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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bit of that. martha: more wikileaks. bill: jacked up for vegas sunday? martha: absolutely. you should see me at the blackjack table. bill: we are gonna. happening now starts right now. we will see you tomorrow. [music] john: get ready for donald trump unshackled going after anyone who offends him, fellow republicans by day and hillary clinton by night. i'm sure that surprises you, right? i'm john scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. donald trump about to hold a rally in florida. critical state for him where the race is very tight. we will talk a little bit about that with local reporter. he's reminded one florida crowd about his margin of victory in the primary and said he will be very angry if he doesn't twin state in november. our senior national
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correspondent live with the trump campaign in florida, john. john: good morning, to you jenna. tongue-in-cheek saying that he would be very angry if floridans didn't work for him because he created many jobs in the sunshine state. he obviously has as well. he is appearing in ocala, marion county which is where we are now won by mitt romney. donald trump having a rally here. they had early voting, he seems to be heading into a deficit here in the state of florida. real clear politics has hillary clinton up by about 2 and a half points. donald trump had been leading here and donald trump and the campaign blaming the turn of fortunes, obviously what happened in the last 72 hours but also suggesting without the support of all republican that is makes the path to victory much more difficult taking any of the people in paul ryan and senator john mccain for not being supported as they should be, john mccain actually
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withdrawing support. he's taking the approach very much like he did in the campaign where he is going to be his own man. he's not going to listen to other people in terms of being more politically correct. not going to play powder-puff football. kellyanne conway was asked about the difference means in fox and friends and this is what she said. >> do you support us and or do not support us? past presidential nominees have been able to rely upon much more support within the ranking file members, electing members than he is. >> on the campaign trial donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton and the clinton foundation pursuing pay to play politics and taking aim at wikileaks revelations that according to john podesta that
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people who were friends of bill clinton who we wanted to get involved in contracts to rebuild haiti were given a fast track whereas other people had to go through the bureaucracy. here is what donald trump said about that yesterday in panamá city, florida. >> as people were dying in haiti, clinton insiders were separating out requests from friends of bill or william jefferson clinton vip's so that their business interests or contracts would receive very special treatment. people who were labeled not friends of bill were placed very much on the sidelines. >> and some evidence in the last few hours that some republicans are coming back to donald trump, nebraska senator say that she is supporting donald trump whereas over the weekend she had indicated that she would not because of those hot mic comments. senator fisher denying that she ever waived in support for donald trump, but if you take a
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look at tweet that is she sent out over the story. the comments made by mr. trump was disgusting and unacceptable under any circumstances, it would be wise for him to step aside and allow mike pence to serve as our party's nominee but the trump campaign is saying that any republicans who want to come back into the fold and support donald trump are welcome. jenna. jenna: john roberts live at the trump campaign. thank you. john: let's talk more about this. it's not just the republican establishment in trump's cross hairs these days. he's daying into the news media as well. on o'reilly last night he insisted the negative press aimed his way is unfair. >> this is the all time pile on in the history in term -- >> so my question is it coordinated? do you believe it's coordinated? >> bill, yeah, i do think. before i ran i used to get great press. my wife said the other way, i got some but very few. now i have like -- ci be in the
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front page of new york times and three different stories and every one of them is a hit job. you understand that. it's a very unfair press but i knew it would be bad, i didn't know it was this bad. boy, i'm going to get hit because i stand for free borders, strong borders. we are not going to have a country if we don't have borders. people are soaring. ice just endorsed me. >> brand-new poll from red state showing trump and clinton in dead heat. 26% in utah, four points behind is independent candidate evan raising the possibility of a third-party candidate actually winning the state of utah. he has ties there, of course.
