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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. all right. so coverage much the final debate starts at 6:00 tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. right here with yours truly and bret baier. don't forget to watch fox's chris wallace moderate the debate tomorrow night. thank so much. see you tomorrow. >> welcome to "hannity." we're coming to you live from mgm grand in beautiful las vegas where in less than 24 hours donald trump and hillary clinton will clash in the third and final presidential debate. you can see it right here on the fox news channel. you don't want to miss it. tonight wikileaks has been temporarily shut down after releasing a new round of e-mails that could do major damage to the clinton campaign. we will have all of the details tonight. in just a few minutes we will get reaction from trump campaign manager kellyanne conway and newt gingrich. but after exposing what appeared to be a democratic plot to incite violence at trump rallies, james o'keefe is out
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with a new tape. it seems to show ways being discussed to commit voter fraud on a massive scale. fox news channel as we told you last night has not independently verified the content, but what we see is shocking. watch this. >> it is an easy thing for republicans to say, they're bussing people in. you know what, we've been bussing people in [ bleep ] 50 years and we're not going to start now. going to find a different way to do it. so, i mean, i grew up with that idea, you know. they used to bus people out to iowa. we needed people out there, bus people out there. >> the plan discussed was how to bring people from one state into another state to vote illegally. they couldn't validate -- well, okay. let's just say in theory if a major investigation came up, a major vote fraud that way, how would they prove it and who would they charge?
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are they going to charge each individual? going to charge each individual with a crime or are they going to go after the facilitator for conspiracy which they can prove? one thing, all of these people drive up in their personal car. there's a bus involved, that changes the dynamic. it is the legality. yeah, you can prove conspiracy if there's a bus. if there are cars, and there's enough money, if there's enough money, then they have to drive their pov or have them drive a rental. >> absolutely. >> yes, with wisconsin license plates. >> absolutely. well, you can't have wisconsin license plates because rentals don't have wisconsin license plates. >> wow. >> but the used car auction.
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>> ah. >> used car auction, it is a company car. you know, these are multiple employers, these are not all one employer. >> use shell companies. >> yes. >> cars come from one company, some from another, there's no bus involved. so you can't prove it is -- >> there you go. >> it doesn't tip people off. >> there you go. our journalists helped brainstorm with foval on how to come up with addresses on phoney voters. >> if we have canvassers walking to homes, they don't have to know why they're doing it. they can say this address, we moved but moved could mean someone else moved in. >> you take the data, put it out and give it to people and have people [ inaudible ]. >> so, yeah, and, you know, it is sort of depends upon how, you know, how much -- the canvassers don't have to know why, they
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just -- in fact you don't want them to know. honestly the environment to do it in [ inaudible ] within striking [ inaudible ]. michigan, indiana. [ inaudible ] give donation cap and campaign finance laws and investigation, and investigative arms. like they have weakened it so bad in these three states. you could [ bleep ] in front of the governor and not go to jail. if you had enough money to go like this -- >> now, once again we've reached out to the people in the groups featured in these videos as well as the dnc and the clinton campaign all for comment. scott foval told us, i will not be making further comment. legitimate news organizations should not be giving them air time. why not hear them in their own words? the dnc released a statement earlier today responding to the first video on violence being incited by attacking james
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o'keefe's credibility and denying what is shown actually occurred. robert creamer from democracy partners in a statement he said, he would be, quote, stepping back from his campaign commitment saying he did not want his presence to be a distraction. he added, quote, we regret the unprofessionalism and careless conversations that were captured on hidden cameras ofr. while none of the schemes took place, these do not at all reflect the values of democracy partners. cesar vargas called it a conspiracy video. here with reaction from donald trump campaign, kellyanne conway. the thing we have to focus on and it was on the tape yesterday, the money, follow the money, always important. the campaign, hillary's campaign pays the dnc. the dnc pays democracy partners who payed the foval group and
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they go out, incite violence, lie to the american public on a grand scale, creating a false narrative that donald trump supporters and donald trump are violent. they got away with it, with three weeks to go in the campaign. on top of it we learn today, what? there is widespread planning and scheming for voter fraud. what is your reaction to all of this? >> once again donald trump was ahead of his time, sean. >> true. >> he has been talking about this for the last couple of days. people have been criticizing him, he has no evidence, and here we see it goes to the top. i know hillary clinton is in hiding for five days or so with 22 days to go, but it would be nice if she put out a strong statement condemning these acts and this type of behavior. talk about a different kind of pay-to-play. it tells us one thing, whether you look at wikileaks, the foval request, whether you look at what is happening with project veritas, is that they can't win squarely. can't you go out and tell america, this is my vision on healthcare, isis, the economy, growth, immigration, corruption? she can't do that.
