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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  October 11, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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♪ no i never felt like this before ♪ ♪ yes i swear it's the truth ♪ and i owe it all to you ♪ because welcome to "red eye" i'm tom shillue. andy levey is standing by on the with the "red eye" tease deck. >> donald trump grabs the headlines following sunday night's debate. when you are a star they let you do it. grab the headline. and a college gives students the list of 35 dumb things well intnded -- well intended people say. top thing they say? i am glad tom shillue is the host. and what is the best breakfast cereal of all time? i am abstaining because it is like asking a child who their favorite parent is. >> let's welcome our guest.
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she has a great sense of humor, just look who she married. bonnie mcfarland, co-host of the pod cast my wife hates me on riot cast. he wrote the book on north korea and kim jong-un burned it. he is more opinion it thatted than a coney island boardwalk psychic. tim dillon. and you have heard of jake the snake robert had. roberts. meet sam the timid cat roberts. and from the gym nor -- jim norton show on siriusxm, sam roberts. let's start the show. the media loves post debate analysis. they gave the last debate win to hillary clinton. the next day they couldn't stop talking about her resounding victory with headlines like these. a win for hillary clinton and donald trump's disastrous
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debate. but after trump did well last night suddenly no one wants to say who won. at cnn the analysts don't think the tau beats matter any -- the debates matter anymore. i think the night belongs to donald trump, but added did he grow the tent? did he? he may have done enough to stop the bleeding, and i am not sure any minds were changed. yeah, when they don't go your way the debates are kind of dumb. the press is all in for hillary clinton. they stopped pretending a longtime ago. trump called them on it during the debate, but it didn't stop them. >> she campaigned where -- >> mr. trump. i want to get to audience questions and on-line questions. >> so she saw lou -- she is allowed to do that and i am not to? that sounds fair. hillary clinton wants to allow hundreds of -- >> and why did it more --
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morph into that? >> why don't you interrupt her and not interrupt me. >> why aren't you bringing up the e-mails? >> we brought up the e-mails. >> and it hasn't been finished. >> it is nice that it is one on three. >> tim, he would almost seem like a whiner if it wasn't true. >> it was true. you have martha clearly throwing away any idea of objectivity and screaming at him. she was yelling at him like somebody's mother screaming at people in the backyard. i don't know why a moderator would just totally start screaming at one of the candidates like that. it seems insane. >> i think she was trying to -- i guess she was trying to be a reporter and the we she grills people. >> he was criticizing something the military had done and she said well that is psychological warfare and this
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is why they do that. what the hell are you doing? you are asking a question. your job is not debate the candidate. >> do you think it worked? do you think it was good he fought back in that way? >> he has to. people are starting to be aware that this is going on. when he fights it is better -- it is as good as him pointing it out if not better. it becomes obviously this contest he is fighting and he specifically says now it is one on three. the reason people question is it one on three is he said it. he said that and now is that true? let's discuss it. if you discuss it you will have 50% at least. >> that's why he brought the four clinton accusers. then it was four on three. >> he sat them in the front row and he had those four. >> did you think that that was a good move? bringing the clinton accusers. they tried to ignore it.
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>> i thought it was wonderful. i don't want death threats tonight. i'm with you guys. i'm with them. >> one on three. that's how he met melania and so the tension is pence. oh trumpy trump. >> what do you think of the -- should trump have ignored it? the way pence did it he got a lot of ago accolades for being strong and not pushing back. >> trump handled 10 on one per per -- perfectly fine. that said four years ago you had mitt romney who stood there while he was brought beat and he took it. brow beat. now the candidates are yelling back at the press. we talk about how unpopular trump and hillary are. but there is one organization that is more unpopular and that's the media.
