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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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more" at or barns and this story has never been told before and it will shock you. lots of stories from my time here. see you tomorrow night at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." tonight, exclusive interviews with four women who claim their lives have been ruined by the clintons. juanita broderick, paula jones, kathleen willie have all accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct. first at the age of 12 kathy sheldon was allegedly raped by a 41-year-old man and hillary clinton defended that man accused of sexually assaulting her. here's her story. >> hillary put me through something you would never put a 12-year-old through. >> 1975, hillary clinton then a
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public defense attorney, she defended a 41-year-old man who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl nlts it would be hard for me not to walk up and smack her. i know that sounds mean. i mean she put me through a lot at 12 years old. >> her client, she represented got him off and she's seen laughing on two separate occasions. >> a lie defector test. he passed. >> she hasn't even thought about even coming to me saying i'm sorry. that would be nice after what she said on tape. >> if that was your daughter of yours, you would have protected her. you don't know me so i'm a piece of trash. >> earlier today i spoke to kathy sheldon and her attorney, candace jackson. watch this. let's go back to 12 years old. you went through a vicious
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violent rape. you were in a coma as a result for five days stitched up. as a result you can't have children. >> 99% chance that i can't. which is pretty much saying no. >> you learned that at the time. >> yes, the doctor come in and told me that before i was released. >> walk us through what happened in your case when you were 12 years old. >> my mom was sending me to church with some friends, a couple blocks away. and i wanted to ride my bicycle because it was still light. and after it was over she was going to pick me and the bicycle up. but before i made it there i was yanked off the bicycle by two guys, which one was underage so they're not able to bring him up. i was tooken -- i was tooken on a road, i was trying to get out. first i told them i wasn't going with them, i was trying to try to leave and they wouldn't let me. they yanked me off the bicycle and i was tooken on a road somewhere and by that time
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pretty much my clothes was ripped off of me and and i was screaming and crying, couldn't get nobody's attention. it was like this road, all i could see was field and they raped me there and they beat me so bad, i think they thought i was dead when they left. but i remember him saying, you like it, don't you [ bleep ]. you like it. you want more of it. >> you're 12 years old. you were in a coma for five days after. >> yes, sir. i crawled to a porch that i still don't know where it is to this day and they were coming back to finish me off and this lady turned her porch light on. i was told it was a lady is how i know that. i have no idea who it is today. and that's what saved me. she got their tag number and i fell out at that time and i woke up five days later.
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>> and it was so brutally violent you needed stitches. you were brutally raped. >> yes, sir. >> yeah. hillary clinton said she did a favor for a friend to be the attorney for the accused in this case. and as we just played, i had him take a polygraph test which he passed which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs, and then she laughed. she was bragging about getting this guy off. he faced 30 years to life. he ended up getting off with time served. so my question to you is when you hear those words and her bragging about that case, a fascinating case as she calls it, what is she communicating there? >> that she's going to win her first case whatever it takes, if she has to lie, cheat or steal. >> doesn't it also imply that she thinks he's guilty?
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>> yes, sir, definitely. >> which forever destroyed by faith in polygraphs. >> oh yeah she thinks he's guilty or or she wouldn't have said that. >> as part of the court filings -- >> i don't think she thought. the knew. >> this is talking about you, the victim, was a girl emotionally unstable, had a tendency to seek out older men and engage in quote fantasizing. i had been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence seemed to exaggerate behavior. >> my mom was a very strict mother on me. as a matter of fact when i was 18, it was almost impossible to do anything then. but at that time after what happened to me, i didn't want to do anything. >> understandable. >> all of those things, sean, that hillary clinton put in that affidavit were intended to force
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kathy to undergo further psychiatric evaluations and interrogations. they were all things intended to portray her as a liar, someone who made up this rape, that if there was a rape, if there was sex it was consensual at her age as a virgin at 12 years old. all of those tactics are things you would never expect a women's right advocate to engage? >> isn't that blaming the victim? >> it's blaming the victim. almost every state now would prohibit those tactics and you would expect someone like hillary clinton, some sort of self proclaimed feminist who cares about women and children to not need a rape shield law in order to zealously defend a victim. >> this has impacted you your whole life. what do you want the american people to hear out of this. it's pretty obvious she knew this guy was guilty. >> every speech i've seen
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hillary do, she says i'm for women and children. and if she was for children she would not have put me through what i went through. >> last question. this election is in 26 days. she's running -- isn't it time for a woman to be president of the united states? >> not like that. the world won't lost with her in it because he's going to lie, cheat and steal to get what she wants. >> and also tonight, over the course of several decades bill clinton has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and hillary clinton has been accused of attacking the women who have made their accusations about her husband. in 1978 juanita broderick claimed she was raped in a hotel. room by the future president, kathleen willie accused bill clint of groping, fondling, grabbing and touching, kissing her against will. and in 1984 paula jones sued
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bill clinton for exposing himself to her resulting in an $850,000 settlement. here are their stories. >> sexual harassment is bad enough without having the president of the united states accused of it. >> he kissed me on my mouth and pulled me closer to him. >> you begged him to stop? >> yes. and then he took my hand and he put it on him. >> i have said that nothing improper happened. >> bill clinton raped me and hillary clinton threatened me. >> i am mystified and disappointed by this turn of events. >> i am telling the truth. >> before i testified in the paula jones case a stranger approached me, mentioned my 13-year-old cat who has disappeared, my tires which has had been vandalized and asked how my children by name were and said, you're just not getting the message.
