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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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volunteered. it started with a suggestion from jfk years ago. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. markets are up on the session. all the indices. hope you have a great weekend. see you back here on monday if not before. a week ago today that infamous tape from 11 years ago featuring donald trump came out and everything changed. and now some more women with more allegations. and it is not changing. the theme the same. a furious donald trump the same, and talk and charges back and forth. who is putting up whom to this, and when? john roberts now in charlotte, north carolina with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. the number of accusers is up to seven. it's getting more difficult for donald trump to brush this aside. the latest accuse rs from
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california. one a former contestant from the apprentice. she said she was invited for dinner with him. when she got to the hotel, a body guard took her to a villa, she says where donald trump was. she claims that he started touching her inappropriately. she tried to push him away. eventually the two of them did sit down, according to her, and share a club sandwich but not before an incident she says left her upset even to this day. the other woman is christen anderson. she is a photographer, 46 years old who lives in southern california. she says she encounters trump in the early 90s when she was an aspiring mogds in new york city. he was in a nightclub and talking to some of her friends when she felt a hand crawl up her dress and touched her genitals through her underwear. she was found by "the washington post." she did not come forward.
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the trump has said she is seeking publicity. there would be facts in the case that contradict that case. donald trump was in north carolina. he'll be in charlotte tonight. basically pushing back against all this saying it's all fabrication and a conspiracy by the media and the clinton campaign to destroy his movement. but when you have seven people saying much the same thing, it's either a broad conspiracy or there's starting will be a little bit there. we're not sure what it is at this point. >> do we know what the catalyst were all the women coming out now? in some cases, the earliest case, a woman on a plane. why now? >> reporter: the catalyst seems to be what he said at the debate at that town hall debate last sunday where he was asked by anderson cooper, do you deny that any of this, what's being alleged has taken place in terms of -- it came out of the tape
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from access hollywood. he was asked did you do any of this. he said no, i didn't. which apparently has provoked a cascade of women to come forward and say he did. >> john, thank you very much. to a former arizona governor, a key trump supporter. what do you make of all this, governor? >> well, it's a bit overwhelming. it's unfortunate that we the public have to listen to all this rhetoric and tabloid information that's being fed to us. it seems like on a 24 hour circuit daily. you know, mr. trump denies it. i think that the public, myself included, we want to hear about the issues that are important to us. the issues of our national security, our border security. certainly jobs and the economy. those are the things that we ought to be talking about, but unfortunately some of the mainstream media, they just keep
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feeding us all this stuff over and over and over again. >> i know you're right. it is out there now, but i do want to get into -- because we're going to look at the comparative coverage some of the hillary clinton -- we'll get to the e-mails in a second, but in this there was a half dozen plus women now over the course of the last few day coming forward to argue this. you could question the timing. many do, like why at the time not one of them apparently made an issue of these alleged advances. but it is what it is. and do you worry that coming into the debate next week it could dominate that debate and donald trump's poll numbers will be pulling ahead of and through that debate? >> well, it will if that's what's being said to everybody. i mean, it's like that's all you can think about or talk about. it will be part of the debate, but donald trump absolutely needs to get on point and he needs to get that message out there about why he is so much
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better for us, the american people, and for our country. is it going to go away in probably not. this is not the first time that we've had sex and lies and videotapes integrated into a campaign. we had a president that was a little bit dipping his pen into the well and was enabled by his wife, hillary clinton, and the press revered her and made a saint out of her. but the public, the ordinary mary and john, they want to talk about the safety of their children, the safety of theirselves, the jobs, the economy, what's happening with their taxes. that's -- >> but if you argue and think about it, if you argue, and there's many republicans and democrats as well that character and that kind of stuff counts, and it did at the time of the clinton scandals. why shouldn't it count now? >> well, i think character does
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count, but it's just -- it's that drip, drip, slam, bam that just -- that's all we're talking about. you know, you can either dislike him or you can believe that he -- what he says is that he disavows it. he says that it didn't happen. >> i know. you're right. i heard what he said. do you wonder, a lot of people expressed amazement about how all the women are now coming forth, and the one common rationale i'm getting from them is that, well, donald trump had said in the last debate that he never acted on some of the stuff he boasted about on that 11-year-old tape and that was their catalyst to come forward. do you believe that? >> i think there's a possibility of that. i wasn't there. it's hard to discuss about something he said she said. the fact of the matter is i support donald trump because of what he's going to do for our country. i believe him, and it's
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unfortunate that we want to talk about these actions that took place so many years ago. it's drip, drip, drip. why aren't we talking about other things, things that are important, like e-mails, like criminal cases? >> well, speak of the devil, we are going to get into just that. governor, thank you very much for taking the time. the former governor of arizona. i have something i want to share to the governor's point, whether you're obsessed with the latest accusations against donald trump or not. look at the coverage the media has given this subject versus the wikileaks scandal that's coming to light now with all of these revealed clinton e-mails. as you can see, it is dwarfing almost any other subject by a factor of at least ten to one on all the major news networks and all the major news shows.
