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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  October 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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presidential debate, donald trump, hillary clinton, moderated by fox news channel's own chris wallace. don't miss it, happening here on the fox news channel. we are here tomorrow night from mgm grand. it is "hannity" out. i'm hitting the tables. have a good night. good evening and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." melania trump is speaking for the first time since that 2005 video of her husband came out. you will see some of that interview right here in just a few minutes. meanwhile, donald trump is about to speak and we expect he will once again call the election rigged. today, hillary clinton is notably absent as she prepare informs are that final debate this coming wednesday. at this hour the national polling average shows hillary clinton with a 7 point lead in a two-way race and identical lead in a four-way. the betting odds continue to show her a favorite now by nearly 5 to 1. now, you just saw that real clear average. but many of the polls factored into that have significantly different results. on thursday, the late latest poll had hillary clinton up by 7 points in a four-way
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race and then sunday an abc/"the washington post" poll showed clinton up only by 4. the roller coaster continues as the "wall street journal" and abc news have her up b 11. scott, i hear this all the time, people say these polls are all over the place. how can we believe any of them. they seem to have disproportionate number of democrats in the samples that favor hillary. what about it? >> well, some of the national polling has been noisy. some of that is racked up to the fact that they use random digit dialing which can create noise. very few of the actual surveys actually call up a voter file although some do. when are these polls taken? get great vary yaps in the results depending when you are in the field. margin of error is not a joke. margin of error matters a lot. if they say their poll is a margin of three or three and a half points that's on each candidate's number. you can get some variance in
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these surveys. that's why most statistical analyst also tell you trust the polling averages and right now the averages point to a hillary clinton lead in this race. >> tell me what you mean by causing noise. you said at the beginning of that answer that some of these factors cause noise. explain that if you could. >> sure. if you are using random digit dialing. you are calling up random people and asking them if they are going to vote. you don't know if they're registered to vote or not. they can tell you are. this he can tell you they voted for romney owe or obama in 2012. that doesn't make it true. a lot of the people don't want to admit they voted for a losing candidate and many don't want to nit that they voted at all. most campaigns call directly off the voter file because then you can actually guarantee you are speaking to someone who has actually got a chance to vote in the election. >> now, talk to me a little bit about more about margin of error. if you say the margin of error is three and a half, four points, that means that you're talking about a range
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that could be as high as 7 or 8 points, right? >> that's exactly right that margin of error is on each candidate's number. the margin of error is actually higher on the difference the two of candidates. it's like one and a half times what the difference is. so, you see a number that says hillary clinton is winning 50 to 45, well, she could be anywhere from 47 to 53 and trump can be anywhere from 42 to 48. so, a marginal of error means something and it means the candidates are likely to get this that range. that's why you might see an abc and "the washington post" plus 4 and somebody else plus 11. the margin would account for most of that variance. >> one of our recent polls had secretary and people looked at the two polls and said wait a minute. in the sample polled by plus 2. two percentage points more
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than republicans in that poll. when you came to the next poll where she was up 7. it was democrats plus 9. >> so doesn't that explain the result and make it clear th that it is simply because you oversampled democrats? >> it's a good question. people are right to ask questions about polling. but, in this case it's not a good metric to unwind a poll. party registration or self-identified party registration is not something we have a national database on. you can't tell me how many democrats there are or republicans because party registration in most states is state of mind. some states do make you vote in a party or register by party. in most cases it's an attitude. it's not a demographic. so, the truth is, in most presidential elections since the 1950s, democrats have had a slight or in some cases enormous party identification lead over republicans. but it hasn't always meant that republicans lost. in 1980, democrats had a registration i.d. of plus 15. and we know ronald reagan won. democrats led in 84 and 88
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and republicans won. democrats enjoyed a lead in 2000 and bush one. it was even in 2004 but in both of obama's elections, democrats also have a self-i.d. advantage. however, in the 2004 -- 2014 midterm, brit, republicans were r plus 1 nationally. you see fluidity in how people are determining which party are in. it can be effected who they are voting for at the moment and who is in the news and other factors that don't have anything to do with how they are registered in their particular state. >> very helpful, scott, thanks very much. right now donald trump is getting ready to speak at a risk rally. earlier today, trump continued his talk about a rigged election. but he took that one step further this time. he tweeted the following, of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. why do republican leaders deny what is going on? so naive. and on sunday, on sunday television, top surrogate newt gingrich argued in the strongest terms that the
