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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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ground, forcing them to rebuild. americans got a look at the greatest show on earth 143 years ago today. i'm john scott in for shepard smith. the market's down just a touch as they get ready to close. "your world with neil cavuto" will have it all for you next. after the final face-off, now the race is on. live from las vegas, nevada, "your world with neil cavuto." >> all right. still coming to you live from beautiful las vegas, nevada, the pools are perfect, the people here are happy and the day after the big debate the scorecards are out and a lot of people are saying whatever happened at the debate, the needle really hasn't changed in the overall polls. donald trump quick to seize last night and say the online polls
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showed him the beg winner. that is not quite accurate. and the media had a field day with trump saying he would not honor results and he had a field day responding to the criticism in trumpian fashion in ohio. take a listen. >> to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> all right. well, many in the media were not too happy with that, whether it was donald trump's way of saying take a chill pill. i think you're just off the trip, right, kennedy? >> yeah.
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i've been pretty much driven to the middle of the desert. they tell me i shouldn't be worried about it at all, neil. >> you know, i'm looking at that. it's a dropoff point but that's fine. >> charlie gasparino arranged my right. >> i'll bet he did. i guess this will be your final broadcast so let's make it count. >> yes. >> what did you make of what donald trump was saying in a sort of dismissive manner? everyone calmed down now. much was made of the fact that he couldn't guarantee he'd honor those election results. i guess it would depend on the magnitude of the victory. no one asked hillary clinton if she would if she lost. but what do you think of the fallout from this? >> reporter: i think the fallout is fascinating that this is the one element of the debate that the media is obsessively focusing on today because his response to chris wallace's question was actually quite temperate. it was not an outrageous
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statement considering some of the things he said about a rigged election. you know, i think there is a case to be made that perhaps we should look at the way we vote in this country. i don't think that there is widespread corruption or election tinkering or vote rigging but i do think our democracy is strong enough to wi withstand some of these questions. it is a razor-thin margin. we find out november 9th that we don't have our next president and hillary clinton is not the victor, what reaction will she have? i think that's a very fair question. >> the one thing i thought you and i would mention right away, is if al gore had said that, i will honor the results and we have a better than one-month struggle over election results or four years later with john gary musing about the switch of 50 tuesday voters in ohio and
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how he could have won that. my only point is just saying is it fine if democrats raise these concerns, not fine if a republican does? >> reporter: no, i think that if you're going to raise concerns on your side, it's fair that candidates on the other side -- you know, donald trump is also giving himself an out. because if he loses the election, this is his way kind of saving face. if that's his game here, then i think that's questionable. but he does have a point when he talks about the media being by and large against him and i think sometimes it sort of bleeds into conspiracy theory, that's where he has to be careful. but, yeah, the left has done it in the past, the right has done it in the past. whenever someone loses a close race, it's very, very alluring to try and hang on to what you think could be a victory but at some point you just got to let it go. >> you hit on a key point, too,
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depending on the size of the victory. if it's a blowout for one or the other, it's tougher to argue. if it's a close one, all bets are off, right? >> they called o to say they wanted you to hop into the trunk. kennedy, be safe. >> thanks. i miss you. >> all right, i miss you, too. you've done great reporting. if you're on the right you don't think donald trump said anything wrong. if you're on the left, you thought he said a lot wrong. mark cuban, big supporter of hillary clinton, found the whole issue appalling. >> what if vladimir putin said you cannot trust the outcome of the american presidential election, it is rigged. how would every single american respond to that? >> do you think, though, that if he lost, that he wouldn't accept it? and do you think that if hillary clinton lost she'd accept it? >> she'd accept it no questions
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asked. the nominee of the republican party questioned american democracy. >> a nominee questioning american democracy. was it that bad in you look at al gore, john kerry, were they questioning democracy in their runs in 2000 and 2004. mayor, very good it have you. >> pleasure to be here. >> what do you make on the dustups, to preaccept a vote that hasn't come yet, it would have doomed al gore and doomed john kerry, wouldn't it? >> you clearly know when the electoral process is established, we do have the right at all times to question the result and to ask for a
