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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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eastern, republican presidential nominee donald trump will join us, at 10:00 tomorrow, that is it for me, eric boling is coming up live, he's calling it "hannity". i don't know't make the rules h straight ahead. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean, welcome to this second hour of "hannity" of the tonight, annual alfred e smith dinner took place moments ago. hillary clinton and donald trump addressed the dinner, in case you missed it, here are the highlights. >> i have no doubt hillary is going to laugh quite a bit tonight. sometimes even at inappropriate moments. and hillary was very gracious. she said if somehow she gets elected she wants me to be without question, either her ambassador to iraq, or to
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afghanistan. it's my choice. this is the first time ever, ever, that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> donald, if at any time you don't like what i'm saying feel free to stand up and shout "wrong" while i'm talking. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful transition of power, it's important to have a responsible chaperone to get everyone home safely. that is why i picked tim caine to be my vice president. >> and donald trump was on fire, watch this. >> our campaign is powered by a love for this country and love for our fellow citizens. is there any better place to be
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than a trump rally? you have 19 days to make every dream, you ever dreamed for your children, for your family, for your country, come true. i am going to fight for every citizen of every background from every stretch of this nation. i'm going to fight for every child living in poverty. for every mom that lost her child to illegal immigration and drugs and gang violence. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. >> joining us now with reaction is geraldo riviera.
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steve, i'll start with you. the dinner has been used to break from campaigns maybe to reset the way their campaigns have been trending. this election has been anything but traditional and tonight was no different. both candidates took shots at each other. >> trump went first. great jokes and then, suddenly, it changed and went. you can feel a change in the room. when he started calling her corrupt, and then, there was no joke, it was just going at her with vicious attacks, and then, she stood up i thought is she going to respond and do the normal self deprecating stuff? then, she launched into her speech. it was the same. a few jokes, good jokes but then really aggressive attacks on
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trump. just shows how completely they despise each other and reflects the feel of this election campaign. >> geraldo, politics is a blood sport. >> yes. >> this was a little bloody for -- if you've been to the alfred smith dinner before? >> several times. >> president obama? hilarious, george bush, hilarious. these two took it up a notch. >> we played the clip of the trump rally after you showed a couple jokes from the dinner. the seriousness of trump's tone and making america great again and everything is going to be better, it was such a relief for them to be in a comedic setting. i thought they'd be doing jabs and they did have a couple good
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jokes. i thought trump's smoke about melania making the same speech, that was a brilliant joke because it was in the tradition of it's all about making fun about me. i thought hillary had a great joke, about the statue of liberty, donald calls her a four. i thought those were two great jokes but generally speaking it was very sour. and you're going to see head lines how trump didn't get it but i think the real news is the way that room responded to donald trump. >> it's a liberal room. >> that, if you needed to encapsulate the attitude of the media, the big media, about these candidates, their response to these equally cutting jokes was telling. they booed trump, they cheered hillary. i don't think you can say that anymore clearly, that their
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presence was there. >> they were in a liberal speech. hillary clinton could have taken that, she could have seen what is going on and cut all of the mean stuff out and just been self deprecating and she didn't. she had an opportunity, did she blow it? >> i think she really did. if i'm honest i think she came off worse because for me, the really interesting part is right at the way it's supposed to be. and goes beyond the jokes and said something nice. and it was actually an attack on trump. it really showed, i think, what a critical and calculating politician she really is. and to be honest, it's not
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surprising from a campaign whose slogan is stronger together and goes around hiring thugs to go out and incite physical violence of their opponent rallies. it's so calculating. >> not only did she -- she could have poked fun at donald trump but said said to michael bloomberg, good to see you here, michael. there is finally a billionaire in the room tonight. below the belt shots. >> i think from donald trump's point of view, the only good news is that deblasio was booed. >> i think trump needs lessons in joke telling. he's not a good joke teller. you know? he doesn't know how to deliver it. hillary is much more polished. i said to erica, my wife and i were watching. i noticed very interestingly when trump was attacking hillary, erica was very upset.
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when hillary was attacking trump she was cheering so it was an exactly partisan response as reflected in america, i am sure, tonight. if trump is telling a joke about hillary and you like trump you're laughing at trump's jokes. hillary is taking a shot at trump, you're laughing. and it's unfortunate. i wanted it to be that kumbaya. i wanted it to be. i think trump maybe stepped over the line a little bit in confusing it with a roast. it isn't a roast. >> it should have been a self roast. >> we have to remember, this was a catholic event. a catholic charity. hillary, i think she went over the line in the jokes she used. i thought a few were distasteful in a room of catholic charities. >> i thought she was just as bad. there is no way to say trump went over the line and she didn't. he was clearly in her prepared text. and it just shows they just
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really despise each other and couldn't even on this occasion behave differently. i think that is what we've come to expect in this election. the truth is that just as the debate last night, i didn't think reset the campaign. tonight's dinner didn't. but what is really important for trump now is to try to get this camp back on the core argument of change versus that he needs to land in these days if he's going to have a chance. >> it's too late. too late. >> you wrote a book about being the change elections. you love change elections and want to see politicians moved out. is trump handling and doing this the right way? >> i think that he showed in the past that he can do that. he can really respond to the fact you've got millions of people in our country who are really struggling who feel that whoever has been in power for the last decade nudging in their lives get better.
