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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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make sure you tune in sunday. i'll be hosting "fox news sunday" for my friend chris wallace, who is getting ready for this show.igigigigigigigigi. and welcome to "hannity." i want you to pay very close attention to what i'm going to tell you tonight. we have bombshell revelations are a new round of released e-mails from wikileaks reportedly from the came pair chairman paul begala. we're going to go after it in detail np in 2008 the clinton campaign appeared to conduct a focus group that tested voters' reactions to various attacks they may have went wanted to use against then senator barack obama in the upcoming primary race. here are the topics they were
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looking at back then and allegedly testing. quote, obama has is the only candidate at a recent event not to cover his heart during the national anthem. obama benefitted from a land deal from a contributor indicted for corruption. obama would negotiate with leaders from terrorist countries. obama voted against allowing people to use handguns to defend themselves against intruders. obama planned to raise taxes by $180 billion to pay for his government run health care plan. hillary voted for it. obama voted repeatedly for emergency bills for troops in iraq and afghanistan. 0 obama's father was a muslim and obama grow up among muslims np obama is ranked as run of the ten most liberal members of the senate because of his support of
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shuz like gay. obama supports giving driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. by the way, hillary supported that too. obama described his former use of cocaine as just using a little blow. so here's more proof that the clinton campaign has been pushing this muslim narrative all along. now these stunning facts exposed by wikileaks, it's only a small portion of what has been uncovered with these released e-mail. we've learned that what hillary clinton tells you the american people about her policy positions in public is very different from what she says in private. you think clinton would be ashamed to admit that she lies to you the american people but no she actually brags about doing exactly that in a 2013 wall street speech where she was paid $225,000. here are some of her major contradictions. she says she wants to increase the number of syrian refugees coming into the country by 550%
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but the wikileaks e-mail showed that she admitted that refugees cannot be properly vetted and could put countries they enter at risk. stop one second. that means she's willing to gamble with your life. clinton also claims she wants a no fly zone in syria but it was revealed that he was very skep kl about the idea during a speech she gave to goldman sachs. the e-mail reveal she's unsure about supporting or opposing the keystone pipeline and also she fracking. clinton says she's a critic of wall street and big bank but as they were paying her again and again she praised their actions after the 2007 financial collapse while she was talking to bankers who were paying her. and contrary to what she says now in paid speeches, clinton has supported open borders and open trade. he wants an open hemisphere and we discovered that the e-mail,
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clinton's team, they actually tried to use the terror attack as a distraction from her private e-mail scandal. who does this? we're talking about four dead americans that died in that atta attack. and remember there were 600 requests for extra security and she didn't send anybody to help them and she wanted use their deaths as a political distraction? who acts like that. speaking of her e-mail scandal. serious red flags are raised tonight after e-mails released earlier today show that john podesta e-mail, quote, do you think we should hold e-mails to and from the potus, meaning the president of the united states. that's the heart of his executive privilege. we can get them to ask for that now may may not care but it seems like they probably will. so it appears that president obama did in fact know that clinton used a private e-mail account despite publicly saying
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to you that he learned about it from press reports just like we did. this shows the clinton server scandal may have very well reached the highest level of government. mr. president, what did you know and when did you know it? to me this helps prove why clinton's i.t. team, remember they used bleach bit to delete tens of thousands of e-mail instei instead of wiping it clean put it explain the questionable actions of the fbi director james comey and the attorney general loretta lynch and why bill clinton met privately with lynch on her private plane for nearly 40 minutes before she rended her decision. they couldn't investigate this too much. why? obama looks to be directly tied to hillary's scandal. simply put for president obama, this would be the equivalent of watergate. plus wikileaks also discovered that the campaign was tipped off, collusion with the
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department of justice about the e are release of information about hillary's private e-mail serve enand clues with the state department because the state department gave the campaign a heads up about when e-mails related to the democratic nominee would be released to the public. but the revelations don't stop there. now wikileaks also uncovered more about the inner workings of the clinton foundation. chelsea clinton in 2011 raised those questions about corruption, pay to play and the practices going oun inside of her family's charity but her complaints were ignored and she was viciously attacked for speaking out by one of her father's long time aides, doug ban. he called chelsea a spoiled brat. as the a.p. previously reported, remember, 55% of nongovernmental people who met with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state, they ended up donating or pledging money to the clinton foundation. is that selling access in abc news is reporting that after the 2010 earthquake in haiti,
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remember, 150,000 people died, a reported 10 billion relief aid was dedicated to that disaster. at that time hillary's state department gave special treatment to bill clinton's friends who may have been looking to cash in. now the new york post editorial board called this quote the most damning clinton foundation story yet. they made separate lists of their friends. now the clinton foundation of course denies this ever happened. but wikileaks says otherwise. there's also the blatant hypocrisy of hillary clinton and her campaign, they labeled donald trump a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, referring to his supporters, remember, basket of deplorables. bill clinton said they're renecks. the released e-mail show that her campaign attacked and mocked catholics and evangelicals and that john pa december that, a left wing activist, he was t talkings about revolution in the
