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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we have great stuff coming up in our second hour. >> we certainly do. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: very busy hour ahead.h s fox news alert. a live look at ocala, florida, and that is where we're expecting gop nominee for president, donald trump, to hold a rally in that very key swing state. we note at this hour he appears to unleash a new strategy which combines hitting back at republicans abandoning his candidacy and going very negative on the clintons this. is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. fox news contributor and founder of the chris kyle frog found takes, taya kyle. we welcome back our #oneluckyguy, judge alex ferrer.
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>> not ocala. harris: he is funny and bringing it. you're outnumbered. >> i am. if i take on each of you one at a time i think i could survive this. harris: it doesn't work that day. let's get to hump day sizzle. good to have you. we're waiting for donald trump to speak. we're looking at his strategy, attacks on hillary clinton and fellow republicans, namely house speaker paul ryan. yesterday as you may know, mr. trump said, quote, the shackles are off, and he told the factor host bill o'reilly, he had it with gop leaders who turned their backs on him. in aftermath of that leaked videotape of trump making lewd comments about women more than a decade ago. >> we should get support. we don't get support from guys like paul ryan. he had a conference call with congressman, with hundreds of them and they practically rioted against him on the phone. one person stuck up for him. i'm tired of non-support. i don't want his support.
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this happens all the time. if you sneeze, he calls up and announces. that is terrible thing. i don't want his support. i don't care about his support. harris: across the aisle, unshackled trump appears to be a top concern among hillary clinton's top aides who worry deepening negative attacks on their candidate could put a big chill on democratic turnout. clinton campaign chair john podesta on that. >> this seems to be their strategy. disgust everyone with, you know, sort of democratic dialogues -- [inaudible]. i think our people know that their futures are at stake and we're doing everything we can to continue to ron positive campaign. harris: taya, i want to start with that aspect of it, and your thoughts? >> the disgusting part of it, that strategy? harris: yeah. >> i think the problem is, truly i can see where donald trump is
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coming from in a way, why is my party turning on me because democrats are doing something totally different. they have hated hillary clinton different times in their careers, all of them supporting her now, ideology is more born than the morality of the candidate. wish the republican party say the ideology he supports is more morn r important than the the morality or what he has got going. personally i wish we could say the person with the most character is our candidate. that ship has sailed for both democrats and republicans. it is, nobody is a good candidate on that. we have to support ideology. i think maybe that is why he is mad. having said that i do have to respect people that say, i have a problem with him. i want people to be able to speak their minds and have that be okay. harris: judge, newt gingrich, kind of piggybacking what taya just said, really puts the decision for particularly republican voters this way. let's watch. >> the only question we should
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ask of every republican, not are you going to support donald trump, are you going to help beat hillary clinton? hillary clinton will be the most corrupt, most dishonest person ever elected. any republican who is willing to help her should join the democratic party. harris: that is decidedly a different question than whether or not you have a problem with comments t breaking it down to very basic line. >> it really does. i think trump is making a mistake going head-to-head against the party party, he could do it in softer way, i made statements. i'm not proud of those statements this is about much bigger than the states i made and kind of drag that theme through. that being said, i agree with the democrats that him dragging this and making this a sewer battle with hillary could really work against the democratic party because, you know, generally what we have now is voters who are saying, you know, i don't like my candidate but she is better than the other side. and the more he trashes her, the more you're going to get people,
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who, i'm getting burned out about the election and i'm vested in it. harris: interesting. >> more people will go, maybe not much better than the other side. i don't think i want to be married to either one. they may stay home. the ones who have most, i think republicans have more devoted followers right now. harris: intensity because of the u.s. supreme court picks happing on the next president's watch. i heard you say, melissa, couple what the judge just said about whatever topics that donald trump will roll out against hillary clinton, with the email dump, oh, my goodness gracious, we've seen a lot emails. through john podesta released through wikileaks. melissa: it is appalling and like you said it is almost drowned out. a lot of negative noise from every side. mike pence said something interesting in the last hour. he stood up at liberty university, evoked the words of reagan, i will not get it exactly correct, he basically said be careful of temptation to