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>> this is about what hillary clinton is doing to women like me so that she can attain the presidency. she wants us all to be quiet. >> the great story here is this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> she came over to me, took ahold of my hand and said, i've heard so much about you. she was just hold on to my hand. because i had started to turn away from her and she held on to my hand and she said, do you understand everything that you do -- i mean cold chills went up my spine. >> in the end i know i will get my good name and reputation back. >> that's the first time i became afraid of that woman. >> earlier i spoke with juanita broderick, kathleen will lep and
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paula jones. you were invited to the second debate. >> yes. >> and you all came willingly? why. >> i quantitied to support donald trump. i think the thing we wanted to get over -- the thing that's most important to me and to us is to tell the women, especially the younger women in this country and the older women and everybody that everybody in the mainstream press is calling all of bill clinton's crimes infidelities. rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment are not infidelity. they are crimes and they are misdemeanors. his wife is covering for him. no champion of women attacks the victims of sexual assaults and rapes. >> paula? >> the same thing. i want to remind the young people that doesn't know our stories and maybe have seen it for the first time and i wanted
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them to see that we were there and why we were there and that hopefully that would have made a statement. >> juanita? >> i think it's real important for the millennials to know, those that weren't born when i came forward after bill clinton raped me. and those that were too young to understand what we went through, especially the time that it was back in the '70s. it was very hard for someone to come forward. and so, yes, i did go to the trump debate. i thought that we might possibly be able to bring this out and influence people and be able to tell them that hillary is not for all women. hillary is only for one woman and that's herself. >> i think you raise a really good point. i think there is this whole generation of people that do not know your stories. over the years i have had the opportunity to get to know all of you and interview all of you. and really, i think the more
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important thing today is considering this is even in the news today with donald trump, has the mainstream media been receptive to asking you three about your stories? >> definitely not. >> nobody. >> no. >> nobody asked. >> the "the new york times" never called you? >> no. >> not until we went into the trump spin room. >> this is really an important point. because they're all reporting today donald trump did this or kissed this person or that person. you're saying that none of these media outlets contacted you in this election campaign? >> nothing like cnn -- >> to tell your story. >> -- or nbc, abc, cbs. >> with 26 day to go and they haven't contacted you, use that reek of politic to you? >> oh my goodness, yes. >> should tell you something. >> let me give tu opportunity for those people who have never
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heard your story. juanita we'll start with you. >> back in 1978 when i was working for bill clinton's campaign for governor, i was raped by bill clinton. i was viciously raped. and then three weeks later when i happened to be at a fundraiser for him -- but i didn't attend the fundraiser. i was going there to hand in information to tell them i was no longer going to volunteer for the campaign. hillary personally threatened me. >> let me go back to the assault. you're saying you were a nurse at the time, correct? >> yes. >> and you wanted him to be governor. >> yes, oh yes. >> you were working for his campaign. >> yes. >> so he invited you for coffee. >> it was a long story after he made a campaign tour around to my nursing home. i was trying to explain to him, sean, about what the nursing homes were going through. the reimbursement method, it was
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horrible. and that he seemed generally interested. he wanted to hear what i had to say. so he said if you're ever in little rock again, call me, let's get together and talk about these things. as you know, we were supposed to meet in the coffee shop at the hotel where i was staying. when he got to the hotel, he called and asked if we could meet in the room instead. this was the attorney general. i didn't fear anything would happen. >> and you went up to the room? >> no. i was already in the room. i had sent my friend that was with me, one of my employees, norma kelsey down to the meeting and i said, when i get through at the meeting i will be -- i mean get through at the coffee shop with bill clinton, i'll be right on to the meeting. and of course i never showed up. >> and this was a violent sexual attack. >> yes. >> and when it was over there was this moment you told me the first time i interviewed you, that he said to you, as he's