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election is being rigged by the media watch this. >> i think that without the unending one sided assault on news media trump would be beating hillary by 15 points. >> mr. gingrich. i wouldn't be surprised to hear mr. trump say something like that as well. our nightly political panel is here. guy benson editor of town and mara liasson correspondent at "national public radio." this is the news of the day, the claims made over the weekend and again today that this election is being rigged? newt says it's by the news media mr. trump seems to make somewhat broader charge. what do you think, mara? >> well, there are two different charges one to say it's rigged by the media in other words, the deck is so stacked against you don't have a chance to win. that's almost a rationale saying you might lose. saying the election is rigged by voter fraud in advance. >> there has been some early
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voting that's true. he has been saying this for quite a while. the only way he can lose if is if it's stolen from him that was a lot of democrats and republicans worried. peaceful transfer of power is fundamental aspect of our democracy and is he saying that any result that isn't him win something i will will hlegitimate and we have now secretaries of state from all around the country saying no. you know. our processes are fair, they are secure. we have all these built-in safeguards. sure, some people might try to cheat but to say that the system is rigid, in other words that there is some kind of conspiracy is not true. >> the system isn't rigged, right? there could be voter fraud and there is voter fraud on a small scale across the country. democrats often deny this but it is a fact. but widespread, big scale voter fraud that could tip a presidential election is an extraordinary claim and that requires as someone said extraordinary evidence which we don't have. >> worth discussing for a moment here exactly how the polls are operated and who operates them in these
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neighborhoods and districts all across the country huge numbers. my understanding is that, yeah, there are election officials who see that ballots get distributed and they set up equipment. but these polling places are manned by volunteers, right? ordinary americans. >> from both parties. >> from both parties. >> exactly. >> if you want watchers in the polling place representing your candidacy, you can have that, correct? >> yes. from both sides which is important to point out. >> remember all the poll watchers that we saw that were in florida during the florida recount looking over the shoulders as those ballots were being counted and recounted? >> right. i do think it's a little bit interesting watching people on the left ringing their hands about how core tbloive is all the rigged nonsense and it is nonsense. undermining people's faith in the system. al gore was just at hillary clinton rally this past week where people were chanting that he won florida, which is a lie he did not. john kerry whispered to years to reporters that he was convinced ohio was stolen from him in 2004. there are people who do this
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to a set a narrative after the fact. trump is trying to set the narrative before the fact. he knows based on actual real polling he is losing. >> other thing unintended consequences he says over and over again the system is rigged. instead of i don't stand a chance could suppress his own vote. if you think the vote is rigged, why should you bother going out? >> another point worth making it seems that the number of votes cast in a state and certainly in a nation is so vast that it would be extremely difficult to rig enough of the votes to change the outcome even in a given state. when you are talking about local elections where you have a much more smaller volume of votes. could make argue. that local races could be rigged. >> another point that the secretaries of state have made is that most of the vote counting is not online. in other words, these are not systems that are all hooked up to the internet that would be subject to
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somebody hacking in and changing the results all over the country. >> and that's why i the scheme of this it's a better argument, if you are going to choose a rigged argument, going with the media is the better, blame the press. now, of course, the problem with that argument is trump's vulnerabilities and unfavorable ratings are roughly where they were back during the primaries where trump was being really feted with great glowing nonstop media coverage. is he losing this all on his own. blaming the media, which is clearly biased against trump, by the way. that's a better point to try to make. >> what's interesting about that is that the argument is made that thed me has hurt trump and i think in a strange way from the beginning it's hurt trump wall-to-wall coverage he got live for his speeches and news conferences and so on event after event after event going on months on end did propel him to the republican nomination. but it also left him, by the time that nomination was
