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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 12, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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we are so happy to announce that chris wallace, the award-winning journalist who works here at fox, is going to be the moderator of the next debate, which is one week from today, next wednesday. >> so be tube side. tucker, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. great to see you. bill: 28 days until america decides its next president. and donald trump says the shackles are off his campaign. and he says he doesn't need paul ryan's support. martha: donald trump going after the house speaker and others and accuse them of disloyal i after the leaked videotape that got so much attention over the weekends. >> i think we should get support, and we don't get support by guys like paul ryan.
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he calls now -- if you sneeze he calls up and announces, isn't that a terrible thing. i don't want his support. i wouldn't want to be in a fox hole with a lot of these men. >> including ryan, especially ryan. martha: today here's what's happening. he's going to be in florida. his running mate, mike pence will be in virginia and north carolina. hillary clinton will be in colorado and nevada. tim kaine is in north carolina today. john rob earth is live in florida where the trump campaign is. good morning to you, john. reporter: we are in ocala, marion county which mitt romney won in 2012. donald trump is trying to turn around some of the polls that
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show him trailing. he's losing support from prominent members of the republican party. kellyanne conway says typically the nominee gets the support of the full party. you heard what he said about house speaker paul ryan who has not withdrawn his endorsement. senator john mccain who asked for his endorsement says he is not going to support donald trump. listen to what donald trump said about senator mccain last night on o'reilly. >> he asked for my endorsement, i give him my endorsement. he easily wins his primary, then he does the unendorsement thing. he's never heard salty language
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before. he has the dirtiest mouth in the senate. you talk about lewd. interesting to point out donald trump is getting back some members of the republican party. the senior senator of nebraska had been and supporter. after the tape came out, she called for him to step down. but now according to reports is back in his camp today. martha: trump threatened if more tapes came out, that he would just keep going after bill clinton if that was the way they were going to play. is the campaign concerned there is more to come down on these tapes? >> it's possible there is more out there. we heard about outtakes from "the apprentice." it looks like mgm and nbc are
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keeping a lid on it. but there is concern that if something as devastating as friday came out, it could be devastating. in 1996 they looked at not supporting bob dole, they may have to do that again. kellyanne conway says there is no way to know if and what might be out there. >> there is no way for me to know what is and isn't out there. i tomorrow know what i read. when people seek mercy and forgiveness. all the high horse sanctimony, you see hillary clinton's top people attack catholics, and when somebody asks for forgiveness and mercy, we are going to look the other way.
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>> reporter: the wikileaks emails show friends of bill clinton got to by pass all the bureaucracy in rebuilding haiti. bill: more inside operations including possible collusion between the justice department and the clinton team and the white house as well as new messages mocking catholics and evangelicals. jennifer. merry said quote i imagine they think it, the most socially acceptable religion. their rich friends would not fun they became evangel cals. specifically that was about rupert murdoch and the managing editor of the "wall street journal."
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there is more in there about the bastardization of their faith. >> this is tough stuff for their campaign. and lot of attention has been on donald trump because of the video release and his first reaction to the first debate. he has taken control of the narrative in this race in terms of the focus on him. these emails are important also to consider especially when you look at what clinton's biggest vulnerabilities have always been on honesty and trustworthiness. the use of email on her private server has been something that dogged her campaign entirely. on the podesta emails, the clinton campaign says these were from a hack. of course, the administration, the intelligence community says that russia has been involved in hacking of this kind.
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but this comes at a difficult time, a key time. >> i think about catholics in pennsylvania and ohio. these are stinging words in these emails. >> it's conflicting with what hillary clinton has said about her own faith. she talked openly about her own faith. in debates we have seen some personal moments for her in that regard. so that's something to consider. bill: donna brazile suggested she had access to some of the questions before the town hall debates. palmieri said it's the one she gets asked about. not everyone likes her answer, but can share it. can you send her answer on the death penalty? that was before a town hall in march where this question was asked the following day. >> i would like to know how can
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you still take your stance on the death penalty in light of what you know right now. >> this is such a profoundly difficult question and what i have said and what i continue to believe is that the states have proven themselves incapable of carrying out fair trials. bill: if she is getting the questions before the events, that's no bueno. >> especially when donald trump has been campaigning on the idea the moderators have been against him, the election has not been fair to him. there are some criticisms to that argument as well. but this is something you are hearing from the trump campaign as well to fuel that argument. this is something that will be upsetting to a lot of folks if it is in fact true. donna brazile said and the clinton campaign argued that
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this is not true, that she didn't send those emails. the fact is, it could have happened, if it did. on the other side, trump's former campaign manager is also working for cnn. you have all these people involved. bill: he talked about a rigged system from the beginning. brazil issues this statement. i often share my thoughts with each and every campaign. with the cnn debate i never had access to the questions and would not have shared them with the candidates if i did. >> this is something everyone has to answer for. i don't think it's something that's going to go away. it comes at a time when a lot of attention has been focused on the trump campaign, but it's also something that warrants significant coverage. martha: we'll have more on the
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wikileaks information and the emails. we'll comb through it including the claims by the republicans there is evidence in these newly released emails there was a too cozy relationship between the clinton campaign and the justice department while they were investigating hillary clinton's email scandal. we'll show you what's in those texts when we come back at the top of the hour. also as we have been telling you, a fox news anchor will be moderating the general election presidential debate. chris wallace, widely regarded as the best questioner in the business, that's what these debates are all about, the questions, the follow-up, and the answers. we'll be moderating that all important final debate, one week from today between donald trump and hillary clinton october 19 in las vegas. where should you watch that?
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bill: check it out on the fox news channel. we have a war of words between trump and the republican party. four weeks less than that from the election. trump going in against republicans. where does that go now and where does it stand. we'll talk to members of the republican leadership team this morning live. martha: brand-new polls are showing perhaps trump may have stopped the bleeding with his performance in that second debate. what does the path to the white house look like now? >> hillary cut deals for donors so american workers exploited haitians in need. she even hand over american uranium rights to the russians. bill: that's a brand-new ad out from trump hitting trump on the foundation claiming collusion between the department of
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justice and the clinton campaign. we'll have all of that and more next. >> this election will determine whether we remain a free country in the truest sense of the word for become a corrupt bananait republic. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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rich? pay-to-play politics. staggering amounts of cash poured into the clinton foundation from criminals, dictators, people who hate america. good morning to y interesting spot. is the strategy shifting today? >> i think the strategy is the same as what it has been. this is clearly a change election. people see what's going on with the children tons. a family dead broke unable to pay either of their mortgages when they leave the white house. they haven't built anything, and the only way. bill: when you look at the polling numbers how concerns are you the election is shifting.
