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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so we're going to try to do that tomorrow night on "the factor." again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a stunning revelation from the latest wikileaks document dump that has key hillary clinton staffers now taking heat over an e-mail exchange that lashes out at two major faith groups. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we are seeing a growing amount of angry reaction in the last few hours as folks become aware of a leaked 2011 e-mail chain between a trio of hillary clinton acolytes. john podesta, clinton's campaign chair and john helfton, a think
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tank. first, catholicism is slammed and then all of evangelical christianity. at one point john helflun writes about the church saying, it's an amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations. we're still waiting to hear the campaign's explanation for all of this. we'll be joined by thomas perkins, but we begin tonight with trace gallagher for the very latest on this breaking news live from our west coast newsroom. trace? >> meg, the indication from these bashing e-mails is rupert murdoch and robert thompson decided to raise their children
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catholic, not because of their religious beliefs, but rather for social and political benefits. robert halpin writes, quote, it's an amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attracted to the systemic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of christian democracy. top clinton aide podesto who is catholic didn't respond. palmieri did, saying, i imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. >> halpin said, excellent point. they can throw around thomistic thought and subsidiarity and sound sophisticated. the catholic organization responded to the e-mail saying, quote, these anti-catholic
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remarks are bad enough, but it makes one wonder what else clinton's chiefs and others associated with the campaign are saying about catholics and catholicism. we must point out this is a religious group. the clinton campaign should covet. a poll from the research institute said likely catholic voters favored hillary clinton over trump 55% to 34%. and a georgetown study shows that in the past 16 presidential elections, catholics have voted republican only three times, once for nixon, twice for reagan. again, we e-mailed the clinton campaign for a response. so far, nothing. >> trace, thank you. joining me now with more, president of the family research council, tony perkins. to tony, good to see you again. >> good evening. >> the hostility toward christians in this and the one paragraph in particular, catholics, as this man describes as bastardizing the faith and
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dismissing the entire catholic belief system as severely backwards when it comes to gender relations and on and on he goes. and clinton's campaign communication director seems to agree wholeheartedly. >> megyn, it should be no surprise to those who listen to what hillary clinton says. remember, this is the same elitist vineyard that gave us the term basket of deplorables. they went forward to saying they were eerily redeemable. yes, they believe and cling to the redemptive work of jesus christ. this should be troubling to people who say they believe people who actually want to live by their faith are somehow backwater people. there are a lot of americans who literally simply want to live their lives according to their faith, and it's clear that hillary clinton and her team hold them in disdain. >> the thing that seems to
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really horrify them in this exchange is that rupert murdoch and tom halpin that they have the nerve to baptize their children catholic and want to raise them catholic. it has these officials who want the catholic vote -- the catholic vote is actually proven very important for democrats in past elections -- are held in disdain. they are disgusted by them. they can't believe they would want to baptize and raise a baby catholic. >> that's stuff people in the flyover states do, not people in sophisticated places do, according to them. this is where hillary clinton talks about freeto dthe freedom worship. it's okay to go to church and treat it as a glorified social club. but if you want to be catholic and live your life according to that, you're going to be in trouble with hillary clinton. >> it's not her, it's her
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campaign chairman who doesn't weigh in. but it's her communications director and this other guy at the center of american progress. >> i'm not going to allow a communications director to speak in such a way that it's something i don't believe in. this campaign gave birth out of the mouth of hillary clinton, the term deplorables, talking about trump supporters who are evangelicals and socially conservative catholics. this should be troubling politically for her, not because these evangelicals were going to vote for her, but it shows hostility toward religious freedom, and that's where these evangelicals are right now, uncertain of trump, but they see the hostility for clinton that she was raised christian. >> she was raised methodist but she doesn't seem to be a practicing methodist because she doesn't go to church and so on,
