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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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here are pictures. i am coming down the slide. we had a great time. thanks to butler's orchard. this is a fox news alert. right now, the obama administration is confirming what we have been telling you for weeks. obamacare preem miums will go u sharply next year. many consumers will be down to one insurer. the department of health and human services says before taxpayer provided subsidies kick in, premiums for the mid level benchmark plan will increase an average of 25%. across the 39 states served by the online market. one in five customers will have plans from only one insurer to choose from. the administration insists subsidies which are supposed to rise alongside rising premiums will insulate consumers from massive payouts.
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state regulators are not so sure. republicans will pounce on the numbers as confirmation that insurance markets created by the 2010 health overhaul are on the verge of collapsing in what they call a death spiral. the obamacare open enrollment period starts november 1. one week before election day. now to another story we're following and have been following here on special report. tonight there is a new undercover video exposing direct links between the hillary clinton campaign and outside groups promoting her campaign. the subject matter, a donald duck mascot may seem silly and trivial. but it's no laughing matter. it's violation of federal law. good evening. >> reporter: lawyers advising the conservative group releasing these undercover videos say the donald duck agitators if funded by an outside group but
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controlled by the clinton campaign could have run afoul of the laws that govern public communications against a candidate. >> donald, stop judging. >> reporter: for a while costume figures resembling donald duck became a fixture of the campaign trail protesting outside donald trump's hotel, crashing a rally in virginia, chastising the gop nominee for not releasing his tax returns. even harassing pro-trump congressmen. now in its latest undercover video, a conservative group presents a hidden camera confession from bob creamer. he reveals the master dmind behd it. >> the candidate requested it, the future president of the united states who wanted ducks on the ground. we put ducks on the ground.
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>> we originally launched this duck because hillary clinton wants the duck. >> reporter: creamer recounts to the head of a progressive group that the call relaying the orders came from the deputy communication deputy. >> i have good new and bad new. good news is, the candidate would like to have a mascot follow around trump. the bad news is, she wants it to be donald duck. that's because -- she explained -- >> reporter: the old clinton hand said to be influential identified as sklar helped orchestrate the chicken against
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george bush. creamer's account calls into question the denial by mook who was asked about creamer and another implicated. >> they have never had a relationship with the clinton campaign. >> reporter: a convicted fell e he hassed aviedz ed >> reporter: a convicted fell e he hassed aviedz a >> reporter: a convicted fell e he hassed aviedz ed >> reporter: a convicted fell e he hassed aviedz dvised obama. in the latest video, creamer says donna brazile, now chair of the dnc, intervened in the donald duck plot after abc disney owner of the character objected. an assistant press secretary for the dnc confirms the organization kept a hand in the operation.
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a man fired last week as field director for americans united for change is seen tieing the duck operation to the dnc. >> reporter: neither the clinton campaign nor the dnc responded to our request for comment, speaking to reporters aboard air force i today, josh earnest says it has a history of selective editing even as ernest affirmed such tactics have been seen in presidential politics for as long as he has been involved in it.
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>> thanks, james. joining me now, attorney elliott burke, an expert in election law. thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> let's go over the legality of this. you have seen this video. what this group alleges. what about the legality of what's happening? are they breaking the law? >> the first thing we need to look at is whether or not there's a public communication. it's not clear to me from the video they put out that there actually is a public communication. that means a paid political advertisement. something in the newspaper, broadcast sad ligtellite. it looks like they were protesters dressed up as donald duck. i doubt they would see that as a public communication. >> what about the interaction between the clinton campaign, the dnc and this outside group? it says it was hillary clinton's idea to deploy the ducks directly. >> that's a different question. any time a candidate, committee or political party is working
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with an outside group, you get into possible contributions. here the allegation is that the candidate herself may have directed an outside group to engage in this behavior. if so, that could be a contribution. it can be permissible, but they need to be reported. because we're dealing with a third party group here, that group may take corporate contributions. if that's the case, it clearly would be illegal. >> that would result in an fec filing, potentially. that's a long process. >> that's correct. typically, an fec complaint once filed, it takes 18 months or years. >> the perception here that on the first video that was dealing with violence and stirring up violence at trump rallies where mook and others said they had no relationship with these people at all and now you see the second video where they clearly have interaction and even maybe even direction from the candidate, it's a different story on these two videos. >> it is.