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bret. >> no, john, the media has a lower approval rating than congress which stands at 18%. so there is some low-hanging fruit there. i will say that donald trump in recent days, weeks has given the media a lot to chew on. he did know going in that at some point the media overall mainstream media would turn on him. anyway, but then he has provided a lot of oxygen for those stories. so he clearly mentions it every time he's on the campaign trail, it is something that fires up his base, they too believe that but, you know, the trick about this election now is addition not subtraction and who are you adding in the independents or the democrats who are more conservative or moderate, who are you adding in the state that is -- who are undecided and it's
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a very small number and so far the addition is not work if you look at the polls across the country. john: that brings us to his battle with other republican leaders and office holders. washington post today says donald trump declared war with the republican party, is it that bad? bret: well, it is a civil war. there's no doubt about it. we often talked about how there's this phrase that there's a civil war within the republican party and now it's playing out on twitter and other places. i think deb fisher is a great study here. she came out that she was going to pull out and say that donald trump should step down and mike pence should be the nominee, this is again the senator from nebraska and then has reendorsed, if you will, donald trump. that suggests that either she's heard from constituents, she's seen polls or the tide has changed and we will see if he's
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anomaly or where the party starts heading. i think most of the republicans have kind of just stayed quiet. there's been about 30-plus who said that donald trump should step down. but he spent yesterday lambasting them on twitter, the ones who did and didn't really spend a lot of the day attacking hillary clinton's campaign. john: washington post argument that i alluded to earlier carries a quote from a trump campaign spokesman. he says, mr. trump's campaign has never been driven or fueled by washington. it's always been driven by the grassroots and will continue to be. what we want is everyone who wants to defeat hillary clinton to be on board. so if he is so unconcerned about washington, why is he then sending out tweets like these? he says, our, meaning republicans very weak and ineffective leader paul ryan had
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a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty. obviously that referenced to the call with republican members of congress who are wondering what to do about trump, whether they should continue to support him or not. another tweet from trump. disloyals r's, republicans, are far more difficult than crooked hillary. they come out at you from different sides. they don't know how to win. i will teach them. it's a most unusual presidential campaign by any standard. bret: right, the campaign, the head of the campaign steve, kind of behind the scenes running it, has had out for paul ryan, if you look at his time, he said paul ryan as speaker of the house is the enemy and the establishment republicans are the enemy. this scratches an itch for the base that says that republicans in washington are not getting it done, they didn't stand up to president obama and the administration enough and, you
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know, who care ifs we lose the house or the senate? that's the mentality. the problem is that in order to get things done it's a lot easier if he won the presidency, donald trump, to have a republican senate and a republican house to be able to get what you want to get through congress. i mean, that is how washington works. you have to get it through the house and the senate. if you have a democratic senate and maybe even a democratic house, it seems like a long shot still but there are some out there who say the house is in play, it's a lot tougher if you're president to get anything through and that's why the balance of power raises and crucial and one to watch on election night. john: it would seem that mr. trump would do better to train his fire at hillary clinton. we are going to be talking about it later in the program, new lines of attack against hillary clinton to focus all of his fire on her and the democrats rather than shooting this circular
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firing squad within his own party. bret bre -- bret: we have seen, he doesn't follow the play book. this is an antiestablishment environment and he's play to go that. i would be surprised if he continues into today. i think that he's going to focus more on the wikileaks emails and what they mean to the clinton campaign which, by the way, our chalk full of different things and we have been covering them on fox and special report. john: bret, see you tonight. first time ever one of our fox colleagues will be moderating a general election presidential debate. award winning chris wallace regarded as the best questioner in the business will moderate final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. this make or break event in less than three weeks before historic
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election of 2016 is to come october 19th in las vegas. the best place to watch the big debate, of course, right here fox news channel. jenna: a week from today. let's go live to virginia where mike pence is speaking about forgiveness and grace speaking about donald trump and the leaked video that there's so much talking about. the vice presidential candidate mike pence. [applause] >> in the famous evil empire speech president ronald reagan actually said in an address delivered to the national association of evangelicals these words, he said, quote, i urge you to be be aware of the temptation of pride and lifely declaring yourselves above it all and label both sides equally as false, close quote.