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but you can see how the people around her are practicing catholics or those who actually baptize their children. fox news contributor and former chief of staff john rove. joh palmiera ridicules catholics coming out with an apology to this voting block which is almost as powerful as the african-american vote and many others. >> well, look, roughly a quarter of the electrorates are a sprin group. since 1972, catholics with one exception have voted in each and every presidential election with the ultimate winner. the one exception was 2000 when they voted for al gore in the election polls 54-47, but even that was an extraordinary gain by george bush that got 10% more of catholics than bob dole's
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10%. will this be a political issue? i think it all depends on whether or not politically interested catholics and more importantly the trump campaign make it an issue. this was thinly veiled religious bigotry, not only against conservative catholics but also against evangelicals. the back and forth is they're conservative catholics because they couldn't take the social pressure being evangelicals because that's even more out of the mainstream. >> more disgusting. >> yeah. so the question is rather than talk about paul ryan who is, incidentally, a catholic, what about tomorrow if donald trump stands up and takes a whack at these comments and calls upon the campaign and the campaign officials in question to both repudiate him and apologize? this is the only way it's going to become an issue. in 2000 we had a very active catholic organization that could have spread this word and made it an issue in every battleground state. i don't sense this will be an
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issue in the trump campaign, it will take him to make an issue. >> she's high up in the political campaign, and you tell me what the clinton team would be doing to the trump team if kellyanne conway or any of the inner circle came out and said something this disdainful of an entire voting block, whether it was -- put the shoe on the other foot, right? if they said something about gays or a voting block that they consider in their column. they would be going nuts on it. and they would be demanding an apology. >> exactly. and they mock the deep beliefs. they mock the idea that two conservative catholics would have their children baptized in the same river where john the baptist baptized jesus. i mean, this is really amazing that they would mock them for -- what christians would consider it -- wouldn't consider it a blessing to be able to afford to baptize their children in the jordan river? i mean, this is so insensitive.
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i'm going to say that it's insensitive, but it really strikes me that it borders on religious bigotry. the question you started with is, is it going to become a political issue? i guess it depends whether or not donald trump intends to make it a political issue. >> in the 2008 election when barack obama was running, this became an issue for the democrats then, because he was caught on tape referring to those who are religious as bitter clingers. it's the bitter clingers that became so infamous. i think we have it. listen. >> so it's not surprising that they get bitter and cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who are not like that. >> that was not particularly helpful to barack obama's campaign. >> right. not at all. not at all. but do you think the media without some prodding, without somebody making it an issue that
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most of the media will pay attention to this. most of the media doesn't claim to understand or care to understand the deeply held beliefs of people of faith. we can't count on nbc and abc and cbs, prthe producers and th news directors saying oh, this is a story worth covering. no, it's going to have to be made an issue by donald trump and his allies stepping forth and saying, this is not acceptable, and hillary clinton repudiating it. >> hillary clinton has been out there condemning donald trump's beliefs about muslims, and now the question is what is she going to do and what is her communications director going to do when she's caught having this kind of exchange about this many americans who have deeply held honestly sincere beliefs. carl, we'll wait to see. >> what about some religious respect in addition to tolerance?
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what about some respect for the beliefs of people. >> great to see you. we're waiting for comments. we're waiting for some sort of remark back from them. these are hacked documents. this comes from the wikileaks so it's confidential but so is the content. ask what hillary clinton would do if this came out from team trump. we're waiting for trump speak ng panama city, florida. we'll be talking about the road ahead to the next big debate. plus, leaked e-mails are raising questions suggesting former cnn contributor donna brazil sent the clinton team ng inside information ahead of questions at a candidate town hall. howard kurtz just spoke to brazil. he'll be with us live with the breaking news. now with the media outlets
