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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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museum launching a campaign to save the ruby slippers from the wizard of oz. here's harris faulkner to for shep. >> donald trump and hillary clinton on the ground in crucial battle ground states. a new poll shows the nominees in a dead heat in a red state and the web site wikileaks says a surprise is coming for clinton's running mate, tim kaine. let's get it going here. >> donald trump says losing the election would mean his campaign was a waste of time, but he says he has been working so hard, he'll have no regrets, win, lose or draw, come november. here's what the said just a
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short time ago in north carolina. >> i will be happy with myself because i always say, i don't want to think become, if only i did one morale. >> would have won north carolina by 500 votes instead of losing it by 200 votes. right? >> trump went after hillary clinton over hacked e-mails from their top aides which wikileaks released and now a property from the web site that is a surprise in store for tim kaine, and the interim chair of the dnc, donna brazill. we'll have team fox coverage now. let's top the news with chris wallace who has been greating mostly great reviews for moderating the debate between trump and clinton. "the new york times" says mr. wallace mixed human and scolding and persistence and patience. chris wall lace the first fox news anchor to moderate a presidential debate and comments
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from the candidaters are making headlines, including trump saying whether he accept the results. good to see you, my friend. you had a big job. some of it even corralling the crowd as people inside the hall in las vegas were have something quick reactions. i want to just get your behind the scenes take, chris, just looking back and the biggest moments that pop into your mind. >> well, first of all, in a personal sense, i felt that i had done everything that there is to do in this business but i will tell you that when you're waiting in the wings to solo moderate a general election debate between two candidates, one of whom will 20 days from then be the next president of the united states, i -- that was something i had not experienced before, and not surprisingly i was -- felt a little nerves. and i will say for the first ten
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minutes, harris, i heard this voice asking these questions and i kept thinking, who is that? because i didn't realize it was me. it was such an out of body experience, but ten minutes in i kind of relaxed. you had to be super aware and -- this was a surprise because i had prepared the questions in tremendous detail, tremendous focus, great researcher, and we were ready with that. but to a certain degree, that's just a game plan. it is not by any means a strict curriculum, and you have to just go with the punches and you have to make split-second decisions, die let this person go on or interrupt them? is it a good conversation even if it isn't the one i started or do i think they're off into the weeds? so you're making a lot of decisions whether to intervene or stay out of it.
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>> i know from reading your notes you said if people watch this and don't remember me per se doing any one certain thing then i've done my job. justband there typically what would we consider a moderator. something you didn't see something, i would have to say that might have been donald trump's reaction or declaration about whether he would accept the election results. we have a little bit of that and then come right back to chris. let's watch. >> not a saying you're going to be the loser or winner but if the loser concedes to the winner and the country comes together in part for the good of the country. are you saying you're not prepared -- >> what i'm saying i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> keeping the rest of the nation in suspense. what was going through your mind at that second? >> i had prepared the question because it was a big issue. here donald trump had been talking for a couple of weeks now about it's a rigged
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election, they're trying to sale it -- steal it from us and mike pence was asked on the sunday shows, will you and trump respect the election. he said, quote, absolutely, and his daughter, ivanka, just that day said that they would do it. so i felted it was kind of a win-win question in sense that whatever he said, yes or no it would make news. now, having said that, when he said the first time, i'll let you know on election night, there was a gasp in the audience and i felt then -- this is just ad-lib -- this was a big moment and that i wanted to put it in historical perspective and to say, look, this is part of what makes our country strong, is the idea -- not talking about gore and 500 votes in florida. but in a normal election, the idea that no matter how hard-fought it is, the loser concedes to the winner, and the country comes together behind the new president. and so i put it in that context
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and that when you heard the second answer. knew right away that would be the headline for the debate. >> it has been a driving headline. some of what happened in the debate now has really been the discussion ever since and this is certainly one of those points. he has had rally after ay and you hear it come up and he has massaged the language. his campaign manager, kellyanne conway has sharpened the message by saying, if there's any evidence of impropriety oring regularities they want to take a look at that, reserve the right to do that, the language trump has used since then. want to talk about hillary clinton and a point you made in the debate and we have a little chunk of that, about the clinton foundation, and so much more that we're learning. let's watch that. >> why isn't what happened and what went on between you and the clinton foundation -- why isn't it what mr. trump calls pay to play. >> everything if did as secretary of state was in
