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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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he's not a politician. he tells you all about the pants. thanks for joining us. i'm melissa francis. coming up next, shepard smith. it's noon on the west coast and 3:00 in miami. donald trump has just declared war on the leadership of the republican party. he has unleashed a tweet storm blasting the house speaker paul ryan, declaring he no longer has to wear shackles and can fight for our nation the way he wants. and breaking news now, the fox news decision team has moved the sunshine state into the democratic column. devastating news for donald trump. so what can he do to win it back? both campaigns focusing today on florida. and for democrats, time for an election blast from the past. al gore campaigning there with hillary clinton, the former
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political rivals all n. plus, hear that dripping sound, it's yet another like of clinton campaign e-mails, more than 1,000 of them. so what do they show? also, it's national pet peeve week. what's yours? loud gum chewing, people who don't pick up after their pets? maybe you get annoyed by drivers who don't use their turn signals or friends who constantly check their phones. tweet us your peeves and kennedy will tell us hers. let's get to it. good tuesday afternoon. never from the history in american politics has the what happened today happened. the republican candidate for president just ditched the republican party's leadership. we'll have comprehensive coverage shortly. first happening now, hillary
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clinton and the former vice president al gore set to take the stage today. at any moment, as a matter of fact, at a campaign rally in miami. we'll bring you live, the critical swing state when they speak. our fox news decision team has just made a major decision and shifted florida from a toss-upstate to a democratic-leaning state. we have the team's latest scorecard on our wall. you can see florida there now in light blue. the decision team has shifted nevada from toss-up to leaning democrat. the predicted outcome of the electoral college is on the right. if those numbers hold, hillary clinton is the next president. it shows hillary clinton beating donald trump from 387 to donald trump's 207. hillary clinton and donald trump have made more campaign stops in florida than any other state since the convention. bill clins also there today and donald trump is holding a rally tonight in the panhandle city of panama
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city beach. hillary clinton this morning told a talk radio station in the miami area, "florida is the key. if we win florida, there's no way my opponent can win." now the democratic nominee is reuniting with al gore on the campaign trail after years of reported bad blood. some analysts say al gore might have won the 2000 election had it not been for the monica lewinsky scandal. it came down to the highly contested recount. the former vice president ended up losing florida by a little more than 500 votes. he blamed the gene party candidate ralph nadar who got more than 90,000 votes in florida. and clinton's campaign aides are now telling fox news that part of the strategy there is to use al gore as a reminder that you should not vote if you're a
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democrat for a third-party candidate. this comes days before the third and final debate taking place in las vegas. chris wallace will be the moderator. jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign is in miami. jennifer? >> reporter: shepard, global warming is not the only climate change in evidence today here at miami-dade college the warming of relations between al gore and hillary clinton, both clintons is truly unbelievable when you think where we were just a few months ago. remember, al gore did not endorse hillary clinton during the contentious primary. he sat that one out. he also sat out the democratic convention. he did not attend the convention. he endorsed her very late in this process. but with the rise of donald trump, the frostiness of the clinton/gore relationship has melted faster than the polar ice
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caps. this was arranged by clinton's campaign chairman john podesta for which climate change is his passion. the choice of florida in the wake of hurricane matthew is by design. of course, they are having trouble getting millennials excited about the clinton/kaine ticket. here they are. al gore is a rock star on college campuses because of his climate change and that's where they are turning to him now in the late inning to try and deliver florida for the clinton campaign. shepard? >> what should we expect from gore today? >> reporter: well, we're going to be expecting him not only to be talking about climate change. florida, it's important to remember, that the sea levels are rising very fast in the miami area. average temperatures in florida have increased two degrees fahrenheit since 1970. the value of existing coastal property in florida that will be below the high tide line will
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likely range between $34 billion and $69 billion of property below that line by 2030. al gore will also talk about the danger of third-party candidates, as you mentioned. he lost florida by just 537 votes when the supreme court acted and intervened and stopped the recount. he has long blamed ralph nadar who many don't even know about or don't remember. al gore will be giving them a bit of a history lesson today talking about the danger of voting for gary johnson or jill stein in such a close election. >> we'll be there. jennifer griffin, thank you. donald trump unleashing today. historic pronouncements from the republican would-be president. today, donald trump essentially declared war on the gop and its leadership. donald trump firing back at the most powerful republican on capitol hill, speaker paul ryan, as well as any republican who
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will not support him. we reported here yesterday speaker ryan told republican lawmakers on a conference call that he would not campaign for donald trump. that he would not defend donald trump during a home stretch to election day, all over the leaked video, or at least that was the last straw in which donald trump bragged that he could grope women whenever he wanted, sexually assault women because he was a celebrity. our very weak and ineffective leader paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. with the exception of cheating bernie out of the election, the dems have always proved to be far more loyal to each other than republicans. disloyal r's are far more difficult than crooked hillary. they come at you from all sides. they don't know how to win.