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breaking tonight, 28 days now from the election. 28 days. and a new poll showing how americans reacted to the second presidential debate. the wall street journal survey was conducted one day after the release of a leaked video showing mr. trump making stunning remarks about women on a bus. and it showed donald trump going into the sunday debate trailing hillary clinton by 11 points. then on monday after the debate, they polled again and mr. trump had improved by two points, suggesting the worst of the damage from that tape may have been accounted for. tonight mr. trump is in florida expected to hit the clinton camp on the latest wikileaks revelations. in moments we'll be joined by stu stevens, strategist from the 2012 is campaign. we begin tonight with katrina pearson, trump campaign spokesperson. can i just get your reaction on that story about the catholic
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bashing? >> you know, this is not something that is news to us. we've known ms. clinton has had issues with many americans and mr. trump even said it at the debate, megyn. he said she had hatred in her heart. yes, these are her staffers, but it's a direct reflection of her. we've seen it in the way she's directed many americans recently. >> let me ask you if it makes any difference at this point. we're 28 days out. trump went up two points from the debate but there is still a nine-point gap between the two of them. at this point in 2012 election, we're going to talk to romney's guys. romney was up by one and he still lost handily. trump is down by nine. >> we're looking at a six to seven-point margin of error and i'll take that. >> you and trumhe trump team lo the polls. you can't reject the ones we
6:19 pm
present to you just because they're bad for him. >> they are a snapshot in time, we realize that. but like i said, mr. trump has been able to close large gaps within one week and that's exactly what's going to happen. this isn't going to be like a 2012. we have a candidate willing to fight for it. not like the 2012 campaign. mr. trump is going to come out swinging which is exactly what he's doing today. >> what is he do to add to his support base which we understand is with him? >> well, he's talking about his vision. he is actually prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. you saw that at the debate as well, and that's why so many people in your focus group you had said mr. trump won the debate and won some people over. that is very important. it is extremely important for mr. trump to continue to outline the differences between he and hillary clinton and their policies. and more importantly, her failures after being in elected office for 30 years between herself and her husband. >> is there any truth, katrina, to the "wall street journal report" tonight that what trump is actually trying to do now in
6:20 pm
the next 28 days -- four weeks until election day -- is to drive downturno turnout for her understanding he's not going to get many swing votes in the middle. he's trying to get his base, and he wants her base to be smaller than his base. >> not at all. the media is always trying to create the trump narrative. mr. trump is fighting for every vote, even those we know he might not win, he still has to fight for that. we looked at a poll in texas. a cbs poll has trump at 20% african-american support in the state of texas. mr. trump is meeting some of those people -- >> he should be winning as a republican in texas. >> african-americans. that's a big difference. he's doing extremely well with a lot of these people that show up in the polls. those people are going to vote just as they talked about in the primary that these big rallies will turn into votes, and he broke records. we're going to continue to see
6:21 pm
it. this is a movement, this is not a campaign. >> okay. good to see you. donald trump's campaign rolling out a brilliant new political ad hitting hillary clinton. watch. >> announcer: our next president faces daunting challenges in a dangerous world. iran promoting terrorism, north korea threatening, isis on the rise. libya and north africa in chaos. hillary clinton failed every single time as secretary of state. now she wants to be president. hillary clinton doesn't have the fo fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world. she failed as secretary of state. don't let her fail us again. >> joining us now, stu stevens, founding partner of strategic partners in media. let me start with you before we get to that ad where i left with katrina this time four years ago and just how bad you think the nine-point gulf is. >> well, it's bad. the more telling thing, i think,
6:22 pm
is the team groups that trump needs to get back in this race is republicans. any nominee has to get over 90% of their own party to be in the game, otherwise you're running out on spuper bowl field with eight players instead of 11. he needs suburban women, particularly college-educated women. barry goldwater won college-educated white voters and trump is losing them. to get into the game, he needs as many republicans as he can get and he needs as many well-educated women, suburban women in particular, in places like philadelphia. what's he doing? today he's attacking republicans, and this attack on hillary clinton, i think, just turns off a lot of women that he needs to get to vote for him. >> just so you viewers know what we're talking about, he went on a tweet storm this morning. here are a couple examples.