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furtherance of our country's interests and our values. >> chris, the big question is, did she answer the question? >> no. she didn't. and what you didn't play there was the next thing, very quickly she pivoted off it and then said but aim happy to talk about the foundation and being an experienced reporter i knew where we were headed. she was going to give us a laundry list of good things, and they have been good things that the clinton foundation has done. that is a tough moment for a moderator because she is talk about feeding poor people and taking care of children and you don't want to by insensitive but she was clearly can ducking the question. so every -- again you have to peel untilled your bones. the audience gets it. i interrupted and said you're not answering, was that's pay to play? and then trump got into it. but that's -- and, look, that's part of what both candidates do,
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at various times, you ask them a question, and they will try to duck or pivot. and one hope you have is you don't have to call them to account but that the other person -- is it debate -- wick tall about it. >> that's the balance. i was at the al smith dinner last nation. these two people, at least from the outside, that's an icy situation. want to go forward a little bit to the news being made today. let's talk about that traditionally, not so politically charged dinner that's been around for a long time. the al smith dinner here in new york. you had both candidates on the stage. a cardinal sitting in between them to keep things civil, if you will, and so, chris, as you look at this -- i'm assuming you watched those speeches last night, too -- we were all -- it
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was like surreal and that normally isn't it. are those the same two people you saw the other night? they legitimately act like they don't like each other. >> oh, yeah. well, keith jackson, a great football announcer used to say about a rivalry game these teams don't plane like -- don't plain like each other and these two don't like each other and didn't shake hand at the beginning or end. watched last night on fox news and watched the speech teds al smith dinner and was very disappointed. have been covering this since 1980, reagan, carter, plenty of candidates who don't like each other but if you look at them they're somewhat self-deprecating and needle each other but it's good humored and polite. not that it's the biggest thing in the world but it's the glue that hold us us together as a nation, similar hi when the losesser coven sides to the winner, and what unites us is
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more important than what divides us. will save i thought that clinton came up to the line, i thought trump went way orr it when he started talking about public and private position and you're pretending you like catholics when you ahead them and the crowd started booing, never seen that an an al smith dinner. >> i've never seen the boos but i have to speak and let's talk real now. about the people who are mostly in that room and that's the elite of new york, many of them democrats. at one point donald trump elaidded to the fact you have two opposing partied that can't get along and he said, he -- he didn't speak of himself and hillary clinton. he said the mayor and governor of new york city and new york. you had a lot of democrats in that room and the boos -- i don't know if that would have booed her or not. maybe i'm wrong about that. maybe it was equal opportunity booing but felt like they were
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reacting to donald trump more than to her. want to move on -- >> yeah, but -- >> go ahead. >> i want to say one thing. the that's kind of stuff that people accepted and ladd and he said i see you have all your top campaign peopler "the new york times" post and the "washington times" table. when he started saying, you're so crooked, you got kicked off the watergate committee, that stuff cut across the line from gentle needling to something else. >> did it matter what happened last night? >> no. no. we were all talking about it because we're silly people and real people have real concerns, and they're going to choose the person they want to lead the country. but it's something to talk about today. >> definitely. i want to talk about what donald trump is saying on the stump today. so, during outnumbered we took him live and he started out with -- you couldn't miss the big pink sign, women for trump.
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we have seen a little more of ivanka trump is his daughter, and more women for trump but no so much much since the tape comments of billy bush, 20 points behind hillary clinton when it comes to women and week.s a women for trump tour want to talk to you about making up the ground with that for trump and what you're seeing. >> it's going to be terribly hard, and the point is that it's too late for him to be doing this now. he should have done this a month ago. you look at the data, it was obvious that, yes, there's trace divisionally a gender gap, men vote republican and women democratic but this is a gender grand canyon and he should have been doing this sooner, the another of ivanka trump, marvelous spokesperson, a
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wonderfully poised young woman and the fact she is his daughter, is a credit. she should have been out there and he should have found ways to each united states. even in the debate when the turns to clinton and goes, such a nasty woman. dot that help him with women? i don't think so. >> chris wallace, it has been a joy to have you on and get what was going on behind the scenes and what was going on in your health great job. fabulous to watch you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we'll love on chris a little more. this week on on "fox news sunday" he talks with the trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway, and newt gingrich, and congress momentum xavier baserra. this sunday on your local forks broadcast station. donald trump says he will spend $100 million of his own cash on the presidential campaign and laying out new policy ideas as he hits two battleground states today. several rallies in one day.
