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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  October 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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stinks. media rigging election. an the last time a candidate was ripped has decided the show should be canceled. >> there is one more debate giving them more material on wednesday night with our own chris wallace. that does it for us in washington. >> harris faulkner up next. we begin with a fox news alert on a busy news night. the push to retake mosul from the islamic state savages has begun. u.s. troops took that city once already during the iraq war. you know that. and now we have to help the iraqis do it again. more on that and plus both presidential candidates are getting ready for the third and final face-off. brand-new polling, out before the debate, show at least some momentum for hillary clinton nationally. results from three recent polls of a four-way race, each showing clinton with a lead. let's take a look. 11 points, seven points, four points, over donald trump.
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each of these polls were taken immediately after the second debate as well as after that hot mike video of trump making lewd comments about women. and this sunday, trump active claiming the election on november 8th is already rigged. but took his claim a step further today and included polling places. quote, the election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing crooked hillary but also at many polling places. sad. it should be noted that the associated press has reported no evidence has been found that voter fraud is widespread in the united states. the a.p. citing a study which found of one bill votes cast an all american election between 2000 and 2014 there were only 31 known cases of impersonation fraud. we have live team coverage. mike emanuel is standing by. let's start outside of trump tower with carl cameron. carl, what is trump thinking with the rigged strategy at this
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point? >> reporter: well, they look at the polls every day and he talks about them when they are in his favor and not so much when they are not. and the trump campaign recognizes that at this point it's going down to the wire and he's had a rough patch since the last debate. the next one could be tremendously consequential and his senior advisers argue that what they are now trying to do is suppress hillary clinton's votes. by pointing out all of her foibles, her controversies and scandals by going after the fbi and justice department and suggesting they dropped the ball deliberately and committed a quote, fraud in donald trump's words by failing to charge her in the e-mail server scandal. the attempted by the trump came is to turn off democratic voters and swing voters and the independent and undecideds so the trump very aggressive loyal following could win in a low turn-out election. donald trump effectively has attacked hillary clinton and the media and the republican party and house speaker paul ryan and
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the democratic party saying that they rigged it and cheated bernie sanders. this has created in some of the trump supporters the rhetoric about the possibility of refusing to accept the outcome of the election. there has even been talk of pitch forks and torches. but it was mike pence, the republican running mate, governor of indiana today that said, well, no, the trump-pence ticket will accept the will of the people, even if it doesn't go trump's way. watch. >> one of the great, great traditions of america is the peaceful transfer of power. the stakes are so high in this election. but as donald trump said in that first debate, and i'll say again today, we're going to accept the will of the american people. >> reporter: so it doesn't mean they will look for something to overturn the results at the end. but it does suggest that donald trump is prepared if he should not be the winner, to blame it on a system that he has from almost the very beginning of his campaign complained is rigged. harris. >> there is something to win
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before november 8th and that is the final debate between these two, which is this wednesday, october 19th at 9:00 p.m. eastern. everybody's night is made. they know where to watch that on fox. so how is trump preparing for wednesday's debate? >> well, he's already sort of debuted in plain view a whole series of new attack lines. yesterday in portsmouth, new hampshire, he suggested there should be drug testing on wednesday night, suggesting that hillary clinton had been doping prior to the last debate and came in pumped up. and so he said, i don't know what is going on here but maybe we should be drug testing and the crowd absolutely loved it. he has been aggressively pounding the media for not having covered the e-mail scandals, particularly the hacked e-mails that have been released by wikileaks now in an ever growing avalanche of tough news for her. today is a good example of what happens when the media didn't have trump's latest outbursts to report on, he is in debate preps in bedford, new jersey, an hour west of here and going to new jersey pretty much every sunday when he has been in town for
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that debate prep. we do not have any indication that we will see the type of performance that we saw at the pre-debate last week or a week ago when the trump campaign brought out four of the bill clinton accusers to a predebate news conference. that type of showmanship we haven't heard about yet, but it is a fair bet given the attacks on the establishment and the electorate process and attacks on fellow republicans and hillary clinton that when donald trump hits the debate stage on wednesday night, this is likely to be another brawl if he has his way. >> carl cameron, ow viewers don't know this yet and we'll ask you to stand by because we're doing something special in a moment and i'll come back to you. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail prepping for wednesday's debate and her running mate tim kaine was busy in her place. the virginia senator kaine talked about the wikileaks e-mails and regarding hillary clinton and her clinton foundation and so on and so