6:23 pm
"it's so nice the shackles have been taken off me and i can now fight for america the way i want to." then he takes aim at republicans saying disloyal republicans -- ours -- are more difficult that krookd hillary. they come at you from all sides. they don't know how to win. i'll teach them. he went on from there, stu. >> it's a curious strategy for bringing a party together, which party unity is an essential element of winning in our two-party system. i get that donald trump doesn't like everybody in the republican party and vice versa, but it's up to him as head of the ticket to try to bring people together instead of being divisive. >> so what do you think -- give us your take on the last debate which he says all the polls say that he won, which is not true. but some people do definitely believe trump won that debate and he certainly did much better in the eyes of many than at the first debate. you have a different take. >> yeah, i thought trump spoke to his base too much in that
6:24 pm
debate. i mean, really, a debate is an opportunity to reach voters in a way that you can't reach them through any other means and voters who you need to get to join you. it's not just to pump up your own voters. so if you look at what he really needed were female voters, particularly these better educated women. i just think it was sort of a disaster for him in that regard. everything from his manner to that sort of strange half apology at the beginning to this stunt of bringing out the bill clinton accusers. i just think the idea of trying to attack a woman for infidelities of her husband, i just think rubs a lot of people, particularly women, the wrong way. >> it's for her role, it's for the offender. >> i'm glad i don't have to try to spin that. i just don't think it's something -- the difference
6:25 pm
between that is so fine, and i get it, but it just -- i don't think the total impression is that he's really going to hurt from bill clinton. >> what are the odds he can turn this around? >> politics is always about probability and probability is based on what has happened. can he turn it around? sure, of course. is hillary clinton the better bet? yes. >> he turned it around after the democratic national convention. they were running neck and neck and then came alicia machado and some other incidents that have now been well publicized. stu, good to see you. >> good to see you. in just nine days for the first time ever, a fox newscaster will be moderating the presidential debate. we are very proud of our own chris wallace. he will moderate the final debate of donald trump and
6:26 pm
hillary clinton. the final debate will be held -- where else -- in vegas, baby. october 19. and the best place to watch the fox moderator debate is on the fox newschannel. then stay tuned for "the kelly file" at 11:00 and the night's biggest moments. don't miss it. let's start to question the stories of the women accusing bill clinton of sexual assault and accusing hillary clinton of helping with the cover-up and the aftermath. judge napolitano is here to review the record. plus, leaked e-mails are raising questions about whether cnn contributor donna brazil sent the clinton team inside information ahead of the questions at a candidate town hall. h howie kurtz just got off the phone with brazil, and he's now here and he'll tell us what the head of brazil had to say. plus we have dana bash and
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be elected dog catcher. i mean that. it's true. it's true. >> from the start of his campaign right up until last night, donald trump has consistently accused the media of working against him. now wikileaks has uncovered a number of e-mails that suggest perhaps there may have been some coordination between some well-known folks on tv and some high-ranking members of the clinton campaign. we asked howie kurtz to investigate that charge. he's the host of "media buzz" on the fox newschannel. howie, what did you find? >> the e-mails on wick i loex has caused a lot of buzz. donna brazil was the vice chair while working on cnn but has suspended her contract for now. brazil wrote the clinton campaign, from time to time i get the questions in advance.
6:32 pm
here's one that worries me about hrc. it involved the death penalty with brazil citing these statistics. 156 people have been on death row and later set free. since 1976, 1,414 people have been executed in the u.s. and this was the town hall question. >> since 1976 we executed 1,414 people in this country. since 1973, 156 who were convicted have been exonerate from the death row. >> a cnn spokesman told us no contributors get questions beforehand, and donna brazil told me moments ago she's not sure about the reference in her e-mail, but, quote, contributors nor analysts get near that process. i wasn't involved, i'm never involved. i find it flabbergasting. it's not unusual for partisan
6:33 pm
commentators to check in with campaigns, but any sharing of questions before an event would be a journalistic breach. john harwood, bureau chief, drew plenty of negative comments for his relationship with donald trump. >> i have talked with economic advisers who have served presidents of both parties. they said you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would from flying away from that podium by flapping your arms. >> now we learn that weeks after that debate, harwood chastised the republicans in an e-mail to hillary clinton's campaign manager. quote, i imagine that obama feels some sad vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point of the opposition party veering off the rails. i feel that way from our debate. howie included a tweet he
6:34 pm
posted. if there's any specific or plausible suggestion of nefarious e-mail, i haven't heard it. >> joining us now with more, dana lash, and richard fowler, a fox news contributor and nationally syndicated talk show host. good to have you both. >> good to be here, megyn. >> the thing with brazil. i'll tell you this as a debate moderator myself, i cannot imagine anyone at cnn ever leaking a question to anyone. i mean, it would be the height of unethical. i can't imagine it. and yet the question, you know, as asked, and what was in that e-mail, dana, was almost verbatim. >> it's a remarkable coincidence, isn't it, megyn? i'm with you, i can't imagine
6:35 pm
someone leaking it, but at the same time you can't sit here and deny the obvious. the question was almost identical to the one that was asked at the town hall. and it's not beyond the realm of possibility to think that perhaps maybe donna brazil was able to obtain this question in advance. of course, she's the head of the party. she's going to pass that off to the party nominee, hillary clinton. >> she wasn't part of the party, though. she was a democrat. >> she did become it. >> i googled the language, and it does pull up the equal justice initiative which has almost the same language saying since 1973, 156 people have been released from death row after evidence was uncovered. this may be boilerplate language that death penalty opponents have on their websites. we don't have proof to show collusion. >> we don't, megyn. let me tell you, let me be very frank on this one. i know donna brazil very, very, very well and there is no hint
6:36 pm
that donna would ever do anything like this, which is why she was made chair after the leak of debra wasserman schultz. additionally, and to a larger perspective, right, there is this argument constantly pushed by the trump campaign that we saw bump into this segment of the media being so crooked and being so awful and being so tainted. but if you look at the numbers, megyn, donald trump has more earned media than any candidate in recent history. >> but he wants it to be favorable. he wants it to be favorable coverage. >> any press is good press is what you learn in journalism school, right? and number two, if the liberal media had so much power, why is it that republicans still have control of the congress, they still have control of the senate. if the media, quote, unquote, hated george bush, but he won in 2000, he won in 2004. >> dana, respond to that. >> we don't have the white house, unfortunately, and i think we've been fighting in spite of media.
