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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 14, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert. hillary clinton is expanding her lead on donald trump amid new allegations of sexual assault by the republican nominee. all allegations he strongly denies. and a new batch of wikileaks e-mails with more behind the scenes campaign communications on clinton's biggest vulnerabili vulnerabilities. our new fox poll is releasing right now. these were taken after the most recent debate, monday through wednesday. clinton is now ahead 45% to 38% over trump in the latest four-way poll that's a seven-point margin. it's up from two points last week. the head to head matchup, clinton leads 49% to 41%.
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the eight-point advantage is double the four-point l week. the new polling comings as donald trump continues his effort to save his embattled campaign. the gop nominee has come out swinging against the most recent claims of improper behavior toward women. john roberts is with the trump campaign tonight in cincinnati. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. if you look a little more deeply into the fox news poll, the losses are among older voters. women over the age of 45, he is down 12 points. the latest scandal may only add -- hemorrhaging support among a crucial voting block, donald trump today took the stage in west palm beach to fight back. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false.
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they are pure fiction and they are outright lies. these events never, ever happened. >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, five women have come forward to say trump touched them inappropriately. one a "people" magazine reporter. another, a photographer assistant who says he grabbed her buttocks. a beauty pageant contestant who said he kissed her on the lips. a woman in new york who claims frump did the same thing to her. and a woman who said he globed her on a flight. >> it was a shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. i hesitate to use this expression, but i'm going to. that is, he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. >> reporter: "entertainment tonight" added another hot mike moment. catching donald trump in 1992 talking to 10-year-olds in trump tower. >> you are going up the
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escalator? i will be dating her in ten years. >> reporter: he portrayed the glo groping allegations as a campaign to keep him out of the white house. >> this is nothing more than an attempt to destroy our movement and for the clintons to keep their corrupt control over our government. >> reporter: the campaign sent a letter to "the new york times" demanding a retraction. they wrote back, nothing in our article has the slightest affect on the reputation that mr. trump, through his own words and actions, has already created for himself. jerry falwell says he has evidence to refute it. >> he was telling me evidence he has, e-mail evidence that the accusations from these ladies are untrue. >> reporter: trump told supporters at his rally he will make that proof available at an appropriate time soon. many of his fans have faith. >> we don't believe any of it. it's unimportant. because of the other important
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issues that are facing the country. >> it's over and over the bashing of mr. trump. that's all we hear. it's not an election. it's a smash campaign. >> guess what? he is a regular guy. he is not a politician. he is one of us. people make mistakes. you move on. >> that was john reporters reporting from cincinnati. his life feed was taking hits there. a surprising development for chris christie. the head of trump's transition team. a judge has ordered christie to appear in court october 24 to answer a complaint of misconduct from a citizen who claims the governor knew about the closures on the george washington bridge and did nothing about them. christie's office says the action comes from a serial complainer and they are appealing the judge's order. the trump campaign says there's no change in christie's status as the head of trump's transition team. do you believe the accusations against donald trump? let me know on twitter.
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use #specialreport or our facebook campaign. new clinton e-mails tonight. they paint a less than flattering picture of the nominee and her top advisers. ed henry is here to talk a look. >> reporter: they continue to rock clinton's campaign showing her aides have privately shown contempt for various blocks of voters from latinos to catholics and now southerners as well. new details are spilling out about the campaign's response to a congressman who issued a subpoena march 3, 2015 for hillary clinton to preserve all e-mails and demanded the server on march 20th. clinton's spokesman e-mailed about having a meeting earlier in the day with top advisers. he wrote the campaign should tell the press it was confident, quote, everyone will see that it's all there and then some. in terms of official e-mail.