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why is that? the media search centers, tim grand, compiled numbers like that and studies it closely. it's not even close, tim. it is not even close. what do you make of it? >> this is news to me that they want donald trump destroyed and destroyed now. if the media has a single standard, which it has never had on sexual harassment, when bill clinton went on 60 minutes in january of 199 2 and said he had trouble in his marriage but -- if they all went running out to find 17 accusers the next week, then we would have a single standard. what we have here now are a set of accusers, some seem to have credibility and some don't. some have precise memories. some have imprecise memories. if you look at "the washington post" story that said i can't remember the club but it had a
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red couch. then "the washington post" goes running around trying to find a red couch. she doesn't know the year or date. this is the sort of thing, the story is not ready. when it came to paula jones in 1994, they actually got in physical fights in the news room over when to run the paula jones story. they sat on it and sat on it. this thing goes up in 48 hours. they did the trump tape at "the washington post" in an afternoon. why? because they want him destroyed. >> but the one thing i asked him, and i know you and i chat about this. i'm okay not happy but okay with saying it's a legitimate story. chase it but check things out and validate what you're hearing, but i don't see the same zeal getting to the bottom of the clinton e-mails that seem to show a very different relationship that the campaign had with a number of key media
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figures. an uncomfortable relationship. different vibes you get on hillary clinton saying one thing on the banks and cozy with the banks in private speeches and more or less saying i'm kind of with you. similarly with trade deals that ve railed against on debates with bernie sanders but privately seemed to assure financial folks she talked to that she was for open and unvetted trade. that is meaningful, and probably more telling in the behavior you'll see in the future president as this stuff with donald trump. but not nearly the relationship in terms of coverage of stories, right? >> we've had more than 30 minutes of coverage on the wikileaks, but what they're not doing is talking about the e-mails between hillary clinton aids and the reporters. where "the new york times" is saying you can veto whatever you want. you know? tell me how to do it.
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and the aid, the clinton aid says sorry, i'm on an iphone, i can't cut and paste it the way i want it. >> maybe that's paubecause it'st as sexy as women claiming whatever they're claiming. i'm not naive. i understand the appeal of stories like this, but i also understand the importance of getting out what's being revealed. and all the wikileaks e-mails, i mean, that is some very constitutionally weighty stuff to say nothing at the least politically embarrassing stuff that reveals an almost too cozy relationship between many in the establishment media and the hillary clinton folks which could also indicate many of their reluctance to get that story out. >> well, obviously the standard here is if it embarrasses donald trump, it is defined as news. if it embarrasses hillary clinton, it is buried deep in a well somewhere. >> well, if you look at the
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numbers, and i just want to put that up there again to illustrate the point, i don't care about your views on this story on what you think of donald trump, what you think of hillary clinton. i want you to look at that ratio of coverage. i want you to look at how much time has been devoted to donald trump and these stories and in some cases 11-year-old void videos and the coverage of e-mails some of them in the past few months and ask is that fair and balanced and right? it seems weird. i'll leave it at that. we'll have more after this. something new has arrived. uniquely designed for the driven. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer today.
