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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 19, 2016 9:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hannity is? in the pool. but he's got continuing coverage. >> he's the happiest man on television. >> take care. >> it was a very good night for donald trump. laura ingrahan and many others are here with reaction to tonight's debate and showdown and we'll have highlights of the big moments but first, right after the debate and candidates stepped off the stage we spoke with donald trump junior. take a look. >> joining us now is don trump junior. how are you?
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>> so those focus groups are accurate on undecided voters. how do you feel about tonight? >> i agree. he was able to talk about issues and her failed track record. he's right. >> she's been doing this 30 years. all of a sudden she's got magical plans. where were they before? this isn't rocket science. he talks about tpt, brings up terrible trade deals, everyone flips. he talks about nato and how it's been outdated. two weeks later nato says you're right. we're going to talk about terrorism and react accordingly. how come the builder from new york has to be the guy that brings this up? >> it isn't. she's become a millionaire since the plan on our job and you know, probably losing money and opportunity costs so he lost money in this. you know? he doesn't need that job, sean. he wants to owe do this job. he wants to give everyone in
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america, all ethnicities the same opportunity that he was able to have. to start a great family. to start a business to, live the american dream. that is gone. you know why it's gone? people in washington, d.c., people in washington, d.c. never had these jobs or done any of these things. they get high positions in government. we've seen that. they get deals in haiti. >> that is so bad. >> take that money and they squander it and lend it to people. people in haiti saying what happened? where is the $10 billion? they don't know. it's disgusting. my father said it's time to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. >> that is the number one trending topic in twitter. we have two tapes come out. i saw james in the tape here, we had two tapes come out. one shows that money coming directly from the clinton campaign funneled through the dnc and democracy, right into the hands of agitators for violence, going back as far as chicago against your father and
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a huge mess of voter fraud schemes. this is really, it hasn't resonated with the american people. >> it hasn't. it has to get out there. that is part of what he is talking about today. okay? we're not going to accept them when they say we've been doing this 50 years. we don't play by the rules. the rules only apply to conservatives, apparently. this is coming out. this isn't pretend. >> that is james o'keef that did the video. >> he's doing the american people a great service. everyone thinks the system is honest. no way they'd do this. people at the white house, 350 times, doing this. met with the president 47 times. they're saying this never happens? obama saying this never happens? it happens. >> can you imagine if your father was on tape funding the violence, can you imagine it was your father or operatives talking about a massive voter
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fraud scheme? >> they'd run them hymn out of the country. that is the problem. the double standard between liberals and conservatives is disgusting. james did a great job of being able to highlight that. everyone should go see what happened because they do look at it as an american, as a human, okay? and you're not disgusted there is something wrong with you. >> last thing, and i've been asking everybody tonight the same question. there are deep, profound differences on that stage tonight, starting with the supreme court, saying rid cal islam or not, building a wall or not, raising taxes, lowering taxes. eliminating obamacare. fixing the educational system. these are deep differences. do you think the american people understand the degree to which this is a massive choice election? >> i think they do. the problem is if you're a hillary voter, which hillary are they voting for? private hillary?
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or public? it's out there. there are two standards. so which are they voting for? i don't know. the people that are writing seven figure checks to her campaign. it's people who gave bill clinton a $one pillin birthday gift from the middle east. >> do you know in qatar, marital rape and beatings are legal? in saudi arabia? >> they'd be screaming. it's a double standard. >> they'd be screaming bloody hell. and it's true. and much worse it's a double standard in this country. that is what we have to point out. it shouldn't happen. >> last question. i was with you and a bunch of young millennials today. i mentioned is donald junior going to run? i saw a standing ovation. >> listen, it would be an honor to do that some day. my objective is to get him in
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there. i want to help him implement the policies that are going to determine and prevent people in highest levels of government going and lobbying for other countries. i want to fight for the people of the country. that is what my father has been doing from day one. hard working men and women need a voice again. my father is their voice. >> good to see you. >> also, right after the third and final presidential debate in the spin room, former new york city rudy giuliani joined us for reaction. let's take a look. >> joining us now, rudy giuliani, and you also were debate coach. >> yes. he did a great job. >> best performance. this is better. much more presidential. never, never lost his cool. and made it clear that she mi
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accomplished nothing in 30 years. she had no answer for it because there is no answer for it. he made it clear she is not qualified to be president. she should be in jail which we all know. and also, he brought it with, look, there are many instances she's not told the truth. you know? how does that resonate with the american people? do they elect somebody known to not tell the truth? >> these are things she brought out. that she paid people to create violence at his rallies. and she has the gall to accuse him about having violent rallies. he said you paid for them. i mean, i never heard of that. paying people? this is like politics from two centuries ago. i thought chris wallace did a good job of keeping them on the issues. it's clear his program of lower
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taxes and renegotiating bad trade deals, a growth economy is better than a big government economy. and works for reagan and kennedy. wallace is pointing out she wants to do obama stimulus, ii. and. >> the hemispheric answer was pretty profound, too. >> absolutely right. unfortunately, all those wikileaks things came out. it's clear she's in favor of a global government. she wants open borders, open trade. she wants a hemispheric government. reality is that she wants to bankrupt us. her answer is she's going to tax the rich. the third time she said tax the rich, we ran out of rich. by the fifth time, talking about poor people. she's going to tax everybody.
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>> do you know what stood out to me tonight? what stood out is how dramatic the choice is. differences here are profound. there is a man with very clear views. and never accomplished anything and wants to give us a socialist solution to the problem. it's one wikileaks didn't come out. she said she preferred socialism and socialized medicine. every answer was, i'll balance the budget by raising taxes. we'll be back at the 90% rate. >> sometime, ronald reagan on the issue of refugees and immigration, supreme court justices. i mean, no answer again. she's going to let in syrian
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refugees and accept every official in the obama government. the obama government says we can't vet them. does that mean she's on a gamble with the lives of the american people? >> yes. it means she's going to bring in 600,000 or 700,000 people. let's say 10 ps are bad. in addition to home grown terrorists, her answer is why not do it. she wants to add terrorists from abroad. that is insane. call me mccall, general allen. all have said and james clapper, all have said that the refugee population will be infiltrated. >> there is no question.
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mac daddy said we're going to infiltrate the refugees with what he called terrorists and have them in western europe and the united states. we've witnessed this in europe. >> we've been told by them. they're going to do it. she's still going to bring them in. which is playing with our safety. which shows why she was so unsuccessful 30 years. everybody knows she has bad judgment. she's so left wing. and. >> there are so many balls in the air. wikileaks coming out. every day, new revelations. are we getting an accurate sense? when does this settle down? >> it's going to coalesce different things we've found out
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under wikileaks. that is extraordinary. paying people for voter fraud. well funded. >> it is extraordinary. it leads you to look at the rest of the tapes. she likes canadian system better. she wants a hemispheric government. she really understands that these people can't be vetted. >> mr. mayor, thank you. >> if you look at two of them, one performed like a president and the other, for secretary of state. >> mr. mayor, thanks for joining us. >> things are just getting started on this two-hour live
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edition of "hannity". we'll have reaction to tonight's presidential debate, also, later, eric trump, his wife, lara and we'll check in with malik obama, right here, tonight from vegas.