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forth and the campaign. our team coverage continues with senior political correspondent mike emanuel near the clinton family home in chappaqua, new york. mike. >> what is striking from the wikileaks latest is some of the tough criticism coming from clinton allies, including criticism of hillary clinton herself. for example, center for american progress wrote to john podesta saying, quote, her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, i fear, becoming a character problem, more so than honesty. there is also the ongoing controversy about communications director jen palmary who criticized media moguls for crazing their children catholic. she is a catholic and so it tim kaine who was on the spot today. >> she is catholic. she has said, yeah, i sent that e-mail aand i had some opinions and i shared them. but i do know what hillary clinton thinks about catholicism
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because she picked a catholic running mate. >> about some is of the bickering on e-mail, kaine acknowledged later that sometimes there is some of the stuff going on behind the scenes at campaigns, harris. >> and well it could get chippy. what about all of that sniping between the people inside of the clinton world, if you will, the insiders? >> some tough stuff and including criticism of the clinton's own daughter. doug band had written to john podesta saying that he thought chelsea clinton was acting like a spoiled brat kid and then banned e-mail about this saying, as they say, the apple doesn't fall far. a kiss on the cheek while she is sticking a knife in the back and front. we're told hillary clinton's initial reaction to doug band's criticism was that she was not upset saying her daughter was the only one tough enough to stand up to band. lars. >> what is ahead for clinton at this point. >> her week seems entirely
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focused on this third and final presidential debate. but the showdown in sin city, clinton stayed out of the spotlight today remaining behind closed doors much of the day doing debate preparation. we do not expect to see much of her tomorrow either. the bottom line, the clinton campaign sees the polls and they see that they are ahead and the focus now seems to be, don't blow it. harris. >> all right. let's bring back carl cameron now for bonus political journalism with carl and mike. love to get you guys together. open up your reporters' notebooks. carl, is clinton vulnerable to the low turnout strategy of donald trump and for you, mike, what is clinton doing about it and doing to bring out the vote? you could kind of talk to each other at this point. >> well, from my perspective here, mike, it is fairly evident that the trump came recognizes that the electorate is very divided, quite cynical and easily angered and disillusioned. and in doing so, they want to suppress -- and encourage that
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and suppress hillary clinton's votes. since we are talking vegas, you have to talk about risk and it is a gamble when you try to depress the vote. but today was interesting. trump was not on the campaign trail. he did do a couple of tweets but not creating the fodder that makes his the lead in the news. by being off the campaign trail and toning it down and letting hillary clinton and her e-mail scandals leaked by wiki and all of the hacked e-mails, the trump campaign took note today that a lot of the media that they've been critical about has put more about the e-mail scandal on the air today. it illustrates the dilemma that trump faces e. would like to undercut hillary clinton vote but sometimes keeping silent and letting her bake in the sun creates something of a burn. >> all right, mike. >> well, carl, i would say that the clinton campaign has openly expressed concern about voter suppression and people saying they are staying home and they
4:10 pm
are concerned about the wikileaks drip, drip, drip of e-mails from john podesta, ten years worth coming out day after day and after day and they have warned democrats saying that if you are think being voting for a third party candidate, take a look at al gore. they brought the vice president al gore to miami this past week and said if you are thinking about going third party, well, some people did that with ralph nader back in the day in 20 thou thou -- 2000 and that led to president george bush. if you thinking about expressing your frustration, that could lead to president donald trump but they are worried that donald trump at this point is trying to do a race to the bottom and so they are trying to energize their folks to come out and turn out in big numbers and not pay attention to the polls, just deliver a victory on election day. harris. >> i have to tell you, listening to both of you riff on this, it points to the fact that mike and carl, this could actually work for donald trump. i want to give you both a quick last word. carl. >> the last word for donald trump will come on the debate
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and on election day but tomorrow one of the words we'll hear a lot of is podesta. and the clinton campaign is worried about it and the trump campaign knows about it and they smell blood and they will go for it. >> i appreciate the extra time you've given us. we'll come back if the news warrants. so thank you. so wednesday showdown in the nevada deser monumental for a couple of reasons. one to note, it is the final general election presidential debate this season between trump and clinton. it will also be the first ever moderated by someone from the fox news channel. that honor will go to anchor chris wallace, don't miss coverage of the debate on wednesday october 19th beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern live from the university of nevada, las vegas. your night is made. pop your corn and be there. fox, it is where we started this hour and this is heating up because it is finally on. the iraqi prime minister has announced the fight to liberate mosul has begun. it is that country's second largest city. this is the most complex operation against the islamic
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state savages so far for the iraqi forces. we're there. plenty of americans assisting behind the scenes in an advisory capacity but could it roll into more. we'll talk about it. and plus an act of violence here on american soil. local political leaders are calling it a hate crime. a fire bomb thrown through a state republican party office window. you're watching the fox report. i'm harris faulkner. stay close.