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later on march 20, clint$20, cl chairman reached out to the white house chief of staff. writing, free for a call? at the end of march, the i.t. firm that maintained the server used bleach bit to delete thousands of e-mails according to the fbi. there's no proof clinton herself knew the e-mails were deleted after the subpoena. clinton claimed ignorance when pressed by fox as an august 2015 news conference. >> did you wipe the server? >> with a cloth or something? >> reporter: there's more evidence the clinton camp tried to rig the process against sanders. campaign manager robby mook e-mailed podesta moving the primary to make it more favorable to clinton. he wrote about giving them a bonus of 10% extra delegates if they move to april and 20% if they move to may. the key point is that this is not a president obama ask but a
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hillary ask. the clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them. the illinois primary stayed in march, and clinton carried it by 25,000 votes. while her campaign boasts pub pickly about bringing people together, e-mails show in private clinton officials attacked various americans beyond the candidate's own comments about supporters of donald trump being a basket of deplorables. clinton aides called backers of sanders self-righteous winers. referred to needy latinos. southerners wrote about the 2015 miss american pageant. he asked, do you think it's weird of the 15 finalists in miss america, ten came from the 11 states of the csa or con fred rat states of america? not at all, i would imagine the only people who watch it are from the confederacy. by now, they know that so they rigged the thing in their honor. there are nasty clashes with democrats like new york city mayor bill de blasio when the
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mayor declined to endorse clinton, mook wrote, what a terrorist. as bernie sanders wrote with that message, aides struggled to react. the suggestion that at the very top of the campaign, they didn't really understand why she wanted to be president and yet here she is in her latest poll winning and the lead is expanding. >> the e-mail stuff with the timing there is really interesting. ahead of that subpoena, ahead of her wiping the server. there's new developments on the investigation into the clinton foundation. >> reporter: they are coming from a surprising source. doing a long investigation and finding some of the work helped their friends get contracts. similar to what we heard about haiti. they are proud of the work. look at this e-mail from robby mook october 2014. one question that is specific to the foundation, whether it will
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have and/or use her name, clinton's next year. do you know what their plan is for that in ? it will invite press scrutiny and she will be held accountable for what happens there. mook was right about that. but we don't know whether there's accountability. >> thank you. more on this with the panel in a couple more information e-mails about the foundation and money. hillary clinton is on the west coast tonight making appearances and raising money. concerns are mounting among her team that donald trump might be trying to come out on top by taking the entire race to the gutter. mike emanuel reports tonight from beverly hills. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back in california even though her win in the golden state is not in doubt. she's racing campaign cash and will do another friendly interview with ellen to appeal to a daytime tv audience. clinton and her allies are worried her opponent donald
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trump is running a race to the bottom to suppress voter turnout. >> we cannot let this pessimism, this dark and divisive and dangerous vision of america take hold in anybody's heart. >> reporter: the daily drip, drip, drip of campaign chairman john podesta's e-mail leaks are a cause for concern. one e-mail expressed anxiety about the criticism she would face for the iran nuclear deal. he worried about lindsey graham's attacks and wrote, generally, we are getting killed with dems being weasels. what about getting biden to publically debate him? clinton had one of the most popular and effective surrogates, michelle obama, on the stump attracting trump for his treatment of women. >> this was not just a lewd conversation. this wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about
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sexually r lly predatory behavi. while our mothers and grandmothers were powerless to change their circumstance, today, we have all the power we need to determine the outcome of this election. >> reporter: clinton held a rally in florida on tuesday. the average of recent polls in the sunshine state reveals clinton with a 2.7 point edge over trump. while clinton is out west, president obama made this pitch on the radio in miami. >> the only way it gets in the bag is when florida puts it in the bag. once florida's determined, that can determine the election. >> reporter: that is a luxury clinton enjoys. while she's raking in campaign cash, she has the president and first lady making the case for her. >> mike emanuel, thank you.
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now to breaking news. a tense situation is getting more so tonight. the u.s. navy has destroyed three coastal radar sites in yemen. they are funded by iran. the u.s. strikes are retaliation for the targeting of navy warships by mississiples origing from that territory. iran is sending its own warships into that area. we have fox team coverage tonight. kevin cork is at the white house. looks at what may be an aggressive foreign policy by a lame duck president. we begin with connor powell in our middle east newsroom tonight with a possible standoff off the waters of yemen. >> reporter: tensions are rising with the u.s. increasingly drawn into a conflict between saudi arabia and iranian-backed groups in yemen. charred metal and smoking debris is all that remains of three coastal radar systems. the u.s. navy today destroyed
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the advanced guided equipment after they were used by shiites to fire missiles at the uss mason last week. no one was injureinjured. the mason was forced to deploy on board defensive measures in response to the attack. the rebels have support in yemen. they denied firing the missiles and today offered to help investigate the attack. the pentagon made it clear who it holds accountable. >> these strikes came from that territory. they posed a threat to u.s. warships operating in the red sea. we don't take that threat lightly. we responded. >> reporter: while it's clear the u.s. is not interested in becoming more entangled in yemen, the pentagon did say today if american ships are attacked once more, the u.s. would respond again.
