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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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telling me exactly how much you appreciate what i just said and how much you wish them well as well. the former president wished her a happy anniversary by saying 41 years ago i married my best friend and the finest change maker i've ever known. >> wow. >> yes, i'm still in awe of her. she did not respond. >> wow. set your dvrs. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we are following another incredible day in a presidential campaign, really for the ages. donald trump says, "the shackles are off." then proceeds to rip into what he calls bandwagon jumping republicans amid what many are now calling fully engaged gop civil war. a '90s reunion for the democrats as bill clinton and al gore hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton. and you got mail. there could be as many as 50,000 more leaked e-mails coming from wikileaks in coming days. for hillary clinton some of them are very embarrassing but some
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of the newest e-mails are potentially politically threatening raising new details of controversies and investigations the clinton campaign december pasperately g them. the e-mail story is where we begin tonight. james rosen is here with details. good evening, james. >> the latest wikileaks posting of hacked e-mails to and from clinton campaign chairman john podesta lays bear to what many eyes are evidence of collusion on two fronts first between the clinton campaign and woman who was not now the head of the democratic national committee against the sanders campaign during the democratic primaries and between the clinton campaign and the department of justice during the clinton e-mail investigation. >> let's welcome senator bernie sanders of vermont. >> when bernie sanders stepped on stage for this cnn tv one town hall event in march, he probably didn't know that the evening before donna brazile, then a cnn commentator and vice chair of the democratic national committee now head of the dnc had sent an e-mail to the
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clinton campaign captioned "from time to time i get the questions in advance" and saying "here's one that worries me about hrc." flagging a question intended for clinton on the death penalty. the question noted that since 1976 -- >> executed 1,414 people in this country. >> reporter: clinton's communications director jen pomieri seemed grateful for the assist stance saying "yes it's one she gets asked about, not swri everyone on the campaign trail likes her answer but can only share it with you." july, a wikileaks dump of dnc e-mails revealed collusion between debbie wasserman-schultz and the clinton campaign against the sanders forces. today brazil said she supported both candidates and, "often shared her thoughts with both as it pertains to the cnn debates, i never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if i did." except that the event in question was not a cnn debate, but a town hall. >> all you have to do is take a
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look at wikileaks and just see what they say about bernie sanders, he never had a chance. i was so surprised to see him sign on with the devil. >> reporter: podesta e-mails also show clinton campaign press secretary brian fallon formerly a spokesman for the department of justice getting a heads up from an unnamed official, "hay, brian, this was filed tonight." 14 hours later clinton e-mailed cheryl mills to relate the tip. "doj just filed a briefing saying the government proposes releasing hrc's cache of work-related e-mails in january 2016." "get out," exclaimed mills. she looped in podesta and huma abedin to set a conference call for the morning. "this will a thing tomorrow and she is in front of the press." neither the clinton campaign or the sanders campaign responded for our request for comment today. >> james, there's new evidence tonight about the clinton foundation investigation, if you will. we just don't know how far is got. >> yes, we've been covering this
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in-depth on this show. the wikileaks documents reveal chelsea clinton back in december 2011 sent an e-mail to john podesta and others voicing her, quote, serious concerns about the private firm run by doug band, top aid to president clinton and clinton foundation officer. employer of huma abedin while she worked simultaneously for the state depart. chelsea wrote her father would be horrified by the way they were drumming up business overseas using the clinton name. for months now the clinton campaign and state department have denied pay for play between the foundation and mrs. clinton's aides at state. >> there was no quid pro quo or anything like that here. >> we have seen no evidence of any behavior, any relations with the clinton foundation that weren't completely above board, and in this case, it's likely that what they were dealing with during many of these calls was the immediate aftermath of the
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haiti earthquake. >> today, however, state department e-mails obtained by the republican national committee and first reported by abc news show that a top aide t after the devastating earthquake that struck haiti in 2010 instructed officer at the clinton foundation when sifting through humanitarian assistance to distinguish those coming from fob, friends of bill. referred to wjc vips meaning very important people tied to william jefferson clinton. those are fell outside those categories were to be directed to usaid. the state department once again today denied any favoritism. >> what i'd say is see no evidence that preferential treatment was given to anybody based on their association with the clinton foundation or the former president, himself. >> and in response to all of this, donald trump tweeted today, and i quote, "crooked's state department gave special attention to, quote, friends of
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bill after the haiti earthquake. unbelievable." bret? >> now it's just down to crookeds. james, very quickly, when you talk about this with the clinton campaign or democrats, they say, listen, this is all about russia, russia hacked these e-mails. we don't have any indication that they're denying that these things are real, in fact, hillary clinton in the debate referenced the speech where she said she was talking about abe lincoln. that's in the e-mails. in the transcripts of the speech. so that is the response you get. >> right. and at no point does anyone challenge the authenticity of these documents. we do always have to be careful when we're looking at them to make sure they're authentic and not doctored in any way, but so far, there is no indication of that. >> okay. james, thank you very much. donald trump is ripping into republicans as disloyal and says he is now free to fight the way he wants to. the embattled nominee is is trying to survive the fallout from the leaking of an 11-year-old tape featuring vulgar comments about women and poll numbers that have shifted.