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breaking news at this hour. fox news finds that the iraqi prime minister has announced the offensive to take back mosul is under way. the u.s. has increased troop levels as you may know in iraq 11 times since 2014. latest increase from president obama some 600 troops came just weeks ago and were expected to play a direct role now. our troops in advising iraqi forces during the offensive. but as we've been reporting on the fox report, we have spilled much u.s. blood and treasure in mosul during the 2003 invasion. this time, an estimated 30,000 troops will be needed. in addition to the iraqi army, kurdish peshmerga forces and iraqi special forces and sunni tribal fighters, did you catch that, shiite militia forces and so two tribal factionsond ground and even turkish troops expected to play a role in addition to those american advisers. we are told some 5,000 of our people are on the ground there. and for more, we're joined by
4:17 pm
fox news producer lucas tomlinson. you are joining us by phone now. so we knew with weather conditions and what not that this would possibly roll out about mid-october. it is exactly that. >> that is correct, harris. this has been a long time coming and you could argue not a big secret. everybody, including fox news, we've been reporting that this is expected the last few weeks and i'm sure a lot of your viewers and people with wondering what does this mean for the 5,000 u.s. troops that are there. we've been told by pentagon officials that they are acting in an advisory facility and they are not on the front lines but at a recent press briefing i asked a u.s. military spokesperson do you know where the front lines are and he said candidly we haven't known where the front lines have been since world war i. and isis deployed suicide bombers and giant armored trucks and they could spring up any time but this is an iraqi-led
4:18 pm
fight. you mentioned the shiite militias an the kurds, sources tell me late last week that prime minister abadive agreed to keep the kurds and the shiite militia outside of the mosul proper and that is what took so much time to get the political piece set. >> no doubt. >> and no doubt. and another huge piece of this are more than 1 million people that are some trapped, some held against their willin side of mosul. mosul is four to five times larger than any other city that iraq has taken back from isis and a lot about depend of course, on if isis will stand and fight or will te retreat. >> we have not known them to retreat. and we do know, lucas, from our reporting that the place is bobbytrapped on both sides. and we've been hitting from the air the supply routes. so they are not a lot of choices to go in and out of that for them. they are ready to fight.
