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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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with america, one of the great times of american prosperity as well that we all remember. big guess on the donald trump contract. next hour we'll tackle that. that's all for us here in washington. down to the wire folks as we are now just 17 days until voters decide who will lead this nation as president. both campaigns are hitting the campaign trail especially in those critical battleground states. welcome to a brand new hour of inside election headquarters, i'm uma pemmaraju. donald trump taking a page from the history books 153 years ago, delivering a major speech in that historic city to showcase his vision in bringing the country together in one has been one o of the most polarizing elections in recent memory. trump is defining what he wants to do in the first 100 days if
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elected. meanwhile hillary clinton and tim kaine also campaigning hard. this comes as wikileaks releases a new batch of e-mails from the clinton campaign. we have fox team coverage this hour, senior political correspond mike emanuel is following the clinton campaign in philadelphia. first let's get to senior national correspondent john roberts reporting live from cleveland where donald trump plans to hold another rally later tonight. john, good to see you. with just 17 days to go, there are some who wonder whether trump's contract with the american people can seal the deal to give him an edge in the battleground states like ohio where you are right now. what's been the reaction? >> a blustery ohio we should add this afternoon. it remains to be seen if he can do that. donald trump is beginning his closing argument today in that speech in gettysburg, really pulling together all the policy proposals he's been talking about in the last few months on the campaign trail. what was interesting was? a speech that was billed as a
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bold vision for a new america, a so-called contract for the american voter, donald trump spent about the first 15 minutes airing a laundry list of grievances against everyone from the clinton campaign, to the democratic party, the media, the women who leveled accusations of sexual i'm propriety against him. listen to what trump said at gettysburg. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. the events never happened, never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> on the policy side, most of his prescriptions are well known, repeal and replace obama care, implement term limits for members of congress, tax cuts, renegotiate trade deals, trade regulation for the energy sector, ethics reform in washington, school choice, end common core. border security, all those we've heard many times over. what was new was a proposal for stiff penalties for repeat
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offenders who enter the united states illegally. here is what trump said on that. >> establishes a two-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence. there's people coming in illegally, for illegally entering the united states after a previous deportation and a five-year mandatory minimum for illegally re-entering for those with felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions or two or more prior deportations. >> so the game is afoot. in 17 days final will go to the polls across america. a lot of absentee and early voting going on already. he will bring the policy and the tone of that speech to virginia beach an hour from now and then here to cleveland tonight at 7:30. uma, back to you. >> john roberts, thanks very much. good to see you. meanwhile hillary clinton in pennsylvania with stops in
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pittsburgh and philadelphia. this as another round of e-mails from campaign chairman john podesta have been released by wikileaks. mike emanuel joining us in philadelphia where the clinton-tim kaine event will kick off later today. mike? >> reporter: good afternoon, uma. part of the e-mail dump reveals how much the clinton team and allies are concerned about stacking the supreme court. a may 9, 2015 e-mail to campaign chairman john podesta wrote, quote, if hillary clinton is elected president in 2016 and is able to replace ginsburg, brieer, and either kennedy or scalia, she will lock in a very young liberal court for many decades to come. clinton making two stops in pennsylvania after visiting battleground ohio last night. her senior advisers appear focused on trying to deliver a big victory on election night to give her a mandate and to drown out those suggestions the
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election was somehow unfair. clinton continues her outreach to those who have been reluctant to support her. >> i want to say something to people who may be reconsidering their support for my opponent. i know you may still have questions for me. i respect that. i want to answer them. i want to earn your vote. i am reaching out to all americans, democrats, republicans and independents. >> the real clear politics average of recent polls in pennsylvania shows clinton leading by 6.2 points over donald trump. 46.4 for clinton, 44.2 for trump with third party candidates gary johnson and jill stein polling in the single digits. the clinton campaigned received an envelope containing what is described as a suspicious substance. the material has been found to be non-hazardous. >> reaction with what's happening with donald trump and
