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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon first time ever a fox news anchor will moderate the general election debate. that is 9:00 eastern tonight on fox news channel. obviously the best place to watch it. see you back here in one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. melissa: fox news alert. tonight is the night. we're just hours away now from hillary clinton and donald trump, facing off on the debate stage for the third and final time. before a prime time audience before tens of millions. i'm sandra smith. this is "outnumbered." we have co-host of "after the bell." melissa francis. ebb gone any williams is here today, and today owes #oneluckyguy, former ambassador to the united nations, ambassador john bolton and with all due respect you're
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"outnumbered". >> glad to be here. it will be a great evening. harris: they have all been great, right? now especially great. sandra: we have a lot to begin. no letup in anticipation building for tonight's showdown moderated for the first time ever by a fox news anchor. our some time one lucky guy, chris wallace, has been on the couch a few times, hillary clinton and donald trump going to battle on the debate stage for the third and final time. while clinton has taken several days off for the campaign trail to prepare, her republican opponent taking a shot at her stamina. >> sort of funny. she has been doing this for 30 years. now she has to do debate prep for five days. you know what the debate prep is? it is resting. it is lying down, going to sleep. sandra: meantime hillary's camp saying if mr. trump wants to take the low road tonight, it on! clinton communication chief, jennifer paul pal my airy.
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>> continues to embrace the strategy of scorched earth campaign, bring that to the debate, she will be prepared to handle that the last few times. what have seen what he does do that, with the character that hillary clinton that is revealed to voters, someone that is quite capable of standing up to him and defending american values, reaffirming them. sandra: and here's trump campaign manager kellyanne conway on what will be mission number one for her candidate tonight. >> if this election is referendum on hillary clinton, donald trump wins. and it should be a referendum on hillary clinton because, essentially voters always have the same decision, martha, do i want more of the same or to go in new and different direction? in "fox news" polling, 75% of the americans want to go in new and different direction. donald trump owns mantle of change. he is disruptor. she is more of the same.
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sandra: ambassador, set it up for us. what does each candidate need to do on the stage tonight? >> i think hillary clinton would like to spend roughly 45 minutes, her half of the debate time smiling into camera, waving and children and kissing babies and saying nothing. i think the reason she hasn't done very much the past five days to raise more money precisely because she is ahead and she is trying to run out the clock. hard to make a mistake when you don't open your mouth. the less she can say, the better. i think from trump's point of view he has a difficult task ahead tonight, i don't think there is any question about it. i think the way he handles it by taking the low road as i would define it but talking about hillary clinton's failures in her political career, starting with benghazi. going to the failure of the russian reset. the email scandal. it's a long list. now hillary may consider that the low road but i think these are tests of both character and competence, that will play to
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what is, let's face it, a basic distrust on the part of the american people about hillary clinton. she is not well-liked. she is not trusted. people focus on trump's troubles. hillary has a bundle of her own. sandra: so if that is the case, for hillary clinton, if, ambassador is right and boo hoof her not to say so much, can trump shift the focus to his opponent and put her on the spot? >> sandra, these are closing arguments tonight. this is the last opportunity for both candidates to lay out facts as they would like the american people to deliberate on in these final 20 days or so. that is absolutely what donald trump should do. i think kellyanne conway is absolutely right. trump should make this indictment of hillary clinton and all she has done wrong during her time in public office and otherwise but trump made that difficult for himself, many people agree with that much, 70 something percent don't like the direction the country is going in, trump made it difficult for
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some to think he is the guy to change it. that is what he needs to do tonight. sandra: what are the stakes. melissa: he does exactly what you say by sticking to the issues. talk about hitting her but hit her on the record. on air, trump, was right on message he said hillary clinton couldn't create one job when she worked here in new york. her record was terrible. how is she going to create tens of millions of jobs for the country? hit her how she says one thing to wall street when making speeches. she says exactly the opposite when she is speaking to other people. if you look at the facts as she has provided them herself, you don't even have to read into them. you can see, that she is disingenuous and she doesn't have a record of success in terms of getting people back to work, keeping our nation safe, restoring law and order. she is not able to do those things based on her own record. harris: something you said, ambassador got me to thinking, because you said hillary clinton won't make a mistake because she is silent.
