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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 13, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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morning. ring the bell. there it goes. but i guess they have stopped being worried about the fed raising interest rates. i don't know. cavuto usually knows things like this. the dow down about 45 on the session. i'll see you a bit later. now we address the slander and libel that was just last night thrown at me by the clinton machine and "the new york times" and other media outlets as part of a concerted, coordinated, and vicious attack. >> all right. that is donald trump unshackled. well, get ready because this is about to get very, very nasty. his latest target no less than "the new york times" threatening the mother of all lawsuits at a time donald trump is trying to cobble a means by which he can get to 270 electoral votes. the math is prohibitive, but the drama is on.
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so fox news senior national correspondent john roberts in cincinnati, ohio. john, i guess he's not, you know, going back one iota, huh? >> reporter: no. this is all about survival, and donald trump, if anything s a survivor, and he has decided that he is going to fight fire with fire in west palm beach and likely he will do it again tonight in cincinnati, weaving a tale of coercion and corruption and cooperation between the media and the clinton campaign to come out with a lot of stories that are trying to, as he put it today, destroy his movement. he's seeing this article in "the new york times" that quotes two separate women as saying he had inappropriate contact with them as collusion when "the new york times" and the clinton campaign, but there have been other media organizations, the palm beach post did a separate story, and women have come forward talking to nbc news and others, so that would require quite a large conspiracy to get all those disparate media outlets
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together. so many of his supporters are eating it up, that the media is spon kiri conspiring together with the media and the establishment to make sure he doesn't become president because they will lose power. trump made that point strenuously. his supporters would say effectively in west palm beach and likely we'll hear the same thing tonight in cincinnati. as a campaign insider told me last night, neil, in response to these allegations that came out in "the new york times" last evening, quote, this is war, and donald trump knows how to fight a war, neil. >> you know, in his remarks in west palm beach, he did raise the issue of the timing of all of these allegations in the case of one woman more than three decades ago. how is that sticking with crowds? i know his base is very loyal, but the timing issue. >> reporter: it's not just the timing of when these allegations happened. this one woman, jessica leeds, was apparently back in the early
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1980s. she can't remember the exact time. it's the timing of the release. you've got 25 days left after today until the election. you've got all of the wikileaks revelations that are coming out, and donald trump was telling his crowd, his supporters in palm beach today that all of this was designed to take what is happening on the clinton campaign off the front page and have him on defense. his supporters, not all of them because i talk to a lot of them, and some of them roll their eyes. they say we love donald trump but we wish he would stick with the issues and stay away from this stuff, but his diehard supporters believe every word that come out of his mouth and they don't think there is any room whatsoever to doubt him. you get a kngs combination. some who have a bit of skepticism and others two are not willing to believe anything could potentially be going on with this fellow. >> thank you, john roberts in cincinnati.
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donald trump says he's getting ready to sue "the new york times." that might prove easier said than done whatever you think of the "new york times." attorney phillip segal is with us right now. we do already know, phil, that "the times" plans to fight this. i'm going to get into their statement in just a second, but it is an uphill climb, isn't it? >> very steep uphill climb, neil. not only would trump have to prove that what these women said is false and there's no evidence that he's presenting that what they're saying is false except his denying it, but he would also have to prove that "the times" knew that what these women are alleging is false. that's going to be a very difficult thing to do and as a matter of timing if he were to sue them today, they would probably have 30 days to respond to that suit under new york law, and then the election would be over. so it's pretty hard to see how he's going to prove anything before "the new york times" even answers. >> you know, "the new york times," assistant general counsel, david mcgraw, dashed
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off a letter to donald trump's lawyer saying nothing in our article has had the slightest effect on the rep tition that mr. trump, through his own words and actions, has already created for himself. i don't know if that addresses the issue on hand and these women who claim over the course of decades back groped them. now, that's what will be the issue, right? whether the timing of this on the part of these women and whether "the new york times" properly vetted them. what do you think of that? >> the vetting is the thing. the reputation of mr. trump, that goes to the issue of damages. if it turns out that what these women said was true, then he loses. if what they said wasn't true and "the times" knew or had very good reason to know it wasn't true, then you get into damages. >> but, phil, how would you know