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walking out the door -- >> he says you better get some ice on that, referring to my lip which was bleeding. at least by that time was four times the size it should be. i was frightened he was going to bite my lip off. >> and you immediately told your friend what happened? >> she came to the room when i didn't show up for the meeting. and she just came out here approximately two to three weeks ago. she's been frightened to come out and talked to the breitbart people, the condition she found me in. when i reread what she told from back then, it was painful to even hear it from her again, you know how she found me. i knew how i was. but it was hard. >> did you tell other people at the time too. >> yes, about four to five others. >> and they've all corroborated your story. >> yes. >> you told them at the time. >> yes. >> but he was the attorney general. you were afraid to speak publicly or report it?
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>> he could close the doors of my business. yeah. they say why didn't you go to the police. he was the police. he was the main person in arkansas, the attorney general and then he became the governor. >> what about this run-in with hillary. how long after the event? >> about three weeks. >> and what happened. they were married at the time. >> yes. i went up early to the fundraiser. everybody misquotes and said why did she go to a fundraiser. i did not go to a fundraiser. i had about three or four checks, a list of people that were going to do to the campaign. when i was clearing out everything for the campaign i found these. i knew the lady from little rock was going to be there that night. i could give these to her and be done with it. explain to her i don't want to be in the campaign any longer, something like my business is taking too long, something of that effect.
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i did give her these things. and then just when we were starting to leave 20 minutes before the fundraiser began, a gentleman, a pharmacist in the area who was very much for bill clinton but didn't know my story, he didn't know anything, he came over to me and was so excited because he said the topic of the conversation the entire way from the airport was bill and hillary clinton asking questions about you. so that's when i turned to my friend and i said, let's go. but as he steps away, here comes hillary. straight to me. >> beeline to you. >> beeline. she comes straight to me and says to me, big smile, very pleasant voice, says to me, i'm hillary clinton, it's so nice to meet you. i just want to thank you for everything you do for bill's campaign. and i was just going to turn and leave. i nodded. was going to leave. and then i feel somebody grabbing my arm and i thought it was somebody behind me and it
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was her and she pulls me back close to her and she pulls me in to her -- >> forcefully in a way, pulled you. >> oh yeah. with one hand of hers she's got my hand, with the other hand she's got my arm and she pulls me in close to her. and of course that very sweet voice fades to a very angry voice, a very low voice. and she pulls me close to her and she said, do you understand everything you do? and that just scared me to death. >> you took that to mean she knew? >> i've always thought that. people come back to me seen say, how do you know that's what she meant. you would have had to have been there, standing where i was and that woman looking straight in my eyes were angrily saying that to me. i felt like at that moment she knew everything and was saying you better keep quiet. there's just nothing that can
7:19 pm
change my mind. >> wow. you don't recover from something like that. >> no. no. no. it's been, it's been hard. i've had a good life, you know, have a good family, a wonderful church, i have wonderful friends but this just stays there in the back of your mind. you can't ever get rid of something like that. >> you recently were quoted as saying you're afraid if she becomes president. >> definitely. >> because you don't know what she's capable of? >> i don't know what she's capable of. i know what she's done to me in the past but i don't know what she's capable of. part two of my interview with juanita broderick, kathleen willie and paula jones tonight right here on "hannity." my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got...
