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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 17, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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trump was displeased about that snl clip calling it a boring and unfunny show. thanks for watching. see you in vegas tomorrow night. to "hannity." we are coming to you from the mgm grand, in beautiful las vegas where in less than 48 hours donald trump and hillary clinton will face often in the third and final presidential debate right here on the fox news channel. new information released from wikileaks would upend clinton's prez den campaign. today fbi releases document related to the clinton server investigation. we'll explain that in a few minutes. newt gingrich will join us as
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well as laura ingraham >. >>. throughout the program we're going to put a lot of things up on the scene that you want to see. a shocking uncovered video appears to show democratic operatives admitting that they're responsible for stoking the violence at the trump campaign rallies. fox has not confirmed the content in the video but what is caught on tape is beyond disturbing. watch this. >> if you're there and you're protesting and you do these actions, you will be attacked at trump rallies. >> oh. so that's part of the process? the reaction. >> the whole point of it is that we know trump's people will [ bleep ]. the security team will freak out and the supporters will [ bleep ]. >> this is scott fogal. he used to work for people of the american way, an organization. he also has his own company called foval group.
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he's one of the dark operatives for the clinton campaign. >> you're contracted with the dnc and the campaign both. >> yeah. i am contracted to him but i answer to the head of special events for the dnc and the paed head of the special events for the campaign. the fova larks group executes [ bleep ]. >> a consulting company with deep tie to hillary clinton, barack obama's white house and the democratic national committee. >> we have the primary mechanism as a team democracy partners is -- >> wherever trump and pence are going to be we have events. we have a whole team across the country that does that, both consultants and people from the democratic party and the democratic party apparatus and
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people from the clinton campaign. and my role in the campaign is to manage all of that. >> so i'm basically a deputy rapid response director for the dnc were all things trump on the ground. >> this guy is aaron black. he directs the spontaneous protests at trump and pence events. his real name is aaron meanter. we don't know why he uses the name black. >> nobody is really supposed to know about me. so the chicago protest, when they shot all of that, that was us. it was more him than me. but none of this is supposed to come back to us because we want it coming from people. we don't want to come from the party. if we do a protest, a dnc protest, right now the press are going to say partisan. but if i'm coordinating with the groups on the ground and playing
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field general but they're the ones talking to the cameras, then it's actually people. but if we send out press advisories with dnc on them and:ton campaign, it didn't have the same effect. >> and there's a lot more to come. we reached out to the people and groups mentioned in that full video, as well as the clinton campaign and the dnc for comments. scloot foval and american united for change are the only ones to get back to us. foval statement read in quote, the scheme has a sinister plot is nothing but a ruse. foval says all who view the recordings should remember they're speculative conversations where we attempted to correct a mission guided idea and we did not take the bait. and the president for americans united for change, he responded to the video by saying, in part americans united for change has operated according to highest
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ethical and legal standards. scott foval is no longer associated with americans united for change. we bring us with former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. i want to read one more thing that came out here. in this video they explain the flow of money and their rapid response operations and this is what they say. the campaign pays the dnc, the dnc pays democracy partners, democracy partners pays the foval group, the foval group goes out and executes on the ground when they have anger and fighting and take credit and brag about that they're responsible for what happened in chicago when they stopped donald trump from giving a speech. what is your reaction to all of these tapes? >> well, i think if it turns out to be a systemic organization that blocked trump from even
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having a meeting in chicago, it's a direct assault on democracy and the rule of law. just yesterday you had a republican campaign headquarters in north carolina that was fire bombed. something which i think was an act of intimidation. it's designed the say to people, you better not go to republican headquarters. who knows what is going to happen. this is the sort of thing the left is so terrified of a general outsider winning that you're getting this kind of illegal and anti-american activities that we should all be conde condemning, including by the way hillary clinton. she shoulded a mmtly condemn it, fire anybody who's in the chain that paid for it and let's clean this thing up. >> well, mr. speaker, i take it a step further. i want to know what she knows and when she knew it. because they are more than suggesting, they're saying on the tape that they're coordinating with the dnc, coordinating with -- by the way, that would be a violation of
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campaign finance law. but all of this is coordinated, all of this is designed that this is organized by them around the country to create a false image that trump campaigns are violent and they say they're doing it in every city, every town and every state. and they themselves are famting the violence. what does that say if the dnc and campaign is involved in this? >> one of the tragedies of having a politically corrupt justice department is there's no one there to do the policing. who are you going to turn to. these people are so deeply now committed to a corrupt establishment that you can't get the kind of response you ought to be getting. and this goes all the way back to 20712 when there were clear examples of voter intimidation in philadelphia and the attorney general himself refused to investigate it. these people are living in a gray zone that is being created by the decay of the justice system in the united states.