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her entire campaign is about donald trump and they run into problems like this because they're paying people to incite violence. you remember that donald trump had to cancel a rally in march. >> and they're bragging they did it. >> in chicago, and they're bragging about it and money was exchanged. >> people's lives were in danger that night. i was on the air. >> it is interfering with democracy. we know there are dead people registered to vote and still voting. when donald trump says it, he mainly means what has happened in the past and he means we saw from the journalists contributions this week, 96% of the donations from working journalists went to hillary clinton, 4% to him. >> what a shock. >> numbers don't lie. we know that when his accusers came forward and he completely denied, he said they're all fabrication goes and lied, his wife said on a different network she believes her helps, they're all fabrications and lies. what happened? 56 seconds out of the major network broadcast, abc, nbc and cbs, less than one minute was committed to that.
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23 minutes was committed -- 23 minutes was committed to his accusers, 56 seconds -- >> and wikileaks. >> and 23 million people -- >> but this is different. they are actually implicating the hillary clinton campaign. >> and the dnc. >> and they are saying they created for them, quote, plausible deniability, a, quote, double blind between the actual campaign and actual dnc. they have implicated hillary's campaign and the dnc and we have a flow of money, and we have a check that actually went to one of the dark horse operatives. >> and i'm sure they know this, because i worked closely with chairman reince on the campaign, the coordination of what you're able to do is pretty significant. it helped us a great deal. the idea at the dnc working apart from the clinton campaign is a fiction. everybody is working together. we know from wikileaks that the chair of the dnc was giving the question and answer to hillary clinton before one of the town halls.
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>> by the way, they said questions to nsnbc hosts that they would read verbatim. >> and the journalists said, hey, if you want to edit anything, if i'm over the line -- >> that's political, the "new york times." >> excuse donald trump if he says, wow, i think there's collusion going on here. not everybody and not most people perhaps, but this is exactly -- what does all of this mean? it means that with three weeks to go we have the freshest and i would say the greatest body of evidence to date of donald trump's entire point about the rigged, corrupt system, about washington that doesn't work except for moneyed insiders. >> do you feel, because there's another collusion on the other side with the e-mails. we have discovered that the state department and the justice department and the obama white house -- wait a minute, they were colluding with the clinton campaign in terms of giving them information early. obama told the american people, he said to them straight up, i read -- i didn't know about this until i read it in the press. >> right. >> meanwhile, he was e-mailing hillary. >> he was. >> john podesta suggesting, maybe we shouldn't turn over
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those e-mail also which are under subpoena. that's called obstruction of justice. >> it is. >> so you've got collusion on a very high level on all of these issues. >> and for what purpose? all for political gain and putting everybody's security at risk, national security at risk. the other thing that's very disappointing in the e-mails is you find out more what hillary clinton and her senior team thinks of all of us, thinks of the american people. if they're not irredeemable and deplorable, john podesta said he wished the san bernardino's name was -- >> chris hayes, yeah. >> it is unbelievable. >> the other thing she said, she didn't like to use the term average america. >> she wasn't comfortable with it. by the way, she is not comfortable with a lot of things because apparently after 30 years she is still trying to find her voice. they said what is her core, what issues will she run on. >> i'm going to put up on the screen, and i know you have to go, we'll roll the wikileaks and i'll get into it with newt gingrich in the next segment, but these are all of the things that have been exposed. >> unbelievable. >> john kerry apparently shut down julian assange and they cut
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off his internet access. i say free julian in the three weeks we have. here is my question as we roll it, do you think the public can absorb everything with project veritas, with wikileaks and process it to the point they understand the deep level of collusion and contempt they are showing for the american people. >> i have great confidence in the american people. i think if donald trump mentions it in a cogent fashion. the two that stuck out, on the website, the clinton foundation was paying the men double the amount -- >> i know. >> somebody got $346,000 to run a foundation. wow, that's a lot of money. but double the women. the pay gap by gender at the clinton foundation, approximately gender gap in pay at the state department. the other one i wanted to point out is they put these vp nominee prospects in food groups.