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president reagan warned in his day, a warning that people of faith might do well to reflect on today that we should be aware of temptation to likely declare ourselves above it all and label both sides equally at fault. his addmunition is as relevant today as it was then. maybe even more so. you know, we woke up this morning in the news, you might see when you get back to your dorm room that our opponent's campaign which candidate called million of americans a basket of deplorables simply because they stand with my running mate. and it was this morning that we learned from -- jenna: mike
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pence speaking at liberty university in virginia. you can watch the entire event streaming live on john: early voting numbers out of florida pointing to an early advantage for one presidential candidate, we will get into that. we also want to hear from you. do you believe the u.s. is in a new cold war with russia? our live chat is up and running, goes to . bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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jenna: donald trump campaigning
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in florida. he was there last night where he told supporters he's opening of a repeat for the primaries. >> we won by 21 points. everyone said, what happened? i went to a couple of states, trump was 1 point down and then we win like by 14 points. we could have this happen, we are pretty even in florida and i'm disappointed because hillary hasn't created a job and i've created thousands of jobs in
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florida, thousands. [shouting] >> at the rally i have over a thousand people just at doral itself, trump international, many, many jobs, buildings along the beach in miami. now, we've created a lot of jobs so florida, if you guys don't vote me as a victor, i'm going to be angry at you. jenna: let's bring reporter for the miami harold. i'm seeing breaking news about voter registration because of hurricane matthew. it looks like there's going to be an extension for voter registration in the state of florida. can you tell us a little bit about why that's significant? >> well, several democratic groups had flagged the party and the clinton campaign last week and said, hey, our voter registration drive for the last few days when they usually see a
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surge of interest got canceled because of the storm and so by late sunday the florida democratic party filed an emergency lawsuit asking for an extension, a judge extended the deadline for a day until today, the deadline was originally yesterday and today at a hearing the judge ruled that the voting is now going to be extended until next tuesday saying there is no more precious right than the right to vote and that in the areas that were hit by matthew people, you knowinger had other things in mind and this will give them a few extra days to sign up if they haven't already. jenna: does that favor the democratic party to have voter registration extended? >> well, certainly it was the democrats who were more interested in extending the deadline, the clinton campaign had their campaign manager say that this was a priority because they had these drives set up to get these last-minute new voters. the democrats have had more interest from new people who
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have never registered to vote in florida before this year and so they're trying to keep that up and people usually, you know, wait until the last minute. jenna: absolutely. we can all understand that. many of us are running behind this election season just in general with so much going on. i'm curious, patricia what you think of donald trump's assessment that is we heard there that he thought in the primary that is the polls did not favor him but when you look at the end results, the end results were different. do you think something like that is going on in the state of florida? >> well, the primary polls in florida had trump leading. and in tend he won handily as he noted. right now the polls have clinton leading and in 2012 at this time they had romney leading and in the end romney ended up losing by 1 percentage point to barack abi'm. the troubling news for trump in some of these polls compare today 2012 exit polls is he's trailing romney among key demographics, not only hispanic
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but also white voters, college-educated voters, moderate voters and in some cases by 10 percentage points which means trump might not have necessarily assembled the romney coalition to try to at least tie the democrats this year. clinton hasn't quite assembled the coalition either but much closer, she's about to hit obama's number with hispanics which was 60% in 2012, the last poll we saw florida hispanics has her at 58%. so she is closer to reaching the obama numbers compared to the exit polls than trump is to romney. jenna: interesting context for us. we look back at some of the elections, thank you for joining us. we look forward having you back. >> my pleasure. john: emergency motion to delay a trial over debunked article over rape on campus in university of virginia. set to begin on monday, why the magazine says it cannot get a fair trial next
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jenna: rolling stone wants to delay a defamation trial over debunked rape story set to begin on monday. story about the 2014 case is set to air on abc and rolling stone is worried they won't get a fair trial because of the added publicity. the trial centers around a a retracted story about a fraternity gang rape that was later discredited. the suit was brought by the uva dean who claims she was portrayed as the, quote, she's villan of the story, the article's author has been accused of having an agenda against the dean. john: breaking now pope francis is calling cease fire in syria as russian jets resume pounding rebel-held areas in the city.