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name yourself above it all and say both sides are equally at fault. there is too much at stake here. on the republican side, if these were my sons i would send them to room for reset. boeings of you stop right now. i don't want to hear another word. everybody go off, to think about what is going on here. there is too much at stake for the futures of our families to be having these ridiculous fights, right? ashley: he has got everybody's attention right now. he saying not being treated fairly by media. pointing out every republican doesn't stand behind him as a whole. he has got their attention. when does he make the pivot, this strategy worked for him in the primary, when, with a month out to election day, does he pivot, i've got your attention, i'm going at this alone. here is what i'm going to do. everybody is wanting him to get back to issues. harris: so here's a question, taya. can he really do it alone? most people need some help at this point because there is so much incoming from the other side. >> i think that what works to
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his advantage there are a lot of people who are really disgusted with hillary clinton and corruption that they see so that works to his advantage. this is one of the few times where he might be able to go it more alone really vote comes down it can't be hillary. not so much that i really love donald, right? it can't be hillary. that way it could work to his advantage. in other years were it not hillary clinton it might not work at all but it might this year. harris: you have a voice like newt gingrich, such a powerful voice within the republican party, advising donald trump he isn't able to get more republicans behind donald trump and to get more people on board here in these final daze, making comments like that. he is not, he can not be any worse than hillary clinton is what he is saying. >> that is why i said he shouldn't take on the republican party because the republican party are all the republican voters. he can take on the republican legislators who are not backing him like he did with ryan. he can say that but saying, republican party is bunch of losers and things like that,
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you're taking on all voters, he can't do that. because he needs the votes. they are basically trying to protect their skin. they want to keep their seat. they're afraid tying themselves to him will cost them their senate seat or house seat. he can attack them but say to the republican people, you know, you know where we're headed if you have a hillary clinton presidency. i'm your solution. harris: i know we've been kind of toggling back and forth between the five of us here and the live picture in ocala, florida. just to remind everybody. we're on it. as soon as donald trump steps up to the lecturn we'll take you there live for all of his comments. in the meanwhile he has a new political tv ad that's out. we have a little bit of that and we'll talk about it. let's roll. >> how did hillary end up filthy rich? pay-to-play politics. staggering amounts of cash poured into the clinton foundation from criminals, dictators, countries that hate america. hillary cut deals for donors. harris: judge, i realize this is not about the economy or some issues we tick off but is this
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one that sticks, does it work? >> it does. for pay-to-play politics, that is a term for some people that goes over your head. you have a certain amount of time in acommercial. corruption is biggest thing that sticks on hillary. every day we have emails come out tie her to something. now we have emails come out that tie her to media biased. we have the clinton foundation thing. we have the fbi investigations that just seemed to end wrong. so yeah, the public is really biting into the clinton corruption theme. anything he does in that vein will probably have an effect. harris: taya, we kind of know, because we've seen hillary clinton run for president before what might be coming in the next 27 days in terms of discipline of the campaign and traditional outlay of ad buys and what not. what do you like to see from the trump side or what do you anticipate seeing? >> i think he should stick to the issues.
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he think he has more policies. harris: you think he needs ad buys? >> ad buys are good, they need to focus on something different. i would be thinking if i wanted to support the person they're disparaging. a lot of people say that is not true. that corruption is not true. they didn't prove anything. it didn't end up jail. i think he needs to stick to policies. melissa: i don't know, i hate to disagree with her but negativity works. harris: sandra? ashley: turnout will be everything but talk about this all day and night but look at polls all day. turnout will decide the election for sure. harris: with the states already voting we know what that will look like in the enbecause we know who typically votes early. so turnout particularly for democrats is going to be key the so we'll see. as we've been telling you for the first time ever, a fox news anchor, you and i were tweeting about this. ashley: yes, ma'am.
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harris: a fox news anchor will moderate a a presidential election debate. award-winning journalist chris wallace, widely regarded as the best questioner in the business will moderate all important final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton oop, oop. that is my celebration. 9:00 p.m. eastern in las vegas, best place to watch the first fox moderated debate is here on the fnc for the cool kids. fresh batch of hacked emails we were just speaking about this, and when you look stunning words from clinton's head of communications, mocking catholics and ivan gel call christians. coat hurt mrs. clinton's campaign? did wiki likes show media bias. coordinating with campaign officials how to maximize her quote, presence and help her in a debate.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] harris: we are away iting donald trump to get the lecturn. we fully anticipate he will speak this hour.