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the women, the non-politician, the white men -- >> the needy latinos. >> it is a disgrace. i was involved when donald trump was selecting his vice presidential running mate, and i assure you names were mentioned, human beings, actual people were mentioned, not food groups and based on gender identity and race. >> food groups, hannity probably gets in the dog food category at clinton headquarters. when we come back, more reaction to undercover project veritas video. former speaker of the house newt gingrich will be here next with reaction to that. that and much more as we continue, we're live on the vegas strip on the eve before the final presidential debate. we're at the mgm grand. straight ahead.
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." we're live on the vegas strip at the mgm grand. a very disturbing new video from james o'keefe's project veritas is raising serious questions about the political tactics used by the dnc, the clinton campaign and democrats in general. as we said earlier, fox news channel has not yet independently verified what is shown in the tape, but it is clear to appear the democratic operatives who are plotting ways they could commit widespread voter fraud. watch this video. he was talking to scott about, passed on to me, and i think it is one of the reasons why i got in touch with you. you envisioned, you know, what do you mean to be able to vote
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in some of these -- what do you really need, okay? what makes you a citizen? if you look at that checklist, it is an id card of any kind that shows who you are. >> right. >> and a pay stub that shows you're getting paid at a local address someplace. >> and to get registered. >> yeah, to get registered. >> yes. >> so you go in and register, you're registered to vote if you have those two things. >> yeah. >> so let's say i had a business inside of, say, illinois or michigan and i hired people and i had addresses for them, i could write them checks for those -- i could use them as day laborers or whatever and use them and find my way around the voter registration laws for hispanics. that's one thing, i'm actually -- that idea when he gave it to me, i was like, that sounds like something, we could register huge numbers of people
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that way. that kind of thing kind of stuck in my craw when he mentioned it to me. >> all right. let me -- on that front, and i'll write down -- let me see if i can check with the people who are most involved in hispanic voter registration. >> and about an hour and a half ago i spoke with the author of the brand-new book destined to be a "new york times" best seller, "treason, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> joining us now, former speaker of the house newt gingrich is with us. yesterday we got the videos and connections where the money comes from the campaign, goes to the dnc, to democracy project and to these dark arts political operatives that are fomenting, you know, basically violence at trump events and a false narrative. now you watch the tape today and here they are plainly saying and orchestrating voter fraud on a massive level.
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what's your reaction to it? >> well, first of all, we also now have actual checks cut by the campaign to one of the operatives. i have a very simple first question. where is the fbi? why is the fbi not investigating this? you have a deliberate, willful effort to foment violence, to break up a presidential campaign, to intimidate voters, where is the federal bureau of investigation? i know comey is in the tank for hillary, but he has some obligation to enforce the law, and the fbi should be opening an investigation of these people right now, including an investigation of the people at the clinton campaign who were paying these people. >> let's go through the money where they actually explain it in their own words. it says, the campaign pays the dnc, the dnc pays democracy partners, who pays the foval group and they go out and execute either the intimidation, the violence, or the voter fraud. so i don't even know where to begin here.