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secured, with these extraordinary high unfavorable ratings of people. >> in the 60's. >> unfavorable ratings in the 60's where they remain today. >> but that was a by product not just of the wall-to-wall coverage he got. he subscribes to the theory if all publicity is food publicity. if he can dominate that's good. >> it won him the nomination. >> that worked in the primaries, but, it was a completely different universe when he got into the general election. so he still dominated but he was not growing. >> and he seems to have put, perhaps, a ceiling -- guy and mara. let's speed read. tmz is now reporting that billie bush and nbc of the today show have officially cut ties. he came under fire for leaking lewd hollywood access video featuring trump and billy bush. a financial settlement has been reached but that it is confidential. august signing a three year 3.5-million-dollar deal. a federal judgeéi has ordered
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the irs to clean up the tea party targeting scandal. the tax agency has less than a month to clear a backlog. it's been more than three years since irs officials first admitted targeting conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. the irs must also file a brief detailing the steps its taken to prevent future targeting. senator john mccain has promised to unite with republican colleagues to block any potential supreme court nominee by hillary clinton if she is elected. told radio station republicans need to keep control of the senate for that very reason. senator mccain isn't sure donald trump would be better at picking a justice than clinton would. and the defendant in the bridge gate scandal took the stand in his own defense today. bill barony testified that new jersey governor chris christie was not told about the alleged political revenge plot that caused traffic jams. the former port authority executive proclaimed his own innocence saying he was tricked by david poll styrene the man christie placed at the agency. there is now evidence of a
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quid pro quo between the state department and the fbi. we have that evidence coming up shortly. also, melania trump just spoke with fox news ainsley earhardt about her husband's controversies. you will hear directly from
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newly released fbi documents show senior state department officials proposed a quid pro quo in order to get the fbi to strip the classification on an email from hillary clinton's private server. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story. catherine? >> thank you, brit. this particular email relates to the benghazi terrorist attacks in 2012.
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and a senior lieutenant for secretary clinton patrick kennedy had a discussion with the fbi. and he said, look, we need to make this unclassified. and we also want to keep it away from the public. and maybe, if you scratch my back i will scratch yours. >> in what way? >> he said they would okay overseas postings for fbi agents in places they are not operating at that time. >> so they needed -- fbi desired to have their agents able to operate in certain places where the state department basically had forbiddenned them to do so. >> overseas embassies, correct. >> so he, patrick kennedy, suggested this to the fbi. said you change the classification on this document. >> that's right. >> which would have to be produced. >> for the public. >> for the public. so that it wouldn't appear -- >> -- that's correct. >> that she had a classified document on her server, right? >> that's right. it wasn't occasioned on fbi documents. it happened on three
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separate occasions when he was turned down he said well, who can i take it higher up the chain to discuss? and a debriefing. >> at the fbi? >> that's correct. at the debriefing today we asked the state department to explain whether this was really keeping with their high ethical standards. listen. >> is that in keeping with the high ethical standards of the state department? >> we, pat kennedy, all of us at the state department are going to make their case as best they can. that's called interagency exchange and the kind of discussions that we carry out all the time. >> fbi agent either got it wrong or lying in this 302. >> as i understand, this catherine, this was any i.d. or assertion that this was somehow tit-for-tat or quid pro quo, exchange in that manner really frankly is insulting. >> the state department said today was that these fbi agents got it wrong and that this was simply their opinion in these interview
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summaries. you know, this is not how the system works. and we asked the fbi whether they accepted the state department's position that their agents got it wrong and were essentially incompetent to understanding what kennedy was trying to communicate. >> what did the fbi say? >> the fbi has not responded. what's interesting to me is the way in which the state department and the fbi are emphasizing the email classification was never changed. no additional slots for the fbi were granted by the state department overseas. so this swap or the quid pro quo never took place. >> right. >> but you know that's not the issue. >> we don't have any reason to believe it took place. >> that's correct. that's not the issue. the issue is he was trying to do a deal. even an effort to bribe a federal official is a criminal offense. even the attempt shouldn't hold our breath for this one to be prosecuted. >> what i have my eye on after november the chairman of the house oversight committee said he is going to hold at least four
