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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this pre-debate edition of the factor. so here is what is going to happen in the next hour. first, we're going to go back out to las vegas where bret baier and megyn kelly are standing by and they will report on all the excitement in the desert city. we have a new wrinkle now. trump is doing some facebook thing. you know, it just never ends here. then, after kelly and baier, i will magically reappear before you with the talking points memo. that will be on the topics chris wallace has chosen for the debate in just about one hour from now. i will run that down. then charles krauthammer will appear and make fun of me as he always does. after that we will continue
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with an excellent factor, including maybe a look at this trump facebook thing, which is par. right, it's par. so now let's kick it off. joining us from las vegas, bret baier and megyn kelly. take it away, guys. >> thanks, bill. >> thanks, bill. >> we're trying to get to the bought of the facebook live event it says join my team. >> he just updated. donald trump himself has tweeted out if you are tired of biased mainstream media reporting otherwise known crooked hillary super pac tune in to my facebook broadcast. 8:30 you couldn't want to miss it. could be mine as in my people. >> he brought out accusers of bill clinton who various women who said that they had been sexually assaulted by bill clinton. there was also the woman who had been raped as a 12-year-old girl and hillary clinton represented the rapist in that case. and the suspected rapist and got him off. she talked about that.
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>> she got a reduced or time served. >> right. >> he was the rapist. that was established. >> and then that event kicked off that debate. >> and then today -- so we don't know who is going to be at this facebook live event with trump at 8:30. but today another woman came forward. leslie millwe who is an arkansas reporter and she said that 20 years ago when she was a reporter, bill clinton sexually assaulted her three times in an edit bay inside of her local news station that he came in the first time and he engaged in some unwanted touching. that it escalated a second time, the sitting governor of arkansas came in to the news station, did it a second time. and this was a very graphic and disturbing description of what he did. and then it happened a third time as well. she says she was young. she was scared. she didn't know what to do. she asked to be removed from the reporting of bill clinton. >> so in the background of all of this, you still have 21,050 emails coming from wikileaks that are revealing
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more and more as they are getting reported. you have fbi documents in this case where you're finding out more things behind the scenes about how the clinton campaign and the secretary of state then operated. and you have this project veritas tape which has really taken a lot of attention and now goes all the way to the white house with the white house reacting to it today. >> the fbi documents, in particular, which show that undersecretary of state patrick kennedy was out there, according to the fbi at least, dealing with an agent saying why don't you change the classification on that document in a way that would help hillary? this is at a time when hillary wasn't even the secretary of state. this guy is supposed to represent us. he works for you. he is supposed to be looking out for your best interest and instead he is trying to offer the fbi a bunch of carrots if they will change the classifications on her undisclosed documents that they were going to have to give to the fbi that wouldn't make her look bad. >> he obviously denies that
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to put out a statement. >> he says no, we are not doing it? >> this is all about chris wallace moderating this, trying to keep, this bill, on the tracks, on the different topics that you're going to talk about on the talking points. >> that's right, guys. we will be back with them in this hour. thank you. now, as advertised, the talking points memo. the debate topics our pal chris wallace has selected six areas of questioning for the spectacle in vegas tonight. let's run them down and analyze who has the advantage. first, debt and entitlements, both clinton and trump have problems. in order to make america great again, trump has promised to rebuild the military which will take a massive amount of tax money. trump also says he will cut taxes and that would slash money going to the federal government at least until the economy picks up. thus, the debt would bigger at least in the short-term. so donald trump will have to be precise with his words because wallace will surely hone on the spending and tax issue. on the clinton front she pretty much supports the spending vision of president obama who has run up more
