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tv   Perino Stirewalt Ill Tell You What  FOX News  October 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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right here and fox news sunday with bret baier at 10:00 with the contenders. dana and chris, take it away! >> welcome to perino and chris, our top headlines, arson attack on a swing state trump office, and how bad and how dangerous could 2016 get? >> plus, rigged? drugged? and lying. trump has verbal attacks going. >> and wikileaks worries, there was a server and did clinton go too far to cover her tracks? should hillary clinton have a know show in vacation with an insider raising the question. the most important demographic
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shift in politics is not what you think it is. we will help you impress your friends with insider knowledge. but, first, carl cameron and mike image -- image you'll are keeping up with the twists and turns and the latest on the democratic side. mike? >> yes, good afternoon, with will positives suggesting that she is winning, hillary clinton's focus is on a strong performance in the third and final p. debate. clinton has remained out of the public eye. she has been lined closed doors, working on debate preparation with washington super attorney barnett helping her. the team continues to deal with the fallout from the constant drip of e-mails belonging to campaign chair podesta. one features long time clinton confidant ripping on chelsea, writing as they say the apple doesn't fall far. a kiss on the cheek while she is sticking the knife in the back and front. and there is criticism of
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hillary clinton herself, coming from the center for american progress, write about clinton and i quote, "her inability to just do a national interview and communicate generous feelings of remorse and regret is becoming a character problem more so than honesty," from friends, a reminder that the private e-mail can be tomorrow's public embarrassment. >> indeed. thanks, mike. now, a check with carl cameron at trump tower in new york city. >> hello, there is debate prep for donald trump and we have seen him the last week and a half on the campaign trail, blaming the media, he has been attacking hillary clinton for a lot of the wikileaks hacked e-mails, and he is going after fellow republicans and the democratic party saying the system is rigged. a moment ago, trump tweeted and i quote, "the democrats have a corrupt political machine push
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ing crooked hillary clinton and we have paul ryan fighting the republican nominee." ryan yesterday took issue with the suggestion the election is rigged. mike pence this morning echoed something safer saying the election results will be send although there is an undercurrent the last couple of weeks that if donald trump does not win this could be an up riding and donald trump trying to discredit the media and hillary clinton to suppress her vote. the idea, according to a lot of senior advisors, if they can suppress the vote, particularly for hillary clinton, his core loyalists can give him a win. >> to get a sense of how it has been crazy in the hours, we will listen to the highlights or low lights from the campaign trail. >> i was with donald trump in 1980 and i was sitting with him on an airplane.
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and he went after me on the plane. yeah. believe me, she would not be my purse choice. all the e-mails showed behind closed doors, speaking to the international bankers hillary clinton's pledge to destroy the sovereignty of the united states. >> i am at my podium and she walked in front of me, right? she walks in front of me, you know and when she walked in front of me i was not impressed. >> after 15 minutes, we don't know reach other. after 15 minutes she said, well that was too much. 15 minute? with the ladies in this place it would be one second and it would be "smack." we should take the drug test because i don't know what going on with her. but at going of her last debate she was all pumped up at the beginning and at the end it was like, well, take me down.
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she could barely reach her car. >> so that was a little bit of it, and mike said that hillary clinton has laid low and she is letting donald trump fill the airways and the other thing, we had something called camera talk about a suggestion that elections could be rigged in america and i actually think that is the topic that put our podcast before it was a tv show, on the maps, because you talked how americans should have faith in our elections and i was thinking of that. >> if you were to add up all the blessings of the united states as a nation, there are many, many things more than any other country in the world. but you would put on the list of finalists for the greatest election, the fact that we have had an orderly and peaceful transfer of power even as civil loomed, even as riots raged, even during war. we have had an orderly transition of power and we have had it 44 times.