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all right. we're just learning the u.s. government has banned all samsung galaxy note 7 on all flights over fire concerns. samsung discontinued the phones and is telling give it back to us. we'll give you credit and you can buy something else, but the u.s. government saying in the meantime, forget about trying to charge it on their plane. they don't want to even see it on their plane. no galaxy note 7 on any flights anywhere into or out of the united states. all right. in the meantime more on the wikileaks dumping a new batch of e-mails. they come thousands per day it seems. ed henry goes through each and every one. >> reporter: good to see you. the grand total is now over about 10,000 e-mails. the clinton campaign frustrated
1:17 pm
that wikileaks keeps putting them out. a clinton spokeswoman told reporters they've taken new precautions to protect their e-mail given these hacks, given the leaks that have been coming out day after day. a new one that broke a few hours ago was an e-mail that john podesta sent to sheyrl mills, a top clinton advisor a few days before hillary clinton just addressed her e-mail problems in march of 2015. and in the e-mail he seems to draw president obama into a little bit deeper on this story. saying in part, quote, think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? that's the heart of his executive privilege. we could get them to ask for that. they may not care, but it seems they will. interesting because the state department was pressed on this earlier today and they confirmed that some sort of executive privilege was invoked at some point in some e-mails, at least
1:18 pm
some e-mails between the president and the secretary of state were held back under this privilege. big picture here, throughout the drama hillary clinton has said again and again she turned over all e-mails and we've seen the official e-mails. watch. >> i have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the state department. >> reporter: another interesting development today, another one of those e-mails we went through involves the clinton foundation. and it shows that at some point around 2010 chelsea clinton, not an outside critic, but cell chelsea clinton felt like there may be problems with the day today running of the foundation. they brought in a law firm. some interviewies reported conflicts of those raising funds or donors, some of whom may have expectations of quid pro quo
1:19 pm
benefits in return for gifts. clinton foundation officials saying it's run well and they have no concerns and yet this e-mail from inside the clinton camp suggests they realize there could be problems. >> but they've been blessed by the cover with the fixation on the trump issues, right? >> reporter: you know, that's what fascinating. you mentioned how many thousands of e-mails have come out showing the interworkings of the clinton campaign. some before the campaign started where catholics and latinos are critici criticized. there's clearly frustration on the trump pence side. in fact, governor pence was on "fox and friends" saying he feels like the media is covering so much about donald trump's problems but day after day there's drip drip on the e-mails. you wonder if the public has baked the cake on the e-mails
1:20 pm
and hillary clinton is in the clear. >> i'm equal opportunity. thank you, ed. by the way, we might have a war going on with iran. there's that little detail, because i don't know if you're looking at what's going on in the persian gulf. it could be exploding. after this. i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so in 30 days, my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model?!? yes. no. start the challenge today and notice more beautiful hair, skin & nails or your money back. lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. for the best deals on electronics, travel, even shoes. so why not loans? visit today and get up to five free loan offers
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look at what's happening, how iran is taunting us. look at what's going on. look at the world. he gives iran $400 million in cash, but it turns out to be 1 .7 billion in cash. >> back to life and death issues here, and what donald trump was raising today. and it's a big worry today.
1:24 pm
the persian gulf with iran sending ships to chase our ships. rebels backed by iran, trying to get our ships. you know how easy it would be for something bad to happen and soon. so was a retired army lieutenant. good to see you again. >> thank you for having me on. >> this is getting out of control. i'm not talking about the scandals but this. what do you make of it? >> well, first, this should be one of the focuses of the real debate within the campaigns. i mean, if you trace back the roots of this issue, it's the iran agreement, and i agree with donald trump on this. a lot of the issues which we're now seeing was brought on by a very weak deal that we have with no oversight, and the iranians have expanded their interest in both dominance of the region as well as trying to do what they can to show the world we're a paper tiger. this is no small issue. and by the way, i think your audience probably recognizes
1:25 pm
mrs. clinton has been a supporter publicly and privately of the iranian deal. we see antagonisms from the iranians for purposes of trying to basically make us overreact and do things which will benefit them. >> what i'm worried about is it doesn't take much for someone to do something accidental or provacative, and then all bets are off, and i'm wondering now given our position that we will return fire. i think that was the message from the administration, or that was what i got as the message. it's different than what we've done in the past. what does that mean? >> two things. first, let's be clear on that. the houthi don't have the technical sophistication to man a system of weapons. we're talking about missiles and fire them. >> but they did something to the united arab emirates. they did a lot of damage. >> what i'm saying is the iranian technicians were manning those weapons systems. so this is no small thing.
