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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 19, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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we will be in las vegas at 7:00 eastern for the debate tomorrow. hope you will tune. in in the meantime, don't forget the factor. it's up next. good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "las vegas. i'm brett bear and this is a fox news alert. we are live at the mgm grand just down the street from the site of tomorrow's final debate in the rough and tumble presidential race between hillary clinton and donald trump. tonight with just three weeks remaining in the presidential campaign there are new indications that clinton is maintaining her lead over trump even as both deal with the incredible turmoil in their campaigns. that's the headline from the brand-new fox polls releasing right now. clinton is up six points on donald trump. 45 to 39 and that is virtually unchanged. however, trump is up one pot from last week. same results in the head to head . last week's eight-point lead
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for clinton stands tonight at seven. our latest electoral scorecard does not paint a pretty picture for trump with the understanding that there is time for this map to change and change significantly. today we are even moving texas from solid republican to lean republican. our projections have clinton winning 107 electoral votes, 37 more than she needs to become president as of today. trump stands at 181 electoral votes with 50 more up for grabs in toss upstates. ld trump republicans' insistence that the election is rigged. the president telling trump to stop whining. trump is firing back tonight and bringing a new proposal to the table. he wants a constitutional amendment on congressional term limits. he's also highlighting an undercover video report from a conservative group showing democratic operatives talking about purposely inciting violence at trump rallies and
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laying out plans for voter fraud. we'll look at that as well, a the latest wikileaks release, and new information on fbi documents. the gop nominee is in colorado right now. a little more than 24 hours away from a debate that many view as his last legitimate chance to regain the momentum in this race. chief political correspondent carl cameron is here in las vegas tonight. down at the pool. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, bret. colorado is a key swing state. trump's campaigning there tonight. earlier today he came up with a bold new proposal that in his words will drain the swamp that is washington corruption. >> if i'm elected president, i will push for a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on all members of congress. decades of special interests dealing must and will come to an end. >> reporter: trump continues to blame the media for rigging the election against him.
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>> the press has created a rigged system and poisoned the mind of so many of our voters. >> reporter: trump did not take the bait from president obama who dismissed trump's claim of widespread voter fraud in modern u.s. elections. >> that is both irresponsible and, by the way, doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you want out of a president. you start whining before the game's even over, i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> reporter: in the latest fox news poll, 61% say hillary clinton has the temperament to serve as president. 37% think she does not. trump is the opposite. 35% say he does have the temperament while 61% do not believe he does. trump suggested if he's elected three weeks from today, he may meet with russian president vladimir putin before he's inaugurated. the president slammed both trump for cozying up to russia and
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republicans for approving of is. >> you have republican officials who historically have been adamantly anti-russian and in fact have attacked me for even engaging them diplomatly, now supporting and in some cases echoing his positions. >> reporter: trump last night compared clinton's e-mail nixon era. >> this is serious stuff. this is big stuff. this is watergate. >> reporter: trump blasted congress which is in recess while members run for re-election for not returning to hold hearings to investigate clinton's alleged corruption. >> why would you hold them after the election? you want to hold those hearings before the election. this is a criminal act and it's incredible they can do this and get away with it. >> reporter: in wisconsin, home of paul ryan, trump suggested last night that his feud with the house speaker is in part because ryan wants to run for president in four years. >> maybe wants to run in four years or maybe he doesn't know how to win. maybe he just doesn't know how to win. i mean, who can really know, but i know i'm in his territory and they're all screaming for trump. >> reporter: trump running make mike pence today visited the fire bombed gop headquarters in
