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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 13, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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missions. now he wants his grandchildren -- >> bye. as another e-mail dump hits the streets, president obama's top diplomat talks tough to russia over cyber meded m meddl the election. is it another red line that will go undefended? this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. the u.s. will respond to what it calls russian interference in american democracy. more hillary clinton campaign e-mails are leaked to the media. the campaign chairman says the fbi is looking into a direct russian connection to that. russia's president and foreign secretary are mockingly dismissing the obama
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administration claims and threats as quote, hysterics and ridiculous. kevin cork is at the white house tonight. >> reporter: proportional, that's the word obama administration officials are using to describe the potential u.s. response to russia's hacking activities. said to include e-mail leaks, including another 1200 today posted by the website wikileaks, targeting the american political system and most notably hillary clinton's campaign. democratic party leadership and the clinton state department. john kerry said the russians should and ultimately will pay for what they have done saying the u.s., quote, will and can respond in ways that we choose to at the time of our choice. experts say that could include economic sanctions or other punitive actions designed to deter other bad actors from mimicking moscow. white house officials said echoed the threat. >> that kind of proportional response that the president
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would consider is not necessarily the kind of response that we would announce in advance. >> reporter: it's not just a cyber war that moscow is waging. putin and foreign secretary are also engaged in a pr offensive. each downplaying the kremlin's suspected role in interfering with the u.s. election. >> translator: there's nothing in the interest of russia, hysterics have been whipped up to distract the attention of the american people from the essence of what the hackers released. >> it's flattering, of course, to get this kind of attention for a regional power as president obama called us some time ago. it has nothing, you know, to be explained by the facts. we have not seen a single fact, a single proof. >> reporter: john podesta says the fbi is investigating the hack of his e-mails and suggested moscow was attempting to tip the political scales
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donald trump's way. >> russian intereference in the election and their apparent attempt to influence it on behalf of mr. trump is, i think -- should be of utmost concern to all americans. >> reporter: analysts say cyber hacking is a new tool in an old kgb tactic. >> they're trying to erode trust and undermine confidence in our electoral system. they referred to it as compromising information or deceiving others of their activities. this is part and parcel of what we have seen kgb trade craft during the cold war. >> reporter: in august, you may recall that they said russia would never interfere with the internal affairs of other countries. he didn't say that today. said we did not deny it but they did not prove it. the clearest indication of who is behind the hacks. >> kevin, thank you.
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catholics and evangelicals are upset over one e-mail. it features a top clinton aide mocking their faith. muk mike emanuel is covering the clinton campaign from colorado. >> reporter: in colorado, hillary clinton pushed supporters to get out and register and to turn their ballots in early. >> don't be left out because we need you and by the way, if you have friends in utah or arizona, make sure they vote, too. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is facing new controversy with calls for communications director jennifer palmieri to resign. in an e-mail from 2011, a senior fellow wrote to the campaign chairman, mocking prominent media moguls for raising their children catholic. they must be attracted to the backwards gender relations and must be toldly ltotally unawar christian democracy.
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today on clinton's plane, she was asked directly about this latest controversy. >> i'm a catholic. i don't recognize that e-mail that we saw. this whole effort is led by the russians. we are not going to do any more to comment or aid their efforts. >> reporter: this is another concern for catholics with the clinton campaign after her running mate tim kaine, a catholic, changed his public position on the amendment restricting the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion services. catholics make up 21% of the u.s. population and have significant representation in critical battleground states like florida, wisconsin and nevada. today, the trump pence ticket pounced. >> the e-mails are the latest evidence of the hate that the clinton campaign has for everyday faithful americans. >> men and women of faith, i
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will tell you, this is a time for action, not essays. we must roll our sleeves up and be prepared to fight every day for what we believe in. >> reporter: moments ago, paul ryan jumped on the catholic controversy. ryan calls the clinton campaign's quote disdain for the catholic faith and christian evangelicals staggering. for the first time ever, a fox news anchor will moderate a general election presidential debate. our friend chris wallace, regarded as one of the best questioners in the business, will moderate the all important final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. tonight, we can tell you the topics. they are debt and entitlement, immigration, economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president. this make or break event less
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than three weeks before the historic election of 2016 will be held october 19 in las vegas. the best place, of course, to watch the first fox moderated debate is on fox news channel. i will host "fox news sunday" for chris this sunday in las vegas. chris will be the power player. many donald trump is reverting to the same combative, take no prisoners style that worked so well for him in the primary campaign. with less than four weeks until election day, can that strategy help him overcome the seemingly nonstop flow of negative news and defections? carl cameron is the trump team in lakeland, florida. >> reporter: donald trump blasted paul ryan. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country.
