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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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n go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. a day after laying out his plan for the first 100 days of a trump presidency, the republican presidential candidate's team shuts down any talk of losing the election. >> we're not giving up. we know we can win this, and we're certainly not acceding to the same chattering class that has been wrong about donald trump for the last year and a half. hillary clinton is hitting the campaign trail on a swing tlub the swing states as her campaign played defense today over more hacked e-mails from wikileaks. >> i captan't even verify any o the information you have. we don't have time as a campaign. >> i promise you, if these things were not true, you would tell us.
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>> and it may be 16 days before election day, but millions of americans have already cast their ballot. we're going to find out where and hear from voters who are dealing with those very long lines. and thank you for spending your sunday with us. i'm elizabeth prann in for shannon breen. >> thanks for being here at home. i'm leland vittert. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. >> a very sad fox news alert. at least 13 people have died in a tour bus crash in southern california. this is according to the riverside county coroner's office. they say 30 people have been injured. california highway patrol says the bus collided with a tractor-trailer on interstate 10 in desert hot springs. rescue crews are on the scene right now searching for more victims, but as of now all
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westbound lanes of i-10 are closed. of course, we're going to continue to keep an eye on this story. we'll update you on any breaking news as it develops as we still are getting new information. and back to politics. with just 16 days to go, the presidential candidates are hitting the campaign trail for a battleground blitz. donald trump will hold a rally tonight in florida where voters begin casting ballots tomorrow. our own peter doocy is outside trump's campaign headquarters in new york city with the very latest. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. donald trump today unearthed an eight-year-old quote from the person -- attributed to the person that many democrats and analysts now see as hillary clinton's most effective surrogate. that would be the first lady. trump tweeted this. quote, if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. a statement made by mrs. obama about crooked hillary clinton. also this morning trump's son went on abc to hit the
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democratic ticket for anemic crowd sizes. >> look at last night. i'll give you a perfect example. he was in cleveland. he had 10,000 people in cleveland. hillary and tim kaine, they were in pennsylvania. they had 600 people in a gym. i mean, the enthusiasm levels are just totally off the charts. >> reporter: also this morning campaign manager kellyanne conway had the republican path to electoral college victory depends mostly on strong finishes in florida, ohio, iowa, north carolina, and nevada, and conway says she sees reasons to be encouraged by some of the numbers buried beneath the surface because it is possible, she says -- well, we know it's possible for them to see what party somebody belongs to when they mail in an early absentee ballot, and the trump team has been practicing -- rather, tracking those in swing states and think they're in great shape. >> we look at some of the early voting returns in places like
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iowa and ohio and we're doing much betterrevious candidates, in large part because we invested in the absentee ballot early voting procedures, and also i think he does it in a way that he gave the speech in gettysburg yesterday. puts out a nine or ten-point plan, has some really significant measures with teeth. >> reporter: and she mentioned that plan, the 100-day plan of action that donald trump rolled out yesterday in pennsylvania. now he's on a tour of swing states telling voters in so far pennsylvania, ohio, virginia, and tonight florida that the big idea for the next two weeks is that he is a practical businessman with outsider experience and hillary clinton is not so that the choice is theirs. elizabeth? >> all right. peter, officially a sprint to the finish line. thank you so much. >> and during that sprint voters have already begun casting their ballots in many states including north carolina. early voting began on thursday,
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and that is where hillary clinton heads today holding rallies in durham and charlotte. you might remember president obama won the tar heel state in 2008, but it went red in 2012 making it a true swing state. rich edson following the clinton campaign from mrs. clinton's hometown in chappaqua, new york. hi, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, leland. the clinton campaign and democrats are focusing on congress. this is if hillary clinton wins the presidency, democrats need only four senate seats to take control of the senate, 30 house seats to take control of the house. campaign manager robbie mook said earlier on fox news sunday that the campaign is helping some gubernatorial and senate candidates with resources in states like indiana and missouri, though he does say that the campaign, at least on the presidential level, is not quite a runaway. clinton is trying to tie republican senate candidates to the republican presidential candidate donald trump and is acknowledging that they are also