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orange county, north carolina, and called the bombing an act of political terrorism. >> had it been an attack in this county on the other political party's county headquarters, the level of national media coverage and the discussion would be significantly different. >> reporter: trump today said he no longer believes the polls. many of which he's trailing in and he argued that the media is trying to suppress his voter turnout which is what his aides have said much of trump's attacks on hillary clinton has been designed to do, suppress her vote as well. bret? >> lot of back and forth, carl. really quickly, all these det l details about a debate are negotiated by both campaigns ahead of time. now a little tension about the pre-debate ritual? >> reporter: sure. the clinton campaign has expressed some concern that before the debate actually makes air, when the spouses come out, that bill clinton would rather not be engaged in that part process because they fear that the trump campaign will essentially take melania trump out of the mix or in some way
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replace her or add to the mix paula jones or one of the clinton accusers in order to embarrass him. there's a back and forthright now about whether or not that tradition where the spouses come out and introduce to shake hands does not happen for fear that there will be dirty trickery or what trump would call even-handed play. bret? >> all right, carl. amazing. thank you. tonight, a rare look inside the dark side of politics. a conservative group is shining some light on how pro-hillary clinton forces at least plotted to circumvent election law and disrupt events for donald trump often inciting violence. the project videos are getting a lot of attention online and throughout social media and they have now led to two democratic operatives losing their jobs. chief washington correspondent james rosen has our report. >> that's your version of
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reenfranchisement. >> trump rallies. >> reporter: in its latest pair of videos, project verato strks action, controversial conservative group that uses hidden cameras to document alleged misconduct by progressive organizations targets the satellite groups orbiting the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. a key figure in the videos is bob creamer, founder and head of democracy partners, a liberal political consulting firm who in the '90s pleaded guilty of two felony counts of tax violations and bank fraud. another key figure, national field director for americans united for change, another liberal activist group where creamer is a general consultant. >> we were contacted directly at the dnc -- >> yeah. >> i contacted him. i answered to the head of special events, to the dnc, and head of special events for the campaign. >> reporter: firing announced by
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americans united for change late monday night is seen describing his hiring of paid agitators including the mentally ill to provoke fistfights at trump rallies and role in circumventing federal election laws that prohibit contact between campaigns and superpacs like the crpro-clinton prioriti usa. >> i guarantee you that the people who run the superpacs all take to each other and we and a few other people are behind that communication. >> thing we have to watch is making sure there's a double line between the actual campaign and the actual dnc and what we're doing. there's a double blind there. so they can plausibly deny that they knew anything about it. >> reporter: when a chicago rally for donald trump had to be shut down due to security concerns, it was the work of these two operatives, who
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boasted their role in the veritas videos. creamer is asked if the democratic nominee knows about the efforts of him and his crew. >> the campaign -- >> they tell hillary what's going on. >> hillary knows. >> yeah. >> hey, dnc, democracy partners paid. >> reporter: in a second video, veritas purported to capture a lawyer named cesar vargas, strategist for bernie sanders and founder of the dream action coalition acknowledging his role in voter fraud. donald trump referenced the videos during a rally in colorado. >> the protesters are paid a lot of money by the dnc and they kept saying i wonder why those people are here. because they never seem to have much on their mind other than
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stand up and protest. and yesterday it came out, but it was barely covered by the media. but it's all over the internet. they were busted. >> reporter: it is true that no mainstream media outlet has reported on the veritas videos. even conservatives deeply opposed to trump call their contents troubling. >> james o'keefe is kind of a guerilla fighter when it comes to the new internet journalism. a lot of democrats are going to look at this and search for evidence that this was selectively edited, that this was the work of an activist t. t that said, it's difficult to watch this video and not concludes these people are hangihang ing themselves with their own words. >> reporter: the clinton campaign did not respond for my request for comment. a federal election commission told me it has not received complaints in connection with this. in a statement, bob creamer said he is stepping back from his campaign work so as not to become a distraction. we regret the unprofessional and careless hypothetical conversations that were captured on hid cameras of a temporary
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regional contractor for our firm and he is no longer working with us" creamer said, adding "none of the schemes described in the conversations ever took place." donna brazile called james o'keefe a convicted criminal with history of doctoring video to advance his ideological agenda. o'keefe pleaded guilty six years ago to entering a federal property, specifically offices of senator mary landrieu under always pretenses trying to record material there. lastly, cesar vargas, latino activist and lawyer seen in the videos discussing illegal activities could not immediately be reached for comment. bret? >> james, thank you. more on this with the panel. president obama says there is nothing to report of a suggestion of quid pro quo between a clinton aide and the fbi. over the secretary's classified e-mails. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has a fair and balanced look tonight. >> reporter: at a press conference today, the president was drawn into allegations a state department executive