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chief political correspondent carl cameron is with the trump campaign tonight in panama city beach, florida. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, bret. well, the candidate's not expected here for a couple more hours. he had a couple of closed-door fund-raisers in texas earlier today and with the republican party increasingly fractured, he once again let loose on twitter this morning. slipping in national polls with the elections four weeks from today, and republicans divided over his character and candidacy, donald trump blasted house speaker paul ryan first thing this morning for saying he would no longer defend or campaign with trump and instead focus solely on protecting the gop house majority. he tweeted, "despite winning the second debate in a landslide, every poll, it's hard to do right when paul ryan and others give zero support." later he tweeted "our weak and ineffective leader paul ryan had a bad conference call where members went wild at his
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disloyalty." then this "it's nice the shackles have been taken off me, i can fight for america the way i want to." trump attacks secretary clinton for being a failed secretary of state in his new ad and uses video of her bout of pneumonia and 2013 concussion. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world. >> reporter: with the exception of cheating bernie out of the nomination, the democrats have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the republicans." brian's movement was prompted by the audio tape of trump boasting as a star he could kiss and touch women without permission. trump supporters are promising to punish gop dissenters. new jersey governor chris christie who's running trump's transition team expressed disappointment at trump's apology. >> i think that, you know, he should have been much more direct and much more focused on saying, just saying i'm sorry and only i'm sorry. >> reporter: amid rampant rumors
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that trump used the "n" word on tape during an "apprentice" shoot, trump again implied democrats are planning widespread voter fraud in philadelphia to defeat him. >> i hear these horror shows and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us. >> reporter: and though u.s. intelligence is convinced that russian hackers are trying to undermine the u.s. election, and are believed to be supplying wikileaks with material to make public, trump sounded thrilled and read aloud several lines of paid closed-door clinton speeches made public by wikileaks. >> this just came out. wikileaks. i love wikileaks. crooked hillary clinton said that terrorism was not a threat, quote, not a threat, to the nation. >> reporter: and today was supposed to be the deadline for florida's voter registration, but a judge has extended it until tomorrow because of hurricane matthew. 12 other states are also having today as the deadline to
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register to vote. the trump campaign and donald trump haven't mentioned it until just today when trump retweeted a couple of tweets from his kids urging people to get out and register if they haven't or not. a lot of folks point to that as perhaps a deficiency in organizing necessary to win elections. bret? >> thank you, carl. we thought we'd take a look at the big board tonight to look at the electoral college map. remember, it takes 270 electoral college votes to win the presidency. tonight we have 201 for hillary clinton, 164 for donald trump. the average of polls even if it's a razor thin lead, this is how it would go down. hillary clinton would pick up nevada, colorado, iowa, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, and florida. donald trump would win as of tonight in the average of polls, arizona and georgia, although georgia's close. that's the map.
