didn't go
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back to specifics going after hillary clinton and taxes and obamacare. did he do enough last night to change the tied on that front? >> yes, did he. i think he really moved the needle. we were wanting depth and policy. we wanted to see where his knowledge was on a lot of these different issues. look at obamacare. look at taxes. look at the fact that he expanded on trade. he really showed what he had. a lot of people knee that donald trump is smart but p on the last debate he didn't show what he knew. this one is what he really, he really managed to knock it out of the park and let us all know that he does in fact have knowledge on the issues with specifics. >> leslie, hillary clinton tonight was trying to explain away the wikileaks transcripts from her wall street banker
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luncheon speeches she gave. she was trying to say i was asked about this and it had to do with the lincoln movies that's what i was responding to this private and public moment. she flubbed that. donald jumped all over it. >> i think it depends where you are sitting. someone who likes trump will look at her trying to cover it up. i think she was saying let me tell you what i said in the context of how i was saying it i was watching this movie.... i took it when i original lid the transcript using chip gain as an example where you could be privately pro-life as esz but in public service pro choice was you are defending the choice already in place among your constituency. >> how did hillary handle that question? >> the abe lincoln deal, i think she put her foot in it with that
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one. donald trump came back with a really pretty good one to verbal bunch with that when he said honest abe. i think looking back she may have regretted that one. >> thank you for waking up early today. >> one more to go. >> the time is 11 minutes after the hour. they can't agree on much but they managed to come up with at least one compliment. >> i will say this about hillary. she doesn't quit. she doesn't give up. >> his children are incrediblyable and devoted and i think that says a lot about donald. >> what do voters think about their response to the final debate question? we put their answers to the dial tone.
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>> 29 days to go with a fiery faceoff. now that the dust has settled maybe what do the voters think of the comments. they just put last night's debate to the dial test. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> can't wait for this segment. let's start with this one. clinton talks about trump's temperament trump ended upld bei was president. listen. >> it is just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge with the law of the country. >> because you would be in jail. >> secretary clinton... >> what's the grade on that? >> so, it was a night of sglirngs with donald trump. independents and republicans really seemed to like it.
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they gave it an a. hillary clinton only got a b. >> the whole idea of hillary being crooked going to jail resinated with the vot he voters. the temperament issue doesn't resinate as much. >> i don't know which moments you put to the dial test. this one the clinton comment. >> she lied now she is blaming the lie on the late, great, abraham lincoln. honest hab never lied. that's the good thing. that's the big difference between abraham lintcoln and yo. talking about cosome difference. >> you could hear the audience relacks. >> you could seen pendants and republicans gave it an a
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democrats f. after the controversy donald trump delivered what he needed to do and exceeded his expectation. >> speaking of expectations no one probable blix pekted this. a moment of kumbaya and coming together when each candidate talked about the other and said one positive thing. this is what clinton said about trump and his children. >> i respect his children. his children are incrediblyable and devoted and i think that says a lot about donald. i i don't agree with nearly anything else he says or does but i do respect that. i think that is something that as a mother and a grandmother is very important to me. >> what is the grade? >> you can see dem crass gave her an a republicans a b and
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independents a b. she did at least come out with a response there. >> here's what donald trump had to say that is one positive thing about clinton. >> i will say this about hillary, she doesn't quit. she doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she is a fighter. i disagree with much of what she is fighting for. i do disagree with her judgment in many cases, but she does fight hard and she doesn't quit and she doesn't give up. i consider that to be a very good trait. >> what do the voters think? >> you can see in the beginning when he talked about her being a fighteder even the democrats gave donald trump a c which is landmark. republicans and independents gave her a b here. what people said i am surprised to say this donald trump had class in that response. donald trump i think all eyes were on him last night. he needed to live another day. a lot of people say he exceeded
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the expectations. many say he stopped the bleeding and they were willing to give him another chance. >> we will see. lee carter, thank you for joining us. >> the time is 19 minutes after the hour. donald trump going to town on hillary clinton and her e-mail scandal last nights. >> if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> why this could have been a game changing moment. he joins us live next. soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. do you think i'm gonna crack under pressure or conquer the field? defy expectations any day with always infinity.