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>> they call it conflict engagement is how they describe it. but i want to go back to how this is all intertwined here. foval explained and is on tape saying they set it up to allow the dnc and the clinton campaign plausible deniability in the event that the nature of deliberate violence is discovered. the thing we have to watch is make sure there's a double bind twheen the actual campaign, the actual dnc to what we're doing so there's plausible deniability that they heard anything about it. he's admitting they're coordinating, involved and informed. >> this continual effort to have extra legal behaviors that in some cases are criminal goes all the way back in our experience to madison, wisconsin where when governor scott walker passed his reforms, they had 100,000 people on the street, they had the
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capital occupied for six months. remember both the governor and his wife had death threats. people on the left are terrified that they're going to lose their control of government and they're going to lose their ability to dictate to the rest of us. if trump wins, you're going to see more stuff like this as they try to stop the reforms. >> let me now move on to the discovery, both of the fbi and their investigation and wikileaks and what we're discovering. and while we're speaking, mr. speaker, i'm going to put up on the screen, you know, you got john pa december that wishing that the san bernardino chooter was named chris, lit ko reporter is offered a campaign to edit the story, focus group testing whether or not president obama's father is a muslim. dirty tricks were used against 0
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bam pa bama obama. i was watching you this weekend, making a big deal of that in terms of donald trump suggesting it's a possibility. as you look at that, the conflicts of interest, you look at the pay to play scheme that was discovered over the money raised for haiti and the lists that are made for clinton supporters and donors that they get preferential treatments in terms of the contracts that would be awarded after 150 th x thousand people died. what are we to make of this? >> this is a giant criminal enterprise disguised as a campaign. an article came out today i thought was fascinating. analyzed donations by news media to the clinton and trump campaigns. 96% of all of the donations went to clinton. among the news media, the ratio
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was 247 to 1 in favor of hillary clinton. they wouldn't suggest that they're biassed. but 24 to 1 which by the way is about the same number as the amount of minutes dedicated friday a week ago between the trump 11-year-old taip open wikileaks. 28 punts on trump and 56 seconds combined on weeks. part of what's going on, the elite media, which really shouldn't be considered news media. they're propaganda. the columbia school of journalism should rename itself into the school of propaganda. they're smoothing negative information about hillary and maximizing negative information about trump in a twha is a huge disservice to the united states of america and the people of the united states. >> mr. speaker, indulge me for about a minute here. we'll put it up full screen here
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for our audience to see as u run down the list of revelations that the news media is not reporting as they seem obsessed with allegations about donald trump that one by one seem to be bocking debunk. if we can put this up. obama knew about the clinton's private e-mail account and we know that clinton claims saudi arabia and qatar founded isis. both of them abuse women abgays and lesbians, persecuted christianance jews, clinton showed concerned about vetting refugees. saying we can't vet them. that means she's willing to gamble with the lives of the american people. clinton bragged about being invited into putin's sank tum. they have a plan to attack catholics and evangelicals and
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infiltrate the catholic church. she admitted a no fly zone would be difficult but supports it publicly. went back and forth over the keystone pipeline. said fracking was a gift. praised wall street in her speeches. supported a plan to cut social security. showed support for open borders and an open hemisphere. she hated to use the term everyday americans. then cnbc offering clinton advi advice. the "the new york times" allowing quote ed cates. univision giving advice. msnbc getting fed questions, danah brazil leaking town hall questions, pa december that calling people needy. this is corruption.