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this is ocala, florida, and judge ferrer giving me notes on rural part of the state, north and west of orlando. huge crowd it looks like from what we gathered in the little picture anyway. we'll bring it to you as it happens live. donald trump about to speak. ashley: more bombshell revelations coming from wikileaks as it releases thousands of hacked emails allegedly from inside the clinton campaign public. this time redeveloping clinton staffers mocking catholics. in a 2011 exchange, now clinton communications director, jennifer paul my airy, said this about conservative catholics. many other conservatives are catholic because they think it is the most socially acceptable, politically conservative religion. their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. the comments stemming from an article how fox news chairman rupert murdoch and news corp chief executive robert thompson raise their children catholic.
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head of family research council last night on "the kelly file" laid out in terms why religious voters should be outraged. >> there is a lot of americans who literally want to live their lives according to their faith and it is clear hillary clinton and their team hold them with disdain. this should be politically troubling for her, not because the evangelicals, maybe the catholics, will volt for her, but it shows hostility towards religious freedom. that is where the evangelicals are right now. ashley: fox news has learned that donald trump will conduct a conference call with catholic leaders later today to discuss the criticisms. judge, these leaked emails showing clinton campaign staffers mocking catholics, evangelicals. what do you make of all this? >> obviously it is not good. i think voters will look at it differently coming from hillary clinton herself as opposed to staffers. i think, excuse me, i think that the staffers making comments like that has a certain amount of weight.
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they always throw around when somebody in trump's campaign does something like his campaign manager grabbing somebody by the shirt, that is the atmosphere he set up, right? i don't think it will have the same amount of weight with hillary. that being said, christians in general and evangelicals in particular are already gun-shy what is coming down the pipe as far as supreme court nominees, because they already feel like catholicism and christianity is being, is being targeted. so they're already sensitive to this. being that christians are --is:? >> i don't think they're being targeted but i think we definitely have slightly more liberal view from the court than they would like. you know, i tend to have my opinions about, about it. i don't think it really, i don't think really is targeting christians but i they see, feel their beliefs, to exercise their religious rights is clashing with the supreme court pronounciation like gay marriage. we see that in businesses that are being --
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ashley: obviously, melissa, a very important part of the election. karl rove points out catholics have gone for the winner in every presidential election since 1972, except for 2000 when they went for gore. melissa: in fairness this is her staff but i believe this is how the liberal elite feels including clintons. when i hear this kind of language i feel sorry for these people. faith provided framework in my life. i went to catholic school. my children have. my three children are ban tiesed. it resets myself of core values. to remind myself to be a decent person and thank god for my blessings to count them. i come out of church feeling renewed at end on a sunday. i feel sorry for these people they're continuing in this cycle of getting ainge yourier and more bitter and -- angrier and more bitter and vicious without that opportunity to reset. i also think, i wrote a lot
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about this in a new book, this is how we end up worshiping the environment and liberalism and progressivism, because you don't have the foundation and framework and reason to go out to be a decent person. >> the other thing when you mentioned at the beginning, i just forgot the point. it is about your -- melissa: blew your mind. ashley: to bring this back, politically, taya, people decide what they care about. >> yeah. ashley: with so much negative out of the clinton campaign. voters need to decide what matters to them. >> it makings your begin today easier to push. people abandon their ideas of faith and values and come from, to believe what you're selling there. is advantage for them to do that. unfortunately i don't think it will change anything. obama was going to a church
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saying, god, damn, america. all of people with their gods and guns. typically doesn't make a difference who gets elected if they don't like christianity and people of faith. that is unfortunate but the facts say it doesn't matter. >> i remember what i would say, i knew it would come back to me eventually. one. emails talking about how hillary she has position she takes in public and position she takes in private. that can lead a lot of christians to say, wait a minute, she doesn't say it publicly but the fact her campaign takes that attitude, i wonder if that is her private position as well. >> great point. harris: i don't know how many more emails we'll see? >> i think there are more. harris: like a spiders web lead to one central issue. i would say this quickly, if this is the tone and tenor among the campaign some of them about christianity, what about judaism, what about some. faiths in our country? here it is yom kippur. >> sure. harris: day of atonement, high holy days.