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>> two polls show the election is tightening up. mr. trump had a great bounce coming off this second debate where we believe he won handily. it showed he has a clear grasp of what he wants to do as president. but these core themes how we get our economy back on track and protect our country and keep us safe and the fact this is a change election and we need to change what's going on in washington. bill: where do you think this election is right now? do you think it's 5 points? 7? what's the spread? >> i think by the time we wake up tomorrow it will be a dead even race. maybe mr. trump a head a little bit. the energy is with us. 20,000 people were at the venue. that's where the energy and enthusiasm is.
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bill: it's so nice that the shackles have been take off me so i can fight for america the way i want to. disloyal republicans are more difficult than crooked hillary. they come at you from all side. they don't know how to win. i will teach them! what is the status of the relationship? >> mr. trump has never been the candidate of washington. he's never been the candidate propped up by politicians and wondering what the folks in think. he's always empowered by the grassroots. it's the people outside the beltway who have driven his campaign. hillary clinton is a different story. we are seeing stories about collusion and emails about her campaign. there is a lot of funny business about her campaign and the d.o.j. you see those emails, and it looks like there is some clear
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coordinating between the d.o.j. and the clinton campaign. collusion is a very dangerous thing. the fact that we have to break things up in washington. this is the exact type of thing he's talking about. bill: "wall street journal" talking about jump trying to go to more nationalist themes to depress democratic turnout. is that's what's at play? >> any time you see a story with anonymous sources, you have to take a step back to try to get the full picture. mr. trump is talking about the same themes he has been talking about during the entire election. we'll go in there and tear up these tearable trade deals, if they are tearable and he will renegotiate them. nothing changed with his messaging. you see mr. trump spending a lot of time going into community neglected by the democrats for
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too long and shows he wants to be a president for all americans. bill: curbing the clinton vote, you are saying that's not true. >> you look at the negative campaign hillary clinton is running. we are going to make people aware of the corruption and collusion. you even see the news about haiti. people, friends of bill are getting special instructions and special access as far as where to go for aid. other people are being told to go to a website. bill: we have a segment coming up. but thank you for your time. jason miller, thank you. much more to come from there. now back to martha. martha: donald trump is hammering republicans for what he says is a lack of support. we'll talk to republicans about that and talk about what is being called a civil war in the republican party.
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we'll break down some of the brand-new hours we have coming up next.
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bill: an autopsy revealing
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terrance crutcher was high on tcp when he was shot and killed by an officer. the officer said she thought he was reaching for a gun inside the suv. attorneys for crutcher's family says even though he had drugs in his system the shooting was not justified. martha: look at a new poll of donald trump's debate performance and how it's shaping this race. this poll shows hillary clinton up 9 points. the third party candidates are in single digits. the same poll was taken before the debate. it gave clinton a slightly bigger edge. his debate performance did help him recover a small portion that support.
6:26 am
let's bring in larry sabato. is that something donald trump should feel maybe has him heading in a better direction? >> as you know, martha, the trump people don't believe in these polls. i hear that daily and get emails and tweets about it, and that's fine. but i don't rely on individual polls. i think that poll was taken essentially at least over the weekend, when the reaction to the sex talk tape was the greatest and therefore trump was doing poorly. he did recover some because of the debate. tino by the polling averages. clinton has more or less had a consistent lead, 3, 4, 5%. basically the polling average will be 4, 5% by the end of the week. i don't think he will be ahead.
6:27 am
as i heard his spokesperson said. he's very optimistic. martha: that's what they are supposed to be. let's bring up this post-debate look. what do you think gop candidates for congress do. he's not feeling the love from those folks? >> the latest calculation is a quarter of the republicans who are governors or members of the senate or the house have either not endorsed trump or repudiated or endorsed or staying out of it. that's an extraordinarily high number. can they win? no, it's heads you lose, tails you lose. either way you will alienate a portion of the electorate you knead to get elected order
6:28 am
re-elected unless you are in a heavily red district. but if you are in a competitive purple district or state or in a democratic blue district or state and you are a republican. good luck to them. maybe they should say they are very busy. they are focusing on their race. is there a presidential race going on? maybe they can ask that question. martha: that's the advise paul ryan gave them. do what you need to do to win your district. donald trump is incensed about that lack of support. it's a strange situation we are seeing unfold here. let's take a look at the scorecard the way we have it now. your numbers put a few more states in the done and cooked category. this is clinton 307 in the electoral college and trump 187. what do you think about that? >> i think that map is perfectly
6:29 am
reasonable. i have some differences with it and the crystal ball puts arizona in trump's camp and north carolina and ohio barely in the clinton camp. she is a little bit ahead and that's a flip for ohio. some of these states are spinning like tops. we have 27 days to go and i guarantee you some states will which sides, we just don't know which ones yet. martha: in terms of the congressional support and paul ryan, do you think these numbers would be different if they were behind him 100%? >> in an extremely close state it's possible. in until, 537 votes separated george bush from al gore. you can list 25 factors that made the difference. maybe this would be one. but if you are asking me whether it would make up the four or
6:30 am
five points trump is behind nationally the answer of course is no. martha: larry sabato, we'll check in with you soon as we roll along. 27 days to go. bill: new fallout from the clinton emails, and one exchange with the justice department has the trump team accusing the clinton team of collusion. we'll show you what they read. plus there is this. martha: new video from inside syria showing the human toll of this five-year war. bill: a suburban neighborhood rocked by a massive explosion. so what caused this. >> i ran outside and i saw a huge explosion. the whole apartment ballooned down and it kept falling. t star. see me. see me.