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this is supposed to be the 45th time. the french are on the 6th republic. we are better at this than anybody in the world and it is the cornerstone, in fact, of why markets and people, and why everyone has confidence in the united states because we are big, powerful and we are stable. >> i thought of a favorite moment when i worked at white house was in january of 2009, as we were preparing to turn over the administration to president obama, president bush 43, invited all of the living former presidents and president elect obama to the oval office and i went in with robert gibbs, the secretary press, going to be, for obama, and i thought about that picture today, because it is a remarkable amount of forgiveness that has to happen. the campaign everyone not easy and there was a lot of angry words and allegations and accusations hurled at all of them but i remember thinking that day we are an example and
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this is a good example between bush and gore in 2000 despite recount, america came together. >> well... >> we did! >> governor it were not for september 11th the way that people feel --. >> that not true president bush got several pieces of legislation through before september 11th. >> no one is taking anything away from no child left behind. >> they sent me a check i bought a television with it. >> you did? that helped the economy. >> and my point, though --. >> i understand. there is crackle in the wire, energy that is dangerous energy that is out there when people feel like the system is rigged and like it doesn't work and they question. in 2000, we were told that george bush stole the election and democrats including al gore
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to a certain extent, worked to --. >> for a while. >> worked to delegitimatize the bush presidency and in 24 the democrats said they stole the election in ohio with the voting conditions. in 2008 it was the black panthers blocking republicans, from voting in philadelphia. all kinds of stuff. i am not saying this is new. i am saying september 11th created a pause. people said, wow, we should not be -- we need each other. we have to stick together and not be heinous to each other. if we go back to per rose and 1992, and deep currents of this, what trump is saying, this election is all a fraud. >> no matter what? >> he is now 11 points in person. >> a couple of the polls and why he could be trying to bring this up and even giuliani suggested that the inner cities will be
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rigged because it is not -- there are not a lost republicans. can you see this is the washington post/abc news poll what die make of that? >> four points. all the "wall street journal" poll is a zillion points and that spread so it is reflect i of a will ifing average like six or seven points and this is the normal...we will not know the average or normal deficit for trump was until we get to the end. he has been between two and 10 points s this normal for his deficit? six or seven? maybe. at this point in 1996, bob dole was in a similar situation. he had already said, where's the outage and people said, not here, bro'. he knew that. the republican and he worked together to try to save the
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senate and gained two senate seats in 1996. what we are witness this time, is someone that is in the same position as dole, asking, where is the outage but this is no move toward normalizing things. >> i am smiling because i remember in 1998, 1999 i moved to england and it was the summer although it was cold all the time and i remember i took too man clothes, too many things and i moved to england and got married to peter and i had ad if dole t-shirt and i wore it wherever i went. >> just the coolest. >> i still have that t-shirt. i was there in 1996. >> we have to take a quick break. back with our panel to talk about the latest wikileaks constitutional and wikileaks leading to the final presidential debate moderateed by chris wallace, our very own. right here on wednesday night.
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>> the story broken by steve hayes of the weekly standard which an interview with f.b.i. investigators looking at secretary clinton's e-mail practices and an f.b.i. record and classification official said that he felt pressure from patrick kennedy, senior state department official, to change the classification of some hillary clinton e-mails. to your knowledge, did anyone that was associated with hillary clinton ask or instruct kennedy to seek changes to the classification of e-mails? >> absolutely not. i have no knowledge that happened. absolutely not. >> tim kaine getting grilled by bret baier on fox news about new wikileaks revelations including bringing in the panel
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of gusts to talk about it, first, david drunker and host of a great podcast "examining politics." and washington bureau chief at the new york post and senior political writer for and our first return guest. so, welcome. >> so, we have not had bombshells in the wick hack but there was uncomfortable conversation with the clinton campaign and this is serious. >> it is like this, everything we have seen in wikileaks could be described as sort of broadly gross and confirming the kind of things that were written about in daniel's book where it is grubby the kind of stuff people talk about in politics like who do we have to suck up this guy or i hate that guy and i hope he loses. it was embarrassing but nothing there. now there is a thread of something which is, how far did they go, essentially, in urging
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the department of justice and the f.b.i. and, also, imply there was malice aforethought. >> the f.b.i. said negotiation? all the file said it does not. i start with you, david. when we talk about wikileaks this has been, first of all, we do not know if it is true because no one confirms anything and it is the work of a shady something out there, but if this is true do we see the transition from wikileaks to embarrassing to dangerous? >> not necessarily. but only time will tell. part of the issue with the wikileaks is there is so much information out there coming out each day. >> the barrage. >> they drown each other out. there is so much in this that is harmless and stupid and doesn't matter that everyone makes -- the clinton opponents are
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treated equally. hillary clinton and her team strategize how to win the election. bombshell. caught. well, wait, something from the file, bombshell, caught. for a regular voter to put two and two together statement that a flood of negative information is coming out about donald trump and when donald trump is dominating the headlines but not in a good way makes it difficult for this to make a difference. now, it could change. if information comes to light that said, clinton herself did this...that is different. even in this thread it is not clinton did this. it is these other people did things, maybe for her but even steve hayes wrote in the story a great story, that no evidence came out of that implicating her directly. the reason it matters is because the only way you really get to her is by implicated her directly by her actions.