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debt than any other president in history and it's not even close. in addition, mrs. clinton would like the feds to run the entire healthcare system. i don't think she is going to say that, but certainly based on her history that's her goal. having the feds pay all the medical bills would be a collosal new entitlement and debt driver. so both candidates will be dancing on the first topic. second, immigration, here trump won the nomination largely on his tough guy approach. he has to echo that tonight while at the same time showing at least some humanity. he needs to emphasize the benefits of ending immigration chaos. it will not be enough for trump to say the mexicans are going to pay for the border wall. he may believe that but now it's become a cliche unless he provides the blank check or specifics. on the other hand, with the wikileaks hack, showing hillary clinton dreaming of open borders. that could make the issue a very tough one for her. open borders would pretty much destroy our society as
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tens of millions of poor people south of the border would poor in here. i mean, wouldn't you if you were living in a honduran shack? third issue the supreme court. poet candidates will be ready of names of judges the must be doesn't know. chris wallace will most likely ask the site decisions they feel strongly about. trump better be prepared for that foreign hot spots, interesting to see how aggressive chris wallace is with clinton on that subject because she has problems. with the battle raging against isis in mosul, mrs. clinton will be hard-pressed to defend president obama removing all u.s. troops from iraq while she was secretary of state. trump, of course, has no record to defend, but he should be more specific about his overseas vision, not just repeating the iran nuke deal is bad. that, i can tell you over and over. fifth topic is the economy. here it's mostly bs. it's hard to know who will improve the economy. what talking points can tell
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is you that trump believes in cutting taxes to stimulate growth, much like ronald reagan. while clinton believes that big government projects should create momentum in the economy. topics endless goes round and round and round. finally chris wallace will ask about the character issue, who is fit to run the country. here things could get very nasty on both sides. wallace is going to have his hands full with that. and, believe me, the headline tomorrow will be all about the character issue. and that's the memo. now for reaction. let's bring in charles krauthammer who joins us from washington. so, pleased a to my wisdom, charles. >> impossible, bill. not since king solomon. >> yes. >> has so much wisdom been concentrated in one short period of time. >> thank you, you are nice. >> you are right about one thing for sure which is that what will be talked about tomorrow is going to be the fitness and the character issue. it will probably drown out everything else. that's going to be the fireworks. and i think on the list that
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chris put out, that's at the end of the list, which means people will have to wade threw 75 minutes of stuff, issues that they are far less interested in to get to the hot stuff. now, on the actual issues, i think the one thing that's most striking is the first one. debt and deficits and entitlements. if you are standing outside the country and you are looking in and the question is what is the greatest threat to the country going forward, it is without a doubt $20 trillion of debt and the prospect of it increasing radically as interest rates recover, the boomers age, and the entitlements are out of control. this is clearly the problem of our time and it is clearly something that neither candidate is addressing. this is quite remarkable because it overhangs us all. but trump decided early on in the primary campaign that he was not going to be cutting taxes which usually helps the rich more than
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everybody else. and, at the same time, asking joe six pack to make concessions on social security. so he took it off the table early and she is not interested in that at all because democrats don't care at all. >> americans don't want anything touched. >> it's not an issue. the immigration one i think is really interesting because, contrary to sort of popular opinion, if you look actually at what the polls say, she has the advantage on immigration, remarkably, and even if the primaries, if you look at the exit polling, trump did not do terribly well on immigration. he did really well on trade but not immigration. >> let me stop you there. he will -- he did well with the core group that voted for him in the primaries. they want a secure border. but i will submit to you that the reason that hillary clinton still polls decently on immigration is because the press by and large didn't report the wikileaks hack about the open borders.