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there's a whole deal going on. i always figure things on. but there's a whole sinister deal going off. >> reporter: he suggested that the speaker could lose his job. >> i want want to be in a fox hole with a lot of these people. i would think that ryan maybe will be in a different position. >> reporter: citing more hacked e-mails, trump slammed clinton as a religious bigot for derogatory commends by her staff against catholics. >> they attack catholics and evangelicals. viciously. and that won't be tolerated. it won't be tolerated by the voters. >> reporter: faith politics are playing big in utah, the highest mormon population. trump is in a tie with clinton and mcmullin. today it was clinton who got the endorsement of the salt lake tribune concluding she's the only candidate who comes close
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to being qualified and fit. nebraska's senator saying she would not support trump after seeing the video about his comments about women is a supporter again. senator rob portman of ohio, who has largely kept quiet, says he cannot support him. in lakeland, florida, trump suggested he will reinvestigate the investigation of clinton's e-mail server. >> we are going to investigate this phony investigation. it's a phony investigation. >> reporter: trump is using clinton's hacked e-mails to amp up his nationalist american first rhetoric. >> the e-mails confirm what those of us here today have known all along. hillary clinton is the vessel, a corrupt global establishment, that's raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of
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our nation. >> reporter: trump's threat to imprison clinton got pulled back by his campaign manager. >> that would have to be adjudicated through regular channels like anyone else. >> reporter: part of trump's preparation for next week's debate is bashing the commission on presidential debate commissioners. he said he found out that former white house secretary mike mccurry of the clinton white house is one of the co-chairmen and he has no respect for the debate commission itself. earlier this week, trump called for the resignation of republican commissioner frank farenkoff because he refused to let the clinton accusers in the trump box so he can get on stage. he has prep to do in terms of preparing for hillary clinton as well. outside the presidential race on election night, the big story is the balance of power in the house and senate. in recent days, there's been more talk about the house and how many seats republicans will lose. right now it's 246 republicans
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to 186 democrats. there are three vacancies. the democrats have to pick up a net gain of 30 seats to take control. there have been a lot of estimates in recent weeks. cook political report says this, republicans are now well within the reach of holding their november losses under the 13 seats they gained in 2014. 13 or under. it's october 4th, that's because the trump tape came out and before some of the shifts that we have seen. nancy pelosi, the house minority leader is sound are more and more confident. >> i feel very confident that if the election were held today, we could win it all. the election isn't today. >> we will see. the fox projection right now is anywhere between 12 and 18 seats. it could shift in the next month before election day. if you see a wave, we could see that in the next couple of weeks. that is what we're looking at in the house. in the senate, you have a
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majority for republicans. 44 democrats and two independents who caucus with the democrats. look at the map of how it stands tonight, you can see that the red is republican, the blue is democrat. the gray is actually -- those are states that don't have senate races this year. judging by the average of polls tonight and giving the winner even a razor thin margin in the average of polls, here is what democrats pick up as of tonight if the election were tonight. they would win in illinois. tammy duckworth would take out the incumbent. a but that's it. that's it for democrats. on the republican side, the one change that they pick up is nevada. look at those numbers. 53/47. a loss of one. that is the question, whether they can hold that. a lot of these races are within the margin of error.