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wanted a backroom deal on the clinton e-mails. >> some of the more sensational implications or appearance as you stated them aren't based actual events. >> reporter: but the heavily redacted files known as 302s show an fbi official described the incident with patrick kennedy, one of secretary clinton's trusted lieutenants as a, quote, quid pro quo. fbi and state department emphasized again today it never happened kennedy wanted clinton e-mails downgraded to unclassified and in exchange there was discussion of more overseas posts for fbi agents. >> an fbi 302 does not contain opinion work by the fbi. if somebody said that somebody offered me something for something else, and that's in a 302, that agent is going to say, i am sure that that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: kennedy pushed hard for classification changes to the clinton e-mails after congress issued a subpoena and retention order in march 2015. >> trying to change the e-mails
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after march 4th, 2015, would in effect change or alter the evidence requested by congress. >> first of all, these were documents for public release to the foya process, not necessarily what we shared with congress. >> reporter: the fbi documents also show career state department personnel were, quote, suspicious of a special group of employees brought in to review the classification of clinton e-mails. some worked with david kendall, who is hillary clinton's longtime personal attorney. the fbi documents call it a shadow government. >> hillary clinton was out there trying to get her former people at williams & conley, her own attorneys to be the ones that made the determination on these documents. not the career professionals within the state department. that goes to intent and it goes so far beyond what is reasonable in our expectation of how that state department should work. >> reporter: but the state department's position is there was no conflict -- >> no conflict of interest. the mere fact of previously working at a, what is a very
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large law firm, does not in and of itself constitute a conflict of interest. >> reporter: late today the "washington post" published the first interview with retired fbi agent brian mccaully who said he and kennedy agreed to do a favor for one another. when he found out a classified benghazi e-mail was involved, he said he turned kennedy down. one of the fbi colleagues told investigators mccauly pressured him to, in fact, change the e-mail to unclassified and relayed the conversation with kennedy as a quid pro quo. he disputes that description, bret. >> thank you. the latest e-mails from wikileaks paint a picture of a clinton political team second guessing their own candidate's decision. chief national correspondent ed henry shows us what's new. >> reporter: a striking part of the wikileaks dumps of john podesta's e-mails is how dismissive hillary clinton's inner circle is about her political instincts. including a september 2015 e-mail where podesta predicted
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vice president joe biden would get in. and fretted about clinton losing. podesta telling democratic activist, "we are still way more likely than not to win nomination. we've take on a lot of water that won't be easy to pump out of the boat. most of that has to do with terrible decisions made pre-campaign but a lot has to do with her instincts." in previous e-mails chief strategist joel beninson questioned what was in clinton's core and tanden said clinton's failure to show remorse for the e-mail scandal had become a character problem, though there are questions about some of clinton top advisers' own instincts in the latest batch of e-mails. when clinton kicked off her campaign in early 2015, top aides did not want to mention a key ally, israel, in her stump speech because it might annoy the left. bennenson p bennenson writing "why would we call out israel in public events now? only voters elevating public policy at all are republican primary voters."
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jake sullivan smartly dead panned "she was secretary of state." has clinton finally started to inch toward securing the nomination in march, podesta showed how worried they had been writing to clinton, "okay, i can breathe again." before pivoting to the search for a vice president by saying "i have organized names in rough food groups." listing out potential candidates by race, sex and ethnicity with categories for hispanics, women, african-americans, military leaders, and business types like tim cook of apple. and howard schultz of starbucks. sanders was alone in the last category on the list. despite recent diplomacy -- >> someone who i am looking forward to working with. >> reporter: in one e-mail, podesta blurted to tanden, can you believe that dufus bernie attacking a climate change deal? had trouble courting nancy pelosi, huma abedin writing after a july 2015 meeting, clinton felt like she got a nonanswer, pelosi saying she had to focus on the house.