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i will teach them. and trump said if there's any more videos released of him, he will unleash everything he has on the clintons, both president clinton and hillary clinton. paul ryan's spokesman has responded to the trump tweet and said "paul ryan is focused on the next month on defeating democrats. all republicans running for office should probably do the same. in other words, focus on hillary clinton." carl cameron is live if panama city beach, florida, in the panhandle. a rally is scheduled there tonight for trump. the gop ground game has been called essential to donald trump's winning this election. if trump has renounced the party, which he did on twitter this morning, will the party now publicly pull its support, pull it is funding and its get out to vote apparatus?
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>> reporter: well, they have been talking about how they would change their allocation of money from trump to house and senate races for quite some time and they did announce yesterday that given his performance at the debate, that things would continue on as they are. but there are plenty of people at the republican national committee who side against donald trump. in donald trump's case, he would love to have a unified party, just as incumbent republicans would love him to not say things that hurt their chances of re-election and it is a huge battle. he's actually now battling with the rnc, with paul ryan, with john mccain who said that he can't support him anymore and won't talk about him, mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader won't talk about him and said yesterday at a commerce meeting. they are at war with one another. when trump says, wow, the democrats have always been more loyal or unified than republicans, that's just not true. in the last election, of course
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bernie and hillary fought. that's not particularly new. back in 2000 al gore and bill bradley had a brutal fight. when clinton won the democratic nomination, he took down a whole host of people that millennials don't even know. what trump is threatening to do is essentially leave the republican party, not go to war with it. he said he's going to court independents, green party candidates, libertarians and his former campaign manager, corey lewandowski used to say last year, before trump was even a candidate, that the national press didn't understand that trump was always going to be running a general election campaign, trying to bring in new voters. that's important to note today because this is the last day of voter registration in florida. 13 states have the deadline for people actually registered to vote today. trump has tweeted or rather
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retweeted his kids talking about it twice today. in the run-up to this, he hasn't been talking about the voter registration deadline. the trump campaign has very little ground game in any of the battleground states. just a month and a half ago, eric trump and some of the other siblings had to go down to washington, d.c., and meet with the national committee to complain they didn't have any headquarters in these battleground states. what they learned at that time was the leases had been on trump's desk for their signature and they were slowing down the rnc's process of building the ground game. >> carl, if donald trump tells his supporters not to vote for the senate and congressional candidates within their district but to vote to someone else because they have deserted him and if the republican party has this large group of people who will not vote for the standard bearer, then both donald trump loses the white house to hillary clinton and republicans lose the
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senate to the democrats. if this civil war split continues and the voters do what trump says to do and the party does what it says it's going to do, they lose everything. >> reporter: oh, sure. that's why our electoral college map has been moved up for hillary clinton. this is not going well for republicans and they recognize it. across the country, particularly senators and governors, are very, very worried that trump is going to drag them down and the tone of his rhetoric, the absence of specific policies except on a few exceptional issues has made it very difficult. his campaign is basically that of name calling. most of his debate the other night was him attacking hillary clinton as opposed to saying what he would do for the country. the trump supporters are not looking for solutions. they are looking to blame hillary clinton and elect donald trump. they believe that his business ak cue men and his plus sister
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and professional poll policy wonks don't see that as possible. the idea that the republican party cannot -- can come back with their nominee at war with them is against everything that we know about modern presidential politics. but let's be serious, jeff, most of what trump has accomplished has been against all conventional wisdom. he's a nominee and fighting against his own party. >> the numbers that we believe and trust in and it's sign gicic and well-polled, he's down to 35%. you cannot be president at 35%. further, down ticket numbers
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have slid in pennsylvania and other swing states, places where the republicans are trying to protect seats and now republican senators and many republicans in the house will lose their seat, the senate could go over to the democrats and the house could become much more balanced and that creates a whole new situation where hillary clinton could get through her more liberal agenda. >> part of what has happened is, these senator, congressmen and governors are running their own polls, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, they run their own polls and how is donald trump doing and what is the effect on us and they find it's not good at all. the national poll is never all that relevant when you come to individual battleground states. it is relevant, however, there's a very complicated piece of algebra, if you're down x number of votes, your national numbers come down as well, shep. >> carl, thanks very much.