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>> is he right? >> i think so, a time going off that the cake is baked and the election is pretty much set. >> three weeks away. >> couple of theories, the hillary clinton theory, we have won and we are up in every poll including all the states we need to win. we will probably win. convincing. a lost data to back that up. a trump theory that, well, we don't know, we are behind, but they could be wrong or they are rigged. >> they are so strong and they will show up and are enthusiastic. >> we have the enthusiasm and we will win. we will see which theory is correct. you want the data on your side but the point is, each of the new revelations for donald trump, each of the new women coming forward, as they have this past week, with the first you get a lost play, the second one, but at some point it is baked in. it is probably pretty much set and there isn't that much that
2:20 pm
can change. >> can i ask a question? i wonder, the idea of the a lake so dirty that no one wants to swim in chit is what obama does to romney in 2012, we are going dirty, we will go ugly early and call. >> vampire and not going to worry about winning, we will worry about creating a base and the president was confident and he was right he could get the business to the polls better than romney. the trump argument seems to be with the use of the wikileaks, make everything as gross as possible, and say, i said these things and women say these things about me but bill clinton is gross and you are gross too and the wikileaks, gross, gross, gross. if you dialed down voter turnout to the ground, who does that help? >> it helps donald trump, governor voter turnout is slow that is why republicans do well in midterm elections and they are far more reliable. we do not see proof of that in the early voting whether it is from virginia or north carolina.
2:21 pm
more than that, you look at the favorability for trump and:ton you see no proof he has muddied the waters, hillary clinton is disliked, donald trump is far more disliked. >> harry, what about the idea that elections are rigged? you tweeted about it yesterday. >> i would say it is garbage. there no proof the election are rigged. the chief elections officers in a majority of states that have majority of electoral votes are will control by republicans it is very difficult to rig an election because each state holds their own election, each county has its own county, and election board, and it is impossible there is no proof. at all. >> but there is a saying and it is playing with fire approach, you can say it is rigged in an abstract sense and say that most reporters are liberal, and there is liberal media bias. or it is rigged in the sense that the democrats are advantaged on electoral math. you can say the conditions
2:22 pm
rigged in some sense. but inevitably that will bleed over into, it is actually rigged and the vote is fixed and you cannot trust this outcome. >> that is why words matter. look, for years we have talked about media bias against republicans which exists. for years we have talked about, well, california is a blue state. >> what? >> i know. i get it. i know, big surprise. >> big blue. >> you her it here first, california will go blue. >> 55 electoral votes are guarantee to the democratic party because people in california are liberals. >> this is the first time we have had a major party nominee talk about the idea that there are global forces that are stealing the election. >> coming up, the real nailbiter on election night could be what
2:23 pm
happens to control of senate. >> if we look the senate do you know who becomes the chairman of the senate budget committee? a guy named bernie sanders? ever heard of him? >> could control of the house of representatives even flip to democrats? >> no, bro'. >> we will lay out the odds when we come back. part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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rich, creamy... ...and delicious nothing else tastes like philadelphia®. >> from america's election headquarters in washington, dc, i am leland vittert. military tensions are heating up between the united states and iran as the pentagon investigates the third missile attack in the week in the red sea, the failed attack on a destroyer came from territory in yemen controlled by iranian-backed rebels. cruise missiles destroyed raider sites in the area on thursday. back in the united states, a horrific crash in san diego, a pickup truck plunging off the