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looking a bit beyond the presidential race. >> as we're traveling in the last 17 days, we're going to be emphasizing the importance of electing democrats down the ballot. we're going to get to work the day after the election and do everything possible to be prepared on january 20th to start doing the good work of the american people. >> reporter: yesterday the clinton campaign was in pennsylvania. clinton campaigned for katy mcginn at this, the democrat running for senate against senator pat toomey. a real clear politics average of polling shows toomey has a couple percentage-point lead. in north carolina where clinton will be today, richard burr, the republican incumbent, is running against deborah ross. burr, a tight race, three percentage poll lead. clinton attended church in north carolina this morning and is scheduled to meet with the mothers of the movement a little
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bit later today. those are women who have lost children through interactions with police officers. earlier this month clinton was in north carolina also in charlotte. she spoke to a largely african-american congregation there. this was after the police shooting and killing of an african-american man there led to protests and riots in charlotte. you talked a bit about this at the beginning there, leland. 2008 president obama narrowly wins that state. 2008 president obama narrowly loses that state. the african-american electorate is certainly enough to sway the race. >> making turnout all the more important. thanks, rich. as we continue our coverage of the democratic campaign, another surprise for the clinton campaign this weekend as wikileaks releases more of the so-called podesta e-mails, the documents purportedly hacked from the account of her campaign chairman john podesta appearing
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to show mrs. clinton helped negotiate a $12 million foundation donation from the king of morocco in exchange for holding a clinton global initiative meeting there. molly has the very latest from here in washington. hi, molly. >> hi, elizabeth. hillary clinton's campaign manager says she did not end up giving that planned speech in morocco in may of 2015 because of upcoming campaign events even though according to wikileaks it was hillary's idea for the charity to hold a meeting in morocco in exchange for $12 million from the king. >> secretary clinton decided not to go, focused on her campaign -- >> but then bill and chelsea clinton went, correct? >> my understanding is they did go, but she did not, and, again, th this is the discussion the russians want us to be having. they stole this information. >> donald trump's son says the
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wikileaks documents are revealing what team clinton really thinks of some americans. >> i think you also see their true colors in these wikileak e-mails we're they're going out making fun of christians of evangelicals. when donna brazile is giving debate questions ahead of time to hillary clinton. can you imagine if my father got the debate questions? >> new leaked documents show the clinton campaign back in february debating whether she should give a speech on race to help shore up black voters for her and not for bernie sanders. according to top speech writers, one adviser was concerned about such a speech writing, quote, it's possible we would unintentionally elevating questions that aren't yet being wildly asked and introduce new damaging information, especially super predator, to a lot more voters. super predator is the term then first lady hillary clinton used in 1996 to describe gangs. many african-americans consider
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it offensive and she has since apologized for using the term. clinton did not end up giving a race speech during the primary. elizabeth? >> all right, molly. thank you so much. so let's bring in our panel for some reaction. ian prior is from american crossroads and mark levine is a radio show host and a member of the virginia house of delegates. both of them have joined us on this program and we're happy to have you both back. ian, i want to start with you because i think i can predict mark's reaction to this. we just saw molly's report about those wikileaks developments. do you think folks are getting fatigued by the drip, drip, drip of information or do you think it's relevant and that voters are really listening to what we're learning? >> i do think it's relevant but here is ultimately the problem. donald trump needed to make this election about hillary clinton from the very beginning, and he really hasn't been able to do that over the past three weeks, and hillary clinton has really been able to make it about
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donald trump. so the problem is for trump is that all the focus is on him right now. so when you get these wikileaks, when you get this drip of information, it's really not feeding into the narrative that the media is talking about, which is donald trump. so unless there's going to be some big bombshell that specifically links hillary clinton with either an e-mail or latches onto her e-mail controversy with the fbi, i think it's going to continue to get buried and it's not going to have the kind of impact i think it maybe should. >> i want to expand on that a little bit and bring in mark because on some of the issues we see with donald trump, the clinton campaign is actually fairly silent. you know, they're not necessarily capitalizing on it. is that a strategy? >> i think it is. i think when your opponent is putting himself on fire and dousing himself with gasoline, you let it happen. i mean, donald trump in his last hundred days is now saying he's going to sue the 11 women have that come forward with documented evidence that he sexually assaulted them. he's putting the focus on them. that's not a smart strategy and