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you are looking live at miami, florida. we're about to have clinton/gore 2016. i kid you not. al gore is about to be on stage with hillary clinton. the message from al gore today is you can't vote for a
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third-party candidate if you're florida because florida lost the election in the recount and all the rest of that, lost the election for al gore. today, the fox news decision team took florida away from a toss-up state and moved it to a leaning democratic state. if donald trump does not win florida, donald trump is not the president. we'll go to that rally in a moment. but first, more now on the deepening rift between donald trump and the speaker of the house paul ryan. and donald trump's war on the gop and what it could mean for the future of the gop. let's bring in a political reporter for the associated press and joins us live with the white house backdrop. this has never happened, the speaker of the house, the most powerful republican in washington and declares war
12:19 pm
against him by donald trump. >> i have to tell you, it feels like groundhog day in some sense because we were talking about this same dynamic right after he locked up the nomination months ago. it feels like we're on a treadmill and we're not making any progress at all on the republican side. the democrats are having divisions as well but they are healing at this point in the election so close to election day. >> correct me if i'm wrong, partly of what donald trump is doing is telling his voters across the country, if your representative, like your congressional representative or senator said i do not support donald trump, he's telling them, don't vote for that person. and if they don't, they all lose, right? >> it's a disaster for everyone involved. basically it feels like a burn
12:20 pm
it all down kind of strategy. he's speaking very loudly to his base. his base is not going to win him the election. it's the undecided voters that he should have been wooing for a long time now. >> but he made no play for those undecided voters. the ones that they have to get to win were largely, as you know, college-educated women in the suburbs of pittsburgh and philadelphia, as a microcosm, but others like them, and they defined what those voters wanted to hear and then donald trump said the opposite of what they wanted to hear in the debate the other night. it seemed, to political voters, he's further solidifying his 35% base and not going after at all the voters that would make him win this election. >> it's surprising that his supporters can't get to him on this, especially kellyanne conway. it's like he's not listening and
12:21 pm
he's very comfortable speaking to his own base and when he gets off topic from speaking to his own crowds and doesn't know quite what to do, it seems. so that growth, i guess it could still happen when he starts reaching out. gosh, we're 27, 28 days from election day. so things seem to be getting worse and worse for republicans all the way up and down the ballot. >> it's hard to understand. there's another debate next week. julie, thank you. wikileaks releasing more campaign e-mails. they reveal who hillary clinton and her staff was most concerned about. also, an apparent excerpt from one of clinton's paid speeches. have you seen this? she talks about the raid that killed osama bin laden. did she reveal classified
12:22 pm
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so the hillary clinton rally was to have begun 25 minutes ago. the speakers came out and introduced everybody and brought two glasses of water up to the podium, one for secretary clinton and one for al gore, so it's time to begin. the signs started flying, i'm with her, i'm with her. hillary came 2016. waiting for them to come out. we're like, why didn't they come out? well, we have people there. listen to this. the teleprompter is broken and they are trying to fix the teleprompter so that they can
12:26 pm
begin the rally, which sort of plays to everything, doesn't it? hillary clinton and al gore are going to speak when they fix the teleprompter in miami. that's the latest that we have from our fox news team on the ground. please call technical operations as the prompter is not scrolling. thankfully, mine is, so i'll read the words. we're getting a look now at more e-mails that wikileaks claims to have obtained from hillary clinton's campaign chairman. in one of these new e-mails exchanged during the primaries, hillary clinton's chief strategist says he's, quote, beginning to worry about marco rubio more than the others. further quoting here, he had stronger right-wing credibility than jeb bush and he will be the most exciting choice to republicans. could pose a real threat with latinos. the words on the screen machine
12:27 pm
aren't working for us but the prompter's working. in another exchange from august of 2015, a hillary clinton supporter blasted jeb bush's performance in the first republican debate writing, and i quote, i'm glad hillary is obsessed with the one candidate who would be easiest to beat, smily face, besides trump, of course. clinton staffers have not disputed any of these e-mails but say the hackers who got ahold of them could also have doctored them. of course, they could release them and then we would know, wouldn't we? catherine herridge has more on this. it's a drip, drip thing. what else are we learning today? >> first of all, shep, wikileaks does not have a practice of releasing doctored e-mails. brian fallon, a senior person with the clinton campaign, was working with colleagues on the
