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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 15, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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donald trump on the warpath today. lashing out against new sexual assault allegations. and launching scathing personal attacks against hillary clinton while blaming the media for his recent trouble. hello and welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm eric shawn. mr. trump making a three state swing today before taking time off to prepare for the debate later this week. mr. trump once again questioned mrs. clinton's health and stamina, suggesting the democratic nominee may have been
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under the influence of a drug during the previous debate. >> athlete, they make them take a drug test. i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do. i think -- why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior -- because i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate she was all pumped up at the beginning. and at the end it was like, oh, take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> and for more on mr. trump's claims and the reaction we have team fox news coverage. jennifer griffin life in las vegas, the site of monday night's debate. let's begin with carl cameron who's in bangor, maine. important because he's been leading in that district and of course in maine they split the delegates by district so he could get a delegate out of this
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one just by winning the district. >> donald trump has been making the case for some time that the american people have to be more respectful of law enforcement and the police. but he has been very very harsh on the investigation of hillary clinton particularly as it relates to her e-mail server and e-mail scandals. and today he went so far as to suggest that the fbi and the department of justice, the two leading law enforcement organizations in the country essentially have thrown this race by not indicting her and by conclusion there were no criminal charges after their lengthy investigation. watch this. >> the fbi and department of justice created a fraud in allowing hillary clinton to get away with her terrible, terrible crimes. one of the lowest points in the history of the justice department and fbi. instead of being held accountable, hillary is running for president in what looks like to many people a totally rigged
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election. >> trump has been running a race against republican establishment, against the house speaker paul ryan. against the democratic party. against hillary clinton and against the media. and today paul ryan pushed back through his spokesman, ryan released a statement. and in effect he's saying he has faith in the electoral system and the allegations the system is rigged either by the parties or by the government itself is bogus. and paul ryan's spokeswoman ashley strong wrote our democracy relies on confidence in the election results and speak is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity. trump has made it clear he doesn't think the media has any integrity is is trying to throw the election to hillary clinton. a lot of people believe that. and he has just a few weeks to make his case. a warm reception in bangor,
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maine. and goes now to new jersey. he's going campaign three or four events a day until the end of the election. and in that instance what he's trying to do is make the point that hillary clinton is hiding from the e's resting, as he lik say, preparing for debates behind closed doors and effectively trying to avoid the harsh scrutiny that trump the trying to spotlight throughout the final three weeks of the wane. >> thank you. we'll go to the democratic side. hillary clinton is trying to stay out of the spotlight this week as she prepares for the third and final presidential debate in nevada. jennifer griffin is life in las vegas. hey jennifer. >> reporter: hi arthel. well hillary clinton is hardly resting. she left her house around midday. and made her way to her debate prep site where she will be carrying out comprehensive debate prep over the next coming days. in fact at that site they have built a -- almost a complete
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replica of the debate stage here in nevada for her to practice on. that is something she's done in the past. and she's doing it again this time. now, that stage was installed at the dural arrowwood hotel in new york. clinton arrived through a back entrance and is expected to be there for four or five hours if the past is any indication. hillary clinton is really trying to stay out of way of the growing number of trump accusers coming forward to say trump sexual assaulted them. she fundraised in seattle yesterday. >> i take no satisfaction in seeing what trump does, and says. because it hurts. it hurts me and it hurt ours country. it hurts all of us. >> reporter: clinton's campaign did a conference call with the former acting director of the cia, mike marrell.
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clinton's senior spokesman compared the latest podesta wikileaks e-mail hack to water gate. four decades later we're witnessing another effort to steal private campaign documents in order to influence a an election. only this time instead of filing cabinets it is people's e-mails they are breaking into. and a foreign government is behind it. julian assange, founder of wikileaks, laid out his plan for how the hacks would destroy the two party system in the united states, causing people to lose faith in that system. he wrote about it in december 2006 in a manifesto called "conspiracy of government." his goal is to cause people to lose faith in the two-party system. to lose faith in the u.s. elections. the clinton campaign pushes back saying that donald trump's goal as well is to try and make the campaign so ugly that voters
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decide to stay home and sit this election out. they are encouraging people to go and exercise their right to vote, noting that this is a very, very important election year. back to you arthel. >> okay jennifer. looking good down there in vegas. looks like a pretty day. jennifer griffin, thanks so much, eric. wikileaks. well the hits keep on come. releasing more e-mails reportedly from john podesta. those providing more information about hillary clinton's miscommunications apparently with president obama. and to some raising more questions about what the foundation donors may have expected from the clintons themselves. christen fisher is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: we're finding a lot of stuff that would have been potentially very beneficial to bernie sanders during the primaries. specifically the transcripts of three paid speeches that clinton made to goldman sachs back in
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2014. it is important to point out the authenticity of these transcripts have not been verified by the campaign or by goldman sachs. with that in mind let's look at an excerpt from one of those alleged speeches in which clinton talks about dodd-frank. that is the wall street reform bill passed by the obama administration in spns to the financial crisis of 2008. clinton said there was a lot of campaigni i complaining but also a need to do something because for political reasons. everybody in the press is saying it is all the fault of wall street. you can't sit idly by and do nothing but what you do is really important. there you have clinton telling goldman sachs executives that she supports it for political reasons. clinton campaign chair john podesta fired back last night against wikileaks founder julian assange. and he did this on twitter.
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posted a picture from the recent clinton fundraiser with the caption, i bet the lobster rizzuto is better than the food at the ecuadoran embassy. wikileaks responded by saying, yes we get it. the elite eat better than the peasants they abuse. neither side backing down with 24 days to go until the election. and the threat of more document dumps every day between now and then. >> getting kind of nasty there. and as we've been reminding you all thank you the weekend for the first time ever a fox news anchor will be moderating the third presidential election debate. that guy right there. chris wallace. he will moderate the third match up between mr. trump and mrs. clinton. and we'll have it right here 9:00 p.m. on october 19th on the fox news channel.