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saudi arabia giving $25 million, qatar, all of these countries.
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>> these are people that treat women horribly. yet, you take their money. why don't you give back the money you've taken from countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly. >> give it back, hillary. they talk about women and they have to get permission, in cases to go to school and work. and christians and jews are persecuted. give the money back. m speaker, i want that moment to me is a huge moment in this debate tonight. >> i thought it was one of the moments he cut through the
9:18 pm
baloney. and that is a big part of it. we've watched the debate about 120 orange county california republicans, and overwhelmingly, they thought trump did better than expected and that hillary did not do well. i think he's done a pretty good momentum coming out of this debate to go into the last 20 days. >> frank luntz had him winning tonight and the second debate. he keeps growing and he goes if they had a fourth and fifth debate, he'd keep doing better. >> tonight, he did a very, very good job.
9:19 pm
he was very controlled. and matt doury said the i-ten corridor is 55, 35, that trump beat hillary. there is a general sense that the big points they're going to matter. and in the missing $6 billion, i think she just plain lied. >> she did lie. that story was reported in 2014, i read it many, many times. she said it was debunked. that is not true. it was 100%. >> she -- >> that is 100%. >> the inspector gt. >> who filed the -- >> that is correct. >> yes. they said what is going on here?
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and nobody ever gave an answer on it. she said that has been debunked. no. that wasn't debunked. we've got a lot of other calls in the air. the bottom line is donald trump stood toe to toe with a political machine, a robot that memorized her lines and came out. i looked at lots of focus groups, they're tough and all independent voters and now you've got the project veritop and wikileaks and i just don't know if the public has yet to absorb when we're going to get accurate poll numbers. what are your thoughts. >> the general feeling is enthusiasm, commitment.
9:21 pm
i raised a question where is the federal bureau of investigation? people were planning to commit violence. we had a report today that the guy who was the organizer of this was in the white house over 300 times. how can it be going on and the fbi doesn't exist? what happened to america when you can have this kind of clear, visible sign on an effort to undermine democracy and use violence and federal bureau of investigations is missing? >> mr. speaker, we're had him on tape saying hillary has knowledge of the fauxmenting the violence and voter fraud scheme. we have the fbi a quid pro quo offered to the fbi? we'll give you what you want if you just let sean hannity and
9:22 pm
laura ingraham on. good luck to the rest of the world. we discovered collusion with the state department tipping hillary and her campaign off. the justice department tipping them off and obama white house, obama lying about not knowing about the e-mail server because he was e-mailing her on that server. >> i thought it was telling, trump did a good job of bringing in general cartwright's dilemma for 33,000 missing e-mails, the degree to which we're seeing corruption and action is just beyond anything i have ever imageinned could happen in the united states. >> mr. speaker, thanks for joining us. when are you going to be at nixon library? >> we're there today.
9:23 pm
and i hope to be with you maybe tomorrow. >> all right, mr. speaker, thank you. as of tomorrow, 19 days to go. joining us now, former governor mike huckabee and editor and chief on nationally syndicated radio. she's got to be up in three hours. >> hi, drew. >> you were happy with tonight's debate performance. you heard that line about the saudis -- >> there were cheers coming from where we're sitting. just a great moment. hillary was not expecting it. she doesn't expect acry, she's off her game. another great moment is when trump was talking about what he learned about america. that was a moment of humility.
9:24 pm
>> i agree. he said i traveled to communities that have been ravaged by globalization and people are crying about lives lost. and he said people are crying. those are real americans whose lives have been upturned by bad leadership and bad policy. he said we can do a better, better by the american people. they need real leadership. those moments of grace and humility i think were very, very good. the media is going to focus on that. i knew when he said that, is i knew it gave them a line to go on. >> here is the rest of the media, let's go back to year 2000. >> bill clinton urged al gore not to accept the results of the
9:25 pm
2000 election. 11-8-2000. let's make sure we understand florida governor, and there it is. president clinton called for to second his division and note that gore won the nation's popular vote and not to accept the result. >> wow. we're on that night. >> aging us here. >> yes. >> there are still prominent supporters of al gore. >> to this day. >> never thought that president bush was a legitimate president. they kept that going on bumper stickers and buttons and hillary even brought up without mentioning his name, george bush
9:26 pm
today. >> it's eight years. eight years. >> they did a world in chaos today. >> you're saying that now. by the way, is it jack daniels or beer and you have a headache it's not your fault, it's bush's fault. >> it was embarrassing. >> agreed. governor, you have been one of the great debaters on the stage at these presidential events. so you're analysis is important. what did you think? >> i wish they'd had a handshake. i recognize there is no objectivity coming out of me but there was a critical moment in the debate and i hope every
9:27 pm
catholic and evangelical in this country pay careful attention to the stark contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton when it came to the issue of protecting innocent human life. hillary clinton defended the idea of late term abortion, donald trump took a stand for these never trumpers out there. they need to get off their keister, if you will, just stand up and recognize. >> i would say the word. >> get off their keister. >> come on, governor. >> you're standing governor. they're standing with a woman who stood up there and said i'm for roe v. wade and partial birth abortion. >> and by the way, all of the other decisions that a hillary
9:28 pm
appointee would make which is a key thing. they don't deserve more discussion. >> right. >> then i've got a lot to say. >> exactly. >> a lot of balls in the air. we have project veritos and wikileaks. just giving headlines. how much impact is that going to have? trump winning, how much impact is that going to have? >> i think the corruption of washington, as it develops over two weeks has to be capitalized on this campaign. the trump campaign. he touched on wikileaks tonight. the attempt to reclassify documents. all of that. i mean, collusion between media and clinton campaign. there is so much there. it's too much. >> can you imagine criticism we've gotten? this campaign, and all of a
9:29 pm
sudden, pointed out we're honest. >> yes. >> john arewood, you know, helping out. >> uni vision. >> like helping. >> taking questions. >> maggie haberman at the "new york times," we can count on her. this is a level of corruption. >> so bad. >> we've never seen. >> the republican establishment and democratic establishment. governor huckabee, the media establishment. with these balls in the area, tonight's debate, what do you think we get a feel for where the public is on this election? or is it brexit? is it going to be a 10 point swing? >> i was in great britain when the brexit vote happened. here is what's happening. nobody wanted to admit they were voting to get out of the eu. they didn't want to be called a racist or bigot.
9:30 pm
there are people who called themselves undecided and just don't want to answer the polls on questions. but the truth is, i think, on election day, people are going to say there are two different visions of america. one comes from a person that wants to protect american jobs and babies and another is a socialist that wants to sell off american jobs. i believe to this day that donald trump will win that election and it will be a staggering blow. >> she wants open borders for energy. >> i was talking about energy. governor huckabee, you're one of the great debaters. and thank you, trump stands for the innocents who have no representation. he spoke up for them tonight. >> nine months isn't --
9:31 pm
>> it's a viable baby. >> governor huckabee he said i don't care what you say. that is not right what you're doing to those babies. it was touching. that was very touching. >> governor, i would argue, if you're pro-choice, if you're not in favor of a ban in the ninth, 8th, seventh month? >> it's just -- >> barbaric. >> most pro democrats don't go that far. they don't go that far after conception. >> the child is viable outside of the womb. >> he demonstrated the
9:32 pm
fanaticism. >> i would like to see the 33,000 e-mails. >> guys, thank you both. when we come back, eric trump joins us as well as with his wife, lara with reaction, also, sheriff david clark, steve hill, that and malik obama. barack obama's brother, live on the set.