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recount and to go through the process involved in that recount. at the end of that, however, it obviously is appropriate to accept the results. if all aspects of the election and all of the opportunities to appeal that result, you obviously must acquiesce in the final result. if someone asks the question in that way, i suspect everybody who runs for public office, who supports public office, would respond by saying end result would be appropriate under those circumstances. until then, you have an absolute right to question. >> all right. so was it that bad what donald trump said? i'm not an apologist for either one. i guess what i'm getting to is it's almost as if the prior 90 minutes of the debate was forgotten and the only thing seized on in the media today is this. >> well, you got to know that at all times in this crazy world of politics, those of us who are
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now in the world and i'm part of that world on the journalistic side are looking for the things that seem to be out of sync in normal order and saying you're not ready to accept the results of the election presupposes all of the avenues that you go to get to the final result. if that question had been put in that fashion and that frame, his answer to it i think then would have been outrageous, if he would have said in effect i'm unwilling to accept those protocols. al gore was in that position. >> and he should have maybe framed it like that, are you asking me to blindly accept whatever happens in this election, like disputed votes in florida or concerns about people
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who might have mistaken by voted twice in ohio in 2004 as was john kerry's concern. should it just be better framed? >> i think it's appropriate to bring it up, especially since mr. trump has said all along everything is rigged. and the question that mr. wallace was asking him was a comprehensive question. trump would have been really smart to have answered that within the framework of all possibilities. he didn't do that and he is being lamblasted for it. if you remember, hillary clinton said that's outrageous. and believe me, from the moment she said that, it took off. every one of the media processors involved, including the media and social media, all
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picked up on that. >> well, you don't think if she had said outrageous or she had pounced on it the way she did, she yefr would a. >> well, i'm frankly sorry that al gore didn't follow through. when the congressional black caucus invaded the senate and proceeded to demand that al gore pursue all of the avenues to settle this matter, al gore declined. i think he was wrong. i think he should have settled it. >> you're free to do that as a democrat or a republican. mayor, i appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you, neil.
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>> be well, sir. we're getting word that senator ted cruz wants to speak particularly on this issue of voter fraud. we're continuing live from las vegas where the weather has been perfect. a lot of you have been e-mailing wondering if i have dabbed in the pool here or done anything torrid that i wouldn't be proud of. that's for me to know and you you to find out, baby. >> the real question is why don't we want to? why doesn't we want to require identification when we know that 14% of illegals are registered to vote. why don't we do these things? >> all right. but you're saying he is not trying to cause a constitutional crisis? >> no, i don't think he is but i think it appropriate to bring these things up. your car got rear-ended
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just to say i'm going to agree to the election, he's not going to have it stolen from him. >> you know that's a very good donald trump impression. >> are the clintons capable of paying for a election? yes. >> rudy giuliani does an impeccable donald trump impression. it was unbelievable. welcome back to las vegas, everybody. this back and forth on voters and what they can or cannot do and whether theirtabulated, sen cruz is taking a different tact
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on this. >> cramer was among those said to be responsible for starting violence at trump's chicago rally back in march that resulted in the campaign event being cancelled. and cramer said on tape the tactics were no secret to the clinton campaign. it turns out over the past seven and a half years, robert cramer has been to the white house on average about once a week. that's 342 times including 47 personal visit with the president himself. texas senator ted cruz thought was number was big enough to warrant attention, "voter fraud operative, 45 meetings with
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obama, this merits a serious criminal investigation, not a james comey "friends and family," investigation. cramer also spent time in prison for banking deals. >> the president is leading an event in support of hillary clinton earlier on today. he was talking up the affordable care act. we're going to get to that later in the show. you have to tune in to understand the comparison of that to having a startup home. the vote are fraud thing has now erupted as a legitimate campaign issue. and the controversy isn't so much what donald trump said but
