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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 13, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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misbehaving on purpose. >> kids shouldn't be banned from the entire flight, maybe just the alcohol-free section. >> we appreciate everyone responding. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> bye! good morning on this thursday, i'm ainsley earhardt. two boston cops are clinging to life after being am bugsed and shot multiple times. >> we need every officer here. >> we need an ambulance. >> that suspect said to be armed for battle. the breaking details straight ahead. meanwhile, donald trump declares war accusing the media of conspireing with the clinton campaign in what he's calling the greatest coordinated political attack in history. we're live from trump tower right now. and brand new hillary
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clinton e-mails revealing her campaign's disdain for not just catholics but southerners and now latinos. who do they like? who isn't deplorable? let me just remind you, you're not. because your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. good morning. it's thursday! you have one more -- i like a friday. fridays are fun. >> right. >> for some reason y'all think thursdays are my favorite because i get excited about them. >> she did what we used to do and goes clubbing on thursdays. thursday is the night out. >> right. you know me. right. >> thirsty thursday. >> that's my point, i don't go clubbing. >> it's like you're being padded down. you just say, i'm ainsley
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earhardt, i don't have to wait, i go right in. >> down south you wait in line. when i moved up here, it's like you wait on line. i was like, what do you mean you wait on line? >> it's amazing the nation stays together. >> i know, right? >> it's a melting pot. i tell you, two minutes after the top of the hour, another slow "newsday." we'll go right to the election news. donald trump is declaring war on the new york times. >> he's threatening to sue the paper of heading up the greatest political attack of all time. >> and peter doocy is live with more. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump denied touching anyone the way he described in the intimate recording with the conversation with billy bush more than a decade ago, but now two women come forward to say he did. one alleged incident happened in
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trump tower in 2005. and the other happened in the first-class cabin of an airplane three decades ago. she describes that to "the new york times," he was like an octopus, his hands were everywhere. it's important to point out, there were never police reports filed after either incident and there are no witnesses we know of because there are no official records of either. and a senior trump campaign source tells fox news the gop nominee is considering drafting a lawsuit against "the times" for publishing this story. the campaign also considers the piece a distraction designed to hide bad news about hillary clinton saying in part, quote, the times story buried the social and media activity on behalf of hillary clinton's candidacy reinforcing this is nothing more than a truly political attack. this is a sad day for the times. just before this news broke last night, the big story was that trump was continuing his very public criticism of house speaker paul ryan.
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>> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country. so you know, you would think he would say great going, don! let's go, let's beat this crook, she's a crook, we have to stop her. no, he doesn't do that. there's a whole deal going on here, you know, there's a whole deal going on. we have to figure it out. i always figure things out, but there's a whole sinister deal going on. >> reporter: later on today trump has events in florida and ohio. so we expect to hear a lot more about everything that's going on just a few hours from now. >> a lot is going on. all right, peter on fifth avenue, thank you. is there anything more destructive he can do to the republican party than continue to go after paul ryan? that's the stupidest thing he can be doing right now.
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let's just break up the party. if somebody disenvows you, okay, he's going to vote for you as you said a couple days ago. he's still going to vote for him but not campaign with him. he never planned to campaign with him except for that friday. why divide the ticket? you have so many other targets. >> listen, what got him noticed a year ago when he was in the establishment, if the establishment is not going to move with donald trump, he's going to try to do it without him. >> why destroy the people in your own party not standing with you? >> because paul ryan is not helping him. what we have heard from the campaign and newt gingrich is, if you're not going to support him completely, and really what you're doing is supporting hillary clinton. a vote not for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton. >> do you think it's a good move? >> i'm not a strategist. i get what he's doing. paul ryan, you know, they are in a pickle, you guys. the guy who runs the rnc, reince priebus, said we're endorsing him, i'm going to campaign for
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him and all the other stuff. but the leader in the house, not so up many. it is mixed political signals. >> right now donald trump is doing worse than 2008 when mccain lost all the seats and they lost the house. well n other news, we are learning the execs at nbc knew about the tape of billy bush and donald trump on the bus, they knew about it for months and fought to release it to have maximum impact, two days before the second debate. >> right. the plan was at "access holly wood" to release the tape on friday. what was on the news on friday? hurricane matthew. so what they decided was they were not going to release it on friday, release it on monday. somebody across the street didn't like that so they leaked it to "the washington post." what is curious about it, though, is that while nbc says we knew about the tape for a week, they knew about it for months and maybe years. what they planned to do was release the audiotape but a sanitized version where they took the bad stuff, apparently
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the billy bush stuff, and make donald trump look bad just before the debate. >> so billy bush is sidelined now. most people think he's basically fired because for actually no reason. when you look at how they protected brian williams, basically what they're doing to billy bush, about a tape from 11 years ago. this is tmz reporting. if tmz is right, they not only knew about the tape, they hired him knowing about the tape. so they put him at "access hollywood." 3,000 miles to do the 9:00 show on the "today" show. then the tape emerges. all we know, he could have tipped it off. but the thing to put him over the top, he said, billy bush cannot make it to the phone right now, he's making america great again. can you imagine if he said, he's making america great again with her, he may still have his job. >> they are going to edit the
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tape to make donald trump look bad. it sounds like billy bush may sue nbc because they knew it was on the tape and knew the tape was out there for a while. >> the executives are saying they knew about it for a week or two, but billy bush was bragging about it apparently at the olympics. so that was months ago. >> in rio. >> to the executives, they tracked down the tape, looked at the and the and are like, oh, my gosh -- >> donald trump does have a point. it could be a coordinated attack on a political candidate ever. meantime, yesterday we told you about -- this is from wikileaks, how members of hillary rodham clinton's campaign have been mocking catholics. and now as it turns out, with the latest batch of e-mails, we're seeing not only do they mock catholics, but essentially they're saying, this religious -- we have to help them come out of the dark ages. >> we have to change this religion that's been around for thousands of years. this is an e-mail from sandy newman back in 2012. there needs to be a catholic
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spring in which catholics themselves demand the end of a middle-ages dictatorship and the begins of a democracy and respect for gender equality in the catholic church. i have not thought at all how one would plant the seeds of the revolution or who would plant them. just wondering. >> you think you would be focused on winning the presidency and now you want to reform the catholic church. let's go over to the vatican to see what we can do. so john podesta in this e-mail response, this is back in 2012, by the way, we created catholics in alliance for the common good. to organize for a moment like this, but i think it lacks the leadership to do so right now. i think this one will have to be bottom up. i'll discuss this. meanwhile, this is what was said
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last night. >> this crowd has been anti-catholic for a long time. these are transatlantic agnostic progressives. they do not believe in things like the authority of the catholic church. now as a conservative, i worry that the age of clinton has been with us too long and may last even longer. but i have to tell you, i think the catholic church will outlast the clintons. and i think it will be around when they are long gone. this notion of uprooting thousands of years of catholic doctrine, we know what this is about. well, it's the catholic teaching on marriage, same sex, contraception, and most of all, on abortion. they just can't stand that. catholics, i hope, will take note of this. their faith is being attacked, their faith is being disparaged and they should react to it. >> he's got great points regarding why the democrats want to see the catholic church change so that they don't have to be pro-abortion while the
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catholic church is anti-abortion. jim palmieri was mocking the catholics with things he said. i don't recognize that e-mail. not that it was true, i don't recognize it. it's from the russians. it could be doctored and i don't recognize that. >> brian, do you think the catholic church will be around longer than the clintons? >> how old is chelsea? i'm not sure. we don't know. that's a good point. i would say a couple things, this country is made of 28% of catholics. how do you feel about who you might be electing? number two, if you talk about religions that need to get out of the middle ages, is catholicism something -- can you imagine if it said something about muslims? there would be an immediate press conference by barack obama. john kerry would say something to praise the muslim religion. >> we thought we would bring you the latest from the wikileaks.
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and heather is here with the latest news. >> two veteran police officers are in surgery and they are clinging to life after a dramatic shoot-out overnight in boston. the gunman is now dead. witnesses describing the scene like a war zone. one capturing on video the crossfire between police and the suspect, they say, was armed for battle. well, that scene also playing out in brand new vivid police audio. >> we have shots fired. i need every officer available to make their way. >> multiple, multiple shots. get the ambulance here now. >> they are pushing, sir. >> police were called to a scene after a fight between two male roommates. when they arrived at the house,
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the unnamed 33-year-old suspect had a semiautomatic rifle, a ballistic vest and then unleashed a fury of bullets. nine officers are now being treated for minor injuries and emotional stress. police are still uncovering a motive. we'll bring you the latest on the condition of the police officers as we learn it. in the meantime overnight, a stampede of anti-police protestors clashing with riot police in oregon. they were outraged over a move to give those police officers a pay raise. >> wow, the protestors shutting down portland's city hall, throwing things at officers hurting one of them. and police reports they used pepper spray. ten people were arrested overnight. and those are your headlines. see you back here in a little bit. law enforcement under attack in every way. >> heather, thank you. coming up on this thursday, good
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news for a v.a. worker fired for lies and abuse. she's just been rehired. does that sound like reform to you? and a high school volleyballplayer wasn't about to let technical difficulties stop the national anthem. (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. hey, evan. so, you're stuck at a work thing. with directv and at&t you can stream all your favorite shows without using your data. that makes you more powerful than a table for 60. wednesdays are the new thursdays! or the mandatory after party. how early is too early to leave? you're not going anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. it's your tv, take it with you. watch all your live channels, on your devices, data free.