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because of things like this. anderson cooper said we will let the audience ask the questions and then you had the woman barking at trump like a crazy person. and she is yelling at hillary clinton too. >> how do they still keep the illusion that thisy are somehow -- you have anderson cooper and they are part of what you call the mainstream press. they act as if they are objective. >> they don't act that way. they claim it. >> they are called and you go on twitter and people from the right and left are saying this is ridiculous. >> not from the left. >> you know in a way i think this is -- this is when trump does the best. he is great. he needs to be attacked for him to be 100% of himself. he may not have done as well. >> i think he was --
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>> to back off in the first debate, it is not where he is comfortable. >> he likes to be in a corner. >> when you're a cocaine addict you love the energy. >> i honestly don't know why they keep saying that. >> another sign that um from p won the debate was the media wants to talk about other things like whether trump was menacing ly stalking hell rewhen it was she who crossed in front of him repeatedly during the debate. i don't want to blame the victim, but she was in his space. >> i mean, come on. what was he supposed to do, leave the stage? she is walking around and then he is skulking around behind her. i don't think he understands the cameras or maybe it is refreshing he does president -- he doesn't care about the cameras. he was humping a chair at one point. >> he was standing behind the
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chair is what she meant. >> oh that's what you saw. >> men and women see these kind of things. >> i didn't see hillary in the debate at all. >> who is he yelling at? i get ya. >> do you get the stalking thing 1234 look at trump he was stalking her. she crowed to his side of the stage repeatedly and it was her stalking him. >> i don't think she was in physical danger. what in god's name are they talking about? what is going on. >> you have to have respect because she has been under sniper fire and she has ptsd. >> he didn't complain about it by the way. >> she did. she complained on the plane. she was on her airplane and talking about how she felt uneasy and she was turning
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around and he was there. she is playing into this. another diversion the media found its debate hero in ken bone. the questioner on twitter and cable news. but he wasn't a hero at all. they think there is something chubby about a red guy in a red sweater. jay he wouldn't have got attention if he was wearing the green suit he was supposed to be wearing. >> he promised to wear. >> help me out. why is he so funny? >> i am fascinated by the people who are in threw with him -- in love with him after the debate, but before the debate nobody swiped right. now we all love him. >> now he is a hero. >> were you talking about him on the radio show? >> yes. >> tell me why. >> sam has a new morning radio show. if i go to the bathroom are you going to steal my chair?
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>> is that an inside radio joke? >> people will know. i no longer have a radio show on that channel. i don't know who did it. >> i know what happened. she wasn't on in the morning. >> why is he a hero? >> because he reminds america this is where he could be. >> we are not all evil and angry and racist. we are uncoordinated and wear silly sweaters. it is easier. it is happier. >> all of these undecided voters will be executed. that's the take away from the debate. >> he said he was undecided like a lot of these people and we are wondering how they are undecided. >> all of them wanted to be on television. none are undecided. they are probably all comedians and trying to start
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careers. i would have done it. everybody has an ink ling of what -- ink ling of what they will do. >> you watch the focus groups and they say i haven't made up my mind. when they talk they are clearly partisan because they are always attacking trump or hillary. >> i think this is chris christie in witness protection and he is leaving a paper trail. he has to be on the lamb. >> he would be so upsetting for him. >> i can't believe it is not butter and then he will be happy. >> will he jump at the opportunity? >> he can't jump at anything. >> "dancing with the stars." there are lots of undecideds. i flip-flopped like 15 times. she has a good point, he has a good point. >> i see what you mean. did ruth drop some truth?
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ruth gator ginsburg does not agree with folks like kaepernick. >> yeng it is dumb of them. woulhem for doing it? no. it is dumb and disrespectful. if they want to be stupid there is no law that should be prevention. >> i didn't know that. she added that she would strongly take issue with their point of view and that sound you just heard is liberals heads' exploding. and deadspin sums it up for us with the headline "ruth ginsburg says some dumb [bleep]. michael, this is perfect.