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his contract with the american voters, from dr. ben carson, who is now supporting mr. trump. welcome. good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> i want to play more sound from donald trump's speech a short time ago and get your response afterwards. let's listen. >> americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our country, restore our communiqe communiti and honesty in our government. this is my pledge to you, and if we follow these steps we will once more have a government of, by and for the people. >> of course, the speech happening against the historic backdrop of gettysburg and mr. trump is saying our campaign, quote, represents change that happens once-in-a-lifetime and asking the american people to dream big again. with this contract he's pledging he was very focused today,
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specific and clear about what he intends to do in the first days of a trump administration. many populous themes were presented. he acknowledges that the country is very divided. to sis hup porters they may be asking why did it take this long to present this type of speech much earlier in the campaign. >> i think he knows that we're down to the crux now. really i'm glad he's beginning to talk this way. as i've said for a long period of time, this election is not about democrats versus republicans. this election is about the status quo, the political class versus we the people. and it will make all the difference in the world in terms of what happens in terms of what happens to our children and grandchildren and the country from now on. if you look at the platforms and the policies of these two candidates, they go off in starkly different directions. i think one of the reasons that
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the group that doesn't want to talk about the issues spends all this time creating distractions is because they want to make sure the people don't know that we have the possibility of going off in a deeply different direction than the founders of this nation intended or that anybody actually thinks that we're going off into, and they'll be there and say how did we get here? somebody will come back and say, well, nobody paid attention to what was going on at that election. >> the trump campaign is calling this contract with america part of the closing argument of the campaign, do you think this is enough to win back voters, particularly women and hispanics, where he's been losing some ground? >> i think it will help tremendously. i have great faith in the wisdom of the american people. i do not believe they're as simplistic as many people in the political class think they are and the media think they are. they think they can be so easily
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manipulated. i think many people take offense at that. when you look at the grouds and the enthusiasm for trump versus clinton, that's telling you something. that's the reason they're coming out with all this fire because they're seeing it, too. they're trying to use psychological warfare. i think people are actually smarter than that. thomas jefferson predicted when we got to a point where we were about to tun into something else, it would be the wisdom of the people that would recognize that we were about to turn into something else and they would do the right thing. i believe this is going to happen. i truly do. >> i want to put something up on the screen for our viewers where, you know, we have seen trump have comebacks when the stakes were really against him. if you take a look there at the different dates starting in may, you see where clinton was up and then trump was up. take a look at the comebacks for trump. it's been very interesting over the last several months. i know the campaign is saying
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don't write him off just yet because there's still days to go before the big election. he's talking about 47 million people -- >> and remember -- >> go ahead, sir. >> remember, there are things that the polls don't measure, liken thus as enthusiasm. they also don't measure the fact, a lot of people when you ask who they're going to vote for, they're reluctant to say trump because they don't want to be branded a racist. there's this narrative out there that, if you like trump, you're a racist, and it's just not true. >> he's talking about 47 million people living in poverty, one in five households where no one has a job. this speech directed at painting the contrast of hillary clinton on how he plans to create more jobs by lifting regulations that have hurt coal miners and others along with getting rid of bad trade deals. do you think these ideas can win back republicans who have been at odds with him for his focus
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on issues like going after the democrats for setting up a rigged election? >> yes, these issues can certainly resonate with people if they will listen. if they will investigate these things for themselves and not listen to the spin that you hear in the media, people who have clearly an agenda shown many recent weeks. they will come to understand that we have lots of energy in this country. and if we use it the right way, we cannot only help ourselves economically, but we can use the resources to help discover better energy sources for the future. it doesn't have to be one thing against the other. >> good to see you, sir. thank you very much for your reaction. appreciate it. >> all right. thank you. on wednesday night donald trump did something no other presidential nominee has ever done. he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election.