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hearings based on these documents. one of them is on the kennedy and the altering of the classification on these emails and tonight chaffetz and the chairman of the house intelligence committee debbie nunez have written to secretary kerry and said they want kennedy's immediate removal. that's not going to happen but it can tell that you there. >> we haven't heard the last of this yet. >> that's correct. >> the hacked emails from wikileaks have dropped beats and pieces from the kennedy campaign. we asked chief correspondent ed henry to pull the key revelations together in one place. here is his report. >> with wikileaks filling out dozens and dozens of secrets will the inner workings of hillary clinton's campaign, plus, new information about pay-to-play deals at the clinton foundation, these are the types of revelations that could have threatened to sink her campaign in a normal year. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in
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jail. >> but this, of course, is not a normal campaign year. and some of the most controversial clinton emails are getting lost in the swirl of he said, she said. consider this. leaked emails reveal behind closed doors clinton is moving way left on immigration. once telling bankers in a paid speech she dreams of quote, open trade and open borders. a far cry from how she frames her position in public. >> we need to secure our borders. i'm for it i voted for it. i believe in it. >> yet, according to television transcripts reviewed by fox, the clinton campaign has been confronted on the contradiction just four times since that immigration email leaked 10 days ago. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> another email that has escaped much scrutiny was this one from clinton's failed 2008 presidential bid which shows her allies publicly raising the fact that then senator obama had ties to muslims. in the last week friends of clinton have insisted this is the work of an outside democratic super pac that was merely preparing for
11:21 pm
possible attacks that republican john mccain could use in the general election. although circuited by clinton allies floated other negative afacts owe on obama. support of gay adoption and drug use. clinton now wants to highlight with president obama in this campaign. >> that we are able to hopefully determine the motivation of syed farook and his wife. >> another email lost in the wikileaks deluge showed that when 14 people were killed and 22 injured in the san bernardino terror attack, clinton staffers were upset that a white man had not committed the mass shooting. upon learning the name of the suspect was syed farook karen finney wrote damn. campaign chairman john podesta piped in better if a guy named syed farook reporting that a guy named christopher haze was the shooter. then emails where clinton
11:22 pm
tells podesta that caught at and saudi arabia are providing logistical support to isil. had no problem taking 1-million-dollar check from the qatar government. face time with bill clinton on committing to on bill clinton's birthday. >> did you know private email server secretary of state. >> no. >> leaked email between podesta and cheryl mills cast doubt on whether the president counsel played that a bit too much. a march 2015 email shows clinton aides trying to decide whether to turn over the president's emails with clinton which certainly implies that think had some sort of communications on her nongovernmental email account. >> did the president lie there? >> >> well, i don't know. i actually do not know. >> with wikileaks founder julian assange promising, he has got more emails that will be leaking out before the election, i'm sure that
11:23 pm
may put more attention on the clinton campaign. on the other hand, it may just overwhelm the previous emails that have already come out and gotten very little scrutiny. brit? >> ed, thanks for that and several americans are still being held in iran. why isn't president obama doing more to wring them home safely? well, ambassador john bolton will be here to try to answer that question next. melania trump spoke to fox news her first interview since that 2005 in what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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many of you at home and many of us in the media have been focused on 2016 presidential election, the world, and especially the middle east has hardly remained quiet. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations joins us now from philadelphia. ambassador, give us a little briefing on those of us who haven't been paying very close attention to what's going on in the persian gulf and in that area, what's been going on? >> well, i think conditions from the u.s. point of view continue to deteriorate. i think it's the natural unfolding of now almost 8 years of barack obama's withdrawal of american influence and assertiveness in the region. we see rebels in yemen, for example, firing missiles at american ships in the red sea. almost certainly at the behest of the ayatollahs in iran. we have got americans still hostage, indeed americans taken hostage since the famous numerous larr deal of the summer,2 of 2015.=. and, in fact, we have got
11:28 pm
iran continuing to act in a thoroughry belligerent measure all around the region. at the same time, we have iraq and syria effectively descent grated as states and security and state systems all across the broader region of the middle east beginning to crumble. so it's not a picture, that's for sure. >> are you encouraged at all by the fact that this long erated iraqi attempt to retake mosul is finally;0mñy under way? >> we have heard a lot of stories about offensives by the iraqi government and t6ay sometimes coincide with reality but not often it may well be that they can take mosul back if there is anything left to the city physically when they are done. and hopefully not too many civilians are killed in the process hopefully neither isis or the iraqi forces commit too many atrocities. that remains to be seen.