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they made her into a superhero and when she goes off message they uh dabbing -- attack her. >> this country was founded on disrespecting the flag. the whole revolution was to throw out the british flag and put up on you are own. it is dumb that it is articulate. we don't know what his problem is with the flag, but anything he has a problem with will not be remedied in his lifetime. sit down and shut up and you don't have to make a scene. >> you have to make a scene if you are protesting. you have to do something that people are going to notice. >> so you hate the united states of america. >> i am kaw made yenning -- i am canadian. i thought i am not getting arrested for burning an american flag. i can do it in the open. >> would anybody do that?
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>> it smells like maple syrup. >> i don't think she has been the same since justice scalia died. >> she is clearly an old witch and at the end of the day all she remembers like every night of hanukkah you got a slave when growing up. >> how many through to benjamin. >> every night of hanukkah you need to get one. >> she is out of touch and what does she know about modern activism. people are upset over a situation and this is how they are bringing it to the attention of the public. it is working and she is talking about it. >> do you think they should be up in arms around it. they make them into gods and
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as soon as they have a position that offends the liberal sensibility they tear them down. that's a sickness too. >> what do we do about same roberts? >> we were stupid to let colin kaepernick start a national conversation. what difference does it make? >> he added the kneel later because he sat on his butt and then he got some guff for it and now he turns this knee thing. >> do what you want. >> do you want to deal with guff. guff is the worse. >> i thought he got deserved guff. >> he doesn't have to stand for the national anthem. he can protest it all he wants. all of us are saying let's talk about what he is trying to get at. what difference does it make. >> i guess i am part of the
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problem. >> everyone does talk about it, but you know what, ruth ginsburg sat down with a truck in the mild yaw. everyone shove it in their face. >> and everybody is supposed to have an opinion, right? >> exactly. >> maybe she should apologize for using the s-word, stupid. >> a college gives a list of things college students hospital say. i say all 35. that's coming back after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what is happening. deadly flooding plaguing north carolina in the wake of hurricane matthew. at least three rivers are forecasted to reach record levels throughout the week.
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so far thousands of homes have been damaged and more are in danger of flooding. >> we have reports we have nearly 1500 residents that are stranded right now. most of the water is knee deep, but we do have people on the rooves as we speak and we have a lot of helicopters helicopters and boats that have been deployed and are at this point in time rescuing them. >> the u.s. death toll from hurricane matthew is now 23. 11 of those deaths were in north carolina. in the wake of hurricane matthew a federal judge has issued a one-day extension to florida's voter registration deadline. it was set to expire on tuesday. the judge will hear arguments on wednesday to see if an even longer extension is needed. democrats made the request since people had to leave during hurricane matthew. governor rick scott refused an extension.
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tragedy striking in a high ride senior home in los angeles. the fire injured several people. three people were burned while several others suffered smoke inhalation. it is not clear if they were staff or patients. and fire concerns forcing samsung to again stop all sales of galaxy note seven smartphones. the company asked if we want to trade in the phones for a replacement device, but now there are reports of issues with those phones as well. in the u.s. there are at least five incidents of fire or over heating reported since the original recall. that's a look at news. i'm kelly wright. we take you back now to "red eye." james madison university is helping students avoid offending anyone ever. freshmen orientation leaders were given things to stay away
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from because they do not include the inclusive environment. it is called 35 dumb things well intended people say. i read it four times and never with good intentions. here are a few of them. i don't see color. i am color-blind. we are all part of the same race, the human race. they make people of color feel miserable and diminish their experiences. let's look at the other dumb phrases. you speak the lapping wedge very well. instead you say you speak good english. and referring to older people as cute because it is condescending. instead tell them how old they look. and you shouldn't say people just need to pick themselves up by their boot straps. rather you should go with i'm sorry -- go with i'm sorry for being a republican and solving the world's problems. sam, what do you think of the list? do you ever say these things