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they ignored it. >> and that's what trump has to do. >> chris wallace isn't going to ignore it. you know he is not. he is going to throw a direct question about the wikileaks open border. i can almost guarantee he is going to do that. >> trump has to pivot. >> pounce. >> emphasize that again and again. now, she will explain it away as a kind of met for or a dream, but, none the less, that's a real opening. >> it is. now, if you were the -- you know, i'm going to tell everybody that krauthammer and o'reilly should be moderating at least one of these debates together. okay. because it's kind of like starsky and hutch. >> wow. >> do you know who they are by the way starsky and hutch? >> i do. >> they had fast cars? >> yeah. >> so if you're going to ask a question about the character issue, as you point out, this is going to be the star of the show, give me one question you would ask trump and one question you would ask clinton. >> well, hutch, what i would
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say is for him i think he has got to go. on trump you have got to go directly after -- you could do two things. did you go after the accusations. you talk about the new news which is the six people who came out today on "people" magazine. or did you go and i think you would be more interested in this. the way trump appears to be challenging the legitimacy of our entire system by saying it's a fix. i know they can say the media bias and that's what pence, that's the way he gets out of it. that's not what trump is implying to his audience. >> that's not a character question though. that's a campaign question. >> it's a character question because this is a man who has a sense that he is losing bringing the house down around him like solomon. no, like sampson. >> solomon he got air time. >> solomon is you and hutch are together. now, for her, it's got to be the fact that she was called
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a congenital liar by bill is billsapphire in the "new york times." the condition does not seem to have improved. >> okay. but you have got to -- question on a guy who has been deceased for a while. i would ask this. i want to get your reaction to this. secretary clinton, there is a long history of you being involved with controversies, all right, emails, benghazi, bang, bang, what is it about you that engenders this much scrutiny? i mean, why are you always under a cloud in your opinion? why? that's a good question, right? >> yeah. but i think what you will get is a vast right wing conspiracy. >> that would be a headline if you have got a vast right wing conspiracy is after me to get me, that would be a headline. and that would not even be whining. >> i don't think she will
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use the phrase. i was trying to be concise and speak in a sort of in a met for. she will say people have been after me because i'm progressive, she will talk about how she helps the children. she has always been for the children. she has challenged the status quo. she is the change agent her husband said she was. it's all nonsense. but i think the answer to that is little too simple. i think you have to go after -- you have to pull something right out of the recent wikileaks and hit her with it. >> okay. plenty of stuff to do. i don't know if the children in mosul are doing real well now. you know, charles? that story, the civilian casualties in both syria and iraq, that has been ignored, again, by the american press and stems directly from the collapse of american security in that region. all right. good. >> it also stems from the fact that the american people don't want to hear about it anymore. >> okay. but it's definitely a big
5:14 pm
issue because she was secretary of state. >> oh, it's huge. >> through all of those collapses. >> absolutely. >> next on the rundown, austan goolsbee, a democrat has some thoughts about the six topics tonight. later, big fallout from the trump violence undercover sting. apparently the guy caught saying incriminating things on tape has visited the white house hundreds of times. white house is forced to reply. we'll have the investigation up ahead. want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion
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continuing now with our lead story, analyzing the six debate topics tonight. the beingexposition in las vegal begin in less than an hour. austan goolsbee joins us now who worked in the obama administration. first i have for you my talking points and then krauthammer conversation.
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were we fair to secretary clinton all throughout the first segment yes or no? >> mostly, you know, first, i'm looking forward to the starsky and husk remix that you guys are going to do. i think there was one place where you were not fair. you papered over something that i think will be a strong advantage for hillary. that is on that first question about the economy, donald trump's plan has been analyzed 20 different ways by every objective budget observer, add 6 trillion to the debt which you did point out. he is going to have some weakness. but then you lumped her in and said obama ran a big deficit and she just wants to do what obama does so they will both have to answer for that. everyone has analyzed their two budgets up against each other and hers is a lot better than his. i think he is in trouble. >> they can get around that they being both candidates saying no, no, no. people are not going to look
5:19 pm
you are an economic pinhead that's what you do. nobody looks at numbers like that. >> you are a harvard graduate. i don't need to take that from. >> you the enormity of both candidates and their spending vision has got to be the subject of some scrutiny. now, if you were -- go ahead. >> the second thing i would say that i think you guys, it's very interesting, you're analysis, but i think you missed one key point which is it's not really about what the moderator asks. it's going to be a debate about what they say about each other and by the end, i think the moderator is going to be struggling to just kind of keep the balloons tied to the ground. >> chris wallace is very methodical type guy. if they don't answer he will point that out and ask them to answer it again. on that note, if you were the moderator and the last thing is fitness to serve, what would you ask donald trump and what would you ask
5:20 pm
hillary clinton about the character situation? >> oh, i think the issue of character for donald trump, i prefer, personally, not to get into all of this ad hominem and who slept with who and sexual harassment and stuff like that. i think those are issues of character. but they are different from policy character/temperament. >> so you think issues on that level of policy? >> yeah. i think i would ask him about temperament. in trump's case i think a lot of those foreign issues. the fact he has the at various times said we should nuclearize saudi arabia. declare a trade war on japan. pull out of nato unless they pay more money. that makes people nervous for somebody who is going to have the nuclear code. for hillary clinton, getting at these issues of if you are overly secretive in
5:21 pm
other areas like your email or some of these things, which you have now admitted, shouldn't people be nervous that you're going to be overly secretive if you become the president? i think both of those are temperament related as opposed to personal related. >> all right. big week this trump has going into this debate in your opinion. big weakness? >> i think trump's biggest weakness is he has major impulse control problems and he can't stay on one topic for more than 90 seconds. he is going to trot out the benghazi mom and the president's brother and he is going to go back to the bill clinton stuff and talk about the emails and he can't stay on one thing. >> clinton's big deficit? >> i think clinton's biggest weakness coming in to this is you can feel them looking at the polls, getting ahead, and saying let's play the prevent defense and not say anything. and i understand why they would do that but i think that's a weakness and a
5:22 pm
mistake. >> i think isis is a big weakness there, particularly with the mosul battle and i know americans don't follow foreign affairs and all of that. but boy oh boy, what a mess over there. and so many people dying. hey, doctor, always good to talk to you. big trouble for the democratic machine. undercover video shows the far left zealots may have incited violence at trump rallies. we showed you that last night. one of the men involved is linked to the white house. stunning. right back with that report. ou?