6:37 pm
>> that's not a fact. >> come on, richard, there is absolute media bias in network media. you know that as well as i do. there are also left and right outlets that are both equally biased. we've had network news and writers of newspapers that have been biased for a long time. there is absolute proof of media bias, we know this. it's not just against trump, megyn. media bias has been against politicians, period. everything we've seen from the wikileaks e-mal hie-mails, we tn was inserted about birth control which made the entire cycle become this war on women, which is crazy. >> there is no question that most of the people in the news lean left and that there is a liberal bias baked in. the news tend to be a bunch of young people. the interesting thing about john
6:38 pm
horowitz' leak, he tweeted after he did that thing with the belt buckle and john larson, and you just never know. you don't know whether he's got the same kind of e-mails to marco rubio's campaign, to ted cruz's campaign. we only have a snippet of the perspective here. good to see you both. with a growing number of media outlets now digging into the stories, from bill clinton's accusers, who you may have recognized at the presidential debate, we asked judge napolitano to help us separate fact from fiction. he's next. plus, with a number of news outlets still challenging the trump team about his 2000 remarks on women, dr. ben carson joins us with his message about the media.
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6:44 pm
at the excelcior hotel in little rock. she claims bill clinton dropped his pants and asked for sex. after years of legal battles a judge dismissed the case saying the allegations, if true, would not constitute sexual harassment. clinton agreed to settle the case for $855,000, but jones' allegations did lead to the discovery of the monica lewinsky affair. then there's kathleen williams who claims that in 1993 the president put her hand on his genitals. but williams didn't come forward until five years later in the paula jones case. a prosecutor said there was insufficient evidence to go forward. wanda broderick gave a sworn affidavit saying she was raped in 1978 by bill clinton but then appeared to deny the allegations before later changing her story
6:45 pm
saying she was raped. in 1975, hillary clinton defended a man accused of raping 12-year-old kathy shelton. as part of her defense, clinton accused the 12-year-old of being emotionally unstable, fantasizing about older men and making prior false accusations. it wasn't until 2007 that kathy sheldon even knew hillary clinton was involved in the case. and at the time she had no hard feelings. but in 2014, an audio of clinton discussing the case and laughing about it went public. listen. >> of course he claimed he didn't. all this stuff. he took a lie detector test. i had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs. [ laughter ] >> clinton claimed she wasn't laughing about the case but about the absurdity of the system. now kathy shelton claims that hillary clinton put her through hell because of a psychological exam. but the "washington post" says, yes, hillary clinton requested
6:46 pm
the exam but a judge denied that request. shelton to this day maintains that she was examined. her attacker served less than one year in jail. megyn? >> trace, thank you. joining me now, fox news senior judicial analyst and "new york times" west-selling author, hello, judge andrew napolitano. judge, good to see you. what's the name of the book? >> i had a couple that were best-sellers. i think the one they're talking about is called "suicide pact." >> just wanted to give you a little promo. there are three here accusing him directly, one who is a rape victim whose attacker hillary defended. >> the three that are accusing him directly are cases that were never proved or were alleged many, many years after the series of events. the only case in which bill clinton paid out any money was after the case was dismissed because they feared it would be reinstated and he would have to go through -- he was sitting
6:47 pm
president at the time -- more testimony and a trial. >> a settlement to me sounds like a nuisance settlement. he paid 855,000 and a lot of it was legal fees. only 200 went to her. that's what do you to get rid of these matters when you're president of the united states. we don't know that these are true, we don't know that they're not true. >> we know that they all had serious problems with proof, which is why none of them ever were laid out before a judge and jury. >> now, both kathleen willie and maureen broderick refused to come forward publicly and denied he did anything to them for a period of time. that doesn't account for the fact they may have felt intimidated, he was a man of power, they may have been reluctant to do so. people want to condemn hillary for not believing them and trying to silence them and get him out of the public picture, but there was no proof when she was going after them. >> i got to tell you, i don't
