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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 14, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling. donald trump is pushing back at allegations. one woman alleges he globed her at a nightclub. the other is a former contestant on "the apprentice." she alleged he sexually accosted her when they met at a hotel in 2007 to discuss employment. trump maintains all of the accusations are lies and he blames the clinton friendly press for trying to derail his campaign. he targeted one man in particular today, a mexican billionaire tied to the clintons and the new york types.
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. >> the largest shareholder is carlos slim. carlos comes from mexico. he has given many millions of dollars to the clintons. reporters at the nos"the new yo time times", they're not journalists. they're corporate lobbyists. right now, i am being viciously attacked with lies and smears. some are doing it for probably a little fame. they get some free fame. it's a total setup. now suddenly after many, many years, phony accusers come out less than a month before one of the most important elections in the history of our country. even a simple investigation would have shown these allegations against me in just about all cases it's nonsense. it's false. the whole thing is one big fix. it's one big fix. >> the family is here and ready to go. greg, your thoughts on the new accusers coming out?
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they keep coming. >> i guess the thing -- bloomberg reported trump wouldn't let his campaign staff vet him. so it's to help his campaign prep for these things. that should tip you off if your candidate says, yeah, feel free to look around, don't go in the shed. don't go in the shed. i think i feel maybe the viewers can agree with me, this is like the world party ever. the house is trashed and the furniture is broken and the pets are missing. it's like the worst -- 27 days, we will have the worst hangover. we will need political rehab. >> are you going to miss all this? >> you know the giant carpet cleaning machines you get from supermarkets? we need to run that over the country. i feel like we have been covered with muck and dirt and mud. >> those work really well, by the way. >> they do. >> many a frat house has rented those. >> okay, miss dana.
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with so much going on, first of all, do we -- listen, i understand if you don't want to ever say that an accuser isn't being honest. do we wait to get a little more evidence? what does he do? >> i don't know what he is doing. i have to say, one of the reasons that we are laughing is that kimberly was stuck in the elevator until 4:49 and 29 seconds. >> i was trapped which normally i enjoy. because firemen come and rescue me. anyway, i was screaming, help me. somebody come save me. in the freight elevator, you can't make it up. unbelievable. >> what were you doing in the freight elevator? >> it's the easiest way from 12 do 1. >> it's supposed to be the pano trapped. >> i will answer your question. last weekend, i think it was ben
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carson and a couple of others after the audiotape came out from "access hollywood," they said we anticipate more and worse things are going to come out. apparently, this is it. the thing is, trump has been accused by several women of sexual assault. he also is on the audiotape bragging to billy bush about sexual assault because he is powerful. then he said, well, that's just locker room talk. then today, he was saying that there's no way that he would have sexually assaulted those people because they're not pretty enough. i'm like, okay, what in the actual you know what is on? >> watch your -- >> the other thing i thought was amazing today, you have this report out of "the apprentice" where he used to say marley matlin, he used to say she was reta retarded. she was saying how offensive it is. instead of focus on the real
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issues, like they say they want everybody to do, now this story is completely into the mainstream pop culture world. it doesn't matter what is covered on the actual news. the most important thing the way people get their news is on their phone. from a pop culture standpoint, that's where that is all happening. i would add, this is at the same time trump pulled his staff out of virginia. arizona shows a tie with -- one poll has her up by one. in florida, 503,000 new democrats are registered compared to the republicans at 60,000. we have to be clear eyed about what is happening. blaming "the new york times" and carlos slim and all of these things is a distraction that's not helping him to get to wednesday night at the debate where he can make a convincing closing argument. >> isn't carlos slim anthony wiener? >> danger -- carlos danger. >> i would throw in -- again, never are these things okay. we know a lot of them. we are hearing a lot of them.