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5:26 pm
veritas secretly taped creamer and his associate talking about inciting violence at trump rallies. >> i worked with bob creamer. i'm the white hat. bob creamer is diabolical and i love him for it. >> last night we showed you a tape where those guys were talking about hiring mentally disturbed people to provoke violence which is exactly what happened trump rallies in chicago and california. joining us from washington katie pavlich and eboni williams. creamer has bailed out from the clinton campaign. he was working for them as a
5:27 pm
consultant. what does that tell you. >> it tells me is despicable. he should have been fired. it's horrible. i won't spend one second defending the actions of this horrible guy. >> people working for fox news say well, we don't know and it was edited. it's 40 hours. it was edited. do you believe that these guys were actively going out trying to incite violence at trump rallies? >> i wouldn't put it past him. >> there is a difference between wouldn't put it past him and believe. >> i'm a lawyer. i don't have enough evidence. i think it's absolutely possible. his own associate said he was the dark hat guy. what i do caution people you don't have to judge a party or anybody by that matter by this guy. this guy creamer is the worst possible example. >> eboni is a lawyer so we can't expect a straight answer on anything. katie is not. do you believe this is an active thing to make trump look bad and people get hurt
5:28 pm
at these rallies. >> of course it is. the left is going to argue as eboni did. this is a rogue operative. this doesn't represent all of the dnc or the hillary campaign or the white house. that's not true. >> how do you know it's not true though? >> let me lay it out for you. remember early on when the white house administration they didn't want to release logs visitors. this all goes to back to chicago. president obama organizer in chief chicago. this man is married to a community organizer in chicago. who is the ultimate infamous instigator of violence community organizer and barack obama's mentor bill ayers, also from chicago. they are all swimming in the same pool. this guy was at the white house because he was meeting with obama. they were talking about these issues, i am sure, and that is what we are talking about here. this is not some rogue operative. he worked for the dnc and campaigned for 40 years in the system. >> katie mentioned the white house. so here is the white house's statement today. roll the tape.