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look at the math. 347 electoral college votes for hillary clinton. 191 for donald trump. hillary clinton would win the presidency with a landslide electoral college win. as of tonight, obviously anything can change. in four weeks. but this is what the map looks like. a couple of other interesting numbers. the elections project says that 34% of americans will cast their ballots early, either early voting in their state, absentee ballots. some key states where that is happening, florida, 2.7 million floridians will vote early. there are already about 50,000 votes in. and here you see the breakdown. republicans 43% to democrats' 38%. north carolina roughly 160,000 early votes. 26,000 so far. it's tied at 37%. and here in iowa, roughly 260,000 early votes. 88,000 so far. and this is upsidedown. democrats, 56%. republicans 26%. iowa is a place that donald trump has a slight lead as of now. if you look at this map, florida
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is a key spot with 29 electoral votes. that is where hillary clinton is tonight. with a blast from the past. jennifer griffin is covering the clinton campaign. >> please, join me in welcoming our former vice president, a climate change leader and an all-around great guy, al gore. >> reporter: globaling wa warmi not the only climate change that was in evidence today in the all-important battleground state of florida. the frosty relations between former vice president al gore and hillary clinton melted faster than the polar icecap. >> i can't wait to have al gore advising me when i am president of the united states. >> reporter: just a few months ago, gore refused to endorse hillary during the primary against bernie sanders and sat out the democratic convention. but with the rise of donald trump and a detaunt arranged by john podesta for whom climate change is a passion, gore got
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off the sidelines. >> your vote really, really, really counts. a lot. you can consider me as an exhibit "a" of that proof. >> reporter: today, he tried to energize millennials who are thinking of voting for third-party candidates, gary johnson or jill stein. they may not remember that in florida in 2000, ralph nader got more than 97,000 votes but gore does. he blames the independent candidate for costing him the presidency. gore lost florida to george w. bush by just 537 votes. the former vice president also blamed the infidelities of bill clinton who is campaigning elsewhere in florida today. and the monica lewinsky affair for costing him the election. after losing the presidency, gore became a champion of climate change awareness, but came under fire for his own carbon footprint after producing "an inconvenient truth."
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his gas electricity bill was $30,000 a year. the former vice president came under attack for selling his current tv to al jazeera for $500 million, owned by the oil-rich government of qatar. clinton is also concerned about the african-american and latino vote in florida. today, she announced that she is doubling the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 per family. she also said donald trump plans to raise taxes for single participant parents learns less than $75,000 a year. >> jennifer griffin live at the clinton campaign in miami. thank you. we have new evidence tonight of how far the obama administration was willing to go to protect hillary clinton ahead of her run for president. an arms dealer tells fox news in an exclusive interview at the full weight of the justice department came down on him in an effort to hide the secret plan to funnel weapons to libya. that ultimately armed america's
3:15 pm
enemies. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has this exclusive story. >> all of this happened under hillary clinton's watch. it would actually be secretary clinton. >> reporter: in his first television interview since criminal charges were dropped against him, licensed arms dealer mark turry says the obama administration with the cooperation of hillary clinton's state department tried and failed to make him the fall guy for a 201 1 covert weapons program to arm libyan rebels that spun out of control. >> i would say 100% i was victimized. to somehow discredit me, throw me under the bus, you know, do whatever it took to protect their, you know, next presidential candidate. >> reporter: five years into the investigation, he says the justice department dropped the case to avoid public disclosure of the weapons program that was designed to force the ouster of libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. >> those transcripts from current as well as former cia
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officers were classified. if any of these relationships would have been revealed, it would have opened up a can of worms. >> reporter: in 2011 the administration wanted to arm the libyan rebels but u.n. sanctions blocked the direct sale. working with the u.s. government in capitol hill, turi says he came up with a solution. turi's plan was to have the u.s. government supply conventional weapons to the gulf nations qatar and uae and would in turn supply them to libya. they used their own people with weapons flowing to libya and syria. >> that's how they lost control over it. >> who got these weapons? was it al qaeda, was it ansar al sharia, isis in the end? >> all of them, all of them. >> reporter: turie changed e-mails in 2010 to chris stevens. a day after the exchange, about turi's state department application to sell weapons,