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one way or the other? i mean, how would you prove it? and then why now and then obviously i understand what provoked a lot of these women to come forward is his comment in the last day that he didn't do the things that he was bragging about in an 11-year-old videotape. >> that's the answer to the why now part of your question. how you would prove it? if "the times" could have found out in six minutes of investigation or a day of investigation that one of these women was living in kazakhstan at the time that she claims this happened or one of these women never worked for mr. trump or they could show that what -- it's easy to show that what she said is demonstrably false or if one of these women had a long record of making demonstrably false statements. >> but, phil, what about the one woman i think it was on a commercial airline with donald trump some 30 years ago. she proceeded to move to the back of the plane after tiring of his groping. wouldn't you have to check other people on the plane if they remember that, why didn't she
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say anything? she said at the time in those days, you didn't. will that be good enough? >> i don't think so. i think "the times" doesn't have to check, has to track down a passenger list of all 30 people and check and see whether they remember her. that's just not what a newspaper under our first amendment -- it's not the american way. if you have a reasonable belief that what this person says could be true, you're allowed to publish it. "the times," after all, isn't saying he did these things. they're saying these people claim he did these things. it's the same thing as reporting someone has a bill clinton rapist t-shirt on at a rally. "the times" wouldn't say bill clinton is a rapist, but they might say there's this person with a t-shirt and that's the big difference. >> real quickly, hulk hogan, you know, issue and successfully suing a news organization does hang out there as, remote though it may be, to challenge charges that are made.
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what do you think of that? >> well, the hulk hogan case revolved around illegal activity on the part of the news organization. >> right, right. >> here i'm saying, and i think most people are looking at this and saying, unless you have more, there's nothing illegal -- if it were singapore or even maybe britain, sure, but this is america with a first amendment, and unless you can show "the times" did something illegal, because the first amendment isn't an absolute protection but it's a pretty large protection, unless you can show that, he doesn't have a very good chance of winning. and by the way, he can threaten to sue, but he hasn't actually sued yet. >> no, you're right about that. and the gawker versus "the new york times." depends on people's perspective. could be very, very different. thank you very, very much, philip. i appreciate it. regardless of this back and forth with "the new york times," donald trump is getting ready to speak in ohio. that is one of the four key battleground states in which he is devoting more and more attention. pennsylvania, florida, north carolina, ohio.
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those are the big ones. to pollster matt, crystal, and tina. tina, as someone who likes donald trump and you think that even as a woman i know talk about you were offended boy some of the language he used, do you worry that the focus on "the new york times" gets to be a distraction for donald trump and every minute he devotes to it is one minute less he could devote to these issues that you care about? >> i need to preface what i'm going to say with, neil, i counseled women and girls who have been, you know, sexually assaulted. i myself have been sexually assaulted, but i have also counseled men and boys who have been falsely accused. i think it's important right now in the last 30 days of a campaign when we know how campaigns go, i have been a part of many of them, the last 30 days what you have to do, what the smart voter will do is put aside all the accusations and
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all the rancor and look closely at facts. when you look at facts, if you want to look for someone who has abused women, you have to look in the direction of hillary clinton who spent $100,000 defaming the women who her husband assaulted, who fought against a 12-year-old girl, defended a sexual predator it on girl and this is the same woman, by the way, who has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign governments to oppress and stone women to death. where are the facts in this, neil, as far as who is on the side of women? >> you know, we talk about these battleground states and what's important. canada has a much more var -- y candidate has a much more varied path than donald trump. could she risk and the campaign risk, the hillary clinton campaign, getting cocky here thinking they've already won it? >> yeah, i mean, i think that's certainly a risk. this thing isn't over till it's
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over and the trump campaign, as i think we're hearing some from gina here, hoping they can kind of drag both candidates down into the mud and this is based on reporting, not my own partisan analysis, and depress turnout enough that trump's very enthusiastic base shows up and there's something going on in the polls that we don't see or some phenomenon in the country that's not showing up in the polls and that that's enough to get them over. right now the math just don't work. if you take pennsylvania for one example, you know, a new poll out has hillary clinton up nine points, and it's because she's doing so incredibly well, outperforming president obama by leaps and bounds in the philadelphia suburbs. >> and in some of the other battleground states it's a similar story. matt, you look at these numbers, and i heard from one trump spoke person earlier on who had said, well, you know, we believe,