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i think that's something republicans and democrats agree on. if donald trump is ruining his own campaign, i think it's smart of hillary to stay back. >> okay. and i want to continue with you, mark. we see her focusing on down ballot races and focusing on states such as arizona. that sort of gives us maybe that she's feeling fairly confident. should she be feeling so confident right now? >> well, the polls do show her ahead. certainly no time in american history has anyone come back from this far but the down bap lot races matter. who controls the senate matters, so i think she's very smart to focus on that. anything can happen. there's no reason to be complacent. it's interesting donald trump is saying the election is rigged. i guess he's telling his supporters don't bother to vote, you can't win anyway. >> you talked about her being ahead of polls. i want to shift gears and bring ian in. we have heard the thought that perhaps some of donald trump voters aren't getting polled, they're not getting represented and we're all going to be
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surprised on november 8th when all is said and done and he ends up winning. is that something you think is a possibility ian? >> well, look, i think anything is possible at this point. i think if you look at the swing states, not the national polls but the states that trump needs to win, ohio, florida, north carolina, nevada, these are close races. this isn't an eight-point race. this isn't a nine-point race. we're talking about two, three points and in some places like ohio, trump may even have the lead. so, you know, i do think that we have to look and see if the ins tensity of the trump voters, how are they going to come out on election day? are they going to be more enthusiastic than the clinton voters? and going to the down ballot stuff, i think it's interesting that hillary clinton is going out there campaigning for these senate candidates. ove over 33% of the people supporting hillary clinton are doing it while holding their nose. having a check and balance on hillary clinton down ballot is something a lot of voters will want. by going out there and linking herself to some of the democratic senate candidates, it may backfire on them. >> when you look at the
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favorability ratings it may be fair to say that on both sides we have people holding their noses. you brought up the battleground states. does he have a ground game to close that gap? we're only seeing 16 days left. >> i think that's the big question. that's very difficult to assess two weeks owl. we know what the clinton team is going to do. they're a traditional campaign. that's the big unknown in this race. are donald trump voters going to show up? does he have the ground game? if he has the ground game, that could make the difference in a one-point, two-point race. if he doesn't, he could end up on the losing end of some close races in the battleground states. >> i'm getting the time cue. mark, if you can respond in 15 seconds or less. >> i was out canvassing for hillary yesterday in virginia. definitely the grand game matters and i encourage all democrats to help out. >> i wish we had more time. really interesting. 16 days left. >> thank you. >> thanks. more than 5.5 million
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americans have already cast their ballot through early absentee or even mail-in ballots. the associated press reports early voting is under way right now in 34 states and here in the district of columbia. new mexico and nevada are the latest to begin launching early voting on saturday leading to big crowds and long lines. check out this video from henderson, nevada. >> i voted for john f. kennedy, so that tells you how many years i have been voting. >> we knew the lines would be long but we were ang xious to ct our vote. >> i think if you have to get out here and vote early and make an example. >> there was a lines once g voting early and often. in nevada hillary clinton up 4.2%. you can vote early there until november 4th. and the biggest battleground state of them all, florida, beginning early voting in some
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counties tomorrow. all counties will be open for early voting by next saturday. hillary clinton and donald trump are blanketing the state. trump visiting naples, st. augustine, tampa, sanford, near orlando, and there is tallahass -- tallahassee. by the end of the week, most voters will be able to cast their ballots, as you can see, in all but just a handful of states. liz? >> and more than 27,000 voters in another battleground state got an extended chance to register for the election. this is in virginia courtesy of a federal judge. there was such a high demand to apply online it caused glitches in the website. a voting rights group sued to extend the registration period until midnight on friday, and they won. both the dnc and the rnc supporting the extension. rich edson reporting earlier in the show that hillary clinton