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bridge into a park killing four people below, and at least eight others were hurt including the truck driver. the 25-year-old man stationed with the navy and they have charged him with drunk driving. any, back to perino and stirewalt. they will "tell you what." >> finally, the guy they nominated and they endorsed and they supported is caught on tape say things that no decent person would even think much less say, were less brag about, much less laugh about or joke about, much less act on. you can't wait until that finally happens and say, that is too much. that is enough. and think that somehow you are showing any kind of leadership
2:29 pm
and deserve to be elected to the united states senate. >> if we lose the senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of the senate budget committee? a guy names bernie sanders? ever heard of him? now is president obama and house speaker paul ryan. for how long? >> so, the question is, that is happening to the down ballot races? we have three polls, and we will talk to the panel and you. in new hampshire, we have new polls showing that the lead is still with kelly who has done better than any other candidate other than rob portman in creating distance and separation in the numbers from donald trump, he goes down, she stayed with the steady lead, and it is a testament to her basic skill set for the state. >> and nevada? we have new polls, an important seat, joe heck is now behind.
2:30 pm
>> this is significant. this is hear's seat and he hand picked masto, and she was going to be great, and heck, two things happen. >> heck of a good candidate. >> whoa: that hurts. >> wow! he picked her, and she was supposed to be good and joe heck in congress did very well and trump outperformed that state and there are a lot of demographic profiles that fits with the trump voter and he and heck are drifting down. >> the other is in north carolina, on the going office, the trump office being fire bombed and we will have more on that. and richard burr is still ahead. >> i continue to not think this is a a race, she not a good candidate, and he is not a great candidate, either, but --. >> what? >> i like him.
2:31 pm
>> you may like him. i have no idea what people do in office but as far as running, he is... >> harry, what about as far as the republicans' ability to maintain a majority in the senate? >> difficult. but the most interesting things we have seen is even if hillary clinton is expanding her lead democrats in the senate races have not expanded their lead. what is going on, voters understand that hillary clinton is ahead and they understand they do not like her they dishike donald trump so they will say, we will check and balance and that is why republicans are remaining competitive even in there is an uphill. >> you wrote a book "clinton eats." >> we knew she would be bad but we thought the republican candidate would be more popular so we are surprised the two very unpopular candidates, of course they have their fans are facing off against each other. harry is right, the polls show a
2:32 pm
understanding by a last voters who think if we have one of these we may as well have the opposite checking them. practically, it is less likely to ham our people would like. people want that, for the most part, certainly moderates but it doesn't happen. i am thinking that senate will be very hard, even in republicans were running away with this, the senate would be hard to keep. >> fiddle de. >> drunker back me up, in they held the election today, and i am not sure about mike, but if they held it today, what kind of zeal would this be? if they held the election today the democrats would gain to seats. >> and they need four. >> they need four.
2:33 pm
>> four in clinton wins, five in she does not. clinton is a bad candidate with a lot of flaws, we are take for granted how well republicans running for senate are doing. that shows campaign and good candidates matter. the fact toomey has a chance to win, and burr is in the game but he has to overcompensate and that heck could still win although clinton has pulled ahead that means what we see this is what happens when republicans nominate good candidates that run good campaigns. we have not talked about marco rubio or portman. why? they did the work. they are good candidates this is what republican could have done at the presidential level in the voters did not want an outsider so bad they were willing to look beyond all of his flaws. >> have you seen the latest fire on rob portman, stronger together. >> no! >> yes. >> borrowing the slogan of hillary clinton.