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they're losing jobs, incomes are down. they see opportunities they used to take for granted disappearing and here is a candidate going to shake things up and bring big change. he's captured that mood in the past. and he's got to be disciplined and show that he's the big change and there are so many americans arerning for. >> also, i thought hillary was distasteful is because melania was sitting next to trump. >> cardinal said i'm in the coldest place in the room sitting between these two, i caught pneumonia or a cold, it was funny. i understand mr. hilton's point. you have 18 days now. the die is cast. i think you're going to see the republican party scrambling to
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stay intact as we careen towards this election i wish had been over six months ago. >> we're going to leave it there. we've got 19 days left. coming up on "hannity", though -- >> we need strong borders. we cannot give amnesty. i want to build a wall. we need a wall. border patrol, ice, they all want the wall. >> highlights from last night's presidential debate. the ceo of wynn resorts is here to weigh in on the showdown. and then, later... >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> donald trump at a rally today in ohio said he'll accept election results if you wins. that and more as this special edition of "hannity" live continues.
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drugs are flowing into the border. hillary wants to have open borders. all i said is renegotiate these
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agreements because our country cannot afford to defend saudi arabia, japan, germany, south korea. we cannot continue to afford it. this is just another lie. and a small group came a huge vacuum. we should have never been in iraq and once there, we should have never got out. >> when i saw they're telling people go incite and start violence, in particular, in chicago people were hurt and people could have been killed in that riot. >> that is last night's presidential debate in las
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vegas. joining me now is steve wynn. we have to start with the elephant in the room. >> nice to see you, eric. >> thank you. good to see you, too. i watched the debate at my home in las vegas with my wife. i think the reaction has been what my reaction to the campaign has been. that is that long on negative energy and short on substance. both parties. chris wallace asked terrific questions and i thought his handling has been the best i'd seen and questions were well considered. especially ones on the economy.
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we spend $3.7 trillion. that is $600 billion deficit at the rate of $50 billion a month, our government is printing money and degrading the living standard of every person in america. it's the cause of frustration and anger and confusion. and frankly, except for the senate race, i've been frustrated with the campaign so far. i know both people. i know they're very intelligent people. sometimes, it's hard to tell. i know hillary and donald can make a more healthy bite of
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these problems if it weren't for the nature of this campaign this year. it's been very distressing. i never thought i'd see anything like what we're having this year. so when i watch the debate, i'm like most americans. i'm scratching my head at the negative energy of both sides and wishing it was otherwise. >> i understand that we have a close race. most swing states are within the margin of error. most are. did donald trump do enough to change the momentum to bring the ball back in his own court? >> you're asking a question that is hard to answer unless you have more distance between the debate and the reception with the public. and i guess for that, we see
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polls. we know where we were, i think, in the average before the debate. now we're going to see what we're after the debate. eric, i've been focused on other things and i watched the debate and i just told you what you think of it. >> so you're looking at nevada for a vacated seat. very important. that can go wrong, there are rubio, toomey, some are doing very well, they seem to be holding their own, if not gaining. is that right? >> yes. and i think ron johnson and kirk are challenged and doing a good
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job. and i think i've been, i've been hardened and i feel good in otherwise negative campaign. our three-term congressman is running for the open seat and joe, a moderate republican and opinions i agree with on virtually everything from immigration and courts and the economy and i.wish that there is more of joe, i wish i had more substantive conversation from the presidential race. maybe it is. >> steve, nevada.
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swing. did you want to talk swing state, it's gone back and forth since 1912. bill clinton won here and so did barack, win, twice. we go both ways in this state. i think in the senate race, it's very close, in the house races, the presidential race seemed like trump was in the margin of error and it's very interesting. we have a tremendous hispanic population. they do vote in nevada, are latino. that will play into it. the african american vote is
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about 5% in nevada but this is a state with a lot of union employees. and so we have working people here. but i can tell you, after speaking to my 12 or 13,000 employees, that there is tremendous confusion and dissatisfaction with the cost of health care, all of my employees increased health care costs in spite of the fact the company picked up most of the increases yet they have the same policy they had before. they paid more money but did not get more coverage. and i discussed that with hairy and other people that would listen because we've been health care providers over 45 years. and when prices go up -- >> health care providers are
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saying they're not. and this is an opportunity donald trump should be scoring if he hits that obamacare harder to talk about it more. steve, i have to let you go. thanks for joining us. >> coming up next, right here on "hannity"... >> i will totally accept the results of this great, historic presidential election if i win. >> well, donald trump on fire today during a rally in ohio. told voters he'll accept the election results if he wins. that and more as a special edition of "hannity" live continues.