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a v.a. in disaway. this time a chicago worker is fired for abusing patients. now that person has been rehired at the phoenix v.a. so how can something like that happen? here to react is v.a. whistleblower brandon coleman. hey, good to see you, brandon. >> hey, thank you for having me. >> last week we were talking about one scandal and now we're bringing you back for a new scandal. why would someone who got fired from the v.a. hospital be sent to a phoenix v.a. hospital and employed again. >> yeah, a bad apple of the day is named delores judd fired for cause. the final straw being in chicago when an elderly female veteran asked her point-blank, can you please print out a list of my upcoming appointments and delores judd said, no, that is not my job. but then there is a precedent
3:19 am
where delores judd would get a point up over anyone else. so the irony of the story here is we take a lady that refuses to help a veteran in a customer service-type position and put her in a position where veterans are already frustrated with a broken system. >> so the choice program, if you've been on the waiting list, is that how it works? >> that's how it's supposed to work. however, the v.a. has done everything to sabotage the program. i've been on your station talking about how veterans are sent to collection and doctors not getting paid and the frustration with the choice program overall. now delores judd is here in phoenix running the program for us. >> brandon, it's the worst performing program at the v.a. this is a statement from the phoenix v.a. about hiring her. the hiring process regarding
3:20 am
deloris judd that took place this summer is regrettable and not as thorough as it should have been. all right, so they're admitting it. what are they going to do about it? >> they have done this before. they admit the tiniest bit of fault and act like there's nothing else to see here, please move forward and it dies down in the media and nothing gets done. >> brandon, why are you coming out to criticize this place when you work there? >> because it's a cesspool. the worst example of v.a. health care in a nation. i'm not a democrat, i'm not a republican. this is an american issue. hillary clinton came out to say veterans overall are satisfied with their care, but i would challenge mrs. clinton and tell her dead veterans can't talk. they can't fill out surveys. something needs to change. >> thank you for being with us here. appreciate it. have a good one. the mainstream media can't get enough of donald trump's hot mike moment. but are they giving equal treatment to hillary's remarks calling supporters deplorable?
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all right. a quick look at headlines on this thursday morning. first up, the syrian migrant turned isis terrorist who planned to bomb a major german airport has killed himself in jail. jabar al-bakr was arrested on monday after eluding authorities for three days. while he was on the run, he was recognized by locals at a train station who made a citizens-style arrest. and the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey is expected to make
3:25 am
his first court appearance today. ahmad rahami is accused of setting off a bomb in chelsea in new york hurting dozens of people and another along the route of a marine corps run down the jersey shore. he faces five counts of attempted murder and terrorism charges. all right. attacking voters on a daily basis. >> you can put half of trump's supporters in a basket of what i call deplorables. >> you know, i'm basically your standard redneck. >> okay. and that is just what is on audio let alone e-mail. so what does the media focus on? >> isn't it sad we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? >> 28 days out, the republican nominee turned on republicans. >> trump is fully armed to strike at every institution of
3:26 am
american democracy. >> along with all the accusers who say he did inappropriate things, female accusers did inappropriate things with him. here to weigh in is yang maad, the former policy director to ben carson. the first thing that pops out is the velocity of stories coming out, but first off, do you notice the inequity in the way stuff is covered? >> good morning, brian. i think the problem is that the mainstream media not only does not know how to exercise objectivity, it has no shame. and as we have discovered from recent wikileaks e-mails, the hillary clinton campaign is colluding with the mainstream media. you've got everyone from cnbc to new york times to cnn. and so there really is no shame in how the mainstream media is trying to take down donald trump
3:27 am
and promote their candidate hillary clinton. >> jessica, do you notice the imbalance? >> i think there is a slight imbalance. but i would counter to say when the deplorables comment came out, we talked about it all the time. it was on cnn, minneapolis, the redneck comment, he lumped himself into that category, but you shouldn't use language like that. and there's a lot in the e-mails i don't like and don't want any group to be disparaged. i know politics is a dirty business and you have to talk about people, especially the special interests, but the media went too far. the media is covering this rolling string of sexual assault cases or accusations is ridiculous. the idea that you're going to be able to push this wikileaks narrative against this backdrop, i mean, it was six women overnight and we are at 11 total right now. donald trump can say you're going to sue "the new york times" all you want, this is the narrative now. but this is what the election is going to be about. >> or for some reason were the
3:28 am
stories held back as tmz reported, the nbc tape was held back for the right time right before or after the debate when that could have come out a lot earlier, when it could have gotten buried in the summer. "the new york times" is covering all the women, did they just now have the revelation? >> they saw him in the second debate say he never assaulted anyone. >> that was one woman. >> i think it was two of them. but yes, things get held back for the right time. and the clinton campaign is very smart. they know these things and there was a joke i heard someone say, imagine what she would have released if she was five points down. >> so the clinton camp is very smart holding back these accusers for the right time. >> it's just all stories. >> yang ma, what is your take on this? >> well, i think what we're seeing from the hillary camp, it is not just some minor incident, it actually -- all the e-mails coming out from wikileaks, it actually confirms to us what is so crooked and so corrupt about the clinton campaign, about the collusion with the mainstream
3:29 am
media about its collusion, potential collusion with the department of justice. and in all of these things, these are serious issues. and we are obviously very interested in bernie sanders' supporters denigrated by the hillary clinton core supporters. we are talking about their comments on latinos, they referred to this group of people as needy latinos. there's also the clinton campaign comments on catholics and evangelicals. these are serious issues. and it shows for all of us that the clinton campaign, basically, has a very dim view of ordinary americans and that goes to the core of some of the problems with her and the problems run from corruption to pay to play and these scandals that we're now seeing show exactly who this woman is. >> right. so we find out what is going on. and the bottom line is, to
3:30 am
jessica's point, it's sexier than all the other deplorable comments, needy latinos, those medieval catholics. so you decide what the better candidate is and the strategy is. thank you, ladies. >> thank you. >> going to push you back. now it is just us. chris wallace just released a list of topics for the next debate. the details are coming your way. and a high school volleyball player wasn't about to let technical difficulties stop her from singing the national anthem. note ♪ the patriotic moment going viral. but first we say happy birthday to marie osmond turning 57 today. and she keeps losing weight every time i see her on commercials.
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yesterday al gore campaigned for hillary clinton at a florida
3:35 am
rally attended by 1600 people. unfortunately for gore, a recount only showed it was 1300 people. >> oh, his jokes are so #2000. so he'll get the millenials, so that's his responsibility. >> you think so? >> most kids on campus are talking al gore. >> because he invented the internet for them. so they don't have to talk to anybody. next week is a huge week because it's the third and final debate. we're all going to vegas, so if you join us on tv, you can watch the debate right here with our own chris wallace as the moderator. >> keep in mind, chris wallace is regarded as one of the best questioners on television. and in all the top debaters thus far, aside from anderson cooper, he hosts a debate program. because some of the moderators can't handle people arguing, so it will be great. and it's an honor to have him as the first fox news person doing a general election debate. so we hope you'll watch.
3:36 am
here are the topics, debt and entitlement. he'll press donald trump and hillary clinton, he'll press on legitimate answers to the $19 trillion debt, not generality. >> and they have big differences. >> immigration, this will be the first time we hear about immigration at a substantial level for a long time. and then the economy. i'm sure that he's going to press both sides on that. the supreme court, which caused controversy because hillary clinton was talking judges and never mentioned the constitution. >> foreign hot spots and fitness to be president. who is fit to be president. >> i have a feeling the final topic will be the first one. >> maybe so. >> when you think about all the stuff going on -- if you're going to lead with some strong stuff to keep people interest in the debate, that's what you want them to do, watch for 90 minutes. he'll probably start with that particular topic. that way he can talk about stuff in the wikileaks, he can talk about the bus stuff -- it will be a great show. >> 15-minute segments and the
3:37 am
topics could change depending on what is developing. >> remember the last time with the romney/obama debate, that's when the 1980s called and said, we want your policy back. >> romney was right about everything he said. >> right, it was just how he said it. >> and the mainstream media, the way they massaged what he said the day before, they controlled it and the next thing, you know. >> well, will chris wallace come to the spin room? we'll find out who chris wallace likes best. >> in vegas there are a lot of spinning rooms, just saying. we'll hand it over to heather with more headlines for you and your family. >> the question is which night is chris wallace going to see celine dion? we are talking about las vegas and the debate. good morning to all of you. hope you're off to a good day. a couple headlines to bring you starting with the new developments in the deadly
3:38 am
connecticut plane crash. the feds say this was no accident and looks more like suicide than terrorism. the sole survivor detailing a heated argument that took place inside that cockpit just seconds before the plane went crashing down from the sky and then exploded in a fiery blaze. at the helm of that plane, a jord jordanian national who came here on a student visa for flight school. the instructor says he was overwhelmed by the school and then downed the single-engine plane on purpose. horrifying new video this morning of yet another samsung phone going up in flames. and this one recorded by cameras inside a home in hawaii. you can see a man jumping up off the couch as his wife comes running into the room. smoke billowing from her samsung galaxy note 7. the event so shocking it causes the woman to pass out. he said her phone started
3:39 am
smoking after she took a screen shot. the company says they have no idea what is causing the phones to catch fire. it's halted production around the world and is urging customers to stop using the phones immediately. hundreds of teachers bringing politics into the classroom in a big way vowing to wear the black lives matter t-shirts to school next week. the seattle teachers want to show unity after a black lives matter effort was canceled last month due to threats. more than 100 t-shirts have been ordered. >> it is important to know the importance of racial injustice in our nation and our world. >> and the teachers are going to talk to the students about what they call institutionalized racism. when the music stopped during the national anthem, a high school volleyball player picked up the mike and saved
3:40 am
"the star spangled banner." check this out. ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> she belted out the national anthem and did it so well. what a great voice. this happened at a gym filled with people in san antonio, texas. technical issues caused the recording to shut off. her performance was met with cheers and tears from people in the crowd. what an incredible job. so proud of that young woman. >> and she didn't take a knee during the entire song. so what a relief. unlike yesterday. >> there are good people out there. she was not scheduled to sing. >> they were going to play a recording of it. technical problem. so she grabbed the mike and took it up from there. that would be great to be there, wouldn't it? >> heather, thank you. if you're just waking up, donald trump is promising to sue "the new york times" over the latest claims that he was inappropriate with women. does he have a case?
