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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 21, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." just 18 days out and both nominees are back on the trail after an interesting post-debate reunion last night, there was a handshake this time, unlike at the debate. details on that in a moment. first, they are pushing the battleground battlegrounds. trump held rallies in north carolina and pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt politician ever to seek
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the office of the presidency. well, let's do this. let's do this. november 8, let's win. you are going to look back at this election and say, this is by far the most important vote you have ever cast for anyone at any time. >> hillary is in ohio. she's at an early voting event in cleveland. you are looking at that live. let's talk about one thing i just heard in a previous hour from john roberts, our reporter on the trump campaign trail. eric, apparently tomorrow morning, donald trump is going to give a speech in which he will unveil a new contract with of thing. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a great idea. where has it been? i get it. there's still three weeks, two and a half weeks left. time to turn the big ship around. he said something today in north carolina i thought was very
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interesting. he said, when i become president we're going to create an america's desk. meaning, he would call them every day to find out what's going on in the job market, where we need help, where we are lagging, where are we winning. >> like the l.a. times tracking poll? >> what a great idea that is. why hasn't anyone else thought of that? that's where he should be, trying innovative new ideas would you do if you were a businessman running the country. that's what got him here. he has 18 days left or 18 days and a couple hours left. go get it. go do that stuff. >> one of the things i looked at before we came to air was where the campaigns are going to be this weekend. it looks to me like it's traditional. you have got donald trump in pennsylvania and new hampshire. and ohio. the clintons are in florida, ohio. obama will be in nevada. it doesn't look like there's a big push to expand the map, at least on the clinton side. they're not doing a big push in georgia or arizona.
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they must be worried enough about those other states that they want to try to bring it home there. >> i think it makes sense to shore it up. what they have to go on is obviously the national polls that we have all been talking about, but also their own internal tracking polls. perhaps that's a little bit of a window for them for the individual campaigns to say, this is where our time is best spent. it's about assessing where they can put their assets, where they're going to get maximum velocity and movement from that kind of devotion of resources. these are important. specifically for hillary, they have to focus, lock that up before they try and stretch. >> greg, it has been a long campaign campaign, obviously. we have 18 days left which feels like a long time. everybody is tired, not just the candidates but maybe the voters. how do they keep energy and interest? >> first of all, three weeks is a long time. i did research. it's 21 days. a chinese firm once built a
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57-story skyscraper in 15 days. >> is it still standing? >> yes, it is. it's beautiful. it's prefab. trump can catch up. he can do some things. i'm interested in this really big push by hillary and donald trump for early voting. get out and vote now. it's because they fear that early voters might die before november. >> actually, there's a report just now, juan, that came in right before air -- i was paying attention the last five minutes. republicans are up 1.8% over democrats in early voting in florida. what do you make of that? >> that's fine. what you also see in early voting is that -- i think it's 3 million people have already voted. democrats are up in terms of turnout, which is what you look at. they're up in turnout in places like arizona, utah, nevada. what is going on? but that's good news for democrats. as compared to 2012 is what i'm talking about. the second thing i noticed toes
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was that trump's political director left. i'm not understanding why -- >> he said he was stepping away a little bit. >> 19 days before the election? >> maybe there's more to come on that. >> for personal reasons he said. >> tell me. >> i'm not going to say. >> break it. >> i heard gossip. i'm not going to spread it. >> is that embargo until 6:00 p.m. eastern? >> no. >> can we say please? >> i will tell you on a commercial break. >> that's not fair. >> because it's not fair to this person if it's not true. >> i will tell you what's not fair, it's not fair to donald trump. you are taking -- this is a guy that came in and was trying to organize and put people in the game on the ground. it doesn't seem to have happened. >> you don't want to talk about the polls, the numbers that dana cited? >> in florida, the fact is -- i will. let's talk -- here are the polls. >> do you have a white board? >> the most accurate poll in 2012 election cycle has trump up
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by one or two points. >> where? >> ibd. >> i had that once. >> antibiotics. >> anyway, back to reality. >> you still have it. >> at the moment, she's up -- what we see here is she's up in five of the 12 battleground -- six of the -- 11 of the b battlegrounds. it's to the point where if you look at the electoral map, which is where the decision really gets made, she doesn't need to win ohio or iowa. >> maybe we can lighten it up. i think we want to talk about last night's speech. this is the al smith dinner. didn't go well. for anybody. take a look. >> it's entertaining though. >> great to be here with 1,000 wonderful people or as hillary calls it, her largest crowd of the season. >> after listening to your speech, i will also enjoy
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listening to mike pence deny that you ever gave it. >> we can actually be civil to each other. in fact, just before taking the stage, hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said, pardon me. >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol. donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a four. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> hillary isn't laughing as much as the rest of us. all of the jokes were given to her in advance of the dinner by donna brazile. >> look at this. we have charlie rose and maria and chris and gail and katie. this counts as a press conference, right? >> you were watching last night.