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clinton wrote this e-mail to a. jake sullivan. "fyi, the idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered." do you believe these e-mail exchanges are a coincidence or connected? >> when you look at this timeline, none of it was a coincidence. it was all strategically managed. and it had to have come from her own internal circle. >> reporter: since first telling his story to fox news, turi says he's lost everything in his legal fight with the justice department. >> catherine, it's completely un-american. >> reporter: in american, catherine herridge, fox news. to another interview, i've interviewed donald trump many times. tonight, a look back at a conversation from 1999. when the billionaire businessman was considering a run for president with the reform party. at the time, trump touted an economic plan calling for a one-time 14.25% tax on people with a net worth of more than $10 million. a one-time tax on wealth to pay
3:18 pm
for huge middle-class tax cuts. >> this economy would just be booming and it would be great. >> our constitution has it that you can tax income, but your proposal would be to tax wealth. is that constitutional? >> there's nothing wrong in the constitution in terms of taxing the tax that i am talking about. this would be really a tax that would benefit everybody including the wealthy. i'm looking at this very seriously. i'll make a determination soon. i'd only do it if i think i would really make a difference to a lot of people and if i was elected, i would make a very positive difference. >> as far as the other field out there, you're not too impressed right now. >> i'm personally not impressed and i guess that's why i'm talking to you. >> well, what do you think trump has a chance to win on election day? let me know on twitter @bret baier. news #specialreport. get me on facebook, too. up next, hurricane matthew is long gone but the floodwaters are still extremely dangerous in one state. it's really the region that's
3:19 pm
been affected down there. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in reno, nevada, a pickup truck plows through a gathering of protesters monday night. a group of native americans was demonstrating against columbus day. after a brief argument, the driver of the truck hits the gas and goes into the crowd. no one was seriously hurt. the driver later turned himself in. fox 23 in tulsa, oklahoma, an autopsy reveals an unarmed black man fatally shot last month by a white police officer had pcp in his system when he died. officer betty shelby has pleaded not guilty to a first-degree manslaughter charge. her lawyer says she thought crutcher may have been high on pcp when she encountered him in the middle of a road last month. and this is a live look at san francisco. from our affiliate fox 2. one of the stories there tonight, the great pumpkin comes to half moon bay. the winner of the 46th annual pumpkin weigh-off belongs to a third grade teacher from washington state.
3:20 pm
her pumpkin weighed in at 1,910 pounds. that's a lot of seeds. it's about 150 pounds shy of the event record. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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as the people in and around lumberton, north carolina, deal with massive flooding from hurricane matthew, another kind of tragedy tonight. the governor says the state trooper shot and killed a man during a confrontation as officers were on a search and rescue mission last night. the rescue missions continue today. correspondent steve harrigan reports from lumberton tonight. >> reporter: hurricane matthew was not supposed to hit here. 80 miles inland in north
3:24 pm
carolina, water rescues continue around the clock. they are ferried out three or four at a time. holding pets or plastic bags with all their can carry after being trapped in their homes by a wall-water. some had no idea help was on the way. shirley miller says she is grateful. >> we ain't got no power, ain't got no nothing. our apartment -- >> no water. >> no water, no nothing. >> reporter: at least 15 people have been killed in north carolina, alone, after rain from the storm raised rivers to record levels. almost all the dead were in cars trapped by rising water. early today, more panicked neighborhoods were evacuated after a dam began to leak and threaten to collapse. the governor had sharp words for those who refused to leave their houses. >> get out. get out now. and right now, we're hearing there may be 50 or 60 people who are refusing the evacuation orders. and as governor, that is unacceptab
3:25 pm
unacceptable. you with putting not only your life at jeopardy, you're putting our emergency rescue teams at jeopardy. >> reporter: the threat is now passed in florida, georgia and south carolina where cleanup operations are under way. >> the sun is shining and that is a blessing and we are excited to see that we have several days of sunshine and cooler weather. so that is going to help us tremendously as we continue the speed of recovery. >> reporter: residents of hilton head, south carolina, were finally allowed to return to their homes while much of the coastline in st. augustine, florida, is gone. but there is no return yet for the residents of lumberton, north carolina, where the waters are expected to keep rising through friday. the death toll here has now risen to 17 in the city of 22,000. right now, there is no electricity, no running water, no food for sale, no gasoline. officials are warning there could be unrest if there's not urgent relief. meantime, president obama speaking at a rally for hillary clinton in greensboro said so
3:26 pm
far, the way north carolina has handled this crisis has been an example for the entire nation and the whole world is watching north carolina today. bret, back to you. >> steve live in lumberton. steve, thanks. the region still recovering. talked to a lot of people down there. the company building the dakota access pipeline resumed construction on private land near a north dakota lake, there have been environmental protests for months. sunday a federal appeals court ruled the project can resume on the land within 20 miles of the lake. $3.8 million, 1,200 mile pipeline is otherwise largely complete. the pentagon says it is still weighing a military response to the firing of two missiles at two u.s. navy ships sunday night. the u.s.s. mason and u.s.s. pence were conducting routine operations in the red sea off the coast of yemen. it came from territory in yemen controlled by houthi terror