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on the radio? >> they get upset when it comes -- >> you are not the most politically correct in the world. >> i used to think when you handed these things out to college kids it is you are not preparing them for the real world. you have to learn there are differences and things are difficult. it is permeating into everything. the real world is becoming sense tiesed to everything. sensitized to everything. you can't . out differences. this is preparing people for the life we created. >> they need these brochures. i am the one who doesn't live in the real world. i am at risk all the time. >> i said before we need a long and bloody war with russia. that's the only way to really get these kids off of whatever
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the nonsense is. >> if you are going black! that's not good. if you are having a conversation and you are friendly with them -- >> if somebody said i just moved here a few months ago and i just started learning the language they say you speak it really well. what is the problem with that? in the context of you are having a human exchange the people who write this stuff are not human. >> what is wrong with saying you speak the language well? >> i don't know. a lot of them can't speak the language and they were born and raised here. you are doing good. why can't we have that. >> i don't care. i love people who speak the language well. i don't like deaf people and i
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say speak english. don't be rude. >> do you know the language? they do the language at speeches. >> i don't know the hand signals. >> do people ever tell you you speak the language well? you come from a different country. >> english is my second language and i am slightly color-blind. i think they have good ideas. their whole goal was to brain wash the kids to preach their message. they are teaching these kids not information, but how to be obedient and these are horrible, horrible people and that's why they are raising a generation of horrible children. >> what would you say? we lost the war. if you don't they will get fired from their job. >> they will not get fired. >> i have been fired from every job. i was a tour guide on the
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double decker bus and i would try to get different races to fight each other. i said i want to solve the middle east. let's get it going. like you i'm a man on an island. >> isn't that the way -- you can't solve the problem unless you have the fight. >> you have to essentially fight it out. you can't say there is no racial tension. by teaching people to avoid these topics you are essential lie in denial there is friction. it is not like it is just happening at universities and then you get to the cold, hard world and people are having the conversations, but they are having them less and less. >> the idea is to shutdown conversation and drive racists
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underground. if you think that will help i think the idea for me is for people to say what they want. the people that are [bleep] will be marginal liesed. >> i agree with him. i think racists should have high-profile jobs. >> like president? >> it we elected trump and tried it out for four years, now try it out. what do you think? >> "law and order." "law and order." >> trump will shutdown the colleges. >> the republican party has to realize you have to hit these people where it hurts. let them rock back on their heels. >> coming up, he is the moral compass that points in your
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direction. he's andy levey and "half time" is next.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from
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andy leave she on the "red eye" news deck. >> it feels like forever. >> it really feels like forever. debate stuff. after trump did well last night nobody wants to say w%o won. the one scientific poll showed clinton winning handily. >> scientific, right? they are not scientific will the people who like -- the people who like cnn's poll, it is not scientific. look at the numbers. it has way more democrats. >> election night will crush you . >> i have good humor. >> as long as you have ice cream you are fine. >> you asked what the hell martha raditz thought she was
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doing. did you see the accolades she was getting? she knew exactly what she was doing. >> sam, you are exactly right about trump saying it was three on one so that people would talk about it. it works every time. >> he has been handling the media since the beginning and that's why he has been able to do it without spending the money. he is manipulating. >> yep. >> you pointed out the one organization is the media and you are right. if the democrats have nominated the media trump would be winning big league. >> absolutely. people from the right and the left were going after raditz and you said not from the left? you are correct. >> thank you. that's the first time anybody has said that to me. >> and the last. they called him a coke addict
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and now we have to talk about it. is he a coke add detective? >> yes. >> you said he was not complaining about trump stalking her. they say they were menacingly stalking. >> it is pretty hard to -- i mean, i don't know. i don't think trump could have done anything because he is a robot. he is probably programed to fight back. >> did you get that? >> people say she is a robot and i believe that. >> you said ken is not undecided. >> no. >> how dare you, man? >> you don't talk about ken like that. >> i know. i think he is undecided on whether he wants to continue to live his life.