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over time, they will all be litigated. we will find which is true. maybe they are all true. who knows? you have iran moving toward our aircraft carriers. we have isis who promised to use exploding droning. you have a syrian civil war that has drown in three world super powers with nuclear weapons. great britain, america and russians. who knows how that's going to blow up? >> a huge -- >> hillary clinton has all these e-mails. if i were the trump campaign, i would pivot and stay on -- >> i think he should take the wikileaks things, the e-mails he think are his favorites and he could do a dramatic interpretation and read them. he was up there for three hours giving a speech. i -- if you want people to focus on wick i can lewikileaks, talk. you can't insult your accusers. >> less defending and more go on the attack in terms of hillary clinton? he has done the disclaimer, denial. >> the other thing he said about
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hillary clinton is when she walked in front of him, he wasn't impressed. that's not impressive. the republican men that are defending this are really irritating me. >> are we -- >> i am still venting. >> a powerful volcano. >> we're good. >> clear that up. >> let you take a moment. >> there are people like you know who you are. >> she's going to come get you and we are going to lock you in the freight he wielevatoelevato. >> that used to be a thing. the look -- was it the look? >> yeah. you know who you are ben carson. >> the look. >> and other senators. >> you know what -- >> cut the mike. >> cut the mike. >> women should be seen and not heard. >> finally, you agree -- >> after 20 years of defending these guys. >> i'm enjoying this conversation. >> we're dominating "the five" today. >> i must say --
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>> do you agree with dana's strategy? turn, pivot, talk about hillary clinton, talk about the e-mails, read it -- >> he's not doing that. i don't know how effective it would be. at the moment what dana said is america is focused on sex talk. and sexual misbehavior. it's hard even among us -- if we start talking about sex, yeah, you know, we should talk about iranian threats. what did you say about that sex stuff? that's human nature. the thing that fascinates me in terms of the politics of the response, kimberly, is that he is going after paul ryan. he is going after paul ryan much more than hillary clinton. he is going after the ladies that he says are falsely charging him, going after carlos slim. but he is going after republicans. he is at war with the party. it's incredible. to me, i don't understand except as performance art. it's excellent. excellent performance art.
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everybody is captivated by donald trump. >> what he is doing is he is drg -- do we know there's not enough voters in the base? there hasn't been enough in the past. >> i know you don't love polls. the polls are pretty good. >> you are bringing out more and more voters than ever before. you can't apply the same numbers from prior elections. >> i'm just saying -- let me make a point here. >> even under the polls -- >> allow me to speak. >> one at a time. >> no, you do not. i'm saying, right now, the key -- what swung the swing states, eric, and what is swinging the national numbers way beyond margin of error is the idea that trump is now down among women. he used to be down about 12. now he is down about 21. you know what? it used to be that the educated republican women, kimberly, dana were like, we're not sure about this donald trump guy. now working class republican women are even with trump and
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hillary clinton. that's killing him. >> north carolina, ohio, florida -- >> keep going. you are living in a delusion. >> they are within the margin of error. >> go ahead. >> can i bring up a study that came up? 52% of adults say this election has been somewhat significant source of stress. this election is tearing people apart. >> you think so? >> you know what my solution is. begins with an r and ends with an s. robots. we have to start thinking about our political leaders becoming automated. they have no past. if they have a past, you can erase it. you can't hack the robots. they don't have -- they don't send e-mails. they don't have affairs. they don't assault women. i welcome a robot overlord. death to humans. >> i wouldn't put it past a robot just yet. >> robot with you, i could see being tempted. >> it's happened. >> straight ahead -- i love when
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juan gives me a look. >> we can't talk about iranian missiles anymore. >> another big wikileaks e-mail. this one revealing panic in the clinton camp over how to deal with the nominee's private server controversy. later, facebook friday, the final debate edition. what questions would you like answered at the last clinton-trump showdown. post them on we will be back -- i think so -- in a moment. your car got rear-ended
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today wikileaks released
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e-mails from john podesta. one message appears to go deeper into the private server controversy. who better to bring in election ed henry. one of my favorite ones that i just saw was apparently in one of the meetings, hillary clinton said that the environmental group, they were meeting with environmental groups and she says, get a life. willingness to push back. there's also a lot of concern. the flip-flopping, what have you found? >> i think on the e-mail question you mentioned, president obama being drawn in, there's an e-mail from john podesta to sheryl mills that says, should we hold back e-mails between president obama and hillary clinton? march 2015 is when it was burst open. the n"new york times" saying
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there was a private e-mail, hillary clinton saying all work-related e-mails were turned over. at the end of that month, what happened, well the i.t. folks in colorado deleted thousands of e-mails with bleach bit. this doesn't prove anything. but it raises perhaps more questions about the time line there in terms of what kind of e-mails were going back and forth between president obama and hillary clinton that john p podesta didn't want america to see. >> they thought it would be over by the end of the weekend. we will go around the table. >> disturbing e-mail for me is the one between john poe decemb podesta and others. halpin says it's an amazing bastardization and gender relations and must be unaware of
2:18 pm
christian democracy when talking about catholics. palmeri says, their rich friends wouldn't become if they became evangelicals. does hillary clinton understand that she not only offended 75 million catholics but everyone of faith in the country or does she not care? >> well, i think based on her convention speech -- you framed that interesting, i will point out. >> i don't think she wrote it. >> she hasn't pushed back on it. >> it was a private e-mail of somebody else. come on. >> you will get your turn. >> you know what, wait your turn. >> i can't help it. >> the bottom line is that in philadelphia, hillary clinton spoke openly about her faith and her method of faith shaping her. when this comes out, you are right, it's embarrassing to her and the campaign. it's remarkable that they haven't apologized about it at all. i think here is the bigger
2:19 pm
picture. this is a campaign, the clinton campaign, which is winning on the notion that donald trump is dividing the country. her campaign theme is stronger together. let's bring folks together. we are the world. let's hug. then when you look at the e-mails, they are beating up on catholics. another going after latinos. an e-mail going after the former naacp chief. so it seems in private they are saying something different than what they say in public. >> juan? >> what a surprise. people in their own personal e-mails are saying something private. god forbid. unreal. >> we will go to juan next for a question. >> not your turn. >> greg said, she didn't write that. >> but she didn't push back on it. her spokesperson said it and she has not addressed it. that's the problem. >> you keep hammering this like you are swinging at a -- >> there are 70 million catholics who are offended by it.