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including north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and right here in missouri. missouri republican senator roy blunt is hanging on to a slim two-point lead in his race against jason candor, that's according to this, the latest survey out today. he was up five points in august. the contest has become pivotal to the democratic efforts as you can see to retake the senate. here is correspondent matt fin. >> reporter: missouri's republican senator roy blunt is under pressure to deliver on election day. if republicans are going to hold their senate majority, he needs to win. >> my opponent is a guy who run for three offices now in seven years. he is clearly focused more on getting a job than he is on doing the job. >> reporter: blunt's opponent is a washington outsider, jason candor who was ranked as the top
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candidate to shift power in the senate. >> senator blunt wakes up every day thinking about what he can do for special interests that day. and i'm a veteran of the war in afghanistan who has demonstrated the ability to work to get things done. >> reporter: most an lifralysts suggested blunt was the clear front runner. but now they list missouri as a tossup state with blunt ahead by just 2.3 points. >> it's going to be competitive right down to the end. missouri races sometimes are like that. >> reporter: adding to interest, concern over whether donald trump's divide with the republican party will hurt the gop in senate and congressional elections. senator blunt tells fox he stea >> as long as it's between donald trump and hillary clinton, i'm for donald trump. >> reporter: blunt wants to make sure a conservative judge is appointed to fill the empty seat on the supreme court.
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candor is fighting for the working class. one of the hottest debates right now is whether the blue collar state of missouri will allow employees to opt out of union dues. the policy of right to work. it's one of his attack ads that's garnering buzz and support from some conservatives. >> in the army, i learned how to use and respect my wierifle. >> reporter: he is arguing the second amendment is meant to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. >> i would like to see senator blunt do this. >> reporter: there's been one debate in this race. candor is demanding more. blunt has not scheduled any telling fox he would rather talk directly to the people. >> matt fin, thank you. voters in florida have six more days to register. a federal judge today extending the deadline to october 18 because of hurricane matthew.
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lawmakers had asked republican governor rick scott to do it. he refused saying people had already had enough time to register. getting people registered to vote in indiana has become a criminal matter. eric shawn reports on an investigation into alleged voter fraud in the hoosier state. >> reporter: indiana state police raided the indiana voter registration project in an investigation of alleged voter registration fraud that has grown to 56 counties. officials say they discovered phone jy names and misleading information on some applications turned in. the result could be that some voters will be disenfranchised. >> i'm worried about voter confidence in the system. i want every voter in the state of indiana to know that the vote that they cast will be counted and it won't be canceled out by someone committing fraud. >> reporter: the allegations echo the scandal that took down acorn.
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the group that flooded election offices across the country with fake voter registrations, starting with the 2008 presidential race. scores of acorn workers were eventually convicted. some served jail time. acorn shut down its voter registration efforts. the group suspected in indiana is actually run by the washington, d.c.-based patriot majority usa, described by has having democratic liberal leanings. its president blames state officials say in part -- lawson says the probe is not racially motivated. >> we do not ask the question of race or ethnicity on our voter registration application. we are not discriminating against voters. >> reporter: she says to be safe, voters should register themselves. >> i would not use at this point in time a third party to
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register to vote. i would do it myself. most people are groups that are doing these voter registration drives are doing the right thing. it's too close to the election to take a chance. >> reporter: patriot majority usa says it's nonpartisan. its website is attacking mike pence on the state's investigation. he is still the indiana governor as well as donald trump's running mate. >> eric, thank you. he will have another voter fraud story sunday night on "special report." president obama was not telling the truth when he said his administration fired a bunch of people over the veterans health scandal. here is what the president said last month. >> we have actually made progress. again, i don't want to in any way pretend that we are where we need to be. but we have, in fact, fired a whole bunch of people who were
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in charge of some of the facilit facilities. >> "the washington post" and our own checking here has the number of senior executives fired since new legislation was crafted in 2014 between one and six. up next, a small plane crashes into a road near one of the biggest makers of military aircraft engines. was it a failed terrorist attack? we have new details. first, here is what some of our affiliates around the country are covering. fox 29 in san antonio. the police chief is vowing disciplinary action against officers seen wearing donald trump hats. the officers got caught up in the moment. fox 5 in atlanta has a 16-year-old killed playing a game called jump the car. police say he was struck by a vehicle friday and died from his injuries.