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pentagon spokesman strong l condemning a missile test and insisted the american commitment to defending our allies in the region is "ironclad." and in yemen a rebel group releasing two american citizens. john kerr kerry, saying houthi rebels --. there is no word yet on who freed the americans or who they are or how they came to be held by the rebels in the first place. secretary kerry is now in switzerland attending a nine nation meeting to try to find a way to finally end syria's devastating civil war. we'll have more on those efforts and that meeting coming up in our newscast. and the fbi busting up a bombing plot, targeting refugees in the midwest. authorities say the three
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suspects are part of a kansas militia group that calls itself the crusaders. the men planned to bomb a mosque and apartment complex home to some 120 somali immigrants. will carr with the details. >> reporter: fbi agents say this militia had a culture of violence and was fueled by hatred. they say the crusaders are anti-government, anti-muslim, and anti-immigrant. they go on to say the three men all plan to fill four cars with explosives and then park them in four corners of an apartment complex in garden city in west kansas. that complex is home to 120 somali immigrants and a mosque. according to investigators kurtz allen wanted to create physical signs that say i support immigration. i go against the constitution on
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a daily basis. i do not have any care for my fellow citizens in the state i represent. and this enfor everyone one of then we blow the top of their head off we just put that sign around their neck. authorities say these were significant and credible threats that were set to take place after the election. >> the defendants conducted surveillance to size up potential targets. they stockpiled firearms, ammunition and explosive components. even prepared manifesto describing their believes to be published after the bombing one of them said the bombing would "wake people up." >> if convicted all three men could face life in prison. >> okay. thanks so much for that story.
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donald trump is rolling out a new campaign strategy it seems, that apparently is aimed at discouraging mrs. clinton's supporters from going to the polls to vote. will that strategy work? or will it backfire? we'll take a look. >> also a week after hurricane matthew, two more people are found dead in north carolina as the rivers continue to crest. >> we're seeing acts of roarihe. we're seeing courage. we're seeing incredible strength by our citizens. and we're seeing recovery. but there are still many, many difficult days ahead.
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two more dead in north carolina. both trapped if their cars which had been submerged in hurricane maw flood waters. oregon meanwhile facing more rough weather as a tornado hit the state's northern coast. the pacific northwest now preparing for the remnants of the typhoon which they say could bring wind as highase 70 miles an hour. and a wild fire closing schools and roads putting another 500 buildings in danger. >> and don't let anybody get discouraged and decide not to vote if they start seeing returns coming in from the east coast because it really matters how many people turn out and
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vote here. >> and that is hillary clinton campaigning in seattle yesterday, telling supporters the election is far from over. the democratic nominee trying to counter increasingly negative attacks by donald trump. advisers to mr. trump say the new campaign strategy is to discourage clinton supporters from going to the polls. randy winegarden is here, good to have you here with us. >> thank you. >> first, will that strategy work? >> no. there's been a canvas today in 22 states that our members and other working folks have been involved in. there is a sense right now in the country -- the country wants the election over. i mean nobody can stand watching the vistriol on tv anymore. but there is a sense that we need to renounce the bigotry, the misogyny that is increasingly coming from mr.
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trump. so i think people will be out there and will be out there voting, early vote and voting on november 8th. >> let's talk specifics. president of the american federation of teachers, you are. why are you supporting hillary clinton? what is it she's offering your organization? >> well first off, she's the most experienced person to run for president in my lifetime. and what she's talking about are the issues that will help people have a better life. whether it is jobs, why it is public education, whether it is reducing college debt, whether it is reducing child care costs. whether it is creating safety at home and abroad, that is who she is, what she stands for and what she's been fighting for for forty years. >> you represent 1.6 million people in your organization. if you could get more specific for me and talk about the biggest challenge that you think that the country's education system is facing. and how can hillary clinton provide solutions? >> so the biggest challenge this country is facing is to make
2:21 pm
sure we have shared prosperity, for not just the rich. the biggest problem is education but that is why two-thirds of our kids, half of our kids in public schools are poor. that's why a good job is the best thing we can do in terms of education. but in terms of education, we need do four things for our schools. we need to focus on children's well-being. we need to engage in powerful -- >> okay. but so randy, i understand that you have all your issues teed up for me and i appreciate that. but i want to know why is it you think hillary clinton can help you? >> so take the positions both of them have said about public education. donald trump wants to take $20 billion out of the education budget that goes for poor kids. hillary clinton wants to invest money in terms of education particularly helping early childhood education, which we know really helps kids learn and also helping kids who go to college get out of college free from debt. so those things, if you would just look at the investment,
2:22 pm
hillary clinton has a far better plan and a very tangible way. and donald trump wants to decimate public education. >> do you support hillary clinton is 00% across the board? are there any areas or issues where you need to sort of further investigate? or that hillary clinton needs to further explain her position? >> no one supports everyone 100%. -- >> specifically regarding -- >> there's always issues that people have. but on ballots, there is no one who has run for president in lifetime who has the understanding, who follows the evidence, who listens to people as hillary has. >> so where do you disagree with hillary clinton? in what areas? >> what i'm saying that if i look at the entire -- that is why -- no one -- no one agrees 100% on anything. >> where do you disagree with
2:23 pm
hillary clinton. >> i think what hillary has done is she really listens to people in lots of ways. >> to you are either not listening or listening and ignoring my question. where do you disagree with hillary clinton. you are telling me on the one hand you don't agree with anybody 100 percent. so i asked the if you had any specific areas. >> the way hillary has run for this office, the way she's comported her life the last forty years, i think she'll be a great president. when i say you don't agree -- >> there is no major -- >> there is no -- me, there is no major issue that we disagree with. >> in the american federation of teachers, 100% on board with hillary clinton. >> we are 100% on board with hillary clinton. >> randy winegarden thank you so much for coming by. and next hour we'll have a representative of the trump campaign on here to give everyone, fair and balanced, of course. before you vote you have to
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register to vote. now in one state that's become a criminal matter. authorities in indiana have launched a wide spread investigation into alleged voter fraud. like the acorn scandal, remember that one? this new case does involve a new group signing people up. the indiana voter registration project in a investigation of fraud that's grown to 56 county. officials say they discovered phony name, false addresses and misleading information on some of the applications turned in by the group. the result could be that some voters will be disenfranchised. >> i'm worried about voter confidence in the system. i want every voter in the state of indiana to know the vote they cast will be counted. and it won't be canceled out by someone committing fraud. >> the allegations echo the stand that took town acorn, the activist group that flooded
2:25 pm
offices across the country with fake voters registrations, starting in 2008. scores of acorn workers were eventually convicted and some served jail time and acorn shut down its efforts. the group suspected in indiana is actually run by the washington d.c. based patriot majority usa. and said to be having democrat liberal leengs. and saying the rate is part of a partisan effort to rig the election by suppressing the rights of 10s of thousand of african americans to vote this november. an effort to deny 45,000 african americans their right to vote. >> we do not ask the question of race orret n ethnicity on our v registration applications and we are not discriminating against voters. >> she says to be safe voters should register themselves. >> i who you would not use at
2:26 pm
this point a third party to register to vote. most groups doing these voter registration drives are doing the right thing but it is too close to the election to take a chance. >> we wanted an interview with patriot majority, they did not grant us one. the group focuses on voter empowerment and other issues. but the website is attacking mike pence sayi ining quote, pe and state police trying to rig election. he's sitting governor of indiana. indiana officials insist politics has nothing two with their investigation. and secretary of state john kerry meeting with top diplomats to try to find a way to end syria's civil war. and once again florida expects to play a very key role in the presidential election. why the sunshine state is so important this year.