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that is within the poll's margin of error. gary johnson gets nine% of the votes. this is polling out of typically red states which are in play for hillary clinton. we tooled -- told you about the issues trump is having in arizona, utah. the georgia has picked the presidential nominee since the 1996 election. donald trump says he is packing his schedule with events from now until election day so he won't have any regrets win the race is over. holding three rallies today, two in critical states, north carolina and pennsylvania. and john roberts is in pennsylvania, outside philly. >> reporter: good afternoon. you're a beach. live there know but more of a peach cobler. 18 days left. trump has a hill to climb so he is pulling out all the stops, leaving nothing on the table. big rallies every day and
12:18 pm
lashing out very aggressively at hit critics, today including barack obama and michelle obama, departing from prepared remarks. he lashed oust at the first lady for her support of hillary clinton and lashed out at clinton as well. >> his wife, all she wants to do is campaign. and i see how much his wife likes hillary. but wasn't she the one that originally started the statement, if you can't take care of your home, right? you can't take care of the white house. or the country. where is that? i don't hear that. i don't hear that. she is the one that started that. >> reporter: donald trump lashing out at hillary clinton today for the new wikileaks revelation she was trying to brokery deal with the king of morocco for $12 million to the clinton foundation in thes' exchange for the clinton global initiative holding the meeting in marrakesh. trump tweeting, quick
12:19 pm
wikileaks catches clinton in again. >> i saw your e-mail that went out network-wide telling us about a big address tomorrow. we'll take it live here on fox news at 11:00 a.m. eastern. what more can you tell us? i know that the title has changed. what's going on? >> reporter: trump is going to be at gettysburg, pennsylvania, lincoln delivered the address that still resonates even to this day. donald trump is going to lay united states -- won't be called a contract with america but it will be essentially his verse of a contract with america. a senior add who is helping to craft the address told me, quote, trump will use the historic setting setting setting where the country was saved. no specific details but what you can probably do is take what donald trump is previously said about what he would do in his
12:20 pm
first 100 days in office, reduce regulations, open up the energy markets more, begin to repeal and replace obamacare. redo the iran deal, begin to renegotiate nafta and put that into a single address, 100 days in what will likely be more than 272 words but a more concise address. >> during the noon hour we took his address yesterday in ohio and it was interesting because one thing that came up and might come up with him again tomorrow this idea of ethics reform in politics which he had a four-point plan. >> that's part of it. >> what john is reporting is going to happen tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. we'll carry that address by donald trump from gettysburg at that time right here live on fox news. the head of the republican party is defending donald trump for reserving his right to challenge the election results but other g.o.p. leadersed say trump cost the party the white house. now they're fighting to keep
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trump's refusal to say he would accept the election results has republicans worried. the "washington post" is calling it a wave of apprehension and anguish sweeping the party and some are doing charge control. the u.s. chamber of commerce launched an ad that talks about new hampshire senator kelly ayotte's ability to work will with democrats.
12:25 pm
joining me now is a contributor at "the hill" and author of "government gone wild" you hear the establishment and g.o.p. saying we're worried for donald trump. you have to tell me whether you think that its general wherein and why. but your zip code may determine your message as a congressional member. >> absolutely. if these house members and senators are from trump country, from areas where people love trump, they'll keep supporting trump if you're from a purpose. state, it's harter because if you spike out against trump you're hurting your chance with his supporters who are upset with the g.o.p. establishment but if you support him you might alienate supporters who don't like trump. >> what about the fresh purply states like texas and utah.