8:26 am
at least 25 people were killed. five of them children. heart-wrenching video of the aftermath. senior foreign affairs joins us now. >> we got word of a deadly air strike in syrian city of aleppo, popular market there hit probably by russian jets, 15 killed including women and children. this after wave after wave of russian and syrian air strikes, mostly the eastern side of the city that's where the antigovernment rebels are based where some 275,000 people are trying simply to survive. all toll since heaviest resume following a failed cease fire last month. 360 civilians have been killed, 100 children increasingly targeted hospitals, balances,
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doctors, emergency and aide workers. it's an apparent effort according to analysts by the assad federal government simply to empty that city. meanwhile you noted that the vatican today pope frankies speaking out the victims of an inhuman conflict and begged, he pleaded with the public with the governments involved for an immediate cease fire. with the city mostly in ruins efforts to restart cease fire really seemed to be doomed russia blocked un security council over the weekend, efforts to achieve that again, secretary of state kerry has called for russia to be held accountable for war crimes. right now it's simply a call and analysts say if the bombing continues in this pace they'll be nothing left of the city by december and at least one analyst, john, that could be part of auditory plan by syria and allies to get the job done by then with the administration
8:28 am
will not get involved just in time for the new occupant of the white house to come in there in january. back to you. john: big job for whoever wins this race. thank you. jenna: former house speaker pleading with republicans to stand behind donald trump and offering dire prediction of what will happen if trump isn't elected. you will hear from newt gringrich with both campaigns using dire language for what's at stake, how effective is that and what does it mean for whoever takes up residence at the white house. a small plane goes down and investigators are looking whether someone crashed it intentionally. >> the first two rounds have been intense. >> people have been -- lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done. >> so a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear code. >> unlike anything else, in the last showdown the debate is fair
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then your rates go through the roof. perfect. ♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> after eight years of damage by obama hillary clinton if she wins will mean the end of america as we have known it, literally, she will bring the most corrupted administration in history into the white house and
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the rule of law will become irrelevant. it'll be as discovering from wikileaks, the rule of friends of bill. >> they propped him up for a long time. they have to answer for that but they have to answer about whether they're going to stand with him when he, you know, forments and runs a campaign of division, bigotry and now a racist. [laughter] jenna: happy wednesday, right? newt gringrich sharing view of hillary clinton presidency followed by her campaign manager john podesta and who to blame on donald trump's rise. mercedes is a former white house spokesperson for spanish language media under president george w. bush and fox news contributor. let's take a deep breath of all of that. it's intense.
8:34 am
i'm sure viewers feel it. i feel it. it's exhausting. simón the question is the campaign strategist, is it helpful, is it effective? >> well, i think it's interesting that hillary has been very explicit in the last few days that she wants to end this campaign on an optimistic, uplifting note. she wants to reject pessimism that we are hearing and to try to change tenure of the debate. jenna: her campaign manager said that. >> i know. if you look yesterday, two big rallies, she's with young people. they are trying, they are aware of this and they know that a negative tone hurts turnout and democrats, they are trying to change the tone of the election. i think she's going to be successful in final weeks. jenna: mercedes, what do you think? >> hillary clinton is quite frankly a hypocrite, when you look at what her campaign came out talking about catholics calling their belief backwards, one thing publicly and privately it's another situation.
8:35 am
so she says let in the syrian refugees with the dramatic increase of numbers but yet in the private she says, well, it's very difficult to vet. she basically talks about and criticizes wall street in public and in private basically says i'm with you. jenna: from campaign strategy point of view, you hear newt gringrich and encouraging republicans to get out, when he says america will be over as we know if hillary clinton is president -- do you think that's correct, number one, is that going to get people inspired to vote? >> it's a dark period in our political history right now in this cycle. i think that what's challenging is that there is a major concern with the hillary clinton presidency. this means more of the same of barack obama's failed policy. it's more of the same of how are you going to deal with the failed obamacare where labeled participation rate remains very
8:36 am
low, where individuals still feel that there's income inequality has gotten worse under presidency and it would the same old play book that obama has done for the past eight years. so i think that that's where newt gringrich is basically saying, look, do we wanting to with the democratic agenda w the hillary clinton agenda or do we need to change course for america to really promote economic growth, ensure national security and ensure that our communities are safe. jenna: we are not electing a queen or king. there is balance of power and there is the next chapter for whoever does move into the white house, simon. how can anything good come from a campaign, he was speaking of both, where the entertainment is increasingly x-rated and the winner would be morally injured. we are going to have to deal with whoever is elected and how they operate when it comes to government. are we setting ourselves out for something much worse than it would be because we are so negative, speaking about the
8:37 am
other candidate? >> jenna, these are great questions and we are not going to resolve on the show today. do i want to say and respond to what mercedes has said, barack obama has been a successful president, deficit is down, incomes have gone up. portrayal of republicans including mercedes that the economy is worse today than when he took office is false. we had two consecutive democratic presidents that have done a good job with the economy. when he was in the white house with bush things got worse. i do think things are not as bad as people say they are. if you look look at polling barack at 55% approval rating. lacest gallup poll 62% of americans say things are getting better. yes, there are people upset about what's going on but the majority of americans are happy where things are going in the united states, they are happy with their own economic conditions, we are not as indire straits as many people have
8:38 am
said. >> i think if you look at the economy and it is sluggish. we are looking at maybe 2% gdp growth. that's basically where we have been. i think when you look at those americans who feel that they have been left behind in an obama economy where they can't get a full-time job, they're getting a part-time job, so, yes, i think you could say that like obama says the good time to live in america for some, but not for all and i think that you do need -- the plan is to have an economic growth plan where it would benefit all americans and i think that that's where there is a difference between whether you go with more regulation, more taxes versus less regulation, less taxes and that's where you have the two separate agendas from two candidates which we keep focusing on is moral deficiencies. jenna: what does the next year look like for us and how are we setting up the country for the next big questions that we are going to be tackling.