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>> i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election
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if i win. we want fairness in the election. i would accept a clear election result but i would also reserve my right to contest for a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result. >> joining us now with reaction and what about, is this a good strategy for donald trump? >> look. i think that he is clearly joking. and i thought it was funny. people that didn't get the joke were reporters. i saw reporters just panicking about this joke. they don't get that america wants somebody speaking simply.
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yes. i know he missed opportunities during the debate to explain the problems of hillary clinton in the video and what we've found but at the end of the day, i think that donald trump is exactly what the americans want. they want someone speak speaking. >> so donald trump hit on major topics and talked about immigration, second amendment. supreme court, abortion. >> for the people watching tonight, it wasn't that big of a deal. >> i don't think it was a big deal. it's great to be on with you. he had a great night and i think they're disappointed that they had to find something. right? to criticize. they decided to criticize that. no presidential candidate ever said anything like that before.
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guess what? no presidential candidate was asked a question like that before. i thought it was brilliant how he handled it last night and today. >> charity we have this project and so many issues. this is what the media is worried about. >> absolutely. i spoke to the clinton campaign manager tonight. asking him, what do you think about these videos? and he is saying oh, well, we didn't hire this guy. we have bob kramer saying no. no. i was completely involved involved with the campaign. so either he's lying or the clinton campaign is not telling the truth. something is wrong here. the campaign wants to say donald trump is out there saying he's not going to accept the election
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results. for some reason, hillary clinton up to 2009 was saying that that was part of the election. >> one recollection is that he asked a town hall question. and it's saying how come i'm not winning by 50? well, maybe some of these are the reasons. >> that performance was atrocious. she looked like she's in a parallel universe. lying right there. we caught her, megyn did a great job of pushing back. she just kind of said, oh, the russians. it was a performance everybody out in the rest of america thought this is a problem of washington. we have people, operatives and politicians in washington, d.c. who look in the camera and lie
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to us. they think we believe it. >> you know, we have the clinton foundation revelations. now, finding out there are deals that are legit straight up quid pro quos. >> right. and i think it was great that he insist insisted. people aren't buying this anymore. i don't know they were but it's become so crazy. it's a side show. and this is, i'm glad the debates are over. let's get back to what the people appreciated about him. getting to heart of the things that concern americans today. that is what he does well. >> one of the things missing
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here is that donald trump to this final debate. he was almost g.o.p. policy talking points. and answering back to hillary clinton's attacks. i have to say that is a big improvement. and a plus for a moderator, chris wallace for sticking to the great issues people wanted to hear. >> no doubt. thank you very much. coming up, right here, next, on "hannity"... >> these are people that push gays off ledges and kill women, treat women horribly. yet, you take their money. >> donald trump called out hillary clinton for her family foundation accepting millions of dollars from countries line saudi arabia. that and more as a special live edition of "hannity" continues.
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saudi arabia giving $25 million. you talk about women and womens' rights? these are people that push gays off numbers. these are people that kill women and treat women horribly. and yet, you take their money. so i'd like to ask you, why don't you give back the money
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you've taken from certain countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly? why don't you give back the money? i think it would be a great gesture. >> that is donald trump at last night's debate hitting the clint onfoundation for taking tens of millions of dollars from countries like saudi arabia. rebecca, we'll start with you. trump makes a point. is this -- some of the countries treat women poorly. you talk about oppression, some countries kill gays. >> oh, my goodness. not just treating people poorly, but murdering people. and hypocrisy of hillary clinton and her minions is stunning. she, in this country is trying
1:41 am
to squelch free speech rights as christians. people in this country are going to not be able to speak out about what we believe in. there are cases over cases where hillary clinton is going to be supporting and appointing judges that are squelching religious freedom if we don't stand by what she wants to do. is hillary clinton a hypocrite if she doesn't give back some of these countries? >> i watched her reaction. she has no qualms whatsoever
1:42 am
when it comes to receiving the money. i believe they were flat broke when they left the white house. that must have traumatized her. the bible says you can't serve god and mamman. it is a spirit that makes you crave money. she does not care where it comes from, as long as it pours into her foundation. she doesn't have a problem with it. it's hypocritical. clinton promised there would not even be an inclination going on. now, we see clinton improprieties. >> it's the same hypocrisy we saw tonight when she feigned
1:43 am
love for catholics. they're going to have the same contempt for christians that barack obama has. barack obama declared open season of christians, suing the little sisters of the poor, suing to let men into women's locker rooms. it's going to escalate under a hillary clinton presidency. >> i have 15 seconds each. rebecca. last thought on who is the better candidate for people of faith? >> there is no question, donald trump is going to be the choice. he wasn't my first voice, i'm appealing to people if you care about. >> reverend scott? >> donald trump has to be our candidate.