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>> can you imagine if the trump campaign made comments about jews in that same vein? unbelievable. harris: this is personal issue with people. i think it is important one. sandra: new polling forecasts showing massive gender divide we continue to see in this election. not a rosy picture for trump when it comes to women voters but, trump says he knows what women want. harris: hey, baby. ♪
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melissa: just four weeks to go to election day. a new look how gender could affect the race in hypothetical forecast by 538 nate's silver, if only men voted the country would be painted bright red.
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look at your screen. that's it. according to projectses trump would grab 350 electoral votes. clinton's would come from the west coast, some part of the northeast and two states in between, mexico and illinois. but it would be much different story if women were only voters that would yield 458 electoral votes for clinton and just 80 for trump. who would win some states in the south and northwest. all of this as trump tells "o'reilly factor" he is not sure if he believes the polls shows him losing to hillary among female voters. trump says women are coming up to him, they have heard far worse than lewd remarks that he made in that 2005 tape and plan to focus more on women in the coming weeks. listen. >> do you have any plan to speak to women directly or to target them with ads or anything like that? >> i do but, what women want, you know, we do the child care program that really ivanka
9:28 am
wanted very, very much, my daughter ivanka wanted it and i agreed with it 100%. what women want is secure borders, they want safety and law and order and a police department allowed to do its job. they want justice for all. they want a lot of things that everybody else wants and hillary clinton can't do it. melissa: this discussion always makes me so crazy when you talk about voting on male and female lines. i care about the economy. i tell my kids, my job, one of them to keep you clothed and fed and warm and teach you how to do that for yourself later, right? he didn't say the economy that time. sandra: i mean it was interview. he probably meant it. he would probably even would have led with that as he often does. he did say women want a lot of things everybody else wants. melissa: that is correct. sandra: that is all encompassing when you look at it. no doubt women will be huge decider in this election but doesn't sound he is really got a specific plan in these last few weeks to target women.
9:29 am
if he is doubting the polls, okay, he seems to doubt the polls when it benefits him. melissa: yeah. sandra: if he is doubting the polls, what is he saying? more women will show up and vote for him that are willing to say out loud, is that the point, judge? is that the point he is trying to make? >> i think that is not actually an invalid point because i think there is going to be a tremendous amount of people who vote who are saying i will never vote for trump, i never vote for trump, and go in there when nobody is watching to vote for trump. i think there is submarine vote. harris: why do you think that? >> there is election nobody likes either candidate. i said here one time, company suffering the most next eight years, bumper sticker manufacturers people don't want to admit. people won't admit they throw a vote for trump because they find him reprehensible but then again, points he is making, i care about the economy. i care, and i think he as a businessman will be able to
9:30 am
bring jobs back. i care about safety. i don't like the idea that hillary clinton is opening borders to more syrian refugees than obama. harris: we learned that through leaked emails. >> so i think he is right to a certain extent but he has basically has to go out to the women voters, look, you don't want to date me, okay. i'm an idiot but bill clinton wasn't a good date either. he is not somebody you would want your daughter to date either. but i can bring jobs. i can bring security and i can bring safety. she can't. we've seen what she can do. she has to sell himself to women that way, not as likeable guy. melissa: i don't know, harris, what do you think women are thinking as they go into the booth -- keep making me think of that mel gibson movie. harris: not even two who live with me under the age of 10. melissa: there you go. they walk in, can you say to yourself on one hand i do not think this guy respects women. after some comments and so many different things. harris: i don't think it goes there for those people wanting to vote for trump.