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donald trump could flip that and campaign could flip that, your silence is a mistake. look at all drip, drip, drip. it is now a drip, drip. these documents through wikileaks and other sources are coming fast and furious. it is a river. no longer drip, drip. her being silent on these, it is all true? melissa: great point. harris: i say don't speak unless you improve the silence but is your reputation on the line and speak up or is it all true? >> she has unbelievable capacity to say words that mean essentially nothing. sandra: doesn't that make her a politician at great length over and over again. >> trump needs to take her to ways to force her to answer show she doesn't have answer. after entire campaign i'm waiting to her one palpable accomplishment as secretary of state. i think pounding her on that, pounding her on why she left the state department on night of the benghazi attack with americans
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at risk throughout the middle east? to go home. sandra: do you think he will go there? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> he should go there, sandra. here is the problem. she will not spend anytime touting accomplishments as ambassador points out because she doesn't have many to to tout. that donald trump is crazy, erratic, this will be pound, pound on donald. harris: does that backfire? because you've seen the list of topics, right, debt entitlements. there is some juicy economic things there, foreign hot spots, whatever. does it every not work and backfire when the question is such on topic and you spin it to pivot to something else? there is a risk for either candidate, right? >> i agree, harris but i think hillary clinton is resigned to win this election by default. if that is how it comes down i think she is okay with that. sandra: melissa, based on where the two candidates are polling today heading into the final showdown could this be
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make-or-break moment for either campaign? melissa: i mean, for sure. if you look where we were three weeks ago, they were neck and neck. that is definitely changed. so three weeks from now things could be different. obviously very late in the game for donald trump to turn anything around. hard to see it happening but it has been hard to see all the things that happened so far. there were a million things we thought could never happen. we also, i mean this has been the most surprising october of all time. everybody has stuff. harris: every day is a surprise. >> every day is a big surprise. we don't know what is coming in the next three weeks. i do think anything can happen. i think trump squandered the good performance he had last time. i wonder if he does that again. he got out there, had a really strong performance. very next day he kept pivoting back to all these negative issues. he just squandered it. it was so disappointing for people that were supporting him. sandra: many of his supporters, ambassador, were saying past few days, hillary clinton is off preparing as she is, her campaign is saying she is doing.
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he was out holding rallies along the east coast. do you think he should have stopped and actually prepared a little bit more than he did in the previous debates? >> i think it possible he has been preparing and not just making anything out of it, but i think what is absolutely required for trump tonight is iron discipline, iron discipline. it is required for the next 20 days. sandra: right. >> jim baker used to say and tell me all the time because he probably thought i needed to hear it, keep your eyes on the prize. that is all that matters. harris: you look kind of like a prize guy, why did he say that. melissa: surprised you needed that advice because you seem exactly like that guy? >> because i listened to him. melissa: julie roginsky said it on the couch weeks ago. he doesn't have ounce of discipline. if he sticks with great advice he gets and stay on message but he has been his own worst enemy.