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today's strikes mark the first direct involvement by the u.s. in yemen's long running civil war, which is seen by many as a proxy fight between saudi arabia and iran. however, the obama administration has backed the saudis in their fight against the houthis. but the white house is growing increasingly wary of this saudi military operation, which has accomplished little and been criticized by human rights groups for large numbers of civilian deaths. just lack week, saudi air strikes killed more than 140 people when they bombed a funeral home in yemen's capital. in response, the white house announced a review of america's support for the saudi operation. the situation in the red sea is not only becoming increasingly dangerous but also potentially explosive. in addition to the u.s. fleet that's there, there are two iranian ships, one russian and
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one chinese ship off the coast of yemen. >> we will watch that. thank you. russia is accusing of u.s. of conducting what it calls a scorched earth policy toewards moscow. new questions about how far president obama is willing to go in his foreign policy. during the final three months of his final term. the hot spots across the globe are flaring up more than at any time in his presidency. kevin cork is at the white house with the politics of fighting back. >> reporter: some argue the u.s. strikes are a major spark threatening to ignite a smoldering region, they say it would ignore the embers in the middle east from libya where the power vacuum left by the death of gaddafi continues to cripple the country, to iraq where u.s. and coalition forces are in the throws of preparing for a large scale ground operation to recapture mosul to syria where russian air strikes in the assad
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regime have spawned the greatest humanitarian crisis since world war ii and now yemen, where iran-backed houthi rebels threaten the saudis who rely on the u.s. for military assistance and support, making the case for a strong u.s. response clearer. >> this is an iranian linked group that is waging a proxy war against saudi allies in yemen. whether it likes it or not, the u.s. has to take a side in that struggle. >> reporter: they are concerned the latest problem in yemen could lead to a proxy war with iran. couple that with the ongoing u.s. entanglement in syria opposite the russian-backed assad regime and he says president obama could find himself in two proxy battles with fewer than 100 days left in office. he suggests this goes back to the iran nuclear deal and had the president been more
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skeptical then, the u.s. wouldn't face the problems we see in yemen now. >> the obama administration has miss interpreted iran's motivations. we see that iran remains a very aggressive and anti-american power. >> we want to make crystal clear that if you threaten our forces, you threaten our ships, we will be prepared to respond as we did in this case. >> reporter: there was little nuance about the message the u.s. was sending with the strikes in yemen. what's less clear is what it will bring in the days ahead. we heard from vice-president joe biden today. he was asked by a protester about the american relationship not just with the saudis as you is a in the piece but also about what's happening in yemen and the vice-president actually engaged this protester and he said, we have been pushing the saudis as hard as we can to not go into yemen and bomb the people. but he added that the houthis were just as bad. an assessment of what has been a mess in the region for some time.
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>> we will watch that. kevin cork live on the north lawn. pro immigration groups are trying to revive president obama's deportation amnesty program. the washington times reports a lawsuit in illinois contends a texas judge's suspension of that plan and the supreme court's vote on the case do not create a national precedent. the president sought to grant work permits and extended stays to 5 million illegal immigrants. up next, a big support are of obamacare bails out. first here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. indianapolis, with indictments against four men accused in a massive you hfraud and kick bac scheme. they made illegal profits in excess of $16 million by inflating costs for any item or service required to run a healthcare operation. the men have pleaded not guilty. in houston, a 911 operator