3:41 am
judge napolitano will weigh in on that. and everyone wants to be like debate hero ken bone, even the ladies. the sexy ken bone costume flying off the shelves. judge, did you get yours? >> who put it on the shelf? i didn't know it was on the shelf.
3:42 am
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3:44 am
26 days to go and the trump campaign threatening to sue "the new york times" over a report leaked yesterday in which two women claim they were touched up appropriately by donald trump. one 30 years ago. so does he have a case?
3:45 am
here to weigh in is judge napolitano. >> good morning. >> clearly they have been holding on to this for a while, they have known about this and decided to inflict maximum damage dropping the story last night. does he have a case against them? >> well, he has a very high bar. so donald trump under the law is called an all-purpose figure. meaning he's so well-known that he can get his message out as well or better than "the new york times" can. secondly, he's running for president of the united states, in which all bets are off and you can say whatever you want. however, if trump can prove that "the times" had actual mall lac which means that "the new york times" knew this was wrong and published it anyway or was reckless for disregard for whether it was truthful or inaccurate and published it anyway, he can prevail. that bar is intentionally high because of the language of the first amendment, the courts that
3:46 am
ruled, and it was intended to encourage robust, free-wheeling, uninhibited debate. if you're not sure it's right, that's the way we conduct the presidential campaign. so if trump were to sue, and the lawyers are superb, a top lawyer with a couple firms, he would sue on donald trump's behalf. no court is going to order a retraction or correction no matter what the outcome. >> in 2008 "the new york times" and "the washington post" came out with the story, john mccain is having an affair with the lobbyist. they settled out of court, but "the new york times" issued a statement and said, we never meant to infer they were having an affair. we're sorry. but the damage was done. >> and as unfair as that appears to be, and if you are stunned by the presses, you and i both have and a lot of our colleagues
3:47 am
have, it hurts. you need to recognize the value of the first amendment to encourage open debate. >> let's talk about this. you predicted that if james comey did not suggest to the department of justice charges against hillary clinton, there would be upheaval at the fbi. that a lot of people would quit. we didn't factor in the fact they had families and would be out on the street. >> so instead of that, we're getting drip, drip, drip, leak, leak, leak, for two or three months. >> since july 5th, the comey statement, we have a lot of other evidence he didn't talk about which shows a mountain of evidence pointing in the same direction of guilt. now we are getting fbi agents leaking off the record saying the following, almost to a person, the fbi agents in the field, meaning human beings who did the investigation and the interrogation, almost to a
3:48 am
person who wanted to present this to a grand jury and seeking an indictment. and they are livid at the suspicion of management not to do so. >> for the most part, i read your column, it's terrific. it sounds like everybody at the fbi, except the guys at the top, which a lot of pundits said the fix was in with his boss loretta lynch and the president, she's not going to get in trouble, right? >> i argue that the fix was in the fbi not using the tools available to it. no grand jury, no subpoena, no search warrant, no meaningful supervision by the department of justice. these are only decisions that could have been made at the top, not by the agents in the field. >> finally n th, in that fox ne report, one of the comments is james comey discouraged the reputation of the fbi. >> i don't know it has gone that far, but i know a lot of the fbi agents currently feel that way. >> we have a lot to talk about. >> do we have more time?
3:49 am
comey is getting jealous. >> we have two hours and ten more minutes to go. judge, thank you. meanwhile, what happens when gary johnson is asked about the latest allegations against donald trump? it might be worse than aleppo. we're going to show you. and everybody wants to be like debate hero ken bone. now apparently even the ladies. carly is here with the top five trends including the sexy ken bone halloween costume. good morning, carly. n't see it.. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®. and what helps them, helps you. bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day.
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because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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3:52 am
americas newest sweet heart
3:53 am
undecided voter ken bone. he stole the show at sunday night's debate and this morning he is setting the internet on fire once again and here with a look at what's trending is our fox news reporter carly simpson. who would have thought? >> there will be a lot of trick-or-treaters. >> it looks like a woman wearing a short sweater and a groucho marx. >> did you buy one? >> the debate happened two days ago. how did they already get those made. >> it's an easy costume. it's a red sweater and mustache. is ken bone turning a profit off
3:54 am
of this because he deserves the money? >> absolutely. >> ken bone, billionaire. >> if that girl came to your door as a trick-or-treater, would you recognize her? >> i would many. >> i don't know how much money she would get. >> let's talk. >> the polling came out with a couple electoral maps that show kind of like what states would vote red or green if women or men only voted. here's what one would look like if only dogs voted. fair and balanced. >> a lot of goldens there. >> bringing it back to mr. bone. this person tweeted out this picture and said this is what the electoral map would look like if everyone was still undecided in mid october like some people. >> ken bone. >> the go to love it.
3:55 am
and another one, kind of self-deprecating with what the electoral map would look like if i tried to draw it. scribbles. there is another pushback for ben & jerry's. who did they tick off? >> ben & jerry's endorsed black lives matter. in a tweet, black lives matter choosing to be silent in the face of such injustice is not an option. another group has not remained silent. that's blue lives matter. they have encourage everybody to boycott ben & jerry's. final stop, down to disney and now you can get hitched in the magic kingdom. >> i love this story. everybody wants that fairy tale wedding. disney is letting their dreams come true. you can get married in front of
3:56 am
cinderella's iconic castle. you can have the whole park to yourself. it's going to cost you $180,000 for the base package. you have to actually to be a real real princess. >> to rent the castle? >> it also comes with a carriage ride. that doesn't come in the $180,000 package. you have to pay up for that. >> it's like a pumpkin stagecoach. real magic. >> so anyone who is at the park can go to your wedding or close down the park. >> they close down the park i believe, which is why it costs so much. historically, disney has been the number one destination for honeymooners. >> one stop option. >> now we know what's trending. >> we'll listen to you on channel 121 on sirius. a toxic dump, hillary
3:57 am
clinton catholics, behind the times. kirk cameron joins us in the next hour. plus, we have judge alex ferrer, dr. ben carson and taya kyle. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
3:58 am
♪ ♪
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it is thursday. it's the end of the week. october 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news right now. happened once again, two veteran boston cops clinging to life after a dramatic shoot-out. [ multiple gunshots ] the shooters said to be armed for battle and we have the breaking details. meanwhile, donald trump declares war on the mainstream media again, accusing it of teaming up with hillary clinton's campaign, according to wikileaks for what he calls now the greatest coordinated attack in political history. does he have a case? we have it straight ahead. and hillary clinton's
4:01 am
campaign just added more groups to the basket of deplorables. get ready for this. it's there's a good chance you are in that basket now. wait until you hear what the latest basket leak out. i had to reflect for a second and now i'm back. mornings are better with friends. ♪ well, she went to the oscars this year, taya kyle, of course, that big movie about her husband. she's going to be here and along with dr. ben carson talking about donald trump. also, ed rollins is going to be on the show today. and kirk cameron will be here. he's got a great new movie. we got to get him to weigh in on one of our lead stories today and that's what leaked out about catholics and the clintons. they want to change the catholic church because they are in the stone ages. >> it's only been around for 2,000 years.
4:02 am
>> in that cold open, did you blackout for a second? >> i just thought of something and i edited myself and i just stopped. >> that's probably a good thing. >> if you don't say something, don't regret it. >> the latest in aleppo. >> you know what, i had to go to speech in third grade for my l's. >> you are doing a fine job. >> did you used to hit her in the leg. >> and my egg went like that, just like the doctor's office. >> let's talk politics and get right to the race to the white house. 26 days before we're all voting -- counting the votes. declaring war on "the new york times" and threatening to sue and accusing the paper of the biggest coordinated attack in political history. >> peter doocy is live outside trump tower with more. >> reporter: two women now say
4:03 am
they have got a story that contradicts donald trump's claim that locker room talk with billy bush never escalated into anything physical. one woman tells "the new york times" that trump put the moves on here at trump tower at 2005 and another one says he made moves on her in the first class cabin in three decades in a plane. saying he was like an octopus, his hands were everywhere. the flight staff nor police were notified. a trump lawyer has drafted a letter we just saw demanding a retraction from the "new york times." he accuses them of liable and not -- libel and not vetting these stories that could darn issue trump's reputation. >> the time stories buries the pro clinton financial and social media activity on behalf of hillary clinton's candidacy.
