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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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republicans have taken the high road on sex and gender. >> here's harris in for shepard smith. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. in north carolina where we have been listening to donald trump. he has been going after the women accusing him of groping and sexually assaulting them over the years. at least seven of them now. two more women came forward just this afternoon, and he called them liars. one of them is a former "apprentice" contestant. but trump says a simple investigation would show in almost all cases this is false. that's what he says, and his running mate says the campaign says they have evidence to help prove the woman wrong. if that's the case, now would be a good time to come up with it. a new poll shows trump's behavior is a deal breaker for a lot of voters. hillary clinton may want to call a plumber, because there's been
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another leak of apparent e-mails from her campaign on everything from what her foundation donors expected including whether they should bury e-mails between her and the president. plus getting a look at how hillary clinton responded to questions about her e-mail server. it seems she had a hard time remembering, well, almost everything about it. the house speaker paul ryan facing an uncertain future this november. even if republicans hold on to the house of representatives, his job could get more difficult. we'll look at how this could go down. also is this election driving you kra z crazy? you're not alone and we'll show you why. let's get to it. >> now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. good morning. good friday at news desk. donald trump has been speaking and speaking and speaking at a rally in the swing state of north carolina. again, denying the fire storm of accusations from women accusing him of groping them and sexually
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assaulting them and kissing him without their consent. and using words that i cannot hear. today reports surfaced from two more women. two more women accusing trump of groping them. that brings it to seven, the number of accusers this week alone. one woman tells "the washington post" newspaper she was an aspiring model in new york city in the early 90s when donald trump reached under her stirt at a nightclub and touched her through her underwear. >> as i pushed the hand away and i got up and i turned around and i see these eyebrows, very distinct eyebrows of donald trump. and i got up and i moved, and i continued to talk with my friends. and they said, oh, that's donald trump. i was like he's gross. he just put his hand up my skirt. >> the post reports the woman told friends about it over the years and a reporter contacted her after hearing it from somebody else. donald trump calls the other
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accusations this week a coordinated attack from the, quote, clinton machine and the dishonest media. so far there's no evidence of any of that. but trump has four rallies scheduled in the next two days. and senior aids tell fox news the campaign is not slowing down when it comes to fighting the accusers. donald trump claimed he does not know some of the women. in fact, he claimed he didn't know any of them. he said they're all liars and can be proved false just by a little invest gaiting, calling them horrible liars. yesterday he said take a look at one of the woman, adding i don't think so. the would be president of the united states. mike pence says the campaign is preparing to release evidence that the accusations are false and that could come as early as today. here's what governor pence told ""fox and friends"" this morning. >> he's denied these, and there
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will be more evidence coming out that supports -- >> that they're making it up? >> what evidence is coming out? >> well, the campaign is working on bringing that information out. >> recent polls show donald trump losing support in swing states across the nation. governor pence says he believes something has been, quote, missing in the surveys because he says nobody since ronald reagan has made a connection to the frustrations of americans the way trump has. in the meantime hillary clinton has been slamming donald trump for the accusations. and the two candidates are set to face off again this coming wednesday in their third and final presidential debate in las vegas moderated by the fox news sunday anchor, chris wallace. jennifer griffin is in seattle following the clinton campaign. let's go to charlotte with john roberts first. >> reporter: we're expecting he'll push back against the allegations levelled against him. he went after him hard calling
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them liars saying these are fabrications. drilling down in particular on this -- one of the latest to come out in the past couple of hours, christen anderson, this 46-year-old photographer from southern california, and what she said he did when she was an aspiring model in the early 90s in a nightclub. here's how trump responded a moment ago in greensboro. >> one came out recently where i was sitting alone in some club. i really don't sit alone that much. honestly, folks, i don't think i sit alone. i was sitting alone by myself, like this. and then i went, to somebody. >> reporter: a spokesperson for trump said she's simply looking for publicity and her claims are phony, but as you pointed out, she didn't come forward to the washington post. they had to find her which seems