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accused of hanging up on thousands of emergency calls is charged with two counts of interference with an emergency telephone call. the 43-year-old woman was reportedly involved in thousands of so-called short calls lasting 20 seconds or less between october 2015 and this march. the emergency center fired her in august. this is a live look at boston from fox 25. the big story there tonight, two boston police officers are said to be improving after being shot during a domestic call. authorities say a man wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle opened fire before being shot and killed by other officers. the two wounded officers were initially hospitalized in critical condition. police say the 33-year-old fired at the officers wednesday night shortly after they arrived at a home in the east part of town in boston. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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obamacare is taking fire once again tonight from a prominent democrat. minnesota governor mark dayton was a champion of the affordable care act. now he joins others who are jumping ship. richard edson is here to tell us what brought about the change. >> reporter: good evening. to save the obamacare market in minnesota, insurance companies say they need massive premium increases next year as they are losing hundreds of millions of dollars. now the state's governor, a democrat, says buying obamacare insurance for many in minnesota is too expensive. >> the reality is, the affordable care act is no longer
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affordable. minnesota is not alone in this. there are other states that are experiencing significant increases. >> reporter: officials approved increases from 50% to nearly 67% for plans next year. blue cross and blue shield of minnesota, the largest insure you are r is reducing presence claiming, blue cross is projecting a total loss of more than $500 million in the individual segment over three years. the governor's acknowledgement in minnesota matches bill clinton's in michigan. he detailed problems for americans who receive small or no subsidies to buy insurance saying that leads to a crazy system with premiums double and coverage cut in half. one health policy analyst says the minnesota and michigan experiences are problems nationwide. >> the whole country is watching what's going on with obamacare and the exchanges because
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everybody knows you are one paycheck away from being in obamacare. it's a big deal. the people who aren't getting subsidies are getting hammered by the rate increases. >> reporter: the administration points to the 85% of obamacare shoppers receiving some government subsidy to pay the increases. in minnesota, the administration refers to the state exchange claiming, quote, as premiums increase, so does the amount of tax credits available. meaning that in many cases, tax credits can lessen or completely eliminate large premium increases. that costs the government more money and million s buy these without the subsidies. democrats are calling for more generous subsidies, a provision that spreads the losses across the industry and the introduction of a government run insurance entity known as the public option. >> continue to follow this. thank you. samsung is expanding the
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recall of its galaxy note 7 smartphones in the u.s. it will now include all replacement devices. the company offered as a safe alternative to the original phones, which could catch fire. it's not clear what is wrong with the replacements now. samsung has told customers to power down their phones and to stop using them. florida health officials are identifying another miami neighborhood as a zika transmission zone. the governor's office says five people have been infected in a one square mile area just north of the little haiti neighborhood. a large portion of miami beach still remains an active zika infection zone. stocks were off today. the dow lost 45. the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey last month was arranged today. he was not in court. we have the story tonight from the courthouse in elizabeth, new
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jersey. >> can you hear me? >> reporter: appearing for the first time in a new jersey courtroom, via video from his hospital bed dressed in a hospital gown, ahmad rahemi arranged today. >> i will enter a not guilty plea. >> reporter: his legal team standing at his bedside in medical gowns and gloves during the duration of the seven-minute court hearing. he continues to recover from multiple gun shot wounds received during a police shootout on september 19 ending in his capture. prosecutors say he directly shot at five police officers, wounding two. an officer, seen in court today in red, was hit in the torso.
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a bullet proof vest likely saved him. and another officer grazed by a bullet on his head after it went through his cruiser's windshield. state charges stem from the shootout. it begins what could be a lengthy legal process. years long even because he still faces nearly a dozen federal charges in new york and new jersey for planting several bombs, including the chelsea pressure cooker bomb that injured 31 people. prosecutors say he had a desire for martyrdom and admired terrorists. over the last month, the defendant's last name has been pronounced rahami but it's rahimi. the grand jury hears the case in several months. he faced a maximum of life in prison. no death penalty. >> thank you.