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everyone is looking for it to change. harris: interesting that is the fact and she is staying quiet to run out the clock. they're both running out the clock then. he is not going to change? melissa: he is disciplined a periods of time. >> disciplined to go after her. don't talk about miss america or any of this other stuff. harris: don't take the debate. >> don't defend the scandals. stick to message. sandra: speaking of polling, brand new fox news polls show hillary clinton leading donald trump by six points nationally. she is up 45-39% in four-way race among likely voters but republican nominee says he does not trust the numbers anymore. >> even though we're doing pretty good in the polls, i don't believe the polls anymore. i don't believe them. i don't believe them. if there is 10 and if there is one or two bad ones that is only one they show. believe me, folks, we're doing great. sandra: but trump is doing well on at least one key issue. the one voters say is most
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important to the country, the economy! that same "fox news poll" finding 50% of the voters trust trump to do a better job on that issue. six points higher than hillary clinton. melissa francis i go to you first. we've been hitting this hard. the entire election season, the economy. melissa: it is really true. this could be a absolute home run for donald trump. you talk about he is weak with women and got to get them back. guess what, i'm a woman, issue i care most about is the economy, my pocket book. he has to make the case hillary clinton has gotten rich while you've gotten poor. i want to get uncle sam the heck out of my purse. the way he goes in there and takes my money and wastes it, i wouldn't let my children go in there and take my hard-earned money and waste it like that the way the government does. he has to make the case he is one to put common sense back into washington and way we handle our economy. we need to get growing again, to provide a future for our
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children. that would be home run on economy and home run for women as well. that is what we care about. >> so true, melissa. i've been very vocal on that as lifetime democrat and trump supporter from day one. only this issue. she believes donald trump is key to getting irs out of her business and making economic prosperity available to again for people like her but the big question for many of these people at the end of the road is, as much as i think many people believe that about donald trump, is he disqualified at this point around other issues that are also voters, that voters are concerned about. harris: like what? >> issues of temperment, harris. issues around is this kind of man we want to be face, many ways the president is face of america. those questions are real for some people. for my mother and others, to heck with that. it is really comes down to the dollars and cents. she is pocketbook voter. melissa: my handbag. >> they're balancing those concerns. harris: we love your mother. we've been looking at average polling, and one of the
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questions that was asked recently was whether or not the recent sex talk on the tape mattered specifically to women who were surveyed. 63% of them yes, it did not matter in terms of their vote. so there are some people out there, i just wonder how big of a contingent it is and how much money trumps that? >> i think there are a lot of things you could say about these numbers. arguing with them doesn't do anything any good, particularly trump but i think if you look what the election is about, he has a large number of people who affirmatively support him. i think hillary has got very small base of people who just think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. she has a lot of default voters, african-american voters, hispanic voters, millenial voters if any show up to vote, labor unions, that kind of thing, the people who are flocking to her and giving her this lead are people who have been pushed away by trump. i think that is why the attack strategy on trump's point of view undercuts those who have
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gone to her. they are not voting who they want their next door neighbor, they are voting to who they want president. i think he can get them back despite disparity in the polls. harris: same poll i was talking about, women care about the specific sex talk issue, 20 percent point lead among women in the same survey hillary clinton has over donald trump. so to hit them on a specific issue without pandering, might work. sandra: also remind you guys what was happening at this moment during the show yesterday when the president was speaking alongside the italian prime minister, and president obama was touting his record on the economy. melissa: amazing. sandra: he was touting his economic growth in this country! so was that an opportunity? did the president just tee it up for donald trump and hillary clinton tonight or chris wallace in a question to say, are you better off today economically than you were eight years ago? because hillary clinton is riding on what he says is a
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strong economy? >> look i think trump's argument hillary clinton is barack obama's third term on domestic issues as well as on international security issues. i think the economy. there is no discernible difference between her policies and obama's. you can do it on specific issues too like obamacare. obamacare, if anything is less maligned than hillary cair was in '93, '94. that is coming assure as we're sit ising here if she is elected. he has broad range of issues on the economy he can use to his advantage. sandra: will he? will he? so many supporters want him to stick to the message on economy. you don't want to miss any of this. the final time hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head before we all head to the polls. this is the first fox moderated presidential debate. the moderator, our colleague and friend, chris wallace, widely considered to be the best questioner on in the business. that is harris for you.