11:29 pm
even if they are defeated here, they have retreated in a steady, organized fashion in good order. they are not being routed. and the progress that's being made, let's be clear by this iraqi government, aided by 6,000 american advisors is almost entirely to the benefit of iran, which effectively controls the iraqi government. so, it may be good news that isis is retreating but it's bad news that iran is advancing. >> iran advances in iraqi and hidy rebels egged on and fired on by american warships. what kind of response -- if you were drafting and controlling the administration policy here, how would you respond to those missiles? >> i would have responded in much more than the kind of proportionate fashion that the administration did by taking out three radar sites over the weekend. i believe it's northeasterly certain that the houthi got those missiles from iran. i think it's entirely
11:30 pm
possible there are iranian revolutionary guard officers there controlling and directing the missiles, maybe even firing them. in any event, i think the word to fire or not fire, the final word came from tehran. so, i would do a lot more damage to the hidies, to their command and control centers to. their whole infrastructure to teach iran a lesson. the problem we are facing in a general sense is that countries like iran, terrorists like isis and al qaeda hezbollah, hamas, think they can get away with northeasterly anything. they don't see any effective american response. so they are going to push the limit and see how far they can go. >> john bolton, thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. our carl cammeron is with donald trump in green bay, wisconsin right now. carl? >> hi, brit. is he just about to jump out to the stage but we got an opportunity. thank you for doing this, mr. trump. >> thank you. >> so today, big news about the under secretary from the department of state patrick kennedy. you know the details.
11:31 pm
obviously upset about it. what do you want done? >> it's illegal, i mean what's taking place is illegal between justice department and the fbi and secretary of state. and the state department. i think it's crazy what's going on. it's totally illegal. it's a criminal act. it's a crime. and i hear the republicans are going to hold hearings after the election. why would you hold them after the election you? want to hold those hearings before the election. this is a criminal act. and it's incredible that they can do this and get away with it. >> so there you go. taking shots at republicans again. >> it's very disappointing. when you see that and you would say what's the purpose of holding them after. after is better than not having them but, you know, we have 22 days. that's a long time. you think you would hold these hearings frankly immediately. this is serious stuff. this is big stuff. this is watergate. >> we are in wisconsin. home of the house speaker paul ryan who you have been having a battle with question, what is it about your differences and aggravation with the republican party? are you trying to change the party? are you trying to lead and
11:32 pm
unite the party? what's the goal here. >> we are trying to unite the party and we largely have it united. every once in at[ while paul will say he standsñ88 disíim with this org that for instance when i talk about a rigged election and talk >z people with absolutely no case whatsoever and trying to put it on front pages that in its form is a media rigging of the election. look at certain areas of the country in terms of the {oters and the@é booths and what'sing else and /;king place. illegal immigrants voting and people who have died 10 years ago voting. >> mostúk ofcz the investigations that have happened abou2ñ voter fraud in pastfé elections has be more about voter registration fraud not voter fraud. and just today your campaign manager kellyanne conway suggested that you were talking about past elections not this one. what evidence is there that you have seen that suggest that there is voter fraud underway now? >> well, i am talking about past elections. i'm talking about recent elections but past. because that's the ones we have to judge by. and when you look at the voter fraud. when you look at illegal
11:33 pm
immigrants voting all over the country, when you look at people that died 10 years ago, i mean, there is one person that died 21 years ago and that person is still voting. was a republican now votes democrat. which is sort of an interesting family that. we have voters all over the country where they are not even citizens of the country and they are voting. you look at certain cities. i won't name them right now. >> you have mentioned philadelphia quite a bit. >> philadelphia is one that's mentioned. i think romney got no votes and mccain got no votes. like no votes. and philadelphia is certainly one. you look at what is going on in chicago. you look at what is going on in st. louis and many other cities. there is tremendous voter fraud. and how republican leadership doesn't see that is beyond me. >> so, this morning, once again with the tweets, you were talking again about some of your accusers going back to the last debate. where you said that you had proved that their allegations were false. you have yet proven that and what should would he be looking at that it's false. >> all lies, played up stories, that were fabricated whether they like hillary or whether they just want to become a little bit