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. the u.s. death toll from hurricane matthew continues to rise. two more fatalities are being reported tonight from north carolina. at least 38 were killed on the u.s. main land. at the same time international aid has begun flowing into parts of haiti that was left inaccessible by matthew. 500 people were killed by the hurricane. attempts by judicial watch to dig up information about hillary clinton about her private e-mail server while secretary of state have not uncovered much so far. most of clinton's answers were
7:23 pm
objection to the inquiries or claims she couldn't recall the specifics of her e-mail setup. >> i'm patricia stark. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." here's part two of my interview with three of bill clinton's accuser, juanita broaddrick, kathleen will he and paula jones. your case result in the impeachment of bill clinton, an $850,000 settlement. he was the u.s. attorney general at the time. >> no. he was the governor. i was asked to work the governor's quality management conference with another lady at the office. it was at a hotel. the governor was late. and i think he was notoriously late. he was known for that. and he came up and the little local press was trying to give him and interview and everything.
7:24 pm
it was out in front of us, out in front of her table. well he kind of like he was kind of staring at me and my coworker a lot. and then he, you know, after all of that, that he went in and we were out there and the state police, his security was there hanging out with us. and later that day before the end of it, he came over and said the governor would like to meet with you. i didn't know why but i was excited. and he said it's okay, we do this all the time. well that made me feel comfortable. it was state police, he had a gun. i thought nothing is going to happen. they're going to be -- i'm going to be safe. so he took me up there to the room. i walked in and we introduced ourselves, whatever. >> just you, not your friend? >> no. she never was asked to go up there. >> just you. >> i was by myself escorted up to the room with the state police who was his security. he did some small talk and then he started getting a little
7:25 pm
comfortable and trying to -- he said that he loved the way my hair flowed down by back and he liked my curves and then i'm like -- at that point that was -- i didn't know what to do. this is a governor telling me this stuff. >> who was the security guard at this point? >> he was still outside. it was just me and him in the room. and i went over -- how can i do to distract him, distract this situation. and i knew he was sitting out there. i knew he had a gun. at this point in time i'm getting a little nervous. i walked over to the window and we us looking out at the river. i said oh my, this is a beautiful view from up here at the river. and so he said yeah, yeah, kind of trying to small talk, you know, me and then he leaned up and pulled he up towards him. he was going to try to kiss on me. then i tried to distract him again. i thought what am i doing. my mind is racing so fast that i
7:26 pm
don't realize what was even going on. you know what i'm saying? like this is not happening. i said well i may need to be going. and next thing you know he pulled down -- he sat down, pulled down his pants -- his whole, everything and he was exposed and i said, i'm not that kind of girl and i need to be getting back to my desk. >> and did you walk out then in. >> oh, i was trying to. and then when he -- by the time he got his pants over, he rushed over, grabbed the door to where i couldn't get out and he said, you're a smart girl. let's keep this between ourselves. of course i didn't have any intentions of really telling anybody. i was scared at that point. i walked out and the trooper was sitting there with a smirk on his face. >> it's pretty amazing now when you go back in retrospect and people i think are hearing this a lot for the first time, kathleen, this was the worst day of your life. like all of you, you were
7:27 pm
supporting clinton. at this point now he's in the white house. he's the president of the united states. you're going through a troubled time and your husband has some financial issues and you want a job. and he knew you well enough that he gave you an appointment in the oval office with him, correct? >> we were friends. >> right. >> we had served clinton, gave him office space. we raised an awful lot of money for him. and i helped arrange the inaugural. we were all in for the clintons. and it was the monday after thanksgiving. my husband had gotten himself into a lot of trouble, financially, and it could have -- he could have been disbarred. it could have led to some serious legal problems. and i just told my family that i was going to go to the white
7:28 pm
house the follow monday, the monday after thanksgiving and ask to see the president and ask for a job. by the time i got in to see him, bill clinton, i was in a real state and i was crying. and i sat down in the oval office with him at his desk and he said, i know you're upset. would you like to -- i have a little private kich nn the back. would you like some coffee. and i said yes. i didn't see anything wrong with that at all. and so we went back there and he fixed me coffee and he said, let's go in here to my little private study where we can have more privacy. where do you get more privacy than the oval office when you think about it. any way, he went in, sat down on the sofa or couch. i never sat down. i leaned up against the doorjamb and proceeded to tell him what was going on. i said i can't volunteer
7:29 pm
anymore. i need a job. i knew i had a very short window. i'm stating this as quickly as i can, i kept saying i know you're busy, i know you have another meeting waiting, thank you for seeing me, i better go. i headed back out to the hall to go back into the door that led into the oval office and he took my coffee cup from me and put it on a desk or a table and the next thing i knew he had me backed into a corner and hands all over me trying to kiss me, whispering in my ear, you know. and i was like you, what do you do? what do you do? and my mind was racing. and i thought should i slap him or should i kick him or knee him, you know, what do i do, scream?