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neil, the polls nds understand support for some reason there are some people who will not admit they're going to support donald trump. i don't know if there is any truth to that. rarely are the polls way, way off the lever but we could be surprised. what is your thinking on that? that donald trump's support and maybe post to date surge is more than we appreciate or see? >> well, neil, you know, if i said i knew the answer to that, we could all make a lot of money. the truth of the matter is the polls could be off this year, and here is the reason, neil. this is a battle now not about bringing over, at least for the trump campaign, trying to bring swing voters over. they're losing that battle. their battle is a battle of turnout. they want their group to turn out at such a higher level than the groups that demographically are pro-hillary so they can change these polls around. if you notice today, michelle obama is out and she's speaking
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about how reprehensible trump is. that's aimed at two groups, women and indirectly african-americans. the clinton campaign realizes this as well. these battleground polls are probably off to some extent one way or another, and so right now i'm not ready to call this race no matter what happens because every day we wake up, there's something new that moves this opinion, and we don't know if they're weighted correctly or not, and i say that even as a pollster who has polled in every one of these battleground states. >> you're the experts, i'm not. guys, thank you very, very much. let's say donald trump isn't every republicans cup of tea leaving even the democrats out of it and others who typically wouldn't vote for him. then when it comes to the republicans, who is? and is it impossible now to ever find that person? our james rosen on that and looking for a new soul for conservatives as he looks back at another one.
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do you ever wonder what some of the great conservative icons of the past would think of the republican party today, what's going on, ronald reagan, william f. buckley. the william f. buckley thing i do wonder because our chief
1:18 pm
washington correspondent was looking at his life, his idea was let's put together, you know, eulogies, obituaries that the great conservative icon had written. now, i'm thinking, all right, well, that doesn't look like a barn burner to me, but i was wrong, and people who might have doubted it were wrong because wouldn't you know, a torch lit, great lives of the 20th century and those writings of this great conservative figure with a brilliant forward by mr. rosen, it's on fire on the best-seller list. good to see you, my friend. >> thank you for having me. >> how did you make that pitch to publishers because it's a tough one? >> well, for students of bill buckley's writings and career, it's been known for some time he was a genius for eulogies and paying tribute to the departed. he often knew them directly and then the reader could experience
1:19 pm
these people as bill buckley knew them. i finally just stood up and said how about me, national review was receptive. the estate of mr. puck buckley receptive. >> they have gone on to say your book is the greatest. >> he says so. a torch kept lit, great lives of the 20th century, eulogies for presidents of the 20th century. eulogies for people from the world of arts and letters, john lenn lennon, elvis presley. >> were they eulogies he gave, james, or eulogies he wrote? >> often. he delivered some of these at actual funeral services, published them in his syndicated column or magazines. these are devastating pieces of writing. he knew a lot of these people and he himself as a writer was racked with grief putting them
1:20 pm
together. but they're shattering works often. >> what of his writing surprised you most, what he said about the dead that he didn't say about them alive or didn't appreciate? >> the eulogy for winston churchill. bill buckley had been to see him speak in person. when he died, buckley celebrated winston churchill's accomplishments through the winning of the second world war but then criticized winston churchill who is lionize ed otherwise in conservative circles for saying on when he didn't the have the stamina for prosecuting the cold war. so these are not always unsparing or not always shall we say celebratory. likewise, his you'll. >> i eulogy for martin luther ki king. it isn't just the gauzy terms. he celebrated mlk's accomplishments in the civil rights space, but at the same
1:21 pm
time martin luther king was saying certain things about america's role in the world that were very controversial -- >> and the thing with jfk. right after his assassination obviously caught up in the grief of the moment, remembering the man, his charisma, et cetera. not so much the government -- >> reminding the readers these are real human beings and in the case of kennedy, the political program needed to continue to be opposed by conservatives. >> did you get a sense that with richard nixon, for example, that he was disappointed? in other words, he didn't love all republicans and some that obviously were more government activists than he would have liked, but how did he handle that from the goldwaters to the reagans. >> there's eulogies in a torch kept lit more barry goldwater, ronald reagan. nixon vexed him because nixon was a man of the right but he was not a movement conservative. and you can see the frustration
1:22 pm
in buckley's writings with nixon. >> it's amazing. when you look at this collection of the most eclectic group and it's a huge best-seller. obviously america and americans have a thing for that kind of great writing and james rosen and mr. buckley. you were there. you were financially secure - it was glorious. how do you know that? i work at ally - it's my job to know about finances. what else did you see? did i have a speedboat or anything? toss me back in, i'll check. he's finding out if i have a speedboat! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. negative on the speedboat.