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the game involves jumping over a car. as it approaches. this is a live look at a rainy chicago. the big story there tonight, two gas company workers are injured in an explosion at a townhouse complex in romeoville. village officials say the two were repairing a leak that had been reported early tuesday afternoon. one of the workers is said to be in serious to critical condition. two townhouse units were destroyed. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be
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right now, the fbi is trying to determine the exact circumstances of a plane crash in east hartford, connecticut,
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yesterday, close to a company that makes jet engines for the u.s. military. two people were on board. the one who survived says the crash was deliberate. rob schmidt is live tonight in east harford. >> reporter: the associated press is reporting that this was the suicide. they have governme sources telling them this was a suicide. this was not terrorism. i can tell you one of the other theories that's being worked on -- we don't have anything confirmed tonight. if you see behind me, the scene here, speculation that this could be a terror plot against defense contractor pratt and whitney. they make jet engines for the military. there would be a motive if that were the case. the plane went down yesterday afternoon here in east harford on main street. it missed the headquarters by 200 yards. it slammed into a power pole. there was a major fire on main street. two people were on board.
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the instructor went to the hospital with severe burns in critical condition. the student pilot was killed. nobody else was hurt. according to police, a motive is still not known. >> nothing has been ruled out, including an accident. we're reviewing every and all possibilities. >> is the pilot charged with anything? >> the investigation is in its infancy. >> reporter: the instructor we know is talking, the instructor that survived is talking with federal authorities. all we know that he has told them is that the plane was brought down intentionally. that's why the ntsb turned this over to the fbi. he has not said whether or not to our knowledge he has not said whether this was terrorism, whether it was a suicide. nothing has been ruled out. according to reports, the full name is ferris mohammed friteck, 28 years old from jordan in the middle east here on a student visa. he is licensed to fly small
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planes according to the faa. nothing else pops up when we did a search of him. the local paper here in harford is saying he told the instructor he didn't want to fly the plane anymore and there was an argument in the cockpit. the associated press saying this was a suicide. that's not confirmed. we will wait and see. >> we will get breaking news here. thank you. the man accused of killing two palm springs california police officers is being charged with first degree murder. police say 26-year-old john hernandez felix gunned down officers jose gilbert vega and lesley zerebny. he ambushed them as they were responding to a domestic disturbance call at his home. he was arrested after a gun battle and standoff with police. a u.s. navy destroyer has once again been targeted by a missile fired from territory in yemen controlled by iran-backed
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h huti terrorists. it was fired at the uss mason. the ship deployed counter measures. the missile did not reach that ship. the mason was targeted as we told you sunday but was not hit. american troops are fighting terrorists in middle east now with something new to worry about. it comes in the form of a weapon that u.s. forces have used to their advantage for years. >> this is the way battlefields are shaped in the 21st century. >> reporter: terrorist s seekin to wound and kill are turning to something average americans can buy with just the click of a mouse. drones. last week, kurdish forces battling isis shot down a small drone. as they were trying to examine it, it exploded killing two of them. pentagon officials acknowledge the technology is incredibly easy for terrorist tofz obtain. >> some of those are quad. >> dale: copters.
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items u. you can buy. nothing high-tech about them. they can buy those as anybody else would. some of those are available on amazon. >> reporter: even if used solely for surveillance, they present a risk, giving the enemy the capability to remotely assess and monitor opposing forces. that's critical heading into the offensive to remake mosul. the ability to weaponize these devices. >> they can pack more and more explosives on to them. commit even larger-scale attacks where they are not just attacking an outpost or a small group of soldiers but rather buildings and headquarters and more strategic targets. the threat is growing. >> reporter: some defense analysts say the pentagon hasn't taken the drone threat seriously and is playing catchup. officials maintain they are well aware of drone tactics and how to counter them. >> we have seen them over
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coalition bases. we have seen them over iraqi bases. it's a threat that we have seen, you know, developing for some time. we have engaged some of them with some of the capabilities that we have. both we and our partners have shot some of them down. >> reporter: imperative giving the growing explosive expertise of operatives. >> attaching high explosives to a small drone and detonating it remotely is within their capability. >> reporter: the pentagon won't say exactly how it's handling the drone issue. experts it's a combination of using technology to jam the functions and actually physically shooting them down which becomes increasingly critical as isis leverages its ability to weaponize them. >> thank u. lawyers for the last surviving suspect in the november paris attacks are quitting. he refused to speak to protest the conditions of his detention.