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bill: fox news alert out of syria. russian fighter jets resuming heavy bombing of rebel-held east aleppo. activists say 25 are dead. five children. aftermath on dramatic video showing rescue workers trying to free the little boy from inside of the rubble. [shouting] five years on. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot live in london for the latest. greg, good day. ll. more death and destruction in what was syria's largest cities, wave after wave of russian-led airstrikes pummeling the eastern side of aleppo. that is where the anti-government rebels are holed up and where some 275,000 people are still trying to live or maybe just survive. all told since the heavy assaults resumed following a failed cease-fire last month, 360 civilians have been killed,
6:35 am
100 of them children. hospitals, ambulances, doctors, emergency workers, humanitarian aid workers, increasingly targeted in an apparent effort by the assad regime to empty that place of all people. the vatican today, pope francis, speaking out for what he called victims of an inhuman conflict and begging, pleading, for an immediate cease-fire. but with that city mostly in ruins, efforts to restart that cease-fire seem doomed. russian blocked efforts over the weekend in the u.n. security council to do something. secretary of state kerry calls for russia and syria to be held accountable for war crimes, remain just that, calls. analysts say if bombing continues at this pace, bill, there will be nothing left of the city by december. at least one analyst says, that could be the plan of the assad regime and its allies, that they finish this dirty job over the next couple of months, thinking that the obama administration
6:36 am
won't act just in time for the next white house occupant to take his position. or her position. bill: drone video was stunning to watch. to imagine that has been going on for five years, now in 2016 there is no end in sight. greg palkot, live in london. greg, thank you. ♪ >> today we learned amazingly that the department of justice fed information to the clinton campaign about the email investigation so that the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes. what is going on? martha: that was donald trump on the new emails that were released from inside of the clinton campaign. he claims that one exchange in particular points to collusion. clinton campaign manager pry -- brian fallon to hillary clinton and her aide. doj folks informed me there is
6:37 am
status of the case this morning. proposed production schedule as quickly as today. he was likely referring to the schedule that would enforce them to release the batches of emails over a certain period of time which was part of that investigation process. joined by marianne marsh, former senior advisor to to secretary of state john kerry and ed rollins. ed, anything wrong with that email? >> nothing wrong with it but at end of the day the emails people back a operation gone on for long period of time. the clintons have been very, very well-connected throughout government. question always pretend justice doesn't have political people. they have a lot of political people. attorneys that want to be justices and judges. hillary was inevitable nominee from their perspective and they did everything they could to
6:38 am
help her. martha: brian fallon, spokesperson for hillary clinton, used to be spokesperson for the department of justice. clearly he knows people there, has deep ties across washington, they all do. marianne you don't think there is any problem with this particular email but is there a problem what it suggests how perhaps cozy everybody was in the discussions about this, especially in light of the fact that loretta lynch and bill clinton sat on a plane together right before the final decision was made? >> martha, there are actually two problems. the first problem the emails were stolen. private emails from american citizens likely stolen by the russian government and none of them verified. that is why the fbi is investigating this. and i think we should not lose the fact. we don't know if these are real but they were stolen and hacked likely by russian government, more than likely to help the trump campaign, when wikileakss dumps emails they do it at a time to help the trump campaign. that is the first and foremost the biggest problem here.
6:39 am
number two, ed worked at white house, i worked at senate. this is public information. you get calls all the time. are you having a hearing? is there committee hearing all time? this is public information. that is how public institutions work. we all got the calls. we all made the calls there. is nothing nefarious, they are entitled to information especially a judge was hearing it. everyone is making this out to be scandal, the real scandal here the fact these emails were stolen likely by the russian government and now being investigated by fbi. you have the trump campaign spokesman on with bill a few minutes ago who talked about collusion. let me tell you, there is a far greater crime here if it is ever found out that anybody cooperated with the russian government to do this and an american citizen doing, this is most serious crime at all. martha: she ought to be concerned about them on all sides here. >> so is the collusion side. martha: stick with the facts. we showed the email as it existed. that was information that could be received publicly. >> interesting thing these are
6:40 am
podesta's, obviously they were stolen. they were stolen by somebody. >> receit. >> and someone who worked in government i would have, lots of things i didn't want to have stolen or talked about even though i was not an email world. i think the real thing here though is no one is denying it. when you get to justice and one of the things in the white house, same i'm sure in the senate, in the white house you could never touch justice t was always the legal -- white house counsel. fred fielding was our counsel. only one that could deal with justice. the fact this is going back and forth. you say it is public information. it is public information when the judge makes it public information. the. >> the hearing is public. martha: i want to get one quick thought on haiti. put up full screen. there is another subject we want to get to very quickly this came from a staffer, caitlyn cleverich. need you to flag when friends are of wjc. this goes to issue right after the earthquake in haiti. getting people to give donations, which is great.
6:41 am
everybody is on the side of that. but turned out to be a $10 billion relief effort and rebuilding effort. so, the fact that some of the people who were in the loop and who were getting access to top clinton officials may have later gone on to get contracts and that is what this chain is pointing to, inconclusively at this point, but part of what people are looking into, is that a problem ed? >> the clinton group always had friends of bill clinton. they have had had extraordinary network of people, better than anybody else i ever seen in politics. they always take care of their friends. unfortunately the haiti tragedy, which we have another tragedy going on there, the clinton foundation, other groups were in there, a lot of people made a lot of money who probably shouldn't have made a lot of money. hard issue to make in campaign. to certain extent beginning unravel the whole clinton foundation thing. martha: marianne thank you, ed thank you. see you next time. bill: newt gingrich sounding off on republicans who will not campaign with donald trump. >> only question we should ask
6:42 am
of every republican, is not are you going to support donald trump. are you going to help beat hillary clinton? any republican who is willing to help her should join the democratic party. bill: well, it is complicated. we'll talk to a member of house republican leadership team on where things stand today. also, did you hear what tim tebow did off the field? that's next. (climbing sounds)
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when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones) martha: football star turned baseball miner leaguer tim tebow making his first appearance notice arizona fall league. what it is he did off the field is making headlines. he rushed over to help a fan who had a seizure in the stands. the former nfl quarterback praying for the man, then talking with him while they waited for paramedics. tebow explained, baseball is awesome, something so excited to get a chance to pursue, what is important lives matter, people matter. this young man, he mattered.