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what various operatives might be doing. what do you think, judge? >> i think it is an issue, neil. i sympathize with senator cruz. but two weeks before the election to try and predict that someone's violent behavior is going to cause voter fraud is not going to interest authorities. can anybody investigate this fellow cramer because of the boasts that he made on air? probably, with respect to violence that was caused that disrupted and actually prevented a rally in chicago. just showed a clip of a cop with his head bleeding all over the place. it it actually prevented donald trump from taking the podium. that's how bad the violence was. but can that translate into an
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outcome that normally it wouldn't? can it change votes? no one will know until the election happens. >> the other issue is whether they can intimidate voters from following up at all. it's always something run against republicans and -- >> this justice department has the worst record in the modern era for policing intimidation at voting places. you'll remember, neil, we covered this together, people appearing with baseball bats in their hands in philadelphia in 2012 when the president of the united states was running for reelection and his own justice department did nothing about it. so don't look for the justice department address voter intimidation. now, that's going to have to be done by locals. we don't have local golf,
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state-managed elections can. >> thank you, my friend. >> you look great in that sun, neil. >> yeah, i'm really dressed for the occasion, too. but that's when i'm on air. but i digress. >> a lot of you are e-mailing me, neil, are you really going to swim in that pool behind you? you'll have to tune in to find out. we have mark cuban. he's a big hillary clinton supporter. but did we find argue flents that aren't quite adding up? we report, you decide. ♪
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welcome back from beautiful las vegas with this pool reserved for me. you heard of mark cuban, billionaire, big hillary clinton backer. going after donald trump last night. >> when you have a candidate who says they don't believe in the outcome of a presidential election in this country, that's denying democracy. >> did you feel that way when al gore felt that way? >> no, that's totally different and you know it. that was after the outcome. that's when there were questions and discussions of hanging chads. there were lawyers involved. that was completely different. >> i know but you were questioning the outcome of the election. was that american?
1:25 pm
>> that was after the fact. neil, you know better. >> in the middle of the night? because this i covered, too. hold on, i'm taking back my concession. >> apples and oranges. >> they're both fruit. >> one was after the numbers were coming through. look at it this way, neil. what if vladimir putin said you cannot trust the outcome of the american presidential election, it is rigged. how would every single american respond to that? >> do you think, though, that he really would -- that if he lost that he wouldn't accept it? and do you think that if hillary clinton lost, she'd accept it? >> she'd accept it no questions ask. pence would accept it no questions ask. theee of the republican party questioned american democracy. it not like it's a super close race and let have a recount, which is his right, right? this is a scenario where we're 20 days in advance and he questions american democracy.
1:26 pm
if vladimir putin said the exact same words that donald trump said, this entire country would be in an uproar. sean hannity would have a coronary. >> you don't like sean. >> i like him. >> you seem to be a hater. >> i'm not a hater. >> the sentiment -- >> do you think there's enough to swing this vote? >> i don't know. that's the definition of this type vote. do you have friend that are just afraid to say or reluctant to say they're supporting -- >> both. so if i'm in a red state, the people who support hillary clinton come and whisper to me. i went to an sec football game and it f.u., cuban and it trump, trump thank you, thank you, i
1:27 pm
don't want to say anything bad because something bad might happy. if you think -- if you're afraid to tell a pollster over the phone, are you going to walk in public and go moo one of the business businesses. >> it's not cool to support him. do you remember in 1980 plthere were a lot of people, ronald reagan and -- >> i actually voted for anderson. there's a silent majority for trump and a silent majority for hillary clinton. i didn't is bigger, i don't know. if you go into a red state are
1:28 pm
you surprised at that a lot of the violence at trump rallies might have been inspired by surrogates of hers who cooked it up. >> i wouldn't say -- >> it's bad no matter what? >> it's indefensible no matter what. there's no way to support it or explain it. >> when you look at the race and donald trump and his women and accusations, there hasn't been the same zeal in the media to go after the wiki. >> that's a media comparison. >> let talk about wikileaks. s that's all been said in those -- i i have you an.
