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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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make sure you tune in sunday. i'll be hosting "fox news sunday" for my friend chris wallace, who is getting ready for this show. later sunday, a special report at 8:00 p.m. "on the record" with my friend bret hume starts right now. >> good evening, i'm tucker karlsson in for if great bret hume. the this was on the record remember was president obama lying to you when he said he didn't know about the checkpoint e-mail server? it looks like he may have been and the clinton campaign may have tried to hide the e-mails between the secretary of state and hillary clinton. those are not the only bomb shells in today's wikileaks e-mails. every day a new batch. the press seems to be ignoring them. wait nul see what we have uncould have had overnight. there are new assault accusations against donald trump. we will hear trump's response to those coming up. now to the poll, the national polling average shows hillary clinton with just under a 7-point lead in a two-way race
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and just over a 5-point lead if you add the two kth candidates. betting odds show her a fate. key to winning this election are very close tonight. in the state of ohio, a new "wall street journal"-nbc poll shows trump up by one point in a four-way race. north carolina has a close average. hillary clinton is leading there by about 3 point. joining us now is the founder from that weird site, tom bevin. tom, i guess my first question is, why is the still a race? it does seem it's a race. etch in the class thinks it's over. polls suggest there is a war going on after the worst coverage anybody can get. why hasn't trump completely collapsed? >> that is a question t. core supporters have stuck with him thick and thin. he has lost dproupd with these other groums. it's basically peeled back to his core supporters. these polls, most of the data we are getting now, tucker, is post-debate, monday, tuesday,
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weps. but we haven't gotten. this has been another bad week for him. it might be if we get polls coming out over the when, we will see more deterioration. right now, his core supporters have sticking with him. that keeps him close in some of these battle ground states. >> do we have a key idea how the core will vote, college educated men in the mid-west than they did in the last two cycles? in there we don't know that. we know his supporters are energized and waiting to go to the pollles. one of the warning sides in the fox national poll released yesterday is enthusiasm for him was down a little bit among his supporters. that's been something. he's had this enthusiasm gap the entire race. his supporters were excited. and hillary clinton reporters, a bicker people of people. not competed to go and vote. he needs his folks to be enthusiastic. he also needs to be broadened
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beyond that. >> so ohio, a lynchpin of any national campaign strategy. where are we there? >> clinton's moved ihead by a point-and-a-half. the latest nbc-"wall street journal" had trump up one point. to your point, no republican has won the white house without ohio. this has been trump's strongest states, one of his strongest states i should say. he was leading there until last week. now he's fallen behind by a point-and-a-half. he's snil still in the ball game. >> gary johnson and jill stein taking former bernie voters. gary johnson, where are those streets coming from, do we know? >> sometimes etc. more from:t. it depends on the 125i9. they're evenly dispersed. so as gary johnson had tapered off, we seen both clinton and trump rise. so it depends on the state pretty much. >> so to new hampshire, not a state that you think of as contested. trump is doing badly there just last month.
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he seems would be striking zavenlts what's going on in inch? >> that's the point clinton had the lead of six, seven points. last few polls, including this latest poll out today has it at a three-point race. her lead is about six percentage points. kelly anne is in her senate race. not exactly sure why that race up there is tightening on behalf of trump, especially when all these other battleground states are moving in the other direction. >> you don't want to extrapolate too much from one set of polls in one state. it's a little weird of trump to be going up after the week we've just seen. no? >> reporter: absolutely. yeah, we haven't seen that anywhere else. in fact, we seen the option. he's lost ground in pretty much across the board. new hampshire is the only one where, again, that could be just with the type of polls, the ones that were sort of fueling out of the average versus the ones loaded into the achg. again, this one that came out a