6:46 am
so my instinct to be with him, put my hands on him and pray for him. interesting young man. bill: like clark consent, isn't he? martha: he is kind of like clark kent. bill: keep going, tebow. martha: absolutely ♪ >> i know media likes to focus on a handful of republicans who have chosen a different course but we're really been overwhelmed to see leaders and rank-and-file republicans and many independents. frankly at my rallies here in iowa, many democrats who are responding to donald trump's message that we can make america great again. bill: so that is governor pence saying republican divide is not as deep or wide as some believe. but you still have house speaker paul ryan putting distance from himself and donald trump. what about all this today? indiana congressman luke messer, a member of the house republican leadership. thanks for coming back lear on "america's newsroom." what do -- >> glad to be on, bill. bill: what do people need to
6:47 am
understand on the outside about perhaps the complication as it appears among this relationship? how do you see it? >> the relationship of paul ryan and donald trump? bill: paul ryan and others in the house, yeah, what do you think? >> first i think paul ryan's comments have been misconstrued. what paul told our conference was this. i can't defend donald trump's recent comments on the tape. i can't defend them either. paul will focus on his job to make sure we have republican house majority after this election. i think paul very clearly understands the problems of a hillary clinton presidency. she will appoint three supreme court justices likely to undercut second amendment rights and religious liberty. she will have four more years of feckless foreign policy that won't call the enemy by name and build structures we need to defeat radical islam. it will be four more years of a government first economic policy that is frozen paychecks across the country, that is despotting the middle class. this is a non-traditional
6:48 am
situation. i understand traditionally we've been able to grab the banner of our nominee and full-throated scream and cheer like at a college football game. that is not where we are but the stakes are very high. frankly i think the vast majority of republicans across the country are behind our nominee. bill: paul ryan was asked about this. his office put out this statement. reads in one line, paul ryan is focusing on the next month defeating democrats and all republicans running for office should probably do the same, end quote. you nailed it there. this is very, shall we say, unconventional. >> yeah. bill: so how do voters, how do independents in the middle, how do long-standing republicans, how do they interpret this now? >> i think when you look at those stakes, we need to stop the infighting and focus on the problems and challenges we have with the left, that will take our country in a very different direction. i can tell you this, if you don't want to see those supreme
6:49 am
court justices appointed by hillary clinton, if you don't want to see the economy continuing in the direction of growing government. if you don't want to see feckless foreign policy, we need to vote for republicans up and down the ticket. you need to elect local member of congress who is republican. elect the senator that is republican on the ballot and elect the republican nominee. bill: you have 2days to make that point. is that enough time? >> well it better be enough time. i mean we have to come together. i will say this, infighting isn't helping anybody. and i think part of what we've all got to understand this is a non-traditional situation. listen, i'm a father of a 12-year-old, and 13-year-old and nine-year-old. i can't defend those kind of comments. i never thought i would see a day where a republican nominee would be recorded anywhere making those kind of comments but i also understand the broader stakes that we have. hillary clinton and her team will send our country in a very different direction. by the way, i think that is
6:50 am
where the american people are. i think, they get it. they have the common sense to process this as well. and we got 20 eight days to make it work. bill: last point, then i got to run. you mentioned infighting a couple times. if that is the case what is your mention to donald trump. or conversely what is leadership to paul ryan? >> donald trump and paul ryan are adults that have built remarkable careers. i don't know that they need any advice from my. if we all stay focused on hillary clinton and stay focused on the direction the left would like to take this country and present our positive view how it would be different, with a stronger national policy, with a stronger economy, then we'll all be better off. bill: luke, thank you for coming on, republican from evansville, indiana. thank you, sir. >> thanks. martha: a massive explosion rattling a suburban neighborhood. what investigators think is behind that blast. bill: also the latest on a
6:51 am
deadly crash involving a small airplane. why there may be reason to believe this was intentional. the fbi is on the case. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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bill: mcdonald's not loving it when it comes to scary clowns. the restaurant chain will limit appearances by the ronald. in light of the creepy clown phenomena that has parents on edge and entire school districts closing sometimes, mcdonald's said it is mindful of the current climate and wants to be thoughtful and respectful regarding people's concerns. hmmm, which takes the clown costume off the list for halloween. martha: not a good time to be ronald macdonald. he has like a three-week vacation. bill: i found an elvis costume last year, martha. did i show you pictures.
6:55 am
elvis in hawaii in 1973. it face nominal. the king, the king may return in a couple weeks. that is all i'm suggesting. >> hallelujah. i can't wait. elvis is alive. all right, this for you now. officials say a gas leak sparked a massive explosion in a suburban neighborhood outside of chicago. the blast destroyed two homes there. matt finn watching all of this for us in chicago. unfortunately one of the gas workers was seriously hurt in the explosion, matt. tell us about that. reporter: yeah, martha, unfortunately one of the gas workers sent to the hospital in critical condition after this explosion that a neighbor said felt like an earthquake. the two gas workers were reportedly working on a gas leak when the explosion rocked a neighborhood, destroying a apartment complex. one neighbor who lived nearby took cell phone video. her best friend lived in the apartment that exploded and she frantically feared the worst. >> i got a text message saying
6:56 am
your best friend's house is on fire. so i ran, immediately grabbed my bike and i ran outside and then i saw the a huge explosion. the whole apartment just blew down and it kept falling. reporter: fortunately the that young woman's friend was not home and is doing okay, martha. martha: thankfully, in fact none of the tenants were hurt. this morning a lot of people who don't have a home. reporter: two children of at least 21 people were displaced by this explosion. the american red cross is helping them find shelter and assist in the relocation. the exact cause of the explosion is under investigation by the gas company and investigators this is apparently not the first time this neighborhood was rocked by an explosion. one woman said was outside of her home 13 months after an explosion in this neighborhood in 1999, martha. martha: thank you very much. bill: more on that coming up here. meantime, donald trump doubling down. what does the party do now?