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in the end, she did not endorse clinton until 11 months later. bret? >> ed, thank you. let's take a look now at what the clinton team is doing to try to deal with the wikileaks revelations and all of the revelations coming out today. national security correspondent jennifer griffin who's covering the clinton campaign is here with us in las vegas. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening. >> what's the reaction from the clinton campaign to these revelations, the fbi interviews, the wikileaks. >> well, their response in terms of the so-called quid pro quo is very -- it really mirrors the state department's response. they say there was no quid pro quo. they say patrick kennedy reaching out to fbi to discuss classification is, in fact, normal. here was the response from her campaign manager, robby mook. >> it's very well known that there was disputes within the state department -- rather, between agents -- between the state department and other agencies about classification. it's not uncommon for officials
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within a department to fight over classification. >> no one from the campaign, bret, denies that the issue of unclassifying this e-mail or that the fbi requests to have more slots allocated to them in baghdad, that that conversation took place. they say it did take place. it's notable, as catherine reported, the fbi agent who raised the issue with patrick kennedy has since retired. >> yeah. the other question is the clinton campaign seems to be shifting their strategy, their focus, their money, really. >> absolutely. in fact, robby mook on a conference call with reporters yesterday laid out what is really a two-pronged strategy and in these final weeks as they push to the finish line. they are spending $6 million in ads in crucial battleground states where they think democratic down-ballot candidates actually have a chance. if you look at, in particular, the senate races in four key battleground states, there are four women running in
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pennsylvania, north carolina and nevada and new hampshire. it's one of the reasons that you see clinton spending a lot of time and money in these battleground states. they don't just want 271 electoral votes. they want to run up the score in order to govern, they need to flip the senate. the second part of the strategy outlined by robby mook is focus on early voting. 45% of all votes will be cast before november 8th. every day is election day for the democrats. her campaign schedule is to appear in battleground states right before registration and early voting. that is -- you'll know where she is based on what those deadlines are. >> some of the spending is amazing. arizona, texas. >> incredible. >> i mean, wouldn't see that. jennifer, thank you. >> thank you. stocks were up today. the dow jones 76. s&p 500 rose 13. the nasdaq finished ahead 44. up next, what's really at stake in the battle for mosul in iraq? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 10 in phoenix, head of the
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arizona republican party says its office received a bomb threat monday. police gave the all clear after about two hours. the party will hire private security guards now. over the weekend, someone you may remember, fire bombed a republican office in north carolina. fox 2 in san francisco, where samsung representatives are at the airport there helping travelers exchange their devices before boarding flights. the government has banned samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones from all airlines. samsung has recalled that product because it can become overheated or catch fire. samsung also has people at other major airports as well. and this is a live look at denver from our affiliate fox 31. one of the big stories there tonight, cooler and calmer weather should help crews fighting a southern colorado wildfire that's forced the evacuation of hundreds of people and destroyed at least two homes so far. that fire was reported before dawn monday and gusty winds spread it to about 24 square miles by the end of the day. that's tonight's live look
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outside the beltway from "special report." we're outside the beltway, too. we'll be back in las vegas, next.
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welcome back to the vegas strip where we're ahead of the third and final presidential debate tomorrow night. moderated by our own fox news sunday host chris wallace. now, to some other news. russia and syrian warplanes stopped bombing rebel positions in aleppo for now. russia is calling it a human ta humanitarian pause. the u.n. says it needs more time to begin providing aid to the besieged city. american military spokesman says the opportunity to free mosul from isis terrorists as proceeding as planned and iraqi forces he says are making excellent progress. our correspondent is watching developments from our middle east newsroom. >> reporter: the tanks continued to roll in a battle for mosul with with iraqi and kurdish forces joining together to attack isis ground positions with armored vehicles, thousands of infantry troops, relentless artillery fire and u.s.-led coalition air strikes. today, the iraqi security forces
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made an offensive south of mosul and they moved, again, toward meeting the joint forces and there have been successful gains. >> reporter: kurdish and iraqi commanders say they're also being careful not to attack civilians. there is concern about the possibility of high civilian casualties once iraqi forces push into mosul along with a potentially massive humanitarian crisis. >> speed should be the key element of this operation. the sooner, the better. to prevent, avoid major humanitarian exodus. >> reporter: mosul is a city with 1.5 million residents. the u.n. says it's preparing for at least 200,000 refugees the first week if not days of the fight. there are also serious concerns about isis using innocent