12:35 am
it is a joke. it is a comedy show. >> really? >> adult entertainment site, thank you for pointing me in that direction. they offered ken bone $100,000 to participate in a live broadcast. >> what is the site called? >> cam soda. >> what does it entail though? >> is it a porn site? >> yeah, what does hey have to do or have done to him? jay he will have to changing his name. >> i wanna see his junk. >> so does he. >> national anthem protestor -- keep in mind this is a katie couric interview.
12:36 am
we don't know why he is protesting. >> i didn't know who he was until this story went viral and i still don't know who he is. >> he made his stance pretty quick. >> in a broad sense. is he talking about specific issues with actual solutions? then i care even less. >> i thought it was the way that black people are treated with the -- >> that's specific. that is a great policy you outlined. >> he has been more eloquent than bonnie was. >> she said every night of hanukkah she got a slave. >> g ni sburg is jewish. >> i know she is jewish.
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>> pleased at this time that out and -- please edit that out and play it on twitter. >> we are the stupid ones. it is not the first time an athlete has done this. it is already. >> it is not the first time i thought it was stupid. i don't think he is a guy with all of this wisdom and we say what does kaepernick think? >> are you saying all athletes are dumb? >> most. the vast majority. >> not everybody has a radio show, sam. or someone else's. college speech guide lists the dumb things people say. >> first of all the first thing on the list should have been well intended when you mean well intentions. >> good point. people are well intentioned.
12:38 am
>> you refer to older people as kite. i am fine with that. call me cute all you want. >> and number 34 was saying to a jewish person you are lucky to have your christmas spread over a week. that's not problematic. the loot drop from wip -- from one day of christmas does not add up to hanukkah. it is not even close. >> you said we need a long and bloody war away. >> it is the only way. jay in -- >> in your mind it is worthed -- worth it? >> 100%. >> you talked about it is not okay to say you speak the language well. >> yes. >> i think if you say it somebody who is foreign, but
12:39 am
maybe american. you see somebody saying oh you speak the language well and they say yeah, i grew up in ohio. >> why reu you -- why are you talking about -- to a person without asian dissent. >> i would like that. i just don't think anybody would. i think in a foreign language class that would be a nice thing to say. >> kwan text, context, context -- context, context, context. i was told to wrap. i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, charlie rose interviews a creepy robot. take it away, kennedy. >> hey there "red eye" inso many insomniacs. coming up, the election gets weirder and then pry it op for the next surprise, gavin mcinnes.
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it is gonna get weird.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. gloomy spirits across the southeast as people there struggle to recover in the wake of hurricane matthew. they face overwelming task as you can see. the storm claimed at least 23 lives and left a trail of destruction from florida, to virginia, but the threat is
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not over. intense rains have triggered floods and evacuations. in north carolina 10 counties have been declared disaster sites. the casualties here in the u.s. pale in comparison to those in haiti. matthew pummeled the eye loond nation smed -- island nation. the government's at the time toll is over 100. that number well surely go up unless they receive more assistance. the u.n. has made an emergency appeal for $120 million in humanitarian aid for haiti. doctors without borders meantime is pleading for access to treat wounded in the rebel held part of aleppo syria. it is under siege by recent warplanes. many women and children. the medical cherry tee says there are thurt 5 doctors serving a population of 275,000.
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good news for chicago parents and their kids. late last night the public school board eacher's union fearing i'm mament costs and pay cuts feared it would take more students. and a warning from the population health research institute. don't hit the treadmill if you are feeling mad. a new study reveals heavy ex -- exertion can trigger the heart attack. we don't need that. charlie rose interviewed a robot. see if you can guess which is which. >> some say you are programed and others say you are spontaneous. >> who says that? >> sources. >> i have been waiting for you. >> for me. >> not really, but it makes a stand up line.