11:34 pm
famous or something. you take a look at the butler. the butler was supposed to be the witness. the butler was my witness. 100 percent that was disgrace that they were able to say it. it would be very easy to say apologize. you can't apologize for an event that infer took place. these events never took place. the one young lady has five family members saying what she said is absolute nonsense, she admired, respected, she thought donald trump was great. invited me out to her restaurant in april. i didn't even know who it really was. she was a contestant on the apprentice, i remembered, invited me to a restaurant. obviously i didn't go to her restaurant. and then got very nasty with a charge. it was totally bogus. but the press should report it as bogus. every one of those charges were false. and they were lies. >> but what's the evidence of that other than people just saying it didn't happen? if they didn't see it, how can they say they didn't see tcialtion i will tell you why first of all it didn't take place. i didn't see them. the woman on the airplaneq 35
11:35 pm
years ago or 30 years ago. i mean, you don't even believe that one. okay? maybe i don't know maybe you are very gullable. you don't believe that one. woman on the airplane 35 years ago. no, these were bogus charges, lies, fa fabrications and, you know, i like saying it somebody would say let's focus on jobs which i do. let's focus on isis and second amendment and the judges of the supreme court justices. i agree with that but i want the truth to come out. >> but you keep saying that the media is collectively working against you. do you think we are part of a global conspiracy really, really? >> fox hasn't been great. but the others have been really bad. yeah. i would say that fox certainly hasn't been great. but you have been better than some of the others i would say that's true. >> all right. brit. we're going to send it back to you. mr. trump has got it get out there on the riser. we will tell you about it other words. >> thank you, carl. and thank you, mr. trump. >> better watch what you order at starbucks.
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in an interview to beaired & friends," melania trump sat down with fox news ainsley earhardt to answer questions
11:46 pm
for the first time since that video of donald trump's crude comments about women came to light. ainsley is here with a preview. >> a little more than 48 hours after that 2005 video came out, rocking her husband's campaign, melania trump showed up in st. louis to support her husband at the second presidential debate. as her husband was grilled about his crude comments in the video, many of us at home were wondering what is melania thinking? earlier today melania sat down. ce thatned up to me for the video telling us about the first time that she heard the video. >> those words, they were offensive to me and they were inappropriate. he apologized to me. and i accept his apology. and we are moving on. >> from a woman's perspective, what were your thoughts when you heard those tapes? >> this is not the man that i know. this is -- as i always said
11:47 pm
as my husband said as well for a successful businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer, to -- that he did so much in his life, been in so many shows, so many tapes, it's very hard to run for public office he did it anyway. he said i want to help american people. i want to keep america safe. i want to bring back jobs. bring back economy. so, our children, our future will be the best way possible. >> and since that 2005 video's release, 10 other women have come forward. during our interview i asked melania about the accusations. >> i was not surprised in one way because as i said before, everything was
11:48 pm
organized and it is three weeks before the election. all these women coming out and they are allegations that they are not true. why now? why three weeks before the election? and what they are accusing my husband, that is not the person that i know. >> what is your message to these women? what would you like to say to them? >> that all the allegations should be handled in a court of law and without the evidence to accuse somebody is a man or a woman, it's damaging and it's unfair. >> why do you think they would make this up then? >> because they want to
11:49 pm
damage the presidency of my husband. it was all planned. all organized from the opposition. at that second presidential debate donald trump tried to turn the tables on the aciewfers. >> is it fair for the media to bring up bill clinton's past or donald trump's past. >> if they bring my past, why not? >> so they are asking for it? >> they are asking for it. they start it from the beginning of the campaign. putting my picture from modeling days as you want that to be your first lady? that was my modeling days and i'm proud what i did. i worked very hard. >> mainstream media being fair with all the coverage? >> no. >> why? >> they don't check the facts. i noted that with me. since my husband announced, story after story, even if i say my answers, they don't listen to me.