4:19 pm
they've been getting ready for two years. a couple of questions for you. it is my understanding we're still going to support them from the air in helicopters and they can full -- with full capacity they could shoot our guys down. what are you learned about what we are doing? >> well, you are right, apache gun ships from northern iraq and nearby places have been used against isis. to date isis has not been known to fire surface-to-air missiles but you are right these are lower and slower aircraft, than an f-16 or f-18 flying overhead. so that is a concern. u.s. forces will also be supporting with long-range artillery from a base about 40 miles south of mosul called hiara and the u.s. military took over the air base there is which is a big air base ground for the troops arriving into the country and the u.s. special forces are no doubt go fog pl-- going to py and role and go as far as they
4:20 pm
can before entering mosul and we are told that isis has put in moats and dug with tires and if you remember back in somali but black smoke in the air and could hamper the picture from the air. our drones and our aircraft do rely on visuals and if there is black smoke, that could obscure things. in terms of whether if isis will stay and fight, that is a big question. in fallujah, they cut and ran. they trumped in trucks and made for easy targets, hundreds of vehicles, you remember, that were destroyed in the air by coalition aircraft. in ram aadi they did find but u. aircraft did end up -- an iraqi general is quoted as saying 80% of the success was due to u.s. war planes bombing it and turning it into a virtual parking lot. so it remains to be seen. >> so lucas, a couple of things, you mentioned somalia and you talk the apache helicopters and
4:21 pm
what it would be like to go into the densely populated area and that comes to mind and all of the people stuck in the city, a fresh round of refugees caught in the middle of this. lucas, thank you very much. we're coming right back. stay close. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. with another new flavor you never saw coming... grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. just come in before it ends. ♪ something new has arrived. uniquely designed for the driven.
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tensions over the heated election season reached a boiling point in north carolina. somebody threw a fire bomb through a window at a state republican party, the governor is calling it an attack on our democracy. brian is here with us now. >> harris, the atf is leading an investigation with the police and they are looking for the person or persons responsible for fire bombing and vandalizing a north carolina republican party office overnight. the attack happening in hillsborough, north carolina, just west of durham, in orange
4:25 pm
cou county. this is a heavily democrat count in a key battleground state. a explosive device was thrown through the window and burning the office. >> and the couch and the walls. and you could see trump and pence campaign signs laying there and nearby a message of paint spray painted on a adjacent wall saying nazi republicans get out of town or elsewhere a swastika symbol that we have chosen to blur out. and the atf is investigating and it is the headquarters for the republican party volunteers and racket visits that spend hours making phone calls and canvassing on behalf of donald trump. the executive director of the north carolina republican party said this is an utter act of political terrorism. >> let me be clear. the orange county republican party and all of the north carolina republican party will
4:26 pm
be open for business and doing the business of a political party tomorrow morning. we will not be scared, we will not be frightened. >> republican governor pat mccory said he will use every resource available to assist in the investigation. the republican party of north carolina are closing offices before sundown and that means they are closed now. >> we've heard from both presidential candidates on this. >> donald trump tweeting tonight, his couple of tweets we'll read them here. animals representing hillary clinton and demes in north carolina just fire bombed our office in orange county because we are winning. all safe in orange county, north carolina, with you all of the way and we'll never forget, now we have to win. proud of you all. and the hillary clinton campaign tweeting, saying, the attack on the orange county h.q. is horrific and unacceptable. very grateful everyone is safe. we'll monitor for any other upda updates. >> good to see you. new questions about the hillary clinton investigation and whether the state department worked out some kind of a deal
4:27 pm
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4:31 pm
reform committee chairman congressman jason chaffetz is telling fox news, in return for altering that classification for the possibility of additional slots for the fbi, at missions overseas were discussed. catherine is live for us in washington on the story to help us make sense of this. it is important, catherine. >> that is right, harris. state department senior executive patrick kennedy is a key player in the e-mail investigation and the 2012 benghazi and now there is discussion that there was a quid pro quo regarding the classified information. the fbi sent a third batch of interviews to the house intelligence and government oversight committee. republican lawmakers briefed by staffered say kennedy wanted the classification of one e-mail changed in a way that would benefit the department as well as clinton and in exchange there was discussion of more slots for
4:32 pm