5:29 pm
>> as far as creamer is concerned with all those visits here to the white house in particular, i'm wondering is that a reflection of the ethical standards of the obama white house that a guy like that who at least according to the videos admittedly these videos are in some dispute in some circles, seems to be suggesting voter fraud, a person who is a convicted felon, who is often frequent visitor here at the white house. >> i think at this point i would urge extreme caution in drawing conclusions about anybody's character based on a few hours of having looked at this video. >> all right. that's a nonanswer, of course. and the question was lodged by a fox news correspondent because the other press doesn't cover this. so, based upon that, i mean, it's pretty embarrassing, the guy was 300 times. and he was in the president's proximity more than 40 times. we don't know what that was. he obviously had entree. >> he should have totally
5:30 pm
condemned it, called it out, and said, you know, if it is what it looks like, we do not stand for this and preserved a little more credibility. >> that opens the door for how come you let him in? why did you let him in? everybody knows is he darth vader. >> katie has connected the dots pretty he will with i'm not going to say. >> katie, last word. go. >> i think we also have to talk about the media narrative on this. the media was, you know, toking up this narrative of the trump rallies are violent. people there inciting violence when it was democratic operatives inciting violence directly connected to the dnc, the clinton campaign and barack obama's oval office. >> we know all democrats certainly don't think that sending mentally i will people to that is horrible. >> eponi that's not the point. this was a big guy not some little guy. >> right. >> not defending this guy. this guy is trash. horrible. >> he had access. all right. ladies. when we come right back. bob woodward has some thoughts on whether the project veritas tape is a
5:31 pm
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doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. personal story segment tonight, let's bring in bob woodward from washington. what's your reaction to the project veritas situation? big scandal? nothing? what? >> the evidence looks shaky at this point. but strange things happen. watergate, bill clinton and monica lewenski, a server for the secretary of state for four years. all of her emails. so you have got to look at it. at the post we have a reporter looking at it. but you see these snippets of conversations. jiggly cameras and it's not clear. >> yeah. they are not pros. as i pointed out when we
5:35 pm
first reported this last night there are 40 hours. 40 hours of tape. so you are right. i wouldn't say the evidence is shaky. because the guy to leave the clinton campaign today. i mean, that tells me that this is failure big and then you saw the defensive of the white house spokesperson how defensive he was. >> he wasn't overly defensive, i didn't think. we will see. people will look at this as our former editor at the post ben bradley said the truth emerges. sometimes it takes weeks or even years. >> okay. so, "the washington post is taking a look at it though, right? >> indeed. >> okay. now, the debate tonight, in your p.o.v. that's point of view we do with every guest you said if you were moderating you would hone it on the hillary clinton email situation. aren't they tired of that she can evade. the fbi, why would you spend time on that?
5:36 pm
>> well, because it's serious. it went on for such a long time. and she said she made a mistake, but she hasn't explained what she has learned from the mistake. and if she would really dig in to that, i think that might be revealing. i would also ask her, obviously, foreign policy extremely important. and she should be asked in national security circles she is known as a hawk. much more so than obama. and she should be asked is that true? why? and what would you now do in syria? >> well, she said though she wouldn't put any american troops on the ground. here is an interesting question -- >> -- but that's a phony also, you know, because there are all kinds of special forces there on the ground. >> sure. >> there are troops on the ground. >> 5,000 troops back in iraq. 5,000 troops in mosul right now. and they don't have any agreement with the iraqi government, which is the excuse that clinton and
5:37 pm
obama give for pulling all the troops out in 2011. they wouldn't give us a status of forces agreement so they could prosecute american troops. we have 5,000. we don't have any agreement with them. it is just a bunch of bull. >> yeah. but people want a president who is going to level with them. and there is a tone here of not leveling. in the case of trump, i think he really needs to be asked are you really serious about insisting on special prosecutor for hillary clinton if you become president? in my view having done this with eight presidents, that's really nixon. what nixon did he converted the presidency to an instrument of personal revenge. that sounds like what trump is proposing. trump will defend himself saying he doesn't believe the investigation was clean and many people agree with him, particularly people on his side in the republican
5:38 pm
party. >> and hots of people, you know, presumably in law enforcement, that's fine. but for a presidential candidate to get up there and say i'm going to get a special prosecutor on you, that is cross ago boundary. >> i think giving trump a server though. you think it's a negative for him i think it's a positive. i have think he would nail her right to the wall on that. >> didn't you do a little stomach dance when you heard that that that really is. >> no. >> banana republic. you don't think so? >> no. >> i do. i think it's nixonian. >> i got a rumble when i found out jim comey didn't do the job he was supposed to have done. that's when my stomach rumble. bob is nice enough to help us on a regular basis. his book "the last of the president's men" thought out in paperback. the movie that is being made is directed by rod lurey who