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civilians as human shields as has been the case in other fights including the battle for ramadi. this fight could take weeks, if not months, according to iraqi officials. a pentagon spokesman says that more than 100 u.s. special operation troops are embedded with iraqi and kurdish forces outside of mosul helping to call in air strikes, though they are not on the front lines. bret? >> john huddy in our middle east newsroom. john, thank you. president obama says he's confident iraqi forces will defeat isis terrorists in the battle for mosul, but there is much more to the equation than just winning and losing on the battlefield. correspondent kevin cork explains tonight from the white house. >> reporter: as the dusty and dangerous march on mosul continues in the iraqi desert, half a world away, president obama today used a rose garden press conference with italian prime minister mateo renzi to express his confidence, the fight to reclaim iraq's second largest city would be won but
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hard fought. >> it is iraqis who are doing the fighting and they are performing effectively and bravely in taking on significant casualties. there will be ups and downs in this process, but my expectation is that ultimately, it will be successful. >> reporter: what the president didn't do, however, was define what success in mosul would ultimately look like. not just thevictory in the fighting but afterwards when the fighting stops. the obama doctrine, belief that aiding countries militarily rather than leading the fight, faces its greatest test yet in mosul. >> and this will be, i think, a key milestone in what i committed to doing when isil first emerged which was we were going to roll them back and we are going to ultimately drive them out of population centers and we will destroy them. >> mosul is the heart and soul of the islamic state's
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caliphate. >> reporter: john hannah believes the mosul campaign will help define mr. obama's legacy as a wartime leader who sought to take the u.s. off the front lines of the counterterrorism war. >> this is a high-risk strategy by the president. he's tried it in iraq. he's tried it in libya. he's tried it in syria. what we've been left with is chaos and disaster. >> reporter: indeed, the obama doctrine has already failed once in training iraqi troops. after $25 billion in aid and nearly a decade of training, the iraqi s tucked tail and ran in 2014, a sobering reminder of the difference between the theory and p practice of war. >> if he now tries it again in iraq and leaves, i fear we'll only be back in the middle east again as higher risk and higher cost to the american people. >> reporter: a shifting white house policy shrouded in the fog of war, with consequences that soon will be clear for all to see. no doubt about that.
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by the way, bret, 200 to 300 americans taking part in the fight for mosul are what they call special operations comma o commandos. they'll be operating really just a few miles behind the front lines. and to give you a bit of perspective about that, we've seen americans do this before, both in somalia and in syria with decidedly mixed results. bret? >> kevin, we should point out the state dinner for the italian leader right behind you. >> reporter: yes, sir. >> starting. kevin corke on the north lawn. thank you. let's talk about how the president's actions in the middle east might influence next month's election if at all. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer is with us again tonight from washington. charles, what about that? how does this action by president obama not only in iraq, but stepping up bombings in libya, more aggressive international foreign policy, affect this election? >> to the extent that it breaks through into the campaign and i'm not sure there's very much from the outside world that can break through right now.
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but to the extent it does, it helps to give some shielding to clinton in defending what is generally a failed foreign policy. the fact that we are moving on mosul is not going to have an immediate effect. its effect will depend on the outcome and on the casualties. thus far, there are no american casualties, but you can have them way back from the battle lines. remember in the gulf war, the early 1990s the biggest loss of american life was way back in saudi arabia where iraq had hit. we should expect casualties and that will make it very difficult for the administration. but, and secondly, because it will take at least weeks to be successful, and even then, there's going to be a lot of casualties among civilians as well. so i think it's a mixed legacy right now, beginning of the campaign always looks better,
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but then you have the other stories of what's happening off yemen, what's happening in libya, and, of course, the catastrophe in aleppo where the city is being destroyed. >> yeah. libya, obviously, is a point of vulnerability, one would think, for secretary clinton. >> because that is what used to be called a war of choice, and we decided to do it, to get rid of gadhafi, and we didn't do anything in the aftermath to secure libya. now, the good news is that the bat guys, isis elements in the city of siert are on offensive, surrounded and could be defeated. the bad news is that spread throughout libya are elements of isis and will be a constant irritant and constant problem because the probability of a stable central government reestablishing itself is vanishingly small.