2:20 pm
>> there are -- >> all right. ed, listen, i have a -- i have two things i want to ask you about. in this wikileaks, there comes out '08 when clinton is running against obama opposition research it looks like to me suggesting, gosh, what about his middle name, hussein, what about the idea that there are land deals? he doesn't put his hand over his heart. he doesn't wear a flag pin. what do you make of that? >> we haven't heard that before. look, this is a play book that democrats were talking about. they have accused of republicans of attacking president obama with now for eight years or more. they have attacked him. republicans have done some of that. and donald trump has been accused of birtherism and all of that. in the first debate at hofstra where donald trump was pushing back and saying, no, no, wait a second, it was your campaign that started this. i'm not going to litigate that. let them fight it out. i think the e-mail you are pointing to talks about clinton people in '08, it's in john podesta's e-mail account because
2:21 pm
he was involved back then, it's not about this campaign, per se, but you are right, wait a second. the clinton folks were talking about it, too, maybe donald trump had a point in the first debate. >> i don't think -- i never saw they were talking about the birther -- >> we are going to run out of time. >> whether he was muslim or christian. i'm saying it's of the -- >> we're going to run out ever time. >> what about me? >> you have been interrupting enough. >> hi, ed. there has been discussion about reopening an investigation, getting a special prosecutor, convening a grand jury because of some of the revelations coming forward are quite disturbing as it relates to the collusion with the justice department, with the administration and hillary's campaign. >> mike pence was on "fox and friends." he would like to see that happen. but it's unlikely. obviously, this close to the election, you know better than i, with your legal background and political background, because this is politics slashing with the legal. that's the frustration in the
2:22 pm
trump-pence campaign which is they think politics hijacked the facts with the e-mails suggesting there was collusion and there may have been more problems. trump-pence is talking about it. it looks like people are not hearing them. >> ed, i have a statement and a question. the people who are defending wikileaks keep saying that if you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't fear hacking. i say that if you have nothing to hide, you are boring. you are not a human being. i don't want to know you. if you don't have anything interesting in your past, you are a loser. every person has a private dark world. they have a right to keep that private and dark. now to my question -- >> that's your basement. >> exactly. >> exactly. you got it. ed, do you have any i where wikileaks gets this from? is it russia? is it -- does anybody care but me? >> how about roger stone?
2:23 pm
>> there are house democrats who in the past hour who have come out and said they want to launch their own investigation. kimberly asked about investigating the clinton said. there are house democrats saying here in washington, let's investigate roger stone's ties to the russians. why was he tweeting a few months ago about how john podesta and others might be targeted by the hacks? that may just be spin from the clinton camp. but they have some evidence suggesting that there may have been collusion on that side of this. i think the bottom line, greg, when you talk about whether or not you are a loser, when you said if there's nothing interesting in your background, sounds like there's nothing interesting in your background. >> i wouldn't go there. >> you would be surprised. >> thanks, ed. those watching our networks aren't hearing much on the e-mail findings. the breakdown, we will have that next.