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catholic church. in one e-mail pa december that used the subject line needy latinos, one easy call for the needy latinos. and leaked e-mails from the democratic national committee. remember they showed a sleazy plan to post a fake job listing on craig's list for a trump company. the job requirements, no gaining weight and you must be open to public humiliation. there's the issue of liberal main street bias and how it's become an extex of the clinton campaign. what have i been telling. you journalism in america is dead. the press refused to vet senator obama. and now we have proof that media is colluding with the clinton campaign. what wikileaks found is disturbing, it should be very very concerning to everybody in this country. because in e-mails we see cnbc's
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john harwood, he offered advice to the clinton campaign, praised hillary and bragged about attacking trump as a primary debate he was mod rating. a "the new york times" reporter actually allowed the clinton campaign to edit out certain quotes from hillary before the story is published. by the way, they never let me do that. also the boston globe launched an effort to boost up hillary clinton while she was battling senator bernie sanders in the primarie primaries. the head of univision pushed team clinton to attack trump harder. and after a trip to michigan the clinton campaign bragged that every interview was for her. donna brazile appears of shared a question with the clinton campaign before a town hall on that very network. bra zooel denies it but the question seems verbatim. there are reeve las vegass about hull clint and her campaign really feel about you the
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american people. an e-mail shows that clinton hayesed use the term everyday americans in speeches and in prepared remarks hillary said she was far removed from the struggles of the middle class because of the fortunes her and bill now enjoyed because they get $250 thurks a speech from big banks, lobbyists, insurance companies and wall street firms and much more. huge huge huge revelations. joining us now with reaction, the author of the brand. new book out today call "treason", newt gingrich. you see the dark arts of politics that the clinton's played against obama. and on top of that you've got full collusion with the media, they're an extension of clinton. then it's also the state department. they're tipping off clinton, the justice department is tipping off clinton, the white house is helping clinton with the e-mail
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server scandal p. and why? because obama who said he learned about the e-mail like we did from the press actually was e-mailing the private e-mail. what do you make of this? by the way all they want to talk about is some woman that mad ap allegation this late in the game against donald trump. >> the whole thing is the same thing. you have so much corruption under way now that you know you get a million dollar check from a dictatorship in the middle east as a birthday gift for bill clinton. in a healthy society that would be considered bribery. you get the richest man in mexico donating millions of dollars to the clinton foundation while he's also the major stock hold near the "the new york times" which just happens to be doing everything it can to protect hillary clinton. >> can i stop you. the million dollar check came from cut tar, a country that
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allows marital rape is legal. >> it's also a country that hillary herself said was helping support and sustain isis. wikileaks, there's so much material there that it's going to take a while to sink in. the wilileaks is going to give us an entirely new understanding of how sick and how dishonest and how corrupt the left is in the need media, the bureaucracy, the campaign. and at the center of it is are the clintons and hillary clinton is the most corrupt candidate ever to run for the president of the united states. you're seeing detail after detail that's beyond any reasonable revelation of the departme depth of their corruption. the $10 million was supposed to go to help the haitians after the last earthquake and what do we have happen? you suddenly had friends of bill, not people who knew haiti,
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not people with particular skills but friends of bill, people who have donated suddenly got special state department treatment. this kind of stuff is surfacing now in a way that i suspect the average american over the next week or two is just going to be sickened by the repetitive example of corruption. >> do you think it's a coincidence that here we are 25 days out of a campaign and then all of the sudden out of nowhere six women come out and make allegations against donald trump, six. and do you think it'scoincident right in the middle of a massive document dump that implicates the clintons? >> look. if you're the "the new york times" or cbs news or the washington post and you're desperately propping up the most corrupt candidate in history, you're going to reach for anything. i think it's funny today that the man cited by the first woman of being on the first class flight on the airplane 30 years ago came out of the woodwork said yes i was sitting across
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the aisle. she's a total liar. these things are all going to unravel. but it gives the media a chance for a few days to try to suppress the trump voter and i think it makes the polls highly inaccurate. you get three or four days like this, a lot of voters are not going the say donald trump's name when they're called by a pollster but they will answer donald trump, this is why rasmussen is very different from some of the polls. it doesn't require you to tell a person what you're going to do. >> that's pretty interesting. and i think what you're saying. it took me ten minutes to outline just the headlines of what is -- there's so much here about collusion with the media, collusion with the state department, collusion with the justice department and the white house knowing it, obama lied, and they're talking about erasing e-mails that are under subpoena. there's a lot here. more with newt gingrich after the break. >> wikileaks revealed, just how many the white house knows about the clinton server scandal.