9:31 am
i think the judge is right about this. i think issue will come down can along the lines of what do we want the country to look like for these women? do those things that they say they want include, u.s. supreme court picks? a different look at the tax code? illegal immigration from a different perspective. the wall. some of the things that he has talked about irrespective of gender. so i don't know that gender is the first thing that comes to mind, even with the offensive things that have been said. >> i would say as a woman i have a hard time with somebody that thinks they're above the law. i have a hard time with somebody that is doing things that are so corrupt and so obvious and getting away with it. that bothers me a lot more than the stuff that i really don't like in trump either. harris: this is not gender bound issue? >> no. it is not. you need to give me credit as a woman, not you all. harris: we do. >> right i think we need to give women some credit for being a little bit more thinking, oh
9:32 am
it's a woman, i have to vote for a woman. he said something stupid. they are all saying things that are stupid. at end of the day we look at ideology and policy and i have a brain. harris: that is not glossing over to what was said. >> no. but they're both offensive. harris: it is private experience inside the booth. nobody has to tell us anything new allegations of mainstream media bias after thousands of emails were leaked from wikileaks. well, that is what they do. among the apparent revelations cnbc anchor john harwood, who was republican debate moderator praising hillary clinton in emails to her campaign and even gloated about provoking donald trump at the debate. boston globe op-ed editor contacted clinton campaign chair john podesta to talk about how to maximize her presence while she was visiting new england in the primary. "boston globe" told daily caller that the editorial page and newsroom is completely separate part of the information.
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emails showed former cnn commentator donna brazile tipped her off to a question about the death penalty during the primary. brazile denies that and did not have access to debate candidates and would not shared them. talk about the facts we know. sandra: talk about john harwood. melissa: i don't think a lot of this -- it is not a surprise to us because we've all worked in other places. we've been other places and i would definitely say they are without question left-leaning, but i think tucker carlson made a great point last night on television. he said that the average "new york times" reporter has more in common with the average presidential candidate than with the average voter. and it just comes down to who you socialize with, who you associate with, and they are so tightly 19, so likely to be at the same restaurants and same schools and share the same values and to hang out together and they are just a cozy, cozy community. they don't understand either a
9:34 am
lot of these candidates, especially on the left and a lot of the media including and especially people like john harwood what the average voters feels like what they face what they deal with. they just don't have any idea. harris: you know how tough that is to hear you say that. sandra: what john harwood said in that debate, much criticized debate where he moderated. his questioning to trump, let's be honest is this a comic version of a presidential campaign. do you remember that moment? harris: yeah. sandra: this is the same guy in may of 2010 he sent clinton campaign chairman john podesta an email, watch out for ben carson. he could be real trouble in general. >> after he interviewed ben. sandra: clearly, clearly taking sides. was saying that he was fairly moderating -- >> people like him conduct interview to get information that they then kind of -- harris: if they get it they share it. >> they share it. harris: from their perspective. >> a lot of reporters view, have this elitist attitude, we know
9:35 am
better than the rest of the country and our job is to grab people by the throat and drag them where they should be. not by fairly reporting news but by reporting stuff that helps us get them there. you see all the negative articles about trump and see so few about clinton in most of the media because frankly you have dirt on both of them. i just want fairness. i want justice. i want reporters who report both sides fairly. if you're going to trash trump. trash trump you gives you plenty of ammunition you have thousands about emails. email server. benghazi, clinton foundation they get soft shoed. sandra: destroying her phone. harris: what about all that is useful for the voter, taya? the judge pointed out if you look on balance the voter is not being served because they don't see both sides of the story? the. >> the voters are not being served and tired and getting to point, sharing with melissa,
9:36 am
somebody turned volume off the debate. wanted to see facial reactions. could not handle, facial reactions and then saying to a friend but whatever. what i'm saying people kind of want to be invested they're tired of it and overwhelmed by it because it is really ugly. it could be great if we could trust the media, i think in general, not talking about -- to report fairly. harris: we all get painted by the same brush. very sad. >> some people have biased. we all have our biased and try to hide it. melissa: no. >> not be supervised in reporting but we all have a little bit in us. the problem our society today feels like. harris: it is accepted this place is biased, accepted that place is biased. they're less cautious about which helps them to get the level, i will share questions. i don't care -- harris: they already know from statistics people shouldn't talk about this stuff on the job that work in news. melissa: the point that tucker made it is okay that john harwood is liberal democrat.