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i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. donald trump blames the
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media for focusing on him and not donald trump. kimberly writes, mrs. clinton has been exposed to have no core, to have someone who constantly changes her position to maximize political gain. voters might not know this because while both candidates have plenty to answer for, the press has focused on taking out mr. trump. according to our research, that's pretty much on target. the three evening news shows on the broadcast networks either spent 30 seconds or less last night on the wikileaks revelations or they didn't cover it at all. that was pretty much the same for the morning news shows today. they spent a minute or less on the e-mails except for when mike pence brought them up. kimberly, mike pence was struggling back and forth and
2:29 pm
trying to pivot. the anchors would say, we have you here, mr. pence. we want to talk about your running mate and his problems. was that fair? >> no. he should be able to talk about the e-mails and wikileaks revelations as well. it's important. it's significant. it goes to the character and quality and her fitness to be president of the united states. you should be devoting time to it. you saw that he was on "fox and friends" and they were able to talk about that here because there wasn't just an agenda to provide one side of the news cycle story as it relates to the presidential election. pence is right to fight for topic discussion that he feels is relevant for the voters to be able to make an informed decision come november 8. >> one of the points of comparison is "the new york times" published a story about donald trump's taxes that was a leak. right? then you have wikileaks now -- this is a leak. people are saying, ifpublished
2:30 pm
aren't they paying attention to this? i public stuff where i can confirm it's accurate and it's real. i guess the point is, we don't know about the wikileaks stuff. >> fair enough. fair enough. when you know -- i guess. the privacy issues i have a problem with as well. look how these shows have treated it. the fl the numbers for the newscast, about 10 minutes is commercial. 20 minutes, abc news had nine minutes, 30 seconds on qui wikileaks. no mention on nbc. the one that gets me is the morning show where george stephanopoulos runs the show. zero minutes. zero minutes on the wikileaks. cbs this morning had some. they have hours upon hours.
2:31 pm
that's a poll. >> i wonder if it was stephanopoulos saying, i used to work for the people. >> i'm not sure how people make decisions on what gets covered. i imagine they want ratings. donald trump had a ton of free media at the beginning during the primary season from all sorts of media. it was working in his favor because the networks got ratings. now they are talking about donald trump because it helps them get their ratings. the wikileaks thing is not rating as well. you can see more about this tomorrow. the wa"the wall street journal" editorial report, it's an hour long program, i love it. they will cover it more if you are interested. the story i think that's gotten very buried in all of this trump talk is the one that there is discontent at the fbi at high levels, upset about how the e-mails was handled and comey saying there should be no indictment. that's the story that's been buried. could have to do with ratings.
2:32 pm
donald trump is not helping himself by continuing to -- >> is this liberal media bias? >> when you look at the tiny ratio of coverage devoted to wikileaks, wikileaks knows what it feels like to be marco rubio or jeb bush. during the primaries, that's what the ratio was. clearly, to your point, the media wants hillary to win. there's no doubt about that. even after devoting billions of dollars of free media to trump. do you feel you were set up? you were. you were set up. the media, including -- the only thing i'm happy about. hillary and obama, they knew elevating donald trump, giving him an air of respectability in the press as well, turned him into the republican nominee. then out came the knives. >> only they could -- they knew they could take -- crush his chances of the presidency and the news organizations that held
2:33 pm
information to only dump it for maximum throttle impact. >> we saw it coming. we were suckers. >> we didn't have it. >> what do you mean? >> we didn't have the tape. >> i'm talking about -- >> you know what? the media -- >> we have some of that. >> marco rubio or jeb bush -- one thing we did learn from wikileaks is the clinton campaign was more concerned about marco rubio, kasich and others than donald trump. they preferred donald trump as the opposition. because the fastest seven up next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. the fastest seven. first up, one of the trump's
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major complaints is that the media is in the tank for hillary. we highlighted mainstream media news organizations' unfair treatment. television dramas boarded the hillary bus. check out "law and order svu" which will feature a trump-inspired character. >> the next "svu." >> women throw themselves at me. >> an unforgettable performance. >> i have nothing to hide. >> wednesday on nbc. >> that episode with the opbvios political bias will air days before the election. >> we have seen this happen before. have we not? it's not very surprising given the liberal bent of the hollywood media and what they like to do with their movies and tv shows. do i think it's going to have a huge impact, big league? i mean, probably not. >> the narrative continues.