1:26 pm
secondly, yes, there's damage done. damage will be done, and to your point of miscalculation, they said one miscalculation or a commercial ship gets hit, a tanker goes down and all bets are off. we're talking about the price of oil going from record low to record high probably overnight, and obviously the ripple effects will have huge consequences both in europe and here in our election. >> let's look at the markets. you're a hero. i'm a nerd, so i follow that. i have not seen any nervous jitters in that oil market yet. now, it could happen, but i'm wondering whether we're kind of whistling past the graveyard here. you know? >> neil, the one thing i know, the iranians recognize the moment there's a provocation or something happens to a real tanker, their oil and the value of what they're doing goes down as well. one of the things they're benefitting from now is this
1:27 pm
complete dominance regarding getting money back from us, getting to post their dominance of the region, and there's been no consequences. i agree with ash carter calling for the president to authorize a pushback. if you don't push back now, they're going to continue to expand, and i can see them doing a number of other provacative things, especially with the election. >> how do we deal with crazy? you would think, don't take on the united states, it would be fool hardy, but they're doing it, and they obviously want to attempt something. >> just like the north koreans. >> how can we as a rational superpower or trying to be rational, deal with just crazy? >> both the -- you need to make the point clear that there's going to be severe consequences to any crazy act. neil, there's still a level of very catty, very clear thinking going on with the iranians. what's happened so far is every time they provoke us, nothing has been had. remember, we had the navy crew taken prisoner.
1:28 pm
nothing came out of it. they grabbed citizens and held them for ransom. you have to draw a line in the sand, this far no further. if you go further direct consequences that are public, and there will be other consequences that perhaps only the leaders of the countries know of. >> we're showing video as you speak. they hold guys hostage and make it a pr bonanza. >> that's right. they'll only seen benefits. we have to remove it and give them consequences. i think that's where we're moving now finally. >> wild stuff. we'll see. tony, it is an honor and pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, neil. >> former u.s. army intelligence. he knows his stuff. a lot of people are offended by the revelations that are coming up in the hillary clinton e-mails that seem to contrast with what she says on the stump. i know i sound crazy here. why i am for what she's saying
1:29 pm
in those e-mailin, because it's lot more pragmatic, and a lot more just plain, well, rational than some of the stuff we hear on the stump. i'll explain after this. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility?
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did you hear how furious e van vel cals and christians are? and what hillary clinton and what she said about them? back in 60.
1:33 pm
i'm hearing a lot of people saying the real hillary clinton says one thing on the stump as if she's the first politician to do that. another thing behind closed doors. what i'm reading in the wikileaks e-mails is the person with private audiences, that seems to be a very pragmatic rational person open to free and unvetted trade, open to capitalists having a fair shot at things, open to not necessarily badgering the banks and assuming they're all bad, and i'm reading the e-mails saying that seems like a rational person. and maybe not too extreme. but, again, she's got that base in her party that finds those comments and a lot of that
1:34 pm
offensive. what's the real deal? i like the deal in the e-mails. we'll see how our panelists deal. chuck, what do you think of that? i like the pragmatic hillary clinton that comes through open and seemingly rational on a lot of financial deals, on trade. everything that made her husband an economic success president, so i like that hillary. what do you say? >> well, this just in. politicians will say what they need to say to get elected. >> so you think she's a phony? >> i don't think she's a phony. i think there's lots of transitions in a campaign. you know i run campaigns for a living, and this is what you do, and if you were running against her, you would be using this ammunition to talk like we did about mitt romney and people on both sides of the issue, right? >> fair enough. >> but what you're describing is there's lots of private conversations that go on if the e-mails are true that expose what people are saying to each
1:35 pm
other, but once she went into the primary. >> i see it, but it's like professional wrestling. i mean, they come out. they're going to fake something, and then they say, okay, see you tomorrow, brother. it's goofy, and that's what i'm saying, judi. if it's all for show and appealing to your base and is base here is what she's saying now behind closed doors in speeches or in meetings with different types, they're going to be offended and stunned, but should we be offended? >> well, i think as chuck mentioned, it's not shocking that a politician might move left or right depending on who they're running against. i think what is really driving this is it opens her up to criticism. it drives this narrative that many people feel that she's this calculating politician. she takes these lawyerly positions to appeal to voters. >> she makes it clear, and even we talked to a number of the wall street hot shots who support her, and with a wink and
1:36 pm
a nod understand what's going on, but back to the professional wrestling theme, it's all fake. >> right, and i think the 180 is outrageous. they've had private conversations about mitt romney, his famous whatever was 47% of the population. we've had private conversations with president obama who has said they cling to their guns and their religion. what was stark about those was the fact that they were put in such stark language. it wasn't that their position was different than their stated public position. their private position was the same. >> that's a good point. >> that's what's problematic about clinton. you get the feeling that she will lie to you about the nearest chinese restaurant, and that is a problem. >> well, that's being a little mean, but i will say. i know what you're saying, but i think the hillary clinton i see trying to be reflective or talk