4:04 am
refine rs -- reinforcing this is nothing more than a political attack. this is a sad day for the times. donald trump was hitting a similar note complaining that embarrassing revelations contained in hillary clinton's etop staffers are -- emails. >> wikileaks, it tells you the inner heart. they want to put it out but they can't do that because without the media and without the press, hillary clinton would be nothing. she would be nothing. zero. >> trump isn't just fighting with the media. he's also continuing his battle with house speaker paul ryan, cuesing him yesterday of not really wanting to beat hillary clinton. donald trump has a lot more going on. we expect to hear a lot more about it in two swing states today. florida and ohio. thank you very much. if you are watching the
4:05 am
mainstream media or reading the papers today, the story about the two women in the "new york times," it's interesting, though, the left is now interested in these women who have made these accusations against donald trump. however, very uninterested in the women who made the allegations against bill clinton, and they are in the news as well. juanita broderick. kathleen willey to name two. >> does donald trump have a case? judge napolitano joined us a short time ago. >> if trump could prove if the times acted with -- here's a phrase -- actual malice. that "the new york times" knew this was wrong and published it anyway or was wreckless in its disregard whether it was truthful and inaccurate and published it anyway, then he can prevail. that bar is intentionally high because of the language of the first amendment, the courts have ruled, was intended to encourage open, wide, robust, free
4:06 am
wheeling, uninhibited debate. if you are not sure it's right, say it anyway. that's the way we conduct our presidential campaigns. >> if donald trump were to sue, he wouldn't get justice before the election and remember back in 2008, "new york times," paup came out -- "washington post" came out with the same story, and it looked coordinated. where it said john mccain is having an affair with a lobbyist. the election came and went and he lost. and then after that, "the new york times" had to print something we never meant to infer that this they had an affair, which is exactly what they were trying to do. they were trying to damage him. >> people are accusing the hillary clinton campaign managers of holding on information and releasing it at the perfect time, 27 days away from the election and many people are saying that's exactly what happened over at nbc when they released the video of bully
4:07 am
bush -- billy bush talking on the bus with donald trump. >> tmz is reporting that. there's more to the story is because this tape was out earlier. nbc news knew about this tape. they planned on editing and sanitizing it to make billy bush not look bad. the only time he looks bad or compromises is when he said something -- when he left the bus. they were going to edit it out. instead -- >> they were going to sanitize it. >> when he said give donald trump a hug to the soap opera actor. >> he says jeez, you are a girl that's hot as whatever. that was not going to make the cut. the question is did nbc have this tape before they stumbled on to it last week. >> for years. >> it's 11 years old. the story that tmz has said behind the scenes they were going to release on friday, then comes hurricane matthew. they said we got to stick with
4:08 am
the weather coverage. it's a big story. it's going to get buried. we're going to wait until monday. at which time, somebody leaks it to "the washington post." it comes out friday and swamps all the news cycle leading up to the debate. >> tmz ist nbc was timing this to do the maximum damage to donald trump. what's curious is even though there was this leak at somebody at access or nbc news to the "washington post," they have no interest in finding the leaker. >> he's bragging with it -- about it allegedly at the olympics, telling executives he had this tape. i think jeb bush is so up set with his nephew. >> i understand holding stories for maximum. if you had this story in august and left it for october to put your hand on the scale for an election, that is not ethical.
4:09 am
>> that's op-o research. the democrats have been looking for years to dig up dirt for donald trump. same thing with the republicans. they have got research people, they have been working for years on hillary clinton because they have known for years it's going to be her and now is the time to dump it for maximum damage. unfortunately, for nbc now we see that that's exactly what they did. usually we just think it. now we have proof they did it. >> earlier we thought, according to hillary clinton, she walked it back the next day, 50% of donald trump's audience is his supporters, his voters are deplorable and they are unredemable. then we find out that basket has got to get a little bit bigger. catholics belong in it. >> red necks. >> red necks, and somebody else. >> loonts. >> -- latinos. >> needy latinos. thanks to wikileaks, the chair for the hillary clinton campaign, john podesta sent out
4:10 am
an email we need endorsements from, quote, needy latinos, for instance, the hispanic mayor of denver. things were not good with him because he endorsed barack obama, and also bill richardson who back in the day, 2008, also threw hillary clinton under the bus and endorsed barack obama. >> bill richardson says this -- he says of bill richardson. >> look at the top of that. look at the subject. needy latinos and one easy call. bill rich sond, i had heard that you were upset that encouraged a call between wjc, bill clinton and richardson to bury the hatchet. richardson is still on tv a lot, especially on univision and telemundo. notwithstanding the fact that he can be a blank, it was worth getting him in a good place. >> they mended fences and then
4:11 am
he did two days later go ahead and endorse hillary clinton, but nonetheless, for podesta to say needy latinos, we got to get their endorsements, it doesn't look good. >> just alienate everybody. >> and bill richardson tells the truth regarding foreign policy. i think that's ticks off the clinton camp. i'm going to use that as a toss. >> thank you. i've got news to start in the united states. we begin with a fox news alert. at this hour and a very serious story, two veteran police officers, clinging to life after a dramatic shoot-out overnight in boston. that gunman is now dead. witnesses describing a scene like a war zone. one carpeting on video the crossfire between police and the suspect armed for battle. watch this.
4:12 am
[ multiple gunshots ] >> that shocking scene also playing out in brand-new vivid police audio. listen. >> we got shots fired. i need every officer available to make their way. 136 gladstone street. >> multiple, multiple shots. >> guys, get us some [ bleep ] ammo up here now. >> they are pushing. they are pushing sir. >> the officers were called to the scene after some sort of fight took place between two male suspects. he unleashed a fury of bullets with a semiautomatic rifle and he was also wearing a vest. nine officers have injuries. overnight, a stampede of anti-police protesters clashing with riot police in oregon, outraged over a move to give officers a pay raise.
4:13 am
the protesters shutting down portland city hall, police were forced to use pepper spray. and do you remember this cringe-worthy moment from presidential candidate, gary johnson? >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> talking about syria, of course. you can now add another item to that growing list of gaffes. his campaign releasing a statement to johnson's response to allegations of inappropriate behavior by donald trump toward mowmen. >> maybe this is a new one. >> i think it's a typo. >> you know what rhymes with typo -- aleppo. >> absolutely. >> just saying.
4:14 am
>> i don't think donald trump -- i'm thinking. >> his campaign went viral when it took out isis hunting permits. now, the former naval s.e.a.l. is running in missouri. how he's out in front. >> he could win.
4:15 am
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i'm no career politician. i'm a navy s.e.a.l., and i'll take dead aim at politics as usual. >> wow, that missouri governor race is heating up. that's republican candidate former navy steel, eric greitens. he's facing chris koster. on top of the ticket, there's donald trump, a double digit lead over hillary clinton. what is greitens hearing from the voters of missouri and why is this outsider doing well on the big stage. eric, have you figured out where the success has come from? >> brian, what we're seeing is that people are responding to the case that we're making. as you know, i've never been involved in politics before,
4:19 am
never run for office before. i'm a navy s.e.a.l. an entrepreneur. a husband and father. i'm running against a career politician, chris koster is a corrupt clinton-style politician. he says repeatedly his top priority as governor would be expanding obamacare. he's the chief law enforcement who failed missouri and the nation in ferguson and as we go out and make the case for people it's clear that they want strong, common sense conservative leadership and that's what we're offering to the people of missouri. >> you had one debate. they want to have a second debate. he does not want to debate you, why? >> look, he doesn't want to debate us, brian, because we crushed him in the first debate. i encourage everybody, in missouri, around the country, to go out and watch that first debate, and look, he's a career politician who can't defend his record. he was identified by the "new york times," which as you know is not exactly a conservative
4:20 am
newspaper as the most corrupt attorney general in the country, and he just -- his record, he can't defend, and so he doesn't want to show up and debate us again. >> eric, if a lot of people are wondering, forced to take sides, where do you stand with donald trump? do you think that donald trump's candidacy as an outsider helps you? >> you know what, it's very clear that people are looking for an outsider and you might know we just had a really great rally with mike pence. he came into missouri. we brought our message out together and that is crooked career politicians like hillary clinton, like chris koster are dangerous to the country. they are dangerous because you see the results that you get. here in missouri now we've got a public safety crisis. st. louis most violent city in the country. kansas city number ten. springfield number 11 because of the failures of career politicians like my opponent, chris koster. >> we'll see if a navy s.e.a.l. can work some magic in a suit rather than in camouflage if you
4:21 am
get that opportunity. eric greitens running for governor of missouri. thanks so much. >> thanks so much, brian. when we come back, we'll be joined by somebody really cool. his name is kirk cameron. will ainsley admit she was in love with him as a child. approaching medicare eligibility?