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>> every single vote every single vote counts. take it from me, your vote can make all of the difference in this election.
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depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. the only way that hillary clinton should lose -- hu, she should win this election, but the only way she loses is if folks in florida don't turn out to vote. >> president obama stressing the importance of florida this election. according to politics polling average mrs. equilibrate is leading mr. trump by 2.9% in thethe
2:32 pm
state. what could tip the balance? jamie weinstein, host of the jamie weinstein show. and spends lot of time in florida. >> i do. >> florida could play a very important part. mrs. clinton has been widening her lead a lit. >> no question since 2000 we know that florida can make and break presidents here. this is a crucial state for both campaigns, but especially donald trump. at this point the you look at all the poll numbers in all the states it is hard to see a path to the white house for donald trump without him winning at least florida. he needs to win florida. and the question is how is he going to do it? how does he make up the ground in the polling? and it looks like if you hear what his campaign staffers are saying off the record or on background to many reporters, is that right now it looks like his strategy not just in florida but across the country is not necessarily to attract new voters. he feels he's in a position where he has to try to get voters to not come out and vote
2:33 pm
for hillary clinton. demographics that usually would vote or more likely to vote for hillary clinton like african americans like millennial, like bernie sanders supporters. to throw so much dirt at hillary clinton and paint her as so corrupt that instead of maybe not coming out to vote for donald trump, not attracting them to him, they decide not to vote in the election at all and stay home. that seems to be his strategy across the country rights now and in particular in florida. >> and different message. different type of campaign. trying to make america great again but you did point something out. let's show a live video right now. waiting for senator tim kaine. miami dade college, he's supp e supposed to appear there any moment. he's going after that group, african americans and millennials. can that take florida for them is it. >> certainly they want to
2:34 pm
energize african americans and millennials like obama did in 2008 and 2012. the question is can hillary bring out those groups in large numbers the same what i thay th did. and there is a question there. that is why obama is on the campaign trail trying to get voters tuesdenthusiastic. and this is coming from the trump campaign, the strategy by using wikileaks to show hillary clinton as a corrupt insider, a member of the status quo won't change anything. to try to make that enthusiasm gap large for clinton and make voters think if they are tired on election day, you know, maybe we'll say in and not go out and cast a ballot for hillary clinton because they are lukewarm on her. that is a strategy and might possibly be how he would win florida but we'll have to see if that strategy ultimately works. >> another thing the waults journal just said.
2:35 pm
he needs the state. that is exactly what the journal said, it is nearly impossible he could win the candidacy without capturing the city's 29 electoral votes. it is noted that 68% of the voters in miami dade county, where tim kaine is, that is why he's there, are hispanics. so you have a growing hispanic population in florida that potentially even though donald trump has been so anti-castro and dealing with cuba. how will they react? because clearly looking here right now at the picture of the miami dade college, gearing towards this group, the democrats think they have got them. >> last republican to win florida, presidential candidate was george w. bush in 2004. he got about 55% of the hispanic vote. the latest ppp poll in florida has donald trump around 22%. he's underperforming hispanics by a very large margin compared
2:36 pm
to georgia wush in 2004. and he even to mitt romney and john mccain in 2012 and 8. so he has a big uphill climb with hispanics to get them on his side, not just in florida but across the country. but if he's to win florida he's going to have to bring that hispanic number, those numbers up. and he's attempting to do that by preaching as you mention, his make america great again message that doesn't matter what ethnicity. he's going bring the policy that brings jobs back to this country. and but he's turned off a lot of those voters. as reflected in the polls. >> what is your call on florida? >> my call is donald trump loses florida and if things stay the way they are he's going lose big across the country. >> thanks so much jamie for your insight and we'll see this your right day after election day. eric and jamie, on the international front secretary of
2:37 pm
state john kerry in switzerland holding a meeting with russian foreign ministerer sergei lavr trying to find a way to end the syrian bloody civil war. the assad regime has been receiving military support from russia and iran. katie logan has the latest from london. >> reporter: this comes as no surprise, expectations were low although some had hoped more a new cease fire deal. this was the first meeting between the u.s. and russia since diplomatic relations broke down between the two countries over situations in syria. delegates from iran and turkey, as well as other key regional players were also at the table. secretary kerry described the talks as candid but difficult. said they discussed several ideas in sometimes tense atmosphere. the one thing they all agreed on
2:38 pm
was to try to end the conflict in syria but they can't agree on how. earlier in the day secretary kerry met separately with russian foreign minister love lavrov t relations have cooled since the latest cease fire broke down last month. a major sticking point is russia's continued support to bashar al-assad. in a recent interview president o sad said he intended to press on. and he wants to move on from there to other opposition-held area. russia has been backing the syrian army with air strikes on aleppo. and hundreds have died in that latest offensive on the city. the u.s. has accused of russia of war crimes by targeting civilians. something which moscow denied but the u.s. says it wants russia to stop the bombing. but while the syrian government is pushing to regain full control of the city, it is unlikely that russia will withdraw that air support.