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three-point race there, that's tighter than we have seen in most recent polls in new hampshire. >> a part of the realignment. thank you very much for joining us now. first, hillary clinton called trump supporters deplorable. wikileaks exposed her and her catholic distain for catholics. fox news national colonel ed henry has that story. >> reporter: hillary clinton continues to target donald trump for dividing the country -- >> i take no satisfaction in seeing what trump does. >> reporter: the ongoing dutch of hacked e-mails from the account of clinton campaign chairman john modesta, now an astonishing toll of over 10,000 messages leaked out, show a democratic party ripe with division. >> the hillary clinton documents released by wikileaks make more clear than ever just how much is at stake. >> reporter: after e-mails emerged attacking everyone from
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catholics to hispanics, today the target was the african-american community, which carried clinton through the democratic primaries in the first place. in february, 2016, an activist went after nbc head who had the tomerity. >> i know there are a million reasons to when. >> when clinton first launched her campaign. he lashed out writing, quote, i'm not the diversity police, but there is grumbling on the four white boys running next presidential i can him. mid-esta hit back rye writing, quote, really, don't you think i know. that when david brock sucked bringing up sanders' health record the clinton catch freak. in e-mails, he hit brock hard writing, quote, maybe he actually is a republican plant. hard to think of anything more counter productive than
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demanding bernie's medical records. regarding clinton's own response to the health record strategy, hillary, god, her instipths are suboptimal. pretty typical, though. all the checkpoint aides would say about wikileaks today isitative taken steps in recent weeks to make their communications more secure. >> i think it would probably undermine our efforts to protect oursles. people like the russian, if i talk too much about it. but we have taken additional precautions. >> they probably wish they had made some of those communication agency little secure a little bit earlier. interesting, breaking tonight, there are reports that the u.s., particularly the central intelligence agency may be preparing a cyber strike in retaliation against russia. we we heard already the obama administration believes russia is hein these attacks. as you we heard there from jennifer palmieri, they may even, nbc is reporting, go after the private bank accounts of some in the kremlin leadership to give you an idea of the stakes involved here.
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>> we don't know russia is behind that. what is the explanation of these e-mails. i know modesta and john palmieri is saying this is not real. are they continuing to claim that this. >> no. you know, what's interested, instead, is that they have actually not challenged the accuracy of a lot of these e-mails. they have said that some may be hoaxs, but have done two things i think, number one, they've decide not to challenge the accuracy because a lot, if not all of them are true, but secondly, they made a political decision. they don't want to get mired in answering these 10,000 e-mails that have come out already. it will take them off message. something the trump campaign haven't learned. they have been hit by all things that you have been reporting on. they respond to every single one of them. they had trouble getting the message out of the clinton campaign on that point has been a little more disciplined. >> you think the supporters would push the issue a little bit. ed henry, thanks a lot. another e-mail exchange released in that wikileaks dutch
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shows president obama knew about the e-mail server and top aides may have ignored a congressional subpoena. the house benghazi committee told hillary clinton to hand over all her e-mails, up with day later, march 4th, 2015, the lawyer sheryl mills sent this e-mail to john modesta, chairman, well, our pan sell joining us now. from the "wall street journal" glen hall and the post, this my answer, it's confirmed he received a number from her. isn't that a flat out lie? >> yeah, there are a lot of instances in which president obama was asked about whether or not he knew about hillary clinton's e-mail server.
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i don't know the time laline ti. this does show president obama and hillary clinton had commune kapgs on this private e-mail server. i think this is something we have absolutely seen before in january, this is something the state department came out and said there are these e-mails in this batch we are withholding because of executive privilege. so we knew this was the case. i think the timing here is obviously also very awkward having asked to produce these and responding with this question of do we need to turn these over? >> as far as i can tell is legal by the way. as a matter of fact, i think executive privilege is a real thing and a real question. i think it's meaningful the president lied about his only in of her private e-mail. we now know it's illegal t. fbi director made that clear. she shouldn't have done this. and it was a potential to leak new york security. you told us this. it turned out to be untrue, account for yourself. >> i think that's the next step that has to happen. we got the new batch of e-mails from wikileaks.