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to contradict that idea. she's not a hillary clinton supporter or a donald trump supporter suggesting on her facebook page that the choice between the two of them is a choice between bad and bad. but pretty clear about what happened to her that night back in the early 1990s. here again is anderson. >> the person on my right who unbenoeu unknown to me was donald trump, put their hand up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear, absolutely. >> and then there's another story we just heard about from a woman named somer zervos, she was a contestant on the apprentice. she was told to meet him at a hotel. he was directed to a villa. she said when she came in the door donald trump started kissing her, and she said wait a minute, i thought we were going to be dinner, and he said fine, let's have dinner. according to her the two of them sat down and shared a club sandwich. >> as all of this is going on,
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he makes time to attack hillary clinton. >> reporter: yeah. he's trying to keep some of this on policy. it's becoming difficult. again, suggesting last night at a rally in cincinnati inthat sh does not have the stamina, mocking her fainting spell on september 11th saying he could just imagine if she ever went over to china and had a similar spell, the chinese would just leave her lying there until she was ready to get up, because according to trump, they are tough. all of this is going to make for an interesting preamble and set up at that all important last debate next wednesday. >> john roberts on the campaign trail. hillary clinton continuing her campaign tour out west where she's stopping in seattle today. the democratic nominee has been focusing on closed door fundraising events. for instance, in beverly hills in san francisco, secretary clinton raked in millions of dollars for her campaign. in the meantime joe biden told nbc news "meet the press" that former president bill clinton's
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past behavior should not matter in this election. >> conduct, i wouldn't attempt to make any excuses for the conduct. he paid the price for it. he was impeached, and he was -- he expressed his deep sorrow and acknowledged what he did. >> the vice president also said donald trump admitted he is a sexual predator and abused his power, but he has not apologized for that. our team coverage continues. we in seattle this morning. president obama campaigning for clinton in the crucial sing state of ohio today. >> reporter: absolutely. the polls show hillary clinton pulling ahead in the wake of the access hollywood video and the revelations, hillary clinton is doing her best to stay out of the way of that narrative. that's why she is out here fund raising and also really not doing any public appearances. she's leaving it to her surrogates like president obama who followed up on the emotional appeal by his wife, michelle
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obama, in new hampshire yesterday. he spoke in cleveland today and he did what his wife did. he did not mention donald trump by name, but it was very clear who he was talking about. >> her opponent has made it clear, he's going to drag the election as low as it can possibly go. and he figures if he makes our politics just toxic, then maybe you'll just figure out you got no good choices and you get discouraged and don't vote. but don't fall for it. because i'm telling you right now, hillary is one of the smartest, toughest, best prepared most experienced persons ever to run for this job. >> perhaps the most surprising moment was when the president took on republicans who he said should be ashamed for standing on the sidelines and allowing the rise of donald trump and now wanting to distance themselves from him. he had strong words for them,
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the same republicans hillary clinton is trying to attract to her side in the election. >> democratic operatives were her six weeks ago telling us at the end of this campaign, donald trump would be making an attempt to get women to skooefed out by the process that they would stay at home. you heard president obama fighting that narrative, and the former first lady, secretary clinton on "ellen "today fighting it as well. >> reporter: it's notable in the wake of wikileaks coming out, hillary clinton is not sitting down with serious journalists to take questions, but she is appearing, as you mentioned, on shows like "ellen". she wants to stay out of the way of this narrative that is basically burying her opponent. here's what she said when she was on "ellen" moments ago. >> woo. >> does everyone do that to you now? >> i didn't even know i was doing it.
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>> you must have known at the time that it came out of you. >> i didn't. i didn't know i did the shimmy, and after i saw it, and now people are always saying to me, do the shimmy, do the shimmy. >> reporter: her running mate, tim kaine was on the view yesterday. it's clear the campaign wants to appeal to women voters. they don't want them to sit out. women voters are going to be the key for hillary clinton in this election, and they know that. she's going to be here in seattle just a few minutes from now. she will be at a fundraiser hosted by the hip hop singer macklemore. he, of course, made headlines back at the grammys a few years back when he sang his famous song "same love", and same sex couples came down the aisle and he pronounced them married. she'll be heading to new york and beginning debate prep after her stop in seattle.
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more than half the voters in the united states say they don't believe trump has what it takes to be president. that's according to a new fox news poll. it shows a clear 56% of voters say trump is not q the president. 31% of voters say the same thing for clinton clinto. the same poll shows clinton tops trump on every issue surveys. better with foreign policy, health care, terrorism, immigration reform, and better with the u.s. economy. but voters are evenly split wen asked their feelings about the leaked video of trump which showed him talking about kissing and groping women in 2005. 48% call that a deal breaker. but another -- i should say, yeah, and another 48% say it was no big deal. still most voters say neither candidate is trustworthy. 63% say clinton is not honest.