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powerful name in news, fox news channel. have a great night. the media is covering up for the clintons. and there are many crimes against so many people. the wikileaks documents shows how the media con spires and collaborates including giving the questions and answers to hillary clinton before the debate. okay? last night we had a massive crowd of over 20,000 people in cincinnati, filled up an arena. and the media won't even talk about the size of the crowd, the
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enthusiasm of the crowd, the corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement, believe me. they don't want this happening. carlos slim, largest donor of the paper from mexico, reporters at the "the new york times," they're not journalists. they're corporate lobbyists for carlos slim and for hillary clinton. these lies spread by the media without witnesses, without backup or anything else are poisoning the minds of the electorate. >> donald trump earlier today out on the cam pawn trail going of a corrupt news media in the country. you know, this really is -- i mean, this is sick. this is really troubling. univision, nbc, cnbc, msnbc, cnn, the "the new york times," the boston globe, i mean every major media group is basically an extension of the klainton
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campaign and it's revealed. i'm always said journalist is dead now we have the evidence and proof to back up what i've said. but it really puts donald trump at a disadvantage. how should he deal with these allegations that are coming up last minute to smear him and get his message out. what should the message be? >> first of all, barry castleman wrote a blog saying this is literally a media cue data. this was an effort by the media to replace the chosen nominee and destroy the chosen nominee of one of our two major parties. it was an all out effort, a lynching by the news media. i think the way you beat that and the way ronald reagan beat it, you take a set of key messages that you know will win in the end. i was reminded john inning her with the year he won the governorship against the incumbent governor, the sunday morning before the election, the
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detroit l detroit liberal newspaper said he was going to lose. two days later he won. it was a 15-point spread. they were trying to depress republicans, get them to decide not the vote, get them to say home. trump has to stay big, go right after hillary as the most corrupt candidate in history, go right after carlos slim, paid in speeches given to the foundation, the relation of slim to the "the new york times." and i love it when the head of the "the new york times" explains oh, but there's no real relationship. right. the richest guy in mexico who is your biggest single stockholder has no real effect on you. give me a break. the level of dishonesty is breathtaking and i think you see anytime the washington post, the "the new york times," you see it -- >> you and i are the only ones that will tell the story. >> well i think what trump -- the thing that makes trump so remarkable is if he stays at the level he was at this afternoon, if he hammers home the facts, if
2:22 am
they as they did last night when they took on hillary for her brazilian secret speech where she said she really wanted a hemisphere without borders and trump took her head on and said, look, that means 600 million people would come in the u.s. that means mexican drug dealers, columbian cocaine dealers could all come in. when you get that message out there, and between social media, the giant rallies he has -- remember, you get 20,000 people in a rally, you have 20,000 people on facebook. you have 20,000 people on instagram. i've been at these rallies. so he creates his own mini network everywhere he goes and it's much more than the people in the room. it's all of their electronic connections. the message is very simple. are you going to let a corrupt media decide the fate of your country. >> it's a profound deep question. there's a lot of work to do after this. by the way --
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>> and on a happy note, this is the first event on television ever of ellis the elephant the plush toy version. >> tomorrow you're going to be at barnes & noble in fairfax, virginia what time tomorrow? >> going to be there at 1:00, calista and i will be there. and the real elephant will be there for pictures with the fun. >> and next week you're at the nixon and reagan libraries. >> yes. >> will you going to be in vegas? >> no i'm doing a debate party in los angeles and catching the red eye to see my grandchildren. coming up in the wake of the damning new revelations exposed by wee ki lakes should the case on clinton's private e-mail everybodier be reopened? ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well.