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are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> all i said is that we have to renegotiate these treaties we cannot continue to -- she took that as saying nuclear weapons. she's been proven to be a liar in many different ways. this is just another lie. >> one of the many big moments for donald trump at tonight's presidential debate. we spoke with eric trump in the spin room. take a look at this. >> joining us now, eric and laura trump. i'm betting the trump team had his winning. >> i'm so proud of him. i was a giddy son, so proud of him. look at what he's accomplished
9:37 pm
in 18 months. a businessman, the fact he wants to do something great for his country to take our country back from crooked politicians. he won the republican nomination against 17 highly-skilled people. now, all of a sudden, third debate from presidential election. polls are going well, everything is doing great. here we are. it's hard to believe. >> i remember, one time i said do you know the art of politics is the art of the deal. i'm 61, he's really big. but, you know, the thing that stuck out, and i've been asking everybody and i want your opinion, too, laura. there are profound differences. the supreme court, isis, vetting refugees, immigration. it's securing borders. you know? taxes, education. energy. every time, says where have you been over 30 years?
9:38 pm
hillary clinton has been a politician longer than i've been alive. >> you're not 30? >> i'm 33. very close. look at a massive problem with isis. it's $1 trillion, where has she been. she didn't create one while being a senator. and she won't add another dollar to the deficit. about $11 trillion, obama. >> general thoughts? laura. >> you're talking about the profound differences between these two people. to me, it's obvious, donald trump speaks on behalf of the people. this is the peoples' president. this is a man who saw a problem with our country and wanted to
9:39 pm
fix it. then, you see hillary clinton who is speaking on behalf of donors, special interest groups and wall street. i think you felt that tonight. i think the american people are going to be so proud. >> how hard is it when she goes out with her memorized attacks? does that bother you? >> i think for many people, we read through it. you can tell how scripted she is. and so we don't buy it. donald trump talks like us and says what we're thinking and he doesn't need to memorize lines. he speaks from his heart and gut. >> one of the things you and your brother told me is that he's a blue collar billionaire. he has connected with those 95 million americans. 13 million more americans on stood stamps. why is he connecting so well?
9:40 pm
>> this is not a campaign. it's a movement. everywhere he goes he has 25,000 and 30,000 people show up. people in this country no longer have a voice. if you have a beautiful marble office, you don't have a voice. you've been left behind. hillary talking about the supreme court and how she'd like justice that's take dirty money out of politics. yet -- >> how much does saudi arabia give her? >> it's incredible. you can see the e-mail server. >> the american people read through it. >> we have learned through wikileaks, univision, cnn, abc, cbs, "new york times," "boston
9:41 pm
globe", clearly, in the tank for hillary. there is collusion. >> it's nothing we didn't know already. i think just confirms the media has been helping hillary clinton since the beginning of her campaign and for 30 years. and without the media, i think we'd see much different mums out this. the must havement is incredible. thousands of people filling stadiums. has to mean something. and i can't wait to see the result on november 8th. i think he's going to win in a very big way. >> the media has gotten it wrong. the media doesn't have the pulse of the american people. >> i'm the only exception. >> you're one of the very few
9:42 pm
exceptions. >> everyone of the political pundits said he's never going to be at the primaries. they never he'd be here, and he's here. he's taking on main stream media, maybe the greatest political machine in history. his own party. >> you're right. he's taking on special interests like you won't bleechlt a money machine. unlimited resources. he's taking it on. you know? after three debates, he's won, you know, i think all tlie. he's won. >> frank luntz had him winning last two. >> i think we're going to win on november 8th. i really do. and i think we're going to win on november 8th. >> do you want him to run? >> we're going to need a long cooling off period from politics. >> you might have eight years in washington. >> well, we'll take a breather and reassess. >> joining us now, with
9:43 pm
reaction, former advisor to british prime minister david camer cameron, so let's go through the brexit analogy. a lot of people say the polls would say now, advantage hillary. but, we've got project very tough and we've got project debate and the whole wiki leaks ball in the air. and everything we are learning isn't good. donald trump hit her hard on taking money from sharia countries. what is the fall out? what do we, are we going to see a 10 point swing? >> what is clear, when you look at what happened tonight is that on the big argument that should be at the heart of the election who is going to get the economy going, who is going to help the victims of the establishment economics, the cozy cartel
9:44 pm
between republicans and democrats just as you saw with brexit, those people on the losing end of globalization who is going to help them? >> david cameron thought the night the votes were coming in, he was going to win by five. >> he was told more than five. he was using obama's data people who gave him dodgy information. because what they didn't count on is the fact for years you've had many people who have given up on politics. they see whoever they vote for, nothing changes. >> they didn't tell pollsters. >> because other parallel was that if you supported brexit you're accused of being a racist and a phobic, a bigot. >> exactly. >> that sounds familiar. >> and sheriff, herman and i talking about he never got in trouble in his life until he started running for president. he got out, allegations went
9:45 pm
away. >> absolutely. i found the brexit analogy parallel. >> you think it's going to happen? >> absolutely. and i believe it's a tie. we talked about that. this is what the liberal left arm media wants people to think to discourage folks from voting for donald trump. it's not over. >> every election season, the week before the election, polls start shifting. they don't want to be proven wrong. sheriff clark? >> it was a tko for donald trump. mrs. bill clinton is an empty pant suit. they just put her in. all three debates, all she did was throw out the talking points
9:46 pm
no matter what the question was. i thought the most despicable part of the evening she tried to dodge partial birth abortion, they pull the baby out and leave it's feet and twist the neck off. people who support abortion cannot stomach that sort of thing. in the end, i think donald trump's best part was in closing. he looked into the camera, told the american people what he's going to do. get the economy going, jobs and appealed to the black vote. and by the end she had no idea what she was talking b she was out on her feet. >> last exit question. who is going to win the race sf. >> i think that if he sticks to that central argument about bringing big change to the
9:47 pm
corrupt system in washington so long. >> he wins? >> then, he wins. >> but he's got to be disciplined and stick to it. >> i agree. he can do all of the rallies he wants. >> he was the substance candidate versus rhetoric candidate. >> she's a robot. just regurgitates the things she's said. >> i hear from people he's real. >> he said i've been around this country and learned a lot. that is a big moment. >> sheriff who is going to win this? >> donald trump. you know, i don't tell donald trump much in terms of what he is doing. one thing i did say to him aboard trump force one, i said mr. trump, people want to reach a vote for you. just close the deal with the american people. i think he did that tonight. everybody talks about the
9:48 pm
october surprise, it's going to be the november surprise. >> wow, sheriff, good to see you. i love that hat. i love your hats. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sir. >> good to be here. >> our british brother, brethren, thank you. >> coming up, more reaction to tonight's presidential debate. we'll check in with doug shown and larry elder live from the strip and the mgm grand. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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we're live on the vegas strip at the mgm grand. tonight we have doug schoen