9:37 am
when you get out there you're supposed to have adversarial relationship with the person you're interviewing and treat both sides fairly and challenge them. sometimes people forget that. that is what we're seeing. >> it is same as judge. regardless of my personal beliefs i have to do that. they aren't doing their part. harris: all right. you get the last word. hillary clinton is not holding back trying to get some republicans to cross party lines and vote for her. the campaign making a new push with a big ad buy. we'll take a look. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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harris: all right. so we remained focused on this event in ocala, florida. the camera is pulling out. not in our control. you get more of a view of people who gathered for donald trump who is expected to step up to the lecturn and begin a rally in ocala. we've seen several speakers ahead of him. so, in the next few minutes, this could happen. right here on "outnumbered"
9:42 am
we'll bring it to you live as it does. sandra? sandra: all right. less than a month to go until election day and hillary clinton is going hard after undecided voters on the right. her campaign releasing four new tv ads featuring self-described republican voters shredding donald trump. in one of the spots a mother after autistic son says she can't vote for trump when he mocked a disabled journalist. >> my son max can't live in a trump world so i'm crossing party lines so i'm vote forge hillary. i don't always agree with her but she is reasonable and smart around can work with people to solve problems. sandra: critics point out one of the people in another test testimonial, has been a long time donor to democrats. what do you first of all make of the ad? harris: you know, i'm not shocked that people are going to be jumping from one side to the other because we had 40% or so
9:43 am
of the voter electorate out there, who shade that they weren't sure who they were on a piece of paper. they're independents. some of them were former democrats. some were former republicans. sandra: but she is purposely going for that vote right now. harris: yeah. and i think we kind of saw this with bernie sanders in the primary too. we saw her kind of go after those who weren't quite sure where they stood as bernie was clearly being shut out by the establishment. so i don't think i'm shocked by it. >> i'm not either but i think he ought to do the same thing. there are just as many democrats who are disgusted with hillary and her corrupt practices. harris: agreed. >> so he could easily do a commercial with some democrats that say, you know what? this is more of the same. every year we complain about corrupt politicians every election cycle. every election cycle somebody comes along does same exact thing. who she is more of the same exact thing so i will vote republican. he could pull the same trick. sandra: obviously she has a lot of confidence reaching out for those votes rather than sticking
9:44 am
with her own party. melissa: i guess. gone from two modes. shoring up your own base and get little groups on the fringe you might be able to collect. gross to the point taya made at beginning when she was saying that ad about her so corrupt who does that appeal to? does it draw someone who would be in her camp to come over? i think this ad achieves the same thing where that one did. that one gets people on the fringe, you don't like donald. normally i would be a democrat but i can't really deal with the fact she is so corrupt to go back to that time. this is people who are like, i just really i want to vote for trump. i can't get there because i don't like his personal issues. sandra: as we touched on these are not lifelong republicans, pointing out that former reagan administration official who has been a long-time donor to democrats is saying that so. >> very effective ad. a woman and a mother. i thought it was a very effective ad.
9:45 am
harris: i wonder how many of these people not to put too fine after point, i wonder how many people identify as independent now? sandra: yes. harris: that opens the door, are they really independent or turned off from one or the other? and how do you reach them? maybe this is how you reach them. melissa. i don't know. i myself i'm a little i, independent, because i don't want to be a part after party. not voting along the line. not because i'm a journalist. i don't want to wear a label. sandra: we'll head to the commercial break. we'll talk about president obama entering final 100 days into office. we're waiting for donald trump to step up to the podium in ocala florida. "outnumbered" will be right back. ten leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. keep watching. here is jon scott what is coming up with in second hour of happening now. hey, jon. >> hey, harris. mr. trump turned back to attacking hillary clinton after a day of feuds with fellow republicans. lots of new material for mr. trump as well. wikileaks fourth day in a row released what it claims are clinton internal campaign emails. what's in them is it we'll get into that next hour. new aerial video of flooding
9:50 am
happening in parts of north carolina. yesterday the lumber river crested. today it is the tar river. thousands of people are forced to flee their homes. we have update on remains of hurricane matthew. we're tracking a new hurricane as well. it is all ahead "happening now." harris: it is season still. jon, thank you. >> a lot of news. melissa: hillary clinton's campaign planning to lean on president obama as he enters last 100 days in office. one columnist is taking a look back at mr. obama's presidency. danielle alot of "washington examiner," did i say his name right? anybody know? the president will leave behind a failed legacy of overpromising including the 2008 financial stimulus failing to create jobs. that's for sure. obamacare suffering from high premiums. a foreign policy that left the middle east in flames. terrorism on the rise. he is also writing, quote, obama has done damage to the body politic. some of it irreparable.