fbi agents overseas. campaigning in kansas, congressman mike pompeii told fox, it is so representative of the behavior we've seen from the state department where every effort was made not to protect our american servicemen in the field and not american national security information, but hillary clinton. and another lawmaker called the potential evidence of criminality, harris. >> and the fbi and the campaign -- altogether. >> that is right. this morning on fox news sunday hillary clinton's running mate was pressed on the accusations. >> to your knowledge, did anyone associated with hillary clinton or her came ask or instruct kennedy to seek changes to classification of e-mails? >> absolutely not. i have no knowledge that that happened. absolutely not. >> state department spokesperson said this allegation is inaccurate and does not align with the facts. but in this heavily reacted memo
4:33 pm
one agent said he was pressuring state department personnel. kennedy held a closed door meeting with redacted and redacted where kennedy asked redacted to change the fbi classification determination regarding one of clinton's e-mails, which the fbi considered classified. the e-mail was related to fbi counter-terrorism operations. and while acknowledging today that the clinton e-mail classification and overseas post for fbi agents were discussed in the same phone call, the bureau spokesperson said the issues were not connected and the e-mail classification was never changed. the new fbi files could be public as early as tomorrow and then we'll get a chance to independently review those interviews, harris. >> wow! not a day goes by that we don't see something fresh and breaking on this. >> this is extremely serious. >> it is. catherine, thank you very much. and in fact, this topic then in a different way continues. because new day bringing a new
4:34 pm
dump from wikileaks, more e-mails. christen fisher has more on that. and from today's release, even a different angle, if you will. >> yeah. i mean, it is a drip, drip that just changes every single day. so today, wikileaks released hundreds of of more e-mails. but here is two that stood out. the first is from august of 2015, about two weeks before clinton finally apologized for her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. a long time clinton ally e-mailed her campaign chair podesta to say her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, i fear, becoming a character problem, more so than honesty, and he responded and the best way to get her there and the best way to execute. and that goes to show you even some of clinton's top advisers were uncomfortable with the lack of remorse that clinton seemed to be showing at the start of the whole scandal.
4:35 pm
now harris, another e-mail that is raising eyebrows has to do with podesta's response to the san bernardino terror attack. someone sent him this tweet from msnbc chris hayes which identified farook as the shooter to which he responded, better if a guy named farook was reporting than a guy named christopher hayes was the shooter. so there you have a top aide lamenting the fact that the shooter has a muslim name and that underscores one of the biggest critiques of clinton and the president obama, the inflating of islamic and terrorism. >> shocking. how does the clinton campaign respond to this? >> they are trying to de-legitimize this by saying the source couldn't be trusted. they say that wiki leaks is in cahoots with the kremlin and listen to what tim kaine said this morning on fox news sunday. >> since they are part of an
4:36 pm
effort by both russia and wikileaks and neither of those are kind of neutral transmitters of information, you can't just automatically assume that everything is on the up and up with these e-mails. >> so the clinton campaign will not confirm the authenticity of the leaked e-mails but they are also not denying them either, which said a lot right there. >> i don't know that you could technically stay neutral with something like this but we'll see what happens. christen, thank you. so i'll ask the political insiders about this. one of them you know -- that knows the clintons very well, doug is one of the insiders and they are up next. stay with us. if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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4:40 pm
the state of the race. doug shown, six years in the white house and now a fox news contribute yore and john le beautier and a new york politician and pat caddel adviser to jimmy carter and fox news contributor as well. >> i want to jump into state of the race right now, pat. >> we don't know. we think hillary is ahead. we have polling that shows today, just today, that one poll shows she's 11 points ahead and another poll -- >> we could pop that up on the screen. >> and another poll shows four. and we have the fox poll last week which went from three polls at two point party difference which, with the margin of error and other things, i think is now the most important number. something went from two to nine with one quarter of conservatives voting for not only for hillary but for the democrats for congress. i don't believe that. we need to look at these -- something is happening with the
4:41 pm
polls. they are very different. but we need -- >> well, wait a mate. >> but they are suspect. >> when you say something is happening with the polls, doug, i want to ask you, what is happening with the polls? >> sure. well it is pretty simple. the secretary of state has got five or six point lead in the real clear politics and she's ahead in 13 of 14 swing states. she's well over 300 electoral votes. i think, as i've said before on this program, she's poised to win and the 538 analysis by nate silver gives her an 86% of winning which i think is right. >> and the silent trump vote and i hear about this on the ground with voters and viewers that people really -- this environment is so politically charged, nobody wants to say really honestly who they are voting for. >> right. >> is that a possibility? that that will exist. >> yes. i think there is a hidden trump vote. and another thing through the last several political cycles where the polling and i could