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we are less than a week away from the final debate of the presidential season. it has special significance here at fox news. media analyst howard kurtz shows us why. >> reporter: with donald trump facing accusations in the press of groping women and hillary clinton facing disclosures from hacked e-mails, the candidates have one final shot at making their case to a mass audience. next wednesday in las vegas, they will face off against each other and chris wallace. he has to deal with not just policy issues but i'allegationsf sexual assault against the gop nominee and the democratic nominee's husband. >> you haven't seen anything like this. >> i have never seen a candidate like donald trump. that's what makes this so fascinating and it's what has made the debates. you know this from the three that we did. so challenging. >> reporter: this marks the
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first time the commission on presidential debates has tapped a fox journalist. wallace, viewed as one of the best interviewers in the business, had a successful career at nbc and abc. from white house correspondent to "meet the press" moderator before joining fox. like his late father, he favors a blunt style of questioning. >> after a long investigation, fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> that's not what i heard director comey say. >> do you worry you are being used as a prop for black supporters and supporting donald trump will hurt your credibility? >> it's not about me. it's about our nation. >> with that record, why should we trust you to run the nation's business? >> this may sound harsh, but are you in the process of blowing your campaign for president? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: he caused a stir by
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saying he doesn't view his role as that of a fact checker but adds that he will step in with follow-ups when necessary. in these hyperpartisan times, every moderator this fall, has faced plenty of criticism. the larger challenge for trump and clinton is how to handle each other's increasingly harsh attacks. the new allegations about women and embarrassing e-mails. that means vegas will be one final roll of the dice. >> something to see. thank you. this is a fox news alert. we have just received a copy of hillary clinton's written answers to questions from judicial watch about her e-mails. you remember clinton was ordered by a judge to provide these responses. we are going through them. we have been going through them for the past few minutes. what are we learning? >> there's a lot here. we just printed out these many,
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many pages of questions she was given. 25 questions from judicial watch. this represents the very first time, the only time that she has been given sworn testimony because the questions are sworn testimony with regard to setting up her e-mail servers. she objects to many of the questions. many of her answers say she objects. she won't answer. she's answered numerrous questions about the e-mails. did she know they would be suggested to freedom of information request? did she know they were being kept? she said in many of the answers that she assumed because the people she was e-mails with were on the system they were being cataloged there. she acknowledged they would have been subject to the requests. she's asked in wuone of the questions whether she was aware or warned that there would be potential for hacking against her e-mails. she says she does not recall being advised, cautioned or
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warpwar warped during her tenure about hacking or attempted hacking or the server that hosted her account. this is the lawyer in me. but i want to think we can parse some of the answers. she may have been advised -- we know there were policies in place, warnings about secure systems, how to use things, where not to use your blackberry. those warnings. her answer in the question says she doesn't recall being specifically advised about potential hacking to the clinton e-mail system. if people didn't know about it, they wouldn't have advised her specifically about that. we know that she was part and parcel of sending out a warning to employees at one point to all state department employees warning them that there were security precautions that they should take and know about. judicial watch asked specifically about that. if you sent this out, i believe june 28, 2011, when you are advising our people not to take these changes, then why were you doing so?
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there's a lot to get through here. there are questions about the benghazi testimony. we will get back to you as soon as we get more answers. >> if it pop up, come back to us. you are one of the best at reading and interpreting legal documents on the fly. >> we try. >> after being outside the supreme court. i think we might learn, just listening to you, from the wick i can leak e-mail about the e-mail server than the answers. we will keep on digging. hillary clinton builds on her lead. donald trump fights back against new allegations of sexual assault. the panel discusses when we return.
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have you hit on women? >> i will tell you, i have not. >> did he kiss you? >> yeah. >> on the face? on the lips? >> wherever he could find a landing spot. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies. and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time. you take a look -- look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think.
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i don't think so. >> the whole world has heard trump brag about how he mistreats women and the disturbing stories just keep coming. >> many of us are worried about our children hearing it when we turn on the tv. to make matters worse, it now seeps clear this isn't an isolated incident. >> some of the sound today as we have new allegations against donald trump. allegations that as you heard he strongly denies. we have new polls out today. these are post debate polls. you can see hillary clinton 45% 38% and a shift here since october 3, last time we polled. if you look among independents, that has taken the biggest drop in this poll for donald trump from 41% to 35%. the opinion of the two candidates is upside down. but more so for donald trump in this particular poll.