7:30 pm
secret service going to come in and descend upon me with guns? you don't know. >> how long did this go on for? >> it seemed like it was forever but maybe four or five minutes, maybe. >> so he's groping, grabbing, touching, fondling. >> right right. >> kissing. >> and he's a big man and i'm little. and i'm trying to get out. and i'm trying to do it with some dignity because it's still the president, you know. and i'm still thinking what is he doing. he's still the president and i'm stuck here and what do i do. what do you do. >> how did you get out? >> there was one slight moment of distraction and i got out of there. i got out of there as fast as i could. >> all three of you in your own way have said you fear hillary being the president. >> absolutely. >> why? >> why wouldn't we? there's been so many things happen to so many people that are connected to the clintons.
7:31 pm
and we are -- >> you fear for your life sf. >> absolutely i feel that way if she becomes president. she's going the rule the world. >> coming up, we'll check in with judge ya sneen pirro and doug schoen next. trump is holding nothing back on the campaign trail. today he reacted against new allegations brought against him. that and more straight ahead. want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac
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welcome back to "hannity." now we reached out to the clinton campaign for comment about ka thee shelton and bill clinton's thee accusers and they provides us with a statement that they released before the second can bait stating that hillary clinton is prepared to handle whatever donald trump throws her way.
7:34 pm
we reached time-oout to bill cl never heard back. doug schoen, the host of justice, judge jeanine pirro. you were there for the kathleen shelton interview and i looked over at you. you were mad. i know you. >> you do know me. i spent 30 years prosecuting child molesters, pedophiles, rapists. kathy shelton's story took me back to the courtrooms where these horrors of young girls that were victimized by these predators, in this case the predator represented by hillary clinton who laughed about the fact that he passed a lie detector and got away with it. the thing that's curious to me is the inability for the defense to have enough evidence to test. and i have to wonder whether or not there is more evidence, more information to suggest that there might have been more there
7:35 pm
initial but but not subsequently. and then the claim where she trashed the victim. this is what defense attorneys do. women who promote other women and say that they fight for women's rights and children's rights don't trash a sixth grader raped into a coma for five days saying she seeks the company of men and saying she's emotional unstable. this is horrific and kathie shelton took me back to those days. >> when you hear her say he passed a lie detecter which destroys my faith in lie detectors and laughs, that's brutal. >> i wasn't there. all i can -- >> it's transparent. the callousness, the casualness of it. >> i've heard the tape. she was a public defender doing her job. maybe it was callous and maybe it was wrong, but it has nothing
7:36 pm
to do with how this election will be decided. >> what do you think mercedes if he's the champion of women's rights, is that how you champion women's rights by smearing and slandering them and using every skill at your disposal to get off somebody you believe is guilty? >> well i think hillary clinton made this decision that all focus is going to be on donald trump and obviously with the audio tape that came out about the groping. and this is her political play, sean. there is no room in the media chaos other than in certain outlets to talk about kathy shelton and to talk about these other women actually who were sexually assaulted and raped by a former president, her husband bill clinton who happens to be a key adviser and a primary surrogate for hillary clinton. >> wikileaee ke wikileaks is sh
7:37 pm
the media is an extension of clinton. what they said tonight is they've never been asked to be interviewed this interelection cycle. not one time. >> right. i think it just shows where the media, they've made their decision, sean. they want to go with hillary. they want to destroy donald trump. that's why wikileaks is not even getting close to the coverage of what we're seeing op donald trump and these sexual allegations against him. it's politics about sex and not issues. >> we've got to talk a break. comes up next tonight -- >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> donald trump fighting back against allegations made against him and then later, wikileaks releases 2,000 more e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign manager. we're going to show you what
7:38 pm
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so now we address the slander and liables that was just last night thrown at me by the clinton machine and the "the new york times" and other media outlets as part of a concerted
7:44 pm
coordinated and vicious attack. these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time very soon. >> donald trump earlier today on the campaign trail responding to allegations made against him. we continue with mercedes schlapp, doug schoen and judge jeanine pirro. in the middle of a wilileaks dump, the media is in a tank, msnbc, cnbc, they ignored the women we were talking about tonight but they go after these women and lo and behold it comes
7:45 pm
out in the middle of the wilileaks. >> no we know that they held on to the audio so they could overcome what was going on with wilileaks. as you, talking about the media, they are supposed to keep us all honest. not only are they in the tank but forever more in this country, americans cannot look at the media as an objective fair and honest group of people who are looking out for us. >> just predend -- i know this will be hard. pretend you're a donald trump supporter right now. and you see the coordination. >> sure. >> you see the collusion. >> yeah. >> every major news outlet and the clinton campaign. >> i do. >> you're a trump supporter. what are you thinking? >> here's what i'm thinking. all of this is a distraction. all of this takes away attention from the secretary's low approval rating.