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all right. you would think listening to all the stories out today that much of it had to do with donald trump and women and charges they made either years or decades ago. the fact of the matter is there is another concurrent crisis going on, a political crisis going on, at least for team clinton and it concerns all these wikileak e-mails. we get a treasure trove every day. donald trump bemoaning the fact it doesn't get nearly the coverage his reports do, but fox news correspondent ed henry here with the very latest on what we're learning just now.
1:26 pm
ed? >> good to see you, neil. interesting, at one point you see robbie, the hillary clinton campaign manager, sending in to cheryl mills, a top adviser, concerns about the clinton foundation and how that may play out in the campaign. you can see at one point saying, quote, one question that is specific to the foundation is whether it will still have and/or use her name next year. do you know what their plan is for that? it only matters for research and press purposes. it will invite press scrutiny and she will be held accountable for what happens there. i can remove it if you think it's counterproductive but it's a discussion that should be had at some point in my view. interesting, you can see behind the scenes what they're dealing with in going through. another one as we've heard so much about hillary clinton calling half of donald trump supporters a basket of deplorables. john podesta, his e-mails have been leaking out here obviously at the center of all this, had one e-mail where he was talking about hillary clinton needing to call some, quote, needy latinos,
1:27 pm
referring to bill richardson and other latino leaders that they might reach out to to get on board in the campaign. then you have joel benenson, a top strategist there talking about how bernie sanders was rising in the polls back in the spring on that anti-wall street message we've heard so much about, and trying to respond says to his colleagues, quote, do we have any sense from her what she believes or wants her core message to be? you can see that being an interesting one as well because the bottom line is here they were in the middle of the campaign, some of the leading strategists in that campaign saying what does hillary clinton really believe in? what's in her core? niece something voters have been asking obviously but even inside the campaign we now learn from the e-mails they were asking those same questions neil, so it's pretty fascinating that's happening and yet hillary clinton despite all that, the questions about the foundation you saw in that other e-mail, she's still leading in the polls right now. >> yeah, she is that. ed, good catching up, buddy.