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finally, an interesting poll for congress as we work to determine the balance of power. this is democrat or republican. you can see the shift there, 48% 42%. right before the break, we had the breaking news about the documents in the judicial watch case that hillary clinton answered. again, these answers are under oath. we have been going through the answers. we have the breaking details. something interesting that hillary clinton answered here. >> yeah. she was asked specifically in one of the questions after the lawyers completed the review of your e-mails, the account in late 2014, were the electronic versions of your e-mails preserved, deleted or destroyed? what tool or software was used to delete or destroy them? was it done at your direction? probably a reference to the use of bleached bit that we heard about that makes it virtually impossible for things to be
1:41 am
recovered. she objects to the question being outside the scope of this case. she does say without exception, it was her expectation that her work-related e-mails would be provided to the state department in response to that request. she believes her attorneys retained copies of e-mails provided to the state department but doesn't have knowledge about the details of the process. she decided once her work-related e-mails were provided to the state department, she had no reason to keep personal e-mails. there's been a big dispute about everything was turned over. the last sentence there says she believes her personal e-mails were not kept and she does not have any personal knowledge about the details of that process. again, she was asked, did you tell someone to destroy them? what software was used? was it done at your direction? she says she does not have any personal knowledge about the details of that process. first time we are hearing that. >> under oath, she says she has
1:42 am
no idea how the e-mails were erased and how bleach bit was used on her server. this is after thefbi director under oath to congress said they did find work-related e-mails on the server and they know that she didn't turn over all the e-mails that dealt with stuff at the state department. this is under oath. what you are reading here is an under oath response to judicial watch. >> right. what judicial watch pushed for, what they wanted was a deposition. that's the best case scenario. the judge said, i won't let you do that. she will answer these sworn questions as a sworn under oath -- this is a court document now. her camp celebrated at the time saying, we won this. she didn't have to give a deposition. judicial watch was saying, no, she's going to have to testify under oath. it's not the way the media event we wanted her to do it. it's the first time answering
1:43 am
about her server under only. i thought everything i turned over was done and handled. when it got to personal e-mails, i didn't think anything needed to be preserved. i don't know the process. i didn't direct it. >> that's stunning. i want to keep you for one second. the e-mails from wikileaks, this is number one, these are e-mails dealing with the server request. from congress. this is a subpoena that has been issued. i think we should avoid being no comment here, but we need guidance even if it's to say we turned over all of her work e-mail. take the step of asking the state department to release it and when we do, which we hope to be soon, we are confident everyone will see it's all there and then some. philippe reines, associate of hillary clinton, responds, worth remembering that gowdy said his committee doesn't have the authority to seek the server. after back and forth about the language of the statement they
1:44 am
were going to release, nick sends back, cheryl's feedback, this goes beyond the normal practice. particularly based on the teachings of the vulnerability meeting today. they had a meeting about what they should release and what they shouldn't, what they should talk about, what they shouldn't. this is -- once they have a subpoena and before the server is erased and she's saying she doesn't know how any of that happened in sworn testimony. >> she's also asked about brian pagliano. he was part of an immunity deal, somebody who would have known about the handling of these things. in communication related to the preservation, deletion or destruction of any of your e-mails, the question goes on. that's basically it. she objects to the question as beyond the scope of the case. secretary clinton states that she does not recall having communication with brian
1:45 am
concerning or relating to the management, preservation, deletion or destruction of any e-mail. >> continue to go through that, if you would. thank you for the breaking news. we will take a break. we will bring in our panel for some analysis of what we heard and the day's events.
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it's not coincidence that these attacks come at the exact same moment and all together at the same time as wikileaks releases documents exposing the massive international corruption of the clinton machine,
1:49 am
including 2,000 more e-mails just this morning. >> donald trump responding to these new allegations. we heard from hillary clinton and the first lady today with a speech about the allegations and about donald trump. let's bring in our panel. charles lane, mercedes schlapp and charles krouthammer. i want to talk about what we heard and what we're gathering about this e-mail stuff. it seems clunky and some of the behind the scenes here suggests it was very coordinated to figure out how not to answer the subpoena by congress to turn over the server before it was erased. >> the ins and outs of this, as we're right on top of the report. so we will have to figure all that out as the story evolves. i think the number that's relevant to this comes from your poll today which shows hillary
1:50 am
clinton still at only 33% honest and trustworthy. whatever comes out of this latest round on the e-mails, i don't see how you drive that number down a lot lower. in other context. the context being everything in context. the context is everything on the other side of donald trump. it makes things a lot worse for him. as a political matter, bearing in mind we may get a lot of clarity over the next day or two, i don't think this is the best. >> the women have specific allegations. pretty much all of them said they were coming forward after the debate in what he said answering the question that it had never happened. we don't know the legitimacy of
1:51 am
them. he denies them. they're serious allegations. it's affecting his chances. >> every day that the media's focused on the topics of the alleged sexual assaults, we're talking about the audio tape from over a week ago, every moment that is spent on this hurts donald trump because it doesn't allow donald trump -- even donald trump is spending, i think, too much time even trying to take this story down in talking about the issue. it pulls away from talking about the kitchen table issues like the economy, national security. these stories, this is becoming the political season of sexual behavior over talking about political issues. something we haven't seen really in past election cycles. they're having greater impact than, for example, the wikileak e-mails that many of them are eye opening showing the two-faced approach of hillary clinton. >> charles? >> i think we have an electorate that's beginning to feel soiled and in need of a shower.