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now we need to follow up and discover who knew what when. there are some distinctions knowing you were getting e-mail from a private e-mail account versus a private server. i don't know what the defenses will be. >> she did business on a private e-mailk. that's the nub of the question. i had no idea. but he did. >> you know, i think he has answering to do. mostly he is campaign on behalf of clinton. i think what you see in these e-mails was a sympathy from the obama administration towards helping hillary clinton avoid getting mired in this scandal, which hasn't happened, but they tried. >> to answer questions, have you the ask them. this goes to a larger question, why is this so profoundly uninteresting with the american press core. you can say, maybe they should be leaked. you feel bad for modesta. but there is no denying they are chalk number of relevant interesting information. i don't see it on the front page of anything i read. why is that? >> i think there are so many
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things to ask the president. right? i totally get your point. i 100% understand your point. i think any journalist that has a chance to sit down with president obama list of things they would like to ask. >> he's a spokesman, too, you just say to the white house press core, what about? huh, right? >> the point i was going to make is you also have a limited availability. you have a limited amount of time and there's a lot going in the world. i honestly don't think on the scale of things going on in the world, an e-mail to john modesta in 2015 rises to the level of something i would butch to the top of my list. again, this is subjective. >> i am seeing nine stories about trump and his behavior, which i think are relevant, by the way, i think they should be covered. >> i think we'd see a lot more coverage if trump wasn't stepping into these issues that distracted attention. >> come on, look, there, you know, a big news organization has enough resources to cover both trump's indiscretion and like the other side and by the
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way, do you know a single person in the newsroom in america that doesn't think hillary will be president? shouldn't they be coughing her more assertively? she might be the president, no? >> if i could defend a little bit. the trump front page story about obama an indiscretions in his office that also attacked hillary clinton the story didn't attack hillary clinton. it's a front page piece. we spent countless hours reading through 50,000 pages of emachl. we had stories every single day. it's not pleek we are ignoreing it. it seems the public is giving more attention to the trump'siers, which are much more cellatious, perhaps. >> we break down the numbers, speaking of the public, how many minutes have you been presented on each story presented on the nightly news, we will break that down, it's unbelievable. another bombshell from wikileaks, donald trump may have proof from the clinton foundation in pay to plachl a law firm looked at the request
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of chelsea clinton and wrote this, as a blistering review. some interviewees reported conflicks of those raising funds or donors, some of whom may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts, that itself pay for play in other words. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton joins us now. professor, thanks for coming on tonight. this strikes me as one of those nuggets in the vast trove of wikileaks' data juchs out justs at you. >> this is potential criminal activity i. it's not just the pay-for-play aspects. the report of the independent law firm brought in my chelsea clinton, interestingly, is devastating to the overall work of the foundation. the board of directors is a group of clinton friends and hacks. they meet once a year. the minutes of their meetings are copied from year-to-year. the outside auditor has been complaining about the accounting methods that the clinton
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foundation used and then open top of it, you see all these activities in connection with donors expecting quid pro quos, not from the checkpoint foundation, obviously, but from the government of the united states. so this is not staff chatter and e-mails. this is the lawyer who headed this up is a heavyweight in the field. she's 1 one of the acknowledged experts, comes from a respected and well known lauchl. this is a devastating report. not just from optics point of view, from legal compliance it's very serious. >> this is not something breipart cooked up. the people in question. the ones who effect pecked a fave if return for donations in many cases were foreign governments. that's kind of exactly what you don't want, right? >> this goes to i think the biggest problem that hillary clinton has here. you know, having gone into the deposit myself many times, anybody would tell you that it's
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an arduous process to separate your former private life from your government life. not quite like going into a monastery. but it approaches it in the kind of separation you have to make. they made no separation. you can't tell where the clinton administration, sorry, freudian slip the:t state department leaves off and the clinton foundation begins. you got cheryl mills in some of these e-mails involved in nitty-gritty internal clinton foundation management matters, when by law she's supposed to have one job, working for the state department. so that's the kind of thing, you know, if the tomorrow of the state of new york were anything other than a political hack, i would take this outside expert report and say, what remediation did the clinton foundation make in the past five years? what have they done to avoid these kind of problems? that would make for an interesting investment. >> don't hold your breath. you'll pass out, if you do. great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. right now we will speed read
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other news from around the world of politics. here's one more reason not the like the irs. as if there weren't already enough a. government watchdog found the s wasted 80 million on e-mail service it could not even use. they couldn't figure it out. the money was spent on prescriptions, but the irs neff even instuld the necessary software. the irs disagrees with the watchdog it wasted taxpayer money. of course. more than 1 million americans are about to lose their obama cho care coverage, a new anal shows 1.4 million will lose their plan. aetna and united health have decided to stop selling individual health insurance in 2017. sign-up for 2017 begins next month. kind of a big story. then some voters who got themselves a voter renls strax extension. a federal judge ruled earlier today hurricane matthew disrupted the final sign-up days
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for new voters in chalt am counttie, that includes the city of savannah achlts newly renovated nixon library is back, opened for business t. past year the facility was in the final resting pleas of president richard nixon and his wife pat while undergoing a $15 million renovation t. liebrary if his hometown of yorba linda, california, features a two-scale replica of the oval office. and donald trump was propelled to the republican nomination by christian voters to a large extent. will they stand by trump as moring a saegss stack up against him? it's a key political implication. also, house speaker paul ryan has a warning to all republicans about who ought to be in charge of your national budget if the republican party loses control of the senate. find out who. that's all coming up. don't go away. anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right, so everyone comes home safely. because safety is never being satisfied.