4:22 am
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4:24 am
another fight against faith, a new wikileaks dump shows hillary clinton aides attacking catholics and evangelicals. what do americans think about that? here to react is kirk cameron. what's your reaction to that when you learned about that on monday? >> of course, it's upsetting, but i don't think this will be the last interesting wikileaks story that we hear between now and the election time, and i've thought a lot about what can i
4:25 am
do at a time like this when our nation is in trouble and our kids are looking to us and saying why are we seeing these things on the news, so many different things, and my offering, the best thing that i think i can help with, is to provide hope, and vision, and courage. and that's why i've put together this exciting national family meeting called revive us. it's coming up in a thousand theaters across the country and i'm doing that to give people a sense of hope for the future because when times are difficult, we tend to look to our source of strength and hope and health and for me that's god. >> tell us more about revive us. how can we be a part of that? >> well, you can be a part of revive us finding out where you can get tickets. we're going to be in downtown chicago. this is a night of gathering the family of faith and with me will be francis chan, dr. ben carson,
4:26 am
eric metaxis, jennifer roth child. we'll be praying with miss clara from the movie "war room." think of this as a way to refresh our spirit and revive our heart and learn how we the people can transform our nation from the inside-out and the bottom all the way to the top. >> what's the date on it? >> october 18th. this coming tuesday night. >> you can go into your local theater. hopefully they are playing it. it's a wonderfulve event. what do you say to the folks that are upset about the direction of the country and everything happening politically? >> i would say our hope in this country is not ultimately in the government. it's ultimately in the power of god working in the hearts of moms and dads and our kids in the next generations, and what we need to be doing is modeling the right responses. we need to give them hope and that's what i'm trying to do.
4:27 am
i want to see people with hearts revived, homes revived, their churches, communities, and from the bottom up you can restore health to a nation. >> if you could sit down and talk to these aides that for hillary clinton's that said awful things in their emails about the catholic church and evangelicals and like to reinvent the cheat catholic church because they don't want li like the way it's going. >> i used to be a person of no faith. i would say come revive us. i've invited my smartest, wisest most faithful friends like francis chan, carson, eric metaxis. >> i'll tell you how good god is. when i was in fourth grade, you
4:28 am
were on the cover of all these magazines you were my teenage crush in elementary and middle school. you are doing so many good things for our country. >> thank you for having me on the program. as we get closer to the election day, the political punches are getting tougher. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> so whose hits landed and which ones miss the. ed rollins is in the ring with steve doocy for that interview. it is a special day for the u.s. navy. kirk, the navy is turning 200 years old today. we're celebrating. and taya kyle is joining us, chris kyle's wife.
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ today we want to wish a happy birthday to the navy. the navy is celebrating 241 years of service with a cake-cutting ceremony. >> but we're not capable of doing that. we're certainly not qualified. here to do the honors the commander, don pasteran. also here is taya kyle. she's a best-selling author. you are very comfortable with this group. >> i'm happy to be around these great people. >> tell me, commander, what's today mean to you, guys? >> it means a lot. 241 years of navy. the theme is tough, bowled, and ready. we continue to do our mission,
4:33 am
doing our president's orders and carrying those out and our national interests, freedom of navigation, and humanitarian aid is what we're doing today is and what we've done for the last 241 years. >> taya what does it mean? >> look at these young, beautiful faces. honored to be here. >> there is a tradition with the navy too. >> there's a tradition, the oldest sailor and the youngest sailor stand here and will cut the cake for the birthday. >> and stephen how old are you? >> 22, sir. >> that's young enough. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> what may you decide to serve our country? >>. [ inaudible. >> he's not miked. we're ready, commander. >> all right. here we go.
4:34 am
>> yea! [ applause ] >> eating breakfast. >> we have to take it from here. do we get another slice or is this it? >> we'll share with everybody. >> we'll cut it out and share with everybody. thank you so much for your service. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. we're going to toss it inside to you. your brother is at the naval academy, right? >> he certainly is. third year at the naval academy. mid shipman joe nauert. we have brand-new developments in the deadly connecticut plane crash. the feds say it was no accident. it looks like suicide more than terrorism. the sole survivor detailed a heated argument before it crashed to the ground, exploding
4:35 am
in a fiery blaze. at the heads of the controls was a jordanian national who came to the united states on a student visa to attend flight school. the instructor tells investigator he was overwhelmed with that school and downed the single engine plane on purpose. john kerry purposely avoiding the team islamic when talking about isis terrorists. watch this. >> it's islamic state. there's not a state. there's nothing legitimate about it. there's nothing islamic about it. it's their title and we shouldn't use it. >> well, kerry was speaking at a tech conference in silicon valley. he says isis should be called dash. or listen to this one, the world's most evil terror group. that falls in line with the obama administration refusal to say radical islamic terror.
4:36 am
new york's mayor bill de blasio public ly endorsed clintn but now a new email shares he was feeling the bern. >> i will have lots of praise for hillary and her increasingly clear, strong, agenda. but he also would praise better than -- bernsie's ideas if asked. >> has this happened to you on a plane? take a look. >> hey, come here, if you don't stop screwing around back there, this is what i'm going to do with you. >> of course, i say that to my kids every single time we fly. the indian airline called indigo is creating controversy for introducing child-free flights. kids are band from rows 11
4:37 am
through 4 and 1 through 14. they are reserved for business travelers who need peace and quiet. the biggest supporters of that is steve and brian. i'm just kidding. the race for the white house is a knockdown drag-out fight with the candidates with candidates going toe-to-toe with voters as you just saw 26 days from now. we're keeping score each week with the title boxing ring with former prizefighter and political analyst ed rollins who runs the pro trump super pac, great america. and peter doocy is talking about this new allegation from the "new york times" about these women and trump back in the day. >> well, as serious as all the issues are facing this presidential race, these are not the ones that should be being discussed but obviously they are a great distraction and i think to a certain extent ever since the tape got unleashed a week
4:38 am
ago, trump will struggle with these things. >> there's no doubt these are timed for maximum political damage. >> you could freeze the last three weeks and with trump arguing about whether he met or didn't meet this girl, it's not the way you want to end the campaign. you want to end the campaign arguing who can be the strongest leader. seeing these young sailors out here, men and women, that's how i started in the ring. i go up there to navy town. i boxed with marines and sailors, and your title there, of bold, strong, and always fighting is so true and i want to wish them happy birthday. >> nice. we all admire them. ed is going to take a look at three sound bites from the past week. then who won the round. first up, hillary versus trump on the email scandal. >> that was a mistake. and i take responsibility for using a personal email account. after a year long investigation,
4:39 am
there is no evidence that anyone hacked the server i was using. i take classified material very seriously, and always have. >> so are we going to get a special prosecutor and we're going to look into it, because you know what people have been -- their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you've done and it's a disgrace and honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> okay. round one goes to. >> it goes to trump. obviously, this is still an issue that's out there. the fbi is still very unhappy that comey didn't basically bring it forward for prosecution. she can say her stuff wasn't hacked. everything is hacked as we've seen with the wikileaks. i think he clearly won that round. >> all right. round two. hillary clinton versus donald trump on respect for women. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it.
4:40 am
i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it. i have great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> i never said that. >> you've said things -- you hear these things are said and i was embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women. >> what we all saw and heard on friday was donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women, and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is, but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. because we've seen this throughout the campaign. >> all right. round two goes to? >> it certainly goes to hillary. she nailed him on this issue. this is one of most devastating things that's happened to the campaign since the release of this, he's going to struggle with this the rest of the campaign and his answer that it's locker room talk, trash talk, is just not a good answer.
4:41 am
not relevant. >> the fiem round, round three, hillary versus trump. >> what's exciting to me is that we're getting more and more support, not just from democrats, but from independents and republicans! >> i think we should get support and we don't get support from guys like paul ryan. i don't want his support. i don't care about his support. what i want to do is i want to win for the people. >> who gets round three? >> she gets round three because it was a self-inflicted wound on trump's part. trump is going to fight republicans as opposed to fighting her and lost a week now arguing about who is what and where. paul ryan made a mistake. but trump made a mistake by going after republicans as opposed to her. >> now there are a lot of republicans who feel abandoned by the republican establishment. >> it's creating chaos in the party and we're putting both the senate and the house and his
4:42 am
presidency in jeopardy, his candidacy. >> thank you very much. straight ahead to a fox news alert. two police officers shot overnight. now fighting for their lives. we'll take you live to boston coming up next. listen to that. and how should donald trump respond to the latest claims from the "new york times"? dr. ben carson here to react live next. music: suspenseful ♪ if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ♪ banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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4:45 am
a fox news alert, two boston police officers clinging to life right now after a dramatic overnight shoot-out. that gunman is now dead. witnesses say it was a scene like a war zone. >> horrific video capturing what's believed to be the crossfire between police and a suspect armed for battle. listen. [ multiple gunshots ]
4:46 am
our reporter is live outside of a hospital in boston where the officers are being treated right now. jason. >> reporter: we actually have some good news, an update on those two officers. the police commissioner here in boston reporting that the two officers are out of surgery. that's a very good sign because they were listed a few hours ago as being extremely critical in their condition. they are out of surgery. the shooting started out as a domestic disturbance call-out. all officers knew they were responding to a home where two male roommates were fighting. one of them may have had a gun. when they got to the scene, the suspect, the gunman was wearing a ballistic vest and armed with an assault rifle. there was a gun fight. the gunman, the shooter was killed. the two officers were hurt. fellow officers got them to safety and pulling them out of the shooting and rushing them to the hospital. bill evans, the police
4:47 am
commissioner here in boston, explained those heroics. >> two of the officers drag their fellow officers out of the line of fire, so they were in a protected zone and the officers continued to engage in a gun exchange. the officers with wounded officers were able to quickly administer first aid, apply a tourniquet. one officer had his hands in one of wounds. >> the only thing we know right now about the shooter is that he was 33 years old and may have worked at one point as a bounty hunter. the names of the officers involved have not been released. they have not been identified but they are veterans in the boston police force. one with a dozen years of experience and the other with 28 years of experience. you are in law enforcement, how do you feel about getting dressed today and going out there? i mean. >> every day, especially now.