9:52 pm
niger ennis, and larry elder. what do you think? >> strong night for donald. he came in wanting to look presidential. he did that. it was hillary's best night as well. she was effective, especially when she started talking about donald trump's alleged insults. she played the hits. but it was effective for donald, and most people will weigh it and say he did it. >> donald brought up pay to play. she takes money from people who torture women, christians and jews. pay to play. give the money back. quid pro quo, deleted e-mails. they both played hits. >> i think the american people deep down inside know that we've got a sneak preview of the kind of corruption and the kind of pay to play in washington d.c. we've been angry about since
9:53 pm
2008. >> we know exactly what's going to happen. >> are there hidden vote we're not capturing? >> there are a lot of people that privately will say they're going to vote for donald trump but won't say so publicly. some people are counting on that. >> chris wallace did a marvelous job. >> i thought he kept the debate on substance. doug, you said on substance, if they stay on substance, trump wins. did he? >> i think he did well. there was one but. because he said he would not necessarily accept the results of the election, all the mainstream media reporting is not about substance. it's about that comment. it's a distraction. >> listen, they might be a distraction now, but here's the problem. al gore contested and sued with bill clinton. >> i got that. >> 2004, ohio. >> your point is the one i want
9:54 pm
to underscore. it's the point steve made. it has to be about change and corruption in a corrupt washington. >> hang on. here's hillary on her plane spinning her debate performance. >> shockingly, she thinks she won. >> shockingly. >> no more debates. no more naps. >> will you accept the results of the election? >> you know, it was for a fine, what he said on the debate stage. our country has been around for 240 years. and we are a country based on laws, and we've had hot contested elections going back to the very beginning. but one of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcomes of our elections. we do the best we can to have free and fair elections, which
9:55 pm
we do. and somebody wins and somebody loses. so what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign and for where he stands in this election. as i said, whenever he is losing, he says the system, whatever the system is, whether it's being in court about trump university or losing the iowa caucus and the wisconsin primary or losing emmys, for goodness sakes, he says it's rigged against him. >> how did you feel when he said nasty woman, nasty woman? and you're a puppet? >> i just didn't pay any attention to that. i was very concerned that even now after 17 intelligence agencies in our government both military and civilian have confirmed that russia has engaged in cyber attacks against
9:56 pm
americans, that he refused to admit that it's true and condemn it for what it is which is a blatant effort to try to interfere in our elections. >> reporter: to call bernie sanders and make it harder for you to rally the liberal base around your agenda? >> not at all. bernie sanders is out there working hard every day to get me elected. i'm looking forward to working with everybody in our party, but as i said in the closing, which they gave us at the last minute, i'm reaching out to all americans. democrats, republicans, and independents. i want to summon every american to use his or her talents and the energy and ambition to really help our country. >> reporter: what will you do if democracy operatives are found
9:57 pm
to have -- >> i know nothing about this. i can't deal with every one of his conspiracy theories, but i hope you all have something to eat and something to drink on the way back to new york. thank you. >> how did chris wallace do? >> he did very well. >> hillary clinton on a plane. let me correct a few things here. she seems to be so outraged over the idea that donald trump said he'd see if he'd accept the election results. al gore once said in the year 2000 to george w. bush, lectured him saying your younger brother is not the ultimate authority on this, and he sued over the election results. by the way, he only wanted some votes counted, and according to "the washington post," this is the year 2000, bill clinton seconded that decision, and on top of that she was talking about donald trump mentioning rigged things. she according to wikileaks and her campaign and her supporters, they thought obama rigged the election in the primaries in
9:58 pm
2008. and were whining about it with their lawyers. what you just heard is not true. reaction? >> fair enough. also al gore still argues that the 2004 election was stolen from him because ohio was stolen from him. robert kennedy junior makes the same argument. >> richard nixon did have an election stolen from him by john kennedy. >> a lot of dead people voted in chicago. >> a lot of dead people in chicago. >> and we saw from the leaked e-mails that bernie sanders feels strongly the election was rigged and it was. >> and by the way, they robbed him blind. >> the 17 agencies she keeps talking about say the russians have hacked us and engaged in cyber security, but she's certain her server has never been hacked. stunning. she said the russians, but -- >> no fly zone over her server. >> they released the romaine n
9:59 pm
yans had her secret material. let me go back to doug. doug, al gore had no problem suing over an election and couldn't concede the results, and bill clinton supported that decision, and hillary clinton is on record with her campaign and wikileaks saying that obama might have stolen the caucus states by putting in unregistered voters. so i think she's got a lot of trouble advancing this narrative. >> there's a difference. al gore did accept the results when the supreme court decided. i think the idea trump before the election said he's not sure he's going to accept it even if he loses by a margin, even if substantial, i think is the real problem. it's also a distraction. in our democracy, you do accept the results of a clear election. look, the real issue is what you said -- >> whoa. we have on video people supported and paid by hillary clinton saying they want to
10:00 pm
instituti institutionalize voter fraud. >> it was a sting set up by a convicted felleon. >> this guy went to obama's white house 350 times. >> and i want to know not what he did with obama, what he did with the clinton campaign. if you find that out -- >> we know what he did. it's on video. listen to him in his words. it's on video. >> let's hear what the truth is before we rush to judgment. >> what do you think? niger? >> i think that donald did an extraordinary job tonight. he looked presidential. that's the threshold he needed to meet. there's so many american people that want a change in washington d.c. they are sick of the corruption. they're sick of the status quo, and what donald needed to do is to look and sound presidential, and he met it. >> that was what i thought
10:01 pm
coming in, but he was also forceful on a lot of big, important issues, and the idea that she takes money from these countries that treat women, gays, christians and jews the way they do is hypocrisy. haiti, 6% of the money they raise that goes to the charity, and then they make a list so their dbig donors get contracts to make money as a kickback for giving the foundation money. if any of us did it aside from doug. he'd probably get a pardon. >> not after this election. >> that's probably true. you've been pretty straight in saying -- >> i try. >> you have been. we'd be in jail. >> we'd be buried under the jail. >> we'd be buried off the strip. >> maybe i'd get probation. >> i thought trump also made an effective closing argument. he mentioned what he would do to improve the lot of black
10:02 pm
americans. minister far kahne said things.ñ he said muhammad ali said he was going to vote for donald trump. a lot of people are reconsidering what's happening to the black under obama. >> i always wanted to meet him. i listened to hours of his speeches. what he says about individual responsibility and morality and being fathers and starting business is brilliant. then he adds the racism and the anti semitism. if you look that away, he could have been such a powerful force in his life, unfortunately his legacy is one of racism and antanti semiti semitism. >> maybe he's evolving. he said that obama has failed in trying to improve the economic lot of black people and all the carnage in the streets in chicago. >> and the reason he said what he said and others, he said and