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>> yeah, i just want to get your thoughts, turning back to the top of the show and some of these reports that are coming out. not only this project veritas video,s fbi documents, the wikileaks. is that breaking through to some how effect the election, especially with independents? >> well, the first thing it does is breaks the flow of bad news coming out of the trump side. anything that distracts from the current scandals and from his hyperbole which is being roundly denounced even among republicans about a fixed election. anything that distracts from that is good news. but secondly, the video you shows actually gives some substance, some backup to the charge about a rigged election. now, i don't think it in any way implies that the outcome of the presidential election is going to be affected by some cheating here and there, but nonetheless, i think it does help to put something of substance behind
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the trump charge. >> charles as always. thank you. the panel joins me next here in las vegas to talk about the presidential election. one day away from the final debate. plus the latest fox news polls. we'll dig into those. as we go to break a look at the debate hall for this final debate tomorrow night. inside the tomison mack sensor at unlv, this is debate hall. looks similar to what we saw at hofstra. about 1,000 seats out here. there will be some students here. they have that ticket by lottery. the rest of them divvied up by the campaign. it does look forward because we saw the standing up lecterns at hofstra. this is a little smaller. this is where hillary clinton will be on this side, donald trump on this side. a little bit taller lectern. then the desk here where moderator chris wallace will be. there will be six segments. 15 minutes each. debt and entitlements, economy, immigration, foreign hot spots, supreme court, and fitness to be president.
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we don't know what order, but we do know it will probably be intense at times. chris wallace will try to keep it on the tracks. the first fox news anchor to get tapped for a general election debate. "special report" continues after this.
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part of our pledge to drain the swamp. if i'm elected president, i will push for a constitutional amendment to oppose term limits on all members of congress. the press has created a rigged system and poisoned the mind of so many of our voters. >> you start whining before the game's even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don't
12:39 am
have what it takes to be in this job. >> president obama in the rose garden today taking a swipe there at donald trump. and donald trump on the trail saying he wants to bring in term limits. let's take a look at the latest polls. the four-way poll out at the top of the hour here, fox news with clinton at 45%, trump at 39%. that is moving up as you see from our last poll last week. as you look at independents, however, donald trump picking up three points in this, and hillary clinton dropping down. if you -- let's look at two interesting polls. is hillary clinton lying about how her e-mails were handled? yes, 67%. donald trump versus the accusers, who's lying? trump, 51%. accusers 24%. and that gives you a sense of where we are in this race. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." dr. gina lowden "host of
12:40 am
american trends." and heidi with "usa today." okay, heidi, interesting to see the president say he was going to be reserved today and two after donald trump. we've seen him on the trail like that. he was at the white house. what do you sense the state of the race is right now? >> we can look at your poll or a multitude of polls that have shown a similar spread, but to me the most telling part of it is not just how this is boiling down to the electoral college vote but what's happening with these core demographic groups. if you remember, bret, when we came into this campaign the expectation was donald trump was going to gin this massive white voter turnout, that he would do better than mitt romney with whiter poll it shows he's doing seven points worse with white voters than mitt romney did, and i think this is where this comes down and explains a lot of why what we're seeing at the electoral college level as well.
12:41 am
>> gina? >> i think the indpept voepende voters is interesting. one thing that made mr. trump predictable the whole way along, bret, the psychology of the independent-minded voter. that's why he didn't predict how well bernie would do, didn't predict how well mr. trump would do. the fact he has increased his numbers with independents while hillary has fallen off a little, everybody is advising he shouldn't be attacking paul ryan or his way is not the way, i find it interesting that he's actually made such gains with independents. >> steve? >> well, it's interesting, i mean, i think if you look at the poll in its totality, it's consistent with what we've seen in other polls and what we've seen in previous fox news polling. there are two findings that jumped out at me. one, hillary clinton has the support of 87% of democrats, donald trump has the support of only 80% of republicans. that's a problem for him. that number is going to have to come up and in a serious way if he wants to be competitive on novembe november 8th. the other number that jumped off the page when i read this, which
12:42 am