4:48 am
>> say a prayer for those individuals, please. >> we all will. straight ahead. staging the greatest political attacks in history. trump is exposing the media for what they really are. what is it? he will explain next. good morning, doctor. "fallen" by alicia keys was number one on the charts in 2001.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
dtd -- donald trump declares
4:52 am
war accusing "the new york times" of the greatest attack in political history. dr. ben carson joins us now to react to this. what do you think about this latest ordeal with mainstream media, dr. carson? >> well, it's very disappointing because our system was set up in such a way that the press was supposed to keep the people informed so that the will of the people could direct the country, but when the press decides that they want to become biased, it completely distorts the system and this is what we've experienced now. obviously, a week or two ago when i said that the tape -- the billy bush tape was not going to be the last thing but there would be nor things each week and they will parse them out to keep the spotlight on trump because they don't want to deal with the issues, this is exactly what's happened. this is so predictable and the question is will the american people be smart enough to see
4:53 am
beyond the manipulation that is going on so the political class can contain and keep their power. mols dsh -- >> this is the real issue. >> you are not saying the four women are not telling the truth. you are wondering now the timing. "the new york times" say they came over to the reporter and they just told the story. >> well, there's an atmosphere that's been created by the "new york times" and others that says, look, if you are willing to come out and say something, we'll give you fame, we'll give you whatever you need. what a bunch of crap. but the people have to see through this because again the train is going off the cliff. our country is going off the cliff financially and in so many other ways. if we don't deal with this stuff now, our children are completely going to be disadvantaged. >> sure. >> and destroyed. their future will be destroyed. >> pardon me, doctor, and through wikileaks, we know
4:54 am
there's like media coordination between "the new york times," "boston globe," cnn, nbc. it looks very close. and the hillary clinton campaign communications director mocking cath looks -- catholics, what they are calling for, doctor, is a catholic spring. you look at the emails and the chain is very long. we'll talk about it. the catholic church needs to be shaken up because they are too far in the dark ages essentially is what they are saying? >> in 2012, there was a big platform fight because they wanted to remove all vestiges in faith in god.
4:55 am
they are in direct opposition to the word of god, knowing if they can get people to accept that, then they completely obliterate god in our society. that's the real goal. >> you bring up aa good point. why donald trump is going after paul ryan and the rest of republicans makes no sense to you. >> no. well, you know, that's energy that could be expended, you know, educating the people about the platforms. to get anybody to read the democratic platform republican platform, i think the vast majority of americans would be appalled at the democratic platform, but keeping people ignorant and feeting -- feeding propaganda, that's the mechanism that they look. >> your camp says any republican who does not vote for donald trump, essentially that's a vote for hillary clinton. >> it is and people need to recognize that you are voting against your children and their future.
4:56 am
that is really the key. if people can understand that and get beyond the initial agitation they might feel offended by this or that or the other, this is so much bigger than anything that might offend you and donald trump is not a perfect person. nobody has been a perfect person and if you go back and you look through the history of our presidents, you'll find a lot of issues. that's not the issue. the issue is who can deal with the problems that we're having. i would love to have somebody in there who was, you know, pure as the wind blown sand, but, let's be practical here and let's deal with the issues right now. >> sure. >> dr. carson, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. all right. it's 3 and a half minutes before the top of the hour. what's coming up, ainsley? coming up, we all know what president clinton thinks about obamacare. >> then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their
4:57 am
coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> turns out he's not the only democrat that thinks that. then all he wanted was a night out with the boys but he didn't want to tell his wife, so he faked his own kidnapping. it seems like a good plan to me. >> oh, no!
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good thursday morning to you and your family. it's october 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. it's happened again. two vet rap boston cops clinging to life right this very second after a dramatic shoot-out overnight. [ multiple gunshots ] that shooter armed for battle. breaking details in just moments. meanwhile, donald trump declares war on the mainstream media again, accusing it of teaming up with hillary clinton's campaign for what he calls the greatest coordinated attack in political history. does he have a case against "the new york times"?
5:01 am
judge alex ferrer here next. this isn't just that. the brand-new bomb shells from the wikileaks leaks as thousands of emails are out and with -- about. get your equilibrium in just a second. you are watching "fox & friends." so next thursday we will still be in las vegas. we will be doing the post debate game show. >> yes, right. >> hard to believe. the last debate. it seems like yesterday we were talking about going into the first debate. >> i feel like we've been doing this coverage since the 5th grade. this is the campaign that never ends. >> i like the way the brirve do it. they give you like a week. by the power vested in me, it's an election. >> it's going to be over soon enough. we're 26 days away from the
5:02 am
presidential election. and we have more on "the new york times." >> accusing the paper of heading up the biggest coordinated political attack in history. >> peter koos si -- doocy is live with more. >> reporter: several women this morning are saying that they can prove donald trump wrong when he claims that his locker room talk with billy bush never escalated into anything physical because two of them are alleging that he put the moves on them in florida in separate stories published by "people" magazine and t"the pal beach post." one says he kissed her on an airplane and he was like an octopus and his hands were everywhere. there were no police reports about any of the
5:03 am
trump's campaign responded, it is apparently from among other things that the timing of the article is nothing more than a politically motivated effort to defeat mr. trump's candidacy. to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump trivializes sexual assault and it sets a new low on where the media is willing to go in its efforts to determine this election. he think the media is down playing hillary's hacked emails so they can beat up on him. >> wikileaks, the big stuff, the press does not report it because honestly without the press, without the media, hillary clinton is nothing. she's nothing. okay. she's nothing. so trump took a lot of incoming overnight and we do expect him to respond to the latest allegations against him as he likes to do, almost every
5:04 am
time that something comes out at a pair of swing state rallies today, first in florida and then in ohio. stay tuned for that. he will answer that, and he will also have a big crowd. his crowds are the biggest in political history. we've got a crowd here on the couch, we've got alex ferrer, a former dade county circuit court judge. it sounds like trump wants to retract that story because it's not true. does he have a case? >> whether they will retract it or not, it's up to them, their investigation, whether they feel it's supported by the facts that they have been able to unearth. whether he has a case to sue them, that's a different question. it's an interesting question. typically it's difficult to sue the media because they have special protections against -- with the first amendment. with all the wikileaks stories
5:05 am
coming out showing the media to be biased against donald trump, you are not too far from actually showing malice here. the more of this comes out, the more i think we're headed for a shift in media protections. we're a long way from walter con cite. they are not even doing that. >> if you sue, you are underlining the story. you highlight it. so people say okay, they are going to lawyer up, they are going to have a press conference. >> here's the flipside to that. it's already highlighted because the media is pounding him with it every day and they are going to. every week between now and the election, somebody else will come out and the media will pound it and pound it to keep the topic on donald trump and his actions. >> his word against these women's accounts. they don't have any witnesses. how do you know they are not coming out and saying this
5:06 am
because they don't want hip to be president? >> i don't know if there will be other evidence of it. i don't know if there's any audio or video or anything come out. it's the same with bill clinton. it's his word against the women. the media isn't doing that like they are with trump. >> dr. ben carson joined us a short time ago and he weighed in on this. >> well, there's an atmosphere that's been created by the "new york times" and others that says, look, if you are willing to come out and say something, we'll give you fame, we'll give you whatever you need. what about -- what a bunch of crap. but the people have to see through this because again the train is going off the cliff. our country is going off the cliff financially and in so many other ways. if we don't deal with this stuff now, our children are completely going to be disadvantaged. >> i agree with mr. carson there, dr. carson about that as
5:07 am
well, but -- >> the part that it's a bunch of crap, that part. >> that part and forward. but it's more than that, actually, because we're dealing with not just the importance of this campaign. this campaign election is very important, but to me, from my perspective, the deterioration of the media is more important than any election, including this one. >> are you hispanic? >> yes, i was born in cuba. >> how do you feel about labeled as needy? >> i've been labeled a lot worse. there are people in prison who call me a lot worse i guarantee you that. but i let things like that roll off my back. that actually doesn't bother me. >> what does it do for your vote? for like -- does that insult the latino community? >> oh, of course, of course, it does. some people -- we're at a point now where people back their candidate no matter what and if it's their candidate and if or she says something shocking, i don't care. >> you were talking about
5:08 am
wikileaks revealed the media bias and clearly tilting to the left. as it turns out, we know more about the billy bush thing on the bus because across the street at access hollywood and nbc, they knew about the tape for a while, it could have been months or years. they planned to drop it on friday, being from south florida, as you know, there was hurricane matthew. they said we're not going to get the buzz we need, we'll run it on monday. somebody at nbc news didn't like that and leaked it to the "washington post." >> now, because they were trying to inflict maximum damage what is what some say is going with "the new york times." then you see it's "the new york times." it's "the washington post." it's nbc. >> cnn. i'm not maligning entire news organizations. these are individual reporters. it's not to say that these allegations aren't true. these women may be telling the truth. these are allegations.
5:09 am
you are looking -- leaking this stuff about trump, there's plenty of stuff about hillary that you brush aside. i want fair reporting. as a judge, i had to put aside my personal feelings and rule according to the law and make sure the defendant got a fair trial. i might have felt -- i might have known from a confession that he was guilty but i put aside my personal feelings and made sure he got a fair trial because that was my job. their job is to report the news fairly and they don't do that anymore. they let their personal feelings and agenda come in and they drive -- just read the story from wikileaks about reporters who are leaking information to the clinton campaign. they are not reporters. they are part of the clinton communication team. >> or the dnc chair donna brazile releasing questions. >> mathematically, it's possible, first of all, death penalty questions come up in debate. the exact quote was sometimes i get the question in advance the day before the debate was used in the question the next day.