12:28 pm
e-mails and an upcoming hearing in federal court on when the e-mails would be released and this reads in part, quote, doj folks inform me there's a status hearing in this case this morning so we could have a window into the judge's thinking about this proposed production schedule as quickly as today. fallon wrote the campaign team on may 19th, 2015, trump's campaign has called this collusion and wants all communications released from the clinton campaign, which is not realistic. the white house has chosen not to weigh in on this. just for context, any discussion between a department official and campaign official at the height of the investigation into the clinton e-mails in 2015 is completely inappropriate for both parties, shep. >> all right. the wikileaks e-mails have raised concern that hillary clinton may have revealed classified information about the raid which took out osama bin laden. what do you know? >> right. these transcripts released by wikileaks show hillary clinton gave a speech to a group of
12:29 pm
canadian business leaders in november 2013. during that speech, clinton reveals details of the 2011 raid that killed osama bin laden and discusses sources and methods, including an intercepted phone call which appears to be a national security violation. incidents like these make it harder for the u.s. to lead by example. >> integrity in government, keeping the peace, issues like that, yet when you turn and look at your own country, you have concern that those same principles are not being followed here. >> asked if clinton had cleared this information with the cia prior to the speech because that is standard operating procedure here in washington, the cia offered no comment and as a second point of context, remember the navy s.e.a.l. who wrote the book "no easy day," he wrote the book for profit. he was accused of releasing classified information in an unauthorized way and now he's having to give the government nearly $7 million of his profit
12:30 pm
and the cia would not address whether any similar action would be taken against clinton or even considered in this case and that clearly lines up to me as a double-standard here. >> catherine, thanks so much. it's the bottom of the hour and hillary clinton and al gore are about to speak in florida. they must have fixed the teleprompter or given them hard copies of the speech. about 20 seconds ago, we got a two-minute warning to that event and a live look there shows that they are waiting. and we'll have that in a second. i want to show you what's happened with the fox news decision team. the decision team at fox news does all of our projections for who will win each state and the projections for where those electoral college votes will go. florida has been moved from a toss-up state to lean democratic. florida is essential to donald trump winning the presidency. such that he's holding a rally
12:31 pm
in the florida panhandle city of panama city beach in dade county tonight and now secretary clinton is campaigning in miami with al gore. i guess the prompter is fixed and the two are working to the lectern. this could be a fascinating look back at a campaign that happened not that long ago. florida recount, who can forget it? it was a florida recount and the stopping of the counting of the votes in florida that eventually gave florida to george bush and gave george bush the presidency instead of al gore. now, you can say had al gore gone back to tennessee, his home state and won tennessee, frolora wouldn't have mattered but al gore lost the presidency because so many democrats voted for ralph nadar. the message today is, don't vote for a third-party candidate. here's hillary clinton. >> i'm so glad to be here with all of you and i want to thank
12:32 pm
everyone for gathering and, in particular, i want to thank all of the elected officials. thanks to congressman patrick murphy who i hope is the next senator from florida! thanks to congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz thank you to mayor phillip levine of miami beach. thanks to mayor phillips daughter of south miami. thanks to all the others who were part of the program as we were coming in we heard lots of energy coming from this crowd. and i was told as i was coming out that there's an overflow but that they could hear us in the overflow and we're so happy that you're here as well. so thanks to the overflow crowd.
12:33 pm
but what i am most excited about is to be here with one of the world's foremost leaders on climate change, al gore! [ applause ] you know, about a decade ago, al gore made a movie called "an inconvenient truth." maybe some of you have seen it but if you haven't, hopefully you'll watch it tonight. now, it doesn't have a lot of special effects but it does have a lot of drama and here's the main message. climate change is real, it's urgent and america can take the lead in the world in addressing it. right? we here in america can develop clean energy solutions.