1:29 pm
she is open to unfettered and free trade, she is much more pro capital than she appears. blef me, i'll let you talk. that about who can move and not be so practice many. >> so is that what you're falling for, is that what you're saying? >> no, i'm asking which is hillary. >> i'm taking transcripts of speeches. remarks that she said. and i don't have any problem with the remarks. >> okay, so if you're just -- >> is that -- which is the real -- >> no, i'm asking which is
1:30 pm
the -- is she for open with unfetrd trade, if she for not paying them all with the same brush or is she got first forward to the lives. wants to have she said when it first came out, she called it the gold standard but she went on to say that there were things she didn't like about it. >> you are one of the best reads of people i know. you became a big success because you could read events and people and times. >> i'll agree with that. >> i would, too. and i'm not blowing your smoke. that's phony. >> has there ever been a
1:31 pm
candidate who hasn't involved his positions? >> so that's the big news. >> all right. he kind of confused me there. live right now in miami gardens buying cat skin twimt -- >> i think this is getting way
1:32 pm
off. >> i know what you're saying. i had a feeling when he was talking about the process being rigged, was it always this advantageous as republicans. >> i don't know whether it does or not but t skirt. that remind me of 93% customer claim from victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better
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i have always said for all the good that the affordable care act is doing right now, for as big a step forward as it was,it's still just a first step. it's like building a starter home or buying a starter home. it's a lot better than not having a home but you hope that over time you make some improvements. >> what? so let's say the starter home is an mri and all of a sudden he realized i thought i was going to get so many mris out of this but they tripled in price. >> cheryl, that doesn't make
1:37 pm
sense to me. >> i hope the people don't get whacked on their starter homes. bill clinton said the american people have got i don't know whacked by obama care, particularly those that are small business owners or those that make just a little too much to qualify for the subsidies. and what is hillary going to do if she's elected? she said she's going to control drug costs and offer tax credits. where is that money going to come from? obama care has been a disaster. if you're going to keep it and try to fix, whoever the president is, good luck. i can't imagine trying to resell the mri machine after five years. >> i don't remember the argument when this was being started. if it was billed that way, maybe feel would have thought differently, maybe it wouldn't have passed at all or maybe it would have changed dramatically
1:38 pm
but certainly the underpinnings would have been honestly presented. they weren't. what do you make of this? >> well, the whole thing never was going to work. it never could have worked to try to put 50 pounds of manure into a 25-pound bag. that essentially is what they were trying to do. there was never any way they could miraculously pull down the curb of spending on health care. there was never any way they could take money from one group in one state and subsidize people in the other state without the people in the first state noticing. it was built on a premise that didn't work. i give former president clinton for saying this was based on a phony concept. i don't know if president obama understood it himself. it's like what nancy pelosi said, you have to vote for it before you understood it. nobody understood it. the people who wrote it never
1:39 pm
understood it. now the chickens have come home to roost. >> i can remember going back and forth in washington and the mathematical will that comes with ben stein but if you're covering all preexisting conditions, which is wonderful, if you're keeping kids on your policy until they're older than you, that's fine. if you don't think premiums are going to skyrocket, then you don't know basic math. so we went into with assumptions that were at best naive or duplicitous. >> they needed to have comprehensive reform, they didn't. he didn't listen to what that plan needed to work today. you've got those that are out there working that have seen
1:40 pm
their premiums double and their coverage cut in half. maybe you did give 25 million people health care that didn't have it before. well, congratulations. but you also made the people who are already working hard, working 60 hours a week, working bill clinton as well but one of the latest developments is a lot of these insurance companies are demand and this is common place now. what now then? >> because they know that insurance companies are going to ask for even more in premium raises down the road. they figure they'll give them a lot now to get ahead of them. the whole thing had the benefits madam said of giving insurance coverage to those that didn't
1:41 pm
have in t above. but he should have and this is unfortunately the way it is. this has been an administration that started by giving row maybe it should be that way but let's be honest about it. for gosh stakes, let try to be honest. it's like what mr. nixon said. honesty might not be the best policy but it's worth trying every once in a while. >> didn't that bring hmm down that he on the want? >> it was as pure as the driven snow. >> no health care for you. we continue reporting here from beautiful las vegas where right now they're not too worked up about this.
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their focus is on pools, their focus is sin. >> but i feel a national obligation to you, america, and i will.
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>> are you worried about the
1:46 pm
number of republicans who are still standoff esish? >> i think that can be made up with some of the new people into the party. it's true some of the old republicans are standoffish but he's brought in new people to the dance. >> that was mayor rudy giuliani telling me they are united about going after hillary clinton and have been emboldened over the new wikileak developments. ed henry joins us from washington, d.c. with the latest and potential fallout. >> reporter: new questions today about conflicts of interest contained in some of the enough wick league documents came out.