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now, make no mistake. by doing that, he is threatening our democracy. >> that from hillary clinton last night in cleveland, reacting to whether or not donald trump will accept the results of the election if he doesn't win. we are now hearing reports that her team is taking a close look at what kind of options they should consider if she wins and trump does not concede. the republican nominee saying this week he is reserving the right to question the outcome should clinton win happen in a close contest. joining us with more reaction to this, governor mike huckabee who is also a former presidential contender himself. welcome, sir. good to have you back on the program. >> thank you, uma. great to be back. >> the fact that the clinton team is working behind the scenes to figure strategies of how to deal with trump if he challenges the results. looks like they're worried about the impact of this. how do you respond? >> first of all, i don't think they ought to be calling in the
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decorators to retrofit the oval office and east room just yet because hillary hasn't won. i still think donald trump is going to win the election. before hillary gets too far into her administration, she needs to wait until election day. this is nonsense for hillary to act like she just can't believe that donald trump would dare say he's going to make sure the election is fair. that's exactly what barack obama said back in september of 2008 when he talked about that the system itself had a lot of problems. people need to go back and listen to that tape in 2000, the democrats challenged the election of the presidency. 2004 john kerry questioned about the fairness. eventually it all got settled, and i think it will this time as well. but donald trump is a man of hieb high per bowly. he's going to do the same thing he did in the very first
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republican primary debate and use his position for some leverage and say, let's just see what i do. class sick donald trump. >> you're absolutely right to point out the fact that there have been other instances in the past where the democrats have taken a look at the results and considered challenging the outcome, particularly when we saw the drama that unfolded over a month back in 2000. joe biden also had interesting remarks. the democrats have been blaming team trump for being divisive. now you have a sitting vice president saying this. listen. >> what he said he did and does is a textbook definition of sexual assault. >> the press always asks me, don't i wish i were debating. no, i wish we were in high school and could take him behind the gym. >> so there you have it. he's saying he would like to get essentially into a fist fight with trump like school boys. what's your reaction to that, the sitting vice president? >> it's classic joe biden to
11:15 am
begin with. this is a guy who seems to always trip over his own tongue. i find him frankly kind of charming and entertaining. i just want to point out though, uma, let's just say mike pence had come out and said he couldn't wait until he could walk up and slap hillary, do you think that wouldn't cause some problems? the fact is there is a double standard in this country. democrats can get away with saying stuff like that. republicans cannot get away with saying it. it's one of the reasons i think donald trump is going to win. regardless of whether people are democrat or republican, they hate a double standard, whether it's joe biden running his mouth or whether it's hillary clinton running away with national security secrets and not being treated the same way anybody else would. i think the better solution rather than donald trump dhal lenging biden behind the gym, we'll send chuck norris is.
11:16 am
i'll call chuck and tell him he needs to find joe biden. we'll fix this. >> all right. chuck is on notice now. let me ask you really quickly about the speech that mr. trump gave earlier today, the contract with the american voters. he laid out a comprehensive plan in what he plans to do in the first 100 days. he also did mention in that speech referencing again the alleged stories of improper behavior coming from women who have come forward with their stories and the media pile-on about this. he did talk about this and adds that he plans to sue these women after the election. was this a smart move to say this against the backdrop of what was bill dollar as a major policy speech in a historic setting? >> should have been two different speeches. it was a great speech ability the pell see. he did make a fundamental mistake. you know this as a journalist, never bury your lead.
11:17 am
which means you don't want the main thing of your story to somehow get lost in the body of the story. the main thing of this story is really the very bold positions he took and initiatives he's going to do. that's all being eclipsed because i've been watching various channels over the past down.e hours to see how it's all i guarantee all of the focus is on his threatening to sue the women. unfortunately, that's what's going to take all the headlines for most of the day and into the sunday shows tomorrow. it's unfortunate because he had a great speech. he was specific. i thought he outlined the big differences between what he'll do and what hillary will do. the one redeeming thing of that whole talk about the lawsuit is that he did remind americans that one of the reasons he's doing this is because he has the resources, he can fight back, he reminded americans that most of them don't. so when their government comes after them and when the media comes after them, they are
11:18 am
helpless to defend themselves. i think that's the one thing that he did need to say. the rest of it, i don't know who wrote that speech. but that should have been left out. >> governor, i know you've got come serns about what was said. thank you for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you, uma. we've got big business news making headlines today. at&t reaching a deal to buy time warner for more than $80 billion. this according to the "wall street journal." the deal could be announced by tonight. time warner already one of the biggest media companies in the world, would become even larger with at&t's wireless and paid television subscribers. the merger could face tough scrutiny by regulators and lawmakers. shifting to overseas and the violence in iraq escalating to new heights. some 80 people have died in kirkuk following a two-day
11:19 am
battle with isis fighters there. what's being done on the ground? we'll go live to the front lines in iraq in a few moments. plus, trouble logging on to twitter, netflix or paypal? you're not alone. why the feds believe this could be a major hacking job. another e-mail drop by wikileaks. what the latest revelations are saying about hillary clinton's involvement with foreign governments. >> american workers have been treated so badly by politicians that don't have their interests at heart, and we're going to change that. we're going to change that very, very fast. with the right steps,
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we are back with news of a major cyber attack hitting a key internet routing firm causing disruptions to many popular wesh sites across the nation. members of a hacking group in china and russia now claiming responsibility. bri bryan llenas has more. >> this is a nationwide, well planned and well executed attack. now investigators are figuring out whether this was done by russia or china or this was done by an independent group of hackers.