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wikileaks released new clinton campaign e-mail revealing how friendly hillary was with the attorney general loretta lynch. this was only months prior to lynch's investigation of hillary's illegal secret e-mail server that gave foreign governments access to our confidential information. this comes on the heels of disclosure that clinton campaign was conspiring and colluding with the state department and justice department over the release of her e-mails and the investigation into her server. >> donald trump earlier today talking about the new wikileaks revelations related to hillary clinton server scandal. now among them was an e-mail from clinton's campaign chairman john pa december that to cheryl mills. pa december that discussed, asking quote do you think we should hold e-mails to and from
2:27 am
the potus, president of the united states. that's the heart of the executive privilege. we could get them to z for that, they may not care but it seems like they will. here with reaction, the cohost of the five kimberly gill foil, judge jeanine pirro. we got to slow down here because we've got collusion. we know that the state department contacted hillary's campaign, gave them a head's up. we know that the justice department gave hillary's campaign a head's up. we know now that the white house was actively involved because the president who said he learned about the e-mails in the press ended up getting e-mails to and from hillary. i would say, because of everyone's involvement, we need an outside investigator, we need a grand jury impanelled and there is a possibility, first of all, that if they destroyed those e-mails and they were under subpoena, that's a crime. it's called obstruction of justice. she could get elected and be impeached within days. true or false?
2:28 am
>> you're right. she could get elected and be impeached. but herb's the problem. you've got the clintons who have their tentacles all over. this is aex book example of corruption collusion and the banana republican. you've got the department of justice, the fbi, the state department as well as the white house all in agreement just to make sure that hillary gets in. i mean the deal is everybody is in on the deal except for the american people. you can get the justice department or a special prosecutor with grand jury powers to start all over. but here's the problem. jim cohen destroyed some of the evidence. jim comey allowed for the destruction of some of the evidence. >> makes you wonder what they have on jim comey. >> you know what, it makes you warned -- >> his actions don't make any sense. >> i know him to be a different man but i am terribly disappointed. >> you think there's a possibility they may have something on him in. >> i don't know why he did what he did but it's contrary to the law. >> but we're in the middle of an
2:29 am
investigation. why would the justice department be talking to the clinton campaign? is there any justifiable reason just like me justifiable reason bill clinton got on a plane were 40 minutes with loretta lynch? >> no. the impropriety of it. this is a big problem. the proof is in the pudding. in these e-mails to show the collusion and the desire to obstruct justice to be to perpetrate a fraud among the american people. it's outrageous. we're both former prosecutors and when you see something like that it shocks your conscious. >> we know obama lied. >> she may take the most important office in the world, the president of the united states. >> we now that obama lied when he told the american people, oh, i learned about it in the press like all of you. >> yes. >> now we have an issue. if that evidence was subpoenaed, the e-mails enand jo podesta and cheryl mills are conspiring to
2:30 am
erase them and get rid of them, he's invoking executive privilege as a means to get of the cloud, what did the president know and when did he know it. >> that's exactly the problem. you've got this coverup -- and generally the coverup is worse than the crime itself. you've got the president saying he had no idea that she had this private server. >> he's e-mailing her on it. >> and he's e-mailing her on on it. the reason there were no charges by comey is because the first witness for hillary would be president barack obama because he was communicating with her on a private server less secure that google. >> did obama influence his attorney general -- >> of course he did. >> and his state department -- >> of course he did. >> but that is against the law. >> no kidding. but if you listen to loretta lynch you think she's made an independent decision in her life? >> no. >> when she meets with bill clinton on an airplane and two days later hillary clinton says if i become president i'm going
2:31 am
to apoupt her attorney general. >> it's the way that clintons do business, bill clinton, hillary clinton, the clinton foundation -- by the way, they were passing out immunity to like parties favors, including cheryl mills. >> to shut the case down. >> right. to set aside perhaps. >> isn't it given specific information that you're going to hand over. >> right. >> so there may still be some opening somewhere. but i'm assuring they dotted thash a's and crossed their t's. >> when the person making the proffer is offering evidence of a crime. otherwise there's no point of giving immunity. >> why fbi ever agree as part of the deal to destroy evidence. >> because they wanted to get rid of it, pure and simple. sometimes the most simple answers are the ones that come to mind. >> common sense. >> whatdy didn't count on is that wikileaks -- >> julian assange.