2:34 pm
>> he needs voters that want clinton and it takes fantastic thinking to think it will work. it could backfire. it is working so far. >> wait, wait, wait, but it is tight. we need you to bring information and data to this, otherwise. >> data matters? >> we have become recently accustomed to one to one correlation on senate votes and party identification is the crusher. >> right drug. >> because it changes. we could be witnessing a de-coupling. >> we could. the correlation in senate races is less than it is in the house of representatives races. that is why a ron we will get to this is why we expect the republicans will hold on. in the senate it wrote not be shocking in the republicans maintain control for the reasons we just said. >> i had to eat crow last week because republicans --.
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>> time for the "i'll toll you what," on what could be the most important demographic trend in politics. i want people tomorrow when they go to work to impress their friends. >> by talking about demographics? >> and women. >> well there is that. >> fair. >> you got me. >> tell us what. >> we will start with last week's half time report average of polls, without garbage polls and it was 45.6 to 40.4, hillary clinton, up by a chunk.
2:40 pm
what happened this week? so you can see it moves up to eight-point advantage for hillary clinton so not we see matters. we are talking about this week, the mode an age at first marriage, 18930 to present from the census, why do i show thank you? here is the deal: essentially, married women are republicans. single women are democrats. by a lot. like by quite a lot. you can see overtime, we have had later and later age for marriage approaching 30. so here is how that has affected the electorate. you can see a straight lane going up as far as the shay of the electorate that are single women which tend to be more democratic. >> i light to clarify, 31% of the electorate is single women
2:41 pm
but it does not mean only younger but it could be single for any reason, never married, separated, divorced whatever. >> or widows. widows are included in the numbers. >> health's see how single women have been voting, overwhelm give democratic, you can see george w. bush was able to get to 40% in 2004 but this is a massively democratic consistency. we see 67%. we see 70%. how is it going now? we will look at the latest fox news poll on how single women are voting. the fox news poll, our most recent fox news poll. it said that -- well, we don't have it. well, it said that it is 3 to 1. 3 to 1, clinton vs. trump and they are a larger share of the electorate. it is the problem. he is underperforming even those bad numbers with the single
2:42 pm
women and they are a growing portion. these are the states with the highest unmarried women states --. there is the poll. bring it back. i loved it so much i want to see it now. look of the it is so good. 630 to 45, no, no, 60% to 19% unmarried. not good and 43 to 40 among married women so it makes it clear and the longer they wait to get married. the swing states with the highest states of unmarried female, where the guys ought to go, florida georgia, nevada, michigan and pennsylvania. the states with the lowest percentage of unmarry females, iowa through colorado and ladies, that could be good odds there, but the odds are good but the goods may be odd. and that is the data.
2:43 pm
>> looking at that date, and now we have harry, how durable could that be for democrats if they do well this time around, how will that turn around in the future? >> i am very reluctant to base future trends off of one election. what we see this election it is important that we are looking at the largest gender gap the difference between how men and women are voting since 1952. >> we can show that number. we have that. we do have that. we can look at many vs. women voters in the latest polls while you are talking. >> it is just huge. what is very interesting to me, men vote how you would expect in a close election, we expect a gender gap. burr women are voting far more democrat than we normally expect and that said that something is going on, donald trump, making all of these statements and women are reacting to it and donald trump were not the nominee this race would probably
2:44 pm
be significantly closer. >> was it like this the at going? women, he did okay with women going at the beginning. >> at the beginning it was okay and in july it was okay. >> if you want start from may 4 --. >> here is the poll, the gender gap and you can see hillary clinton is killing it with women. donald trump is not doing well enough with men, he is underperforming more than mitt romney. >> there is something to understand on the general election. it is true that donald trump came to the general election with more flaws than most recent candidates, what he did was give creedens to all the negative ads that hillary clinton and her allies put on the air about him. that is usually what happened you get out of the primary and have problems and you pivot, the famous -- how many times do we use that word? it is silly.