12:26 pm
>> it presents a challenge for these members of the house and senators. here's the thing, though. we have to remember that these same house republicans who are panicking right now are partially responsible for the rise of -- >> how so? >> trump rose to prominence because grassroots republicans were upset because they felt that the establish. g.o.p. didn't push back on the obama agent enough. look at back in december when congress passed the $1.1 trillion budget. it included funding for things like illegal immigration resettlement, sanctuary cities and obama's entire refugee program. so, at this point a lot of conservatives just see the democrats and the republicans being the same in washington, dc, and they don't feel like anyone really represents them. >> that's tricky for republicans who are running. right? with all of these states -- there are more -- if you just look at the map there are more republican seats in jeopardy than democrats. it looks like democrats would push to take the five or six
12:27 pm
extra seats they need to take eve the senate. republicans will probably retain the house. what are the stakes. >> the stakes are high and the g.o.p. is in trouble because the people are so fed up and there's such a divide within the matter -- within the party but republicans who are panicking need to stop reading reading the "washington post" and "the new york times" and start talking to voters because the media is clearly contorting what trump said when he said that he might not concede. what he said was, he may not accept the results -- he's going to tell the voters after the election and he didn't say he definitely wouldn't accept the results. the media was just looking for a sound bite to stick to, and they chose this. hillary said it was horrific. now the media is saying it's horrific but what is horrific, democrat operatives hiring bums to insight violence an trump
12:28 pm
rammies. >> you're talking about the e-mailed. >> e-mail has become a verb in this election cycle for hillaryy clinton's side and what came out. want to get the latest from you. you know that donald trump is on the stump three times today. he has several rallies in one day and i know from the campaign they're trying to galvanize women. they have a whole women for trump tour planned for next week and the pink signs that don't pop up by accident. it's a coordinated effort, what the candidates do. so where are we in the message on the stump? you're mentioning wikileakss and is it in that message enough. >> its. there's sour for trump under the surface and its it's -- >> what dueee mean by that under the surface. >> a lot of folks who support trump who are not vocal about it -- >> they don't want to tack the polls and the surveys. >> right. a big factor in november is voter turnout. hillary does not have the same kind of passion behind her
12:29 pm
campaign that obama had in '08 and even in 2012. you have 33%, very small percentage of hillary's own supportersed say they're enthusiastic to vote for her. 33%. so something as small as bad weather could hurt hillary. >> so, in cuyahoga, in ohio, hillary clinton set to sit down with some of the crew of the block "black lives matter" activists and we talked about this a little bit earlier with sheriff david clark that this could be an indication that she is still trying to shore up african-american voters to get them to go to the polls. what you're saying is she is more in jeopardy if certain people don't go to the polls. she is trying to pit that segment. >> hillary's biggest foe is apathy. i'm a millenial and my friend
12:30 pm
used to be rabid bernie supporters and they say now that they support hillary but they're not excited about her. they feel that the game was rigged against bernie from the beginning, and any friends, even though they say they support hillary are not as likely to vote as, say, the trump supporters who are just chomping at the bit to get out there and cast their ballot. they can't wait. >> kristin tate. thank you very much. >> harris. >> ahead, the democrats dealing with the issues of their own. we'll look how the wikileaks e-mails are hurting hillary clinton with me her own party. coming up on the fox news fox n.
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president to punish cops who rammed protesters this week. they injured close to a dozen people, and police pulled nine officers from their posts. >> we're learning yesterday's gas explosion in portland, oregons was to powerful it tossed a firefighter 15 feet into the a. seven others were hurt. >> a russian so soyez space stan will swap places with astronauts heading back to earth this month. the news continues. i work 'round the clock.