10:19 pm
comey hasn't done anything. they're talking about congress investigating before the election. >> no. >> but you and i know both know congress is not going to get that job done. >> look, i think that speaker ryan and majority leader mcconnell should both in a direct letter to comey and to the attorney general insist that the fbi now immediately before the election investigate this. this is intimidation, which is against federal law, and it is a violation of federal election law. it is a level of collusion between the campaign, the democratic national committee, these outside groups, and some of it is clearly for the purpose of engaging intimidation against rallies and against political activities. now, it is amazing how fast the obama administration could get the fbi agents to a variety of places that fit their agenda and how impossible it is to get them to simply enforce the law. but the first demand here should be, this is not about politics, this is not about you and me
10:20 pm
talking, this is about a fundamental threat to our democracy, and the federal bur owe -- bureau of investigation has an absolute obligation to open up by tomorrow. people should be nagging them tomorrow morning, where are your agents, when are they going in the field, who are they going to investigate? >> i would like to know what did hillary know, when did she know it? what did the dnc know and when did they know it? what did they know about the payments and what is being done? we have collusion on a lot of levels. you have hillary clinton on the e-mail server scandal. she was tipped off by the state department, tipped off by the justice department. we now know that e-mails were sent back and forth between hillary and obama and we now know obama lied when he said, oh, i learned about it just like you, i learned about it from the press. well, he didn't learn about it from the press because he was sending e-mails himself. then you have podesta and other clinton operatives talking about not sending what was a subpoenaed e-mail between the
10:21 pm
potus, the president, and secretary clinton. i'm thinking, so you've got collusion not only in the e-mail scandal, now you are talking about collusion here. >> look, this is like a bad update of the godfather in which hillary clinton is playing the marlon brando role. every time you turn around it is a conspiracy of crime carried out by a wide range of people who seem to be absolutely oblivious to the law. they don't think about the fact they're breaking the law because it doesn't matter to them. i suspect in the back of their heads they all assume in the end that barack obama will pardon them if anything actually comes down. on the tape yesterday, foval actually goes into how the operation is set up. now, this is beyond the money that i just described as is passed back and forth, but they set it up to allow the dnc and the clinton campaign, in his words, not mine, plausible deniability in the event that the true nature of the
10:22 pm
deliberate violence is discovered. the thing that we have to watch is to make sure there's a double blind between the actual campaign, the actual dnc and what we're doing. the double-blind is there so they can have plausible deniability that they heard anything about it. isn't that an admission that they know about it and they're just protecting them in case they get caught? >> look, of course. look, a conspiracy to avoid people knowing that there's a conspiracy is still a conspiracy. what this guy is describing to you and what the flow of money seems to be describing is that they had a willful and deliberate effort to set out to violate the law, to intimidate american voters, and to do so on behalf of a campaign which was funneling money to them. now, i don't care how many linkage points there are. if it turns out the campaign was funneling the money and people clearly understood what they were doing, i mean, you know, you know the campaign was happy
10:23 pm
the day that there was so much threat of violence that trump had to abandon his rally in the south side of chicago. >> and hillary actually made a statement about it. >> it is hard to believe they didn't know about it. >> and hillary makes a statement condemning the violence her operatives organized, orchestrated and made happen, and basically everything she was saying about trump she was the one guilty of. we have to take a break. we will come back and continue. go ahead. >> well, i was going to say, remember, she is the person that said you have to have a public face and a private face, and the public face felt sad while the private face did it. coming up, participate two of my interview with newt gingrich. up next, we will ask him about the new wikileaks revelation and put them on the screen for you so you can stay up to speed, and then also later tonight. also, tonight -- ♪
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♪ donald trump's campaign putting out a video explaining hillary clinton's pay-to-play scheme. monica crowley and doug schoen will weigh in later tonight and much more as we continue from the mgm grand, in beautiful vegas on the strip, one night before the final face-off between clinton and donald trump. by refinancing her mortgage, jennifer martinez was able to put extra money
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♪ welcome back to "hannity" live from vegas on the strip, the mgm grand. we are here ahead of tomorrow's third and final presidential debate. now it is all happening in less than 24 hours, and of course you can watch it right here on the fox news channel. first here is part two of my interview with former speaker of the house, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. so do you think the project veritas tapes where we've got people literally inciting violence connected to the dnc, connected to hillary's campaign, and institutionizing voter fraud at a level we never hear anybody ever admit in the past, and do you think that coupled with the wikileaks revelations, what impact is this going to have on the race which is three weeks from today voters go to the polls? >> i think all of it wears down on clinton. i think all of it makes her even less desighabrable, even more frightening.