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obviously, that's a question for the voters in terms of trustworthiness. in terms of the law, if there was actual conversations about doing this, if there was knowing and willful violations, yes, that could get into a criminal investigation. >> elliott, thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you. wikileaks is again showering the clinton campaign with unfavorable e-mails. the headline tonight, the lu lucrative and questionable relationship between bill clinton 57and an influential consulting firm. here is ed henry. >> reporter: new e-mails show top clinton adviser cheryl mills was privately admitting the family's foundation needed to clean up glaring conflicts of interest around the overlapping non-profit and for profit rolls of former president bill clinton. mills circulating a memo in december 2011 that said currently the president personally compensates certain employees to perform duties that fall outside of the scope of the
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foundation enter at this tiitie. later that same month, chelsea clinton wrote mills the proposed reforms such as setting new rules on outside income for foundation advisors like doug band were hollow. chelsea writing, one of the people collecting outside income was her father who was paid a salary of $3.5 million a year by ban's consulting company. according to a book. according to congressional investigators, hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin was also paid by the foundation and the state department. >> when you read the e-mails, you see she has serious ethical problems. the issues are what should decide this election. she's wrong on them.
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>> reporter: donald trump has demanded an investigation of the foundation's $12 million contribution by the king of morocco first revealed on special report. a clinton aide dismissed it as a scheduling error and fell back on the line that the e-mail were pill fered by the russians. >> the trump tax returns were stolen as well when they were mailed to the "new york times." you didn't object to that. you jumped all over it. >> we don't know where those tax returns came from. >> it was clearly stolen. >> we don't know. >> reporter: another e-mail shows the clinton team was worried the san bernardino terror attack last december and the fact that the shooter had a visa to stay in america would expose the clinton did not fix the visa waiver program. clinton chair john podesta has his own deep ties to a kremlin backed investment firm. "the wall street journal"
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reports he moved the shares into an llc which shares an address with his daughter. he says he cut all ties. he received a bill for legal expenses connected with the llc. it is funded by russian money that he says he has no connection with. >> follow-up on that one. we are a little more than two weeks away from voting day. by now, everyone pretty much knows the nominees' positions, strengths, weaknesses. from here on in, it's all about geography and math. both candidates spending time in states donald trump must win. for hillary clinton, it's all about slamming the door. and about time. carl cameron is with the trump campaign tonight in tampa, florida. good evening. >> reporter: hi. the election is two weeks from tomorrow. donald trump says now every poll that has him behind is bogus. trump began his second of three days in his premiere must win
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state of florida at a pumpkin farm. >> watch the polls, because this is part of the crooked system, part of the rigged system. they are phony polls put out by phony media. i will tell you what. all of us are affected by this stuff. what they do is they try to suppress the vote. this way people don't go out and vote. we're winning this race. rr >> reporter: that contradicts his campaign manager on national television yesterday. >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september. doubling her ad buys from august. most of those are negative against donald trump. classic politics of personal destruction. she has advantaged. >> reporter: trump accused pollsters of overstuffing with liberals. >> they are polling democrats. the system is corrupt and it's rigged and it's broken. and we're going to change it. >> reporter: in florida, it shows trump trailing by four
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points. nationally, clinton's average lead is five. >> early voting in florida begins today. through the 5th. make sure you get out and vote. location include city hall and the supervisor of elections office. you gotta get out there. who has voted already? that's not bad. >> reporter: democrats have registered more new voters than re according to the associated press. clinton has run five times more ads on tv than trump. trump needs to win tampa and orlando by big numbers. to offset clinton's strength in south florida. the u.s. chamber of commerce, a big spender on gop presidential nominees is focusing on other republican candidates. the senate republican leadership fund is urging people to vote gop members, the implication being they expect clinton will win.