3:27 pm
groups which they're supplied by iran. both missiles failed to reach those american ships. president obama is apparently executing a last-minute course correction when it comes to the space program. the president says he wants the u.s. to put humans on mars within a couple decades. our correspondent at the white house tonight on what may be another legacy grab from the president. >> reporter: astronaut buzz famously said mars is there waiting to be reached and if president obama is to be believed, that won't be just the stuff of hollywood movies and science fiction novembels. soon it will be real life. in an online editorial posted tote the president wrote "we have set a clear goal vital to the next chapter of america's story in space. sending humans to mars by the 2030s and returning them safely to earth with the ultimate ambition to one day remain there for an extended time." to do it, the white house is calling for increased
3:28 pm
public-private enterprises. >> let me start by being extremely clear, i am 100% committed to the mission of nasa and its future. >> reporter: that was the president back in 2010 promising to continue deep space exploration all the while overseeing the end of the space shuttle program in part because of its expense. that decision upset many wondered about the cost of relying on the russians to carry americans to and from the international space station, for example. nasa's inspector general, in fact, put that figure at $3.36 billion. >> the president's approach is just because we have areas where we disagree with a different country doesn't mean there aren't areas where we can cooperate. >> it's a tremendous time, stuff of dreams and science fiction. >> reporter: retired astronaut says the space program doesn't just rely on dollars and cents, it needs the support of the
3:29 pm
american people which he says won't happen if the administration doesn't do a better job of telling and selling nasa's mission. >> the administration, the national leadership, they potentially could have done a little bit better job proactiveproactiv proactively communicating. the rationale, the risk, the trades and the difficulty of that. >> reporter: schultz went on to say the president hopes to engage the private sector, bret, in part because he wants to draw on their expertise and, perhaps, even defray some space exploration and development costs in the future and while he offered no proof of that, he did go on to say the president would likely have a pretty good chance to explain his thoughts in this coming thursday's event in pittsburgh. that's at frontier's tech conference we've been talking about here at the white house. bret? >> kevin cork live on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. more saber rattling tonight from russia aimed at the u.s. and its allies. moscow says it will create a permanent naval base in syria. expanding its military footprint in the middle east. russia says it is cooperating with china on efforts to fend
3:30 pm
off a threat by the u.s. missile defense program. and vladimir putin has canceled an upcoming trip to paris after the french government revised its agenda for the visit to concentrate on syria. the taliban has launched a new attack on the capital of the helmand province. a suicide car bombing killed at least 14 people monday including 10 police officers. since the beginning of this year's fighting season, the taliban have expanded their hold across most of that province in afghanistan and have been at the gates of the provincial capital for weeks. the news is better concerning isis. new studies indicate the terror group is losing ground and influence, but that does not mean isis will go away quietly. correspondent benjamin hall has that story tonight from our london newsroom. >> reporter: even before the battle for mosul begins and fighters prepare for the big assault, isis is already suffering major territorial losses. according to a report, the
3:31 pm
terror group lost 30% of its territory and now controls just around 25,000 square miles. roughly the size of west virginia. u.s.-led air strikes played a major role in this. targeting leaders and destroying control centers. but today, the state department downplayed their involvement in the upcoming battle for mosul. >> the campaign to retake mosul is an iraqi campaign. it's an iraqi plan and an iraqi strategy. >> reporter: now a fragile coalition of splintered groups are preparing to take back the city and the leading terrorism expert is predicting the worst. >> want to try and turn it into some kind of propaganda-style final battle because that plays into its apocalyptic strategy. >> reporter: it's believed that the isis would rather destroy the city than give it up and fear is growing that the million-odd residents will be used as cover. preparations are under way to help the refugees but the worry
3:32 pm
now is isis fighters will disperse, wait for an insurgency then punish those who help rebuild. >> there will likely be a concerted campaign of assassinations, targeted killings, threatening anyone who tried -- who collaborates or cooperates with the government in any meaningful way. >> reporter: some go as far to say that all along, isis has just been preparing for an insurgency which will go on for decades. the point is that even if isis lose all their territory, even if they cease to be a conventional force, they will leave chaos behind them then they'll watch as others fight amongst themselves and then they'll return. it's the almost sick sickcyclicn of the middle east. bret? >> benjamin hall in london. thank you. samsung is stopping sales of its much troubled galaxy note 7 smartphone. a newer version designed to fix a battery problem that led to overheating and even fires, apparently has problems of its own.