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>> grump donald trump's now infamous 2005 video, the one you seen 2,000 times in the past week. it left a sour taste in the mouth, many christians. many are standing behind trump. why is that? the author of honestly one of the best books written, it was just absolutely fantastic. "if you can keep it." i have to suck up. the author, which is every bit as good. >> it's much better and shorter. >> done. >> yeah. >> so christians are in many cases in a quandary, they want to vote not only for a man that
4:22 pm
represents their interest and look at this tape and they this is an indecent man. what should they do? >> first of all, we have to be much more nuance. there is no such thing as a decent man or an indecent man. as a christian, i sa i we are all indecent world sinners, we're all broken it doesn't mean there are more people more decent than others. i think we are at a time in our political life, or our culture. that's the book, we haven't been keeping the republicful frank lynn said if you can keep it. in other words, it's up to the people to keep the republic. for the last 30 or 40 years, we have not been teaching why we should love our country 57b on anded on and on, i don't need to explain to you and your audience. in a way, that's why we have this election. i think things are different. >> you are saying i think the impulse of a lot of people of faith is to sit this one out. exactly right. are you saying christian maybe the obligation is too strong. they ought to vote for trump,
4:23 pm
why? >> it's real simple. the idea that you cannot loathe i find that it's purely to aswanl your own consciences to say i didn't dirty my hand by voting for that pig. >> right. >> guess what, you then elected the other pig. we have two imperfect candidates. we have to make the imperfect difficult decision. here's why. if you care about poor kid if america. they're going to be affected by whose president. >> yes. >> if you care about other countries, if you care about what happens in the middle east, about kids watching their fathers drown by isis. if you care about people, you have to think about those people and you have to make a mature, rational choice and the reason it's difficult is because we want everything to be black and white. >> of course. >> neat and clone. but my attitude is that we're at a point in our country right now where if hillary clinton is elected president -- and by the way, if christians sit home and don't vote. if people say i don't want to vote or they vote for gary johnson or whoever else, hillary clinton will be elected.
4:24 pm
the point is, the christians will then have to live with that. they're acting as though they don't. >> so what are the issues that ought to propel christians to vote specifically for trump? >> the most specific one has to do with the supreme court. we're at the tipping point if it was 1980 we wouldn't be here. if we have a couple sotomayors on the court, we have the end of self government. will you have an activist supreme court. we never had anything quite like that before. that's effectively the america we know it. we become a america quote religious liberty goes out the window. we are not as to have an establishment of religion, we are seeing a secular humanist religion, which the boast is getting behind. remember, the government is not supposed to pick winners. >> it's taking sides. >> economically, corporately. they're doing that with regard to marriage, with regard to the definition of the human person. that is already happening. if hillary clinton is elected,
4:25 pm
that's going to be so dispositive. it's going to change everything. >> yes. >> people who don't understand that need to think about this. because it's going to be a new america. i'm very sorry to say. >> bottom line, you are not voting to feel virtuous. >> it's noobt my virtue or the lack of virtue of drumpl it's about the people that will be affected, wilbur force, he worked with horrible people because he's thinking of the african slaves. if you care about somebody, you sometimes have to work with people you don't like. you have to do things you don't like. i think for many people voting for donald trump is that thing. but if you don't do it, god's going to hold you responsible for the policies of hillary clinton. there's no way to squirm out of it. >> a great piece in the journal making a lot of these points which you should read. >> thanks for having me. hillary clinton stayed behind closed doors. dominican republic was out and about, in key battle states, including north carolina. we'll take you to the campaign
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4:30 pm
the victim of one of the greatest political smear campaigns in the history of this country. he wants to get back on telling e message, but the steady drip drip drip of his past continue to leave his campaign reeling. the latest coming from a woman summer zorbas a contestant on season five of the "the apprentice" claims when she was beverly hills hotel, allegedly for dinner several years ago, that he groped and acosted her in avila there against her wishes. donald trump released this statement, quote -- earlier today, at an afternoon rally in greensboro, north
4:31 pm