6:48 pm
think hillary at fault in this case, in any of these cases. >> i'm going to fall out of my chair because a judge is defending hillary clinton. >> we're not talking about e-mails here. we're talking about a wife standing by her husband when claims are made against the husband as to which the proof is, as you say, lacking. claims that were late, claims that lacked credibility, claims that were partially true, claims that were eventually retracted and then reinstated. what woman wouldn't stand by her husband in that circumstance? >> how about the child whose rapist hillary defended? >> that file trace and i looked at showed hillary clinton doing a professional job to defend him. she wasn't a serious, seasoned criminal defense lawyer but she did what she had to do, what the law permits. >> that's a first right here on "the kelly file." judge napolitano, good to see you. >> good to be with you. up next, ben carson and
6:49 pm
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>> it's been four days since those now infamous remarks surfaced. eric trump, the son of donald trump, is offering a new defense for his father, telling a colorado newspaper, quote, i think sometimes when guys are together, they get carried away. and sometimes that's what happens when alpha personalities are in the same presence. he went on to say it's not right, not the person that he is. joining me now, dr. ben carson, former presidential candidate. dr. carson, good to see you. >> hello. >> you said it's locker room talk and that kind of banter goes on all the time. you tell me, listen, i think there's a real argument to be made that dismissing that kind of talk as just locker room talk, and regular banter between alpha males is a very damaging message to be sending to our children. our sons, and our daughters today, that dismissive tone, and nature. do you disagree with me?
6:54 pm
>> well, it's not dismissing it. that's not what i'm doing. it is horrible. there's no excuse for it. and it's not acceptable. here's the issue. the issue is, our country is in a tremendous amount of trouble and we're only a month away from the election. >> that's true. but the point on the other side is -- >> listen. >> -- you have a candidate who doesn't respect half of the country, women. that's also an issue. >> this is what i'm saying. this is critical. the country can move in one of two different directions. the democrats are going one direction. the republicans are going in another direction. look at their platforms. this is huge. but i don't think the average person recognizes the vast difference between the two directions. because they're focusing on this kind of thing. it doesn't mean that it's not important. that's such a huge one, when
6:55 pm
everybody comes along and says this is the most important thing and you can't -- no, of course it's important. but when you're about to go off the cliff, you've got to take measures to make sure you don't go off the cliff. then you deal with the other things. >> do you think trump was right to go after the republican party today? he had just managed to -- i think he was down 74% of the party was with him after that video. then he got it up to 89% after the debate and then attacked the republican party who he needs to win. >> well, you know, it's well known that the republican party always finds a way to snatch the feet out of the jaws of victory. hopefully we can avoid it this time. we don't need the infighting. you notice the democrats disagree, too, but they march lock step. it's so important. i wish the republicans could learn that lesson. it's so critical. >> they have 28 days to do so. dr. carson, always a pleasure. thanks for being here. >> thank you. ght-hearted i take to the open road.
6:56 pm
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i, too, was raised catholic. you can preorder my book now at, lots of behind the scenes stuff about tv news and fox in general. check it out. trump is doing what the mainstream media will not do. and that's vetting hillary clinton's real record. >> that's the big difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> then wikileaks exposes the doj, the clinton campaign and media on so many different issues. governor mike pence, here to react to all of this. and donald trump rips the liberal media for protecting hillary clinton. >> without the media, hillary clinton couldn't be elected dogcatcher. i mean that. >> plus, clinton's real positions on saudi arabia, isis, and refugees are revealed. dr.


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