3:33 pm
>> it smelled like fireworks went off. >> reporter: phones up in flames. >> i felt this really weird, like, burning sensation on my thumb. i have a small indentation from where it happened. >> reporter: samsung permanently pulled the plug on production of the galaxy note 7 smartphone over its smoking and exploding batteries. after recalling 2.5 million phones last month and developing what were supposed to be new, safer batteries, the smartphone just couldn't stand the heat. literally melting in users' hands. this 13-year-old was holding her samsung galaxy note 7 when it burnt her thumb. >> pulled it up and i saw smoke and i threw it on the floor. >> reporter: the federal consumer product safety commission is investigating other cases as well. like a replacement galaxy phone catching fire while a passenger had it on board a southwest airlines flight earlier this week. >> i noticed smoke just pouring out of my pocket. pulled the phone out of my pocket, threw it onto the ground where it continued to smoke. >> reporter: the electronics giant advises phone owners to do
3:34 pm
the following. exchange their current galaxy note 7 for a galaxy s7 or galaxy s7 edge. or contact their point of purchase to obtain a full refund. adding insult to injury, when news broke, samsung was halting sales, the company's stock dropped by 8% in its home country of south korea. while apple stocks soared. today in the supreme court, apple battled samsung over design patent rights claiming samsung copied many of the distin distinctive design features of apple's iphone. two lower courts ruled in apple's favor. it's up to the supreme court justices to decide whether samsung should pay apple for the $400 million samsung made selling the smartphones in question. samsung is urging any customers with a galaxy note 7 to power it down and stop using the device. bret, back to you. >> good advice. julie, thank you. the markets saw red today. the dow lost 200. the s&p 500 slipped 27. the nasdaq was off 82 points.
3:35 pm
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about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. isn't it too bad that we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? on both sides. i mean, you know, you have people that can't fix the budget but then they start talking about their nominee but they can't fix the budget. isn't it really sad that we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? >> republican leaders here in iowa, all across america are standing with the trump/pence team. we're honored by that. i really do believe that republican leaders should join millions of americans and support republican nominee for president. >> this garbage some have muttered about, it's so important we keep the majority in the house so that we can keep
3:39 pm
hillary in check, my gosh, did you see how well we kept obama in check? >> well, today was a lot about republicans. the gop nominee tweeting out starting this morning, had lots of tweets, but here's just a few of them. "despite winning the second debate in a landslide, every poll, it's hard to well when paul ryan and others give zero support." "our weak, ineffective leader paul ryan had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. it's so nice that the shackles have been taken off of me and i can now fight for america the way i want to. with the exception of cheating bernie out of the nomination, the democrats have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than the republicans. far more difficult than crooked hillary. they come at you from all sides. they don't know how to win. i will teach them. the very foul-mouthed senator john mccain begged for my support during his primary. i gave. he won. he dropped me over locker room
3:40 pm
remarks." paul ryan through a spokesman issued a statement saying, "paul ryan is focusing on the next month on defeating democrats and all republicans running for office should probably do the same." that's what today's news from the campaign trail was. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard at real clear politics. monica crowley, editor and columnist for the "washington times." people have long said, monica, there may be a civil war within the republican party and others blow it off. i mean, this is here. >> yes. >> it's reality. >> it is real, yes. and donald trump is fighting back. look, because donald trump represents an existential threat to the bipartisan ruling class, that means that he's fighting a multi-front war, so he's taking incoming from the president, the white house, mrs. clinton, her campaign, the democratic party,s republican establishment, and the media. if he wins this race, it will be a straight-up miracle. i think, though, that what he's
3:41 pm
doing here in terms of fighting back, this is why you have surrogates. the republican nominee for president should not be punching down. he should not even be taking on these fights. that's what his surrogates are for. i think he would have been better served to take the opposite approach and say, look, when i am elected president, i'm going to need republican majorities in the house, so vote for these candidates. even if you don't like me, vote for them. if he reverses the narrative and reaches out to paul ryan, reaches out to these republican candidates, you know, it could have a potentially good payoff for him down the road. that's what an effective leader would do. >> a.b., i tell you, it was kind of baffling as you looked at all of the tweets, there really wasn't a lot of anti-hillary clinton campaign tweets. there was one late in the day. we'll talk about in the next panel. what about this, how does the rnc go about knocking on doors to get people out to vote for donald trump and representative from this district? >> yeah, that is really -- that's the key. i mean, he's fighting a primary