5:10 am
>> and that was with the town hall with bernie sanders. why bernie sanders is still in that camp? >> why bernie sanders supporters would ever put up with that. they basically had the rug pulled out from them by the dnc it's so clear and now by the media. >> she's running the dnw. >> after debbie wasserman shultz lost her job for being involved with that. >> what do you think about wikileaks? this stuff is illegally gotten. >> the argument -- i don't like when it's national secrets. i don't like that. those should be protected. the argument is the important thing here is not what it revealed. the important thing is how they got it. they hacked in and got it. if a burglar breaks into your house and finds a dead body nobody is going to take seriously about the argument about, wait, wait, ignore the dead body, point occupant the fact that this was -- point out the fact that it was a burglar who was doing an illegal act.
5:11 am
>>. thank you. let's hand it over to heather. >> good morning to all of you. a couple updates to bring you right now. breaking new details just into our newsroom in that boston police ambush that we have been telling you about this morning. officials now just identifying the shooter as a former army reservist. 33-year-old kirk figueroa, he hit two officers when they arrived to respond to a fight between figueroa and his roommate. both officers are in critical condition this hour. they just got out of surgery and the police commissioner in boston saying they are alive this morning thanks to quick-thinking police officers who bravely pulled them to safety and gave them first aid on the scene. we'll keep following this story. another fox news alert. paris is on lockdown at this hour after a bomb is found in one of city's most famous streets, the boulevard de la
5:12 am
madeline. the bomb was spotted inside a fiat. you can see it here. a bomb-sniffing dog now on the scene checking for traces of other explosives. this comes one month after an abandoned car filled with gas canisters was found near paris's iconic notre dam cathedral. a stamp speed of anti pol e police -- overnight, a stampede of anti-police protesters clashing with riot police in oregon, outraged over a move to give officers a pay raise. the protesters shutting down portland city hall, throwing things at them. police were forced to use pepper spray. we know been dylan for his classic hits like this one.
5:13 am
♪ the times they are a-changing ♪ >> the legendary singer song writer just won the nobel prize for literature. it announcement just came in the last hour recognizing his literary works. we know what president clinton thinks of obamacare. >> then people are out there busting it, 60 hours a week and wind up with their premiums double and the coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> he's not the only one. a high school volleyball player wasn't going to let some technical difficulty stop the
5:14 am
national anthem. what happened next will give you chills. ♪ ♪ because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. one pan, less than 30 minutes. because if they aren't going to eat it, at least you didn't spend too much time making it. campbell's one dish recipes. made for real, real life. my frii say not if you this protect yourself.ary. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing,
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i couldn't have got this
5:18 am
crazy system where all of a sudden 25 more million people have health care and the people out there busting it sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled. >> well, bill clinton, not the only democrat who thinks the affordable care act isn't so affordable for care. >> more are following his lead what republicans have said along. >> garrett has more details. >> one of the hardest hit states in the country with premium increases is minnesota, where next year, individual premiums will go up by more than 50%. like other states across the country, insurance providers have been pulling out of minnesota's state run health exchange, m-insure because they are moving hundreds of millions of dollars. that led to years of steadily increasing premiums to the point state regulators say the state is in -- the exchange is in a state of emergency.
5:19 am
the state's democratic governor said he agreed and went on to say that the law needs to be fixed. >> marked dayton is the first democrat ik governor speak out about it. he fully embraced the plan. bill clinton just a little over week ago, when he said this on the campaign trail. >> you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden you've got people out there busting it 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled. >> now, bill clinton later walked back his remarks but it's becoming clear that there is a growing bipartisan consensus that changes in the law need to
5:20 am
be made. how to do that, though, that is another issue entirely? back to you all. that's the $67 billion question how do you fix it. thank you very much. still ahead on this thursday. all he wanted was a night out with the boys, he didn't want to get on the bad side of his wife so what he did is faked his own kidnapping. if you are a market at a new home but buying one at an auction seems like a bargain, but bob massi says it will cost you more than that. he wants to say more than that but we've only allocated him a few minutes. i don't want to put life on hold because of a headache. that's why i use excedrin. it has two pain fighters plus a booster and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes.
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5:24 am
we're back with a fox news alert. an arizona woman is behind bars arrested on suspicion of terrorism. michelle bassion are taken into custody after police served warrants. she served time in the past for felony theft. looks distracted. ahmed rahami is suspected of bombing and hurting people. he faces five counts of attempted murder and terrorism charges. i hope he talks. if you are looking to buy a home at auction, they say you could save a lot of money but it could cost you more than you think, so what steps can you take to navigate the risky real estate venture? because it is risky. >> here with all the answers, the host of the property man and
5:25 am
fox news legal analyst, bob massi. good to see you this morning. >> the idea of buying it at auction, a lot of people understand that's when you buy a home that's in fore closure, but the problem is a lot of times you can't get in to see the home because it's occupied. so you are buying a home. when you buy a home at auction, guys, you are buying it as is. in other words, whatever the condition of the home is, that's the way that it is. so you have to be careful and get the right realtor involved that knows about fore closures, knows about auctions and understands how to get an inspection on the home and so what you are buying is the right product and also you are getting the best price. it's very important to look into these types of things. >> if you can't get inside the house for legal reasons, nobody is going to open the door because this is an
5:26 am
unconventional kind of purchase. can you look up property records and talk to the person who lived in the house before? i know they have no legal information to tell you anything. is that one back doorway it find out what's going on inside the house? >> that's a great point. yes, you could do that and if you have the right professionals that are helping you. what i do when i have been involved in buying at auction, i go to the neighbors and i say hey, did you know living there at the time? because a lot of times these homes get rented. what was the condition of the house? i bring a contractor to do an outside inspection of the home, and the other thing, guys, you have to make sure, and a good reality lor that -- realtor that handles this, you want to get a title search of the property, are there any liens against the property, irs liens against the property, know the product you are going to buy before you buy it, in real estate, it's always in the buy in order for the sell to be good in the future. >> bob, it sounds great to buy a
5:27 am
house, you know, in this swaying because you can buy it for a lot cheaper than you would pay if it weren't in fore closure. i would think it's a race. so many people are trying to buy this one house, is it even worth it? >> ainsley, it's very true, it's lime four or five years ago, i used to go to these auctions in vegas on thursday this morning, there are professional people with laptops, when you buy at that auction, it's a cash deal. you have to have your money ready to go. usually they close it within 30 days, but you have to understand it's a bidding war, particularly 3, 4 years ago, but real quick before we go, one of the things i'm concerned about is a lot of the loan modifications are coming mature the next year and when that happens, those payments that were $1,000, $1,200 a month, go up to $2,500 to $3,000 a month.
5:28 am
you'll see another wave of fore closures coming. >> we thank you very much for joining us live. we'll see you out in vegas next week. just six days until the third and final debate there in las vegas. what will the candidates be up against? chris wallace just released a list of the topics that he's going to be asking them and all the topics that they are facing next week. and she is the widow of the deadliest sniper in american history and he's the most decorated new york city police officer officer. taya kyle and walter dialisky are teaming up and are in the kitchen with brian.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> 26 days until the election. we know where we're going to be on wednesday night. we're going to be in las vegas. we'll be watching chris wallace who will be the first-ever fox news general election moderator for one of debates. he's one of best guys in the business, and this is the best place you could possibly watch the big show. >> yeah. >> the final debate. >> he was actually chosen by the commission on presidential debates. so what an honor for him and for us here at fox news channel. you have to watch. >> i want to tell you the guys the topics if you don't have a problem with them. chris will go ahead and use them. >> debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots, and then you have fitness to be president. and steve, i was thinking about it, you think they are going to open up with the fitness part? >> i bet. given all the stuff in the news. >> would you have a chance at
5:33 am
another topic? the way they go each other. >> when you say fitness, do you mean they are going to have an aerobics class? >> wouldn't be that great. >> maybe that's it. as all about stamina. jumping jacks, give me 30. >> there are six tommics -- topics and 15 minutes on each topics. >> his topics are more narrow in scope than lester holt's which were pretty broad. he was able to ask a whole variety of questions but these are a little more -- >> the trump team has got to be happy that immigration is in there. that's his strongest suit and it's not been brought up yet. >> national security. that's a preview of the big show. you are going to be watching right here on the fox news channel on wednesday night. starts at five minutes before 9:00 eastern time. >> we'll be live in las vegas. we're flying out after the show on tuesday, so we'll be there live wednesday morning and thursday morning. >> we're supposed to toss to ether -- heather but i don't see her. >> i'm right over here. >> you can play on the right side and the left side?
5:34 am
>> yes. >> good job! >> she's fair and balanced. >> good morning to all of you. we start right now with some extreme weather. an urgent warning to stay away from water as hurricane matthew's historic flooding claims even more lives in north carolina. 20 people now dead. 19 of them drowning victims. helicopters now racing to rescue dozens of hold-outs from the roofs of their flooded homes. the governor, pat mccrory urging residents 100 miles from the coast to leave immediately. they are worried that historic river levels could lead to a deadly dam failure. that in north carolina. she got more than fries with they will. take a look at this. an ohio woman horrified to discover her four-year-old's wendy's french fries had
5:35 am
marijuana sprinkled all over them. cops checked out the chain. they say that workers admitted to having smoked it. wendy's says it's working to get to the bottom of that issue and hope that four-year-old is okay. unreal. well, this is an incredible story. love this one. favorite of the day. when the music stops during the national anthem, a high school volleyball player picked up the microphone and saved the "star-spangled banner." watch this. ♪ >> that is marina garcia. she belted out the national anthem in a gym filled with people in san antonio, texas. there were some technical issues and that caused the recording to shut off right before the volleyball match. her performance met with cheers and tears from folks in the crowd. we are so proud of this young lady this morning, and she had a beautiful voice on top of it.