2:39 pm
>> believe me, the narrative is going on without them. they do, for example -- i'm on the board of a group, a juvenile law group in filphiladelphia. they were found judges corrupt to send kids to jail to make money. i think they are taking advantage of what's there right now. >> ratings. >> definitely ratings. remember also when we watched "homeland" and how we were impressed because they were actually able to adapt and talk about things that were happening in real time? t this goes back to what i said in a block. this is in the pop culture world. politics flows after culture. >> down stream. >> not good. >> and also keeps the narrative alive. >> law and order, the philosophy is torn from the newspaper papers. they do the stories terribly. they are poorly written. they take great actors like gary
2:40 pm
cole and they make them act bad. it's very plastic. very stiff. but it fits -- it's because you watch it when you are home sick or unemployed. you watch episode -- i have been there. i watched 17 in a row. >> the demographic is huge for women. >> i was about to say, insulting my wife -- >> i was insulting my wife. almost all criminals are rich, white, upper east side,architec. no street crime at all. >> black people have no complaint here. >> scroll the prompter. she offended latinos. she may have offended millennials by suggesting they prefer to watch cat videos. >> it makes you want to turn off the news. it makes you want to unplug the internet. or just look at cat gifs.
2:41 pm
believe me, i in the last few weeks i have watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things. but we have a job to do. it will be good for people and for cats. >> cat expert. >> i don't even know where this story came from. i didn't even get that. if that's condescending, than every one of my one more things is condescending. i end with an enmalindividud wil video. i bring you a dirty hyena. everybody loves cat videos. that's how youtube is made off that stuff. >> do you hear that? >> she might have seen this in the wall street journal. i puch e i pitched the story -- it was a personal journal -- i remember it. it said, the headline was, watching cat videos can be good
2:42 pm
for you. it's this psychological study that -- >> i read it. >> it said it make u.s. feel better. >> it does. >> reduce -- >> i love that. >> endorphins. >> oh, my god. >> the other -- >> if you are isis and you own a cat, then it's punishable by death. >> the other side that is also true -- we said this here -- this is a -- >> going after the cats now. >> let the cats come in. when is this thing over? >> 25 days. >> 3 1/2 hours. >> 25 days, 3 1/2 hours. >> kitty cat. >> that's it? >> we have to do this very fast. hillary clinton appeared on "ellen." she made news about feeling like trump hovered near her during the last debate. then this happened. >> for some reason, no one is talking about this moment. burt we have to show it. >> there's a lot at stake.
2:43 pm
this is not an ordinary time and is not an ordinary election. we are going to be choosing a president who will set policy for not just eight years but some of the decisions we have to make here at home and around the world and the supreme court and so much else. >> that was the best dancing i have ever seen. >> it was. >> my favorite video probably of the year so far. juan, your thoughts? >> i think that's where we are going with politics right now. you can't go much lower in this campaign. it will continue in the pop culture, dance, ridiculous moves. >> i loved it. i thought the dancing was excellent. she should have done it during the debate. >> it shows you, again, technology as it becomes more and more amazing, you can frame anybody. >> look at -- >> i might look like a good dancer with that. >> leave it right there. >> shut up.
2:44 pm
>> we will answer your questions on the final showdown between trump versus clinton. facebook friday is ahead coming up. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because
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facebook friday. there's some questions here from viewers. there are going to be questions that you would answer if you were running for president. >> okay. i'm pretending i'm running for president? not as a character? >> you could be trump or -- how you think they would answer. how you think they should answer. from michelle m. our family opened a small business. what advice would you give us for success as we pursue the american dream? >> oh, my goodness. that's a great question. i admire the tenacity and willingness to take a risk to own a small business. that's not easy. i do think it's important to get to know who your congressman is and your senator. they will -- it's important that they know who you are, they hear your story. if they don't hear from you, somebody else is filling up their time. i would suggest that. >> eric, you are a businessman. >> if i'm running for president or if i'm trump -- >> what would you tell them? >> i would say, if you are
2:49 pm
opening a small business, you want to be successful, move to another country. the small businesses are being choked in this country right now from taxes to obamacare to regulation. i will tell you, the big one -- you read "the wall street journal." they talked about the estate tax, the death tax. >> punitive. >> killing small businesses in america because of farmers and small businesses who are asset rich and cash poor. they can't turn over the farm or the business to their heirs. >> that's a huge, huge problem. it really is. >> you want me to move to the next question? >> we're short on time. >> what is your vision of the future of america? very, very specific question there. >> a miss universe question. >> imperialism and world domination. >> nice. >> very close to trump. >> not kidding. american exceptionalism.