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authorities had hoped he would provide information about isis strategies and networks and identify others who may have played a part in the strikes that killed 130 people. an air strike on one of the biggest markets in rebel-held parts of aleppo has left at least 15 people dead. it's just the latest attack in a massive russian-backed syrian offensive to regain control of that city. greg palcot has an update. >> reporter: buried under the rubble of another air strike in aleppo, a young boy is pulled out, dusty, shaken up, but alive. he is one of the lucky ones. the syrian city is being pump l pummelled. 25 people killed today alone. many of them women and children. over 40 killed yesterday. >> translator: we were sleeping when a warplane fired two missiles. some people were taken to hospitals. others died. >> reporter: dramatic new drone
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video tells the tale of destruction. anti-assad government rebel head east aleppo hit hard. 275,000 people barely surviving. hospitals, ambulances, doctors, emergency and aide workers targeted. >> anything that ends the massive violations that we see of high human rights, this is something we support. >> reporter: pope francis reaffirmed his support for the victims of what he called an inhuman conflict. >> translator: the sense of urgency that i renew any plea to beg with all my strength to those responsible to provide an immediate cease-fire. >> reporter: the latest follows the break down of a u.s. russia brokered cease-fire last month. i u.n. security resolution calling for a new pause to the fighting was vetoed just this past weekend by russia. putin today, its purpose was simply -- >> translator: to exacerbate the situation and to whip up an
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anti-russia hysteria. >> reporter: so the russian-led air strikes continue with the aim akorccording to some to dri everyone away, maybe overrun the city by the end of the year. with the obama administration left mostly to simply protest. >> that's deeply, deeply concerning. it's immoral. and it runs directly against the kinds of values that we hold dear in this country. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry meets with russia's foreign minister and others to see what if anything can be done to stop the super suffering in syria. it was a mixed day for the markets. the dow was up 16. the s&p 500 gained two. the nasdaq lost eight. the head man at wells fargo is out. he is resigning. the bank is embroiled in the fallout from the opening of millions of fake accounts.
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wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million in fines so far. north carolina's governor is still urging residents in the flood zone left behind by hurricane matthew to evacuate. authorities plan to go door to door in some areas telling people to get to higher ground. they have closed one bridge over the swollen tar river in greenville and say several others may shut down. >> if you are living below woodlake dam, you need to get out. i understand there may still be people refusing that. we have had too many deaths. get out. >> officials say 20 people have died from the storm in north carolina so far. flooding conditions in the area are expected to last until friday. the american navy warship the uss ee he would gw iwo jima help to haiti. 750,000 people are in need of assistance. it brings marines and sailors, medical supplies and food along
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with power generators, water purifiers and bulldozers. more wiki leakleak e-mails. more trump campaigning ripping the press. we are just inside four weeks to go. the panel is next. the press
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talking about wikileaks. you know that. wikileaks is amazing. it shows she's a real liar. she said, you have to say to the public and you have to say to your donors different things. the press doesn't even pick this stuff up. >> the russian interference in this election and their apparent attempt to influence it on behalf of mr. trump is -- should be of utmost concern to all americans, whether democrat, an
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independent or republican. >> john podesta talking about the hack on his e-mail saying it's an russian operation, the fbi is looking into it. there's another e-mail dump this morning, 1,200 more. a couple of them raise eyebrows. this is one march 2015, an e-mail chain from three clinton staffers discussing a house subpoena of secretary clinton's e-mails. this takes place roughly three weeks before a clinton it person uses that bleach bit to wipe her server clean. this is an aide of hillary clinton.
1:39 am
robby mook responds -- cheryl mills writes to both. let's bring in our panel tonight. steve haze, susan page, and tucker carlson. susan, you look at the e-mails. everything the democrats and clinton campaign are saying is to point to the russian part of this. on the substance of the e-mails, this is three weeks -- this one -- before we learn that the server is wiped clean. but it's after the house issues the subpoena. >> my husband also a journalist said this is like reading a post-campaign book but during campaign of all the stuff you do reporting about to get -- this is -- it's very interesting to get inside their heads as they are trying to strategize how to
1:40 am
handle the issue. it has gotten less attention than you think it ought to get given how interesting it is. i don't see a huge bombshell here. but i agree that this is something that is like reading a novel. you need the an notation you were providing. >> part of the problem is you have to invest time to go through these things. news organizations have to get off what's easy and go into what's hard. that was actually part of the problem with the benghazi story, too. you had to tell the story every time you told it. here is another one. the second one is from -- this is about the efforts to -- to get e-mails in response to the calls for hillary clinton's e-mails. this again from philippe reines.