11:24 am
now, yesterday's attack came in three waves beginning at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast and hitting the west coast by day's end, shutting down dozens of websites including amazon, netflix, air b&b, twitter, reddit and paypal. hackers hit websites with an onslaught of junk internet traffic, overwhelming their servers until they shut down. now, friday's attack targeted a company whose servers act as a switchboard guiding internet traffic, providing service to some of america's biggest companies. alarmingly, hackers in this case took control of tens of millions of everyday household items connected to the internet like baby monitors and smart tvs and redirected their data to overwhelm servers. cyber security experts say these attacks are often used to probe a network in advance of a larger cyber attack.
11:25 am
>> this is the first move on a chess board, whether a cybercrime chess board is unbeknownst to me. taking down these websites would allow the hackers to create a fog of war while they sneak into the back doors of the networks. >> a group called new world hackers has claimed credit for the attack saying they wanted to highlight security vulnerabilities saying we didn't do this to attract federal agents, only to test power. this claim has not been verified and this group has falsely taken credit for attacks before. yesterday's attack comes amid wikileaks' presidential e-mail dumps and concerns over russian hackers influencing our election process. >> quite the story, bryan. thank you very much. >> of course. cyber security also back in the spotlight on the presidential campaign trail. this after new video emerges
11:26 am
showing then secretary of state hillary clinton warning her staffers about their special duty to protect sensitive information. molly joining us from washington, d.c. with more on this developing story. >> we know now that hillary clinton when she was secretary of state had her own private e-mail setup. but according to a tape from 2011, she still told that department to follow the rules. >> also new wikileaks documents on foreign money coming into the clinton global initiative, the clinton family charity, including $12 million from the king of morocco in exchange for the charity holding a meeting there in 2015.
11:27 am
huma abedin wrote, quote, the condition upon which the moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation. if hrc was not a part of it, meeting was a non-starter. cgi also wasn't pushing for a et mooing in morocco and it wasn't their first choice. this was hrc's idea. from wikileaks, revelations about what some of clinton's closest advisers think about catholics and evangelical pr protestan protestants. there was an ex-mail about what some conservative republicans are catholic a and wrote, quote, i imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became -- clinton's national press
11:28 am
secretary says blame the russians and donald trump. >> i think that the exchange in the debate over wikileaks really exposed donald trump as having the most to answer for because he again refused to acknowledge russia's role in the hack. >> donald trump says clinton has, quote, no idea who is behind the hack and said the morocco e-mail suggests, quote, more pay for play by clinton. >> molly, thank you very much. coming up, we have exclusive video on how isis tries to hide from u.s. air strikes. >> these tunnels are a key element of isis military strategy and they cover every town, every village that isis held. the kurdish peshmerga have cleared the tunnel but have also told us not to touch anything we see because it maybe be boobytrapped. >> amazing stuff. we'll go live to the front lines where efforts are under way to liberate the crucial city of mosul from the isis fighters. plus time for an election history lesson, folks, a trip
11:29 am
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. welcome back everybody. iraqi and kurdish forces pushing into towns near mosul as defense
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secretary ash carter makes an unannounced stop in iraq. this news comes as isis is reportedly burning a sulfur plant sending toxic smoke into the air. benjamin hall is joining us from erbil and has an exclusive look where isis fighters are hiding out now. benjamin? >> reporter: hi, uma. it seems slow going on the front lines in part because of these tunnels. isis fighters popping up even after a village is clear. defense secretary ash carter arrived in bagdad to meet with prime minister abadi. he was there to see how the hopgs was coming along but to see if turkey might play a greater role. meanwhile a burning sulfur plant torched by isis is releasing large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the air. u.s. central command said u.s. troops have had to put on gas masks and protective suits. as you said earlier, we've had exclusive access to some of the
11:35 am
tunnels that are causing so many problems for the forces. many people wondered how isis was able to withstand and hide from the u.s.-led coalition air strikes. this is how. they dug deep under ground. these tunnels are a key element of isis military strategy and they cover every town, every village that isis held. for the last few weeks, if not the last few months, isis would have been living in these tunnels. you can see they brought in electricity. you can see the food down here and the water. it is incredible hot. they would have here for months. the kurdish peshmerga have cleared the tunnel but told us not to touch anything because it may be boobytrapped. you can tell how they started. they dug straight down for 7.5 meters before cutting their way through the bedrock. it's those tunnels which are the greatest concern as forces move towards mosul. that city is said to be covered with them. uma? >> benjamin, thank you very much. joining us now with more on