2:32 am
>> has was the unknown variable that will haunt them. and the problem is we're real close to the election here and there's a strong likelihood she could be the next president. now what? >> impeach her. >> they knew wikileaks was coming out. they knew they were in deep tlubl and they said let's hold it. >> that's where the woman come from. >> you wonder while these allegations weren't brought guard and why the media was complacent in holds things like the tape. >> you guys got a lot of bling. i'm noticing your earrings. >> she's got the good stuff. >> i am totally like -- >> don't even go there. >> i don't wear jewelry at all. i don't have a ring. i don't have nothing. >> you got something better. >> coming up next tonight on "hannity." >> if i watched fox news i wouldn't vote for me. i understand. if i was listening to rush limbaugh, i would say, man, it's terrible. >> is obama back out there come
2:33 am
paining for hillary clinton and attacking talk radio? w conservatives, fox news, big shot. mike huckabee and ben carson weigh in as we continue.
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welcome back to "hannity." president obama was out come paining for hillary clinton yesterday. instead of talking about her record, he began criticizing republicans, talk radio, fox news.
2:39 am
back to the same old same old. watch this. >> some of these folks on talk radio started talking about how i was the anti-christ. this is in the swamp of crazy. look, if i watch fox news i wouldn't vote for me. i understand. if i was listening to rush limbaugh, i would say man, this is terrible. >> joining us now, two former 2016 gop presidential candidates within former arkansas governor mike huckabee, ben carson. with all of the revelations, the collusion of the white house, the collusion with the state department, the collusion with the justice department. doesn't it seem timing, all of the women in one day right in the middle of the wikileaks dump that show all of this, that show that even the president lied to us about when he got e-mails
2:40 am
from hillary? >> you know, it's not surprising to me, sean, because this is exactly what i experienced in arkansas at the hands of the clinton political machine every time i was on the ballot. within weeks usually sometimes days of the election, there would be all manner of the craziest stuff imaginable being thrown, even lawsuits filed. everything you can imagine and more to give the press something to talk about and write about other than the issues of the election. it looks very familiar to me. i've not only seen it, i've been in the middle of it before and not the least bit surprised by it. let me just say this. so far we can't verify a lot of these allegations. but let me tell you what we can verify. we can verify that if hillary is elected we have a good shot of losing religious liberty, the second amendment, the fourth and the fifth, having opener
2:41 am
borders, leaving to plow in the wind. we can verify that the country is going to take a very very very negative direction and that's what we need to be focused on. >> dr. carson, when you look at the collusion with the media, the media seems -- they're not paying attention to some of the most profound things that have been revealed here. the propaganda efforts, the lying efforts, the collusion that has gone on here. you know, they just want the talk about the new allegations while simultaneously ignores juanita broaddrick, paula jones who i interviewed last night. it shows that everything we leernd about wikileaks, nbc, cbs, abc, cnn, msnbc, the "the new york times," the boston globe is all true, that they're in bed with the clintons. the clintons now want them to talk about the women that make allegations but only against trump and ignore wikileaks. they're taking orders from the clintons, it seems. >> it does seem that way.
2:42 am
it's so predictable. you know, a week or two ago i predicted that exactly this would happen. i said that the tape was not going to be the last thing. there would be another thing the next week and another thing the next week because that's what they do because they don't want to discuss the issues. i mean wouldn't it be refreshing to have an open and hopz discussion between hillary clinton and donald trump about why he wants to lower taxes and why she wants to raise them. explain the rationale behind that. why he wants to secure the borders, why she wants to have open borders. i think it would be a fascinating discussion and american people deserve to know the differences. we're not giving it to them. >> you know, governor, when you look at the media and that establishment for hillary and that's now confirm, cnn feeding questions to hillary, msnbc being fed questions to ask hillary in a lead up to an election and then you've got the republican establishment, they're weak, cut and run and they never liked the insurgency
2:43 am
of donald trump and then you've got the democratic. everybody is against him. then you see the polls, hillary ahead in the polls. do you think donald trump has a fair shot of winning this at this point, 25 days out? >> i do think he's got to start focusing solely on the issues that pack those rallies out with the tens of thousands. he can't let himself take the bait and respond to all of these allegations. he spends too much time giving more attention and validates a lot of the actions. my advice, focus on the fact of the contrast between donald trump, hillary clinton and it's major, significant. i have to comment when barack obama said if everybody would listen to fox knees he wouldn't have been elected, that proves right there that people should have been watching fox news and not all of the other stuff and maybe we wouldn't have had the past eight years with a total broken economy. >> thank you both for being with us. 25 day to go.