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is turning her stump speech attacks towards congressional republicans in these final days. we heard it yesterday in pittsburgh where she slammed republican senator pat toomey. for a look at the balance of tower in the house and the senate, chris stirwald. i was thinking about as you were getting ready for your show today, chris, you aren't going to have anything at all to talk about. >> i know. it's been such a boring election. there's just never any new data, never any trend stories. it's just blah, blah, blah. oh, wait a minute, it's -- i do not believe i have left a life virtuous enough to get to cover an election this insane. >> and i think you have said that once or twice before. as we break down -- we'll start with the data that we have that's new and not only do we have the new polling numbers, but we also have some of these early voting numbers in places
10:18 am
like nevada, places like ohio, all those kinds of states. tell us how is that matching up with the polls? are we seeing the same things tracking or is this big die jurrjeinjur divergence happening? >> republicans can be cheered they're doing about as well or even better in early voting than they did in 2012 but by and large what numbers tell us is democrats are even more engaged, even nomore than they normally are. it seems to be shouter especially in key battleground states like north carolina and elsewhere. >> last question for you. we've seen this shift now about 16 days from the election of clinton and the democrats pulling money a little bit out of the presidential race and putting it towards some of the down ballot races. think of the senate race in arizona. also, of course, the senate race in missouri. do you run the risk of not sprinting all the way into the end zone here? is there a chance they're being a little too confident? >> well, both sides are making a
10:19 am
calculated risk. on the democratic side they're shifting their focus down ballot in hopes that hillary clinton's lead materializes as a presidential win and that they can have either a closer to tied house and maybe potentially a democratic senate, but both chambers of the congress close to a tie. that would give her significant advantages going in, but you're right, there are risks attendant to that. on the republican side, they're taking a risk with donald trump. they're saying we can reinflate him. we can get his numbers back up. we can help him if we stick together. we can somehow help him get closer and prevent a down ballot catastrophe. the democrats are shifting their focus off the presidential to the down ballot. the republicans are trying to double down on trump and see if they can prevent that from turning into a capsize for her. >> using resources like rob portman's resources there in ohio. chris stirewalt will opine on this and so much more of his virtuous life 5:00 p.m. eastern.
10:20 am
they will tell you what. thanks, chris. >> bye. and we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of palm springs, california. the riverside coroner says 13 people are dead around more than 30 are injured on a bus crash on interstate 10. the entire highway has been shut down to traffic. we'll have the latest on the crash and what we know coming up. meanwhile, the fight going on right now to take back mosul from isis is inching forward in iraq but not without americans paying the ultimate sacrifice. >> there is no more serious responsibility for me and nothing that i take more seriously than putting americans in harm's way, and we need to understand, everybody needs to understand that there are americans here that are in harm's way. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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this is a fox news alert. the riverside county coroner says at least 13 people have been killed in a horrific tour bus crash with a tractor-trailer
10:25 am
on a highway in southern california. our own anita vogel is live from our west coast newsroom with the very latest. hi, anita. >> we're still collecting all the details here, but a tragic accident early this morning on one of california's most traveled freeways, interstate 10. we are getting reports of at least 13 people dead at this point, possibly more. it all happened when a tour bus and a big rig collided on westbound interstate 10 year palm springs this morning. that's a little over 100 miles east of los angeles, about a two-hour drive. we're told the bus smashed into the big rig's trailer. at least 21 bus passengers have been taken to palm springs area hospitals. amazingly the big rig driver was not hurt. firefighters had to use ladders to climb into the bus' windows to pull the victims out. a tow truck will pull the big rig from the bus to help in that effort as well. we're not sure exactly what caused the bus to slam into the
10:26 am
trailer at this point. it's still under investigation. we know the bus was carrying about 30 people. it regularly transports people from los angeles to casinos near the palm springs area. there are many of them out there. right now all westbound lanes of i-10 are closed, so if you're planning to head in that direction this morning, you might want to pick another day. at this point the big concern is that death toll and how quickly it could rise this morning. right now again it's at 13, but you never know with these kind of accidents. it could rise throughout the day and we'll certainly keep you updated. elizabeth, back to you. >> anita, forgive me if you answered this, they're still searching at the crime scene, correct? >> reporter: there are. from what i understand there are still emergency vehicles at this crash. they want to make sure that they don't leave anybody injured and that they were able to collect everybody to take them to the hospital. >> anita, keep us posted. after the break, pictures coming in from mosul, iraq, as