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you are a good critique of these things. what did you make of it? >> it started out fine and went bad. there was something happened. it got tense. it was like a wedding toast where the groom's dad who might have had too much to drink starts talking about how the bride's not as hot as he would like. it got weird. there was something interesting there when donald basically said -- looked around and said you used to like me, now you don't. that was good. >> calli ining them out. >> it shows all of her friendships are transactional. once they don't need him anymore, they don't need him. it was when the jokes started losing the punch toward the end and it started getting weird. you could see facial expressions behind him. it looked like they were watching a german art film. >> the gloves were insane. in every picture you saw her gloves. >> you might not have seen them. they have done a new photo of all of us at this table wearing white gloves today.
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i was thinking about that. >> where is it? >> you don't want to wear white gloves after labor day. >> she looked glamorous. >> movie star. >> we were talking about this earlier. i didn't get a chance to watch it because i was doing the john line book signing thing. then i saw the twitter traffic about it. i read the speeches this morning. reading them, they were pretty good. they weren't that bad. maybe it was in the delivery that it made people feel uncomfortable. >> in the delivery and the reaction from the room. when donald got boos toward the end, there was things he said they didn't like. they started to boo. it changed his delivery, too. he got a little nervous about it. he started -- he started to press a little bit. also, hillary had some lines that got not necessarily boos but groans. it changes her delivery as well. the first part of each of their delivery was fantastic. donald's best line was about his wife, about the speech. it was self-deprecating. they should have done that from top to bottom and walked away.
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>> it's not easy -- >> maybe it's because these two people have massive egos. it's hard to -- >> be self-deprecating. it's not easy to give a humorous speech. >> is it wrong i enjoyed this? >> you can be a -- >> i thought it was good. i don't know. i read it after. i watched it during. i don't know. maybe i was -- >> i was watching the great eric bolling hosting at 11:00. >> i saw that, too. >> let me see how this goes. i couldn't -- this is horrible. i have never -- they were booing the guy. it's unbelievable. he thought -- let me say, he thought this was his audience. he is in his home city. he knows all the players. i think he must have thought that. >> i don't think he did. >> he thought he could get away with this. when he starts with you got fire from the watergate commission. she's mocking catholics. >> i think they misread the audience and wrote a speech that would have gone over well at his
2:11 pm
rally. >> this wasn't a rally. >> i know. that might have been the mistake. >> it was a huge mistake. >> it got huge numbers. >> she pivots halfway through and started talking about -- she took a shot -- i was shocked. how could you be that disrespectful to the guy who is standing right there. it wasn't tongue in cheek. finally hear from a real billionaire. >> that was great. >> i thought that worked. >> on paper it was a great job. >> those are not easy to give. >> they did share a laugh with the cardinal and they did shake hands. >> he told her he will put her in jail. you think her making fun of his money is worse? >> i didn't think either one should have gone there last night. >> no grace. there was an opportunity for him, especially after the big debate fiasco. >> the only grace was before dinner. everybody left cross. we'll be right back.
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>> watch o'reilly tonight. he will have thoughts on it. we will take you live to iraq ahead. it's facebook friday. if you have a question, go to our page and post it. we'll be back in a minute. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan."
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so much for the war in iraq being over and no boots on the ground. we are back at war there helping local forces drive out isis from mosul. a u.s. service member was killed.
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benjamin hall spent the day on the front lines. he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: yeah. as you say, this battle has been going on for the last few days. there are about 100,000 forces involved, kurdish and iraqis combined. they have been moving forward slowly. today we saw isis do something strange. they launched a counter attack deep inside the country, almost in response to the territory they lost. early this morning, they went in with armed assault rifles and explosives. they were said to be sleeper cells in the city. the attacks focused on government buildings. the governor said they were people who had been waiting to carry out the attacks. they fear as isis lose s mosul, they will launch attacks around the country and around the world. about 100 miles back in mosul, the oldest christian settlement
2:18 pm
in the world was being liberated. after two years under isis control, finally today it was cleared and a flag raised over the church. much of the fighting has been around christian villages. they say they don't feel safe around here anymore. they had to defend their own villages. the government didn't help them. the churches are destroyed. so many factors playing a part at the moment. the battle for mosul going on. the u.s. helping with air strikes is and special forces. this small pocket of isis fighters, 5,000, managing to hold on. we will see this battle get more bloody. we will see it get harder as they reach the dense urban center. you are right, u.s. forces back helping this offensive at the moment. we will be here keeping you up to date as it gets worse and closer to the city. >> thanks. be safe. this is something perhaps people didn't think that we would be seeing right here before the presidential election. u.s. troops booting on the ground. >> a lot of controversy around this.