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this is bugser than watergate to me but the media is ignoring it. >> this is a hundred times bigger than watergate. watergate was a stupid action of a handful of people who actually got caught up in the coverup -- watergate is one break-in of the democratic national headquarters and then the effort to cover up how it happened. a fairly narrow thing. this is a level of corruption that permeates the federal government. this is a level of corruption that you find in the veterans administration, you find in the fbi now. comey has become a director who is corrupting the system. and you can just tell by looking at -- as more and more stuff comes out, you have to say how could they possibly have not insigi indicted her. we're supposed to believe that it was purely an accident. this is a level of fundamental
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dishonesty across the whole system. >> and the e-mails of wikileaks also show racism and sexism and massage massageny. if the republicans were fer meanting violence at every hillary clinton event i think it would be covered in the media. i know you've got a group of people waiting for you there. i won't keep you any longer. congratulations on the success of the book. coming up, more reaction to the project, undercover video, laura ingraham to weigh in next. later tonight -- >> mainstream media being fair with all of the coverage? >> no. >> why? >> they don't check the facts. >> fax and friends cohost ainsley earhart interviewed melania trump tonight. later tonight, "hannity"
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welcome back to "hannity." and alarming new video from james o'keefe's project is causing major controversy tonight. as we stated earlier, fox news channel has not yet independently verified the contents of the tape but it appears to show very clearly democratic operatives explaining how they intentionally incite violence at donald trump rallies. here's another example. >> there's a script. >> okay. >> there's a script of engagement. sometimes the crazies bite, sometimes the crazies don't bite. they're starting confrontations in the line.
7:19 pm
>> the volunteers? >> not in the rally. once they're in the rally, they're under the secret service control. when they're outside -- >> they're more effective outside. harder to get in. >> the media will cover it no matter where it happens. >> i assume it's always in the rally. >> initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. i mean it is not hard to get some of these [ bleep ] to pop off. >> right. >> it's a matter of showing up to want to get into the rally in a planned parenthood t-shirt, or you know, trump is a nazi. you know, you can message to draw them out and draw them to punch you. >> all right. joining us now, editor and chief, fox news contributor, laura ingraham. you know, here's what's fascinating about this. is, you know, they're bragging
7:20 pm
about a grand scheme, they talk about all of the connections that they have to the clinton campaign, even the white house and the dnc to orchestrate a lie, a narrative, propaganda to the american people that trump people are like this. and they've been doing it the whole campaign season. >> right. >> and now they got caught. what if republicans did this. >> oh, no. i mean if a hill clinton campaign office had been fire bombed, it would have led every newscast and every donald trump supporter would have been tarred with the action. okay. but when that happened over the weekend it was basically brushed aside by the media as a one off. in this project tape comports with what you eve been saying all along. there have been too many cute little actions that seemed a little too convenient during this campaign.
7:21 pm
remember that guy who yelled out during the primary season, the question about the muslims at one point, then he just disappeared and they were trying to engage trump on that, about -- i think it was about the deportation or something. it with us just so obvious that it didn't seem like it was real. it seemed like these were actors. hillary clinton had the little girl ask her the question at the event last week or the week w before. the question was scripted by her parents who himself had a connection to state government in pennsylvania. a lot of this stuff is garage lent and a lot of this stuff is ork stated and it's propaganda. and it is exactly what hillary's record is, fraudulent, filled with propaganda, filled with lies, filled with media, you know, amplifications and it goes along with the entire campaign's outlook, frankly. doesn't surprise me one bit. >> this is right out of rules for radicals.
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>> absolutely. they have been formenting violence this entire campaign season. >> against police officers too. >> they admit it, brag about it and brag about how clinton and the white house and the dnc are involved in this. how do you justify this? >> they don't think they have to justify pit. just as what hillary says in response to the private server. she bats away the questions like they're pesky mosquitos and gets back on her message. i think he actually confirmed what i said, you know, in her question and answer with reporters or on capitol hill. their modus op randy is to move on. >> they brag about we've got operatives in every state. they're going to every event. >> they're organized.