6:57 am
interesting conversation with a congressman messer a moment ago. is this part of a shift in trump strategy. we'll talk about that when we talk to dr. ben carson. he is live right here next hour. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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(cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. martha: we are less than a month now to election day. donald trump waging war on the republican establishment, firing shots at gop leaders who are not supporting him. interesting times we are living in, folks. welcome, everybody, hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'll bill hemmer. trump going after house speaker paul ryan and others as weak and ineffective. republican nominee saying he may be better off without their support. just last hour one top trump advisor saying his relationship with the party has never really changed. here is jason miller on that. >> nothing has changed with the relationship. mr. trump has never been the candidate of washington. he has never been the candidate
7:01 am
propped up by politicians and wondering what the folks in washington think. he is always has been powered by the grassroots. people outside the beltway always driven his campaign. that is the exact same way it will be. martha: marc thiessen, columnist for "washington post," fox news contributor. fellow at american enterprise institute. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> strange times, this is very interesting. 27 days to go and there is huge civil war going on between the republican party. >> no, absolutely. it is donald trump really causing the civil war. he is attacking his fellow republicans. if you have ever seen a bunch of 6-year-olds playing soccer, all of sudden one starts running the wrong way to the other field and shoot it in the net, you're yelling, no, go the other way. that is what donald trump watching republicans, shooting at his own-goal. martha: didn't they abandon him after the tape came out? >> what he said in that tape was really troubling for a lot of republicans. it caused them a lot of trouble.
7:02 am
if you're in a swing state, if you're in purple district or fighting in a really tough district, you need to win women's votes, that cause them a lot of trouble. does donald trump not want a republican controlled congress? does he think a democrat controlled congress will build a wall with mexico or pass his tax plan or pass his defend spending increases? they're not. he needs republicans to control congress. what does he care if somebody decides to dance himselfs. it is not about him. martha: i understanded what you're saying. it is disgusting what they talked about on the tape. everybody can agree on that, but is it shocking coming from donald trump? my thinking did they know who they were talking about when they endorsed him in the first place? have they followed his story? have they read anything that he said? yes, these were most disgusting vulgar comment he heard. makes it 10 times worse on video and hear it with your own ears. but to be completely shocked and bowled over and you know, then negate everything that allows you to come closer to him in the first place, like borders and
7:03 am
isis and you know, the economy and all of these issues, supreme court nomination, suddenly i don't care about any of that? >> no, of course you're, look, martha, you're 100% right. if this video or these comment shocked you, you've been living under a rock. megyn kelly, all you do turn into the first republican debate, first question on republican debate when megyn kelly raised this. it shouldn't be shocking. the problem we're a few weeks away from an election. this put it in front of the forefront, suburban women voters going to candidates why are you supporting donald trump? they might not vote for them. donald trump needs the republicans to win the races. second thing, frankly, martha, trump by attacking his fellow republicans, number unextending story. making this a big story. two, he is distracting from hillary clinton problems. she should be in the middle after firestorm over these emails where she admitted that she says one thing in public and another thing in private. where she may have divulged
7:04 am
classified details of bin laden raid. she may have colluded with the justice department. we should be talking about that. but donald trump keeps drawing focus on to himself and fights with republicans. if we're talking about donald trump fighting with republicans he is losing. if we're talking about hillary clinton and her scandals and her leaked emails he is winning. he doesn't seem to understand that. martha: all right. we'll see where it goes. thank you. always good to talk with you. >> always good to be with you. martha: thanks. bill: now we'll show you where we believe the race stands today. we've been crunching a lot of numbers right now. just put this on screen because what you see here is a significant advantage for hillary clinton. based on all the polling that we've been watching, since the last debate and since the hot mic put out et cetera, we believe she right now is over 300 electoral votes. on screen behind me. she is at 307. trump is at 187. now you ask yourself, how did we come to this for the moment with
7:05 am
2days left? listen, all this can change. we seen movement in nevada that favored hillary clinton. likewise in colorado. we saw movement up here in pennsylvania, new hampshire, virginia, and state of florida which really is a must-win for trump with 29 electoral votes. that's why you see the change in the and addition of the map. it can change after debate number three, one week from today. we'll see how it goes. in order for trump to get a path to the white house, she has easier edge right now. she has a greater opportunity to get to 270, which is the number needed. trump would need to reverse things in nevada, which is possible. stay strong in iowa which apparently he is so far. he is also going to have to maintain places of arizona and georgia, keep them in republican column. then what he would need, he would need ohio and north carolina and florida. it is not easy to do, but if he did it he would be 265. you start to see whether or not
7:06 am
pennsylvania is in play or stay democratic as it has since 1988? what happens in new hampshire. haven't gone republican in several cycles. this is what we're trying to figure out. figuring out what path is viable for him or for her. this is where we see the map. we adjusted it every 48 hours depending on polling numbers. keep you posted on that. quick view. six minutes past the hour. >> justice department dropping a case against an american arms dealer over the failed policy in libya. the former defendant says the government was trying to make him take the fall to protect hillary clinton. he spoke exclusively to chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge who is live with us this morning in washington. good morning, catherine. reporter: thank you, martha in his his first television interview since criminal charges were drops against him, licensed arms dealer, marc turi, the obama administration with cooperation of hillary clinton state department tried and failed to make him the fall guy
7:07 am
for 2011 covert weapons program to arm libyan weapons that spun out of control. >> i would say one hundred% i was victimized to somehow discredit me, throw me under the bus, you know, do whatever it took to protect their, you know, next presidential candidate. reporter: five years into the investigation turi says the justice department dropped the case to avoid public disclosure of the weapons program designed to force ouster of libyan dictator muammar qaddafi. turi exchanged emails in 2011 then envoy to libya chris stevens, because u.n. sanctions blocked u.s. direct sales to the reb dells. a day after that email exchange. clinton wrote this email, that reads in part, fy it, the idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered. >> i can assure you that these operations did take place and those weapons did go in
7:08 am
different directions. >> who got these weapons? was it al qaeda? was it ansar al-sharia? was it isis in the end? >> all of them. all of them. all of them. reporter: he says he never got the contract or sold the weapons. instead it went through two gulf nations with the state department in the lead in that is why it spun out of the control because there wasn't proper vetting on the ground in libya you with some weapons going essentially to america's enemies and others heading to syria, martha. martha: incredible. was she asked about this, catherine? reporter: in fact clinton was pressed on weapons issue during her 2013 benghazi testimony. >> were any of these weapons being transferred to other countries, any countries, turkey included? >> senator, you will have to direct that question to agency that ran the annex. i will see what information is available and -- >> you're saying you don't know? >> i do not know. reporter: the justice department decision to drop it.