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64% say the same for trump. let's bring in amy stod ard. good to see you. >> good to see you j shep. >> reporter: there are now seven accusers. he says they're all liars and he doesn't know any of them. there's plenty of evidence that he knows at least one. what is the logic of trying to go after these accusers? >> right. well, it's very common for trump to say things are untrue. he's done that throughout his entire campaign. the damage here is when we see in polling what the tape did last friday to donald trump's enthusiasm of his own supporters and to sort of swing voters and how it helped hillary, and then if you see him in the tape bragging about this kind of behavior and then there's this sort of onslaught of accusers coming forward, it just is a terrible combination.
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he just bragged about this kind of stuff in that very tape, and so this is what makes it so difficult for republicans. they sort of can't win without trump's voters, but they can't embrace him because they don't know what else is coming and they're worried there's another tape with more talk, and we don't know the end of how many women will find themselves emboldened by the initial accusers and keep oncoming forward. >> you know, politico today asked the question, amy, can trump the brand survive trump the man, and then had a long article suggesting it's getting harder. i wonder politically speaking if you think that could be something that might make trump make another course if the brand were in jeopardy over all this stuff? >> well, i think he's gone from being a real estate mogul and reality tv star to believing he started a movement and can be a political force even if he loses and can have his own tv show and
12:18 pm
really be a voice in this country, sort of criticizing clinton and the republican establishment and be this populous leader. if that's the case, that's why we hear him talking this way now. he's talking only to his supporters, not to anyone in the middle to try to bring republicans home who voted for mitt romney but don't like him. he's not trying to grow his base. i think he believes, he talks about his movement at every rally, that there's never been anything like this. i wonder if he'll go back to just doing hotels. i think he's actually interested in remaining a voice on the sidelines a big grand voice, and keeping this movement going. >> but if you have a big group of supporters, it makes sense you'd figure out something to do with them. we read about the idea he might come up with a media company where he can have the close followers stick with him, and he's made his enemies list, the dishonest media, crooked hillary. we know the list, but the media
12:19 pm
are at the top of the list. >> what he's done to the media in this campaign has been unbelievable. you can see it in the response at his rallies when the media enters the room and they're trying to do their job. it's really unbelievable, but it is a tactic. you do it to discredit the media so no matter what happens at the end of the campaign, if ten women say they've been groped, you say it's a setup and no one believes the media who supports trump enthusiastically. it's a way, even if he became president, to make sure if he had a bad news day, it could be written off. >> great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> paul ryan is having a hard time. his party's nominee is giving him grief on twitter. some of his members have been calling him out, and now he's, well, retreating from donald trump. and it looks like his life could only get more difficult after the election. a lot of headaches for a guy who made it clear he never even
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the most powerful elected republican on capitol hill could face an uncertain future should republicans take a major hit on election night. there's a report out from politico and analysts took a look at the possible scenarios in store for paul ryan after voters cast their pballots. they say the most likely, republicans hold onto the house of representatives but by a slimmer margin and it could leave paul ryan scrambling for support to stay on as speaker. earlier this week ryan told republican lawmakers that he will not campaign for trump. that he will not vote for trump. he will not defend trump during the home stretch. that came after the video surfaced of trump bragging that he could grope women when he
12:24 pm
wanted because he was a celebrity but before women who say they were groped came forward. trump then tweeted up a storm calling ryan weak and ineffective. analysts say paul ryan's pushback has angered republican lawmakers which could make his role as speaker difficult in the coming months. all this for a job paul ryan insisted he did not want. he ended up taking it after republicans said he was the only real option. james rosen with the news in washington. >> reporter: good afternoon. another day of somewhat mixed messages about the nominee at the top of the republican ticket. >> i know many people are still making their choice. i know some people are avoiding making any choice at all. and i don't begrudge anybody for that. here's what i want to ask of you. there is far more at stake than we realize. >> those remarks came at an event with college republicans in madison, wisconsin, his home state.