1:28 pm
ed henry in washington. so was donald trump right then to say this is all good fodder for special prosecutor? campaign finance attorney paul jossy is with us right now. how realistic is that and where do you see this going? >> well, neil, thank you for having me. it's interesting that you bring up the wikileaks because that is one of the sources along with the fbi's own document dumps and some of the career people in the fbi all basically pointing to how the department of justice basically maf sagemassaged this political exercise and not a search for justice. now, how likely is that a special prosecutor will happen under the obama administration? it's zero. it won't happen at all. and that's why i think that should mr. trump pull off a trumanesque victory here, a special prosecutor would be warranted just because of the
1:29 pm
political way that the fbi and the doj treated the investigation. >> barring that though, very unlikely. if hillary clinton gets elected, she obviously wouldn't be investigating herself. >> zero chance. >> yeah. one thing that comes through in a lot of these e-mails is the relationship or sometimes the coordination between the white house and the state department. some of that i understand was a sort of perfunctory heads up. sometimes it got a little bit more involved. and then there's the issue of the media or establishment media types working very closely and commenting back and forth with hillary clinton operatives. hillary clinton herself. that's a whole other part of this, isn't it? >> well, what's really disturbing is you saw brian fallon, one of mrs. clinton's key operatives, was having conversations with the department of justice about one of the civil aspects of the
1:30 pm
case, and that's very disturbing. what were they talking about? and who else was the department of justice corresponding with during the course of this investigation? it's highly irregular and it's another reason that a special prosecutor should probably look at this. if, again, mr. trump is the one who comes out on top. >> all right. we'll watch closely. paul, thank you very much. paul jossey. all right, you have probably been focused on a lot of these polls but there's something really weird at first blush when you look at what's going on in utah, and a third party or an extra party candidate who is not gary johnson and is not the environmental candidate. i want you to meet him next. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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1:35 pm
state, goes to the republican standard bearer, but it's far from a gimme now. i want you to take a look at these polls, and notice this fellow with the 20%. his name is evan mcmillin. he's a rock star in that state. i'll explain in a second. for now let's go to him. independent presidential candidate evan mcmullin. sir, very good to have you. >> neil, great to be with you. >> now, you're a mormon. you know, you're well known in utah. those things matter. you're also benefiting, it would seem, from a lot of the publicity that mr. trump has gotten over tapes that have offended a lot of utah voters, but there's got to be something more going on here because that's a pretty impressive number. what is it? >> well, i would say it is impressive, and we're very humbled, i'm very humbled that the number is what it is. we're polling at 20% or 22%, but the reality is that my name i.d. in utah is only 52%, and so
1:36 pm
we've got plenty of room to grow. we're finding that when people hear our message, they tend to, many of them, come on board and join our cause. so that's what's happening here, but, you know, people are looking more closely at the candidates as we approach election day, and they're not liking, especially here in utah, what they're seeing in donald trump. people -- >> how would you feel though -- i'm sorry. how would you feel -- you know the rap against third-party candidates, that they are active spoilers. you would be high percentage spoiler but that's in the end what role you might serve tipping this state, utah, to hillary clinton. what do you make of that? >> well, the constitution allows me to run for the presidency of the united states, and that's exactly what i'm doing, neil. i'm a candidate like they are, and it's a three-way race in utah between hillary clinton, donald trump, and me, and i believe with the support of utahans, that we can prevail here and we will prevail. so that's what this is about. if anything donald trump is a
1:37 pm
spoiler for conservatism. he's a spoiler for the republican party. it's terrible that here in the state of utah he's backed by hundreds of millions of dollars and the robinsonc, the republic party in general, and he can't even beat hillary clinton decisively. that's on him, not on me. i'm the only conservative in this race, and i'm standing for principles that this country was founded upon and that are key to our future, and a lot of people here in utah and elsewhere especially in the mountain west see that and want to support it. >> all right. when we talk about the mormon population, they're very, very powerful. they're very wealthy, very keen on you, and i'm wondering whether mitt romney is working either behind the scenes, in front of the scenes to boost you there. well, we've had some help from some of his strategic advisers, and we're using his e-mail list and things like that. we're paying for that. but he hasn't come out and endorsed us publicly, so, you
1:38 pm
know, that's what it is. that's what it is, and that's what it isn't. but really what we're focused on is getting the support of regular utahans and regular people across this country, and i'll tell you, neil, it's something truly magical that has happened over the past four days. our online engagement has increased by over 1,600%. we are seeing something truly tremendous happen. i think it's in response to the trump sex tapes and these other revelations about his sexual abuse alleged of women through time. people are looking for another option and realizing that principles really do matter. they matter in life, in our daily lives -- >> but it only seems for now -- evan, at first blush is only seems for now to be benefiting you in utah, not in some of these other states. >> i don't think so. i think -- we were a couple
1:39 pm