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best place to watch here on fox news channel. there may be one thing we won't see at tonight's debate, a handshake between bill clinton and melania trump. why each candidate is playing mind games. new quid pro quo controversy surrounding about emails from hillary clinton's private server. he speaks out and what he is saying and what it could mine by the race. you can go to"outnumbered" and go to"outnumbered" fnc. hit us up on the twitter machine. it works. we read everything. harris: eboni is not tying that. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands,
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harris: fox news alert. what you just saw is what you're going to do and what you're looking at live right now is where it is all going to happen. that is the university of nevada las vegas, the debate stage they have been prepping. the cake is baked. the format calls for six 15 minute segments and they will talk about debate, entitlements, immigration, economy, supreme court choices, so on, foreign hot spots. i bet yemen comes up. mosul, iraq comes up. a lot to get to one of the best questioners in the business, our friend, chris wallace, first time fox news will moderate a presidential debate. pop your corn. your night is made. see you at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the manner at the center of the quid pro quo allegations
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with hillary clinton and work emails is speaking out. retired fbi agent brian mccaully, admits it was idea to swap favors between the fbi and state department. he tells reporters he asked undersecretary patrick kennedy for more positions in iraq when kennedy called him to ask about email from clinton's private server he did not want to be classified. he wanted to change the marking on that. mccaully says after he found out the email was about benghazi, the deal was off the table. both fbi and state department deny officially at their top levels any quid pro quo took place. also, chairman of the house judiciary committee bob goodlatte is asking the justice department now to open a criminal investigation into patrick kennedy's actions of the should that happen and how fast? >> i think so. i'm just stunned at this kind of story coming out of the state department and while there is a little bit of complexity as to
9:22 am
how it happened let's be clear. patrick kennedy called an fbi official, who doesn't deal with the benghazi investigation or classification issues. he calls the guy who is a counterpart to him on the management side, to raise the classification issue. does it surprise anybody that the fbi management guy says, i can see a trade here and he proposes it. do you think patrick kennedy didn't understand that before he made the call to that guy? now the fact is back at fbi headquarters they put kibosh on it almost immediately. harris: because it was happening or because it was about benghazi? >> you can't bargain over classification of anybody's emails, whether benghazi or not. i think this fbi agent admits, once he realized he knew he had done the wrong thing. does the bribe take place? no, it doesn't take place. is attempted bribery or obstruction of justice still a crime even if it fails? you better believe it. harris: you have all of that and the state is still denying that it took place.
9:23 am
are they calling brian mccaully a liar? or patrick kennedy? i don't understand the point. >> they are defending pat trek kennedy. harris: by calling the other guy a liar? >> because there was no quid pro quo. harris: i see the fine point. okay. melissa: that is not bottom line to the whole story? you know what the takeaway is? they were trying to change the classification because she said i never sent or received anything classified or marked classified. harris: clean it up. melissa: they knew that was a lie. they knew she was lying every time she said it and they were out there trying to clean it up and change the classification. that's the takeaway. everyone knew she was lying including her. >> that is why kennedy went to the person because he knew there was a trade there. >> what makes it so ridiculous and sad to knee because you're right, there was an effort to change, cover-up, cover-up being the worst part. still doesn't reflect the meat of the email itself which is what is most important.
9:24 am
that is what carries at the end of the day. that is really a foolish trade in the first place but i also took away from this, ambassador, correct me if i'm wrong, quid pro quo or classification issue or not does happen, fairly routine, pretty much the language i got from mccaully on thises that we should expect it. sandra: go back to the bigger picture, go back to his words, there was no political motivation within this at all. that is the problem today at all, right? we can't trust there isn't political motivation involved in all of these investigation. >> well, of course, that is why kennedy's conduct here calls into question the whole stream of other state department conduct on the slow roll of the production of the emails, of what the fbi 302s that were released also show under john kerry there is a top level team at the state department discussing when and how to send the emails out. all of this is political. although patrick kennedy is career official and very senior one, i might add, i was an
9:25 am
undersecretary too, he is acting though as he is part of the kerry-clinton team. that is disturbing. melissa: if he is not protecting her, why is he trying to change it? what is the motivation? harris: at the heart of this we're talking about secrets and national security. that's what we're talking about here. forget about all these people trying to cover each other's backsides, we the people. >> i won't say the fbi are a bunch of angels here, the way the state department sacrificed its credibility around this election is mind-boggling to me. >> amen. sandra: amen. harris: we'll move on. i love a good amen. all eyes on las vegas. where the stage is set for tonight's final faceoff in the white house race. look, there are people down there. maybe they're making some tweaks, people? candidates will be hit with the questions on six very big issues. what do they need to do to win the hearts and minds of the american voter? from hillary clinton's wikileaks email dump to
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donald trump's audiotape uproar, will scandals dominate tonight's debate and how should the candidates handle them? stay with us. ♪ you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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sandra: the stakes are sky-high in las vegas for tonight's big final presidential showdown. fox's own chris wallace, themode with the candidates. he has chosen six topics, debt an entitlements, immigration, the economy, as we just discussed, the supreme court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president. now questions over what the candidates need to do to win on these issues. melissa, you said you were so thrilled to see that debt and entitlements was at top of his list. melissa: absolutely. this is the thing. if we went out today and you bought a huge mansion and partied in the mansion and signed that mortgage over to your children, said when they get old enough we'll let them pay for it, they would put you in jail for child abuse. this is what we're doing in this country right now with entitlements. no one ever wants to talk about this because it is such a tough fix.