candidate is better able to rled the country, the change, the change question. donald trump should be leading the change question by double digits. he is the candidate f change. that's what he's premised his entire candidacy on and she's leading him. 47%-44%. if that is the case on election day, donald trump will lose. >> also her message on judgment and temperament is also showing that it's breaking through in this poll and that she has wide leads over him on that, which as somebody who covers hillary clinton, i know this is the argument that she's tried to make all along on temperament. >> how does the term limits play, that proposal? we heard it from a few candidates before, rand paul tried to do it on the campaign trail. he's bringing it out today. >> yeah, well, i think it depends on, you know, the voters certainly, that's something that polls extremely well. term limits always polls extremely well. in practice, i have my own doubts about it having a little bit of a background in politics, seeing how that in some cases will turn power over to the
12:43 am
power brokers. that's another story. i do think it polls well and i think it will also speak, again, to those independent-minded voters. one other thing i think is really important to also consider in these polls and that is the skew, this particular poll was skewed plus five on the democrat side. you have to take these numbers and look at them with that in mind. it all depends who's going to get their voter out. >> we kind of went through this yesterday, i brought darren shaw on and tried to explain the self-party i.d. is a question that's asked after the presidential question, and they are looking at the people randomly around the country. and that this is often a question that is answered depending on how things are flowing. it goes back and forth. it changes. so if the democrats have a good week, sometimes it's d-plus, whatever. if the republicans do, it's r-plus something. so it's a shift. >> sure, but in this climate right now, people are so, so rejecting of labels that you wonder what that might play in
12:44 am
this election that it habsn't played in elections past. >> as an aside to follow up on that, it's been assumed donald trump is likely to win more crossover votes than hillary clinton. there's been all sorts of talks for months about how he appeals to blue-collar democrats disaffected with the democratic party, in this poll, these findings suggest that she's doing better with republicans than he is doing with democrats. 87-5 for her, 80-3 for trump. >> i want to play the project veritas video. this is scott foval. take a listen. >> when i do this, i think we ought to investigate her first. >> works backwards. yeah, great. >> do the investigation. >> yeah. it's different. i think backwards from how they would prosecute if they could. and then try to build out the message to avoid that. >> this guy, on this video, he's been fired. another democratic operative has
12:45 am
quit. the dnc says, heidi, that this is completely separate and that these things that they talk about on this video about instigating violence at trump rallies and voter fraud didn't happen, but it is compelling to see and we have a piece that kind of laid it all out. considering, of course, james o'keefe's past record about editing videos. >> that's why when i originally read this i thought oh my god, this is going to rock their world, this is huge. until i realized it was james o'keefe who had done this which as you pointed out he has a history of de-septembericeptive. fined $100,000. he's a convicted criminal. the media has been burned by him for years. several years ago he forced the resignation of several officials at npr. the media was too business afterwards to tell the real stories uncovered by glenn beck. >> two operatives lost their jobs already. dnc is putting out statement
12:46 am
after statement. obviously, it's hitting some chord. >> they wouldn't be firing people and people wouldn't be stepping down. i think the trick of this particular video is that you have in their own words things like word, voter fraud, used. this is in their own words. this isn't some reporter saying it. this isn't james o'keefe sayi i it. where the drawback, bret, virtually no other media is covering it except this media. it depends on how much the word gets out there into the public domain. >> that's why because they've been burned in the past. i have to point that out. many, many times. a.c.o.r.n. >> yeah, we went through vis video. james rosen did an in-depth piece. we looked at all sides. i think people can look at it and judge for themselves and see how it goes. next up, latest revelations on the wikileaks, the fbi documents. as we head to a quick break, a look at what facebook is doing with this debate and what they're looking at as far as people logging on.
12:47 am
here at unlv at the media filing center/spin room, we'll find our friends at facebook, see what's going on. robert is here. >> bret, great to see you. >> what do you have? >> the last 30 das the conversation on facebook has been engaging. crime and criminal justice is number one most discussed topic on the platform. >> what's begin there. >> the two main things driving this, if you look at the spike in conversation around the 8th, web the trump tape came out and wikileaks release came out. conversation about both those sets of allegations has been driving this conversation. 16.5 million talking about that. >> can you delineate between the two? >> they're contributing approximately -- >> broader, the numbers. >> i mentioned three quarters of registered voters were participating in this rich conversation. that's only grown since then. mr. trump has almost 63 million people talking about him to the tune of almost 1 billion interactions. >> 1 billion. >> which we've never seen before. see that surge occurred right before the st. louis debate. secretary clinton has a similarly vigorous conversation. 52 million people talking about her 650 million interactions.
12:48 am
not quite as large as mr. trump but still a really large conversation we expect to continue through election day. >> and through the debate. >> absolutely. >> robert, thank you very much. >> really nice to talk to you. >> "special report" continues
12:49 am
12:50 am
i've invested a lot in this game. and the returns i get out, are measured in reps.