10:27 am
the secretary of defense touches down there to get a closer look at the battlefield as iraqi forces backed by the united states launch a new offensive in the fight for mosul. plus, all three debates are in the books. donald trump is making his final pitch to voters as he lags in nationwide polls. ahead, we're going to take a look at how trump can motivate his supporters to go to the polls and win over those who are still undecided. >> we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and well make america great again. thank you, everybody. i love you. god bless you. god bless you. november 8th. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands,
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we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. international news for you. defense secretary ash carter arriving in erbil, iraq, today
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after spending yesterday in baghdad. carter is now getting an even closer look at the fight to take over mosul from the islamic state. meanwhile, kurdish forces are asserting control, launching an early morning offensive on a town nearby. our own conor powell is live from our middle east bureau with the very latest on the secretary's visit and the fight for mosul. >> reporter: yeah, elizabeth, secretary carter arrived in iraq yesterday meeting with iraqi officials and kurdish officials in the last 24 or 48 hours or so to get a good view of how this operation is under folding, and what we've seen for the last week or so -- >> our communication with conor powell, of course, we will continue to get that back and we will bring you the latest. in the meantime, i will toss it over to my colleague. >> and thankfully, amazing how
10:33 am
this works sometimes in television, we have tom row bega rogan for a little bit of perspective on the fight against isis. as we've seen, this is going to be a long slog. you have the iraqi troops. their confidence and willingness to fight is questionable at best backed by u.s. special forces. the wild cards is the kurds it seems like who has a willingness to fight and has been pressuring the u.s. for weapons. are you getting the feeling the kurds have what they need and are willing to take the fight to isis? >> certainly. if you look at the map of retaking mosul, the kurds are coming north and from the east and then the iraqi army is coming from the south. the critical issue though is the other players. what are the turks doing? they're in northern iraq. they're concerned about some of the kurdish movements because at the same time what are the russians doing, what the syrians doing in terms of that die menti
10:34 am
dimension? >> for so long it has been almost impossible to get an articulated and defined middle east strategy from this administration. they have one idea about syria, another idea about iraq, another about iran. does mosul allow them to take the spot late off the disorganization and focus on the microtactical moment and for that matter is it that important? >> i think that's a very good point. i think, yes, there is this absence of grand strategy and certainly and you see this in the administration's real singular focus and public relations to do with mosul. i think mosul is important for a couple reasons. it's one of the few iraqi cities that has this traditional even prior to saddam hussein's rule notion of kurds, shia, sunni, christians all being able to live in harmony, and so it's a template potentially if it can be retaken, if the kurds don't try to take territory, if the shia militias don't disrupt the sunni population, it potentially gives that opportunity for iraq
10:35 am
to say we can come together. >> i don't think you want to go to vegas and put a bet on all that happening. you might get a good line but i'm not sure you want to place that bet. >> times sometimes it works. >> although the middle east winning that strategy is not proven over time to be all that effective. speaking of that, you brought up the interesting point of the shia militia. if american fortices help iraq take back the mosul, you give it back to the baghdad government, isn't that essentially just giving it to the iranians. >> it depends. the prime minister is a good prime minister. he's challenging the iranians. the problem is the u.s. and president obama doesn't want to challenge the iranians in support of him as much as they could because of the iran deal. the big question is when mosul is retaken, what iraqi units are
10:36 am
positioned there and to what degree does abadi now say to the shia militias who he has been pushing back again, we're going to take you on, and at some point there will be a crunch because the iranians want to seize iraqi democracy under their banner of rule. >> well, the iranians and iraqis fought a long war over whether they would be seized, a long and bloody war, in which the u.s. backed the iraqis but it kind of came to a stalemate. as we look forward to this, the iranians are a lot stronger than they used to be and this is all part of their grand strategy here. they want to be able to have that crescent from iran all the way through iraq and into syria. is there anything effectively that's going to stop them save a couple hundred u.s. special forces troops who have been told don't get into combat? >> one of the positive things people sometimes don't pay enough attention to, in iraqi/shia policy and theocracy there's a grand ayatollah sistani who is actually a much more nationalist.