7:09 am
uri's case one month before the election and public emails really tasked clinton's testimony in new light. privately many republicans believe she misled congress in the testimony about the weapons program, martha. martha: a lot of people thought that was off the wall question at the time but now it appears there was quite a bit of substance to it. reporter: that's correct. martha: catherine, thank you very much. reporter: you're welcome. bill: the fbi looking into a deadly plane crash. why there may be reason to believe today that this crash was intentional. martha: crazy story. more on that coming up. plus donald trump butting heads with some republican party leaders. he says they will come around. so what about the republicans who are standing by his side? dr. ben carson is one of them, and he is on deck. bill: new emails getting the clinton camp in trouble again. comments about catholics and evangelicals. did the current head of the dnc give hillary clinton extra help before a televised town hall?
7:10 am
>> these wikileaks emails confirm what those of us here today have known all along, hillary clinton is the vessel, a corrupt global establishment, that is raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of our nation. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. bill: now we know the fbi is going to connecticut this morning to investigate a deadly small plane crash after the pilot apparently told
7:14 am
authorities that the crash was, intentional. a passenger on board, a jordanian national is dead. when the plane hit a utility pole on the way to land outside of hartford. pilot said to be in critical condition. expected to survive but how this story unfolds -- martha: meantime, wikileaks shining the spotlight on hillary clinton's relationship with the media. a number of leaked emails showing high level campaign staffers in communication with well-known tv personalities. in one example, donna brazile, at the time with cnn, warns the campaign about questions for an upcoming town hall. asking for mrs. clinton answer on the death penalty. howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz." howard, welcome, good morning to you. >> hi, martha. martha: she claims that is not what happened. what do you think the evidence
7:15 am
says? >> on peep doesn't look good. donna brazile said from time to time i get questions in advance, one day before the a town hall with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. 165 people have been on death row later set free. since 1986, 1414 people were executed in the u.s. look at question that was actually asked by the town hall by comoderator, roland martin. [applause] since 1976, we executed 1414 people in this country. since 1973, 156 who were convicted have been exonerated from the death row. >> very similar reading. i spoke to donna brazile on the phone last night. she said to me cnn contributors don't get anywhere near the town hall process. i wasn't involved. i am never involved, dan that brazile said. i find it flabbergasting. i find it ridiculous.
7:16 am
cnn spokesman told us contributors doesn't get question beforehand t wasn't entirely clear what the email was about. but at the time she was cnn contribute tomorrow, she was also the vice-chair of the democratic party. obviously she was checking in with the campaign this is instance it seemed she was trying to help the campaign. both she and networks denying it. martha: it is fascinating, when you see this email traffic and you start to see some of the back and forth that is revealed in it, it just raises eyebrows about how cozy some of these relationships are and there is also some questions about one that was raised with john harwood from cnbc. >> yeah, john harwood, cnbc's washington bureau chief, he took a lot of flak. our viewers may recall for debate that he comoderated in which he asked donald trump if he was running a come big book campaign. -- comic book campaign. he had email relationship with john podesta, clinton campaign chairman. he said hillary clinton did a good job or don't believe he is
7:17 am
hiding anything nefarious after the email scandal. one after the debate where harwood comoderated where he wrote, i imagine obama feels some sad vindication that this demonstration of year's long point about the opposition party veering off the rails. i certainly am feeling that way with respect how i question trump at our debate. in fairness, reporters, journal ists try to build relationships with campaign officials to get scoops and interviews. one of these emails harwood asked podesta for interview from cnbc. martha: yeah. so it is out there and i guess people look at it, as you say, you know, you do send emails back and forth. you try to establish a good relationship. that is part of what you do as a reporter when you talk to the campaign, whether or not people feel like that is over the line is up to them. >> but are they doing the same with the trump campaign i would add that? martha: very good question. good to see you this morning. bill: demolition attempt apparently did not go as planned.
7:18 am
[explosion] round two. martha: okay. bill: that is one tough bridge right there. martha: stubborn bridge. good for you. bill: what the demolition crew did next though might surprise you. martha: this one is percolating in a big way right now. faith under fire. was the clinton campaign caught mocking conservative catholics and evangelicals? >> this is where hillary clinton talks about the freedom to worship. it is okay if you just kind of go to church and treat it as social club, glorified social club but if you literally want to teach your children these principles, live your life according to that you're going to run into trouble with hillary clinton. your insurance company
7:19 am
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martha: demolition crews trying to bring down in bridge in arkansas and but doesn't give up easily. when the smoke cleared the bridge was still standing. weakened, you wouldn't want to drive over it necessarily. you wouldn't want to drive over it. they managed to pull it down using a barge but took a few hours. bill: they're determined in arkansas. newly-released emails from wikileaks show members of the clinton team saying offensive things about important voting bloc, catholics. and evangelicals. emails from the hacked account of the clinton team, share, john podesta. she is copied in one exchange mocking beliefs of fox news ceo rupert murdoch and "wall street journal" managing editor robert thompson. clinton campaign communications director jan pal mary writing quote, i imagine they, thinking it is most socially acceptable
7:23 am
politically conservative religion. their rich friends would not understand that they became evangelicals. roman catholic priest, jonathan morris, you saw this yesterday, last night. what kind of language is that, father? >> it is bigotry. they go on to say, they must be raising their kids catholic, referring to murdoch and robert thompson, they muzz be raising their kids catholic, right? for some political motivation. how could they be doing it? how could they possibly be doing it? what they don't understand, those who are writing this, some people become christian or some people follow pursuit of their faith not for political reasons but because they're actually trying to seek the truth and trying to come into a relationship with god and they want their kids to have a relationship with god. this is purely political and it is shocking. bill: i think it is cut at both faiths.