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>> the things you should be
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apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted. if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a pregs prosecu special prosecuto look into your situation. >> it is awfully good someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge with the law of our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> donald trump taking hillary clinton to task over her e-mail scandal. attacking her honesty and her character in last night's debate. >> do you think that moment could be a game changer? >> i think they would look at the camera did he just say put her in jail? he has been traveling across the country. one of the crowds hof the trump campaign says lock her up. people are frustrated that it seems the clintons get away with a different set of rules and standards. she deletes 33,000 e-mails but
2:24 am
the fix is in and she is not punished fathor it. i think that was part of shoring up the sense that he is going to fight and fight back the corruption of the clintons. it came off as effective even if he wasn't going to say it. >> he was saying to anderson cooper why don't you ask her about the e -maile-mails. >> i thought the back and forth with the moderators was helpful even hillary clinton gets help with the two moderators just like she did with the fbi. i think he mitigated that well through out. >> the death of army captain kahn came up during the dnc. the week afterwards donald trump was vil fade for going after the family and talking about them. last night during the debate he said look, captain kahn could be
2:25 am
alive when i were president there. i didn't vote for the war, you did. a spokesman for hillary clinton's campaign went on twitter said go f yourself during the debate. here it is. jessie says hey trump regarding the comment admiral cane would be alive go f yourself. >> not friend yourself. >> what do you think about that? >> he ended up having to walk that back quickly. i doesn't think they can counter on the kahn comment. now she is bat etling him he di nicely on syria and benghazi and again to classified material in ways to put her on the defensive. hypotheticals about would you have died or not are touchy. i think all of us step back from it sand say i don't really know. he was trying to make the point
2:26 am
that policies have consequences. if you do invade or don't invade different things are going to happen. >> we have been talking about different people about how he handled the foreign policy issues. on that point at least a couple of topics he handled well? >> i do. he quickly moved away from where he supported the war at the againing to the abandonment and creation of ices is by the vacuum was created. he pointed outed red line. he talked about the iranian deal. everybody was waiting for him to mention benghazi and libya. he talked about arming rebels. we don't know those guys when we arm them where are the weapons going. a lot of common sense stuff americans resinate with. he talked about the establishment what we are trying so far. in that sense he laid out a useful contrast that middle america is going to has beening on to>> same line push ubush us the primary. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, pete.
2:27 am
>> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. no shortage of drama. you can call it that at the second presidential debate. >> captain kahn is a hero. if i was president at the time he would be live today. >> i think you are in a big diversion nothing to talk about your xan and the way they are leaving you. >> team coverage continues. >> she established a no-fly zone but forgot to tell and landed on her face. twitter exploding after a bug landed directly on her face. all of the debate buzz and what's going viral. >> honest hab never lied. that's the dbig difference between abraham clintlincoln an.
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>> it is monday october 10th. show down in st. louis and the gloves take off. >> they refused to shake hands and here's just the start of it. >> i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. >> right off the gate. oh >> no handshake. >> donald trump delivers on his challenge following the first faceoff. >> i take classified materials very seriously. always have. >> yes, she didn't know the letter c on a document. if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it is awfully good someone with the temperament of donald
2:32 am
trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> he owes our country an apology and he needs to take responsibility for his actions and words. >> the thing you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mail that you deleted and you acid washed. >> that was something i said about abraham clinton. -- lincoln. >> now she is blaming the lie on the late great abraham lincoln. honest abe never lied. that's the big difference between abraham clinton and you. >> live team coverage this morning. fox news senior political core spon accident mike emanuel with hillary clinton's performance. >> we continue in st. louis. a lot of people saying trump won the night. >> that seems to be the consensus among a lot of his
2:33 am
supporters at least that he did help himself last night. they said donald trump did what he needed to do. here is one example. >> i don't think you understoo . what was said. this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it. i apologized to the american family and the american people. >> you never did that. >> frankly, you hear these things and i was embarrassed by it but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> i will tell you, no i have not. >> part of the debate for him went after hillary clinton on a number of different fronts the taxes, went after bill clinton. he missed a lot of things to go
2:34 am
after her particularly about the e-mail issues. a oo for you to say there was nothing wrong with deleting 33,000 e-mails you should be ashamed of yourself this was after getting a subpoena from the united states congress. >> we want to give the audience a chance here. he oh oo he put to dale let alone getting a subpoena from the united states. >> he said she would be in jail if he was president of the united states. if he wins he will appoint a special prosecutor to look into the e-mail controversy and repeated at that last night on the debate stage. >> if i win i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.