12:34 pm
we can transform our economy. we can rally the world to cut carbon pollution. and above all, we can fulfill our moral obligation to protect our planet for our children and our grandchildren. now, let me just say -- [ crowd chanting "hillary" ]. >> so let's remember -- let's remember what's at stake. i'm running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change, says it's a hoax created by the chinese. so this is something that al
12:35 pm
gore has been working on for a really long time and i want you to know how far back he goes. it was in 1982 when he held the very first hearing on climate change in the house of representatives with the world famous scientist hanson. when he became a senator, he continued it to raise the alarm and look for solutions. and as vice president, he led america's efforts to negotiate the kyoto protocol to cut greenhouse gas emissions. and you take all this together, those 30 years of leadership, led al gore to be awarded the nobel peace prize in 2007. i was very proud because he had
12:36 pm
been determined and persistent and in a face of a lot of people, in public life, in business and elsewhere, who were trying to diminish the importance of the science. he never wavered and in the years since, the climate challenge has only grown more stark. and i will tell you this, it is one of the most important issues at stake in this election. look at it this way. our next president will either step up our efforts to address climate change to protect our planet, to protect our health and to create good jobs that cannot be outsourced by growing our clean energy economy or, in the alternative, we will be dragged backwards and our whole
12:37 pm
future will be put at risk. so we've really got to get this right. and if you need additional convincing, just remember what happened this week. hurricane matthew killed at least 26 people in our country, more than a thousand, as far as we know right now in haiti, north carolina is still dealing with serious flooding and will be at least for the rest of this week, if not longer. we all need to support each other as our communities put the pieces back together and begin the long road back from this disaster. that's why i've encouraged everyone to give what you can afford to the florida disaster fund or to team rubicon, the veterans organization working to respond to hurricane matthew or to unicef, helping children and families on the ground in haiti. now, some will say, you know, we've always had hurricanes. they've always been destruction. and that's true. but hurricane matthew was likely
12:38 pm
more destructive because of climate change. right now, the ocean is at or near record high temperatures and that contributed to the torrential rainfall and the flash flooding that we saw in the carolinas. sea levels have already risen about a foot. one foot. in much of the southeast, which means that matthew's storm surge was higher and the flooding was more severe. plus, as you know, the impact of climate change goes beyond extreme events like hurricanes. it's become a daily reality here in miami. you have streets in miami beach and flooding at high tides. the ocean is bubbling up through the sewer system. sometimes people call 311 because they assume a water main
12:39 pm
must have broken when actually it is the sea rising around them. so if you need proof that climate change is real, and that it's costly, there you go. so this rate, my friend -- my friends, please, let's focus on what's really important in this election and in your future and the future of our country! because this is what i want you to hear and understand. at the rate we are going, one in eight homes in florida could be under water by the end of the century.
12:40 pm
and when kids like that adorable young boy over there, on his dad's shoulders, are grandparents, we believe that's more than $400 billion worth of property in florida at risk and nationwide it's 882 billion in property at risk. but there's also health consequences. mosquitos that carry diseases like the zika virus and ticks that carry lyme disease are expanding their ranges and hotter summers and longer pollen seasons are making allergies and asthma worse, which is especially bad for our children. and look at what's happened in california, a brutal five-year drought. wildfires have burned more than 9 million acres in our country last year. and it's also about our national security. the pentagon has identified
12:41 pm
climate change as a threat to our national security. the u.s. atlantic fleet is based in norfolk, virginia, the largest naval installation in the world. and because of rising sea levels, the base is frequently flooded, even when it's sunny. that's why the pentagon is looking at how climate change will affect readiness and operation not just in norfolk but at all of our military bases around the world. so you would think, if you look at the facts, if you listen to the science, that even the most committed climate skeptic would say, okay, i agree, something's happening here. we need to take it seriously. but, unfortunately, there's still too many people, in washington, on the campaign trail, who won't face what is happening right in front of us. donald trump is, quote, not a big believer in climate change.