10:28 pm
if you have people doing this now, can you imagine if she has the power of the presidency, the kind of things she will do, how dangerous she will be to our civil liberties and how willing she will be to go after people in ways that are very, very i think dangerous to the whole survival of the rule of law in this country? so in that sense i think all of these pieces come together in a way that are just a further reminder of how bad she is, how bad her immediate staff is. i mean the whole thing that came out this morning where they're saying, well, we really can't support israel too much because that will make our left wing allies really unhappy, these kind of things come up over and over again. the more you pull back the mask, the more you realize that the secret clinton and the secret clinton team is a really pretty disturb -- i think very frightening system, a very radical thoughts, very willing to break the law. when you think of all of the time that the media spent on
10:29 pm
allegations against donald trump, most of which have now been fully debunked although it took a week, and all of the time while that was happening simultaneously all of these wikileaks were being dropped, the immediate waumedia paid zero it. we have the list of things on the screen that i think would prevent any person in the country from becoming new revelations. the new revelations are simple. clinton wanted obama care to unravel, i assume for a single payer. podesta called senator sanders a doofus. podesta listed potential vp candidates by racial and gender food groups. and aides thought obama's remarks about the private server didn't make sense. i'm going to continue to roll the earlier revelations most people don't seem to know, but you can even take it back further when debbie wasserman schultz was fired there was
10:30 pm
racism and sexism and misogyny and anti-semitism on full display by the democrats, in other words the very things they accuse republicans of. >> look, when you learn the one thing you mentioned in passing, the highest paid people in the clinton foundation were three times as likely to be men rather than women. just that single fact. yet where is the elite media, where is the anger, where is the outrage that the organization she and her husband controlled paid men dramatically more than it paid women? you know, this goes back to 96% of the money given by reporters to campaigns this year, 96% went to hillary clinton. that is a 24-to-1 ratio, and it tells you why you're dealing with this constant barrage of propaganda masquerading as news, but it is not news. it is propaganda designed to undermine donald trump and, frankly, his job tomorrow night is to overcome that. >> well, you think about it, it
10:31 pm
is nbc, literally they're fed questions when hillary will be interviewed. it is cnn operatives feeding questions to the clinton campaign in advance of a town hall. it is the a.p. with friendlies they go to. it is the atlantic, john harwood at cnbc, it is the "new york times," the san francisco chronicle, "the boston globe." you know, cheryl atkinson used to work at cbc who put out a piece called newsgate 2006. she says, independent minds should be concerned about the latest revelations in the news media's unseemly relationships with government and political actors while there are many responsible journalists working today, inside documents and leaks have exposed serious lapses constituting the most far-reaching scandal our industry has known. it is our very own newsgate. i think that's a pretty -- >> i think it is true. >> that captures pretty well how
10:32 pm
deep this runs here. >> this is -- the point cheryl is making is this is the largest example of total one-sided bias in the history of the american media, and that's why i said earlier today on your radio show they should seriously consider dropping the term colombia school of journalism and replace it with colombia school of propaganda. to be honest, we're not talking about news media but propaganda. cnn and msnbc are propaganda machines. what the networks did the night the trump tape came out, they put in 23 minutes on an 11-year-old tape and the three combined put in 57 seconds covering wikileaks. that's pure propaganda. it is worthy of pravda or the old papers -- >> what do you think about john kerry perhaps influencing, you know, the silencing of julian assange? >> well, i think first of all it is going to make a really
10:33 pm
interesting question because everybody has assumed that this was the russians and it is putin, et cetera. if assange matters that much sitting in the ecuadoran embassy, it is because it is assange. it in all of the wikileaks, you have the obama administration including kerry and the state department bureaucrats, including in particular patrick kennedy, who ought to be fired today, you have an entire conspiracy to prop up and protect hillary clinton, to try to get her to the finish line no matter how many allegations there are. you also have, of course, the vice president suggesting that we might launch a cyber attack on russia in response to a political event. i mean this stuff is dangerous talk and can get us into a really big problem, but these people in the white house, i mean obama and kerry and biden are so utterly incompetent about this stuff that they could stumble into a real war if they're not careful because they don't realize how dangerous this is. >> last question. in three weeks from today the people in this country are going to go to the polls.