2:39 pm
both u.s. and russia say they agreed to follow-up on today's meeting and both discussions likely to take place in the coming days but for now the fighting continues. arthel? >> kitty logan in london. man oh man are a lot of people stressed out this election season. we'll have the new numbers coming up showing exactly how many of us are feeling anxious about the race. and we'll have some tips from the experts to help you cope. ♪ guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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. . . . . about the samsung galaxy note 7 phones. do not take them on an airplane. agency banning that phone from all airline fights. the agency says you cannot carry one on board. you cannot have one in your carryion luggage. you cannot put it in your checked baggage. this is after the latest crackdown after batteries in those phones have overheated and caught fire. officials realize the ban will inconvenience some passengers but they say of course safety on board airplanes takes priority. so the upcoming election causing many people to feel
2:45 pm
anxious, worried and outright upset. a new survey by the american psychiatric association shows that more than half of americans are dealing with election-related stress this year, regardless of age, gender or political party. check this it. men and 52% of w the campaign is making them feel stressed out. 55% of democrats and 5% 9% of republicans agree. how can we manage the tension until november 8th? dr. ratcliff is here. first, why? is it the 24/7 coverage or is that, you know, this election has taken a more personal and salacious turn. >> both. we've gone from contentious to downright ugly. it is difficult the not painful to watch and when you see this 24/7 with this television, newspaper, blog, twitter, facebook.
2:46 pm
this -- and you have a new kind of situation. america is anxious in the united states as of america's anxious and the united states of anxiety. >> one tip you are saying limit media consumption and avoid conflict discussions. let's start with those. >> it is important to stay in form. so we want to watch and stay informed but we have to have a good balance, especially if you are feeling stressed out. and avoid pointless cob flikt. there is no reason to engage somebody and have these type of conversations. it can increase our stress, blood pressure, heart rate. you can have angina from it. and you want to focus on things you have control over. something you can be empowered about. you can volunteer in your community. you can advocate for a cause you feel strongly about. these are things you can do to focus your anxiety and stress. >> you say don't focus on perceived negative aspect of life and you all say remember
2:47 pm
life goes on after november 8th and make sure you vote. >> it absolutely does. anxiety inhibits us and stress --. voting is important. we are in a democracy. our voice matters. every vote counts and this is something you could take proactive steps and feel like you have control over. and stress in general. stress is dangerous. destabilizes us mentally as well as physically. we want take control of it. avoid stress. we want to set boundaries and have control over different things in our lives. >> is it possible that this particular election will leave a film over the american psyche? >> fortunately i'm a medical doctor not a politically strategist. so that was the easy part. but it is hard to know. the important thing is that we have a government that was established by our founding fathers that is brilliant. there is not -- it is not going to fall apart. it is not catastrophic. it is not going to be destabilized. so that is the good news. >> let's get back to the medical issues, doc. good point you make.
2:48 pm
stress in general, it is true, people are stressed out not only for this but for many reasons in their lives. >> right. >> as a general diagnosis or, you know -- something advice you should give to the patients out there. how do we minimize stress just? general? >> perception in a lot. there are things we can avoid. not everything. and there are -- the way we perceive and how we deal it. going for exercise. taking walks. meditation, prayer. these are things you can do positively to deal with the stress that's thrown away. thrown at us and dispose of it properly. i advocate for that with all patients. we are going to have stressful moments in our life. the way we deal with really is how we are. >> it is very important. stress can kill. >> heart disease. stroke, damiementia. these things impact our lives. it's okay. after november life will continue to go on. don't stress about it.
2:49 pm
>> okay. thank you, doctor. and in the middle of the presidential campaign is the makeover for one presidential library. the richard nixon library getting a $15 million renovation. and they say everything is bigger in texas. well now there is new evidence. yep. that's true. >> no question this is the highlight of my career. this is a really big alligator. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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well, i want you to meet somebody. the largest alligator ever found in texas. there it is. it was caught in a lake near houston. the gator is nearly 14 feet long and weighs more than 900 pounds. it has been moved to an alligator adventure park called gator country. the largest alligator, by the way, ever caught in the u.s. measured 15 feet 9 inches. >> wow, they're petting him. the richard nixon presidential library is reopening this week after a $15 million renovation. the museum now features 70 major exhibits and hundreds of
2:54 pm
artifacts and photos from president nixon's time in office. here's a peek inside the remodelled site. >> therefore i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> this is the watergate exhibit. we take it head on. we think if you look at the facts and the totality of the record, you get a much better idea of what president nixon was about. >> reporter: what is the goal of the renovation? >> absolutely. we want people to get a new look at richard nixon. people don't know he started title ix or the ep aftea. those are things we want to highlight so people get a deeper understanding of his legacy. we thought it was important for people to move into what was confronting my grandfather when he was elected. we can bring a lot of history. you see the interactive exhibits, you see history coming alive. everyone knows about the nixon
2:55 pm
tapes. this gives you a chance to pick up the phone, click on a topic, and listen to president nixon talking about, in this case, the lunar landings. all the lunar landings occurred under nixon's presidency. this handshake showed we were going to end decades of lack of communication. and the handshake was very symbolic of our new relationship with china. this gives you the view of my grandparents leaving from the chopper. >> and i shall rise to fight again. that's the story of my life. >> reporter: in addition to making the library more contemporary and interactive, the renovation treats watergate with more honesty and prominently, while recognizing that one mistake doesn't define richard nixon's career in
2:56 pm
politics. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine campaigning in florida. mrs. clinton has a slight edge in the sunshine state. more on florida's critical role in this election, coming up. another presidential campaign has taken a tougher turn over this weekend, donald trump claiming the election could be rigged. he says the fix is in, basically. is that true? what do folks think about that? we'll talk to one of his top campaign advisers about that in the next hour. now that karen's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ donald trump fighting back against a new groping allegation, and lashing out against the accusers that now number at least nine women. his campaign has been calling those claims, quote, complete fiction, saying there are witnesses who can refute them and calling the entire thing a conspiracy launched by hillary clinton with supposed help from the media. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's election headquarters." i'm eric shawn. >> trump is accusing clinton of
3:01 pm
collu colluding with what he calls the corrupt media. mike pence meanwhile is campaigning in tampa, florida, we'll get you there when the time comes. meanwhile, in bangor, maine, mr. trump held a rally yesterday. >> reporter: he's been telling folks he's going to do three, four, even five events a day to outrun hillary clinton to election day. and in both new hampshire today and in bangor, maine, he was on fire, going after hillary clinton, going after the justice department, going after the fbi, going after the media. all, he says, conspiring to undermine the u.s. election and elect hillary clinton and defeat donald trump. at one point today, notwithstanding his remarks about how it's very important to respect law enforcement and the men and blue, he accused the fbi and the justice department of corrupting the process entirely by not criminally charging
3:02 pm
hillary clinton in her e-mail scandals. watch this. >> the fbi and the department of justice created a fraud in allowing hillary clinton to get away with her terrible, terrible crimes. it's one of the lowest points in the history of the justice department and in the history of the fbi. instead of being held accountable, hillary is running for president in what looks like to many people a totally rigged election. >> reporter: we are 24 days from the election and four days from the next debate. and as part of his preparation, trump is mocking hillary clinton's preparation, saying that she's off the trail because she needs rest. and he suggested that at the last debate, hillary clinton was suspiciously peppy, in his words, pumped up, and argued today that it's time for drug testing before the next debate
3:03 pm
to make sure she's not doping before the debate. listen. >> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do. i think we should -- why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior. because i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end, it was like, take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> reporter: well, that certainly throws down a whole new kind of gauntlet for presidential debate tactics. we've got four days to see how they play out, arthel. >> i don't know even what to think. all right, carl cameron, hang in. thank you very much. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton does not have any public events scheduled for this weekend as she's preparing for the final debate in nevada on wednesday.