7:24 am
amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attracted to systemic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of christian democracy. how do you draw that -- >> chris shen democracy, actually the united states of america is the land of the free. many people left their homelands to find religious freedom in our country. i've been very critical of some of the things donald trump said and done, very publicly, very highly critical way. i don't take any sides but one of the things at stake right now in election i believe is religious freedom. and we have to make sure that anyone who wants to be the commander-in-chief of the united states of america is making sure that both that person, he or she, and his people, or her people, are standing up for religious freedom, even if you don't happen to agree with that particular faith. i want it from donald trump. i want it from hillary clinton. bill: severely backwards gender
7:25 am
relations of the faith, wow. i think about pennsylvania. i think about catholics in ohio. i think about, you know, listen, on sunday mass, said there are priests across this country who will see this, and pass it on to the folks in their church. >> i certainly will pass it on as i have passed on other things that i don't like about what donald trump has said and done. but what we need to do -- bill: you have? >> of course. we need to make sure that the values of our belief system, of our churches, are influencing politics, not looking for partisan support one way or the other or pushing one candidate. i don't think any christian pastor should be endorsing one candidate, but we should speak out of the values and principles that make our country great. that have made our country great. and make sure those principles and values are preserved for the next 100 years. bill: this is to suggest that they're too shallow to understand or know better. >> yeah. what they're saying right, in
7:26 am
these emails is complete bigotry. you know, we've gone way beyond that in our country. we elected a catholic president, john f kennedy, our current vice president is catholic. we as a country need to respect the fact that some people believe differently than us and that religion is not for the stupid. and that is what these elitists are doing right now. bill: you wear a collar. this is your life's mission. >> i do. bill: when you hear something like this, how do you take it personally? >> you know i recognize that these might not be bad people but they're terribly confused and i would even say terribly ignorant. to suggest that somebody is becoming catholic or many abouting a christian and raising their children in the faith, why, for political purposes. that's not, that's not smart. that is not american. this is isn't just anthony catholicism. this is anti-american talk. bill: jonathan morris. >> god bless you.
7:27 am
bill: back to the parish. >> back to the bronx. bill: martha? martha: there is more where that came from. former president bill clinton taking heat for comments that he made about trump supporters. details on the phrase that he used to describe them and whether this new phrase could be the next "basket of deplorables." fair and balanced debate. we'll tell you what bill clinton said coming up. bill: how close are we going to mars, folks? if the president has his way it may happen relatively soon. ♪ we asked people to write down
7:28 am
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martha: ben hall live from our london bureau. why has a lamb stopped talking? reporter: it's been 11 months since the attacks in paris that killed 130. all that time he has refused to help. but from his prison cell south of paris he insists it's not that he doesn't want to talk. but he's angry about being placed under 24-hour surveillance. >> when you are under surveillance 24/7 by a camera you go nuts.
7:32 am
reporter: as a result they say they can't defend him properly. martha: what does it mean to the investigation then? >> authorities hoped to find out more about the network. all those seem to have come to dead end. he is thought to have played a key role. but investigators are still looking to determine his role in the brussels bombing as well. the brussels attack left 2 dead. the attorneys say the real victims are the victims of the paris attacks. they say they want justice and perhaps with aslam locked up
7:33 am
that's what they have got. >> i'm basically your standard redneck. bill report other guy's base. that's you, brad. a bunch of rednecks. that's all you have, trump supporters. a bunch of rednecks. >> it's worse than being called a deplorable. because redneck has a racist tone. bill clinton knows that. he admits he grew up in that era of racism. he nows what redneck means. so i think it's worse and i
7:34 am
think bill clinton owes trump supporters and the american people an apology. listen to what hillary clinton said in the debate. she wants to be president of all the people. she just not only alienated a huge group of republicans, but she offended the entire american people. bill: dose owe america an apology? >> no. brad, that's why they paid you the big bucks. you took something that bill clinton said saying he was a redneck and that's what bill clinton said, he grew up in the deep south. he was trying to illustrate why he understood, he could get into the mentality why a base supporters in the deep south supported donald trump. but then he went on to say donald trump is not going to solve their problems. donald trump is not going to solve the economic problems they are facing, what they are dealing with in the deep south.
7:35 am
that's something bill clinton can independently do. bill: in that same speech he said they go into west virginia and all those people are watching fox news. coal country. all those bad people. all you bad folks are watching fox news. it's the new basket. >> he doesn't say bad folks. bill: you heard it. what do you think he was then implying? >> i think that he is talking about a group of base voters, not all the republicans, not every single fox news watcher, but a group of base voters, the white working class votes that hillary clinton and donald trump are fighting over that want to go back to a time where the white man really was more successful than any other demographic. >> that's a racist remark. >> he's a white man.
7:36 am
>> are you saying what he was doing was complimenting the republican supporters of donald trump, especially those living in the south? >> there is a firm line between a compliment and trying to identify a base of voters. you know what's derogatory? saying you are going to ban muslims. >> we have debated that over and over again. address brad's point. >> was he being derogatory? no, he was joking. he grew up in the deep south. his nickname is bubba. if there is anybody in the race that understands the deep south, it's bill clinton. bill: the coal people don't like us anymore. they all voted for me twice and they did well. basically your standard redneck. >> that's what he said, he knew up in that area and understands
7:37 am
the troubles and needs they are facing. >> apparently he's still a redneck. if he claims he came from that area and was a redneck, perhaps he's still a redneck. do you say he's a redneck? >> that's not for me to say. he self-declared himself as a redneck. i think people made comedy careers using that word. it's part of their branding. >> i'm a trump supporter and i'm not a redneck. >> you are not from the deep south. are you hurt? are you offended? >> yeah, i am offended. >> enough with the privilege. you guys have been struggling so hard your entire life. >> i worked for everything i got. >> let's get real, playing the victim. i think that's what it is. there is a group of voters that think that they are being -- they are the ones being
7:38 am
marginalized. the real people -- bill: did you just drop the white privilege bomb here? defend that. >> he said it's a racist comment. since when has anything in society been racist against white men. name some instances. >> this is what we shouldn't be doing in this country, pitting people against each other. >> you are the one who said it was racist. >> she even said she misspoke when she said the word deplorables and now bill clinton throws gasoline on the fire and uses a derogatory term. bill: wrap it up, before you get back to brooklyn. it comes down to this. he was making a comment to talk about the problems that a group of voters face. he identifies it, he grew up around. brad, you are the one who used the word race it.
7:39 am
>> because i know what the term means. >> i'm sure you felt a lot of racism in your life, brad. bill: come on, now. >> that's what he said. bill i would never say anything defamatory about them. thank you. martha: so kay. cubs fans are pumped up after an incredible comeback. four runs in the 9th inning to win it. clinching the game. they await the winner of the
7:40 am
dodgers and national. bill: chicago is going nuts with this team. martha: we are talking baseball again. bill: yes, we are. a major rift dividing the republican party. what does donald trump need to shore up the base. one-time trump rival and supporter ben carson is next. martha: one man take matters into his own hands to chase down his stolen truck and putting it on facebook. where else would you put it these days.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> if you are elected president you are going to need mccain and ryan. >> they will be there.