carolina, donald trump addressed the broader allegations brought by the other six women in the last 48 hours. here's what he said. >> i have no idea who these women are. i have no idea. i have no idea. and i think you all know i have no idea because you understand me for a lot of years. okay. when you look at that horrible woman last night, you said, i don't think so. i don't think so. whoever she is, wherever she comes from, the stories are total fiction. >> reporter: donald trump also addressing the timing of all of this, wondering why if some of these incidents are some 30-years-old they're suddenly coming out now. here's what he said about that in greensboro earlier today. >> they have no witnesses. there is nobody around. they just come out, some are doing it for probably a little
4:32 pm
fame. they get some free fame. it's a total set-up. now, doesn'tly after masuddenly many, many years, phony accusers come out less than a month before the most important elections in the history of our country. it also comes at a time as wikileaks unveils horrible, horrible things about hillary clinton. but, they'd rather talk about this. somebody that you've never seen that said, oh, in 1992, he went like this. >> reporter: of course, all of this you, tucker, is leading up to the all important third presidential debate next wednesday in las vegas. one that one way or another will certainly be one for the ages. tucker. >> so, give us some perspective. you are not. how much of his speeches are given over to responding to these allegations, is he reading off a teleprompter or is this ad
4:33 pm
lib. >> reporter: some is ad-lib. some off the teleprompter. there is a pause, one of his supporters is doing something in the middle of the crowd. he asked for the medical team to come out. he spends about ten minutes the last few speeches he has given on this. the rest is all dedicated to the economic policies that he will pursue, security policies that he'll pursue and going after hillary clinton, bill clinton and the clinton foundation and the democratic party over this treasure trove of e-mails that has been in this wikileaks' dump. >> how is the turnout at this event? >> reporter: it's great tonight. i'm terrible counting crowd, let's just say there's thousands of people here. yesterday was unbelievable in cincinnati. he was at the u.s. bank arena there. which holds 18,000 people. it was probably almost if not more than three-quarters full. i think there was probably 15 or 16,000 people there. last night, tucker.
4:34 pm
and thousands more that couldn't get in. we saw the same thing the other day in ocala, florida, where the fire marshall capped the people in the southeastern livestock pavilion at 7,000, there was an equal number of people outside getting in. he is having no problem attracting his supporters to these rallies. the big question is, that great center of america. will they be so turned off that they won't vote for him or will they still come out an vote for him november 8th? that remains to be seen. >> i wouldn't even want to speculate. hillary clinton continues to campaign behind closed doors, instead of rallies, she is holding star-studded fund raisers as she is today in seattle. both former president clinton and president obama hit the trail. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is live on the road in seattle, washington. jennifer. >> reporter: hi, tucker, well, hillary clinton by design is trying to stay out of the spotlight. she hopes that donald trump just keeps on talking. and that his accusers fill up
4:35 pm
all the air time. she just left the paramount theater here in seattle behind me. that's where she held a fundraiser earlier today. she had capped a week, two days out here on the west coast. she had two fund raisers in california, where she raised $10 million in two events here when she arrived at the paramount, 24 hour trump supporters shouting "lock her up. >> people ask me all the time, how can you do this? and believe me, i ask myself that. it's a grueling, strenuous challenge that requires a lot of stamina. >> reporter: since last week's ""access hollywood"" tape became public. a new fox poll shows the largest declines for trump is women ages
4:36 pm
45 and over, down 12 points. voters zief 65 and older down 11 points. the clinton campaign wants to do etching it can to maintain support among women. >> that is why clinton is not sitting down for any serious hard-hitting interviews. instead, she appeared on the ellen degeneres show, where she joked about the last debate, sending her last surrogates to battle in states like ohio, urging women not the sit out this election. >> her opponents made it pretty clear, he will drag this election as low as it can possibly go. and he physicals that if he makes our politics just toxic, then maybe you'll just figure out, you got no good choices, you get discouraged and you just don't vote. but don't fall for it. >> reporter: bill clinton was in
4:37 pm