3:04 pm
she's holding fundraisering running up to that event. her running mate tim kaine is stumping in florida for the next several days. jennifer griffin is live in las vegas, where as woe know, fox news anchor chris wallace will be the moderator of that much-anticipated final debate that we'll all be watching on wednesday night, hi, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, eric. the clinton campaign expects for donald trump to go lower yet before the debate on wednesday. she is prepping near her house in new york. here in las vegas and in nevada, the real clear politics average shows that clinton is only leading donald trump by 1.5% points. it's a very tight race. this is a very important state. it is a microcosm of the u.s. electorate and the changing demographics, especially when it comes to latino voters. that's why both of them have been campaigning here. hillary clinton was at a
3:05 pm
fundraiser in seattle yesterday, where she took aim at her opponent. >> he's already done damage to us. he has raised questions in the minds of allies and adversaries. he doesn't know the difference, but they both have raised concer concerns. and we're going to have to repair that damage after this election. >> reporter: polls show clinton ahead in crucial swing states, and the most recent fox news poll shows 65% of those polled think she will win the election. she has some powerful surrogates on the campaign trail. >> her opponent made it pretty clear, he's going to drag this election as low as it can possibly go. and he figures if he makes our politics just toxic, then maybe you'll just figure out, you've got no good choices, you get
3:06 pm
discouraged and don't vote. but don't fall for it. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has accused the trump complain of colluding with wikileaks founder julian assange, who stated in 2006 that his goal was to undermine confidence in the two-party system in the united states. mike morell, a clinton supporter, says what worries him is the alleged involvement of the russians in throwing the election to trump. >> i cannot remember a single time in american history were the american government has accused another government of trying to interfere in our elections. this is really unprecedented and, as a national security person, it shakes me to my core. >> reporter: that was during a conference call with reporters yesterday. today, hillary clinton arrived around midday at the dural
3:07 pm
arrowwood hotel at her home near chappaqua. that's where she's conducting debate prep, they've even built a set that looks like the real one in las vegas. >> thanks, jennifer. arthel? meanwhile hillary clinton is facing fresh fallout from the latest wikileaks release from the hacked account of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. in those e-mails are excerpts from some of her wall street speeches. kristen fisher is live with more. >> reporter: wikileaks has released what it claims are three speeches that clinton made to goldman sachs. neither goldman sachs nor the clinton campaign has agreed to their authenticity. another wikileaks dump is
3:08 pm
democrat ldiplomatic cables fro 2010. clinton is said to have said, "and i had a jacket made like a rack store tour. the clinton apology tour. i had to go and apologize to anybody who was in any way characterized in a way that might be considered less than flattering, what can i say, i had grown men cry." wow. these transcripts are the same kinds of transcripts that bernie sanders wanted released during the primaries. so far the clinton campaign has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of any of these leaked transcripts or e-mails but today a spokesman compared these leaks and other hacks to watergate. "four decades later we're witnessing another effort to steal private campaign documents in order to influence an election, only this time instead of filing cabinets it's people's
3:09 pm
e-mails they're breaking into and a foreign government is behind it." so russia now clearly in the crosshairs of what could be an unprecedented covert counterstrike by the united states, arthel. >> kristen fisher, thank you so much. have you heard about this? we're about to tell you for the first time ever, a fox news anchor will be moderating a general election presidential debate. our colleague and award winning journalist chris wallace moderates the third matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton. the final debate airs next wednesday, october 19th, 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel and fox news and chris wallace will be at the helm of that. >> pretty proud. very proud. sadly the death toll from hurricane matthew is now up to 26 people in north carolina. this after two more bodies were discovered in cars that had been swallowed up by those floodwaters in the state. the hurricane dumped more than one foot of rain in north
3:10 pm
carolina last week. this was a powerful storm out in the pacific northwest. we have the latest on the continuing suffering in north carolina. >> reporter: two additional bodies were found in cumberland and wayne counties, most who were killed died while they were driving or walking through floodwaters and were swept away. it's been a week since hurricane matthew dumped 18 inches of rain in some parts of the tarheel state. thousands who were evacuated are starting to come back to their homes as floodwaters recede, water hitting up to ten feet in parts, submerging homes. 24,000 residents have applied for federal disaster assistance. >> hurricane matthew continues its destructive path through north carolina. and yet through that destructive path we're seeing acts of heroism. we're seeing courage. we're seeing incredible strength
3:11 pm
by our citizens. and we're seeing recovering. but there are still many, many difficult days ahead for north carolina. >> reporter: meanwhile, in the pacific northwest, two tornadoes striking oregon's coast west of portland friday morning, as more dangerous weather hits this weekend. look at this, that's an f-2 tornado, with winds of at least 125 miles per hour coming ashore yesterday morning, striking man za zanita, oregon. witnesses described hearing a freight-train-like noise. the twister toppling power lines. 128 homes were reportedly damaged. now residents are really racing to clear debris before a storm hits today with some 60-mile-an-hour winds and more rain. luckily there were no injuries or deaths, and a second twister hit south in oceanside.
3:12 pm
>> that's the type of thing you would expect to see in the heartland. >> reporter: rare in oregon, no doubt. the feds breaking up a suspected terrorism plot in the nation's heartland, speaking of which. new details on what federal investigators say these three men were planning to attack the day after the election. also adodonald trump pushin claims the election is rigged. it's the big fix, he says, even hinting at possible voter fraud. we'll ask a trump campaign senior adviser about that very subject, coming up next. >> it's a rigged system. they take these lies and put them on front pages. but we're not going to let it happen. you can run an errand.