3:42 pm
campaign. he loves to fight the primary campaign. it's what he always reverts to. when he's not teleprompter trump and under kellyanne conway's strict rules. he's now off the teleprompter and out of his shackles and nothing left to lose mode. but this is a man with a pitiful presence on the ground in terms of what 2016 national presidential political campaign mechanics are supposed to look like. terrible anecdotes from around the battlegrounds where there's just not enough of an operation. if you are going to disconnect and divorce yourself from the party that way, it really makes a material difference, precinct by precinct, county by county, with enthusiasm resources, whether or not your name is included on the call sheet when they make the call or when they knock on the door and give the speech about, you know, councilman so-and-so. is donald trump being promoted by the party? if he disconnects from the
3:43 pm
party, it's between one and i don't know how many percentage points, but it absolutely makes a difference. he's just a man on his own now. >> we are one month away, steve, and you talk about the balance of power. you look at the senate. it's a thin majority, if you look at the races that are on the board, for republicans. and there you see it on the board. 54-46. two independents that caucus with the democrats. you know, they could lose it as of tonight. but the house, the house actually may be in play. some pollsters are saying some of those races are going the other way. >> yeah, if the polls today -- if the nbc/"wall street journal" poll has hillary plus-nine is the result on election day, you're looking at a loss of the house for republic chance. >> so they shifted to plus-seven today with the post-debate stuff, but still. even at plus-seven. >> the plus-nine was the 2a. you're talking about a blowout for democrats and potential of the republicans losing the house which is why it makes little
3:44 pm
sense tactically for donald trump to be attacking paul ryan who hasn't, by the way, unendorsed donald trump. ryan is getting a lot of heat. it's not that you just have loud conservatives on one side and others, anti-establishment types criticizing paul ryan for not fully supporting donald trump. you have a lot of people on the other side saying you need to walk away from donald trump. this is a disaster. if it's a cancer, you heed to c cut it out right now. ryan is trying to live in the middle of those two camps. in a way, it's sort of fitting. 28 days out from the general election, donald trump who was a democrat when he was younger, spent most of his life as a democrat, has attacked republicans throughout his career, it's sort of fitting if he spends the last month attacking republicans. but it won't get him a win. >> a on the democratic side, yo had hillary clinton today campaigning with al gore in florida. former democratic nominee. he was making, monica, a couple of points, the environmental climate change point, but also in florida especially for him,
3:45 pm
make sure that you don't vote for the ralph nader types because it can cost you an election. obviously he lost in 2000. >> yes, his presence there with mrs. clinton is about two things. the crucial battleground of florida because if trump loses florida, he loses the election. and secondly, it's about mrs. clinton's outreach to millennials because when you talked about ralph nader, of course, they're obsessed with climate change as an issue. al gore is the main cheerleader for that issue. more importantly all the recent polling shows about 60%, 65% of millennial voters would consider a third party, jill stein, gary johnson or somebody else. mrs. clinton is is trying to lock down that age group and make sure they come out for her. next up, new e-mails about hillary clinton from wikileaks with thousands more on the way. the highlights from today's batch coming up. you owned your car
3:46 pm
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in terms of contracts to help haiti recover from -- >> we found no evidence that
3:50 pm
preferential treatment was given to any particular entity or organization with respect to contracts. again, what i say is we see no evidence that preferential treatment was given to say is s evidence that preferential treatment was given to anybody based on their association with the clinton foundation or former president, himself. >> well, there may be some. wikileaks e-mails out including one about haiti assistance. need people are friends of wjc, william jefferson clinton. most i can probably i.d. but not all. response is this, an f.o.b., friend of bill, if not she should go through in other words, go through the bureaucratic place. donald trump tweeted on this. crooked state department gave special attention to friends of bill after haiti earthquake.