7:23 pm
>> and they've been trained how to ask the questions. they even admitted they're responsible for chicago. >> yeah. >> that 69-year-old woman, apparently they claim was an operative. and they get people in line at 6:00 a.m. so they're in the front so the media hears their question and the media buys it hook, line and sinker. it seems to me we have been victims of a huge organized lie and propaganda campaign this entire election season, and i got to take a break. i'm going to ask you about wikileaks when we got back. plus, the fbi releases more documents today related to clinton's e-mail investigation. wait until you hear what a seen enyour department official tried to get the fbi to do. later tonight -- >> those words, they were offensive to me and they were inappropriate. and he apologized to me and i expect -- i accept his apology. >> our own ans answerry earhart
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so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. the media is trying to rig the election by giving credence -- and this is so true. by giving credence to false
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stories that have no validity. they take a story with absolutely nothing and they put it front page news because they want to poison the mind of the voters. they take things and statements and put it in from 30 years ago, 20 years ago. just so you understand, just to be clear, events that never happened, just so you do understand that. >> all right. donald trump earlier tonight campaign in the swing state of wisconsin. joining us now, laura ingraham. when you think of donald trump and all that he's been through in the last two weeks and the republican establishment stabbing him in the back and sabotaging him, paul ryan, and you think of the democrats doing everything they can to sabotage and you think of the media, he's up four in ohio and dead even in north carolina and nevada. it's frankly a miracle. >> yeah, four points is not that much. he has to flip a number of the
7:28 pm
battleground states, there's in doubt about it, unless the polls are widely off. he's got work to do. i will say that it was -- what's incredible here is that if republicans, all republicans, every last one of them were united and they were fanning out across america going through the list of wikileaks revelations that i have on my sheet here, which is stunning, incredible -- >> i'm going to put them up on the screen. we'll split the screen. >> let's put that up on the screen. when you look at the enormity of the corruption, the media's involvement, the campaign being on a string for the media, like puppeteers. all of the other things you have there, the hillary saying vi a public and private position. >> well interpret that. she's admitting she lies. >> two-faced. >> i'm going to tell you one
7:29 pm
thing in public but in private i'll tell you something totally different. and we have specific instances that she does it over and over again. it's hilarious on one level. >> and when she's talking about, she's talking about she wants a better relationship with russia and she hopes we can have a better relationship with putin. now she criticizes trump at various times for indicating we don't want to be at war with russia. of course now president obama is threatening war with russia. looks like wag the dog to a lot of people. if every republican went coast to coast and all they did was talk about the corrupt-crats in the clinton campaign, he would be up ten points. >> here's a problem. guys like paul ryan who i've spent a lot of respect for have
7:30 pm
spent more time attacking trump than bringing up what you andry talking about or the supreme court justices and the people that hillary would report. or one of the most corrupt things she mentioned, we can't vet refugees. she's going to bring them in at an increase of 550%. that means she's gambling with the lives of the american people. why isn't paul ryan talking about that? i think in 23 days, win lose or draw, we need a long conversation about whether or not he should be speaker of the house. >> well, i think, you know, anyone who calls himself or herself a republican or a conservative who is not doing everything in his or her power legally, unlike the clintons, to stop hillary clinton from becoming president really has lost all credibility to be complaining in the future if hillary clinton should become president. don't complain about supreme court justice, don't complain
7:31 pm
about anemic gdp. when you could have worked to stop her, you were dumping all over trump every chance you got or sitting on the sidelines hoping secretly and texting your friends, aha, trump is behind. i don't want to hear in any of these people. in hillary clinton wins this, god help our country, but don't complain when you most of your time going after laura. >> they own it. they -- and i'm going the tell you, and paul ryan and republicans have been more critical of donald trump than they've ever been about obama, than they've ever been about hillary. and frankly their weakness created donald trump. their broken promises helped create donald trump. >> he's a sich tom of what they didn't do. sean, in the tape, what they did was also made -- they were making fun of mentally ill people saying, we throw out
7:32 pm
these mentally ill people to create the disruptions. >> and homeless. we'll get to more of that tomorrow night. james o'keefe told me today that tomorrow's tape is going to be bigger than today. >> will cnbc cover it, will cnn cover it, that's the question. >> no. cnn has operatives that give questions to their favorite liberals before debates in town hall. >> thank you donna brazile. >> and then msnbc takes questions before the interview and then reads them. the fbi released a new batch of documents related to hillary clinton's e-mail investigation and they reveal that a senior state department official wanted to make a deal over the classification of clinton's e-mails. the fbi is calling it a quid pro quo. i might suggest it's bribery. also tonight -- >> mainstream media being fair with all of the coverage? >> no.