cincinnati today, also campaigning in ohio, where just a few weeks ago, polls showed the clinton campaign didn't seem to have a chance, now ohio is very much in play. bill clinton faced hecklers who tried to change the subject about donald trump by calling him a rapist. >> give this guy a hand. his side has had a very bad week. so let's try to make him feel better. what you are seeing is basically a microcosm of what this campaign is all about. you got one person who's a master at rubbing salt in people's wounds, doesn't pay tacks. doesn't even contribute to his own family charity, doesn't pay his contractors. takes the life savings of people that go to trump u and don't get anything except trumped. >> trump surrogates, meanwhile, say it is a bit rich for the clinton camp to be talking about trump's sexual assault of women. it is a subject that clinton
4:38 pm
surrogates get asked about on the campaign trail. >> no, it shouldn't matter. look, i can't make any excuses for bill clinton's conduct. and i wouldn't attempt to make excuser for his conduct. he paid a price for it. he paid a price. he was impeached and he was, he expressed his deep sorrow anding a nonld what he did. >> reporter: tucker, we've learned that those protesters who keep disrupting clinton rallies, both bill clinton's and hillary clinton's rallies, calling out bill clinton is a rapist are being offered $5,000 by info wars the group behind the wildest conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health. >> that we learned and why we are seeing more and more of those protesters try to get on national television at those events, tucker. >> we met on the set of "fox and friends" ever vesffervesey exhi young man. a free speech can be racist and sexist.
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. well, if you have been paying any attention at all, you may have noticed there is a cultural revolution taking place, campus craziness is what we call it on this show. today's edition is pretty crazy, first up, a feminist issuing citations to students who make kissing noises among other offensive sounds. website campus reform which covers college news posted manls of the citation cards, which were created by sierra's fem nis action club. they include invading my space, making whistling and pss noises. the text says, quote, have you received this card because you did something that made me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened. sierra college told fox news, it
4:44 pm
was unaware of the citations, but they have received no complaints so far. well, speaker of harvard law school says terms like free speech may be racist and sexist. graduate kendra albert told students when non-lawyers use legal terms like free speech, they lose the discriminatory history. the newspaper on campus. albert takes issue with the use annual of the word "defamation" which she says, quote, hides deeply sexist and racist hor ro phobic anti-sex worker connotations. the power of these words make them dangerous. they deserve a second look. in other words, any word she doesn't like is dangerous and should be banned. harvard law school says speakers with a broad range of view speaks at harvard, it doesn't take issue with any speaker's point of view. which is also untrue. then black lives matter protesters at ohio university interrupted this year's homecoming football game by
4:45 pm
unfurling a banner, make racists afraid again, pushing fear. the campus reform the protesters started chanting who's lives matter? black lives matter. a local newspaper on campus reported about 45 demonstrators dressed in all black held their fists in the air during a protest. in a statement to fog news, hoichlth university said the students were fans and they were exercising their quote right to freedom of exprechlths a right under attack on other campuses. the university says it supports that right. in missouri, a university considering a proposal that would use contributions to equity inclusion and diversity in determining which get tenure t. proposal is a part of a 1.1 million diversity audit at the university t. local newspaper the missourian says the goal is to encourage faculty and staff to consider diversity issues in their teaching, it is not stressing what they are. you are supposed to know t. university of missouri did not respond to our request for comment.
4:46 pm
if you have a campus craziness story, let us know. they're abundant. we want to hear from you. you can e-mail us, send it to there is always a lot to choose from. how long did the three major news networks spend on stories about donald trump compared to the clinton wikileaks revelations? we have the numbers. they're unbelievable.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
so what would happen in a massive political story exploded in the face of the media and nobody covered it. it's not a rettical question. it happened this week with wikileaks. thousands of documents taken from the hillary clinton campaign john modesta, but they are not being covered by many in the press. if you don't believe us, take a
4:50 pm
look at this, here's a breakdown last. nbc completely ignored it, leak they suppressed it. we will break down what explana this. particularly nbc. they just don't mention it like it didn't occur? >> we have been in the media long enough. i cover media and i get that sex always triumphs. if you told me the trump story beat the hill wikileaks ratio, fine. "new york times" 11 stories on donald trump including one this sports section. pretty negative. zero on hillary clinton and wikileaks and everything coming out about that. it's remarkable.