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competition. sometimes it's audibles. bright lights. celebrations. it's huddles. camaraderie. and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you. i think you have heard directly from the fbi and the state department that the notion or the accounts that have been put out there are just not true. >> we looked into this. the fbi looked into this. and it's just not true. there was no quid pro quo even suggested or any kind of bargain laid on the table. >> they were wheeling and dealing and trading of information and trying to make deals on the side in
12:52 am
order t minute manipulative what congress should have been able to see. i didn't come up with this. quid pro quo is a word that was used by an fbi agent. not me. >> well, the president's state department pushing back hard about these fbi documents that we have been talking about deal with email classification issue and under secretary of state patrick kennedy. breaking news about julian assange the wikileaks founder. ecuador has just acknowledged that it has temporarily restricted wikileaks founder assange's communication access following the clinton leaks there was a story that secretary of state john kerry had asked for that to happen. apparently kerry is denying that. however, either way, ecuador has essentially cut off assange's internet. we will see if the wikileaks leaks continue. one would think they have backups. we're back with the panel.
12:53 am
let's start with the fbi documents. big push back, steve, to this. your thoughts that one of the agents came out, who was actually involved in this back and forth with kennedy and said that they had a conversation and that he was, you know, there was talk of what each could do for the other person. >> yeah, right. basically confirmed what was in the fbi 302s that were reported on over the weekend and then released yesterday. what he said was he didn't realize exactly what the favor was that patrick kennedy was going to be asking for and that it was a benghazi-related email and they wanted to change the classification. there is no question that they had this discussion so what john kirby said was patently false. categorically false. what the president said when he said that these notions and accounts without specifying which notions and accounts have been discredited is word salad. it's nonsense. this is what happened. it's in the fbi documents for a reason. you think back to the time when they had these
12:54 am
interviews with the fbi officials, these are people going in front of their colleagues, sitting down and asking questions about what they had done in connection with this case. what they said then was accurate. what this official who spoke publicly today said confirms that what they said was accurate. >> heidi, this is why people hate washington. the whole thing. >> yes. >> every aspect of it? >> yeah. combined with wikileaks, all of it just wreaks of back room dealing. the details are very important. i don't want to indict anybody before they have had a chance to kind of like speak their side. the facts are that there was no actual swap, whatever they discussed didn't happen. >> transpire. >> didn't actually transpire. but, to me, the untold part of this and the reason why this email story is going to keep blaze something because we don't know whether any of this was actually done on behalf of the campaign. here's something to point out, bret, is that hours after all -- all of this wheeling and dealing was going on, a.p. came out with a story saying hillary clinton never sent
12:55 am
classified information. so, somebody has got to see if there was a connection there between what kennedy was trying to do. >> and the a.p. >> laying the groundwork for this story and for hillary clinton to be able to say "i never sent or received classified information." >> we should note that patrick kennedy has a long, long history with secretary clinton. depose back many, many years. >> okay, big question on this. not only this but wikileaks and how it influences this race. >> i think you couple this with, for example, you know, all of the illumination that has come out in the last few days. even in the last week from james o'keefe's videotape to the wikileaks and everything else, you start to get a picture just things happening behind the scenes without the people ever being aware of it i think that plays well to mr. trump's campaign. but here's the thing, you have to also know how many of the american voters really care. because, the thing i hear so often when we hear this is
12:56 am
well, if mr. trump is elected, he will probably operate the same way. this is just politics in america. i think if people psychologically accept that, then they will be more likely to accept that hey clinton does this. this is the way politics is done. >> steve, quickly, that brings us about to your poll about change. >> right. >> if that is true the trump campaign is in trouble. >> it was striking finding. donald trump made his case throughout the republican primary that's was the candidate of change. every night sat on the stage and talked about the exit poll results. that's the thing that jumped out. the fact that he is losing to her, who is this washington insider and has been for three decades is pretty striking. >> bret, if i may on the change question. >> real quick. >> obama was the candidate of hope and change. that may be a mantra locked in the psyche of the democrat voter and may not mean as much about mr. trump. >> heidi, gina, steve, thanks very much. back with final
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
finally tonight, keep it right here on fox news channel for tomorrow night's
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big debate. you may have heard chris wallace is no der rating. is he on the corner of the screen somewhere. we start at 6:15 for special coverage megyn kelly and can you believe it? >> we're here. finally almost. >> you're watching an early edition of "fox and friends." >> thank you for starting your wednesday with us. and this is, of course, where we begin tonight. debate at the university of nevada hosted by our very own chris wallace coming as brand new fox


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