7:33 pm
>> why sno. >> they don't check the facts. i notice that. >> ainsley earhardt sitting down with mellana trump earlier today. the full interview airs tomorrow on fox and friends but ainsley is here tonight to give us a preview. she joins us coming up next as we continue from vegas and the mgm grand. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved to treat this pain, from moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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mainstream media, being fair with all of the coverage? >> no. >> why? >> they don't check the facts. i noticed that with me. since my husband announced, story after story, even if i say my answers, they don't listen to me. they would prefer to listen to somebody else who doesn't know me. that's why all immigration story came out, as you remember.
7:39 pm
"new york post" did two days in a row. my pictures that i took as a model, i'm very proud of my body. i'm not ashamed of my body. i'm very comfortable in my body. >> that was melania trump talking with fox and friends cohost ainsley earhardt about the media's coverage of her and her husband's campaign. during the sitdown ainsley asked mrs. trump about her reaction to the leaked audio of her husband from 2005. let's take a look. >> those words, they were offensive to me and they were inappropriate. and he apologized to me. and i accept his apology. and we are moving from. >> from a woman's perspective, what were you thoughts when you heard those tapes? >> this is not the man that i know. this is -- as i always said, as
7:40 pm
my husband said as well, for a successful businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer, that he did so much in his life, been on so many shows, so many tapes, it's very hard to run for a public office. and he did it anyway. he said i want to help american people. i want to keep america safe. i want to bring back jobs, bring back economy. so our children, our future will be the best way possible. >> all right. the full interview with melania trump is going to air tomorrow beginning at 6 a.m. on fox and friends. joining us now is our own ainsley earhardt. congratulatio congratulations. i watched the interview.
7:41 pm
it's amazing. i have gotten to now her. she's such an impressive woman. english is her fifth language, not her first, not her second. what did you think of her first of all as a person >> as a person she's extremely strong, sean. i was impressed with that. we walkeds through the apartment and i said look, look at your view, we're looking down at central park. you and i both moved here, we came as tourists, then we both moved here. look at you. you're living over the place where every tourist in new york city comes. you speak so many languages, married to a man who could be the president of the united states. you could become the first lady. if that's not the american dream i don't know what it is. i at that moment i said, do you pinch yourself when you're walking in the apartment? she said, ainsley, i don't have time to pinch myself. >> i've been in that very same room and i feel like i have got to be careful, i don't want to mess anything up in that room. >> it's beautiful. >> it's a pretty extensive
7:42 pm
interview. you asked her very specific questions about the woman coming forward, about donald trump. and i thought she gave a very strong answer. here it is. >> okay. >> i was not surprised in one way because, as i said before, everything was organized. and it is three weeks before the elections. all these women coming out. and they are allegations that they are not true. why now? why three weeks before the election? and what they're accusing my husband, that is not the person that i know. >> what is your message to these women? what would you like to say to them? >> that all of the allegations should be handled in a court of law and without the evidence, to
7:43 pm
accuse somebody, a man or a woman, it's damaging and it's unfair. >> why do you think they would make this up, then? >> because they want to damage the presidency of my husband. and it was all planned, was all organized from the opposition. >> you know, ainsley, i think you raise a very tough point about these women. but i was watching judge jeanine pirro over the weekend and for example one of the main accusers was on a flight with donald trump and the guy that was sitting in the seat next to them totally debunked that story. but when you reveal it three weeks before an election it becomes very difficult for the person being accused. what did you think of her answer on that? >> i thought her evidence was fair. she said there's no evidence. let's take this to court. prove to me. you can't just come out a few weeks before the election and damage my husband's reputation and say these things about a
7:44 pm
father without any evidence. but from a woman's perspective, i mean i definitely see both sides. and here they have, like she said, it was coordinated. so many women came out at one point. she made a point of saying why didn't one or two come out spear id periodically. why did not they come out immediately? why did they come out together, just 22 days before the election. >> it's relevant in this sense, i interviewed juanita broaddrick and others and they didn't get requests to be interviewed by many of the same media outlets. you asked one really important follow-up question that i want to sneak in here and that is what she thinks about they probing bill clint. we know the monica story is true and the gennifer story is true.