12:25 pm
he launched a plblistering atta on hillary clinton calling her agenda arrogant and condesce condescending. he said he has a vision for the party. he pushed back against those who feel he miscalculated in rushing to sever himself from the nominee after the video and allegations that trump has made unwanted sexual advances to a dozen or so women over the years. >> here we have republicans in disarray again. there's chaos and so on. paul ryan didn't need to do that. you know who doesn't do that and i think probably has the same generally low opinion of trump paul ryan does, and that's mitch mcconnell. the other senate majority leader. >> reporter: perhaps as an olive branch to the trump people, ryan has asked trump supporter,
12:26 pm
congressman kevin kramer of north dakota who deliver this week's gop response to the weekly presidential address. >> james, hillary clinton dealing with different controversies over her e-mail. on the one hand the conservative group judicial watch is suing secretary clinton and her attorney say several times the former secretary of state cannot recall details about her private server. we'll have the details on that. plus more e-mails courtesy of wikileaks, including one that said hillary clinton wanted to keep president obama out of the e-mail mess. on america's choice for news and information on cable, this is fox news channel. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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wikileaks tops the news. a new match of e-mails from wikileaks which it cams from from hillary clinton's campaign manager. in the latest claim she tried to
12:32 pm
not turn over e-mails when her and president obama. he wrote to a former state department chief of staff and i quote, think we should hold e-mails to and from the president? that's the heart of his epic privilege. we could get them to ask for that. they may not care, but it seems like they will. that e-mail came one day after house republicans issued a subpoena in which they demanded clinton's team preserve all e-mails and records. of course, after news of the server broke, president obama said he had no clue clinton had one. the president called it a mistake. but he said he didn't think it created any sort of national security problem. ed henry with the news. he's live in washington. we heard from the state department about this e-mail. >> reporter: that's right. republicans have suggested he's the one who issued that subpoena you were talking about with
12:33 pm
hillary clinton. he suggested maybe work-related e-mails had been deleted, were not turned over to the state department. the state department said a small number of e-mails have not been made public. work-related e-mails for hillary clinton, because, in fact, they suggest now based on pressed about the e-mail you just quoted that executive privilege was invoked. watch. >> i believe, and i'd have to double check on that, but i believe with correspondents with the president, i don't know if it was executive privilege, but there was a concern that those e-mails not be made public. >> they're suggesting a small number were held back and that would follow normal tradition for democratic and republican administrations, the correspondence of the president and secretary of state would fall under executive prif ledge. others are saying they wonder if more e-mails beyond just this
12:34 pm
small number were not turned over or deleted. that's what we don't know. >> we're learning about what clinton foundation donors expected in return for support? >> this is coming out in the documents you talked about. there's one e-mail suggesting that even chelsea clinton had concerns about how the clinton foundation was being governed. a law firm was brought in in 2010. among the findings was some people reported conflicts of those raising funds or donors, some of whom may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts. the clinton foundation said again and again there was no quid pro quo in terms of money coming in and then favors being done either by the secretary of state or former president bill clinton, but these allegations have been aired again and again. it's interesting that now there was a report in private suggesting there may have been problems, but here's the bottom line. we talked about the e-mails.
12:35 pm
we talked about the foundation. these questions have been raised for months and months, and at the end of the day hillary clinton is still in the lead. those hacked e-mails come out as the clinton campaign deals with a different e-mail controversy, a home server issue. her attorneys offered questions in regards to a lawsuit. they said 21 times hillary clinton koud not recall the details. a judge required her to answer the questions in writing under oath. when asked about why she chose to use a private e-mail serve herb, clinton's attorney wrote she does not remember any specific consultations regarding this, and she does not recall being advised cautioned or warned. she does not recall that it was ever suggested to her. in response a spokesman said judicial watch is a right wing organization that has been attacking the clintons since the 19 90s, and this lawsuit is just
12:36 pm
the latest filed in an attempt to hurt her campaign for the presidency. right now judicial watch has more than 20 lawsuits against hillary clinton working their way through the courts. let's bring in carol lee. what are we to make of this? >> reporter: well, i think her answer is largely -- besides what you mentioned about declining to answer a number of questions, saying she doesn't recall, rather, is a little bit different. her answers largely track with what she said publicly, what we know from things that were released by the fbi, but more broadly, i think we're just in this weird moment where we have a number of different e-mails coming out from different places. you have the wikileaks. you have the state department. and you have the judicial watch lawsuit. and it's a bit confusing. it's all kind of getting conflated and within that you have the fact that the russian government, the u.s. says the
12:37 pm