3:51 pm
unbelievable. we're back with the panel. steve, you know, we have seen these denials of any indication of anything that the state department did, anything and yet you're starting to see some things that point to something in these e-mails. >> trump is clearly right. what he said in his tweet is entirely accurate. you just saw in that one exchange that we just highlighted. obvious preference given to a friend of bill's, otherwise there's no reason to identify the friends of bill. what are they going to do, not give preference to friends of bill? it's embarrassing to have a state department spokesman go up day after day after day and say things that just aren't true but he's part of a long pattern that we've heard from administration officials, that we've heard from clinton officials and that we've heard from bill and hillary clinton. bill said in september nothing was ever done for anybody because they were contributors to the foundation. that's as categorical as it can get. that's as false as he didn't
3:52 pm
have sexual relations with that woman. a.b. this deals with donna brazile. now the interim dnc chair. the subject line, from time to time i get the questions in advance. this is one day in advance of the cnn town hall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. here's one that worries me about hrc and then she goes on to list one of the questions that was provided by one of the people at the town hall. and then he asked this very question to hillary clinton. >> in light of the fact that there are -- there are documented cases of innocent people who have been executed in our country, i would like to know how can you still take your stance on the death penalty in light of what you know right now? >> this is such a profoundly
3:53 pm
difficult question, and what i have said and what i continue to believe is that the states have proven themselves incapable of carrying out fair trials. >> it's not profoundly difficult if you know the question. >> no, but let's start with the fact that actually on any controversial issue she's prepared as a presidential candidate on any question that's difficult. >> get to the heart of the matter here. donna brazile giving the question to jan palmerie -- here's what she says. as it pertains to cnn debates, i never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if i did. i'm deeply disappointed that the republican leaders of the party are publicly using information illegally obtained by the russians because the national security of our country should not be a partisan issue. it shows that. >> the truth is that many people who are influential in the party
3:54 pm
believe from the very start, from 2013, from 2005 that hillary clinton was running for president and that she would be the de facto nominee any minute until she got it. she lost in 2008. from that moment forward she was the de facto nominee for 2016 and they are all on team hillary. it was very clear in the dnc e-mails that were leaked in july and it was an obstacle to bernie sanders. i mean -- >> what does bernie sanders say about this tonight? if you're on the sanders team and you're looking at this and there was already all of this evidence from the dnc leak of what happened inside of the organization and now you see that a question was given ahead of the town hall -- >> if you're bernie sanders and his supporters tonight, you are outraged and you're furious. this was the core theme of bernie sanders throughout the process, that we are living in a corrupt, rigged system. donald trump has also picked that up as a core theme. both of these candidates have
3:55 pm
and had tremendous traction with this because the vast majority of americans do believe that the system is rigged to benefit the powerful, the wealthy, and the influential, i.e.,, mrs. clinton. so in all of the talk about the civil war going on in the republican party, mrs. clinton now with all of these disclosures coming out by wikileaks, she's got to be a little bit worried about her democratic base. bernie sanders supporters must come out for her on november eighth and if they don't, she's got a problem. >> if it gets picked up anyplace. if these e-mails get aired anywhere else or -- >> it will be interesting to see if the "new york times," "the new york times" has a new policy, i agree with the policy, where if they think that a politician has lied, they use the word lied, they used it with donald trump. it's the right thing to do if you know a politician isn't doing the right thing, call them on it. it's interesting if they do it with hillary clinton, bill clinton and the others involved with this scandal.
3:56 pm
>> there are many more with the justice department interaction and heads up with the clinton campaign. we'll continue to go through them and bring them for you. that's it for the panel. stay tuned. remember, your kids are always watching your every move. things. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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finally tonight you have to know that everything you do your kids are watching. katherine blewett posted this video of her son sam. apparently sam watches his dad practice his golf swing in front of the mirror, so sam went after if. and held the finish. that's a very nice swing, sam. oh, and he liked it. a little laugh. clean the sweater, and then do one more shot. nicely done. sam with a good swing. he's got a big future. maybe a master's fan right there. checking out watching mom watch him. i love that. see the plastic clubs and the crib really do work. >> in front of the mirror. >> that's right.
4:00 pm
>> thanks, everybody. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "on the record wi" with brit hu who's also a good golfer is up now. >> good evening, welcome back. i'm brit hume. this is "on the record." donald trump at war with his own party considers himself unshackled. hillary clinton campaigns with al gore. new wikileaks suggests cozy relationship with the press. this hour the national polling average shows hillary clinton with a 6 point lead in a two-way race and just under a 5 point lead in a four way. she's a favorite by more than 5 to 1. meanwhile, there is a new fox news electoral map out tonight. ed henry reports.


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