2:35 am
their lives have been changed. you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> if he wakes up on monday morning he has a lot on his plate. people abandoned him over the tape scandal saying they are hypocrites and out for themselves and not for the greater good of the party. >> john roberts watching all of the debris fall out from the debate. >> the savior for obamacare admitting the system is flawed. >> mike em an mule also in st. louis this morning with the reaction on that. good morning. mike. >> we have plan tee of discussion about obamacare. the two candidates talking about their difference on that. after a tense debate where they wouldn't shake hands there was a
2:36 am
kind moment at the end. the candidates, hillary clinton stepped up first with her as a father. >> i respect her children. his children are incrediblyable and devoted and i think that says a lot about donald. i don't agree with nearly anything else he says or does but i do agree with that. that's ago as a mother and grandmother is very upon the to me. >> then it was trump's turn in a rare moment of kindness between the two presidential nominees trump thanked her for the compliment and saluted clinton's determination. >> i will say this about hillary. she doesn't quit. she doesn't give up. i respect that. she is a fighter. i disagree with much of what she is fighting for. i do disagree with her judgment
2:37 am
in many cases, but she does fight hard and she doesn't quit and she doesn't give up and i consider that to be a very good trait. >> you mentioned obamacare. he reiterated his decision repealing it and replacing it with something that works a whole lot better. hillary clinton reiterated her positi position>> heather? >> the question being did they hit enough of those issues? >> is it too little too late. we will watch the polls over the next few days. >> the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. donald trump and hillary clinton taking direct aim at each other while the voters tried to keep the he shall us front and center. >> what will do to bring the costs down and make coverage better? >> what specific tax
2:38 am
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hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. >> we are going to make sure nobody, no corporation, no individual can get away without paying his fair share. >> we are bringing the tax rate down from 35 percent to 15 percent. >> premiums have gotten too high, co-pays deductible prescription drug costs. i have laid out how to get those down. >> disastrous plan has to be repealed and replaced. >> we are not at war with islam. it is a mistake and it plays into the hands of the terrorists to act as though we are. >> i will knock the hell out of
2:42 am
isis. we are going to defeat isis. >> donald trump and hillary clinton facing off over the economy healthcare and foreign policy. so who came out ahead? here to grade them democratic ohio state senator and former missouri gop chairman ed martin. thank you for joaning thus morning. >> absolutely. good morning. >> let's begin with the economy. at the count of 3 raise up your paddle who you think did best, 1shgs 2, 3. all right. ed we will start with you this time. why do you think donald trump did best when it came to the economy? >> whenning you listen to trump -- i was in the hall you kind of watched it without commentators. what you heard was a couple of facts. the tax plan is clear to business owners and individuals. i also thought the other areas i think voters weill understand ad the economy understood where we
2:43 am
are. you have energy costs. one had a question about energy costs he had real things to say about lowering costs and how to change it. we are going to get to obamacare and healthcare. hillary was talking in hillary speak. it was a real trump win. >> capri what do you think in terms of the economy. who handled it best? >> as you saw i slplit the baby as i did in the last segment. i think this by far was donald trump's best performance the of the evening. he did the best surrounding taxes and regulatory reform. hillary clinton her message resinated more with voters particularly those that are middle income looking for the opportunity for the quote-unquote individuals to pay their fair share. she also focused on having a
2:44 am
trade prosecutor which is something i think that is very important in the context of this election. we have been so focused on trade and its role in the economy. >> some of your constituents in your area of the country. >> that's right. ohio. foreign policy. count of 3, 1, 2, 3. who did best? >> ed once again you are saying donald trump. why do you think he did best? at one point he talked about hillary clinton he used her on not using the term radical islamic terrorism. >> you are reading my mind. i was thinking the thing about this topic. the question of security in america and i think a lot of folks, we were in the st. louis area people who are soccer moms and all of that standard thing they are worried about security. lt named the enemy. even when he was given the choice of trying to take on sere you and do other things. he said first we have to get rid of isis. people want to leader when it
2:45 am
comes to foreign policy that will not be a world governor but someone who looks at an american interest first. on that one islam he can terrorism, fundamentalism, the question of terrorism and it was contracting with hillary and that's why he won. >> when it came to what hillary clinton had to say the way to defeat isis is create a coalition among the ma you joerity of nations. >> that is reflective of her experience as the attorney general secretary of state. she has a look at the complexities of global partners and what it takes to defeat terrorism. i think donald trump was all over the board on syria and russia. it reflected his inexperience in this area. >> let's talk about healthcare.