1:41 am
they ended up -- i don't know think it was philippe reines who filed it. the e-mails about jason chaffetz is coming out. his own e-mails aren't subject to this. i think the big takeaway object e-mail question is this. hillary clinton said all along she was eager to have her e-mails out. she wanted people to read these. there was no -- nothing nefarious. she wasn't hiding anything. if she had her way, she would have put more e-mails out than what she was required to put out. this obviously shows day by day, e-mail by e-mail, that that was
1:42 am
not true. for those of us who cover this, we knew that wasn't true when she was saying it. it is something a little different to be reading it this way and look at the lengths to which they went to set up obstacles to releasing new e-mails, to framing the release of new e-mails, to downplaying it -- it's like you are seeing the inside of the campaign as the campaign itself is being created. >> this one is about catholics and evangelicals. conservative catholicism.
1:43 am
jennifer responds -- tucker? >> this is infuriating on a bunch of different levels. for one thing, here you have two people, one of whom is the communication direction for hillary clinton maligning world's largest religion. you can think of other world religions that are more retrograde. if the subject were islam, the president would have a press conference urging all of us to quell our anti-islam -- >> add republican e-mails -- >> what's amazing is i spent most of the day reading this
1:44 am
stuff. some of it rocks you a little bit like this. some of it doesn't. all of it is interesting. none of it is being covered s c >> i want to play a response to this. >> to suggest somebody is becoming catholic or becoming a christian and raising their children in the faith, why, for political purposes? that's not -- that's not smart. that's not american. this isn't just anti-catholicism. this is anti-american talk. >> i think catholics will get more enraged and question marks will hover above this campaign. what do they intend and how do they think catholics and evangelicals fit into america? >> i'm a catholic. i don't recognize that e-mail. that we saw. this whole effort is led by the russians. the russians want to orchestrate
1:45 am
an attack we believe as noted by the statement from the director of national intelligence that they are behind the timing and manner of the leaks. we are not going to do any more to comment on aid their efforts. >> susan, i mean, how big a problem -- let's imagine it was getting covered everyplace. how big a problem is this potentially? >> this particular -- >> the catholic one. >> being respectful of other people's religion, it's a fundamental american tenant. it's an important thing. there's a snarky tone to the exchange. i would say the most inappropriate language came from a guy with the center for american progress, the think tank. shes is she doesn't recognize this e-mail. the clinton campaign has to be able to refuse or deny -- >> they wouldn't go -- this is real, this one is not real. >> in this case, she's saying she didn't recognize it. that's not a denial.
1:46 am
>> is that good enough? wait a second. you don't raise that? >> i think that they -- in the interest of transparency, they ought to say, yeah, these are e-mails and we will discuss what's right and wrong. say, these are fabricated and we didn't write them. >> they are lying. it's that clear. there's no proof the russians are behind them. >> the u.s. intelligence community says that. >> they don't have proof. there's no proof and no one is alleging these are forgeries. is the data real? that's the first question you ask. is it true? they're not denying that. go to the front page of the washington post or "new york times," i couldn't find a story about this. that's suppression of the news. this is relevant. >> i want to follow up on something we brought up last night. that was the e-mail that involved donna brazile. we showed you the e-mail and what she said she got a question early and she denied it. said she never provided a
1:47 am
question to hillary clinton's campaign. cnn denied it. today, politico got ahold of another e-mail that is exactly verbatim the question that was asked in the town hall. and cnn is now pointing to their partner, roland martin with tv-1. bottom line is, this is exactly the e-mail we were talking about last night and it's the exact question asked. >> if the e-mail is real and if that happened, that's not how journalism is supposed to work. that's an understatement. you can't provide questions to politicians before they come on air to be tested by answering questions for the voters. it would be sort of breaking of the cardinal rule of journalism if that was the case. i mean, you can see there's a distinction between somebody
1:48 am
like donna brazile, she wants her side to win. what journalists do. in my mind, that's no excuse if she provided the questions to hillary clinton so that she could prep for them, create an answer for them, rehearse them and present herself as if this is the first time she's hearing it. >> in fact, sad, in the answer, that's a difficult question. it's not actually if you have the question the day before. we will go back and try to get a different follow-up on this with the additional politico e-mail. balance of power in congress. what the panel thinks of that.