1:37 pm
and reach out to groups, al bee it those are paying her quite a bit of money, i understand that, but one of the things i'm seeing is someone saying things very different in public, and that makes me wonder if she were elected president, which would she be? what do you think? >> i want to make two points. we both know about the primary and the bernie sanders campaign and her having to bring people back on board for the general election. the second piece is about how she was in the senate. these are republicans, they talk about her working with them to move legislation and reading the e-mails, that's the hillary i see, trying to get things done i think for the betterment. she has to get elected and bring enthusiasm. >> and she catered to it. that begs an issue. let's say she were to win the election. now she takes the house and or senate with her, then there's
1:38 pm
the very little reason or impetus to compromise here. she'll have the run of the table as barack obama did. the left would charge her left. >> i think it's definitely fair to question where she is give than she does seem to be telling voters one thing and then in these e-mails -- >> i think the e-mails are the real her. i don't know why. >> you wish. >> it's getting chilly. it's colder weather. she needs to stop flip flapping. stick with the one position. >> well, i'm just saying, i think when you get elected to an office, you're forced to be a little bit more flexible, not all the time. if you have the wind at your back in a big election win or your take your party to one or both houses and win there, all bets are off. >> i agree. one thing we know about the clintons is they're pragmatists.
1:39 pm
bill clinton started out as a liberal the first two years, actually danced with a potential government health care takeover. couldn't get it through. when the republicans took over, they governed moderate to right. >> he did that for survival. >> that's what they all do. here's the real question. do the democrats take congress and does elizabeth warren as head of the banking committee or possible head, push hillary clinton very far to the left on economic issues? i think that's key. >> i think what's what's going to happen. what do you think? >> i think wrestling is more popular than any cable network in america. and i think news sells. >> thank you very much, brother. >> i think you need to keep doing that. >> how about mud wresling? >> it's not good at all. thank you very much. i want to let you know governor
1:40 pm
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i think it is safe to assume that a lot of evangelical and christian voters are not going to wait until next week's debate to wait for an apology for clinton cloehillary clinton or her campaign about disparaging comments. they made comments about christians and conservative catholics. we are joined by an evangelical voter and trump supporter. very good to have you, katherine. thank you for coming. >> you're welcome. >> now, obviously since we po
1:45 pm
booked you we have the latest charges against donald trump. do they disturb you? just don't believe them, what? >> nope, they don't. and let me preface that by saying if we're talking about as an evangelical, first of all, unfortunately, i think that entity is very fractured and it's going to look a lot different the day after the election, and -- >> what entity? i'm sorry. >> the evangelicals as it were. >> okay. >> yeah. so i'm an evangelicalish now at this point because of the elections. the name calling, that's all noise. we need to look, everyone, at the end game. we need to look at things with our head, not our heart, or even our eyes at this point.
1:46 pm
we know who we're dealing with. we know what hillary is about. we know what donald is all about. they've been in the media for years. there's no surprises. >> so none of these allegations or this stuff even if it's true would change you from that support? >> no. it's noise. it's noise. we're too close to the election. we need to have conversations -- that are -- where is this country going? >> i understand. so when you hear what hillary clinton campaign folks are saying about catholics, about conservative christians, evangelicals, i could wrap them together to say that they weren't too keen on the group as a whole, and what do you want to hear out of hillary clinton? >> i don't care to hear anything. i don't care. it's all noise, as i said. i think it's part of the base, part of trump's base that will probably require somewhat of an
1:47 pm
apolo apology. >> a lot of leaders in that christian group, they've demanded an apology. are they wasting their time? >> they're wasting their time. this is just unprecedented and ridiculo ridiculous. >> so for hillary clinton -- >> to be asking for -- >> i hear you. so how big an issue do you think this should be? we oftentimes hear about religious voters, those who are christians, catholics, whatever, religious of any sort, that they're pandered too. and maybe both sides do this. i don't know. but is it your sense that hillary clinton is a more offensive one? how do you describe it? >> they're both offensive on some level. you know, at different times. and sometimes together they're both offensive. but that is not the issue. that is not what we need to look at. we need to look at the issues,
1:48 pm
and clearly really nothing else. the issues are what are important. especially this late in the game. to be talking -- this is not an -- grade school. and it's sounding more and more like grade school. it's getting -- i'm nauseous at this point with the rhetoric and the noise. it's just crazy. >> yeah. well, that's probably an understatement. katherine, thank you very much for taking the time. we appreciate it. we'll see what happens. >> you're welcome. in the meantime, republicans abandoning donald trump, right? remember when they did that with barry goldwater? it set up richard nixon four years later. is that the republican's way of saying this year is a lost cause? we're really focussed on, i can't believe i'm saying this, 2020. after this.