12:42 pm
and, you know, as i said, he says it's a hoax created by the chinese and in our first debate two weeks ago he tried to deny saying that. but, you know, that tweet is still there for everyone to see and i would wish that donald would actually listen to people here in florida like miami beach's mayor, phillip levine and others, who are doing incredible work to address these sunny day floods. or maybe he would listen to miami beach commissioner john elizabeth. [cheers and applause ] or maybe donald would listen to our military leaders who say
12:43 pm
climate change threatens our national security or what about the ranchers in colorado or the mayors in arizona and the community leaders in alaska who say our lives and jobs are being affected. please, let's come together as a country and do something about it. we cannot risk putting a climate denier in the white house. at all. that is absolutely unacceptable. we need a president who believes in science and who has a plan to lead america in facing this threat and creating good jobs and, yes, saving our planet. so here's what i want to do. fur first, we need to do a lot more on clean energy. it's probably going to be either germany, china or us and i want it to be us and i want you to be part of making it us. and we need to accelerate the
12:44 pm
transition to a clean-energy economy and create high-paying jobs, building and installing more solar panels and wind turbines, modernizing our electric grid, retrofitting buildings, building resilient 21st century infrastructure and make sure no community is left out or behind. not our inner cities or our small towns or remote rural areas. now, you wouldn't know it if you only listened to my opponent talk about how terrible everything is. he has such a dark, divisive view of america. but that doesn't tell the story about what's really going on. it's actually pretty exciting. in red states and blue states, local leaders are stepping up. rural electorate co-opes are
12:45 pm
investing in alternative power. union workers in michigan are getting ready to build chevies in a plant powered by clean energy. iowa. iowa is already getting a third of its electricity from wind, wind turbines are going up in new england and on lake erie. renewable energy is already the fastest growing source of new jobs in america. i think that is so exciting and there are nearly 2 million people already working in energy efficiency and in spartanburg, south carolina, a project called regenesis is taking an old landfill and turning it into a solar farm. that landfill was a health threat. there's 250 feet away from a residential neighborhood. now, that same land will generate enough clean, renewable
12:46 pm
electricity to power 500 homes. so this is what we can do. and i think it's time washington should back off and support doing more of that. as president, i want us to have 500 million more solar panels installed across america by the end of my first term. and let's generate enough renewable energy to power every home in america within the decade. let's make our buildings and factories more energy-efficient and cut our oil consumption by a third and we can get there by investing and supporting in cutting-edge research, keep developing cheaper and better clean energy technologies, investing in clean energy infrastructure and advanced manufacturing, putting big partnerships together between states, cities and rural
12:47 pm
communities. we can do all of this and create millions of good-paying jobs as we do. so i'm hoping that these good jobs will offer security and dignity while we produce the clean energy that will power the economy of the future. the clean energy solutions are being developed right here in america. we want them manufactured in america, installed many america and putting people to work in america. and while we do, that let's make sure that our communities are ready for the impact of climate change, that are coming right at us. we need to invest in resilient infrastructure. now, sometimes that might mean building a seawall. other times, let's be more creative, like in new york harbor where we're replanting oyster beds to form natural
12:48 pm
barriers to storm surge. sometimes we'll overhaul an outdated sewer system to deal with flooding from heavy downpours. in philadelphia, they are trying something else. green rooms, curb-side gardens to help absorb water. and here's something we don't talk enough about. let's make sure our hospitals can stay open and operational in any kind of disaster. because sadly, i saw what happened in new york during hurricane sandy. newborns who had been on respirators had to be evacuated down nine flights of stairs in one new york hospital because the electricity went off. nurses -- i love nurses. heroic, courageous nurses were
12:49 pm
carrying those babies and manually squeezing bags of air to keep them breathing. now, here in miami, you know how important this is. you have retrofitted the nicolas children's hospital with a hurricane resistant shell for exactly this reason and every hospital in the country should follow your lead and build in more resilience. and then finally, we've got to lead the world to confront the climate challenge. if we don't do it, no one will do it. we must confront the climate challenge. there's no doubt about that. and so let's move on with the kind of leadership that the world, as well as our country, deserves. when i was secretary of state, i worked with president obama to make climate change a top diplomatic priority. we fought to get china and india and other major polluters to
12:50 pm
agree for the first time in history to be part of the solution. in fact, we had to crash a secret meeting in copenhagen, denmark, slipped past the guards and dagger, but more an important purpose. because of that breakthrough and a lot of per sis tant work and because of american leadership, 195 nations signed onto a global agreement last december. it's pa it's called the paris agreement. i am not exaggerating when i say it is our last best chance. to solve the global climate crisis. and donald trump wants to cancel the paris agreement. he doesn't care what it would do to the planet. he doesn't care how much that would damage american leadership. he doesn't care what it would do to the future we leave our kids and our grand kids. well, he may not care, but we