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i feel very confident if the election were held today we could win it all, but the election isn't today. >> we'll work with whoever wins whatever office. obviously i think with a unified republican government we can get so much more done. i'm tired of a divided government. it doesn't work well. we're just at logger heads. >> we've got knock down, drag out, sort of like a knife fight in a phone booth. new hampshire, pennsylvania. wiscons wisconsin, illinois, nevada, indiana, florida. we seem to have gotten some
1:53 am
distance in ohio, but, you know, everywhere else it's -- it could go either way. >> north carolina there, but it's there. house representative balance of power, there you see it. democrats need 30 seats. senate balance of power, you have 54/46 and there are some tight races. back with the panel. we asked each panelist to choose a state that's of interest, either in the senate races or house races or presidential. steve, you're first. >> mine was north carolina which might have been a better state to pick about two weeks ago when things looked like it was potentially going to be more competitive there. right now if you look at the presidential race hillary clinton is up 2.6 points in real good politics average. things seem to be trending in her direction. you talk to people in the states after this trump tape and everything seems to be moving in her direction. the senate race there, richard burr who's the chairman of the senate intelligence committee,
1:54 am
huge veterans community, was thought to have been a pretty safe republican seat, he led every single poll into august and then started having more competitive polling in august. his opponent, deborah ross, head of aclu in north carolina overtook him in some of those polls and although mitch mcconnell didn't mention it there, that's a basically dead even race. if you talk to republicans who are monitoring the daily polling taking place in senate races, battleground races across the state, they've seen an eight and ten point drop in these races. >> races that have shifted. susan, your state. >> the answer to this question is always florida because trump needs it if he's going to win. hillary -- it's been very close. hillary clinton is doing a little better there. the senate race which we thought rubio was going to be good there. it's a two point race even against a democratic candidate not considered that strong, pat murphy. 24 of 27 congressional districts were redrawn under orders by the florida supreme court.
1:55 am
that has scrambled things in the house races. we don't know that democrats will pick up a lot of seats. their party to pick up net of one. if you have a tidal wave kind of election, those are the kind of districts with new people running, new areas that could really go big. >> quickly. >> maine. maine is not likely to affect the outcome of the election but it tells you what the parties are going to look like when it's done. largest congressional district east of the mississippi. all factories and farms. typically they're gone democratic. that's going to go to donald trump. one of only two states that's split it's electoral votes. it tells you that when the smoke clears, the republican party is going to look a lot different in its composition from what we've seen in the last generation or two. >> we got through it. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a little bad lipreading of the first presidential debate. p?p?h
1:56 am
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1:58 am
>> life. >> you say hello to your crush at summer camp. >> hi, scott. >> i just love those. thanks, everybody. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced reporting. don't forget "special report" sunday 8:00 p.m. a week from tonight the first time ever a fox news anchor will moderate a general election. hillary clinton versus donald trump. you don't want to miss it right here on fox news channel. >> it is thursday, october 13th. this is a fox news alert. two veteran cops clinging to life after a man armed for battle opens fire. >> we have shots fired. i need every officer available
1:59 am
to make their way 136 gladstone street, please. >> we have an officer down. >> we need an ambulance. >> the breaking details just in. >> two new controversies brewing in the race for the white house. donald trump declaring war on new york times as hillary clinton deals with another document dump. first it was catholic now her aids caught attacking hispanics. >> the deadly plane crash was no accident. what we learned about the jordani jordanian pilot behind the controls. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> two boston cops clinging for life after a shoot-out the gunman is now dead. >> the scene was like a war zone witnesses say. >> a crossfire between the police and a suspect armed for
2:00 am
battle. (gunfire. >> breaking details this morning. the city of boston rallying overnight after a tense shootout over a quiet suburb. there was a fight between two male roommates. when they got to the house the 33-year-old suspect had an assault rifle, a vest and furry of bullets striking two veteran officers. the standoff putting them entire knockout. >> we have shots fired. i need every officer available to make their way. 136 gladstone street. >> multiple, multiple shots. >> they are pushing, they are pushing, sir. >> the two officers are in surgery right now after they are being shot multiple


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