russian government is partly responsible for some of these e-mails. every day there's this drip, drip, drip of e-mails coming from various places. so the issue remains and continues to be out there, and yet, it's really hard to breakthrough because of all of the attention being focussed on what's happening with donald trump. >> it does affect her trustworthy polling, does it not? >> yeah. this plays to the issue of trustworthiness with she, which is what she has struggled with. donald trump has had an advantage on this issue. we have a poll that shows that we asked the question every month, and he was at one point 16 points ahead of her, and then last month he's now just ten points ahead of her, and so he's -- this is the e-mail issue is an opportunity and has been an opportunity for donald trump to make an argument in case against her, and it seems that he's squandering that a little
12:38 pm
bit because that lead over her in this particular is narrowing for him. >> with history as your guide in absence of sexual assault allegations, touching up the skirt, kissing unwanted over and over and over, in an senbsence that, this e-mail is an issue for her, in absence of that. >> absolutely. it has been. it has been something that has overshadowed this campaign. it's one of the reasons why she struggled to show and demonstrate that she is trustworthy, that voters can rely on what she says. she same into this automatically, and there's a perception, and republicans have said it a number of times, the clintons are always trying to hide something or they don't necessarily play by the rules, and this e-mail issue became public near the start of her campaign, and it's fed into that
12:39 pm
and has continued to feed into that, and what we're seeing now is you have different e-mails comes out every day, and clearly wikileaks decided they're going to release a batch of e-mails of the campaign chairman e-mails every day up until the election, and so the issue is just not going away, and, yet, she's still ahead and it's hard for the stories to breakthrough over what is some pretty bombastic things coming out of the trump campaign. >> carol lee, the white house correspondent for the wall street journal who's work can be found online about every day. it's good to see you. >> thank you. you too. >> for years cuban americans voted republicans. cuban americans, but we saw that trend start to end in the last election. remember when exit polls showed them split between barack obama and mitt romney. this time around pollsters say young cuban americans are way to the left. the fox business networks adam shapiro life from the heart of miami.
12:40 pm
hello, sir. >> reporter: it's good to see you, shep. not only can you get a strong cup of coffee here, but you'll get strong opinions. i want to show you some video we shot earlier today. cuban americans for donald trump. you will notice that these men and women tend to be a little bit older, and they are vehemently opposed to the normalization of relations with the united states and cuba that has taken place under president obama. they were actually ripping up pictures of president obama and hillary clinton and stomping on them. so we asked some of these cuban americans if they were ever considering voting for hillary clinton. they told us absolutely not. here's what they said about mr. trump. >> will not have any relation with the capital. >> we have to change the government over there. and with him, we're not going to be able to do in a. >> i know we need a change. we do need a change. it's time for a change here. and that change will be trump.
12:41 pm
>> reporter: so as you well know here in miami dade county, 46% of the whole cuban population in the united states lives right here. it used to be solidly republican. but younger cubans are either registering as nonaffiliated with either party or more than often not, registering with the democrats. republicans still out numbered democrats among the cubans but in miami dade county, democrats outnumber republicans. >> and millennials are really singing a different tune, aren't they? >> reporter: absolutely. the millennials are siding more with democrats not only among the cuban community but there's an influx of preekort reekens registering with the democrats. but what's also happening is you have people like the mayor of miami dade county he is a cuban immigrant. he's a republican, and he has come out saying he will not vote for donald trump. even mr. rubio who is the senator running for reelection,
12:42 pm
a cuban american, his campaign slogan is you know me. well, he may not know his electorate so well. he will not campaign with mr. trump. although he's still voting for him. >> thank you for much. adam. >> gary johnson did not make the cut for the third presidential debate, but he still runs pretty strong in some state and national polls. we look at the appeal of this year's libertarian candidate and look at the headlines straight away. ch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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12:46 pm
foreign leader he admired and when asked about aleppo, the center of syria's humanitarian crisis, he responded with what is aleppo. still he's gotten more endorsements from donald trump. blake is with us from washington. >> reporter: hi. this isn't the first go around for gary johnson. you might remember in 2012 he picked up nearly 1.3 million votes nationwide. that was about 1% of all ballots cast. now in 2016 he is on the ballot in all 50 states plus right here in d.c. the two term republican governor from new mexico running atop the libertarian ticket and is joined by another former republican governor, bill weld of massachusetts. johnson has said the federal government should not stand in the way of states that choose to legalize marijuana. he's called for term limits and
12:47 pm
said he would close down the department of homeland security, but it's his foreign policy responses that have brought him back into the headlines at times. you mentioned when he responded to a question about syria by asking why is aleppo. johnson is running at or near double digits. according to polls in some states all across this country, for example, take a look at this wbur poll from this week in the swing state of new hampshire. his support there is at 11%. and then another one yesterday in utah that has johnson at 9%. and johnson is expected to farewell in new mexico. >> thank you. have you been feeling extra anxious lately? scared to turn on the tv? afraid to look at your facebook? you might be suffering from election stress disorder. experts say it's a thing. there are ways you can cope.