weeks ago polling at the same level in idaho. we had access to a poll there that showed that. i think that we have great potential there. we have great potential in wyoming as well as colorado, and we're active in other important states. iowa. we've got a great organization there. we've got great support in virginia, minnesota, and elsewhere. so, look, we are competing in this election. this election is highly, highly volatile with two major party candidates who are highly combustible. we're catching fire right now -- >> are you on all 50 state ballots, do you know? >> we have ballot access in 34 states and by the time we get to election day it will be 40 to 45. we think probably 43. the vast majority of americans will be able to cast a vote for me on election day, but we have a unique strategy. you may not have time to talk about it now, but we are -- we have the ballot access we need to pursue that strategy and we are building a new conservative movement in this country which so badly needs it. >> those are impressive numbers
1:40 pm
regardless. v evan mcmullin, independent presidential candidate. bears some watching, could affect the outcome, especially when we get to the electoral college tipping one state versus another. you know that drill. remember 2000. all right. well, by now you heard that the ceo of wells fargo stepped down. by now you heard that he got about $140 million, $150 million parting gift on his way out. what you haven't heard is why that's a bad thing if you're concerned about washington influence on corporations, hiring and firing the executives they like. so whether you like that guy or not, be very afraid of who was pulling the strings. man: dear mr. danoff, my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son
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it was just a matter of time and thousand stumpf over at wells fargo is the former ceo stepping down immediately. he will get $140 million, $150 million, not nearly as much as he could have gotten with the golden parachute. it's eye-popping pay regardless. no matter how you feel about him, no matter what went down at wells fargo remember the catalyst for this was a lot of politicians who went after him and went after the bank, many will argue for sound reasons, but they got an out. they pressured the board to get rid of him. now, just think if that got to be more widespread behavior. that's what charlie gasparino says we have to watch for and watch out for. what do you think of all this, charlie? >> listen, i'm put it to you this way, the actions were egregious, right? we know that creation of phony accounts in other people's names. that's called bank fraud and these were checking accounts,
1:45 pm
credit card accounts and some people got charged so they had to pay some money. but here is what we don't know and here is why this sort of scalping of the ceos is so horrendous. we don't know and we don't think that john stumpf had anything to do with this. now, he managed a bank that was, you know -- and he mostly did a very good job. this was the least impaired bank in 2008 when he was like number two and he was actually running a very tight ship. so we never really had to worry about wells fargo going under and destroying the financial system. but they did have this issue where employees were creating these phony accounts and to put it into context, when you think of bernie madoff, you think of a $50 billion to $60 billion scam. this is -- currently this is a $2.5 million scam, and i'm not minimizing. i'm just telling you, put it in context, and because elizabeth
1:46 pm
warren and these liberal people in -- these liberal lawmakers in congress wanted a scalp, they turned up the heat, and they dot -- got it and they can get it now because essentially shareholders don't run these companies anymore. it's so much power post the financial crisis and dodd/frank -- >> the irony -- >> it's all gone to washington. >> and the irony here is if you argue it's a good thing to happen and the guy had to go, the police on the beat at elizabeth warren's new consumer protection board didn't catch this. >> and they were camped out. they were camped out in the offices basically. and that's the problem here. i mean, this is all post, you know, all after the fact, number one. they missed the whole story, number two. number three, it's not thet sca. soush, it sounds bad and i'm not minimizing it but they didn't put people -- people didn't starve because of this. and they got a scalp, and if you want lawmakers in washington to periodically get scalps of ceos,
1:47 pm
okay, well, then you're not for the capitalist system. you know -- >> by the way, anyone in congress -- again it's not a left or right issue to me. you know, lecturing anyone on financial propriety, it's a little weird. let me switch gears very quickly, my friend, and what you're hearing this little revolt that might be going on at the fbi. >> there's clearly a mini revolt going on in the fbi. i picked up this early on when i was doing a report on james comey and the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server and whether it was legal or illegal that she received classified documents, and the staffers from what independence, the staffers on the fbi who investigated believe that they had sufficient evidence, and i reported this out, that she committed a felony and that she should have been indicted. as you know, mr. comey didn't indict her. now, what i hear now is that within the hallways, and i don't think anybody is going to break free and start going public and being on -- although i'll tell them -- if i get any witnesses,
1:48 pm
they will come on cavuto immediately, but we do hear there's -- inside there's a mini revolt where people are livid, the staffers that did the investigation are livid that james comey chose a political path as opposed to a legal path and did not bring charges against hillary clinton. now, i make one point here. put yourself in james comey's shoes. he's not a bad guy. he was in -- he basically was going to decide an election, and i know the last thing a guy like that -- because i know him a little bit, the last thing he wanted to do was decide an election and he figured this was the best route. >> he might have already done that by not doing it, right? >> good point. yeah. that's an excellent -- the other side of the coin. you're absolutely right. >> all right, my friend. charlie gasparino, every business reporter on the planet and then there's charlie. >> appreciate it. >> i'm not saying this because he's italian, although it does
1:49 pm
cinch it for me. we have a lot more going on about donald trump and how he's been going after "the new york times," going after the media, going after the media's fixation with all these stories on him, not a fraction of that kind of interest about the clintons. is he right? we broke it down. you decide.