2:50 pm
america on top, taking the driver seat in terms of national security, foreign policy and being a leader in the world. not somebody who makes fake red lines, turns them pink and doesn't do anything about it. we are not letting our country be dictated by russia or china or north korea or iran. >> wow. >> why are you so anti-trump today? he likes russia. he wants to take direction from them. >> i'm pro-kg. >> kgb. >> you know that's one of my nicknames? >> i want to respond to eric. people come to this country because it's such a wonderful country and has so much economic opportunity. nobody is leaving. nobody. >> really? >> big business and investment is coming into the united states. >> i think that's a false statement. >> if you think people -- i don't see it. i have never seen americans say, yeah, you know, america is a terrible place to do business. people say it's best place in
2:51 pm
the world. >> we have the strongest buyer base. as far as doing business -- >> exporting america. >> they are not. i would say, it's tough to do small business because it's such a competitive market. that doesn't mean that it needs to be choked. >> because of competition. it's tough because of regulation and taxes and obamacare. >> excessive taxation, overregulation. >> i tell you what -- >> obamacare is choking the life of our body. >> i would like to point out i am a small businessman. do we have time for a question? >> what business are you in? >> what do you exp ekt ect to g done in the first 100 days? >> tax reform -- >> the wall got higher. >> republicans and democrats, infrastructure. more jobs come out. >> here we go again. >> supreme court. crush isis. cut back on taxes. repeal and replace obamacare. >> you know what the biggest
2:52 pm
infrastructure project in the world will be? >> build the wall. >> if i was president, build the world's largest robot unicorn and ride it over the earth. experience the thrill of the lexus is f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
2:53 pm
and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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2:55 pm
my god. >> i'm stuck in an elevator.
2:56 pm
>> i can't get out. >> it's time for one more thing. >> i went to dinner last night. >> wow. >> i wasn't watching the news. when i got home i was seeing about michelle obama's speech in which she had a prepared speech. she got rid of it and spoke from the heart. probably one of the most effective surrogates of the campaign turns out to be michelle obama for hillary clinton. take a look at one of the things she said last night. >> the shameful comments about our bodies. the disrespect of our ambitions and intellect. the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman? it's cruel. it's frightening. the truth is, it hurts. >> big news story. republicans should be aware this is the kind of emotion that helps you get elected to president. hillary clinton is lucky to have them. it's unbelievable it turned out this way. >> it's true. i think to make your point,
2:57 pm
she's being authentic and genuine. you can tell when she says that's how she feels. she's tremendously effective surrogate for her. greg? >> well, i just have to plug my show. it's the greg gutfeld show. i have gary gatlin, a country western singer. shelby holiday. >> my goodness. good show. i watch it. let's see. juan? >> incredible. incredible video of a great white shark crashing into a diver's cage off the coast of mexico. >> i would never do this. >> the shark had been attracted with chunks of tuna so the diver in the cage could get a closer look at him. that didn't work out. did it? the shark crashed into the cage, breaking it and then re-emerging through the top.
2:58 pm
thankfully, the diver was not harmed. my takeaway, i'm not getting in a cage to go shark watching. >> how about never? >> great white shark. >> i get close enough to you every day. that's enough scare for me. >> i see a fin on your back. by the way, for those of you at home, the blood was the shark. >> thank god. we all hate sharks here. >> what about charlie tuna? >> keep it together here. kimberly, food court. all that shark meat made me hungry. happy national dessert day. this is my favorite. many of you thought i was for the yellow cake. but what i decided to do was magnolia bakery which in my heart i love. i have cup cakes in my house. you can't eat them.
2:59 pm
i'm looking at which one i want. this is banana pudding, which you have -- this is the most unbelievable thing you have tasted in your life. plus the little cupcakes with the sprinkles and everything. it's delicious. >> can i have the white cake? >> red velvet. >> should i go? this is happening. amazing, call colin kaepernick start for the san francisco 49ers. mccoy -- the niners are playing at buffalo. mccoy, the running back is bringing 15 to 20 law enforcement officers as his guests to the game. this is a must-see game, san fran at buffalo. it's 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> then you can watch 5:00 sunday live. >> look at dana so good. so good.
3:00 pm
you want some? what? >> that's it for us. have a great weekend, everyone. "special report" next. the hits keep on coming. new e-mails showing possible collusion between the clinton campaign and obama. two more women accuse donald trump of sexual assault. this is "special report." welcome to washington. we are getting new information tonight. it comes in the form of just released clinton campaign e-mails. the latest offensive from wikileaks. donald trump finds himself twice more accused of sexual assault.


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