9:30 am
it will be painful no matter how we do it. ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. it just festers and gets larger and more painful. someone has to address this. i will be interested to see how chris frames the question and how they respond to it because it's a tough one. sandra: i love to quote chris saying this, is his words, if people say it was a great debate and i don't remember you being there i will have done my job. amen to that, speaking of. harris, you were about to jump in, second on the list, immigration and economy. harris: yeah, before i get to immigration i wanted to ask medical is melissa a question on economy and how you get to entitlements. this a peoplic weak rebound since the great depression, people patched things together to put back their income. they're stressed out, overworked, those entitlements is juicy little nuggets that keep them quiet. am i misunderstanding that? melissa: there is a some of that. the real problem is
9:31 am
social security, medicare, medicaid. that is biggest part of spending and entitlements, totally out of control. if you don't do something about those three you really aren't tackling the debt and deficit down the road. that is a very tough conversation to tell people. harris: if you create jobs doesn't that help all of it or no? melissa: it helps but there is no way to get the country back on track. mathwise you have to attack the big three. now obamacare. sorry, go ahead. >> i think this is opening for trump to talk about his larger economic policy and in particular interest rates are going to start to rise here. they need to. interest rates can't be only economic policy the government has. when that happens, the cost of servicing the national debt at $19 trillion is going to squeeze every other element of the federal budget. so only way out of that is dramatically growing economy. >> i agree this is good opportunity for trump because what i've seen, both parties are so reluctant to take political hit coming along to really addressing this. you're exactly right.
9:32 am
it's a ticking time bomb, it has to be addressed at some point for future generations. i think that is one of the good things trump is positioned to do, not beholden to partisan alliances prohibit that really difficult and necessary conversation. harris: you brought up other topics, you mentioned immigration. i want to skip ahead to foreign hot spots. donald trump has to be careful how hillary clinton frames what we're doing particularly to take back mosul with the iraqi troops we helped train and we're there to catch them should they fall, that sort of thing to push out isis. that could be if it turns out well, we want it to if it is our men and will, you but politically speaking she could twist that. >> she may try to. this is example of failure of obama-clinton foreign policy in the middle east if you like. i think where hillary has to respond by talking about vladmir putin and russia. that has been her talking point. i think trump has an effective response which is, what i have said is that vladmir putin is a
9:33 am
strong leader, unlike you and unlike barack obama. that is how to deal with that. harris: president did it yesterday. sandra: he went after donald trump again for his flattery of vladmir putin. >> unpresidential in middle of a press conference with foreign leader to engage in politics. >> he said he wouldn't. >> like a red line for barack obama. harris: oh. burn! meanwhile both candidates may have to play a lot of defense tonight as well as they each deal with their own scandals. for hillary clinton, well, under intense scrutiny over emails hacked from her campaign chairman's account which include excerpts from her paid speeches as well as staff criticisms of her former rival, bernie sanders. and anti-catholic remarks, plus her personal email server also back in the spotlight after fbi documents revealed one of her top lieutenants at the state department tried to pressure the fbi to declassify one of her emails.