4:42 pm
give four instances, 2014 senate races predicted the democrats would keep the senate and republicans won it by four seats and in 2015 kentucky governor race, the republican was behind by five points in the poll going into election day and won by 9%. so a 14-point gap. >> and trump type candidate. >> and benjamin netanyahu was behind in the polls in february of 2015 and won big. and brexit, most polls had it winning and it lost. so there is something, as pat said, going on in polling that is -- that conservatives are being undercounted. >> pat? >> well, plus, i think there is -- we don't know the sampling problems everywhere, but you need to know the size of the sample to know how it is done. it could be the live calls, despite the fact that some believe that -- and that those are the only credible polls. and they may be running into what you are saying. people who are reluctant to say
4:43 pm
or talk to a live person. maybe these online polls are better. it certainly was in brexit. who knows. >> pat, if i were the hillary campaign i would assume five points. >> five. >> no, i would say five points and i would assume trump will get beyond what is polling. >> oh, real le? >> i would. just to be safe. >> and that puts him into a statistical heat in most cases. let's talk about women voters. and i know we're having some issues with putting numbers and things up on the screen. so if my team works it out we'll let you know. but 20% -- a 20-point lag between trump and hillary clinton among female voters. when you look at the fact that we make up 53% of the electorate, is that as big of a deal as it looks like on paper? >> it absolutely is, harris. i can't underscore it enough. the fact that donald trump is not campaigning on the issues, but he's rebutting the increasing number of allegations
4:44 pm
against him, attacking the secretary of state and bill clinton, all that that does is drive up the gender gap and frankly in my judgment make it tougher for him to win because he's not talking about change and corruption, he's rebutting allegations, she should largely a -- he should largely avoid. >> and do you want to add some balance here, pat. when you ask women, whether or not the whole discussion over the hot mike situation with the lewd comments coming about women from donald trump really mattered in the vote, 63% said that that is not an issue that they consider to be important to them when it comes to voting. here it is. >> okay. >> trump's comments on video tape, do they matter? 64% say it is no difference. >> but that doesn't mean they haven't already assumed he is a bad guy, so the tape doesn't make any difference. they say i already knew he was a bad guy. >> the media, part of this is we cannot ignore it now, is how the media has -- is piling on in a
4:45 pm
way that is unprecedented. in including, i believe, in some of the polling, in which they use it to drive narrative. i have a suspicion about some of the polls and how they're being manipulated. but i want to go to a larger point which is the one doug is saying. last week donald trump spoke in west palm beach and gave a great speech on raising what i would call smithion issues and who owns the country and followed by a defense -- his offense on women. and then he sort of dropped that and went into the women's defense, told the media he wants to cover -- that is what is driving it. and it is going into this debate. now let me tell you, we saw "wall street journal" article that suggested that he had advisers telling him that the strategy was to drive down hillary's vote. >> right. >> i want to tell you now, that strategy, if he was given that as strategy, and i assume the camp -- >> we reported it this hour.
4:46 pm
>> it is insane. it is not only insane, i've done this before and it will not work -- >> you don't think it will work. >> malpractice in a presidential level. >> i want to talk about this, because this made news on this sunday and an independent candidate is shaking up the presidential race in utda. evan mcmullin described himself as the only true conservative and he has not held office and not under any one major party but giving both nominees a run for their money in his state. he spoke with leland vittert earlier today. watch. >> we're building a conservative movement that i think is the future of the conservative movement, open to people of all races and religion and treats women and men equally as they are in fact and that is what we're building here and we're very excited about that and we needed to stand up now to make that point. because if you stand up after the election and you didn't stand up during the election, what legitimacy do you have. >> so it is his home state.
4:47 pm
but when you factor him in, he gets a number like 20%. and he's only registered in 11 states on the ballot. but there is an article, i believe in the times, about the moon shot ofef man mcmullin, what do you make of that? >> we go back to last spring and bill craftal had a meeting with romney where they said we have to get somebody to run -- would you do it, not to run, but to take enough votes away from trump to deprive him first of the nomination and then of the general election and it is reduced to this guy who no one has heard of it. not a bad person but not a presidential timber person yet in the state. and the race is somewhat close in utah -- >> there was a poll today, the cbs battleground poll that showed tru at 37 and hillary clinton and mim milan tied at 20. this is the last desperate effort of the romney people and republicans who wish to destroy their party in order to save it.