9:51 am
he has reduced america's standing in the world and the public's respect for and trust in the government. 2/3 think the country is headed on the wrong track. very harsh assessment there. judge, i will start with you on this one. what do you think? do you think that is fair? >> no. i think it is fair of course. i mean may coincide with his political beliefs but let's face it. we did the whole reset with russia, that reflects poorly on hillary, she is the one pushing red button. you see how badly that turned out. middle east is in flames. obamacare, 10 million people who didn't have insurance have it. the remaining 300 and change in this country are paying higher premiums or deductibles are 4,000, 5,000, $10,000. they went from having health insurance to catastrophe insurance. melissa: yeah. >> so that is a disaster. things have gotten worse. they tout numbers about unemployment, look how good the jobs picture, because people
9:52 am
take part-time jobs because employers don't want full-time, to be subject to obamacare. working part-time jobs, making less, with a less after life. the gut check is one that tell you. do people out there feel that you're economically better off than you were years ago? most people say no. it's a harder life. do people that feel race relations are better than they were eight years ago? no, they are clearly worse than they were. other than his core supporter who will chant his name and say he is wonderful no matter what happens, most people feel, that is why 2/3 say we're on the wrong track, most people feel we're on the wrong track. sandra: melissa, we're waiting for donald trump to step up, as far as are we better off? men 20 years old or older are not better off than they were in 1948. this is one statistic on economy we're looking at. seven years after president obama signed financial stimulus into law as a result of the financial crisis a third of men
9:53 am
in this country, 20 years old or older do not have paid work. that is the economic situation this country faces. we have put trillions of dollars of stimulus into the system. look where we are today? that will be remembered. harris: you talk about race relations in this country. what is the point i always make that really comes down? it comes down to the color of green, not black, not white, not these racial groups that are going head-to-head. >> sure. harris: what is interesting about what sandra is saying, many of those, young, i call them sometimes insurgents. they will protest skip. go into areas and other cities and states show up to be on the scene if you will. >> right. harris: standing on the scene while a protest broke out and you just happened to be there. that is their job for the day. not everybody. many of protests remain peaceful, those that got out of hand, we know from reports many of these people didn't live in the cities. >> absolutely. they go from place to place. i'm a big supporter of people's right to protest. what they do, they take away the
9:54 am
public's right to protest. there are people who legitimately want to get their voice heard. in come rabble-rousers and looters, police have to close in. melissa: national security. that was one of the ones we haven't hit on yet that was in there about how our standing around the world has changed. how, you know, more out of control it feels like things are in the middle east. what dowhat do you think past, t years? >> i do things are more out of control. that is another issue people aren't really talking about. is clinton, is hillary clinton part of that problem? she can't really come out and say, i wasn't part of the problem. it was all about president obama. if she does, she loses support she so desperately needs from him. no, i don't think national security is better at all. melissa: the fact she was secretary of state when the red line was drawn. it was her policy. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back. ♪
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sandra: we are awaiting donald trump to take to the podium in ocala, florida. this is key battleground state. this is second time he speaking in florida. this week he will hold a rally there, you see former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani. he will be introducing him. we'll see if he steps to the podium but a key battle ground state. donald trump working to speak to the people of florida this week. that rally will be happening momentarily. harris? harris: so our john roberts telling us bleachers hold about 4200 people and they are full as he is watching that situation. we've been telling you for the first time ever, a fox news anchor will be moderating a general election presidential debate. sandra: our friend and our colleague, award-winning journalist and one lucky guy, chris wallace. widely regarded as the best questioner in the business. he will be moderating the all-important final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. it will be happening
10:00 am
october 19th, 9:00 p.m. eastern. mark your calendars. the best place to watch the first fox moderated debate is on the fox news channel. we want to thank today's one lucky guy, judge alex ferrer. >> thank you for having me. sandra: good to have you. keep it here or "outnumbered overtime." "happening now" starts right now. of hillary clinton. back in august, they were in a dead heat. we are cover canning all of the news "happening now". the death toll rise nothing north carolina in the massive flooding cause canned by hurricane matthew and thousands of residents are still in the danger zone. the obama administration said russia is interfering in the the u.s. election. >> and a new turnn


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