3:13 pm
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time now for a quick check of world headlines. the situation getting worse in the ancient syrian city of aleppo as intense fighting continues. u.s. and russian diplomats today meeting in switzerland to talk about restarting a cease-fire in syria that fell apart last month. meanwhile isis claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing in baghdad that killed at least 35 people at a funeral. 60 more people were hurt. the attack comes as iraqi security forces prepare to retake the city of mosul from the terror group. victims of the deadly terror attack in nice remembered in a ceremony today. french president françois hollande presiding over the event honoring the 85 lives lost in july when an islamic
3:18 pm
extremist plowed his truck through a crowd watching fireworks on the french irivier. so carlos slim, largest owner of the paper, from mexico. reporters from "the new york times," they're not journalists, they're corporate lobbyists for carlos slim and hillary clinton, we're going to let them decide the outcomes. we can't do this. we can't let this happen. we're not going to let it happen where they decide the outcome of our elections. >> trump is angry the paper will not retract the stories of sexual harassment and assault. he says the election is being rigged and has suggested the election could be stolen by possible voter fraud, claiming the race is, quote, one big fix,
3:19 pm
and as he said a couple of days ago, he doesn't want it stolen from us. the clinton campaign has been responding to all this today, saying in part, voting should be encouraged, not dismissed or undermined because a candidate is afraid he's going to lose. this election will have record turnout because voters see through donald trump's shameful attempts to undermine an election weeks before it happens. a.j. delgado joins us, senior trump campaign adviser, good to see you. robby mook, he's the campaign manager of hillary clinton, calls them shameful attempts. in your view, are they? >> absolutely not. listen, voter fraud is always a sensible concern. it's an obligation, really, as a responsible voter, to be concerned about this and to ensure that it doesn't happen. i think mr. mook needs to read his history books, because we know that in 1960, for instance, there was voter fraud involved in the presidential election. it's a concern as a voter. it's something we don't want to see but something we have to be
3:20 pm
vigilant to. i find it funny to hear these smears and find there's some sort of a paranoia going on on our side, when the clinton camp can't stop running around sounding hysterical, trying to pin vladimir putin and russia and connect them to these wikileaks that are so damaging. >> it's not the clinton campaign, a.j. it's the government of the united states of america, the director of the national intelligence, they're pointing the finger at russia. let's get back to the voter fraud, alleged voter fraud situation for a moment. here is donald trump in wilk wilkes-barre raising this possibility a few days ago. >> we have to make sure we're protected. we have to make sure the people of philadelphia are protected, that the vote counts are 100%. everybody wants that. but i hear these more rhorror s. i hear these horror shows. we have to make sure this election is not stolen from us and not taken away from us.
3:21 pm
>> paul ryan is saying he's confident in the integrity of the election. some people call this type of rhetoric dangerous, inflammatory, not responsible at all. what's your view? >> why is it dangerous to want a process where there is vigilance, where people are confident in what's going on and keeping an eye on to make sure that ballots are properly processed, et cetera? if there's no wrongdoing going on, you have nothing to fear about voters being vigilant and expressing a concern to make sure the process carries out the way it's supposed to. only those who are hopeful that there might be voter fraud would be threatened by mr. trump bringing up this possibility and warning and hoping that it doesn't proceed in that fashion. if nothing -- if there is no wrongdoing that will occur, they have nothing to fear. >> he's talked about philadelphia, basically suggesting "other communities," some take that as african-american communities, for example. a lot has been made about the fact that in some divisions in philadelphia, mitt romney got zero votes in 2012.
3:22 pm
let me show you some facts from one of the wards there. the fourth ward, fourth division back in 2012, obama 407 votes, romney zero. it turns out there are 12,000 democrats in that whole division, 2.5% republicans. the third ward, romney 413 -- obama 413, mr. romney got one. it also happens the opposite way, in wyoming, narabara county. in another county, garrison district, romney 70, obama 1. so when mr. trump insinuates the possible voter fraud because no one voted for a republican, no one voted for a democrat in other areas. do you think that's fraud or as election officials in pennsylvania say, it's just voting? >> no, it piques my interest, just because one goes republican, one goes democrat, it makes me wonder was there
3:23 pm
someone possibly in that station throwing out votes cast for one party and on another occasion throwing out votes cast for another party? i'm not saying that definitely happened, but those numbers are odd and it's perfectly logical and reasonable. as a voter i have that right to say, listen, i personally find that strange and i want to make sure that eyes and ears are open so that we respect this process so that doesn't happen. >> and one report found there was some problems, several votes in philadelphia at one point. but your campaign has talked about having a polling watch, voter watch operation. is that still in place, and do you think that will, as the critics say, lead to voter suppression and intimidation and basically target minorities? >> no. it's simply a consideration. and listen, this has been used in various countries throughout the world. it's applauded throughout the world when poll watchers are used. why is this when mr. trump discusses this as a possibility which is something that the american public, i as a voter
3:24 pm
applaud, what would be wrong with poll watchers that are there to only assure the integrity of the process, whether you're a democrat or republican, that's a good thing. >> a.j. delgaddelgado, we'll se the election goes. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, eric. >> arthel? >> eric, thanks. the fbi arresting three men in kansas as part of an eight-month investigation into a bombing plot targeting somali refugees. the three suspects are part of a small kansas militia group known to have extreme anti-muslim and anti-immigrant beliefs. according to federal investigators, the men planned to bomb an apartment complex that houses about 120 immigrants. will carr joins us live from lodges. will, what more can you tell us about this? >> arthel, the fbi says that this attack was planned for the day after the election and that the men involved said they wanted the bombing to wake people up. they're part of a militia called the crusaders which authorities say is antigovernment,
3:25 pm
anti-muslim and anti-immigrant. according to authorities, curtis allen, gavin wright, and patrick stein all planned to fill four carson city with explosives and park them in four corners of an apartment complex in garden city, west kansas, which is home to 120 somali immigrants and a mosque. the complaint against the men states stein called the immigrants cockroaches and said the only good muslim is a dead muslim. he was motivated by the orlando nightclub shooting and the oklahoma city bombing. he went on to say, the only way this country is ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath. add it all up, and the fbi says this is a credible threat. >> these individuals had desire, the means, and the capability, and were committed to carrying out this act of domestic terrorism. >> so far attacks on mosques this year on par with last year,
3:26 pm
which were the most on record, triple from both 2013 and 2014. if these men are convicted, they all face life in prison. arthel? >> will carr, thanks, will. republicans and democrats on raises around the country for control of the senate this november. coming up, how that intense battle between mr. trump and mrs. clinton could affect the downballot contests. our own chris wallace is set to moderate the presidential debate on wednesday. he's the guy in the middle. how he's preparing for the big night. if you have a typical airline credit card, you only earn double miles when you buy stuff from that airline. this where you typically shop? you should be getting double miles on every purchase! the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day. not just ...(dismissively) airline purchases.