9:34 am
we talked in dei will tail about that this hour. meanwhile donald trump is still dealing with fallout from the tape that reveal crude comments about women as well as numerous allegations of unwanted sexual advances. they're both going to have to do gymnastics to jump around issues if they don't take that head on. move around it. melissa: yeah. harris: oh, my goodness, i made the ambassador giggle. i don't know why. [laughter] >> tell you after the show. sandra: that lovely image. harris: but in the meantime, do they dive right in or what do you do? >> i wish we could talk about something more uplifting like nuclear weapons or something like that. in absence of that particularly from trump's point of view, he has to say i wasn't proud of any of this. i answered these questions. let's talk about what the american people are really interested in. harris: right. >> another effort at defense will dig him in deeper and i
9:35 am
would go after her on -- sandra: he did engage in first debate he would be asked a question to clearly move on from a subject. >> there is no upside saying i'm not that bad. there is no way you will improve on that. melissa: no, no. you say, you know what, boy i have been a jerk. i have made mistakes but is that really what matters right now? or does getting the economy going again? restoring law and order. defending our nation. going after radical islam? aren't you sick of everything going on in washington? do you really want to talk about the other thing, you about he has to say i think still again, i have been a jerk. i will not litigate everyone of these tonight and let's move on. harris: i think campaign is calling your phone. sandra: going back to the poll you said earlier 64% of respondent said it had no impact on who to vote for, didn't change the decision who to vote for, clearly that is message from voters, donald trump could use it, hey, let's talk about
9:36 am
the matters that voters care about the most here. let's get off this. as you said. things haven't been perfect. harris: acknowledging it first i get that. >> that is important. it will be hard, sandra, that is what trump should be doing. i agree with the ambassador. don't spend a lot of time in the mud trying to defend that. she gets pulled in so easily, right? hillary, harris, she will spin almost all of tonight making it about that. i really think she will. that really benefits her ability to tap into some of these disenchanted republican voters who don't like her at all but are just not going to go for donald trump at this point. melissa: her strategy has been lay back, look calm, look, this guy is crazy and it is working. harris: what if the question comes up, you talk about people helping to shore up the game as a team. what about republicans last week who were on the bandwagon, got off for a little bit, maybe had an ice see and bottom back on?
9:37 am
bark and forth on this, i mean? >> from trump's point of view, what he ought to be saying is we need a strong team in washington to make changes from obama's policy and to say, to show some graciousness to all the republicans and say i understand in some states people are under pressure but i hope you will vote for them anyway. i think that is sort of approach would do wonders for him. harris: when the topic comes up of the rigged elections, and on point again, he said at polling places, which is a completely -- sandra: move on. got to move on. say you believe in the process. >> conspiracy theorists whatever extent around it, he needs to be super disciplined, super focused sound like a strong leader, not sound like someone grasping for reasons or -- harris: going back to the president obama's words in the rose garden again yesterday. he spent so much time going after trump and calls on rigged election. all the president had to do was
9:38 am
say, we have a fair process in this country. i believe in it. instead he used it as opportunity to go after trump. >> he is having so much fun with that president obama is having a ton much fun poking at donald trump. they have a long-standing beef between two of them. he is getting a lot out of that. harris: ambassador, last word. >> kellyanne conway said in clip earlier today. if it is focused on hillary clinton, it will be success for donald trump. harris: plain and simple. we'll move on. battle lines being redrawn in 2016 for race to the white house. hillary clinton campaign is seeing red, making a big push into traditionally republican states. is it worth the effort and the money? why new polls in one state could indicate a surprising shift in this race. dance. ♪
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harris: fox news alert. we've been talking a lot about this hour. the importance of this final debate for some people will be difference between who they vote for. the other, this is the opportunity to potentially, with chris wallace at the helm, to hear about some finer point on issues, and big topics. that is what we're awaiting for. it will happen at 9:00 p.m.
9:42 am
eastern. every american is affected by this election. some people have said this is the election of our lifetimes. this is an important moment in all of this as we are about three weeks away from people actually voting in the states where they haven't even started already. this is important. so tune in, chris wallace, again first time for fox news to have a moderator in a general election presidential debate. you're looking live at the stage of university of las vegas in nevada. excitement and hopefully a whole lot of information too. so watch it with us. melissa: with less than three weeks to election day and her confidence growing hillary clinton is looking to expand the map with a big push into traditionally republican states. she deployed bernie sanders, first lady, michelle obama, and chelsea clinton to campaign for her in arizona. the campaign says, it is also investing $2 million in ads in the state and made historic ad buy in texas of all places, reportedly worth $100,000.