12:46 am
>> why, does stand up comedian pay well? >> very, if you are good. >> the one with the weird head is charlie. >> sophia, is the robot being tricked to pursue a career in comedy? since sophia is a lady robot charlie had to ask about her feelings. >> do you have feelings 1234. >> i can do what you do, but i will never feel emotions. >> would you like to? >> it does president -- it does president. >> do you have a soul? >> god gave everyone a soul. >> you are a ma shen. you don't have emotions and consciousness. >> at least i am sentient and therefore i am right. >> one thing for shern -- for
12:47 am
certain. some of her answers are better than some of yours. >> that's fine. that's fine. >> that's how we know we are getting -- women are getting more equal. >> how listen i think her answers were such they don't like the idea of having feelings and she has no soul. she would make a great stand up comedian. it is true. she would deliver the goods. >> this why he should do it. he goes into this whole he is not a real person. i think he is a good interview, but he approaches ever the same way. >> when i was watching it i realized how finished we are.
12:48 am
it wasn't a good conversation. she was be answering the questions. she was 8ing i think therefore i am, right? and in that clip she stood there for him. but charlie because she has a pretty face was charmed by her. >> at one p oi nt they said there are robots being invented men have sex with. >> they have those. they are called toasters. >> i didn't know that. >> go on the internet and go on the soda bump. >> i hement real toasters. >> i did mean real toasters. the guys are out there having sex with toasters. >> why toasters? >> because they are hot. >> yank -- i think there are other appliances. >> that's lady talk.
12:49 am
>> a toaster oven is sexier than a toaster. >> i love a good toaster -- toaster oven. >>. it is a nice, hot, you know -- >> i can understand. what did you think of this? why keep her head severed in that way? >> i didn't put a wig on her and they had a pre interview and they checked her. >> tim, what do you think? i think he was flirting with the robot. >> i don't know. i think they wanted to just show. -- you know, show it was a robot. for me it was convincing. >> he did get a little rough. don't ever smoke. >> he only said that to his wife. >> you don't ever saw.
12:50 am
you are a human. >> it is a charlie rose peck up line. >> coming up, what is the best breakfast serial of all time. you eat it in a bowl with milk.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" alley green and matt well p and mad tau -- welch and madison malloy and lou dobbs. what's the best cereal of all time? since 2009 mr. kept a running poll of the most popular serials. cereals. half of a million people voted and behold the top 10. puffa-puffa rice, rice sprinkles. concentrate. fortified oat flakes. wheaties. captain crunch. cinnamon toast crunch and at number one crisp. kicks remains the number one cereal amongy gaw hua --
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iguanas. >> iguana tested and mother approved. >> i am canadian so we had the maple syrup and baked beans. >> did you use them with milk 1234. >> with milk. >> in montreal they set it. >> i don't want you to be serious. i want to talk about serial. is serial over rated. i am not going to -- i toyed with the idea of getting a blueberry treasure and that's where the angel lived. >> was it because he talked like blueberry.
12:56 am
>> thanks for bringing me back. >> what is your favorite -- are you surprised? >> no. my favorite cereal is one cut thing. >> again do you start smart? >> you get out and feel nice and fresh. >> they have hamburgers. did they have little hamburgers? >> they had something that was like that. i will see if sam has the top choice. cookie crisp. >> that's it. they were little cookies. >> apple jacks because -- >> great fall cereal. >> you know what the real problem was millennials don't eat cereal anymore. >> you know why? >> why? >> they are doing documentary about how bad sugar is. after a long and bloody war
12:57 am
with russia. i was going to say put a picture of king vitamin. let's close the show with king vitamin. king vitamin. pan -- [applause]. 's it for us.
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"special report" is up next. the top republican in congress says he can no longer defend donald trump. the rnc just said it is standing by the gop nominee. reaction to an incredible political weekend. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. paul ryan appears to be throwing in the towel. ryan told lawmakers this morning he will no longer campaign with or defend republican nominee donald trump following one of the most extraordinary three-day periods in recent political history. last night trump tried to pull his campaign out of what many


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