10:03 pm
others as well, some black panthers did as well, they understand that what's been going on in our communities for half a century has got to end. >> in eight years, first black president, 58% increase of blacks on food stamps. 20 % increase, black americans out of the labor force. how is liberalism working for you? >> black home ownership down. the so-called wealth gab has widened in 25 years. t blacks have done -- >> i love it. >> great hair, though. >> i like the scarf. >> here's a history for both of you. me and tavis smiley got our careers started together when o.j. simpson was arrested. we were both on the news network yex and they kept us for there
10:04 pm
for five hours. we ended up arguing the o.j. simpson case. >> go cleveland. >> yeah. i'm mad at lebron right now. johnny bench in favor of trump. when we come back, earlier tonight -- well, we're not going anywhere. i spoke with rick perry and the lone survivor himself, marcus luttrell from the spin room. >> joining us now rick perry and marcus luttrell, lone survivor, our good friend of the program. you like the debate? >> fantastic. >> it was a great time. a lot more fun -- trump. >> i agree. >> i think donald trump has gotten better at every debate. from the start to the finish, he
10:05 pm
was on point. he was leaning into it. he wasn't letting anybody put anything past him. i thought he totally painted her in the corner on open borders. if there was a powerful moment in the debate for me, it was watching her try to wiggle out of both chris wallace and donald trump. >> she wanted open hemispheres. that's 600 million people. i had one of my best experiences on the border. i've been there a dozen times, with you. we were at the rio grand, and we were out on a pontoon boat. i'm sure i'm giving the wrong name, but then i sat in a security briefing with you and people said in a seven year period of time, 642,000 crimes against americans by illegal immigrants just in the state of texas. >> compassion is building the secure border this country deserves so the people who are in this country legally and are
10:06 pm
citizens of this country feel safe in their homes. that's why people are so excited about trump being the next president. securing that border and we know how to do that. and we can -- >> you took it over yourself. >> we can -- the federal government, barack obama has been a failure in a lot of areas, but one of the things that is the greatest is his failure to secure the border. because the government -- the congress would have given him the support he needed but you have to have a president, and you have to have a white house that is willing to go and say i want it done. i want it done henow. >> you helped obama out. if you didn't create the million jobs in texas, he would have had negative net job growth. from a military standpoint, donald trump talks about the decline in terms of our readiness. also about -- and this is a problem for me. we're going to ask americans to
10:07 pm
fight, bleed, and die for bag ga dad, mosul, and other places and they do their job and fight, bleed and die, 5,000 americans die, many more losing their limbs and disfigured and hillary says, oops, let's put it aside. she pulled them out. she put them in. and isis filled the void. we can't as a country ask guys like you to do that and then pull out and rip away the victory the hard fought victory you gave us. >> i know a little bit about this, all the cities, i've been there. is military is not weak. i never felt weak. all my brothers aren't weak. the guys coming up aren't weak. no matter what you see on television, we're ready to go at all times. how hard you push us into there is to the leadership. >> now you're talking about rules of engagement, but think
10:08 pm
about this -- >> you can state whatever you want. if you're fighting and dying for it, we need a purpose. the purpose is the american people here. the biggest thing with this whole deal is that top secret classification, that's the top of the ink. spread that ink out and let it run down the page, you'll see my name, all the guys that had anything to do with anything going over there, that's our names. >> but when we send people over to fight bleed and die and they win these cities and then we give up those cities and pull out because the war has been politicized, 5,000 iraq in afghanistan. how many times are we going to ask men to fight, bleed and die and pull their victory away? >> forever. >> well, that's wrong. >> i know. but you want a real answer or you want me to sugar coat it for you? i'm older now, and i pay attention. >> you couldn't sugar coat if you wanted to.
10:09 pm
>> i mean, that was one of my main concerns. i've heard that talk before. >> tonight during the debate and particularly donald trump talked about our veterans. but i didn't hear the word come out of hillary clinton's mouth once. we've got tens of thousands of people coming home after being a decade at word, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress syndrome, alcohol abuse. they're killing themselves somewhere around 25 a day. and we've got a federal government that's absolutely failing them. v.a., and i didn't hear the secretary of state, the individual that wants to be the president of the united states even mention the word veterans. >> governor, she sent them. she voted to send them there. she pulled them out. and then she said we've got to learn from our mistake. if i'm one of the parents of
10:10 pm
5,000 dead americans and you're saying i made a mistake and we have to learn from it, i'm one pissed off parent. >> that's the reason the vast majority of veterans are voting trump. that's why the young men and women today in uniform, my daughter just married one saturday -- >> congratulations. >> they're voting for donald trump. >> i heard he had to walk through fire to get your permission. >> auditioning for my daughter's hand isn't an easy task. >> joining us with reaction, the only guy in america who has not made up his mind about this election, geraldo. the only man in america with one name. we also have monica crowley and
10:11 pm
anthony here. >> i didn't know you had an official position. >> lend me a dollar. >> i read you own the island. >> those are italian singles. >> did i read you own an island? >> i do. >> look who's talking mr. private jet. >> i'm flying him in. >> as one dead ombré to another. >> that didn't bother you. >> monica, excuse me. i don't mean to barge in here -- >> yes, he does. >> i have a different take than i've heard analysts so far this evening. and it comes from an experience i had when i came to fox news 15 years. when i came to fox news 15 years ago, i was with people smart, accomplished people, people who were my peer in every regard who unlike me, were pro life, and
10:12 pm
what was the revelation coming from manhattan, what was the revelation to me is that people who are pro life are no less intelligent, no less sophisticated than i was, and that the propaganda i was fed over the decades was false, that there really is -- >> i'm one of your friends that's pro life. >> i know. >> and my point is, when they spoke in the very first question about the supreme court of the united states and donald trump was finally forced to say about roev wade that he would by the appointment of his justices on his list, naturally, in the course of his administration have the votes to overturn ro e v. wade, and this plays a little into the nasty woman aside that he muttered about hillary. this clearly makes this an election that goes back to the pro choice, pro life, and i
10:13 pm
think that that is not a battle donald trump can win given the evolution. i just saw the most recent survey showed that 70% of the american people want it to say the law of the land. >> first of all, as a lawyer you know this. it's bad law. >> but that -- >> wait. number two -- >> my point is women -- >> i know what you're saying. women and men. here's the other part of it. i know people like yourself that are pro choice, and you and i are friends. we're buddies. i respect you enormously, but 70% of americans that are pro choice like you hear hillary clinton say that viable fetuses, full term babies, seven, eight months, that you can't commit -- when they can live independently outside the womb, and they hear that as barbaric.