9:43 am
the strategy may be paying off. according to surprising new polls from both states, arizona one poll find clinton ahead 30 nine-34 while in texas donald trump is ahead by just three points. ambassador bolton. >> well look, i think, i think it is clear that trump has not locked up a lot of traditionally republican states but i think he is going to win them in november. melissa: you think? >> i think what hillary and democrats are doing, i borrow the metaphor from joe trippi, they're throwing out smoke alarms hoping trump campaign will jump on them that they're explosive devices. trump campaign has own polls where in the state i would ignore it. melissa: although if you look at the map, went to lean republican from solid republican, that lovely blush color. i say that because harris's dress is blush. harris: it is today.
9:44 am
i think texas is little redder maybe than what it seems. you have ted cruz getting behind donald trump here of late. you have got some meat down in that state, and red meat talked about in terms of the economy and immigration is such a huge issue. we know donald trump in all of his ineloquence trying to speak about it over last year-and-a-half has hit issue of people who live in border states likes texas. that is something they care about. i wouldn't be surprised if it's a little redder than what we think. redder than my blush pink. melissa: has not been talk about issue. harris: hasn't been but anybody really forgotten about the wall? >> we still know mexico will pay for it. i agree. harris: whoa! >> remember that, melissa? ambassador said trump should not overreact to the polls. time is not panic to change gameplan. i'm not mad at hillary clinton.
9:45 am
she has beaucoup money. why not a couple ads in utah, arizona, texas the like. sandra: certainly sign of confidence coming from hillary clinton and her camp. she has money to spend it wherever she wants. she decided to focus on pretty interesting states. >> i think these are feints. all the money she outraised trump dramatically, all the money on ads they have remarkably little effect. i think her ad buying has not had nearly impact it might have. no reason to think it will change in last three weeks. melissa: what is making such a difference? they were neck and neck three weeks ago. now they are not at all. she bought a ton of ads. >> i don't think honestly anything to do with her ads. i think trump's performance. melissa: his own worst enemy. >> tape and comments. made his defense and make it in one sentence and move on. sandra: harris: you talk about the self-inflicted injuries politically over the past six to
9:46 am
eight weeks. all she really had to do is keep ads running. they all had typically one message, fitness to be president. that will be one topics. sandra: that is not gymnasticses by the way. melissa: she sits back and lets him talk and laugh about it. he should watch the sketch. debate still hours away but both hillary clinton and donald trump inviting guests who might rattle their opponent. so are candidates playing head games? ♪
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> eight hours to the final presidential debate hosted by chris wallace and next hour of "happening now," hillary clinton vice-presidential candidate tim kaine is campaigning in ohio. one of the true battleground. he is speaking right now. we're monitoring it for news. mrs. clinton is laying low ahead of the debate. her surrogates are out in force including one solid red, arizona. mike pence campaigning for mr. trump in durango, colorado. we'll talk with trump surrogate sarah huckabee sanders in our next hour of "happening now." sandra. sandra: jon, thank you so much. >> just hours from now hillary clinton and donald trump will be facing off in the final debate. it looks like they're already playing some mind games. donald trump says he is invited guests like president obama's
9:51 am
half-brother malik, along with pat smith, the mother of benghazi victim sean smith. she accused democratic nominee of murdering her son. hillary clinton says she is bringing billionaires mark cuban and meg whitman to the debate, what some are saying is subtle attempt to question the republican nominees own net worth. meantime, the handshake we saw at last debate, it might not happen tonight. hillary clinton campaign reportedly asked to change the protocol, allowing bill clinton to avoid greeting melania trump. i think all married women on the couch, actually start with that. harris: where are you going with that? >> because i thought about that at the last debate. i wonder how hillary -- sorry, ambassador. you're outnumbered. i wonder how hillary feels about, you know, bill going out there, first moment, shaking hands with melania, and hillary's desire to change that? harris: i don't think it is about them being married. about the fact they don't want
9:52 am