8:39 am
you're right, simon, we are not going to solve it. [laughter] jenna: i have to keep trying. great to have you both. there is a lot to debate. that's true and the third and final presidential debate is something we are all going to be watching, our very own chris wallace is going to be moderating. first time fox news moderated presidential debate. of course, that will be the final debate before voting day. tune in a week from today 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. john: breaking now the fbi is investigating the crash of a light plane in connecticut. a survivor told reports it was no accident. now, a focus of investigation is on the other person on board, a student pilot who died died in the crash. rob is on the scene with the strange story, rob.
8:40 am
>> yeah, very strange, john, we had a press conference and basically no new information was given. i think that makes us more curious and we could be frank here, the reason that this is getting a lot of attention, not because of small plane crash but possibly, possibly terror related. this is mainstream in east hartford, connecticut, the scene is right behind me. 150 yards. a bit of plane -- small twin engine plane trash from yesterday getting attention from the fbi and that's what's so interesting here. reports saying the pilot who actually survived this crash is telling the fbi that this was no accident. saying that we believe that the student that he was with in the plane may have tried to take this plane down. there were two people on board, pilot and the student, the pilot did survive. he had burns and taken to the hospital in critical condition, the student was killed, reports
8:41 am
saying that it was 27-year-old from the nation of jordan, he was a student on the plane. he was license today fly an airplane and the crash was curiously close to main unites states headquarters which is maybe 200 yards away from where the plane went down. they're also a defense contractor. they make engines for a lot of the jets that we fly during war. you start to see what the possibility of maybe a motive could have been in all of this and, of course, none of this is confirmed. we don't have any of this confirmed. you start to see why the fbi is here, because of the close proximity. the plane also almost hit a van when it came down. video is amazing when you see this happen in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. a mother and a small child in that van reportedly taken to the hospital just because they were so shaken up by it but not injured, not hit by the plane.
8:42 am
statement here that we are going to read you, assisting authorities as needed, we are unable to comment further since this is an active investigation. we refer you to appropriate authorities for additional information. right now the fbi still has not given us anything, any information at all, we just got something from hartford police and they basically didn't say anything. this is a very tightly investigation. they don't want to give investigation out. in my experience means that there might be something here that they don't want to dump on the media and make sure they have all the t's crossed and i's dotted. we will send it back to you. john: given the impact it's amazing that anyone survived. rob schmit. jenna: tide up girl and 2009 of disappearance of kayla. police now say who this man is
8:43 am
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apparently locked up in a basement is not linked to the 2009 disappearance of a wisconsin girl named kayla. officials say the guy in the video has been identified along with the actress, the girl, they say the whole thing was staged. the question now is where do we go from here. anne and gus a criminal attorney and former prosecutor, for those who didn't see our program, the guy in the video whose face we just showed puts out this creepy video saying he has a new girl. met her at the mall and throws up a locked basement and girl bound and gagged on the floor and screams what are you doing and that was the end of the
8:47 am
clip. we spoke to the police chief in wisconsin where they are still investigating the disappearance of kayla, some seven years ago, the chief and his force and other forces possibly the fbi have tracked this guy down. they say he is not involved. it was all just an act. could he face charges, eric? >> if stupid was a crime, he would be facing a felony but it's not. this is a case where there were actors involved in this and it is not a crime unfortunately because i know that the family really wants to prosecute this man because this gives them hope that they have someone who is at fault for their baby's kidnapping and possible death. death has not been confirmed. >> the mother thought it was her daughter. she heard her voice. >> only if people are consenting the act or whoever is involved, then it's not necessarily a crime. however, said that if you could
8:48 am
show that there was some link between that and the horrific disappearance or intent, i'm not suggesting that there is, then maybe, but i do intend to agree, don't you can actually prosecute them. >> if they intend that this is the girl, they could be sued civilly for the police investigations, time, overtime and all of that. i have seen case where is that has happened. >> good point. >> they could be responsible from all the payments that the police had to make in reference to investigating the video. >> this guy whose face was -- the video was up for seven years. nobody paid any attention until over the weekend, sort of an amateur internet sleuth stumbled across it, maybe that's kayla tied on the floor. well, that guy has been getting death threats. he does not want his name out there because he put this thing on youtube for the whole world to see and now he's getting death threats.
