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  The Real Story  FOX News  October 12, 2016 11:01am-11:12am PDT

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have people that don't know what they're doing. they have people. but they always blame russia. and then they say donald trump is friends with putin. i don't know putin folks. i promise. i don't know putin. what the hell do i have to do with putin? these people are professional con people. they're con and this country can have it. this country can't have it. by the way, russia which is buzzing our ships, right, tough hillary, tough obama, you saw that two weeks buzzing planes gone by. . they took over. you look at ukraine. they took over. they took that over during obama's reign. tough obama. he's so tough. so look, we need competence and we need it fast. hillary clinton who turned libya into a nightmare, how about libya.
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how about benghazi. how about, how about benghazi where ambassador stevens sent 600 different messages to hillary clinton and she didn't even respond. the only one she spoke to was that sleaze sidney blumenthal her friend who obama told her you cannot deal with and she did behind obama's back. a trump administration will stop the reckless interventions and instead focus on defeating and totally destroying isis. we're also going to build up our cyber defenses. cyber is a big thing. and keep our power grid and our vital infrastructure modern and safe. and the word keep is an incorrect word because we have to rebuild it. it's a mess. so old. it's falling apart. we're going to use cyber offense
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where we need to and keep the enemy from recruiting online. isis is taking our children and kids out of our country because they're using the internet better than we know how to use it. and we're the one that is came up with it. at the same time, we're going to completely rebuild our very depleted military. we're going to take care of our people. and that includes building state of the art systems of all kinds. when it comes to keeping america safe, i believe in three very important words. peace through strength. we don't want to use the military but it's got to be there. and just in closing to be strong, our country has to be rich again. we're a deader nation. we're poor. i'm going to make america rich again.
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my enemy -- hey, our enemies are unbelievable. they love what's happening to our country. they love it. our energy proposals will unlock the $50 trillion in energy reserves right here in america under our feet. this means new jobs in florida and many, many other communities. pennsylvania, ohio. we're going to take care of our miners, our steelworkers and natural gas. we're going to have clean coal. we're going to also have all forms of advanced energy. we also have to repeal and replace or we will do this and it's so important because it's driving everybody and small businesses and big businesses and our country out of business, repeal and replace obamacare. bill clinton in a rare moment of truth telling said last week
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obamacare was a crazy system. where people lined up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut into half. what kind of a system is this? oh, did he suffer that evening. he went home like -- poor bill. he suffered. the next day he came back and said he was only kidding. he was only kidding. it's a disaster. obamacare. you know your rates going up 68%. in texas at 71%. in other communities 95% and 100% and next year is going to be worse. we have no choice but to absolutely repeal, replace obamacare and we're going to come up with a much better plan for much less money. as you know also, most counties in the state will only have one insurer to choose from. obama does that because that way they have a monopoly so they can charge you whatever the hell
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they want. this is our chance to stop the abusive and horrible and something that doesn't work obamacare and save american health care but you have to get out and vote. at the center of our economic revival we'll be fixing our terrible trade deals. when i announced june 16th coming down with melania at the escalator, remember in trump tower, it was an amazing thing, and we announced that it was a big part and then i came out and i said florida and our countries. we have all of these lost jobs, all of our lost manufacturing. we're going to get it back. we're bringing our jobs back. when countries come in and think they're going to steal our companies and our companies are going to fire all of their employees in florida, in ohio, in pennsylvania, in all of these countries, all of these --
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everyone. we are not going to allow it to happen. we are going to tell it you are going to have consequences. the states are not going to put up with it anymore. our federal government is going to help. we've built other countries at our expense. we have. so if they come in like they did in indiana where mike pence by the way is doing a great job, great, and they take in the case they cake mexico takes carrier air conditioning and fire their 1400 people who were so great to me and they think they're going to make air conditioners in their plant in mexico and sell them across the border and make lots of money and we have all the unemployment, it's not going to happen. we're going to put a 35% tax on and they're staying in the united states. and if they don't, we're going to make plenty of money. we are going to rebuild our
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country, our country is going to be a country where you can be proud of again. we're going to use american steal, american labor, we are going to come first in all deal, we're not going to make the trade deal where we come in fifth and sixth and seventh and other countries laugh at our stupidity. we are going to build great companies. we are going to expand companies that are now doing poorly. we are going to make our country very rich again. we are going to make our country very safe again. we are going to make america strong again. and we are going to make america great again. god bless you everybody. god bless you. thank you. ♪ >> well that was donald trump. he is back to trumps right? just wrapping up a rally where
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he delivered a blistering attack on hillary clinton finally turning the cannon's back to her. america's election headquarters. he was a wide ranging speech where he went after other republicans and the media. also talking about cybersecurity and jobs but he hit on so many of the themes that we heard going back to the idea of the big wall with the door in it. talking about the red line in syria. clinton denied she was part of that. he said she was there when it was drawn. he mentioned that three times hitting all of those notes. senior national correspondent john roberts is live. can you hear me with all the cheering going on there? >> reporter: yes, i can hear. i got to tell you first of all the size of the crowd here at the pavilion was huge. probably 7,000 or 8,000 in the pavilion itself and an equal number outside either watching from the fence or online still waiting to get in.
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far more people waiting for this event that could have gotten in. donald trump continues to draw huge crowds here. having a field day with all of the information that we have seen in the last few days coming out of wikileaks in particular, the revealed connections and communications between the department of justice and the clinton campaign over the e-mail scandal. listen to what trump said. >> the department of justice fed information, think of this, to the clinton campaign about the e-mail investigation. so that the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes. now, did you ever hear? did you ever hear anything like this? >> reporter: and on the new ad the trump campaign going hard to the clinton foundation. what trump has called on the trail pay to play and that is the people who donate to the foundation get access to
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government. taking a look at the wikileaks leak that friends of bill clinton got preferential access to the building contracts in haiti. here's a part of that ad. >> pay to play politics. staggering amounts of cash poured into the clinton foundation for criminals. dictators. countries that hate america. hillary cut deals for donors. so let american workers exploit patience and need. she handed over you're rain numb rights to the russiaens. >> clearly all the people here at this rally couldn't give a lick about what happened over the weekend with the controversy surrounding that hot mike incident 11 years ago but donald trump saying that he believes that even though paul ryan has said he wasn't going to support him, he could have at the least called him up after his debate performance and said good job. melissa. >> well, you know, folks have been calling on him to turn his fire back to hillary clinton.
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very much seeming to do that there and hitting her with both barrels. john, thank you so much. early voting under way in ohio. a live report