2:44 am
when we come back, first lady michelle obama, she's hitting the campaign trail hard for hillary clinton but the obamas and clintons, they've not always been friends. we'll explain that in more
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2:49 am
. >> we need someone who will heal the wounds that divide us. someone who truly cares about us, and our children. someone with strength and compassion to lead this country forward and let me tell you, i'm here because i believe with all of my heart that hillary clinton will be that president. >> that is first lady michelle obama praising hillary clinton yesterday. but back in 2007, when then senator obama was locked in a primary fight with hillary clinton, michelle obama was singing a very different tune. take a look. >> one of the things, the important aspect of this race is role modelling what good families should look like is thn
2:50 am
your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. can't do it. >> now, i wonder what the first lady thinks after today's wiki leaks document. the clinton campaign appears to have been pushing a narrative that obama's father was a muslim and liked to do blow, cocaine use. joining us now, the author of "government gone wild". let's go over this. good to see you. >> thank you. >> so, we know that back in 2008, that they were focusing on the fact he wouldn't put his hand over his heart and say he would negotiate with terrorist nations and he's going to raise taxes by $180 billion to pay for obamacare that his father was a muslim. and he grew up among muslims, one of the most-liberal senators
2:51 am
in the senate and goes on from there, and he did a little blow. >> these democrats are flagrant hypocrites. michelle obama is going to put her acting shoes on and republicans need to get used to it. the g.o.p. establishment. they come together and they need to. the g.o.p. is throwing the only candidate who can beat hillary clinton under the bus. look at hillary's most-effective ads. it's other republicans slandering trump. and they think they're for walking away. >> you sound like me. you've got talk radio in your future, no doubt bit. >> rose, let me bring you into this. >> she does. she does. >> she don't like each other. >> they never did.
2:52 am
>> michelle obama is so outraged you would think maybe she thought no. not that well loved. let's see, paula and juanita and kathleen and kathy shelton. >> i'm sure michelle obama dreads getting up every day and doing the job she's got to do. i know they've been telling me how much the clintons are z bringing out happened . re. if you remember, herman caine, who was this black conservative people really liked, he was wowing crowds and so inspirational. i was at quite a few rallies
2:53 am
with him. he could eat obama in a debate. they brought out gloria allred. >> how did they -- they do this, five women in the middle of a wikile wikileaks dump. >> right. >> that is not what we're focusing on. >> timing is suspicious but it's just a ploy to deflect issues. >> will this work? >> it has so far. the media has been reporting nonstop. the g.o.p. is just making it worse. what is paul ryan doing? spending time trashing trump. the g.o.p. created trump. they gave obama everything they wanted now, voters are fed up. >> rose, last word. >> i'd like to say i don't think it's going to work. duáuiut trying the same play
2:54 am
from the same play book. it's not going to work this time, not with donald trump. it just won't. as hong as donald trump stays on the offense, and doesn't go to defense, he can win this. that is what he did when he showed up in his rallies, people were going crazy. that is what he needs to do. stay on the offense. >> good to see you both. >> good to see you, too. >> when we come back, a very-important question of the day, straight ah guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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so why is the media not spending more time covering wiki leaks e-mails? well, it's pretty obvious, right? media people want hillary to win. simple answer. also, on twitter, you want to come on debate? quick programming note. tune in monday night. we'll be in las vegas ahead of wednesday's third, and final presidential debate. hope you have a great weekend. we'll see if liberals can catch. are you ready?
2:59 am
3:00 am
good morning to you. it is saturday, october 15th. time to get up and the coffee roasting. donald trump is on the attack and firing up the crowds like never before. >> as you have seen, i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> trump going after accusers, the media and the prompter. >> ask hillary's supporters what they think of their own candidate. her instincts are suboptimal. wait till you see it.


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