11:36 am
what's happening right now at this time in this hot spot, we've got lieutenant colonel schaeffer a senior fellow at the london center for policy research and retired intelligence operative. good to see you again. >> thanks for having me. >> do you think the strategy that is under way is on target? >> i think this is a best possible strategy both for this situation and the future. uma, we've got approximately 100,000 troops in contact with the enemy in various forms in mosul and around the region. this is what the pentagon is focusing on, capacity building of our allies. one of the challenges is finding competent capable allies. that's one of the reasons it's taken six months to ramp up to this. this is what the pentagon is pushing for, both for a transregional strategy as well as a global strategy because we cannot have large land armies all over the world. we have to find capacity through our allies. >> one of the big concerns has been all along from the civilians in and around mosul. we're hearing stories of these
11:37 am
desperate people waving white flags trying to flee only to realize that isis is forcing many of these people, including children, to becoming human shields. more hostages taken inside mosul as forces and advisers get closer to the city limits, the human cost is going to be high and bloody. >> this is one of the things, uma, the pentagon has been very careful about. they recognize there's 1.2 million people within the combat area and this is no small issue. we're trying our best to essentially move in militarily without jeopardizing innocent. the isis is using them as human shields, plus there's the issue of after the fight. there's still sunni, shia, sectarian friction. frankly, the shia issue is something we're looking at as well, by the fact that we're worried about what will happen. the sunni minority actually went to isis early. that's one of the reasons isis
11:38 am
was so rapid in its expansion. the sectarian issue is something we're going to have to help push through, help the iraqis push through once the battle is completed. >> what about the curds? are we working hard to help empower their efforts since they've been eager all along to get this job done on their own? >> i think the kurds are doing a number of things -- they've been our best, most persistent, most reliable ally in the region. i think we have to acknowledge that. the iraqis have taken a while to come around. i think the number i've been given is approximately eight divisions of iraqis, took twice as long to train as four divisions of peshmerga. so we've been able to establish an effective force finally, and i think we have to recognize who helped us the most and reward that. with that said, we have the turkish now concerned about the kurds have more influence in the region. the turks are worried about the
11:39 am
iranian influence coming from the northern area of iraq as well. these are issues, i have every confidence we'll win the battle. i have confidence it will be over by november, december. >> your reaction to the fact that the iraqi prime minister has decided not to bring turkey into this fight, the fact that he's saying stay out? >> i completely understand that. i think it's the right decision. the turks have been a marginal ally at best. they helped create isis, they left the back door open for isis to do all sorts of things. i think we have to recognize that prime minister erdogan of turkey has not been playing this fairly. the iraqis have every right to say we don't need the turks at this time. where have they been for the past six months? we've been planning this with the british, the germans, the french, the kurds. where have they been? there's concerns about what their interest would be at this late point in the game.
11:40 am
>> if victory is close at hand, even though isis will still exist elsewhere, this would still be seen as a huge psychological and strategic victory? >> it will. we've already noticed a diminishing of social media. it's hitting them in other places. uma, as you said, once we get done in iraq, there's other places. frankly, we don't have a plarn for syria. syria will be a major issue. we have the russians there, too. once you solve one thing, the next problem is going to be as challenging if not more. syria is going to be the next challenge we have to face. >> a daunting challenge indeed. >> tony schaeffer, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. as we get set to elect a new president soon, fascinating and important documents from those who left an amazing imprint on the legacy of our nation as we share with you some very rare items that get set to go on the auction block, some of them dating back to george washington's administration and offers an amazing window into history. you don't want to miss this folks. (vo) combine the right things.
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nothing else tastes like philadelphia® welcome back everybody. some documents penned by a former president are going up for sale just in time for this year's elections. they mark some of our most memorable moments in our nation's history, from george washington's inaugural address to the terror attack on 9/11. joining us, owner of the leinart autograph which is holding the auction later this month. it's such a pleasure to have you here. what i find fascinating about the auction is it offers a glimpse into our history and the fact that we have some amazing documents from some fabulous leaders from our past including george washington. you have a fragment from the inaugural address that was a draft. a discarded draft.