10:34 pm
if you had to give your best guess, who is going to win this election? do you trust the polls out there now? >> i think the polls are as accurate as they were in great britain. i think that the conservative populous movement has been winning in austria, in italy, in iceland. i think it won decisively in britain despite every poll. i have a hunch that donald trump is going to end up as the next president, which will come as an enormous heart attack giving shock to the left. fox news projects, donald trump the 45th president. >> i have to tell the audience, i'm at the reagan library 45 minutes from where your radio career began in santa barbara. >> that's correct. >> a story none of the audience knows. >> by the way, 30 years ago. you will be at the nixon library tomorrow night if people want to see you. mr. speaker, thanks for being with us. congrats on the new book. coming up next tonight right
10:35 pm
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." we're live on the strip, the mgm grand. we're in las vegas, nevada. earlier today the trump campaign released a new ad cartoon, an ad hitting hillary clinton over her multiple pay-to-play schemes. take a look at this. ♪
10:41 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ all right. joining us with reaction, former clinton pollster, fox news contributor doug schoen and fox news contributor monica crowley here with us in vegas. i think humor works. >> absolutely. it was an effective ad because part of mr. trump's job going into the election is educating
10:42 pm
the american people of the depths of the sordidness, sand profound corruption of mrs. clinton and her foundation. >> they talk about the e-mails, then you have project veritas and the potential, remember, national enquirer got a lot of things right in the past, i'm not going out there, but it is hanging out there. there are a lot of balls in the air now that in three weeks could have a major impact on the campaign. >> i want to make a point about the depgss of her corruption because i think everybody knows mrs. clinton is krucorrupt. donald trump should make a bigger point, which is this, we take for granted fundamentals of our system that after eight years of obama and mrs. clinton no longer exist. those fundamentals are a fair and independent department of justice and fbi, a free and independent press that's really interested in the truth, and a shared belief in decency. i hate to tell you this, america, but those things no
10:43 pm
longer exist. unless we address them now in this election, this country is over. >> if she is elected, it is over. we're done. >> if he makes a bigger point about the corrupt, rigged system rather than staying on particulars, i think it would punch through and grab a lot of voters. >> doug, there are a lot of balls, as a pollster. >> sure. >> when you've got project veritas videos that show the democrats are paying people to incite violence and create a lie and a false narrative to the american people and scheming about voter fraud, and then you've got wikileaks and all of those revelations. >> sure. >> about what a lying phoney hillary clinton is, i don't think we're going to get a feel for where these polls really are probably until the week before the election because i think it is going to take time for the american people to sort through the information we're talking about here. >> well, and that is the challenge facing the trump campaign, sean, because when there's so much stuff out there
10:44 pm
that they could theoretically use, unless they're focused, and in my mind they do best talking about immigration and free trade, her flip-flops, her private and public position, i think she is going to do less well if he emphasizes issues and corruption generally as you suggested rather than throwing the kitchen sink at her. >> what do you think, monica? >> i think he has to do a couple of things tomorrow night, because this is really his last shot in front of most of the american people. he has to keep the focus on the country and the future of the country and the american people, which is why he got into this race to begin with. he has to put her on the defensive with all of these new wikileaks disclosures that show the depth of the corruption. >> it would take him a month to memorize it all. >> all he needs is a couple of real bullet points about the collusion with the media to protect her candidacy. >> true. >> and collusion to obstruct justice on benghazi e-mails and the fact she took tens of millions of dollars as did her
10:45 pm
foundation knowing that saudi arabia and qatar were funding isis. >> and persecuting guys, lesbians, christians and jews. >> absolutely. and he has to find a way to layout -- >> i agree. it is a balance. doug, you would not want to be managing clinton's campaign having all of this come out, would you? >> it is a challenge. but, sean, unless donald trump can discipline his message in the way that you and monica have suggested, if he tries to throw everything at hillary, the only person that will win is hillary. so the bottom line as i see it for tomorrow is hillary's going to want to encourage donald to be all over the lot. if she does that, even if it smells bad and looks bad, she will come out okay. >> all right. we'll see. three weeks. thank you, i love you, too. three weeks from today you the
10:46 pm
american people get to decide an important election. monica thank you. coming up, larp railwry elder a geraldo rivera are here as we continue live from the mgm grand on the vegas trip. go, go!