10:14 pm
>> they hear that when you -- >> thank you very much, whoever clapped. >> you leave it to the state. they can't do those abortions in kansas. it's rejen -- >> the old war. >> be a host. i'm tired. >> why can't we be for less abortions? abortion is like the worst form of birth control. why can't we just be promoting less abortions? >> i think that's a great point. >> the fact we're pro life or pro choice i think the >> but you stayed on the partial birth abortion. >> i love you both, but as the only woman, let me just say the question was about the supreme court and what kind of justices he would appoint if he becomes president of the united states. that is the crux of the issue. if mrs. clinton is elected, you'll lose the supreme court for a generation. i think donald trump did a great
10:15 pm
service to his country by saying, look, by being pro life, i'm not the extremist here. she supports partial birth abortion where you actually puncture the brain, the head of an unborn child so because she supports -- >> that's capable of living outside the womb. >> because she supports that she's the abortion extremist. >> let me counter with this. if you want to make it about men and women, donald trump said give back the money that you take from qatar where marital rape and beating is okay. >> that was a solid point. >> give back the money from saudi arabia where women can't drive, can't go to work and school without a man's permission. they kill gays and lesbians and persecute christians and jews. give back the money, hillary. now, if i'm a woman and i'm saying why did the clintons take 1 million from qatar and 25 million from the saudis? >> i think that's a fair point
10:16 pm
and well made. if you're a suburban woman on the main line in philadelphia, and you have previously voted republican, and now you've seen donald trump in action, are you going to trust donald trump with the decision on whether or not you can have an abortion? you're going to trust a court appointed by in effect, donald trump? i don't think that plays anymore. but that guy is going to vote for trump anyway. >> here's your answer about that woman. i think women also heard, and also know how she has treated women in over the years, and fact that she never criticized those countries that practice sharia and took millions means they bought her soul. >> i am not disagreeing with you at all. >> so she's not a feminist. she's not before women. she's not for gays and lesbians. she's for her own pocketbook. >> why doesn't trump say that? >> because i can't be the debate
10:17 pm
coach. >> i think when it comes to women, he should be targeting economics. forget about abortion. the left indock ri nated that for 40 years. point to the wreckage of the obama clinton economic policies and say that the female participation rate is the lowest in 30 years. 1 .6 million women have fallen into poverty under president obama. he can make these arguments. the median annual wage for women is down 2$,000 a year. speak directly to what effects their livelihood. i think he might have a fighting chance. >> and add personal safety to that. he did a good job tonight explaining the situation. >> he won the debate. by any objective measure. >> he may have won the debate. he needed to win it 10-2. >> maybe not. at the end of the day there are so many trump shamers out there,
10:18 pm
i want to know why the media is able to take the moral high ground with her when you can list her crimes. a few things verbally he said. >> the tragedy jwas the o'keefe stuff came out so late. imagine if it came out before the first debate when it was absorbed, helped form the opinion and he could have used it in the first debate. >> i think you're making a good point. i don't think the people of this country have yet to absorb the magnitude of the tapes. in 19 days i would argue wikileaks and those tapes and more to come, they will be absorbed and factored in. >> you're covering here, we cover it on fox news, but the rest of the media doesn't cover it. it has to punch through. >> that's a huge paradigm. >> i only say this. i agree that o'keefe was giant.
10:19 pm
>> who are you voting for? >> i'll tell you first. i swear i'm going to tell him. i'll break it live. >> when? we got 19 days. >> maybe with 17 or 18 days. make sure i'll see you. i'm breaking news right now. >> she's voting for trump. i can see it on his face. >> we welcome you into the family. >> i love donald trump. he's been respectful and friendly with my family. a lot of affection. >> this is the comment i'm about to make. wikileaks, you cannot as a conservative patriot, you cannot be absolutely okay with russia and intelligence agencies. >> i have to break, but let me tell you something. i'm not going to be lectured on national security and secret documents by hillary clinton who we know the people got her e-mails.
10:20 pm
it's kind of divine justice for her. nobody has proven to me that it's russia. >> and by the way -- >> i am endorsing marco rubio tonight. i think he's been a mint in florida. >> i am endorsing marco rubio too. you? >> yes. but by the way on the wikileaks things, because she had a nongovernment server the russians were watching her in realtime. >> exactly. we have to break. >> mike drop. >> coming up, reince priebus, charlie hurt, and carrie prejohn will join us for reaction of the presidential debate, and barack obama's brother onset with me. straight ahead. new bikes aren't selling guys... what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions?
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10:24 pm
>> our country is stagnant. we've lost our jobs and businesses. we've not making things anymore, relatively speaking. our product is pouring in from china and vietnam and from all over the world. i passed factories that were thriving and because of the bill her husband signed, it's horrible what's happened to these people in these communities. >> that was another moment from the third and final presidential debate right here in vegas. we're on the strip at the mgm grand. joining us with reaction, mercedes, charlie hurt and lisa booth. mercedes, what do you think? >> i think that donald trump was
10:25 pm
strong on the economic position basically. going after trade, going after nafta, tpp on her flip-flop on tpp. i think it was effective. i think that's where you see trump at his strongest when the economic performance of our nation is disappointing and that we need to bring jobs back to nevada and pennsylvania and ohio and the country. i think that's where donald trump is strong. >> i also thought one of his strongest areas had to do with exposing her pay to play and taking money from sharia countries like saudi arabia, how she lies. there's so much corruption with her, and inciting violence and being the source of it. i think it's just seeping into the american consciousness. >> yeah. and i think this is the first debate where a lot of those things come up. and he did a good job with it. it wasn't the knockout that i would have liked to have seen. >> if he goes in there and
10:26 pm
pounds on it, they're going to say donald, he got in my space. right now i'm in lisa booth's space. >> i'm so offended. >> so offended. >> but in the second debate i thought he did it masterfully, and when he is at his best, it's when he's looking directly at her and saying you're all talk but you don't get anything done. >> but he did that tonight. >> he did do that tonight. it's marvelous, and he needs to go on the campaign trail and pretend he's talking to her every day. >> i think i know donald trump. i think he's happy because now he gets to do rally after rally with massive crowds. and he loves it. >> and she didn't deny any connection to the videos and she didn't deny the fact that the wikileaks information was true, that the speeches were true. >> she said vladimir putin did it. >> she never denied the information is true, and i think his closing statement was the
10:27 pm
most sus singt we've heard. what i hope debate viewers were listening and watching, i hope what they gathered from tonight is she's trying to reach out to independent voters and moderate republicans. we found out tonight which was a confirmation that she's a left wing progressive. she supports late term aabortion and believes in big government. she wants to raise taxes. she's a left wing progressive democrat. she's no bill clinton. >> they're making a big deal that donald trump said i'll let you know later, in other words, if there's voter fraud or not. here's the problem, al gore and bill clinton both wouldn't concede an election and filed a lawsuit over what they believed but inaccurate results and al gore saying your younger brother isn't the ultimate authority on this, and president bill clinton supporting his decision. >> i have to say i did strug well that answer that donald
10:28 pm
trump gave. i wish he would have said i'll accept the results, however, we need to address this voter fraud issue, which does exist throughout the country. >> did you see the project? >> i followed it. it is incredibly disturbing they're bussing people from state to state to vote in different states. it's horrible. but there is a role that donald trump has to play which is, yes, you want to talk about the rigged election. you want to talk about the fact that the media is biassed. >> but clinton didn't accept the decision in 2000. >> i know but the stories -- that's what the story is becoming. >> and she also talked about in wikileaks the rigged election. her team was upset that barack obama rigged the election in the primari primaries, caucuses in 2008. >> you're right. >> facts get in the way. >> i'm with you, but i'm thinking just one of the great things about our democracy is that you accept the peaceful
10:29 pm
transition of government. to be stolen it's like a gore bush situation where it was 500, 400 votes separate. >> swinging, hanging. >> hanging. we were there. oh, my goodness. let's not have it again. >> i do think that donald trump needs to be cleanup on that tomorrow. what he didn't do after the second debate was cleanup about the miss universe stuff and it continued on. >> and not on twitter at 3:00 in the morning. >> he doesn't have a lot of time before the election. he needs to go back to the economic points he made tonight and hit her on wikileaks and the video that just surfaced and the e-mail scandal and hit her on the clinton foundation which she didn't deny. >> john kerry and john edwards refused to accept the results, remember? they waited. and we went to boston. but this whole thing -- >> it's a nonissue for the
10:30 pm
american people. >> it's catnip for the media. but nobody cares about it. >> because they can't talk on the how in the tank they are and now have been exposed. one now calls it news gate 2016. nbc, cnbc, cnn, abc, tbs, "the new york times," uni vision all in the tank, and we now know. >> it's undeniable. >> people don't even intend to hold her accountable. >> i said journalism is dead. wikileaks proved my point. i was just ahead of the curve. foreshadowing. it was like my inner hannity coming out there. >> and i have to say if trump sticks to the economy, talk of the suburban mom about how obama care is rising and choice for children, that is an effective message. that's what he needs to stay on. >> thank you for hanging out. appreciate it.