4:48 pm
which is their strategy. bill crystal and these people, like the village in vietnam, we had to destroy it in order to save it. >> what a metaphor. >> yesme, that is pretty much going on. it is happening in d.c. could you see it everywhere. and i just -- hey, you know what -- >> and anybody could be -- you tell them, anybody could be president. >> no, i was going to say all of this takes away from trump's ability to make hillary's victory more certain. >> and you see it that way. we'll talk more when we come back and get all of the insiders in on this. stay close.
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we're back here on fox report with the political insiders and prior to the commercial break we were talking about women voters and donald trump. brenda grassley said after
4:52 pm
attending three rallies i could tell you there are a lot of women who are afraid to say they are voting for trump. they are in fear. i want to get a quick reaction, something you said in the break and then we'll move on, pat. >> what did i say in the break? i'm sorry. >> you were talking about women that would not speak up. >> why should they. they are under attack by the media. the media has said this is an election that hillary clinton has and the more donald trump plays into this and the more that gets emphasized. the conspiracy or the collusion -- i think he should talk about what matters to people which is that she is an example of corruption and the country is being lost and as did he did in palm beach, not spend his time hammering here in the debate, if nas that is what his campaign team is telling him to to do which is a strategy he should sue for malpractice. >> and i still think we knew four years ago the way to win this election among demographics
4:53 pm
is for republicans to do better among women and latinos and young people. and donald trump is doing worse among all three of them and made no effort to do better among them and it doesn't -- it is not just malpractice, it is such stupidity from that campaign. >> and a month ago and normally we would say that no, sir a l--t a lot of time but i wouldn't to move on to something that may come up at the debate because we know that one of chris wallace's topics that he's listed is foreign hot spots. well it doesn't get any hotter right now than yemen and iraq and just this hour we learned that the prime minister of iraq has said that it is on now. the mission to retake mosul. we have been there before. we recently had a veteran in, ben colins who talked with me, who has been there to talk about it. let's watch that and then bring it back out to the insiders, . e >> the reality is we have towns in iraq and afghanistan that we
4:54 pm
paid the ultimate sacrifice for, and for guys like me, this is holy ground, it is american blood spilled to retake these towns and that is a big concern about here. we never really had a day after plan in the first time around. what is going to be the stabilization -- >> let's go straight to doug. this is happening in the middle of a presidential campaign. we knew sometime in october the importance of it. >> right. and donald trump has to out line the failures of the clinton-obama foreign policy, and the lack of a clear plan going forward, the risks created around the world by iran and north korea and the russians and the chinese, the fact that the middle east is in chaos. pat and john are right. if he has a vision for the future, both domestic and u.s. and internationally, he could improve himself. he has to speak that way. otherwise, he will not maximize his chances. >> it is interesting, because on twitter right now one of the viewers miss flowers said right before the election, now we want
4:55 pm
to make this kind of move. >> you saw what the fbi did. we see now what the media will not cover in terms of the e-mails and the leaks, the reports from judicial watch release and the fbi files tomorrow, the media will not cover them because they are on one side and in a way that threatens american democracy. >> are you saying that the iraqi prime minister has launched this mission in october for our campaign. >> but it is his military by the way. >> there are air-strikes they can't live without. it is our artillery they can't live without and if you don't believe that barack obama is fully capable of putting on this war, which he won't do anywhere else to stop anybody, to help hillary clinton, you better believe it. >> don't sugar coat it pat. you need to get a little enthusiasm. >> i'm sorry. that is what i believe. >> let me put it this way. the iraqi prime minister is not making these decisions on his own. if the president of the united states didn't sign off, there would be no offensive towards mosul and what we heard in the
4:56 pm
interview from ben collins is right. we could -- i'm sure -- retake mosul. we need a stabilization plan and without that it will go back to chaos. >> it all comes down to the end game. >> but the end game isn't until after the election. the taking of mosul will happen
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