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3:30 pm
the latest fox news senate scorecard projects the battle for the senate is also very tight in november. there are now six toss-up states including pennsylvania, north carolina, and indiana. most of them are presidential
3:31 pm
swing states. so how could the fight for the white house impact the senate races? susan parecchio is here from "the washington examiner," good to see you. the democrats have relied on the trickle-down effect, counting on people voting for hillary clinton also voting for the party ticket. the republicans want to make every race count, don't rely on a trump-down effect. which strategy is paying off? >> it sounds like trump and the downballot candidates are somewhat disconnected from each other. for the most part that's a good thing for republicans. as we can see in the polls, trump's numbers have been falling, and the last thing republicans want is for their downballot races to fall along with trump. in those swing states you mentioned, things are staying pretty much the same as a few
3:32 pm
weeks ago. those in tight raises remain in tight raises like in new hampshire. those who were a little bit underneath are still a little bit underneath. those pulling ahead have remained there. we haven't seen so much of a trump effect, where if he's falling eight points, so is the senate candidate. if you look at ohio, which had been a really close race, trump's numbers have fallen somewhat, where is rob portman, the senate incumbent republican, his have climbed way over challenger ted strickland, the democrat, and he's like 20 points ahead now. you're seeing that in other states. the opposite effect, missouri, trump's done pretty well there, he's four or five points ahead in a poll that came out this week. yet the senate incumbent, who had been doing quite well, republican roy blunt, he's fallen in the last few weeks and now it's a close race that hadn't been in the toss-up category. so there's a lot of disconnect between trump and the downticket
3:33 pm
ballots. if you look at the house, it's being predicted that democrats, because of trump falling in the polls, may be able to pick up more seats than originally anticipated. first we were thinking single digit pickups for democrats who were in the minority by a significant margin. now the prediction is they'll pick up more, maybe even double digits for the democrats. >> could they get close to 30? because that would be the only way to reduce the republican majority in the house. >> that's exactly right, the prediction is it's not going to go that far. trump's numbers have fallen by a certain amount. but they call it the generic ballot ratings that have come out, it hasn't fallen that much for republicans. it doesn't look like democrats will be able to turn it into a pickup of a majority in the house. the trump effect is not really having that much of a desired effect, in other words, for either republicans in the house or the senate losing a lot for
3:34 pm
their own numbers. so good for republicans, democrats may get a little bit out of it, but certainly not what they might hope for. >> there's been a lot of news that has been made in the last couple of days, and we're talking about tight races in the toss-up states. which is more damaging to the downballot ticket, susan, the e-mail leaks or the accusations of unwanted sexual advances? and how does each side overcome any sort of final stretch hits as a result? >> a great question. are people going to not show up because they're so disgusted with one candidate or the other? that's the question. i've talked to swing state voters who said, i don't know what to think of either candidate, i'm undecided now. it's really phenomenal how the developments in the news, given the e-mails you just mentioned and of course what's going on with donald trump and all these revelations about various women, the effect it's having on voters has left a lot of us wondering what the effect will be on
3:35 pm
downballot races. given that trump's numbers are worse, if republicans don't show up to vote, it's pretty easy to see how that's going to affect downballot candidates. those republican voters aren't going to be there to vote for republican senate and house races. that's going to give democrats a really big advantage. that i think is the genuine that republicans have right now, more than they fear people will say, i don't like donald trump, i'm just going to go straight democrat. i think there will be a lot of splitting of the ticket, as they say. but only if those republican voters show up. and i think that's a big question. >> 24 days, susan, 24 days. good to see you. >> thanks. speaking of those downballot races, there are about two dozen or so highly competitive raises for the house this fall. one of the most intense playing out right now in hudson valley, new york state, just north of new york city. it's the race in the 19th congressional district. fox news correspondent david lee miller has more. >> reporter: new york state's
3:36 pm
19th congressional district. it's a mix of rural communities and economically challenged small cities. it is also a battleground for control of congress. incumbent republican chris gibson is not running for reelection. vying for his seat are a law professor who recently moved to the district from brooklyn. democrat sandra teachout, an acolyte of bernie sanders, and features him in her ads. teachout's opponent is republican john faso, often described as a paul ryan conservative. issues including gun control, jobs, and the environment are being overshadowed by donald trump. faso says he finds trump's remarks about women appalling but still reports the republican ticket. it remains unclear if he will cast a ballot for trump. >> i will not be voting for mrs. clinton. i haven't decided who i will vote for for president.
3:37 pm
>> my opponent has been talking out of two sides of his mouth on trump. >> reporter: the race is in a statistical dead heat, evenly split between registered republicans and democrats. at a debate thursday night, trump came up again. >> my opponent has not had the courage to denounce trump, still supports the ticket, and doesn't seem to trust voters enough. >> reporter: faso responded by calling trump's remarks on women reprehensible. >> they're outrageous. but the fact is, is that the voters are intelligent enough to decide the race for president. and they're going to decide the race for congress in the 19th district. >> reporter: the candidates will debate again later this month. in what could be a one-issue race. >> my gut tells me donald trump is going to be the deciding factor in this race and many others. >> reporter: according to an analyst, faso and other republican candidates could be helped by polling that shows a trump defeat in november. the reason? voters might feel the need to balance out a democratic presidency. that's what happened in 2012, although obama carried the region, a republican won the
3:38 pm
congressional race. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. will the u.s. retaliate against russia for its alleged hacking of the dnc and top officials? vice president joe biden says yes. our next guest on how we should respond to vladimir putin. (gasping) are you all right? i was in a room full of light. you were there. you were financially secure - it was glorious. how do you know that? i work at ally - it's my job to know about finances. what else did you see? did i have a speedboat or anything? toss me back in, i'll check. he's finding out if i have a speedboat! nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. negative on the speedboat.