2:19 pm
one of the questions is, why did we wait so long and it got to be so bad. i think we have a sound bite from general petraeus. i don't know if you want to play that now. we don't have it? one of the things he said is that it will be a tough fight, of course. he said that's not the real battle. that comes after the islamic state has cleared out. because how do you hold those areas? there's been some criticism of the united states and the government of iraq for the telegraphing that this battle was coming. i think it's important for people to remember that sometimes when you are on the battleground, one of the things you have to do is -- you want to encourage the rebels or people there protecting the cities and churches that we're -- help is coming. hang tight. you want to discourage the enemy, hopefully they will leave. you want to warn people so they can get out of the way and be safe. >> you have a situation here, eric, where obviously it's very important trying to get back. that's right up your field.
2:20 pm
>> kirkuk where there's oil production. that is more easily defended. you have to worry about the southern part of iraq where the oil fields and access to the persian gulf where it can leave, be shipped off and away and into -- if isis got control over those, they would have a massive amount of money financing behind them. i think these are battles that they have to win. they have to circle kirkuk and the oil fields in the south. i understand we're being helped by the iranians in some of this. we need to lock this down and make sure that when iraq is liberated, it stays in iraqi control, not iranian control. >> there will be a scramble there. >> the problem is -- i think general petraeus said this earlier. if you stay in, if you have american troops on the ground staying there and guiding it, it does nothing but then inspire what remains of isis to reconstitute in order to get at
2:21 pm
us. the thing is, the good news is that you can get the iraqi forces, you can get people as he described it retrained, reconstituted to engage in the fight against isis. this is not the united states literally putting massive force. we have 5,000 people, i think, in the area. we are putting people in there now to help others fight what should be their war. i think it's good news. >> perhaps if we did it right to begin with, we wouldn't be in this mess with the proper status of forces agreement that was honored. go ahead. >> the great news about this is -- this is all based on a seventh century prophecy that the muslims and crihristians we going to fight. a magazine had this -- they changed the name of the magazine because they got their asses kicked and they are losers. the whole point is to destroy the myth of isis. this is not some kind of probat
2:22 pm
that's going to end in a muslim earth. it's not going to happen. it's important we have useful propaganda. we need to show this happening so people realize that isis is defeated and it must be defeated and we must allow our military to do what is necessary to eradicate and purge earth of this vile disease. this is the most important battle in our recent era. in 50 years, you have a radical tox toxic doctrine against progress. we are progress. they are poison. we must destroy them. >> i'm going to end it there. done. hours after hillary clinton dodges a question about pay to play, e-mails emerge that may prove she personally took part in a deal to get money from a government her own state department considered corrupt. details next.
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a new batch of hacked e-mails put out by wikileaks is creating trouble for the clinton campaign. some may prove that the secretary took part in what suspect was a pay for play deal to get money for her family's foundation. one e-mail revealed the candidate herself involved in talking about a $12 million check from the king of morocco agreeing to go to the country to speak. her aides didn't want her to go. in one message they wrote that hillary, quote, created this mess. in another she said, no matter what happens, she will be in morocco hosting the clinton global initiative on may 5 through 7, 2015. her presence was a condition for the moroccans to proceed. hillary did not attend. but bill and chelsea did go to morocco.
2:28 pm
greg, let me start with you. she didn't go. is it the case -- i think it's like a month after she leaves s secretary of state and the campaign is about to start. ult p ultimately, they decide this looks bad. >> this is a reversal. someone threw hillary under the bus for once. this i go back to is the nature of e-mail. you can rag on your boss. it's a place where you are supposed to have private conversations and talk about the people that drive you crazy. we have to remind ourselves -- we said it was hacked. it's theft. podesta was hacked, stuff was stolen by russia's military ill te intelligence agency. the problem with the way we report this story -- i say we, cable news, we never report how we found these e-mails, only what we find in them. that's an injustice. >> i believe we just corrected that injustice.