7:46 pm
>> that's right. >> 60% don't trust her, don't think she's fit. but the clintons as i've said here many times play year yously, play to win. they spend what they need to doe. >> they play dirty. you didn't say that. they play dirty. >> they play to win. >> that means playing dirty. >> you can characterize it how you want. >> mercedes, go ahead. >> they play dirty. for the clintons, look they're winning the narrative right now. they're winning the narrative with women, suburban moms, with older women. the mere fact that they have been able to shift the focus on donald trump and these alleged sexual -- what is he supposed to do if the media is against him, the republicans are against him and the democrats are against him. what is he supposed to do? >> spend money. >> besides spending money -- >> big money. >> you know what, i agree with doug. he's got to get his message out there. he's got to fight the media. he is not winning this fight
7:47 pm
right now. >> right. but ever -- >> put up $200 million. run your message on spots if you're serious about winning and do not stop. >>er day you're talking about fighting the party -- >> right. >> every day you're talking about -- >> the clintons aren't stopping. they're not going to stop. >> more wikileaks released another 2,000 e-mails allegedly belonging to clinton campaign chairman joe podesta. we'll explain straight ahead. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. thewill transform nottomorrow just the automobile, but mobility itself. an autonomous-thinking vehicle protecting those inside and out. and it's the mercedes-benz of today that will help us get there.
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. welcome back to "hannity." to wikileaks released another 2,000 damning e-mails allegedly from the personal account of campaign chairman john podesta. revelations have not been good for the democrat nominee. you want to go back to the women. you wanted to say something. >> the three women, juanita broaddrick and ka lean wiley as well as paula jones, what people don't say about them, corrobora. all they say about broderick is that she recanted. what they don't say is that number one, anita broderick was found with ripped clothes, ripped nylons and a swollen face
7:53 pm
by her roommate. people came to her and she said, yes, i was raped. then, the state police came she recanted but said it was true. absolute corroboration. the same with kathy wily, corroboration by her friends. >> paula jones was able to identify distinguishing characteristics. >> it's the secretary on the ballot. not bill clinton. and when the allegations that jeanine is making were put publicly in 98 bill clinton was at his highest levels of approval. >> you say it matters but you're saying... >> you want to win the election, use issues like immigration, free trade, economy and focus. >> hillary is not talking about the issues. what she's talking about is keeps pushing forward these stories on donald trump. >> she said. >> it worked. it's a working strategy now.
7:54 pm
so donald trump needs to go back, i think to the kitchen table issue and saying we're going distracted. >> do you know what else? >> christians and catholics in this country need to be outraged about this. >> let's talk about infiltrating. >> these tarring witnessed communications? >> exactly. you need money. >> he's not serious. >> yes. he is. >> no. he isn't. you have to put up money, jeanine. >> coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. please stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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[music] jess: hey look, it's those guys. jess: are you good to drive? shawn: i'm fine. jess: how many did you have? shawn: i should be fine. jess: you should be? officer: go on and step out of the vehicle for me. bud: see ya, buddy. good luck! so, it turns out buzzed driving and drunk driving, they're the same thing and it costs around $10,000. so not worth it. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we'll see you here, tomorrow night, friday night.
8:00 pm
have a great night. laughter. they're the entire basket." bill reilly is up next. we hope you join us tomorrow, too. good night. >> you're right, it's on, the tonight. >> overnight, a flood of new allegations, multiple bill who say donald trump touched or kissed them inappropriately. >> these vicious claims of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> the campaign gets even more intense. even as a new fox poll indicated who was ahead. tonight, we'll have complete campaign coverage. >> clinton appears to contradict her own public stance on the hut button issue of trade, saying my dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open


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