12:51 pm
do, and that's why this election is so critically important. because on the ballot it's not just my name. it's every issue you care about. it's our values as a country. climate change needs to be a voting issue. we need to elect people unup and down at every level that take it seriously and are willing to roll up their sleeves and get something done. please, we cannot keep sending climate deniers to state houses and certainly not to the white house. and you know, if you care about climate, your senate race is also really important, and i'll tell you why. it is unacceptable -- it is an unacceptable response or the marco rubio when asked about
12:52 pm
climate change to say i'm not a scientist. well, why doesn't he ask a scientist and maybe then he'd understand why it's so important that he representing florida be committed to climate change. that's why i hope you'll elect patrick murphy to the united states senate. look, we need leaders who can get results. it's easy to stone wall. it's not enough to protest. we need creativity and hard work, and when it comes to climate change, we don't have minute to waste. it's easy to get cynical, especially about politics, but this election matters more than any has in a really long time, and i believe that as strongly as i can, we've got to address this issue for our sakes, our children, our grandchildren, and it's so critically important when you think about how
12:53 pm
leadership can make a difference, and just look, if you will, look at the difference between your state, the sun shine state, which has less solar energy than new jersey has right now. and you know why? because you have a governor who has ordered your state government never to use the words climate change. so, my friends, this is a big deal in this election. and it's going to be a big deal for our country and our world. and there isn't anybody -- there isn't anybody who knows more, has done more, as worked harder. i know he was in miami just last year, training and educating people to be climate change activists. i can't wait to have al gore advising me when i am president of the united states.
12:54 pm
so, please join me in welcoming our former vice president, a climate change leader and an all-around great guy, al gore. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much j secretary clinton, and ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for the warm welcome. i appreciate those kind words very much. i want to acknowledge all of the elected officials and the distinguished guests who are here, and i want to say a special word of thanks to president obama eduardo pa drone
12:55 pm
and miami dade college. i understand you have a pretty good women's volleyball team here, so go lady sharks. is that what you say? i'm here today with two very simple messages. number one, when it comes to the most urgent issue facing our country and the world, the choice in this election is extremely clear. hillary clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority. very important. her opponent, based on the ideas that he has presented, would take us to war, a climate catastrophe. that's my first message. the climate crisis is and must be regarded as a top national
12:56 pm
priority. and a top global priority. here's my second message. your vote really, really, really counts. a lot. you can consider me as an exhibit a of that truth. now, for those of you younger than 25, you might not remember the election of 2000 and what happened here in florida and across the country. for those of you older than 25, i heard you murmuring just now. but take it from me, it was a very close election. elections --
12:57 pm
[ crowd chanting ] >> here's my point. i don't want you to be in a position years from now where you welcome hillary clinton and say, actually, you did win. it just wasn't close enough to make sure that all the votes were counted or whatever. elections have consequences. your vote counts. your vote has consequences. and in this election, the future of miami and cities up and down the west coast and east coast of florida are on the ballot as
12:58 pm
well. indeed, the entire state of florida and its future are on this ballot. so is our economy. our health, our national security. the common thread that binds all of these issues together, what we decide to do about carbon pollution and it damage to the ecological system of the earth. i don't have to tell you here in florida that the climate crisis is real. yes, it's true that some of your elected officials have not recognized that it's real, but every single night on the television news is like a major hike through the book of revelation. you look at the mud slides and the fires and the incredible downpours, and as secretary clinton just mentioned, hurricane matthew just recently.
12:59 pm
you know, it spun up from a tropical storm into a category 5 hurricane in just 36 hours. that's extremely unusual. and the reason that happened is the climate crisis is trapping so much extra heat in the earth's system, equivalent to what would be released by 200,000 atomic bombs going off every day. it's a big planet, but that's a lot of emergency. it's warming the oceans. more than 90% of the energy goes into the ocean. it was much warmer than normal because of that. and the gulf stream is way warmer than normal for this time of year for the same reason. so this means, also, that all the water vapor coming off the oceans into the atmosphere is brought over the land so we get
1:00 pm
record downpours. in the last year we have seen 1 in 1,000 year downpours in louisiana, west virginia, texas, maryland. in houston in one 12 month period they've just had two 500 year floods and one 1,000 year downpour. in one of them they had as much water dumped in houston as would have been put there by three and a half days of the entire flow of niagra falls. this is not normal. it is becoming the new normal, which is now a set of conditions that we have created with all of this manmade global warming pollution. secretary clinton also mentioned the sea level rise. we have seen already -- some of you who are a little bit older may remember hurricane


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