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the final 15 days is always a sprint for undecided and swing voters. today, trump was picking a fight with pollsters. >> carl cameron with the trump campaign. thank you. hillary clinton is in new hampshire today, which only has four electoral votes. but it's a key piece to the trump presidential puzzle. however, the democrat cannot escape the scandals being fed daily by wikileaks and charges of hypocrisy plus the new video. jennifer griffin is with the clinton team tonight in manchester. >> on november 8, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> reporter: joined by one of her most fierce, outspoken allies on a stage in new hampshire, hillary clinton and
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elizabeth warren teamed up to help maggie hasan against ayotte who called donald trump a role mod model. >> i got news for you, donald trump. women have had it with guys like you. and nasty women have really had it with guys like you. >> reporter: it's ironic clinton and warren are campaigning together. warren, the wall street reformist and clinton the wall street beneficiary. they sound exactly the same. >> we're going to make big banks pay for the risks they pose to our economy, because elizabeth is absolutely right. no bank is too big to fail. and no one should be above the law. >> reporter: leaked wall street speeches show that's not what clinton said behind closed doors. new leaked wikileaks e-mails show the clinton campaign's disdain for the far left of the democratic party, referring to them as, quote, crazy leftists,
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naive, radical and dumb. clinton received one-fifth of her $1 billion in campaign donations from just one 100 of the country's wealthiest individuals. that according to an analysis by "the washington post." clinton said one of the first thing she will do is overturn the citizens united supreme court decision which led to the creation of the very super pacs her campaign has profited the most from. on the campaign trail, her surrogates are focusing down ballot. tim kaine is campaigning in florida. >> marco rubio, he called donald trump dangerous and he called donald trump a con artist. i don't get it how you could call somebody a dangerous con artist and support him. >> reporter: president obama is on a swing out west. clinton's top donors include 19 billionaires who have donated $70 million to her super pac. tonight, she will be celebrating her birthday in manhattan at a
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birthday party where those who attend will be donatie ining $1. >> jennifer, thank you. another black mark tonight raising questions about the integrity of the fbi investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it involves virginia's democratic governor and the wife of a key bureau official. we connect the dots. >> reporter: campaign finance records show a senior fbi executive's wife received over $400,000 from virginia's governor. andrew mccabe's wife ran for senate last year. she lost the race. she received 467,000 from a pac and $207,000 from virginia's democratic party. a third of her total campaign fund. they met in 2015 to encourage a run. at that time, andrew was
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associate fbi director with no role in the clinton case. three months after his wife lost, andrew was promoted in february to deputy fbi director with oversight of the e-mailemp coupled with the tarmac meeting in june between attorney general lynch and bill clinton one week before hillary clinton's fbi interview reflect poorly on the justice department and the fbi. trump hit hard on the new allegations today. >> it's unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the e-mail lie, the e-mail scam, the e-mail corruption but now at least we have a pretty good idea. >> reporter: the fbi ethics manual says employees must avoid the appearance of a conflict. according to the fbi, he flagged his wife's senate wife last year and the matter was reviewed before his promotion.
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they implemented a system of recusal from all fbi matters involving virginia politics. a process followed for the remainder of her campaign. during the campaign, he played no role, attended no events and did not participate in fund-raising. he was recently called by the house government oversight committee to brief staffers on allegations of a quid pro quo between a senior state department executive and an fbi agent in the clinton case. >> thank you. up next, the battle to retake mosul. it's getting deadly. here is what some of our affiliates around the country are covering tonight. philadelphia, classes resume for more than $100,000 student who attend pennsylvania's 14 state owned universities. the union has reached a tentative contract agreement. the new deals provide raises for all employees but also require them to pick up a greater share of their health care costs. chicago, where the excitement
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over the cubs' first appearance in the world sear rseries in 71 years did not stop the usual weekend carnage. police say six men were killed and at least 32 other people wounded in shootings between friday night and monday morning. this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11. the big story there, the search for answers after one of the deadliest wrecks in california history. 13 people were killed, 31 injured early 1u7bd when a tour bus slammed into the back of a semi near a road maintenance site. the investigation is under way. we'll be right back. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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iraqi forces fought their
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way into two villages near mosul today as the offensive to try to retake the city from isis terrorists entered its second week. >> reporter: on the road to motion mosul, a town was liberated. today the battle continued. the same is true in other towns which continue to see resistance from isis. even after they are said to be cleared. the pentagon acknowledging troops are meeting heavier resistance than expected and it's quote going to get heavier. on a road to the front line today east of mosul, we saw early signs of the battle. this man bleeding and dazed had been shot in the head while manning a gun tourette. we found more pockets of resistance and other casualties. there's a fifth gun battle going on less than half a mile in front of us. we know isis are in a building there and they have been surrounded by the iraqi army. there were suicide trucks there.