10:31 pm
let's go win money in a few minutes. coming up, reince priebus, gina loudoun, and carrie prejean. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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welcome back to "hannity" on the strip after the third and final presidential debate was over. i spoke with reince priebus in the spin room. let's take a look and then we'll check in. >> joining us, reince priebus. >> it's a tough name. he did a good job tonight. i thought he was great. i thought the first half hour was really good. i thought it was smart to hit the base issues, bring republicans home. it's an important part of the campaign, remind people who he is. conservative judges, pro gun, pro life. it's an important issue. >> that's an important point. there's been a lot of people in the republican party. i know you're in the middle of this, probably not a position you want to be in, but in many ways they're critical of donald trump more than hillary, and hillary's policy just on the court and immigration and refugees and the economy, just on health care, so opposed.
10:36 pm
why aren't they more on board? >> i think it's important to remind everyone, it was a strong reminder in the first 20 minutes of the debate what's at stake. i think it's good for our party. i thought he had great pivots. he reminded the people at home, foreign policy, you can talk about it all day long. russia. what about the uranium deal and the fact that you made hundreds of thousands of dollars giving speeches to russia? she's disqualified on these issues. she had the position. she was secretary of state, and what did she do? everything got worse. >> and the line about you had 30 years, what did you accomplish? >> well i was in arkansas and doing children's education. well, we pay more per capita for education with worse results. the thing that stands out the most after tonight putting the clutter aside is we have two distinct different visions for the future of this country on the courts on refugees and isis and immigration, on obama care
10:37 pm
and the economy. on energy, on education. these differences are deep and profound. >> they're deep and profound, and the fact that even -- i don't want to go back to the life issue, but i thought it was stunning that she doubled down on partial birth abortion in the -- >> last week. >> i mean, honestly. people can have differences of opinion here, and i'm strong pro life. it's an issue in general election sometimes people like to stay away from, but the fact that she came out and didn't actually say, you know, that eighth or ninth month, that's a little bit different. >> the fetus is viable. i was impressed, because trump new the case and had details about the case. obviously, that wouldn't be in his wheel house as a businessman. not a lawyer. >> even smart business people aren't talking about the bill of rights and the amendment. look, she hates the second amendment. but she loves the fifth
10:38 pm
amendment. so do her employees. they plead the fifth. it's her favorite amendment>> what do you think of the new videos? you have a money nexus, on tape, operatives are saying they get the money funneled through the dnc and deposition exhibit whatever it's called action, and then to those, they are plotting, planning and scheming massive voter fraud? >> it's a total violation of laws. the fact that they're hiding money and circulating it in every different direction. they're admitting they have go between between soft money and hard money organizations. >> that's a violation of law. >> i don't expect viewers to be in the weeds of finance. the fact that chicago, i -- >> bragging about it. >> i remember people saying you going to denounce the violence at the trump rallies. what are you going to say?
10:39 pm
>> hillary. i think in the days to come, i think there's a lot of ball still up in the air that public hasn't on soshed. i think the tapes are part of it and the wikileaks and there's more to come. i think in the next 20 days there will be a lot of information to absorb. are you worried the time is running short? >> in news cycles, three weeks is plenty ychl we'll get it out there. >> he was unconventional with debate prep. >> he was focussed. i thought he was going to have a good night tonight and he did. >> good to see you. >> joining us now is miss california usa 2009, and radio and tv host dr. gina loudoun. in real life they're close friends and they're going gambling right after this. >> yes. >> i just gave you $100.
10:40 pm
>> he did. >> carrie knows how to gamble. >> i'm the worst luck in the a casino. i'll lose everyone's money. >> how about she makes the decision on what to do and you just act like it's yours. >> you're going to have fun. >> if we lose a lot, we can blame you. >> is that what's going to happen? >> all right. lose it. thoughts on the debate, carrie? >> i thought he really did an amazing job. i really do. i think that he stuck to the points. i think the best moment of the night was when he asked if she was going to give back the $25 million because she likes to say she's for women when she took that money from saudi arabia who persecutes women and doesn't let them drive, kills gays and lesbians. that was the best moment of the night. >> and hillary, are you going to give -- are you going to give the money back? i want to know. inquiring minds want to know. >> he pushed a lot of her
10:41 pm
buttons. i watched the body language. i watched every time he said the word lie or liar, she did this recoil. it was interesting. i saw a filter on her, and i did not see one on mr. trump. >> what do you mean? >> there was a filter. if you look at the blue behind her, there's a blue and yellow. >> you mean -- >> girls know this stuff. we use filters in pictures. >> especially beauty queens. >> tv people also. >> is there a message, hannity needs a facilitier? >> no. i don't know what happened there, maybe she demanded it. but here's the other corner he pushed her in that i loved. >> they're talking in my ear. go ahead. >> he pushed her in a corner that she actually gave up to the entire world or nuclear response time tonight. >> our cameras had no filter, they said. >> they were your cameras, we're
10:42 pm
sure about that? >> well, then they had to be perfect. >> i thought chris did a good job. he asked tough questions of everybody. kept them on point as best they could. you know because you've been dragged into this whole donald trump is not nice to women thing. and "the new york times" tried back in may, i think, and they lied about your feelings on donald trump. you came out publicly. you were on my show at the time. and now they're doing it again. all of a sudden when -- listen, i have a daughter. but if somebody is going to claim that he groped her and grabbed her on a plane, that's filled with other people and say it was okay for 15 minutes but only if he groped me here but not here. and then we have an eyewitness that said i sat next to them the whole time and said nothing happened. the media ran with it. and that's frustrating, and you felt that frustration? >> it's extremely frustrating. the media has not been fair to
10:43 pm
mr. trump, and what i say, and it's kind of funny to say this, but he owned miss universe and miss usa. he was around the most beautiful women in the world. why haven't any of them come forward? if he's a groper and inappropriate man, why wasn't he trying to get -- >> you said he's been a mentor and helped you with projects and has always been available. >> and he doesn't want people to know about it because that's the type of man he is. he goes the extra mile. you met miss wisconsin with the terminal illness. >> she's lovely. >> she spoke about him giving the coat off his back to her. >> she is really in a tough spot physically. >> yes. >>. >> and he's already given a scholarship for her son who is a teenager. >> and he didn't want any reck nice. i talk to her every day. she said i'll fight to defend him. i said i'm with you. he helped and supported me and uplifts women. he helps them with their
10:44 pm
careers. he does everything for women. >> and even bringing pat smith, the benghazi mom, to have h her there tonight, and he never bragged about it during the debate. i thought it was amazing and says a lot about all the things i've heard about him repeatedly. on the other hand, you take hillary. and this is a woman we know has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from isis funding governments who kill women. we get this. and then you take, of course, all the women that she humiliated over the years that you've interviewed and i've watched them abuse, and then you look at this 12-year-old rape victim. the left doesn't want to talk about this. but this is not a republican or democrat issue. this is about who has really lifted women up. we know he hires more of them, and her clinton foundation as we found out, pays men $80,000 more. but nobody talks about that. >> you guys are going gambling? >> yes.