7:45 pm
>> is it fair for the media to bring up bill clinton's past or donald trump to bring up bill clinton's past? >> if they bring up my past, why not. >> they're asking for it? >> they're asking for it. they started from the beginning of the campaign putting my picture from modeling days as you want that to be your first lady. that was my modeling days and i'm proud what i did. i worked very hard. >> that was a good answer. ainsley, just to tell people promising note, set your alarm. the entire interview with mellamila melania airs tomorrow. >> that's right, tomorrow from 6 to 9 and time. we're going to be on with melan melania. i sat down with her an hour and a half, her immigration papers, people requested whether she came here illegally, her advice for her husband on the debate,
7:46 pm
why with we don't sigh her out on the campaign trail as much and when are we going to see her out more and ivanka more. people request those two thing to all of us. there you go. and lots more that i'm not including. >> ainsley, great interview, great job as always. thanks for sharing us with us. the fbi releases new documents about the clinton e-mail server investigation and reveals that a senior state department official tried to cut a quid pro quo deal over the classification of hillary's e-mails. we're going to have the details coming up straight ahead. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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. welcome back to "hannity". joining us now, judge jeanine and long time friend, niger ennis. you broke a lot of news, debunking these women, that the media has gone nuts with. >> all of these women we're at least able to prove with a bill clinton women, they had corroboration. then, the man just arrives from england -- >> she said 15 minutes were
7:52 pm
okay. >> yes. yes. but don't do anything after. that the other guy, the cousin claims that donald -- >> second base? you're taking us back to the 70s. >> listen. aside from that -- that the woman who said she was molested he invited donald trump to a restaurant. he didn't go. >> niger? >> i have flash backs of anita hill and clarence thomas. i remember that bomb being dropped at the last minute. >> the old play book. >> that smear lasted until this day. in the african american museum, you have more of anita hill than justice clarence thomas. >> and you see this tape where they're fauxmenting violence.
7:53 pm
it goes to the white house. >> it is incredible. you have the fire bombing of the head quarters. >> yes. north carolina. >> but you listen to the television, and news, and people are talking about maybe it was a trump supporter. >> yes. >> what are you talking about? and if there is anyone of these -- >> it is blamed directly on donald trump. >> we don't know what happened with the fire bombings but the people that would entertainment that they have created a false story. a narrative. violence at trump rallies. now, we know it's fauxmented and organized by democrats how do we get that message to the american people in 21 days? >> it's going to be very hard. it's up to donald trump. >> they're an extension of
7:54 pm
hillary. >> right. it is up to donald trump on wednesday night to do it. so you know what? >> he's got to do their job again. right? >> absolutely. he's got to do the job and things like this backfire. the pylon is so prof yound. i have so much faith in the american people. >> so do i. >> you never had such a sneak preview of the corruption. >> i have no idea how this is going to turn out. >> the fact he is still standing and what he has endured. >> he has been in nevada here and north carolina. i've got to break. >> we'll continue "hannity", mgm grand and i'll be gambling in about six minutes. we'll be right back.
7:55 pm
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8:00 pm
presidential deeb wrat, donald trump, hillary clinton, moderated by fox news channel's own chris wallace. don't miss it. it's happening here on fox news channel. we're here from the mgm grand. have a good night. o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we're doing well everywhere. poll just came out. rasmussen poll. two points up nationally. we're going to do well. >> dueling polls. one very close to hillary clinton. the other not so close as the debate looms. we will tell you what trump's chances really are. >> i think the question becomes for her and for voters, is she going to be able to govern? >> hillary clinton taking time off to prep for wednesday's debate as questions surrounding her campaign continue. we'll bring you up to date on that. >> what do you want to see the next president of the united states do? >> come to daytona by oktoberfest and bike week every year. >> also ahead,


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