8:49 am
>> what was really horrific is that the mother said, hey, that definitely sounds like her. other friends said, look, i've been with her a thousand times, it sounds exactly like her and back to eric's point of civil litigation, you can say that's tremendous emotional distress. >> specially if they were trying to do it. this is where people need to stop doing stupid stuff. emotional distress trying to say this was the girl, i have her tied up and that's the kind of thing and this guy, we don't know -- this leads to death threats. john: there was another gentleman that lives in the area and people looked at this video and says that's so and so and that guy was getting all kinds of harassment. police said, no, he had nothing to do with it. he isn't even the guy in the video, so you have to be careful with some of these social media craze.
8:50 am
>> social media has lots of positive, of course, this is one area that it can be negative. people speculating all over the place. terrible. >> you name the wrong person and the person gets beaten up or killed. it's happened in video where people have misidentified someone and say this is the definitely the person and then they will get severely injured. john:y witness testimony sometimes the least reliable. unfortunately there is still no clue as to what happened to kayla, her family is still looking for that girl and let's hope they get some answers, eric, and doug thank you very much. >> my pleasure. jenna: senator fighting for political life, power oh on capitol hill, we will explain next some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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john: sandra and harris will be in a few minutes with the crew. what do we have? sandra: we are waiting donald trump to speak in the battleground state of florida, of course, amid tensions with mr. trump and the republican establishment as well as new strategy to dampened democratic turnout. is it a good one? harris: the leaked emails are apparently showing a current clinton campaign staffer mocking catholics and evangelicals, could it hurt the democratic candidate with christian voters? sandra: what would the map would like if only men voted or only if women voted and we will tell you what it means. harris: we will see you in just a few minutes. john: that's going to be a fascinating segment. harris: well, thank you. jenna: what was supposed to be an easy senate race for republicans, missouri incumbent is fighting to keep his seat in
8:55 am
what's become a heated contest that could tip the balance in power in capitol hill. matt in chicago. matt. matt: senator roy blunt under extreme pressure to get reelected in just a few weeks so the party can keep majority in the senate. the democratic party needs to pick up five seats in november to gain control of the senate and now that party is spending millions of dollars in missouri. the senate race was initially considered a second-tier race that favored the republican candidate but now in the final weeks analysts and polls indicate the state is a toss-up, blunt's opponent describes himself as the fresh-face washington outsider that can beat his opponent, the career politician. >> senator blunt wakes up every day to think about what he can do for international interest that day and i'm a veteran of the war in afghanistan who has demonstrated the ability to work to get things done. >> my opponent is a guy who has
8:56 am
run for three offices in seven years, he's clearly focused on getting a job on doing the job. no accomplishments in the missouri house, negative accomplishments as secretary of state. john: in missouri one of the hottest topics right now is the policy to right to work. the democratic candidate for governor and senator are picking up major endorsement and supports from labor union. in the blue-collar state of missouri, all the democratic support does not play well for the republican candidate roy blunt and also adding interest to this race concern whether or not donald trump's divide with the republican party will hurt republicans in senate and congressional races, so far roy blunt says he stands with donald trump. jenna. jenna: matt, thank you. john: new in our second hour of happening now, new legal developments in the case against the only surviving suspect in last year's terror attacks in paris. an american arm's dealer levying serious accusation thats of
8:57 am
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>> we have great stuff coming up in our second hour. >> we certainly do. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: very busy hour ahead.h s fox news alert. a live look at ocala, florida, and that is where we're expecting gop nominee for president, donald trump, to hold a rally in that very key swing state. we note at this hour he appears to unleash a new strategy which combines hitting back at republicans abandoning his candidacy and going very negative on the clintons this. is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. fox news contributor and founder of the chris kyle frog found takes, taya kyle. we welcome back our


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