2:46 am
1 ks 2, 3. there you go. ed once again you think sdt did get in that area. he said repeal and replace. >> i think it was a big night for trump. he won the whole debate. but on this question when he came at hillary and said, you have been here po years. you pursued an agenda for 30 years you haven't made this better. she has been calling for a one-payer. she wants a single payer. what he said is he wants to change the system they have made so bad. injury peel and replace makes a lot of sense. >> she said she didn't want it. we are about to run out of time. capri have to get your response quickly. >> hillary did a much better job. i spent my entire adult life in healthcare in knew rance of repeal and preplace. she had a nuance plan she
2:47 am
presented to the american public. >> ed, capri, thank you for joaning us this morning. >> thank you. >> time to check in with steve doocy live in st. louis. >> stop reminding me. >> you look wide awake. >> yeah, i am wide awake. the show down in st. louis last night was unbelievable. besides the fact that donald trump had to do something in the area of an apology. what was the deal with the fly. you talked a little bit about the fly. there was no handshakes. he's talking about her husband a rapist potentially is what he said. it was a no holds barred event. not many ordinary people got to ask a question. we have mike pence who is going to join us during the big telecast. we have many questions to ask.
2:48 am
talking about the fact that he and donald trump feel about syria. we are going to talk about that live in st. louis and new york shortly. >> stay with us. is it a professor who never stops being a student?
2:49 am
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>> twitter exploding after a fly lands on hillary clinton's face during the debate. she blamed her latest e-mail scandal on abe lincoln. >> one of these moments was
2:52 am
around abe lincoln hillary clinton trying to say the wikileak transcripts about big wall street bank she was answering a question about public and privacy. she was talking about the abe lincoln movie at the time. she said look he had to deal with public stuff but he kept things brooif vat. donald trump didn't buy it jumped all over her. he didn't buy it. there's a difference between hillary clinton and abe lincoln. his name is honest abe and he hashtaged rattled hillary. >> gary johnson is googling lincoln right now. #debate.
2:53 am
there's two ls. president fly said i'm voting for the fly. one of the heartwarming moments. carl becker was the final question of the night. they wrapped up the debate with this interesting lighthearted question. listen. would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another. >> i respect his children. his children are incredibly
2:54 am
able. >> she doesn't quit. she doesn't give up. i respect that. carl becker, not the carl becker. there's many all over the world. he tweeted saying i'm not the carl becker. but he represented them everywhere well. carl beckers uniting. the proverbial red sea became a meme last night. i think he blamed president sniffing on the microphone. he was at it again last night. for the first 30 minutes, he was holding it close to his face and sniffling again. here's a compilation last night of donald trump sniffling. watch. >> i agree with everything she said. 59%, 71%. we need justice. >> then here is tweets from kevin. so relieved that i didn't agree to play a #sniffle drinking
2:55 am
game. i would have been drunk by 9:15. #debate. there you go. i guess it wasn't the microphone. >> maybe he has a deviated septum or something. it's about six minutes until the top of the hour. a fiery showdown in st. louis. who won last night's presidential debate? donald trump or hillary clinton? your e-mails pouring in on this one. up next.
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last night's town hall was all about the voters. we asked, who do you think won round 2. >> your response rs pouring in. the majority saying trump won. gray son says donald trump was stellar and the absolute winner. hillary was two-faced as she always is. belinda disagrees saying hillary won. she was calm, logical and on target. plus she explained her plans for the country. >> ryan posted that trump won for sure. he did fantastic and was well-poised. >> chuck w. e-mailed to say trump destroyed hillary with sub stand sif answers and policies. >> he says trump blew hillary off her pedestal. trump moved to the issues. we want to thank all of you for your feedback.
3:00 am
>> keep them coming. we'll talk about the debate. what was your favorite line from last night? weigh in right now on our facebook page. #keep talking. "fox and friends" starts right now live from st. louis. they've got mike pence on tap. >> yes. that will be interesting. locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'll be in jail. >> secretary clinton -- >> violent jihadist terrorists. we are not at war with islam. >> obamacare will never work. i pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. >> i voted to close, i think, one of the loopholes he took advantage of. >> what she's done i


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