5:36 am
those are your headlines. i'll see you here soon. thank you. the movie "american sniper" brought our next guests together but it's their passion for helping the military and our first responders that keeps their friendship going. >> fox news contributor taya kyle joins us now along with new york city police officer and foundation officer, walter wasilewski, you met her when? >> i was doing security foresee end in a miller who played taya kyle during "american sniper." siena was in a play and i was asked to pick her up and i was a little excited. i was asked to pick up mrs. kyle and mrs. kyle. >> tell us what the conversation was. >> the neatest thing i was expressed, taya was coming out
5:37 am
with a book the day after. her publy cyst was there. she says hold on, i want to talk to walter. after i retired i did a lot of security work for a lot of celebrities, we have an inside joke amongst friends and families, they should ask to take a photo with you. when we got to the theater, taya she says i need a favor. would you take a photo with me. >> most highly decorated nypd officer retired now. he gets uncomfortable with that, so he won't say it. i'll say it for him. he was there on 9/11 and did that whole bit. it's an honor to know him and he helps educate us too on the needs of first responders. >> you are going on the road together? >> we did the indy 500 this year. we don't have any plans to go on the road unless this takes off
5:38 am
and all of a sudden -- >> we'll see if the bread comes up here soon. >> it's not just any bread. pumpkin bread, her great grandmother and great aunt. >> she lived to be how old? >> 104. >> this is nice and healthy. >> she walked a mile aday. no joke. >> how do we make it? >> we're going to mix the wet ingredients and we're going to mix the dry ingredients. once the wet is together, we'll put the dry in. we've got the eggs and pumpkin. this is flower, dsh flour, salt. >> brian is so good at mixing, it makes me laugh. >> are those the correct measures of these spices? >> they are. they are lovely. sugar. >> a lot of sugar.
5:39 am
>> annie b. >> it sounds like we're going -- [ multiple people speaking ] >> maybe that's the secret to longevity. >> you like the real stuff? not any splenda? >> no, no, not for annie b's. that would be sacrilegeous. wal. you have not stopped beating. >> yeah, exactly. we're going to put the dry into the wet. >> it looks like you are feeding a city. that's a lot of sugar and powder. >> our tradition always was that we make the bread and we wrap it in like a cling wrap and some foil and get ribbons and take it to the neighbors. >> welcome to the south, brian. >> it's like a little credit to the yankees, i grew up in the north, but chris, we were in the south, in southern california
5:40 am
and he and the kids would put on santa hats and go out with our annual christmas card and the pumpkin bread all wrapped up and hand it ouxt. >> you mix that to that consistency. >> yeah. yeah. >> it takes a couple minutes before that. >> if walter gets a word. >> so once that is done you put it in a greased pan and we can put it in the oven. >> then you eat it. >> you do love to cook. >> i do love to cook. >> this is our tradition on "fox & friends," we like to watch brian try to cook and steve is always the taster. >> okay, good. >> here we go. >> i think brian could eat banana bread and pumpkin bread. >> i think it's time to pour. you got to pour in the pan. >> he's starving right now. >> the pumpkin bread is really
5:41 am
nice and moist. >> now we need a pumpkin beer. >> how do they support the foundation? >> gs to chris kyle frog i think we're passionate about helping marriages, but anything you can do for a first responder or veteran you is good too. >> walter, thank you for your service and your pumpkin bread. >> most secure segment for cooking we've ever pulled off. meanwhile, she needs a bigger basket. new emails reveal what the hillary clinton campaign thinks about christians and the plans to manipulate their beliefs. i'll take it from here. we're raising money for cancer awareness, one kick at a time. ainsley is going to try to give it a kick. >> oh, no, i just want to eat.
5:42 am
>> walter, good job. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
it's your tv, take it with you. with directv and at&t, watch all your live channels, on your devices, data-free switch to directv and lock in your price for 2 years, offer starting at $50 a month. let's talk a little bit about some of the new developments from wikileaks. as it turns out, we all know that to win a general election, you certainly need the support of one of the large of the
5:46 am
voting blocs and that is america's catholics. as it turns out the clinton camp has been mocking clooks. we are told you yesterday that. they are suggesting there would be a catholic spring like an arab spring. >> that is a third rail which is the arab spring which ended up boomeranging. >> this is back in 2012, essentially the catholic church, it's great, but they are medieval. >> i love it. hillary's people saying we're going to change the catholic church. we don't like the direction of the religion that's been around for thousands of years. we're changing it. they have the power to do that, they feel. >> more power than the pope. here's sandy newman emails. there needs to be a catholic spring in which catholics themselves demand the end of
5:47 am
middle ages dick torship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the catholic church. then john podesta wrote back. we created the catholics in alliance for the common good, but to organize for a moment like this. but i think this one will have to be bottom up. i'll discuss with tara. >> these are deep thoughts. >> they don't like deplorables, red necks, catholics. needy latinos. we were asking dr. carson about it. here's what he had to say. >> remember in 2012, there was a big platform fight because they wanted to remove all vestiges of faith in god. obviously, that philosophy is advancing. they are advocating things in
5:48 am
direct opposition to the of god, knowing if they can get people to accept that, then they can completely obliterate god in our soixt that's the real goal. >> the they are calling for them to be fired for the offensive words against catholic. >> will jen palmeri get fired? >> we asked you at home what you thought. >> jill said on setter this could be one of the most telling aspects of how hillary will be as potus. hateful and offensive. >> i don't think so the pope is going to like to hear this. >> lisa on facebook, what would the outrage be if we substitute the word catholicism or islamic or muslim. >> absolutely. great point. when you talk about medieval, i
5:49 am
don't see catholics chopping off people's heads and drowning them in cages. >> they are having mass over at saint pat's in 12 minutes. >> and they got to change the format. >> they do it every day. >> i got to go more during the week. but here's the thing that i think everyone should keep in mind that hillary clinton -- there was a campaign in 2008, john mccain really blew up when they made one comment about the economy that might not be his forte. mitt romney makes one comment off the record taped by jimmy cart carter's grandson about 47% people won't be voting for him because they couldn't pay taxes. he couldn't shake it. look at what's happening on both sides, there are so many things happening that would blow up any campaign in any year.
5:50 am
the wikileaks stuff is hard to find. still ahead, we're kicking for a cause. raising money for cancer awareness, one kick at a time. i'm going to try it. >> you'll be great. >> we'll be watching. let's check in with martha who is starting things off in 10 minutes. >> it's getting uglier by the minute. we have 27 days to go. trump hit with accusations from women. he's fighting back. hillary clinton's camp making inside, derogatory comments about catholics, latinos, and red necks. jerry falwell jr will join us live about that. and how shocked and angry that they were that no charges were brought after months of investigation into hillary clinton. we'll see you at the top of the hour. see you then.
5:51 am
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this morning, we're kicking for a kraws. nine rounds for kicking off for breast cancer. >> every kick, money will be donat donated to breast cancer research. joining us is now the co-founder. we're kicking off here on the plaza. how do you raise money for breast cancer? >> we have 414 locations world wide, in the u.s. and canada, we have 240 locations participating. >> ainsley is up to a nickel. >> i've never taken a kickboxing class. >> i'll show you one of easiest kicks. you pick your knee up and stomp the bottom of your foot in like that. >> oh, my goodness. look at that power. >> awesome. >> you got it.
5:55 am
>> can you show us a roundhouse? >> a roundhouse is -- we can do like this. but you have to really turn your hips all the way over and get to the top of that foot in. nice. there you go. a little tougher of a kick but you are doing great. >> heather, you are at nine rounds, is it a half hour kickboxing program. >> nine rounds. it's a 30-minute full body work out. we use kickboxing to make it fun. there's a trainer with you to show you what to do. >> self-defense. >> if you were attacked, you could absolutely front kick somebody. we like to teach practical stuff, works your whole body, every muscle. >> why were you interested in helping breast cancer research? >> we realize we have so many members, you know, over 100,000 members, why not leverage that for something amazing. >> it's fantastic. i know you are raising a penny a
5:56 am
kick. >> we are. >> don't kick him, kick the pad. >> how many calories do you purn doing this in a half an hour? i would imagine a thousand. >> in a half hour, you can easily burn 500. it's what you put in. >> let's go ahead and take a look -- >> we know ainsley has a little bit of anger built up. >> yes, i do. >> oh, my goodness. >> there's something going on there. >> she's been waiting for this. >> if people would like more information? >> nine >> he we'll step aside as she runs him off.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> tomorrow's show we're going to have governor mike pence, geraldo rivera and a celebrity. >> guy fieri is going to be joining us from diners, drive-ins and dives. >> bill: donald trump firing back at the "new york times" after multiple women' come forward with allegations of groping. how you doing? martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. this is the latest story to explode. two women accusing donald trump of kissing and groping them without their consent. one of the accusers is


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