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why haven't we sent a message yet to putin? >> we're sending a message. we have the capacity to do it. and the message -- >> he'll know it? >> he'll know it. it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact. >> that's vice president joe biden revealing how he says the u.s. plans to send that message to russia over the country's believed meddling in our presidential election by its alleged hacking into the dnc, top officials' e-mails and some believe even state election systems, as we learn that the cia is looking into potential covert cyber operations. russian president vladimir putin said earlier this week that the focus on who did the hacking, he says, is misplaced. >> translator: everyone is talking about who did it. but is it that important who did it? the most important thing is what is inside this information.
3:44 pm
>> chuck nash, fox news military analyst joins us now. captain nash, all through the years that we've talked to each other, we've talked about attacks against this nation, the wars we've suffered from, radical islamic terrorism. this potentially is an unprecedented foreign government attack against us to try and influence our election, the very tenets of our democracy, and what this republican stands for. why do you think, first of all, if that is the case, this is such a threat? >> first off, the biggest threat is the vice president flapping his lips, telling the russians that we're going to launch -- basically he's confirming press reports that we're going to launch a cyber attack. cyber is a secret world. the whole purpose of it is to get something done without having fingerprints on it. you don't sit there and tell the russians you're going to do it for two reasons. one, what if we do do it?
3:45 pm
what's their response going to be? do we keep going back and forth until we shut each other's pour grids down? or do we take it all the way to kinetic war? that's insane. second thing is what if we don't do it? is that another red line we don't cross? how about we don't do it but somebody else decides to use the opportunity that vice president biden tees them up for it? this administration can't keep their mouths shut. >> he was asked that question by chuck todd. both sides know they do it to each other, at the security council, they know they're getting hacked, spy versus spy. why didn't he say no comment? >> you know, like i said, these guys can't keep their mouth shut, they have to spike the ball. it was vice president bided who outed a particular s.e.a.l. team for their operation in the whole bin laden team. stay off tv.
3:46 pm
stay off tv. and the other thing is this e-mail hacking thing with mode eshe i -- pod he is -- podesta's e-mails hacked. it showed that the president lied on tv to the american public, because the podesta e-mails showed, the public record is i learned about this from watching it on the news. no, he didn't. the podesta e-mails clearly show he was e-mailing hillary rodham clinton at clinton mail well before this whole thing broke. that's when he knew about it. that is what's happening here. and now, because of this peak of embarrassment, these guys are really saying stuff and doing things they should not be doing. >> and despite the pique of embarrassment, what if it is the russians? has this happened before? how do we respond? what should we actually do?
3:47 pm
this really actually is a case that could potentially violate the sanctity and our sovereignty of this nation, especially in illinois and arizona, reports of suspected russian hacks of the voting registration system. >> absolutely. you know what you do? you do things -- whatever happened -- remember the iranian nuclear program, and all of a sudden a virus was put in? who did that? we don't know. there is ambiguity in that. that's the whole purpose of cyber. you don't say we're going to launch a cyber attack against you, because you've opened the door. because we're trying to figure out as a nation, the united states right now is trying to figure out, is a cyber attack an act of war? we're still literally -- >> do you think it is? do you think it is? what do you think it is? and what should we do? >> it depends on what you do. if you do a cyber attack and shut down a power grid, what's the difference between that and bombing the power grid? it's just the means to get it
3:48 pm
done. >> what if we hack putin's e-mails and show stuff that he does? >> yeah, well, first off, now, no matter who hacks putin's e-mails and sends it out there, it's going to be us. why? because the vice president of the united states said we're going to do it and it's going to be on our own time, so stand by. >> we'll be standing by and see how this plays out, it's tremendously troubling especially as it relates to the principles of our democracy that we hold so dear. chuck nash, always good to see you, thank you. >> you bet, eric. >> arthel? a fox news journalist for the first time ever will moderate a general election presidential debate. our own chris wallace will take a look back at his long and compressi impressive career when we come back.
3:49 pm
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chris wallace making history as the first fox news anchor to moderate a presidential debate. it will all go down wednesday at the third and final debate on wednesday. how is chris preparing for the big night? howard takes a look. >> reporter: with donald trump
3:53 pm
facing mounting allegations of women. and hillary clinton facing wiki leaks. the candidates have one final chance to make their case to the mass audience. they will face off with open other with chris wallace. they will have policy questions and allegations of assault and against the gop nominee and the democrat's nominee's husband. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, i never have seencandida you know the three we did, so challenging. >> it marks the first time a presidential debate tapped a fox journalist for the general election. wallace is one of the best interviewers in the business and had a successful career at nbc and abc before joining fox 13 years ago. and he favors a blunt style of
3:54 pm
questioning. and he is disturbed by the role of fact checker but adds he will step in with follow-ups. every moderators has faced criticism. the larger question for trump and clinton on the harsher attack and women and embarrassing e-mails. vegas will be one final roll of the do is. >> we are very proud of chris and his selection. and chris will be joined by two other people. >> and chris will be preparing for are the debate and bret baier fills in on fox news sunday. this includes mike pence and tim kaine. fox news sunday airs at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel. check your local listings. >> donald trump is expected to
3:55 pm
speak at humanity united against terror event held in new jersey. that's the latest stop. he visited three states all day today. and he will be out there continuing and we'll bring it to you at the top of the hour when it begins. clearedd you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five?
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this officer in indiana is a force to be reckoned with. he is using the light saber and inner jedi to direct traffic in south bend. he does more than to keep the streets clear. but he puts on a show for the pedestrians and the drivers stopping at the light. and if you are in south bend, you will see the officer directing cars in tonight's notre dame football game. >> that is fabulous. our hat is off to him. nabsolutely. >> one final reminder. chris wallace becomes the first fox news anchor to moderate a general election debate. we told you 10 billion times.
4:00 pm
wednesday, 9:00 p.m. the debate here on fox news. >> thanks for watching. julie banderas up next with the fox report. donald trump launches a hard offensive over the string of sexual assault allegations and hillary clinton keeps her head down just days away from the final debate for the contenders for president. i am gile banderas, good evening, this is the "fox report. ". throw week and counting until the general election and the candidates seem to be taking opposite approaches. mrs. clinton preparing for wednesday's debate moderated by chris wallace here on fox and her supporter and running mate tim kaine make her case. donald trump about to wrap up his third appearance in three


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