1:50 pm
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they knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me. but i never knew as bad as it would be, i never knew it would be this vile that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious. nevertheless, i take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you.
1:53 pm
>> donald saying the media is out to get him. doesn't lay a glove on hillary clinton. n you know, i would say if you are going to go after donald trump on this, by all means, fair game go after it, don't make up stories. hopefully that's not the case. but then show at least, i don't know, 70% of the same zeal going after hillary clinton in these e-mails. i don't see that. just on sheer numbers, that's right what trump is saying is right. >> sure. i totally agree with him. this is one of the reasons why a lot of people won't even run for office. because if you are not on the right side, you get dragged through the mud. clearly, the mainstream media has been covering and protecting the clintons -- the clinton machine for many, many years. if you look at all these wikileaks e-mails, there's no coverage like it should be that's happening. thank goodness for fox news and
1:54 pm
also thank goodness for people on social media. because they are the ones who are working hard as well putting the truth out. >> none of this is to minimize tapes years old or months old that come out. but it is just -- all right, what he said and maybe, you know, something worse if the latest allegations are true. but by the same token, to look at these dealings and the cozy relationship with some of the media, the reversal of positions that hillary clinton has had on the stump versus what she tells investment bankers in private speeches, there's a lot of there that should be of equal fervor and fodder. >> the mainstream media is with clinton. they were trying to get bernie sanders out of the race as well. they were plotting and scheming against him.
1:55 pm
so there's information that is coming out through wikileaks. i implore people to do their own research, look into it. because the game is fixed. the media is clearly -- mainstream media is on the side of the clinton, the progressive machine. unfortunately, we the people suffer the consequences of it. >> as a big and important conservative and of the conservative movement, i wonder what you make of what evan mcmullin, who is scoring nearly even with donald trump and hillary clinton. he is well-known and well liked in that state. it gets back to religious types, evangelica evangelicals, catholics, who don't know how to play this election. whether it's donald trump and the way he speaks or hillary clinton and the way she flip-flops in e-mails. think don't know what to do. wall street journal story said a lot might hold out and not vote for the president.
1:56 pm
or the ticket. >> sure. this is truly -- it has been a marathon with this election. you and i, we do this research and reporting on it for a living. people, their eyes are glazing over, but now that the clock is ticking, we have less than 30 days. it's important for folks do their own research, look at what's going on. and do go out to vote. because it's important. our country is truly going in the wrong direction. look at what one condition is offering, big government, versus the other candidate, smaller government. people need to realize what will be best for them and their family based on what candidate you plan on supporting. >> i always say in the end, you gotta vote. you gotta vote. it sounds cliche but you gotta vote. it's a matter of who you love more. maybe consider who you hate less. i don't know. >> when are you running? >> wouldn't that be comical? thank you very much. we're going to be live this weekend.
1:57 pm
i keep telling people, i might miss one or two days this summer, but have i worked virtually every day since. i want to you think about that, not watching me and how that would make me feel. it might --
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