5:39 pm
directed "killing reagan." you are a great guy. he did a good job with "killing reagan." >> "killing reagan" on the national geographic channel my wife elsa and i watched it is spectacular. it has a momentum to it. the guy playing reagan. >> tim matheson. >> and playing nancy reagan, i mean, it just goes right out. we expect rod lurey to do the same thing. >> you have to cuff him. i had to lock him in a closet and gave him a couple of these. but it came through. finally out in paperback. we always appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that is it for us tonight. there it is in vegas. facebook thing with trump hasn't materialized. thank god i don't have to deal with it anymore. i'm going to give it to baier and kelly. they are standing by in vegas. a couple of reminders before we go. please visit bill
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run for the presidency of the united states. >> 20 days until the election and one last chance to make their case on the
5:44 pm
same stage. >> they don't talk about wikileaks. they just keep talking about trump, trump, trump. >> donald trump has shown us who he is, now we need to show ourselves to the world on november 8th who we are. >> fox news chris wallace asking the questions, getting answers. >> your question. >> i think, the question was -- it's not my question that you get a chance to respond to. it's his answer. i know you like to argue about the rules. but we are going to conduct the debate. >> the battle of las vegas, the final debate, it all starts minutes from now. ♪ ♪ >> you are looking live at the thomas and mack center at the university of nevada las vegas where tonight donald trump and hillary clinton will face off on the same stage for the final time and our own chris wallace doing the honors as moderator. good evening. i'm bret baier. >> hi, everyone, i'm megyn
5:45 pm
kelly. less than three weeks until the election and the stakes could not be higher. tonight's debate possibly the candidates' best chance remaining to win over any undecided voter. what a night it is for our friend and colleague chris wallace as well. feels a little like a family member is flying the coup. >> tension as hillary clinton is arriving here at the hall. we can tell you this is underneath where the cars come in. hillary clinton spent four hours today in debate prep at her hotel. she is known -- there she is wearing a white pants suit today. >> and bill clinton is here as well followed by chelsea. there were some reports questioning whether the former president would actually show up tonight. he did. along with their daughter chelsea. and the stakes are very high for both candidates. she can't make an error. and he has got to swing for the fence. >> she is obviously in a better position on the electoral map as you head into these final days before the election. but, chris wallace is going
5:46 pm
to, we know, try to keep them to policy. try to ask these questions in six 15-minute buckets if you will, economy, immigration, debt and entitlements, foreign hot spots, supreme court, and also fitness to be president. you can fit a lot of questions in to those different buckets. >> undoubtedly he will run out of time on each one. i think the thing you will hear tonight, if history is any guide is chris knows how to build a question such that it assumes some prior answers of the candidates. so he can get some of the nonsense out of the way and hopefully get the candidates to spare you some of the same rote talking points we have heard from them at the beginning of the campaign. i expect sharp, pointed questions that leave them very little willing room. >> no off ramp to topics. we have seen this before. >> both candidates. team fox coverage. jennifer griffin is covering the clinton campaign standing by in the spin room. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron who is on the trump campaign. carl? >> thanks, megyn. donald trump himself in a
5:47 pm
video today called this the most important day of the presidential campaign. and he knows because of the electoral map and the general polls that in the last two debates even though he thought based on the spot polls and his gauge of the audience reaction he won both that things have not been going entirely smoothly for him and he needs to have a strong performance tonight. is he bringing provocative guests in the audience much as he did the last time including the president's brother and some of the family members of the victims of the benghazi incident. and he has also made it very clear that he is going to attack hillary clinton's credibility, her alleged corruption, and he will contrast himself to those types of things by casting himself as the change agent. whether or not he goes negative and brings up the kinds of counter attacks on the clinton accusers, is something that remains to be seen. given the last few days of the campaign, he has been tremendously aggressive. he has been blaming the media for a global conspiracy to rig the re-election. not with understanding the fact that his campaign manager says that there isn't a rigging and there won't be a lot of voter
5:48 pm