2:29 pm
>> thank you. >> for that you will receive no emmy but we are grateful. >> thank you. >> bring the gloves and the pay for play. >> the question is, is this confusion with mrs. clinton saying i will be out of office by then and i want to go and it helps this foundation, which does work, or is it a suggestion that you know what, she used her influence as secretary of state -- >> access. >> to get the king of morocco -- actually, his oil company, to give money to her family foundation. >> i think you know the answer. you actually presented both sides. we appreciate that. anybody looking at this, democrat or republican, has got to say, wait a second. this is what people have been saying about the clintons, about the foundation, about pay for play, about paying essentially for access. she didn't want to lose the $12 million donation. so she sent the rest of the family over to collect it so they could keep the cash. then you is yourself, does this
2:30 pm
sound like someone that i want to have in the oval office that's willing to sell access during the time secretary of state, senator? you look at the actions. you look at these leaks that were theft, piracy. and say, nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that they are truthful elements in here and then how does it affect your decision and who you choose for president? >> i just think it's possible you would say this lady wanted to raise money for the foundation. i don't see it as corruption. i see how it opens the door to that conversation. the fbi found hillary to be extremely careless with classified information on her non-secured private e-mail server. while secretary of state. in addition, all we have been talking about, we're learning that clinton actually lectured her own staff about the importance of cyber security back in 2010 telling them to do one thing while she herself was doing another thing.
2:31 pm
>> was that a robot or was that hillary? i will give you, eric, the chance to say, was this hypocrisy? >> it looks like she read a statement and she had no idea what was actually going on in her own administration. otherwise, she wouldn't have make a joke about wiping the server clean with a towel or we find out about bashing old blackberries to get rid of them or fact she had 13 blackberries. i know we will run out of time. something consistent about all the pay to play deals? they're all with governments
2:32 pm
that are either involved in refining and producing oil. all of these countries, she realized that she has access and she could set up deals and sold the access to -- >> deep pockets. >> american corporations for the money coming into the clinton foundation. she said there's no indication of impropriety whatsoever if she was going to be secretary of state. she promised obama that. these are examples of the exact opposite. her doing something completely different from what she promised. >> i don't know it's impropriety. i'm interested in your take, dana. do you think given that video -- you have been in government -- that's an example of somebody reading a statement? do you think wait a second, how can you take one step -- make this speech and do something else in your own life? >> both. i think that's the concern about her or any leader that is able to tell you you should do it one way and then think they are above the law and they don't have to do the same. it's like they can separate themselves from the rest of the american public.
2:33 pm
i'm sure that when she was getting $12 million from the king of morocco, they are thinking, we're doing it for the greater good. this is all fine. they don't realize that if anybody else had done the same thing, they would be screaming about it. they would use that to attack them. the same on cyber security. every government employee goes through this training. you hear at corporations as well. in addition, everybody that works at the state department has to sign a document that says they got a briefing how to handle classified info. she's the secretary of state. she made a terrible, reckless decision. >> we will see more. still to come, facebook friday. the fastest seven, that's up next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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or so on television. first up, 71.6 million people watched the third and presidential debate wednesday night. fox news channel was the most watched television network cable broadcast and other. chris wallace moderate aid flawless 90-minute debate receiving wide acclaim. he did his first post-game interviews today. >> i heard this voice asking these questions and i kept thinking, who is that, because i didn't realize it was me. it was such an out of body experience. but about ten minutes in, i kind of relaxed into it. you had to be super aware. this was a surprise, because i had prepared the questions in tremendous detail, tremendous focus. i got a great researcher. we were ready with that. to a certain degree, that's just a game plan. it's not by any means a strict
2:39 pm
curriculum. you have to just go with the punches. >> i'm glad to be on the same team as chris. >> i thought he was magnificent. i didn't see him sweat at all. he started off strong and focused. he got into four buckets right away. i think it was extraordinary. they should show that in colleges about how to debate. >> you know, i was pleased for him and also his great researcher, lori martin. they did a fantastic job. the early concern was, it's fox news. he will have such a slant. you know what? i thought chris was tough on both of them. i think that's why you are getting praise from every direction. i saw a comment that said, you know, that strange sound you hear, it's a discussion of substance. boy, was that absent in the three previous debates. it allowed chris to be a standout. >> bipartisan support for chris. >> everybody.