1:44 am
if hillary clinton can speak of revolution being incited but she will not say the words radical islamic terrorists. >> last night, donald trump gave the strongest commitment to a conservative supreme court and articulated the strongest pro-life commitment of any republican nominee in history that ought to settle us. >> we've leave it there. right hire, coming up next, right here on "hannity"... >> i think the cardinal is saying i'm not eligible for sainthood. but getting through these debates has to count as a miracle. >> great highlights from tonight's dinner as this special edition live continues. if you have a typical airline credit card,
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these events give not only candidates a chance to be with each other, in a very social setting, it also allows candidates the opportunity to meet the other candidates' teams. the teams. i know hillary met my campaign manager and i got the chance to meet the people who are working so hard to get her elected. there they are. the heads of nbc, cnn, cbs, abc, there is the "new york times" right over there and the
1:50 am
washington post. >> i know you were criticized for inviting both donald and me here tonight. he responded by saying if i only sat down with those who were saints, i'd be taking all my meals alone. now, just to be clear, i think the cardinal is saying i'm not eligible for sainthood. but getting through these three debates with donald has to count as a miracle. >> those are more highlights from tonight. alfred e smith dinner in new york city. joining us now is the author of government gone wild. you were there. you heard some of that stuff. you know, some people show up and pretend they were there. you were there. >> exactly. yes. >> my thoughts on the night? >> well, i think donald trump was great for the first 80% of his monologue.
1:51 am
he had the crowd. his delivery was perfect. his line, he said hillary is a very nice person. she bumped into him. after that, he began to get personal and the crowd turned on him. and there are five pages here focusing on the fact donald trump got booed for a couple jokes toward the end. >> abc, nbc, "new york times," and "miami herald". the trump's speech turned dank. usa today got it right. boos drown out laughs as candidates get nasty at charity dinner. >> hillary got boos, too. and again, a very liberal room. >> oh, yes. >> home team proud. >> one thing stuck out it would
1:52 am
be moving hypocrisy of the liberal audience. we had to see smug, liberals attacking trump. hillary was walking into a room of friends, trump walking into a pit of hostile snakes. it's like hillary going to a dinner with nra folks. just not happening. >> largely liberal media in the crowd z barack obama brought it down year after year. >> barack obama is excellent in those, no doubt. no one is notthat. >> these dinners have been fantastic. but these two? i'm not sure they're as funny. >> i thought romney's best
1:53 am
moment of 2012 was the alfred e smith dinner. great to show up in clothes we're just lounging around the house in. i look at pierce morgan. he says when they go low, we go low. hillary was just as personal to me with trump but the media is working on him, and not her. bottom line, it's supposed to be a fun evening. and both candidates just by muscle memory, couldn't resist going over the line that we normally don't see. they both pivoted. >> some people got nasty towards the end there. but what hillary did that i didn't like, i was watching with friends who are hillary supporters. she spent the whole find third of her speech lecturing the audience and that didn't play well at all. just made her seem very cold. >> what of the other things. not only speaking to an audience, but a new york crowd.
1:54 am
this is national attention. the moment after the debate that maybe changed momentum one way or another. >> nothing moves the needle at this point, i mean, look at wikileaks. right? the debate, they scored a basket. now, 19 days to go. what happens from here? it has to be an act of god or something bad. >> i had people coming down going wow, trump. i love this trump. i love what he's doing. >> he was great in the beginning. we got slapped in the face with the double standard of liberalism. americans don't like that. that makes them angry. so trump had a great first part of the speech and showed he's likable. >> i love this line.
1:55 am
hillary calls it the largest crowd of the season. >> about a thousand people there. >> so anyone want to score them? >> first, 80%. ten out of ten. the take away, like last night, take away is that he wouldn't concede if hillary wins. that is the headline. take away here is that he got booed and he was mean. >> she got some -- booing. >> they went -- agitation in there. nervousness. >> yes. like i said, the american people can see through this media stuff. i do agree. it's all about trump being booed. people can see through that, i think. i do think trump did better than hillary did. >> 10 seconds. >> what she said. >> we'll leave it there.
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>> coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity". that is all the time we have left. make sure you catch "the five" every weekday. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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>> it is friday october 21st. this is a fox news alert. combat cash ults in the fight to take out isis. brand new warning about drones armed with explosives. >> if you have the symphony show down with the last you were wrong. donald trump and hillary clinton breaking bread at an annual charity dinner. but it wasn't all fun and games. >> hillary is so corrupt. she got kicked off the watergate commission. >> donald, if at any time you don't like what i am saying, feel free to stand up and shout wrong whale i am


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