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12:36 pm
rigged primary, rigged media, rigged candidates. wikileaks posted a warning to vice presidential candidate tim kaine and temporary dnc boss donna brazill, saying there's a surprise in store but they have not followed through. ed henry is live with the latest here on the deck. so what about this apparent multimillion dollar commitment with morocco. >> there's a big deal made some days become how former president bill clinton lined up a million dollars from the country of qatar in order get to the big money for the foundation and they wanted just five minutes of facetime with the former president. a million dollars, seems like a big deal. now we're learning that hillary clinton after her time as secretary of state raised $12 million from the king of moore rocco in response for holding a -- when you talked to
12:37 pm
chris wag lat's pay to play and hillary clinton dodged the question, this latest e-mail has i'm i'm huma abedin saying the conditions on which the more rockons agreed to host the meeting was her participation. this was hrc's idea. our office approached the more rackons and they believe they're doing this at herry, the king of morocco has committed $12 million. this was in the spring of 2015. hillary clinton was launching her campaign. podesta and others said you can't do this. the pulled out of speaking. the money still came in they thought they were buying access to the future president of the united states. >> why not give the money back. donald trump asked this and i wonder -- he was talking about
12:38 pm
money that came into the clinton foundation for countries that were forcing atrocities upon gays and women and children. >> you're right. >> the big question is if there's a question, why not give the money back? >> in the case of morocco in 1211 when hillary clinton was secretary of state, her state department said that morocco is behind all these human right abuses. the government, and yet taking their money is not that big of a deal? kind of interesting. think the other thing to look at is remember bernie sanders, was somebody that the clinton campaign didn't see coming and neither did the national media. he was a much bigger force. the e-mails coming out today show that in late 2014 the clinton camp was far more worried about elizabeth warren launching other primary challenge that never came, and one e-mail in which the campaign manager said about a december 2014 meeting clinton and warren, quote, it would be such a big deal for the meeting to go well and have ew, as in warren, walk out feeling
12:39 pm
positive and onboard. she did come onboard. sanderses is the one they had to wore bit. and john podesta goes after sanders and says his proposal sucks. john podesta called sanders a do you dufus. i haven't heard that in a while. >> that's from the 1980s. >> they want the word back. >> wikileaks stolen e-mails from the clinton campaign have explode our clinton's closest advisers feel about progressive and liberal leaders inside the democratic party, and bringing us some nuggets, some calling democrats freak whose need to get a life, puritan cal, pompous, naive, radical and
12:40 pm
dumb. wikileaks is poisoning clinton's shoalings win and the e-mails could haunt clinton. good to see you. let's just talk about the cost of not just the wording but the tone that it would seem that these people on the clinton campaign have against some in their own party. >> exactly. not just the left. we're not talking about the fringe left as they like to paint -- >> no. the establishment. >> governors like richardson, they separated distinguished members of the democratic party, elected officials, leaders, leaders of communities, union leaders, into food groups, and we have to be clear here. theser e-mails so operatives speak in a different stone than a politician will but they're tone deaf. they need to take responsibility. yes, the russians may have
12:41 pm
hacked e-mails. that's a different argument. they have to da a lot of mending going into the community and make up for this language. >> so what kind of harm does it do sniff you're talking about something she would have to deal with whether she wins or not, in november, if she wore to win the presidency,wouldn't they all jest get along, and from i'm reading is maybe not. >> i think what we're seeing here and saw during the primary, was the kurt tan being pulled back -- curtain being pulled back on the democratic party. there's a lot of old relationships, campaigns and primarying and endorsements gone wrong. i think she needs to be concerned about their misunderstanding what is happening on the left. the largest generation in history is former progressives have very little brand bit -- loyalty to the party and she needs them to support her when she is in office for an agenda. and don't think her -- they'll be pushing her.
12:42 pm
>> so, what these e-mails have sewn us is that there was vitriol dripping from the fingertips or people on the left about catholics, about people of religion, and now we can add establishment democrats. there's a lot coming out of this. does she peek to -- speak to this? >> doing what they do best, honing it goes away. >> she has -- jew see donald trump in rallies, you don't see her. >> she is staying the course and she has a sizable lead. it would be insane catastrophe would have to happen -- >> have you been watching the election, the us? cycle change -- the news cycle changes every four hours. >> right now she is staying the course for the next 18 days and that's the best option. as somebody on the left, a former surrogate of bernie sanders -- >> how do you feel. >> there's not going to be a honeymoon period, and the
12:43 pm
left -- they would say i got to support hillary because trump is the option. now i can say, you don't think that the environmentalists are sane? guess what. you have an issue that divides the democratic party and most people in the them dem creator party are against fracking. you have tpp which publicly she is against but privately is for. >> now who you sound like right now. >> bernie sanders. >> a republican. the same topics republicans are pushing. the private vs. the public hillary clinton. we could goo on for hours. >> i could, too. >> the number crunchers at nate silvers side now say debt democrats have a 73% chance of taking the senate. we'll talk about that and what it would mean for the g.o.p. if it lost control of congress.
12:44 pm
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so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve. so let's go deeper into what could happen this fall with congress. it's not a just the white house on the line this election. control over congress will have a human effect on what the next command their chief can get down. right now republicans hold a majoriti' both houses but some g.o.p. distractionists are concerned about what they call downballot candidates as hillary clinton makes gains. doug mckelway is leeway. the senate could be in jeopardy. >> in fact, i just talked to joe trippy in the hall and asked him what would happen in the senate. his one-word response, gone. so, take that for what it's worth. a more formal look at the senate from our research department projects 47 dem seats, 47 g.o.p.