2:40 pm
sometimes in the media, your harshest critics can be your peers. other networks across the board thought it was a great dedebate. on sunday, he has kellyanne conway. >> your thoughts? >> i think i might throw up. are we laying it a little thick? >> we have only just begun. >> it's not like he landed on mars. he did a good job. the reason why, he's like the butcher who knows who is next in line. whenever you go to a butcher and you -- i know that guy is not paying attention. that woman cut in front of me. he doesn't have to look at the numbers. he knew who was there. he did not get distracted. he kept it to the issues. >> don't you think his father if he were alive would be so proud of him? >> definitely. >> surprise, surprise, americans are patriotic. a new poll shows anger at callen kaepernick is significant driving down nfl ratings.
2:41 pm
dana, your thoughts on this? >> i am interested in this. remember the supreme court justice, she weighed in on minutes" and she thought it was wrong. then the backlash against her was such she even -- she apologizes for saying that. the controversy has been around the issues all around the nfl. there's another one today. no rest for joe lockheart at the nfl, the spokesperson. there's allegations of domestic abuse by a player who just got re-signed. there's questions in that. they're facing front page story tomorrow. i think it does weigh down the brand. >> thank you. >> the 49ers were playing last week and he took a knee and there was an officer saluting. >> i love when the market reacts to events. it's a cat coughing up a fur ball. it was an attention seeking
2:42 pm
political protest performed by a fading star. what kaepernick tried to do is what fading pop stars do, seek relevance in the dieing light. it didn't work. >> they want me to go on to this for you on this one. >> i got the niners in my divorce. i think i should be entitled to ten seconds. >> the whole team? >> the whole team. i would like to trade him. to the raiders or maybe philly will take him. >> i will say this before you go, you know who has the highest selling jersey in the nfl right now? colin kaepernick. a lot of it is too many games. it's thursday night, monday night. >> speaking of that, i'm not afraid of the dark, i'm not afraid of scary movies. clowns, however, creep me out. thankfully, at least two places, including the county in mississippi and a town in north carolina have banned adult clown costumes for certain events this halloween. start with you.
2:43 pm
>> i really have no appetite for clowns. right? >> scary, horrible. >> they're not fun. i never hired them for a party. now people want the costume because it's banned. >> homie don't play this. i don't want any clowns around. i don't understand why the government has to get involved in banning clowns. it seems like way over the top. if someone wants to dress up as a clown you are supposed to say it's illegal? >> let's try a thought experiment. what if you belong to a religion and the religion required the believers put on pancake makeup and wore baggy clothes and had funny little horns that may noises? this would be clownist. we would be outraged over it. this shows how the media are sucker for trends. if there's one incident, nothing happens. if there's three, it's a trend. if there's four, all of a sudden you have the government involved. >> i think it's being driven by media coverage. >> that's all it is. >> i would say i know my good friend, our friend here -- she's
2:44 pm
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we're making it. first question from facebook friday, from chuck l. if you could be a fly on the wall, what wall would you be on? dana, what wall? >> i'm going to say on the international space station. i will never go to space. i'm kind of creeped out by going. under water or up in space. >> that's interesting. eric? >> i would be the fly open the wall to the production meeting for the homeland, the series. they just pivot in the middle of the season. they reedit and recut to make it top topical. i love the show. >> i would have said in the beauty contestant dressing room. but donald trump has been in there. donald trump beat me. >> i liked your first choice that we didn't hear. >> i think ideally, this week debate prep. i would like to see if donald trump did no debate prep or what he was doing before this debate
2:49 pm
prep. did he get a question about will you respect the results of the election? i don't know. i would say also, you know, all this wick i cwikileaks, they ar on the wall inside. they are inside people's thoughts. >> they are going through people's stuff. kimberly. >> all right. i think that i would like to be a fly on the wall but it might take a long time and involve a week or two or three. i'm not sure how that would work out in closed quarters. but on chris wallace's wall. >> you are crushing hard on chris. >> it is what it is. i would rather be transparent about it. >> i would -- i could be on the wall of a fly paper factory. >> see if they are paying for it. >> from brittany -- >> it got -- >> if you were running for president, what would your campaign slogan be?