1:52 am
the real damage is to both parties of the political system. think of the bilateral hypocrisy. during the clinton scandals the democrats insisted it was private stuff, none of your business, character isn't important. the delivery of goods, services, actions as president. now, of course, they're shocked to find all of this stuff with trump. trump himself parades out the women who accused bill clinton and now he's responding to his accusers exactly the same way he says hillary did at the time of the bill scandal in the '90s. neither party is clean on this. it's damaging to him because he's the guy on the spot. the allegations are fresh even if the actions were old. people have heard and they've
1:53 am
already factored in the clinton scandals and, look, these numbers show that he got really badly hit and came back a bit as a result of the debate, but 7 points with four weeks to go back, which is what he is, is deadly. >> let's look at fox poll 6. how concerned are you that scandals will have a serious affect on their administration. clintons vary 37%, trump, 44%. you see the breakdown, somewhat, not at all. chuck, we're getting new details about the clinton foundation. e-mail number 4, qatar offers $1 million for bill clinton's birthday. last thursday, april 12th i met individually with the ambassadors of qatar. below is a summary of key points they'd like to see wjc, william jefferson clinton for five minutes in new york to promise
1:54 am
$1 million check that wjc promised for his birthday in 2011. reporting more evidence, they suggest, of this quid pro quo but you have to get there in the details. it's a lot easier to go with the allegations that may be true and these women are coming forward and standing by their accusations than to dig into some of the background details of the e-mail scandal and the foundation scandal. >> there is such a thing as an allegation that is politically timed and motivated and true, and the problem for donald trump is that nothing the women who are coming forward are saying appears out of character because he himself was captured on tape in 2005 saying that's what he likes to do, grab women and so on and so forth. you're right, there is kind of a disequilibrium or asymmetry here between the very complex inner workings of the clinton foundation and so on and this highly dramatic stuff. on the other hand, the stuff
1:55 am
about donald trump is so ugly, so really off the charts brand new ugly for a person running for this high office, this dignified office that it's bound to have more impact. the other stuff is the kind of political, you know, grub ri that we're used to. this is a new level. >> yeah. i mean, it does take this race overall down to a different place. when was the last time we talked about policy? i know chris wallace is going to talk about it next week at the debate, but there has been a lot to digest really every day, mercedes. >> well, absolutely. when you're looking at the fact that these wikileak not getting the attention by many media outlets out there, for example, as opposed to the bombshell revelations on the trump side of alleged sexual allegations it really becomes a challenge to even dig through the wikileak e-mails. so i think the biggest challenge
1:56 am
will be for donald trump, he's losing ground with the suburban, with the women in general, and that's just -- i think it's so incredibly damaging. >> a couple of encouraging polls in the states of north carolina and ohio from the wall street journal tonight, but most of the polls have him trailing a little bit more. that is it for the panel. up next, the candidates ask real questions that americans want
1:57 am
finally tonight, questions
1:58 am
that were left out at the last presidential debate. >> mr. trump, christmas is coming up, complete this line. >> on comet, on kupd. >> on libya, syria, iraq. >> secretary clinton, who gets to hear you give a speech? >> nobody who makes less than $250,000 a year. >> mr. trump, your sons eric and donald posed with big game they've killed. where did they learn to hunt like that? >> with isis. >> secretary clinton, a serious question. is it worth it to let me work it? i put my thing down, flip it. >> and we need to reverse it. >> pleasure. thank you for letting us into ronald reagan a>> this is friday, oectober 14th.
1:59 am
new allegations of his own. >> these vicious claims about me are totally and absolutely balls and the clintons know it and they know it very well. >> brand new fox news polls. we are live in washington. now we know how much hillary clinton's campaign was worried about her talking to the press and how she hates to say i am sorry. >> the massive manhunt to find the man targeting children. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
♪ >> that song means friday is the weekend. we say friday is the weekend. you are joining us this friday morning. good to be here. >> i am heather childers. you are starting your day and weekend with us. might have out right lies. donald trump railing against the new york times blaming the clintons and the media for fabricating stories. >> with 25 days until the election, could the damage already be done? garrett tiny is live with brand new fox polls out last night. >> these polls are important because they are the first we have had done since the second presidential debate. there are not a lot of bright spots for donald trump. hillary clinton gained a point from where she was a week ago but she


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