10:45 pm
are you coming with us? >> i have to get on an airplane in about 17 minutes. thank you for being here. coming up, president obama's half brother malik obama onset. that and more as we continue from the mgm grand on the vegas strip. we'll continue. think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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welcome back to "hannity." we're live on the vegas strip. joining us the president obama's half brother malik obama. nice to meet you. how are you? >> pretty good. i'm doing great. >> i'm a big critic of your
10:49 pm
brother. does it bother you in. >> no. >> do you agree more with me or him? >> i don't know. it all depends on the subject and the topic. >> tell me about your relationship with your brother. how is it? >> it used to be good, but i think since he's become the president, you know, he's changed. >> why? >> i can't reach him. >> he doesn't even talk to you? >> we talk, but it's hard. i can't reach him. >> have you been to the white house? >> yes. >> how many times? >> almost every year. >> what, the christmas party? >> i have to fight to get in. >> you have to fight to get in? >> he's my brother. >> he once said we got to be our brother's keeper, didn't he? >> i know. >> are you disappointed in him ? >> i am. >> do you feel he's abandoned your family? >> i don't know about abandoning the family, it's just that, you know, when he became the
10:50 pm
president from what i know of him, you know, i thought that, you know, there a lot of expectations, and we thought that charity starts from home, and not that we wanted to be to get everything all at once, but at least -- >> if i'm the president, my brother gets to come whenever he wants. he has a free pass. that's the way family is. >> well, i know john f. kennedy had robert right there. so i thought that maybe, you know, we could, you know, be a family. >> you're hurt. >> just disappointed. >> yeah. >> yeah. and i would have thought that it would have been different. >> your brother will never talk to me. i'd be nice to him. he's the president. i'd be nice. he actually talked about me a
10:51 pm
lot when he was running for office and said to send a guy to tear me up. >> well, before you -- he was running for office, he was everybody's friend. >> you think the office has changed him? >> i think he's been sucked in to the matrix and mesmerized by the power. he was a different guy. >> what was different? >> he was humble, and he would listen. he had a soft side. but now he just too formal and stiff. >> even when you're alone? >> even when we're alone. there's not too much that we can talk about that is really hot, you know, brother to brother. it's too formal. it's like he's busy. he's maybe has got this line of all these people wanting to see him. so it would have been nice if, say, maybe i could go and have
10:52 pm
dinner with him, and then -- >> so when you do see him, how long are you talking to him for? >> maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes. >> that has to be disappointing. i always give out numbers. i don't think he's done a good job. we have 95 million americans out of labor force. the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s. the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. since your brother has been president $13 million more americans on food stamps. and he once said the debt is irresponsible, he's accumulated more debt than 43 presidents before him combined. am i being a tough critic or he didn't do that good? >> well, you're spewing out the numbers. >> the numbers speak for themselves. >> the numbers, you're spewing them out, so -- i'm not going to
10:53 pm
argue with that, because the thing is that i, myself, i would have liked for him to do better, because he was a community organizer when i first met him. so i'd like to see him sometime go into the community and not -- without the strappings or the power. >> i think the trappings of power are tough. you're a president. you get isolated. but i think it's all the more reason to bring your family closer to keep you real, keep you grounded>> that's true. >> i have an idea. why don't you and i, we'll make a call. he'll tack your call, and you say i'm with my buddy hannity. we want to come see you and keep you real. what do you think? >> i don't know. because the security and everything going through. >> they can -- i'm not bringing anything with me. i'm good. i'll respect the office of the president. >> i was in there one time, and going out i see a marine. you know, a marine, and he was
10:54 pm
the coolest guy. >> yes, sir. >> and i thought of the queen and, you know, the gods out there in the cattle and everything, and i wanted to take a picture with him just to have a picture with him and my brother said no. i don't know if it's a security thing. >> he's the president. if you wanted a picture, you could have had a picture. >> it's a simple thing like that. i've tried to get friends for him to shake hands with, you know. >> i bet if you played golf, you'd see him more often. he plays a lot of golf. what is your future? what are you going to vote for in the election? >> mr. trump. >> why trump? >> he built a fantastic business empire. and i don't see why he can't do that for the country. >> i hope he could.
10:55 pm
the country needs help. >> another thing is the republican party, the party of lincoln, lincoln freed the slaves. >> it's also the party that linden johnson counted onto pass the civil rights act, the voting rights act, because people like al gore's father and hillary clinton says her mentor, robert bird, who is a former clansman, she says he's my mentor because they filibustered and went against the civil voting rights act. >> i'm not sure i know about that. >> i'm telling you. i know my stuff. i'm a professional. >> another thing is that george w. bush, he reopened an immigration case for my aunt. >> i remember that. >> and you appreciated that. >> i really do. >> very nice to meet you, malik. god bless you. and if your brother wants to invite us, i'm willing to go. >> you're on. thanks a lot. >> coming up, more hannity as we
10:56 pm
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11:00 pm
we'll see you tomorrow night in new york. thank you for being here. 30 seconds before i will give you notice that we are going to start. >> good evening, everyone. and welcome to the third and fi >> good evening. welcome third and final presidential debate. i'm megyn kelly. >> getting ready, the final time. our colleague chris wallace moderating. and he just went to sigh len which was good that we caught that just on time. >> he was basically admonishing the audience to maintain quiet which is different than some of the debates during the primary season. that could be a little more fun, but these a serious events, and all the audiences are told to be quiet and be respectful. they don't always listen. >> they don't, and we've been at debates where the audience has weighed in, but a general


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