1:47 pm
he wrote to john podesta having to sign a document that he had no conflicts of interest. even though he is personally paid by global initiative sponsors, some that are at the clinton home, et cetera. that is obviously going to ra e raise -- either party goes through a lot of potential slogans before they settle.
1:48 pm
but one of those really kind of fits you, no quit. that's neil cavuto, i think. >> that's it, henry. amazing. i guess it is what it is but, man, the consternation over just silliness but who knows. thank you very, very much, ed henry. >> but who are we to deny you that joy? >> hey, neil, this is wayne newton. i just want to say we are thrilled for everything you are, everything you've done and everything you're going to do. ♪ i'm looking over that four leaf clover that i overlooked before ♪ ♪ one is a sunshine to relieve n and protect my joints from further damage.
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they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas. i think this is why they say it. take a look. we're heading off to vegas my friends. do you know who that man is? >> no, i don't. >> i recognize him but i couldn't say his name. >> i don't know who it is. >> we are striking out. what's going on here? he is the most powerful man in television news. agree with me on that. >> okay. >> do you know who that is? >> sure do. >> you are the first person to get this. ♪ >> now probably the most successful entertainer in las vegas history, wayne newton. what did you think when you heard that tape? it's 11 years old.
1:53 pm
>> i don't have to tell you, you probably have been somewhat in the same situation where they tent a microphone on you and turn you lose for two or three hours. >> normally, that -- for me, it involves -- i get annoyed if they take the last of the prime rib at the buffet. it's not quite the same thing. i want to go to steve wynn. he has overseen construction of our operations for golden nugget, mirage, treasurer island. i could go on and on. >> go on and on. >> right. keep it going. what do you think of the attention the city is getting with the big debate? >> people ordinarily think of us, the first things that come it your mind is the sin city. >> show girls. >> which i love. i don't know what happened to them. this is the first time i've been without them and without a martini in my hand. >> the debate is on. see you later.
1:54 pm
>> from everything i see has no respect for this person. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you are the puppet. she has no whied whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am quoting 17 -- every time p donald thinks this things are going in his direction, he claims things are rigged against him. he started tweeting the emmys were rigged. bernie sanders said you have bad judgment. i agree. >> that went well. so much running on a high. they both were attacking each other. >> i looked at it, you won round one, two, three. >> who won? hillary crushed him? >> governor rick perry with me
1:55 pm
right now. just back from "dancing with the stars." >> my knees and ankles survived it. >> you beat me to that. >> only because you were recuperating. they wanted you. >> i'm tan, rested and ready. good to see you. >> i know. it's nice to touch you. >> i get that all the time. >> i think the american people saw tonight the kind of strength in donald trump's leadership that i think will continue to drive the momentum in this campaign. i'm proud of his effort tonight. >> you know, kennedy, what happens in vegas, hopefully will cause mr. trump to be the next president of the united states. >> do you think donald trump, regardless of the outcome, who wins, he or she, that he would honor it? >> he probably would, information there was evidence of obvious fraudulent activity. >> what you got is a policy men knew from both of those candidates, everything from economics and foreign policy through to abortion rights. >> that's the big news.
1:56 pm
you thought donald trump won. he will be the next president? >> no. she's become president. >> mark cuban, a little more after this. that's enough. we have mayor rudy giuliani. when they show up in the spin room, they congregate. he starts arguments. that's what italians do, they start arguments. >> i think it will be a very close election. he gave measures answers he gave and didn't say, i'm going to agree to the election because he's not going to have it stolen from him. >> it's a very good donald trump impression. it's over. all the debates are over. three big presidential ones, a vice-president one and in the next 19 days, it's up to you to decide. we haven't stopped. we're going to continue to be all over this, right through election day. and indeed we will be. the undisputed winner in all of this, chris wallace. it was moving, it was fast, it
1:57 pm
was fun. best moderator by far. that's the way to do it. fair and balanced, straightforward. which is what we will be doing as soon as i jump in the pool, baby.
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[ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. hello, everyone. it's 5:00. now we're back in new york city and this is "the five." we have 19 days left, folks. all three presidential debates are in the history books. we've got a ton to break down on the final clash beginning with the biggest news maker of the night, this one. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely, sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. i will look


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