4:51 pm
>> a couple of things, i get the sense the average reporter doesn't think it is possible to be unfair to donald trump. all bets are off. embedded in these documents is shameful behavior by the press. john harwood who is part of the nbc empire is caught given campaign advice to hillary clinton people. writing about how much he dislikes trump. could that be part of the reason nbc didn't cover it. someone on their payroll is caught giving advice to a presidential campaign. that's about the most embarrassing thing a reporter can do. >> i'd love to see accountability in this business. the people that run these networks, if you are mark hoffman at cnbc, the "new york times," how do you not issue an apology after it is revealed and be why isn't there a suspension, any reprimand. people see nothing happening.
4:52 pm
>> or even accounting for it. they won't answer questions. here's what bothers me, the media outrage, but they are devaluing their credibility that is dangerous to the country. the campaign ends in three weeks. half of which no one will believe them ever again. >> survey in april finds 6, not 60 like after watergate, but 6% of americans have high confidence in the media. that's disturbing. when this is said and done we're not going to need one shower. we are going to have to acid wash ourselves in the media. maybe not you and me but everybody else. think of donna brazile giving campaign questions ahead to the campaign. she said it happened from time to time. it happened multiple occasions. did they do an investigation who see who the culprits are, no they won't do it.
4:53 pm
>> they have a media reporter. >> suppression. great to see you. >> paul ryan maybe using a scare tactic to get republicans to vote on election day. our panel is back to explain how that is working. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity.
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and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. if belose the senate you know who becomes the chairman of the budget committee? a guy named bernie sanders. ever heard of him. this tells you what we will be dealing with if we lose control of the senate. >> trying to right the ship not an easy task. can he do that? can he convince republicans to get out to vote this fall? it is great to see you. so first, glenn hall, "wall street journal," he has a tough job, is in the right way to convince republicans to get out on election day. >> good scare tactic. reminding them what is at stake is what he needs to be doing.
4:58 pm
he is drawing a fine line. >> that would scare a lot of hillary supporters, bernie sanders. >> especially on the banking committee. >> imagine the reform he would bring. he staked out -- sanders has been clear what he would want to do and more serious than hillary clinton said she would want to do. no question that bernie sanders, elizabeth warren will pull a democratic president to the left. that's what paul ryan is trying to play out there. let me remind you what is at stake for our party and what the republican party believes in. >> phillip of the "washington post" i'm struck by how few people in washington understand how things have changed because voters want something different than leadership wants. can they put it back together? the republican party, no matter who wins will be a different party. >> that's true. we have seen this rift, least since 2010. paul ryan is speaker right now
4:59 pm
because of that rift because john boehner didn't get along with the caucus. that has been ripped open. donald trump is running against the party right now. >> as he has from the beginning. >> there was a little makeup session in part because paul ryan came on board. i don't know if anyone knows how that is amended. it is a very difficult that paul ryan was already in. it is harder on november. >> since this is a democracy, you have to ask who has more supporters. do you think out there in the great middle of the country donald trump has more people that agree with him or paul ryan has more that agree with him. >> that's the challenge that donald trump needs to figure out. paul ryan has never had to do the national election. a different thing. building support within wisconsin is one thing and in this coalition of the nation is another. it is the white working class that are brought in. this was not part of the republican party camp before and now it is. can they hold on to that and
5:00 pm
build it? that's where donald trump had the weakness, going beyond that base and pulling independents. >> donald trump is more supported than the speaker. we'll find out. that's it for us tonight. back on monday. next bill o'reilly. >> thank you for watching us. if you thought the race for president couldn't get stranger or uglier than today's developments may make you think kben. two more women have come out alleging donald trump sexually assaulted him. charges he firmly denies. in a new batch of wikileaks e-mails have been released revealing investigation on the clinton foundation. both sides appear to be


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