11:50 pm
they would prefer to listen to somebody else who doesn't know me. that's why old story came out if you remember. "new york post" did two days in a row my picture pictures that i took as a model. i'm very proud of my body. i'm not ashamed of my body. i'm very comfortable in my body. >> and before we left trump tower, i asked melania about what we can expect this wednesday? >> the last debate in vegas, what's your advice to donald trump? >> just to be himself. be himself. i know how smart he is. i know what he is capable of. and keep it calm, cool, focused. and to talk about issues that american people want to hear about. >> and believe it or not, that is just a small part of
11:51 pm
my conversation with melania. there is so much more that you have to see. it will air tomorrow morning starting bright and early on "fox & friends." brit? >> thanks, ainsley. just a reminder, "fox & friends" kicks off each morning at 6:00. so don't forget to tune in for that. to respond to both melania trump interview and latest clinton emails. and the news about mr. trump from mr. trump himself. our nightly political panel is back guy benson and marah liasson. she said did melania trump that he should be calm, cool, focused and talk about the issues of interest to the american people. what do you think of that advice? >> pretty good advice from mrs. trump, i would say. he hasn't been following that advice. >> she was kind of impressive in that interview. >> she was very impressive. i thought she was very compelling. here is somebody english is certainly not her first language. we know that. she was very poised and made her case and did a good job.
11:52 pm
if it wasn't for that plagiarism incident she did a good job at the convention and probably disappeared. she probably would have been a good asset for him if that hadn't happened. >> she was excellent. i mean that is the best defense of her husband that i have seen from anyone. and with all due respect to some of these people attached to his campaign, having a bunch of older white men who have been married multiple times coming out defending donald trump is not northeasterly as impactful as what we just saw from his wife saying that's not the man that i know. these women look at the timing. i thought she laid out the case for why voters should overlook this and forgive him the way that she has. the advice she gave to her own husband at the end was terrific. >> you know, it's interesting. you heard him once again say the stories are all made up. i think what a lot of people may be puzzling over is whether they may believe that these women all came out and it was coordinated. it was quite striking that four of them came out in one day hard on the heels of his having said in the debate this never happened.
11:53 pm
two or throw days later that this all came out and these women. the ones that came out since, i think it's quite possible to believe that this was all coordinated, planned, possibly. possibly withheld for many months. i think what the question is whether people believe that because of that that the statements are false. >> right. i think a lot of people think that the staples were not false. on the other hand, he came to the debate with those clinton accusers which muddied the waters and i think made it harder for him to make a pure defense of himself. >> and no one forced donald trump to say on tape that he fondles and yeps women which is what he did in 2005. no one forced donald trump in a presidential debate to deny that he ever followed through on those actions that he described of himself on tape which sort diversify create an invitation for women to disprove him and call him a liar. >> like gary hart saying put a tail on me. >> very quickly, we saw that segment with catherine about the fbi agent saying this
11:54 pm
quid pro quo was over. that's patrick kennedy very close to hillary. any impact on the campaign from that quickly? >> you know, i think it's not good. the trump stuff overwhelms. >> everybody videotape is powerful. >> it should matter. you want to talk about rigged? hillary clinton and that scandal and the total lack of accountability for everyone is astonishing. >> there you go. guy, mara, thank you very much. a phoney, a terrorist, and a twit. that's a few of the names i
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> time now for another round of viewer feedback from twitter where people can't seem to agree about me: is sir, you have no idea.
11:59 pm
please keep the feedback coming. we do really like hearing from you folks. tweet me using brit hume @ brit hume or "on the record" at that is about it for us tonight. stay tuned for "the o'reilly factor" which is next and in which bill will analyze where the race stands now and provide some advice for the candidates. in the meantime we leave you as always with our political quote of the day which comes from the late comedian bob hope who said, quote: i always like to go to washington, d.c. it gives me a chance to visit my money, end quote. and you, by the way, if you used to dvr this series at 7:00 each night. the t. may have vanished. please set up a new one so you never miss a show. don't forget the factor, it's up next. good night.
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