2:45 pm
rather than pivoting, he went back the other direction. instead of gist having all of the tape that we had on trump in the primary, anyone that understands general elections knew would not play well for him, he said, let me make sure you know it is all true and i will attack a judge for being a mexican, a goldary family i can -- a gold star family i can attack. and so son. >> daniel, hillary clinton did not necessarily start out the campaign saying vote for me because i'll be the first woman yet gender has become one of the biggest issues in the campaign. >> she has never had to hit people out of the head bit. >> my gosh, that convention! >> they had a class ceiling. >> they tried to hit people over the head but at various points. >> soft sell. >> there aror -- are other
2:46 pm
things that have been done by donald trump that allows caitlyn jenner to -- allows hillary clin to back off. she does not need to say i will be the first woman president, you need to elect me, and when you have that tape playing with all the news outlets, it is very raw. >> we will come right back because we love the panel. the original and never been improveed upon in a news quiz and i will show you this after break, a little bit of chris' new favorite. ♪ all the single ladies
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>> time now to see how close our panelists are paying attention to current events. the news quick, first to david strucker, and chris wallace will moderate on wednesday's final presidential debate in las vegas, nevada. it is fitting because nevada is a key swing state which has divided its vote evenly between
2:51 pm
republicans and democrats, four for four the past eight elections dr. candidate was the first to win the electoral vote votes? william jennings brian, abraham lincoln or wise hour or woodrow wilson? >> can you look at monitor there. >> well, bryan, eisenhower, lincoln or wilson. all the correct answer is lincoln because they rubbed we nevada into the union because they needed to pay for the war. >> question two, the buzz was about bob dylan's nobel prize in literature but they gave out an award of economics to two researchers one from harvard and one in m.i.t., but what was the breakthrough that got them the
2:52 pm
pulitzer prize? >> a it is (b). >> well... >> i skipped totally. >> it is (a), the answer was (a). >> finally, harry, a new hot button issue has threatened to shake up a new york assembly race on long island. challenger dean hart has leveled what charge against the incumbent? running an unlicensed petting zoo? being a phonily billy joel fan? cbs a mispronunciation or (d) being a horrible driver? >> i will say billy joel.
2:53 pm
>> can you believe? take it away, audio daily double. ♪ wheel, west virginia >> billy joel is a big deal. the complaint is that he did not succeed in delivering renaming a section of road and, further, evidence that... >> he is done. >> we have only one minute but i wanted to show you a poll, we have utah presidential poll and this is about raekwon mcmalliand he is in utah doing quite well and another poll taken earlier showing him closer, and clinton and trump in a tie, and do you think it is possible? >> it is possible. and watch, idaho, with the numbers this.
2:54 pm
>> possible. the first third party or independent candidate to win a state since 1968. >> he will do it. his ideas are very low like 50 or 630% a couple more weeks and tv hits. >> imagine, the next podcast. shear a picture from a viewer, america is my dad's guiden, in a holler in western north carolina >> stay with us, because, next, we have two presidential trivia questions. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you!
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and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back to "i'll tell you what." my favorite, stump chris stirewalt. all the last vice president not have served in congress? >> no, no, no, no, no, nope. >> last vice president not to serve in congress? >> well...boy, you get to keep going pretty far back. >> n.r. initials? >> nelson rockefeller? of course nelson rockefeller never served. >> question number two, only three vice presidents while
2:59 pm
certifying the presidential election as president of the senate, have had to announce their own defeat. can you name two of them. >> three develops had to announce their own defeat when certifying. can we name two vice presidents that would be al gore, and somebody else who lost was richard nixon. >> can you name the third for bonus points i will buy you a slim jim. >> i do love slim gyms. >> you had that for dinner. >> do you know, third one, last vice president? >> no. >> john breckenridge. >> that is all time we have, tune in for the final debate when night right here on fox news channel. >> "i'll tell you what," can be downloaded on itunes and podcast and download it from fox. we will see you next week.
3:00 pm
>> with kays to go before the final debate in las vegas, new polls show us the state of the presidential race as truck donald trump slams the election process as rigged and hick is faced with new failout over the e-mail investigation. welcome to a brand new election headquarters. >> donald trump and hillary clinton have the day off today. we do not. nor do the news, a brand new washington post/abc news poll pitting hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by four points. and nbc and "wall street journal" poll has her ahead by 11 points. trump is slamming the numbers as proof according to him that the race is staffed against him, tweeting "the election is absolute


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