10:37 am
he's an iraqi shia nationalist versus the iranian theological school. so there is a unique shia d dimension to iraq that people like abadi with time to build up. the iranians have played their games with the boats. we have to challenge them in aggressive ways as we did -- >> i don't think you'd want to put a bet on that in vegas either. next administration, possibly. >> they will have to. the only reason this administration hasn't been done it is because they are desperate to have the iranian legacy deal. the way to deal with the iranians is to have some real policy understanding but for them to know you're going to kill them or coerce them at certain points. it's tea but maybe a russian tea. it may be polonium laced. >> tom rogan stepping in playing
10:38 am
the role of conor powell and tom rogan. double duty. we won't pay you any extra. coming up after the break, they're in the final stretch of the campaign, but with trump behind in the polls, does he still have a path to victory? we'll take a look at the electoral map after the break. (vo) combine the right things. and something amazing happens. that's our inspiration for fancy feast medleys. wild salmon primavera. tastes amazing. also in pate. fancy feast medleys. sweet sun no artificial flavors. philadelphia® strawberry. rich..., creamy...
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10:43 am
victims there just east that is of los angeles. all westbound lanes of i-10 are closed. we have some crews continuing to work this story bringing you the very latest as we get it from our los angeles bureau. thank you. it's my privilege to be here in gettysburg, hallowed ground where so many lives were given in service to freedom. >> all right. clinton and trump, they are dueling for interviews on fox news sunday this morning with a little more than two weeks until election day. millions of americans already voting. every major national poll shows trump with little hope for an election night victory, but his campaign remains focused on traditional swing states. the clinton organization is expanding to some not so
10:44 am
traditional news sites. jim joins me to take a look at some of the shifting demographics across the country. you have been doing this for a long time, jim. i say that very respectfully. there's a couple states we have been talking about, you and i. arizona, georgia, utah, even texas. these are states that were never even up for discussion and it's not even necessarily they're up for discussion. it's that the margins are getting smaller and smaller and they could be up for discussion in 16 days. >> if you look at arizona, for example, there's two reasons why in arizona the latino population is getting larger. they're enrolling more younger latino voters, but if you also think about it, there's a large mormon population in mesa, which is outside of phoenix, and those voters haven't been all that thrilled with donald trump. and so those are the two reasons in arizona. in texas, i mean, it's the same thick with t thing with the lahtino voter population. in georgia the african-american population has gotten bigger. >> what about the college educated white vote? same story?
10:45 am
>> in this election, let's say, i think, and this gets to a point we'll make later, is that there are some folks that may have voted for mitt romney or may have voted for john mccain who are not all that with donald trump and in four years may vote for the republican nominee again. >> so that sort of brings us to the silent majority. we've been seeing that all over headlines. donald trump's campaign is saying, listen, they're not getting polled but they're going to show up. we're going to win this just because you're not predicting it, we're going to win it. is there any substance to that? >> i'll give you an anecdotal example, which is a woman that i know in bucks county, pennsylvania, outside of philadelphia. i'd asked her to set up a voter panel for us to get some women together, women or clinton, women for trump. she got back to me and said i have eight women, four for clinton and for our trump. the problem is the four women for trump don't want to go to on camera. i said why? they're afraid of blowback, pushback from their friends in the community, so i think that
10:46 am
there may be something to that. however, at the end of campaigns, the republicans may be getting a case of wishful thinking. you know, i mean, people say we've got this one poll that shows we're winning and the other 30 don't. >> right. >> i think there's some of that as well. >> you talked about pennsylvania. i want to pop up your electoral map predictions so our viewers can take a look. it's safe to say that your electoral map prediction has changed, and i think this is the fox news one. this is yours right here. >> correct. >> when i first looked at that, i just didn't -- i was surprised that there was such a discrepancy in these numbers. >> well -- >> what's changed? >> i think a lot has changed. the tapes we saw from requesti" hollywood." i think arizona for sure, i think that's probably going to
10:47 am
tip. georgia is going to tip. folks like to go with the winner, and in this election i think states are starting to tip in that direction. i think around -- that map has about 380 electoral votes. that may be a little bit on the outside of it. it might be, i think, closer to 350. >> because you have north carolina. you have florida, and you have georgia. those surprised me because if i'm not mistaken in the last map, they weren't, they were red. >> in the last map we had when i paid a visit in september, it was largely a map that, you know, the path that donald trump could get. it was a very narrow one, and that lane closed, and then it started to really open for hillary clinton. so that's really what happened is just that he has some possibilities around labor day that just don't exist. >> got it. jim, i think we're going to have you back hopefully before the election because it's very interesting and we'll see how the electoral votes actually pan out. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much for joining us. really interesting. >> more on the election coming up right after this show. another chance to see mr. sunday
10:48 am
himself fresh off the debate stage. chris wallace interviews both campaign managers, kellyanne conway and robby mook. 2:00 p.m. eastern. fox channel is your election headquarters now through the election with special live coverage all day tuesday, november 8th. after more than seven decades, one of baseball's most storied franchises is celebrating unquestionably a historic win. matt finn drew the very difficult assignment of being outside wrigley field this afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is the moment cubs fans have waited for. there's so much energy out here right now. it feels like today is the game day. coming up, we'll talk to two diehard fans who were in the stadium during that historic win last night. i work 'round the clock.