1:49 pm
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a number of republicans have been frustrated over donald trump and a little more so a week ago at this time when that 11-year-old tape about -- well, you know what it was about came out. including my good friend ben stein who i think at the time was saying, maybe just drop out, donald. now we have this. first of all, do you still sub visu subscribe he should step out? >> it would be nice if there would be some way for him to drop out. and have mr. trump go off gracefully. he has shown himself to be a flawed candidate. i'm not totally sure he is right
1:53 pm
in the head, to tell you the truth. >> well, let's pursue that point. he isn't going to go anywhere. the leadership seems to have accepted the fact he is not going anywhere. it's a process to get him out of there. so they -- >> you bet. >> i have talked to a number of party big wigs who seem to be kind of just shrugging their shoulders and assuming race is lost and they are focusing on 2020. it seems a bit too soon for that to me. what do you think? >> i don't think the leadership is smart enough or clever enough to do that. i think those of us who might be considered elder -- i hate to say that -- do assume at this point it's pretty much a lost cause and that we have to plan for a better candidate next time. i think mrs. clinton was eminently beatable. but we happened to choose a candidate who was just kind of a wacky guy who was not a particularly hard working guy where policy issues were concerned. it's unfortunate. i think any number of other
1:54 pm
republican candidates could have beaten mrs. clinton. but we chose the wrong one. >> it's very hard, whatever your views on the subject or the party, to regroup. it's happened. we saw in 1964. >> it can't be done. >> it can't? >> no. the republican party always comes back. we're going to come back and we're going to be stronger than ever. i imagine mrs. clinton -- >> that's a lot for four years. that's what they said four years ago. >> but we did not dream we were going to have a candidate as charged as donald trump. nobody dreamed that. he was a totally unpredictable lose cannon. let me say, months ago, your colleague and mine charles paine said media would be doing blocking and tackling for the clinton campaign. they have gone after the republican in this case with a ferocity unprecedented in my lifetime. they have made themselves into an arm of the democratic party and the most vicious arm.
1:55 pm
i don't think that anyone could have foreseen that while -- we thought they would be biased. but at this level, no. nobody would have foreseen this level of bias. >> if it goes the way you think it will go and we have -- almost four weeks here. there will be a lot of finger pointing. there will be a lot of very angry trump voters in that case who will say, we're in this position and we were driven to this position by a party that never embraced us. so it's their fault. the acrimony will be endless. >> it's going to be a big problem. the republican party is split between the base who mr. clinton was rude enough to call rednecks. and the more elite republican party of more well to do, more educated people. the party is very badly split. it's going to take a master strategist and a master diplomat to put it back together.
1:56 pm
that was the kind of guy mr. nixon was. >> how did he do that? obviously -- >> he worked like a -- he worked like a demon. he went to virtually every state. he campaigned. he made friends with all points. pat buchanan has a book on this called "the greatest comeback." it's an amazing story how he worked to restitch the party together again. he did a great job. we need somebody like that. >> he moderated the party. he didn't go -- >> he modz raerated it to be an innovative party for freedom. he took barry goldwater's theories about extending freedom. he brought 800 million chinese into the world of freedom. >> well put. >> relative freedom. >> better than what they had. >> i'm at the nixon library. >> yes, i know. i hear it's great. you are as well, ben stein.
1:57 pm
>> it's great. >> economist. thank you, sir. 10:00 a.m. eastern, previewing the big debate. a lot to discuss, including the future of this country. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. remember when you said men are supeyeah...ivers? yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands. and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source
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