the two teams to even engage. we know the two candidates don't want to engage. go to your corners and let's fight, period. >> yeah. fair enough. let me ask -- sandra: ambassador bowl ton is speechless. >> harris, it was a stark contrast, obviously when hillary and donald came out, they did not shake hands. harris: that was a big moment. have we ever seen that before? >> no, i don't think so. harris: it was really odd, but obviously mutual because neither one left their hand out. sandra: even during the gop presidential debates it is intimate setting. you go to commercial and the candidates, they could be going head-to-head. donald trump calling marco rubio little marco and all of sudden, go to commercial they're chumming it up and shaking hands. to see them walk out and not shake hands, that was really a big moment. >> i think there is, there is a
9:53 am
lot of hip pock express sy in politics, not least of which after you accused somebody of unethical behavior and acting like that is par for the course. let's have a drink. i think they're way past that in this campaign. this is grudge match. there is no doubt about it. my thought, eboni, my thought, melania should walk across the stage and shake hands with bill clinton to show there are no hard feelings. >> i like that. i like that. talk about meg whitman. high-profile republican supporting hillary clinton a woman. that message is clear, melissa. do you think that will have any impact? melissa: no, i think it is funny. i heard somebody say on radio, she is bringing real billionaires to show him what a real billionaire looks like. reminds me of the fact she says one thing to one group and one thing to another. sometimes she is a rich billionaire and she is cutting for his friends. sometimes he is lying and not actually rich at all. sometimes she loves wall street talking to them. then she hates wall street when
9:54 am
stalking to other people. -- talking to other people. as you said before, all words salad. lots of words that are mixed together, aren't filling. i think of that when i heard that. i think what is interesting, heard on "america's newsroom" today, they both chose to stand at podiums which i think is interesting because she sat down a lot during the last debate. i know i would. harris: coco chanel, said if you can sit, sit, if you can lay down, lay down. >> what is it the twitter machine, harris? liz warren, she apparently has this tweet. you're losing fair and square. put on big boy pants because this is accountability looks like. melissa: what does that even mean? accountability, what is that? >> does this play well for hillary when liz warren comes out and says this or is this turnoff. sandra: what if that politician said for hillary clinton to put
9:55 am
her big girl pants on? so much hypocrisy there. liz warren is whole another discussion, right, ambassador. >> don't get me started today. sandra: i know we went from gymnast ticks to salad. there is a way to get into in the candidate's head. i don't know any of these are it. >> i think trump could turn to the advantage, with meg whitman, been a republican candidate, to ask hillary what bernie sanders, her strong supporter would like to say to meg whitman or what meg whitman's testimony before bernie sanders chaired senate budget committee would be? this goes to hypocrisy. this is politics in washington we've seen it far too long. i can tell you when i'm there, not politics as usual. i think that is powerful approach. harris: i think you should moderate debate? >> i don't think there ought to be moderators. except chris wallace will do the best job of any. melissa: get out there with light sabres and have a jedi fight, no?
9:56 am
>> final question on that, the fact this is all an effort to get into each other's head but they have to use other people to do it, is that weakness to you? >> no. i think the way these debate are set up, so artificial and so structured why not try and do it? i must say mrs. smith's appearance there should remind everybody that hillary clinton mistakes are not just words, they had real effect on human lives in benghazi. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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9:59 am
harris: you know it. tonight is the night. hillary clinton, donald trump, go head-to-head before the final time before november 8th. first fox moderated presidential debate. the moderator, our friend and colleague chris wallace, widely considered to be the best in the business. 9:00 p.m. to watch on the fnc. >> you put the in there. harris: the fnc for cool kids. where are you watching? >> i will watch in the hotel room alone so nobody has to put up with me. [laughter]. only people in the next room. >> wow. harris: my goodness. where are you watching? melissa: i'm watching at home. my 10-year-old tries to sneak out of bed to see it. we have to keep putting him back to bed because he goes to bed at 8:00. harris: my bella sneaks in. >> o'reilly at 8:00 and speed home.
10:00 am
harris: you? sandra: at home with my husband, how about you? harris: at home with tony. that definitely is my husband. click the "overtime" tab for ot, baby. now "happening now." donald trump in donald trump in wisconsin. 47- 40 percent. how will the presidential debate change the minds in the badger state and all over the country. >> a sin city show down. the stakes could not be higher as hillary clinton and donald trump meet for the final presidential debate hours from now in los angeles. and the jackpot is winning over millions of undecided voters. new fears


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