10:49 am
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you'd think they won a baseball game or something in the windy city. the cubs are headed to the world
10:53 am
series for first time in 71 years. they'll face off against the cleveland indians on tuesday. matt finn, wrigley field with all the details. hi, matt. >> reporter: hey. well, today is the day that chicago cubs fans have arguably been waiting a lifetime for. they can walk around wrigleyville and say we're going to the world series for the first time in over 70 years. as folklore would have it, the curse of the billy goat perhaps coming to an end this season. the energy today feels like a game day. there are fans everywhere taking pictures. there's traffic. the bars are gearing up for probably round two of celebrations, and i want to introduce you now to brad and his son matthew. they say they are chicago diehards. brad, you were in the game last night. talk to me about the energy. >> it was amazing. the only way i can describe it is electrifying. it was more than you could ever imagine it would be. >> this is something cub fans
10:54 am
have been waiting a very long time for. >> well, 71 years since we've been in the series. you know, my son and i, we've been season ticket holders for five years. just three years ago we lost 100 games and now we're going to the world series and we couldn't have meteorologisted it. we're very lucky. >> thank you, brad. looking ahead, the world series begins tuesday here on fox. the cubs will travel to cleveland and then the cubs come back here on friday to play at wrigley, and that will be the first game, the first world series game played here in 71 years. back to you. >> those are going to be some hot tickets. matt finn outside wrigley field. the countdown begins. thanks, matt. speaking of countdown, the nation is counting down to election day. halloween is also creeping up on us. coming up, how some are preparing by showing off their best undead moves. ugh. heartburn.
10:55 am
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we have a confirmed capture, 6:28 a.m.time. >> congratulations to the on board crew. you guys made it look really easy. great job. >> that's the picture we wanted to wait for. the six-member crew aboard the international space station was up early this morning preparing to receive a new shipment of supplies. the unmanned spacecraft as you heard was captured by astronauts
10:59 am
use aging a use aging robotic arm. the delivery includes more than 5,000 pounds of food, maybe some halloween candy, we don't know, science experiments and hardware. they recently welcomed three new crew mates including one american that arrived on friday. so i use this moment to expose the dark side of me. >> i think we found the dark side. >> hey, it is that time of year. our neighbors to the south getting in the halloween spirit a little early. thousands of zombies staggering throughout the streets of mexico city on saturday. it's called a zombie walk and features ghouls wearing torn shirts and they're covered, as you can see, in fake blood. it isn't just a phenomenon in mexico. it started right here on american soil, so there may be some zombies in our neck of the woods real soon. there's a halloween costume idea for you. >> i hope not, no. no zombies, please.
11:00 am
>> but it's easy. >> there you go. no zombies on "fox news sunday." mr. chris wallace, mr. sunday himself, is going to take it away. nice having you here. take care. i'm chris wallace. with just over two weeks until election day, can donald trump close the gap after the final debate? one of the prides of this country is the peaceful transition of power. are you saying you're not prepared now to -- >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> today trump campaign manager kellyanne conway on trump's allegations the election is rigged. >> what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign. >> and clinton campaign manager robby mook on new wikileaks revelations. plus, a debate between normer house


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