2:50 pm
>> kill them all. >> crush it. >> wow. >> you know how i feel. >> yes. i don't know what them are. >> the terrorists. radicals, jihadists. >> i wanted a footnote there. >> was it -- >> i like it. >> invisible. i want it to go -- >> juan, what's your slogan if you are running for president? >> in honor of greg, i would say rock and hard roll. you know? we are going to rock. it's hard rock and we're going to really roll here. we're going to win and rock so much. you are going to be tired and rocking and rolling. >> is that a commercial? >> i wrote it. >> wake up america. >> that's right. maybe some day i will be able to use that. >> 2020. >> i think i would quote todd beamer from flight 93, let's roll. >> you stole that -- you can't -- this is the problem with politics. >> it's not rock and roll. >> i would be make america greg
2:51 pm
again. >> there you go. >> change a little thing on the ad. make america greg again. save a lot of money. >> what about me? >> the art of the -- >> we did you. >> from jillian l. other than "family feud" what is one activity the five of you would like to do together. keep it clean. >> i don't know. we travel well together. not on a bus. definitely not a bus. i don't know. >> i think we should go bowling. >> how about karaoke. >> we went bowling one time. i would love to be one of the jumpy castles. >> i had that nightmare or dream. >> i want to take everybody to the american country music awards. that would be fun. we have to go back to vegas. >> juan. >> nobody is taking -- no takers? >> i liked it except for the smoke. >> that was very different.
2:52 pm
it's almost a shock to me to go into places and there's smoking. my life has changed, because everybody used to smoke. >> did you want to -- >> i wanted to go to the pool. >> this is like -- i'm going to kill this question. >> our viewers are the flies on the wall. >> i would like to have all of us sit together and talk about political issues. >> what would you call it? >> i would call it "the five." one more thing is up next. experience the thrill of the lexus is f sport. because the ultimate expression of power is control. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer.
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yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex.
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it's time for one more thing. >> all right. tomorrow night, terry shapert and the return of ed henry. two first names. let's do this. greg's halloween tips. i'm so tired of the cliche costumes. you know, why don't you try something different? dress up like a lemur. >> is that you? >> it's bill hemmer. he did an excellent job. look how adorable he is. look at those beautiful eyes. adorable. >> that's a good little lemur. >> juan, you are next. >> you know what? we're a week away on halloween. greg has been busy answering the phone. i took it on myself to help america get ready with great costume ideas. first up, we go to an aquarium in tennessee where cocoa has
2:57 pm
decided to dress up as a pig. go, cocoa, go. >> no one will ever guess. >> isn't cocoa a girl? >> please. next up, we go to coney island dog costume contest here in new york where some of the k-9s put on cute outfits. we can get ideas, of course, right here at home on kw"the fi" set. >> that's some strange man. >> roll the bubble suit. >> greg was wrapped in bubble wrap. i hope that will help you america get some ideas for halloween. >> this is unbelievable. >> i'm going to go next. we have done a lot of praise of chris wallace. but i also want to thank the crew. they show up early. we get there and we're like, trash the place. they stay behind and they have to break it down. this is our group shot in vegas. we want to thank the crew. also, i have tweet reats.
2:58 pm
it's food court and business. dunkin' donuts had their quarterly call and they have a hole in their projected earnings. not as good as they would like. and they blame the overall dampening affect of the presidential election. apparently people are not feeling like they want to buy. >> this is a boston cream. >> can you give me some of that? >> it's so delicious. >> give her the first bite. >> eat out of that end. >> you go next. >> how do you blame the presidential election? >> people are disappointed. >> maybe you are so excited you don't need coffee to stay awake. >> it's called a -- what happens is, foreign servers come in and they blast these sites. it feels like it's fake traffic -- it feels like real traffic and blocks everyone else. amazon, netflix, even paypal had
2:59 pm
service problems, interruptions. they're trying to figure out if it's a nation state. this is -- i have no idea what's going on. >> can we say? >> can we start over again? >> i announced it. >> i didn't know what it was. >> you are so inappropriate. >> see what happens? >> kimberly, can you save us? >> it's a sandwich. >> right. >> what's the other one? >> my turn now? let's go bald. bald eagle. we have a situation here. turning to america's favorite pet videos. i don't know. >> we're not even trying anymore. bald eagle flew through the windshield in florida. highway patrol trooper carefully approached the eagle, because they can be feisty and put him in the back of the car.
3:00 pm
he will be released. he will live. they will tag him. >> i wonder if they took his head and helped him into the vehicle. >> fly and represent america. >> that's it for us. "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert. a major cyberattack affecting your access to some of your favorite websites. millions of people inside the u.s. experienced trouble connecting to several familiar sites today. the internet firm dyn says it was hit by a cyberattack. the question now is, was it the work of another country? the worries tonight from top officials are that this is just the beginning. katherine harris is here. >> reporter: experts said the attack came in two waves with hackers targeting the internet's critical infrastructure which is like a giant switchboard


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