12:48 pm
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>> this election year has people losing their minds. so much so that before the first time the time the american psychological association is putting out tips to help us
12:52 pm
cope. the group has apparently conducted a survey that found more than half of american adults are stressed over the election. it found democrats are just as stressed as republicans. the group's freaking out the most are millennials and seniors. kennedy is neither. she's close to a millennial. she's kennedy. stressed, are we? are you stressed at all? >> it turns out 71% of golden americans are suffering from election stress disorder because they think donald trump or hillary clinton when they ascend to the white house is going to beef up security and cut entitlements. it has them worried along with hispanics, the most concerned group because perhaps they're worried about mass deportations when president elect trump goes to the white house, and as far as other generational groups, and this is what's most
12:53 pm
interesting, millennials love to think about themselves. they're worried about how the election will affect them, so their anxiety has risen. leavining gen xers the only ones -- >> it's true. i feel stressed all the time now. >> well, this election has not only redefined parties. it has shattered friendships and regular social barriers that normally keep our tension at bay. if you go on social media, if you go on facebook, you'll find people saying things, accusing you of things, toxic messages that can't be undone. >> i don't have to go all the way to facebook. >> you can go to instagram. >> almost anywhere, and you know how much it would bother me? that a., between there and there. i'm out of these to give. >> i have a box of them in my office. >> i bet you do.
12:54 pm
i don't want them. >> i regift them. >> regift them. >> i wish i could save them. i could if i was president. what are we supposed to do about election stress disorder? >> the american psychological association said go ahead and volunteer. that might empower you. >> for what? >> in your community for causes you believe in. instead of being beholden to other people's issues, go out and vote. don't read anything. you should just watch -- >> don't read anything? then you can really be read. >> then just watch fox news channel. that's fine. they didn't say that, explicitly, but i burned that. >> you could watch nick at night or something. >> or you could watch fox business network. >> we talk about this stuff all the time. >> we also talk about groping and other things. >> well, we do talk about -- >> there's a bourbon shortage. i found that out. >> because of this election? >> jim beam.
12:55 pm
no. union stuff. and that could be exacerbating esd. they say avoid conflict and arguments as much as you can. >> go to your safe space. >> go to your internal safe space. and your polling place. wait until november 8th and enter the polling. >> that's next to the methadone clinic in my neighborhood. i'll see you tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> you will not. it is friday. >> tonight we'll see wall street week. >> and prosperity american style. >> i'll see you on monday. >> yes. >> oh, my god. rather than getting some rest after a president debate with nixon, john f kennedy gave a speech on a college campus in the middle of the night. talking about the peace corp., and it happened on this day in
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1960 john f kennedy proposed a creation of a new army which would become the peace corps. it happened where the candidate showed up at 2:00 a.m. following a debate with richard nixon. kennedy was apparently planning to get sleep but thousands and thousands of students gathered on campus waiting to hear him speak. the future president asked them if they would be willing to work in other countries. thousands of americans have volunte volunteered. it started with a suggestion from jfk years ago. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. markets are up on the session. all the indices. hope you have a great weekend. see you back here on monday if not before.
1:00 pm
a week ago today that infamous tape from 11 years ago featuring donald trump came out and everything changed. and now some more women with more allegations. and it is not changing. the theme the same. a furious donald trump the same, and talk and charges back and forth. who is putting up whom to this, and when? john roberts now in charlotte, north carolina with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. the number of accusers is up to seven. it's getting more difficult for donald trump to brush this aside. the


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