fraud. a big night for donald trump with just about everything riding on it. >> carl, thank you. >> let's bring in jennifer griffin now. she is covering the clinton campaign. jennifer? >> well, bret, the mood here in the spin room is electorate. i just caught up with brian follow loan a key spokesman for the clinton campaign. he tells me that the last full mock debate that she did was last night and that felipe reigns her long-time aide who has been playing trump throughout the debate process played trump in full scorched earth mode. that's what they expect tonight. they expect donald trump to come out and take no prisoners. in fact, hillary clinton has a few surprise guests of her own tonight. in fact, we have learned that a trump international employee ophelia cardenez is her guest. she was fired by trump and the trump international when she wore a union pin. she then won a labor lawsuit against him and then reinstated. what we expect to hear tonight according to her aides is she will talk about
5:49 pm
inclusive economy. they are preparing now for her closing arguments and the day after this debate. they expect they will hit the campaign trail hard and they are expecting poll numbers to continue moving in their direction and they want to appeal to republicans and talk about how they are going to unite the country. back to you. >> jennifer, thank you. >> i want to bring in our panel, brit hume, dana perino, monic juan williams, monica crowley. and laura ingraham. tucker carlson. >> we fit them all on the stage this. >> is a huge night for donald trump. as one of his most ardent supporters, what are you hoping he does this evening, laura? >> i'm a supporter of the issues that he brought to light. but i think, megyn, you are right. it's critically important. right now we have a foreign policy crisis in our country where hearing the war drum vis-a-vis russia where probably the worst relationship with russia we have had since almost the height of the cold war right
5:50 pm
now. we have a domestic policy crisis where the economy is not performing for millions of americans. legitimacy crisis where too many americans in both parties believe whether the police is unfair or law and order is not applied or judges are biased or the media is unfair or politicians are corrupt. that's a lot to deal with. and for donald trump, he has got to go out there tonight and say look, you might think i'm too brash and maybe some of the things i have said years ago weren't right, but, if you want more of the same, you can vote for hillary, but i'm going to turn this around for the american people. not to enrich myself but because i love this country. he needs a moment of grace. i know it's hard to say with donald trump, but he needs a moment of humility, substance and strength. he gives us those things, i think he will reassure some people, maybe even win a few people back. >> the debate commissioners, the head of the debate commissioner mike mccurry and frank talking now. we should warn you when chris wallace comes out to give his instructions we are going to take that live. it's a proud moment for us here at fox news channel for him to get the nod for this
5:51 pm
general election debate. and i know he is going to do it great. we know that he had chicken for dinner tonight we are told. >> we got the inside scoop. soup, perhaps. >> tucker, set the stage for us, here. >> well, i mean, i think trump's goal is clear. i mean, the first is as laura said to reassure people to vote for him. number of people, large groups of voters voting for hillary clinton because they feel like they have no choice because they think that a vote for trump is a vote for more chaos and seems like a reckless choice. i think trump can rebut that view. he needs to rebut that view in order to win. second things he needs to do is what the country is going to look like if he becomes president. hillary clinton very strikingly has not laid out a vision for what she would do. she hasn't kind of created in effect a mandate for if she is elected. trump can do that, to get back to, you know, if you elect him, will you make more money? will america be a better place? i mean, talking about the issues is always, and has
5:52 pm
always been his one strength. >> juan, the evening is not risk free for hillary clinton who is probably going to get attacked repeatedly tonight. there is a question of how she should handle that. your thoughts? >> well, i think on the one hand i just want to reiterate something tucker said which would be great if she was able to offer a vision for the country, what she sees as a hillary clinton administration. i just think it's so important because in this closing argument she has the opportunity to reach out not just in terms of activating the democratic base, millennials that may not be enthused but to say something to republicans. republicans and trump supporters that if she is elected that she will be president of all the people. so when she is dealing with some of these attacks, megyn, and it looks like there is likely to be attacks tonight from trump on a very personal basis about her husband's behavior, relationship with women and the like, i think for her the key is not to get hooked in to the kind of
5:53 pm
personal, acrimony that would signal that she lost control. she has to be in control. she has to be presidential. i think she managed to do that in the first two debates and it worked well for her. normally we say bebaits don't make that big of difference. in this race the first debate made a huge difference in terms of the numbers and she has been climbing since. so this debate has the potential, again, to seal the deal for her. don't screw it up. to put a hard nail on it. >> we should put a fine point on what we said earlier about the facebook live event. it did not include donald trump. it was trump campaign members essentially doing their own broadcast. >> you might argue a publicity stunt. >> it might have been. but last time he was there, we didn't take it this time. dana, your thoughts. set the table. >> well, i think that hillary clinton has got to bring some energy tonight and willingness to punch back but in a way that doesn't look like she is out of control as juan was saying. i sort of think of this as a