10:47 pm
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♪ welcome back to "hannity," broadcasting live from the vegas strip, the beautiful mgm grand in las vegas. of course previewing tomorrow night's big debate. joining me now nationally syndicated radio host lar elder and fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera. what is up with you? >> i'll get around to it. >> you mean you are totally undecided? >> well, you know, i always held out hope on the immigration issue, that he would lighten up. >> he did. >> and that is my litmus. >> he did. >> he did and then he didn't and i'm not sure. >> he is going to get rid of criminal aliens, build a wall. what is wrong with that? >> leave juan and maria, the apricot picker, stop sanctuary
10:52 pm
city. >> he stopped to talk about deportation police a long time ago, which i imagine would have been the real thing -- >> do you want to go down the road of immigration or my vote or do you want to talk about the -- >> i want to know, do you want hillary's open hemispheric 600 million people coming in here and taking your job? >> my job is hanging in the balance anyway. >> it is still the economy. >> according to the "new york times." >> hillary wants to be the third term for obama. she doesn't have criticism of anything that obama has done economically, nothing about taxes. >> do you agree, larry -- >> single payer, she wants everything he wants to do. two-thirds of american people say we're on the wrong track. >> for the first time i come here with something i can agree with you both about, and it is the fact it was the state department official patrick kennedy who requested of the fbi agent that the classification be changed from secret to
10:53 pm
unclassified. >> quid pro quo, he is doing well so far. >> and if you do that, the allegation is then i will allow the fbi a bigger presence in the baghdad -- >> what about the violence and the project veritas. >> i'm so glad you brought that up. >> you're welcome. i'm the host. >> i was right here -- not here in vegas, but we were in new york and i said to you when we watched that rally and the interruption of the rally by the violence. >> in chicago. >> i said those are professional agitators. >> you know who paid them? hillary clinton's campaign. >> i don't know who paid them. >> on tape they say the dnc, the campaign paid the dnc that paid the democracy group that paid the agitators. >> you will trace if people probe who knew about the fact they were being paid. >> they talked about plausible deniability with the dnc. >> what about the voter fraud, does it bother you, larry? >> come, on the voelter fraud. >> hold on, geraldo. do you know who believes in the
10:54 pm
2004 election was stolen? john kerry still complains about the election being told. in florida with the hanging -- >> hillary clinton and the wikileaks, they thought obama stole -- had election fraud in iowa. i think wikileaks has been a big bust. >> a bust? >> when they complain about hillary --. >> i'm wondering if there is another in public -- >> was there a quid or not a quid. >> when we come back, they're going to go three rounds. straight ahead, live at the mgn live in vegas, it is fight night on "hannity." straight ahead. bout the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50%
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geraldo rivera, welcome back. tomorrow night hillary clinton and donald trump face off for the third and final presidential debate. fox's own chris wallace will be the moderator. in case you haven't seen his picture in the corner for the last week, but you don't want to miss it. he is going to do a great job. that's tomorrow night, 9:00,
11:00 pm
right here, eastern for complete coverage. right after we'll be starting midnight at eastern, and of course 9:00 here on the west coast for the post debate reaction. thank you for being with us. from the mgm grand in vegas. we'll see you tomorrow night.


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