7:44 am
i would think ryan maybe won't be there, maybe he will be in a different position. but mccain will thereby, they will all be there. >> you think they will cooperate with you after you trashing them. >> i got along with you for 20 years, i can get along with anybody. but i get along with people. i think you know that better than anybody. i will get along with them. martha: donald trump telling bill o'reilly working with republican leaders will be no trouble at all after he's elected. dr. ben carson, former presidential candidate. good to have you here today, sir. i just want to see what your thoughts are. i know you were plugged in, we were having that panel discussion about bill clinton saying trump's base is just standard redneck which is what i grew up in. what do you think about that? >> it's personal, it's not true. i know a lot of people who are
7:45 am
not red nects who are ardent trump supporters including yours truly. i don't think i'm a redneck. this is a very interesting election because it's not about democrats and republicans, it's about we the people versus they the political establishment. the political establishment consists of democrats and republicans. and they identify with each other more so than they do with the people. i think a lot of people recognize that. that's why two out of three americans feel we are on the wrong track and need to change directions. i it would be more than two out of three if americans actually paid attention to what's going on. donald trump's path to victory is to speak people and explain to them the vast difference between the republican platform and the democrat platform. i think if most americans read the democrat platform they would run from it.
7:46 am
but the democrats are safe in that most americans won't read. martha: do you get frustrated when he goes off to i can and gets involved with some of the stuff going on, and are you frustrated with the leadership in the republican party? or do you think it doesn't matter given what you just said? >> it does -- as a physician, we tend to make decisions based on evidence, based on data. the evidence shows that when donald trump talks about the issues, he rises. and when he gets into the mud, he falls. so i think that information is difficult accept naight, working its way through the system. i think we'll see a change. as begins to talk about the issues, there is no way hillary clinton can compete with him on the issues. getting into fights with ryan or anybody else complete waste of
7:47 am
time. it's not helpful at all. but talking about hillary, particularly with the email things that have come out and the various scandals, i think that's truthful because a lot of people just don't hear about that enough. but even more important than that, by far, are the issues, the economy, and jobs, and education, and immigration, and terrorism. hillary doesn't have anything:to say about those things. martha: we have 27 days to go. i think you said that message is getting through to mr. trump. is that enough time? >> i think it's getting through. you look how quickly things have switched already. in a week's time you see reflections of 5, 10, 15 points. i don't think it's too late at all if he gets on message and talks about the issues that affect the people of america. that's what they wanted to hear.
7:48 am
martha: what about some of the comments even in a longer time frame context, you have stuck by him. tell everybody at home why. a couple reasons. first of all. i know a lot of things other people don't know about what a big heart he has and how he treats people. i look at his family, and those are real. these are not fake relationships. martha: give us an example. >> more importantly he loves this country. he has already got fame and fortune. he has the stuff that a lot of people who run for office are looking for. he doesn't need that. he certainly doesn't need all this aggravation. but he loves our country and awants it to be successful. that's why i'm sticking by him. i recognize that the alternative is the continuation down the secular progressive pathway and
7:49 am
america won't be what it was meant to be. i think we should give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to experience the good things about this country and not change it to something else. martha: you said you see a donald trump other people don't see. can you gives an example? what do you mean by that? >> this is a man who does things for people he doesn't even know when he knows they are in need. and, you know, that's something he doesn't talk about a lot. but there are multiple stories. you guys should have him on some time and get him to talk about it. he doesn't like to talk about it. he's kinds of shy about those things. incredible stories about ordinary americans he didn't even know them and he helped them out tremendously. martha: we heard some of that at the convention. maybe you can put that in his ear. he has been invited here many times. dr. ben carson thank you very much.
7:50 am
thanks for being here. bill: jon scott is coming up next on "happening now." jon: speaking of the election, it's less than a month until all of these crazy events come to a close and the gloves are really off now. new strategy from donald trump. but can it turn things around? bret baier is here. plus the drip, drip, drip of wikileaks information. another dump this morning from top clinton aides and their election strategy. that's ahead. happening now. bill: all systems go. the president laying down the deadline for a mission to mars with humanoids on board. when's it going to be?
7:51 am
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
7:54 am
bill: president obama trying to help nasa write the next chapter in space exploration. pitching a manned mission, or woman manned mission to mars in the next decade. he laid down a range that could span 20 years? >> the president said by the 2030s the united states will be sending astronauts to mars. they give them a good couple decade to work out the logistics you need, building the habitat, building the ships they will have to go out. what kind of engines do they need to get there quickly. and what kind of health issues
7:55 am
will they have to face. they have a good target range. what he did announce was the involvement of commercial companies will be much higher than what we thought initially. bill: ways the effect of that then? >> nasa is going to go beyond what they are doing now. they have commitments from spacex and boeing. and this kind of expand their involvement to outer space really to the moon, mars, and maybe someplace else. bill: if i were to give you a 20-year horizon today, is that in your view doable? >> i feel it is doable depending on the commitment on a budget level and a national evident. in the apollo era they weren't from 96 putting a person in space to 1969 putting people on the moon.
7:56 am
spacex announced they want to build a colony in the next 50 years. that's longer than the president's timeline. lockheed martin, boeing, they are casting their own lots, too. bill: there is good competition there. >> something has changed in private space flight approach. there could be a new race tomorrow. bill: my guess is they see money in it. bill: nice to see you again. thank you. martha? >> donald trump has been going all in on his own party in the last 24 hours. both candidates hit the key on the road. and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything -
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only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. . . .
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martha: we had an interesting morning. bill: sure did. little bit of this and a little
8:00 am
bit of that. martha: more wikileaks. bill: jacked up for vegas sunday? martha: absolutely. you should see me at the blackjack table. bill: we are gonna. happening now starts right now. we will see you tomorrow. [music] john: get ready for donald trump unshackled going after anyone who offends him, fellow republicans by day and hillary clinton by night. i'm sure that surprises you, right? i'm john scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. donald trump about to hold a rally in florida. critical state for him where the race is very tight. we will talk a little bit about that with local reporter. he's reminded one florida crowd about his margin of victory in the primary and said he will be very angry if he doesn't twin state in november. our senior


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