5:54 pm
marathon. i have never run one but i understand that the last six miles is the toughest. i would say these next 20 days are the ones that both candidates have to really dig in. if he can bring the offense to the game tonight, i think on the economy in particular, which is the one place in the fox news poll released last night that he is doing better than hillary clinton. and the other thing is for her, you know, he will try to nail her with obama's third term. in the fox news channel she was the one seen as more able to bring change to washington. she has a chance there as well. both of them better lace up running shoes and get ready for last six miles. >> brit, over and over again in this campaign been over donald trump tie her. is that a real chance that could happen in next 20 days depending on what happens here tonight? >> well, there is a chance, megyn, but i would say, you know, you heard carl report earlier mr. trump saying this is the most important moment of the election. what he has to hope is that the most important moment of the election hasn't already
5:55 pm
passed. and you will know that the first debate is the one that is always the most watched. it had a big impact on the race. the second debate had less of an impact. and the third debate is likely to have a smaller audience. and if history is any guide even less impact. he has real work to do tonight. i don't think she has to do much, but i think he has to do a lot. and it's not going to be easy and it will be very interesting to see how well he pulls it off. >> monica, we will be right back after a short break. we want to catch chris wallace's remarks at the beginning of this debate. just minutes from now third and final debate. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off one more time. we're back in 90 seconds.
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ i don't think so.
5:57 pm
>> the third and final presidential debate of 2016 starts in a moment. we are live here in las vegas ready to bring it to you as our own chris wallace is about to take the stage as the two candidates have their final showdown. >> we just saw the families enter. interestingly, there were no handshakes. there were no announcements of the spouses. they just entered and they went to their seats. that was negotiated beforehand because there was concern that the trump campaign was going it put somebody else in the position of melania trump and it just didn't happen so. they went to their seats and they did not shake hands. >> it's gotten very ugly and
5:58 pm
it's gotten very personal on both sides as led up to this final debate as you know many accusers have come forward suggesting that donald trump has sexually assaulted them. and melania trump herself took personal issue with that, giving some interviews this week. and then we have seen some accusers come forward, new ones, pointing the finger at bill clinton, suggesting that he sexually assaulted her 20 years ago. this has gotten extremely personal and just looking at the people who are in the trump box tonight and who have been invited here by donald trump, it's going to get even more so in moments. >> let's take it did you know for the introduction of chris wallace, our colleague, host of "fox news sunday." [ applause ] >> let me be the last person to welcome you to tonight's debate and also the last person to lecture you on why it's so important to be quiet. let me, as a show of hands, how many of you have been to
5:59 pm
a general election debate between the two presidential nominees. raise your hands. wow. okay. so you know the drill. and those of you who don't, i'm going to repeat the drill. it's really important. i know in some of the primary debates and i participated in some of them, people would hoot and holler and that wasn't necessarily bad but this is different. one of these two people three weeks from yesterday is going to be the next president of the united it's very important for them to be able to make their case. it's very important for the millions of people who are going to be watching out there to be able to listen to them make their case. i'm sure in the course of the evening you're going to hear your candidate say something absolutely wonderful and you are going to want to cheer. don't. i'm sure in the course of the next hour and a half you are going it hear the other person, the other candidate say something that you don't like, you want to make some noise. don't. just remember, you are not a participant here. you are a guest. so i'm going to sit here and
6:00 pm
get ready at 3:00 sharp -- you are going to hear during the black platforms all the networks beginning to do their coverage. 30 seconds before i will give you notice that we are going to start. >> good evening, everyone. and welcome to the third and final presidential debate. i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. getting ready the final time. our colleague chris wallace moderating. and he just went to silence, which was good that we caught that just in time. >> he was basically admonishing the audience to maintain quiet which is different than some of the eight debates we saw during the primary season which could be more raucous which could be a little bit more fun, you might argue. these are serious, serious events. all the audiences are told to be quiet and respectful. they don't always livin'. >> they don't. we have been through these debates where the audience has actually weighed in a number of times. a general election debate is different and it plays different. he


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