11:46 am
>> discarded draft from washington's first inaugural address that was saved by a scholar in the 1840s who people knew was working on washington's collected works. he was asked for suv nears. he cut up this manuscript and distributed the fragments. that's why they exist today. >> i would think these would be in museums by now. >> over the course of history there have been private collect ors passing them down. >> that's right. sometimes handed down to museums. >> in this fraction from washington, i would like you to read the portion most relevant to what's happening now. >> this is the very last fragment known from the draft of the inaugural address. he writes, while others and their political conduct shall demean themselves as shall seem to them, let us be honest, let us be firm, let us advance directly forward in the path of our duty. should the path that first proved intricate and thorny, it will grow plain and smooth as we
11:47 am
go. let the eternal line that separates right from wrong be the fence to -- and it breaks off. >> these are words to live by certainly. >> absolutely. >> this fragment i'm sure is no doubt -- not inexpensive. >> it's going up for sale on wednesday, october 26th on it has an estimated of $130,000 to $150,000. >> for the serious collectors, this is a real gem. you also have other amazing documents. you also have a letter from franklin roosevelt that he wrote to a child who was also suffering from polio. >> a letter written right around christmas time that fdr wrote to this young man whose names is edward barker. he became well known and famous in a way because the first feeder that enabled people with paralysis to feed themselves was tried on him. it became known as the barker
11:48 am
feeder. this was prior to the implementation of that unit, but because fdr suffered from polio and was at warm springs where this young man was, he sent him holiday greetings on white house stationery. >> and also documents from the inventor of the morse code who wrote, if lincoln is re-elected, he will despair. not a fan of mr. lincoln. >> not a fan of mr. lincoln. in fact, lincoln at that time in 1864 was running against general mcclellan, a dishonored officer at the end of the war. morse, in kt fa, writes, he says if mcclellan and pendleton are the successful candidates, i shall have hope for the country. if lincoln is re-elected, i shall despair. >> he was obviously very wrong. lincoln today is considered one of the best presidents of all time. >> we were lucky we didn't have mcclellan. >> also john f. kennedy, there's
11:49 am
a manuscript from kennedy on his new frontiers. >> this is interesting, a fragment from a speech he gave, one of 16 whistle stops he made in california in september 1960. and it was notes for the next speech that he was going to give at the shriner auditorium in los angeles. he makes notes and quotes the new frontier, and it was given to a young man who was very eager to get kennedy's autograph instead of taking time to give young men his signature, he handed him the sheet of notes. this page stayed with the family ever since. >> that's an amazing piece of history to hold on to. it's all going to go up on the auction block for some lucky collectors, these are invalua e invaluable. >> that's where it's going for sale. >> absolutely. i think it's amazing. thank you so much for sharing this with us. it's such a treat to look back on history and learn some valuable lessons from those who had an indelible mark on our
11:50 am
nation's past. >> my pleasure, thanks. coming up, a controversial trend that began on the football field reaches now to the basketball court where a woman singing the national anthem takes a knee. a knee. we will have more on the fall-out after this. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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. welcome back, everyone, the national anthem controversy is extending to the nbas a singer kneels during a performance at a preseason game in miami. the miami heat is saying they were not aware of the gesture before hand. we have more on the story. anita? >> well, hi there, you know, fans showed up to the heat game last night in miami probably were not expecting a social statement to tip off the game, but that was what they got. she kneeled down while performing. she is also a social worker and posted on her facebook page about what she called the value of fighting against injustice
11:55 am
and her statement reads in part, "i did not get paid to sing the national anthem and nor was had this moment about any sort of fame, black lives matter is far larger than a hashtag, and until our cry is rightfully heard, protests will still happen and demands will still be made. the management were unaware of the planned protest and when asked about it after the game, the head coach had this to say. >> the most important thing that came from all this, is very thoughtful dialog. we have had great dialog in our walls here. and you know, hopefully this will lead to action. ♪ >> it's not the first time a singer has protested in this manner, after performing the national anthem at a sacramento kings game earlier this month, singer leah tysse dropped to one knee after the song, her intent
11:56 am
was to speak out about injustice, no word if the incident in miami will have a fall out from the fans or lead to problems with her employment with the team. >> and just for an update, we want to give you on the campaign trail, we are waiting for a donald trump event. that will be a wrap for me from studio j, i hope wherever you are, make it a great day and great weekend, i will see you again next time. the future of our country is hanging in the balance, which is why as a good american, i'm going to do two things, i'm
11:57 am
going to vote, and i'm going to buy gold from rosland capital.
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