12:48 pm
seats and six tossups. the house side, speaker paul ryan has been trying to convey to g.o.p. voters what is at stake. >> if we lose the senate, do no mow noh who becomes chairman of the budget commitee? a glue named bernie sanders. remember him? >> turning to the house side. ever since the first presidential debate the g.o.p. house majority now at 30 appears to be in danger of slipping and democrats are hopeful it may by within reach. >> we have in al of our three ms met our goals and beyond. messaging, mobilization, owning the ground, and money. we did very well last month, and every month before that. so, i think a good place. >> years of redistricting have left house run's in majorly who it, rural, and safe seats to
12:49 pm
democratic control of the house is a long shot. >> some of the numbers and research i have looked at today the run rips hold their large less majority in u.s. house since 1928 so could be their lost stand but should be just on paper relatively strong. >> it is strong but has been slipping and very important, key for the g.o.p. to keep, these how speakership. unlike the senate where even the minority holds considerable power. with the 6-0 vote threshold to begin and end debate but in the house. >> edetermines what comes up for a vote some what is killed in committee. >> some of the two houses, it is the senate that both parties want the most. it is the senate that con firms presidential appointments and judges, including those on the supreme court as we all know. that big, big pactor here. >> good to see you. >> hackers targeted some of the
12:50 pm
biggest web sites on the internet. blocking user access to twitter, netflix and other services. we'll have the latest from catherine herridge. what's going on with the web? coming up. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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you may have felt the results it to. major hack attack on the internet infrastructure has knocked a lot of sites offline. at first, people thought this was a coordinate it attack. >> this is shaping up to by major cyber event with the attacks this morning in two waves and targeting the internet's critical infrastructure, which acts like a giant switchboard connecting
12:54 pm
and directing web traffic. this kind of attack is called a distributed denial of' attack, or d ooh ded. they tempt to make an online service available with overwhelming if witness traffic. the new hampshire based toy is called dine and customers include the biggest corporations and internet forms, among them amazon, twitter, spot -- spotify, and reddity, and airbnb's and the fbi page is now available to the public. you can see it was down for large parts of the day. the department of homeland security is investigating according to the administration. >> take a close look at it but at this point i don't have in the information to share about who may be responsible for that malicious activity. >> it's very early on, so there are lot of mixed views about who or what may be behind it in fact. >> so we have had a lot of hacks
12:55 pm
this election season. putting it mildly. is anybody looking at the connection? is there a connection between it all? >> well, nobody is really out but a leading cyber security exert says this attack has all the hallmarks of a group of actors acting on behalf of a nation state like russia because of the scale of the attack, affecting affecting the eastern seaboard and europe and brighted it may be part of something larger to come in the future. >> it's very much like someone setting your front yard on fire, and as you rush outside to mutt the fire out call the firemen, someone climb toots the back door of your kitchen while you're in front. >> so this is kind of a distraction attack and also a probe of the system to set it up for something down the road. another interesting point from kellerman is he said it could be retaliation nor the arrest this week of that russian hacker in the czech republic. >> that's interesting. remember seeing that video and
12:56 pm
thinking is there a connection? >> that's the thinking. >> every squirrel gets a nut. that's me today. up next the big debate that had the entire nation talking about the world because everybody is watching this election and didn't even have chris wallace. i happened on this day in history. we'll look back. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea.
12:57 pm
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on this day in 1960 a little known lawmake irtook on one of the biggest names in washington and won the white house. jfk faced off against vice president richmond nixon and toes those were in the first televised debates. analysts gave the lead to kennedy. those who listened on the radio said nixon won. tv forever changed the way americans picked their presidents. 56 years ago today.
1:00 pm
i'm harris faulkner. it has been a fine hour to be with you. a lot of news this hour and more to come. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. have a great weekend. >> welcome, everybody. let me ask you something. if you woke up one morning and saw every single home in your neighborhood up for sale, what would you do? would you like -- look around and ask what is going on? consider the interesting timing on this what i'm calling fad friday. we have never seen in the history of trading on wall street so many deals announced or rumored in one day. in one day. deals -- big media stacks, one has it at&t which is still digesting spending 50 billion for directv that is now after time warner and viacom might


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