3:25 pm
we are not sure whether they will call in an air strike. the u.s. coalition carried out six air strikes destroying 19 fighting positions and 17 vehicles. the state department continues to say things are going to plan. >> there's still a lot of work to do to defeat daesh in iraq. the progress is notable. it's important. but it's not enough until we actually kick them out of mosul. >> reporter: as the battle rages slowly on. the underlying complexities have bubbled to the surface. turkey's president sutggested hs troops and air force could get more involved. the iranian president warned turkey not to interfere. >> translator: we consider intervention of foreign countries and without c coordination with the host country very dangerous. >> reporter: even as forces on
3:26 pm
the ground make slow progress, even as isis continues to launch counter attacks around this part of the country, many people already looking to who will take the lead in mosul after isis are gone. that will define not only the future of the city, also the country, possibly even of the region. >> benjamin, thank you. syrian government forces and their allies have captured strategic high ground in aleppo tonight. fighting in the key city in syria resumed today after days long lull aiming at allowing civilians to leave. none did. russia says it's not planning any more so-called humanitarian pauses in the fighting in syria. france is shutting down a massive refugee camp. long lines of migrants waited today to board buses in the port city. they are leaving this makeshift camp known as the jungle. they are going to reception centers around france where they can apply for asylum. in this country, an uproar
3:27 pm
over an effort to take back money given to america's heros. it involves bonuses paid to the members of the california national guard. >> reporter: at the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the california national guard offered thousands of soldiers cash bonuses to re-enlist or extend their time overseas. many took the bonuses in good faith and did their time. plenty saw combat and were even wounded. now ten years later, those same veterans are shocked to learn the pentagon wants the money back. >> i held up my end of the contract. i deployed, stayed in six years as an officer. served honorably, retired honorably. i didn't think there would be an issue. >> reporter: the guard game out too much money and in some cases to the wrong people while under pressure to meet enlistment targets. now 10,000 veterans are being slapped with wage garnishment,
3:28 pm
interest charges and tax liens unless they pay up. it doesn't sit well with those who know the burdens of wearing a uniform. >> news flash to everybody. nearly every soldier, sailer, airman, guards man i have known over the last 50 years lives paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: the california national guard says its hands are tied, saying, quote, the california national guard does not have the authority to wave these debts. the california national guard welcomes any law passed by congress to waive these debts. until that time, our priority is to advocate for our soldiers through this difficult process. many vets say the process is too difficult and too long. this man has hired several lawyers and still no resolution. >> one soldier said it best. i will give you your money back if you give me my years back. >> reporter: we are hearing from both sides of the aisle who say the idea that our heros should pay back the bonuses is
3:29 pm
unconscionable. several members of congress are calling on the defense department to forgive the debts immediately. >> thank you. there are serious questions tonight about whether at&t's plan to buy time warner will ever happen. both presidential candidates and many other political figures here in washington are already expressing optimism over skepticism, depending on their point of view, about the proposed $85.4 billion deal. time warner's ceo says he is confident. >> we're ready for a review. we expect it to be a vigorous y review. we will visit with congress and tell our story there. we feel the information and dad data will drive this and the law will drive this. >> that's at&t's ceo there. time warner owns hbo, cnn and warner brothers. stocks were up today. even if you are not part of a pension plan, you may have to
3:30 pm
pay for the growing crisis in public employee pensions. we go to one city where things were done the right way. >> we have been able to strike a really good balance in fresno. we offer a really good retirement system that isn't going to break the bank. >> reporter: working class fresno has one thing no other california city does, a fully funded pension. >> the fact they are rare is a strong indication that government probably shouldn't be involved in this business. basically, you have to find one out of every 100 doing it right. >> reporter: it's one of seven cities or states with a pension surplus according to the non-partisan research group transparent california. the rest are $6 trillion short. setting aside 35 cents for every dollar promised. wisconsin is the only state over 50% funded, according to the american legislative exchange counsel. the five worst include illinois,
3:31 pm
where 60% of state workers retired in their 50s. in connecticut, pensions average $40,000 a year, yet state employees contribute less than 2%, compared to 6% in north carolina. >> it literally is a system where it says, give us really rich benefits today that appear to be free and if it does blow up in our faces, it won't blow up for 20 to 30 years. >> reporter: fresno say tale two of cities. the city pension fund is 100% funded. they have a surplus of $300 million. the county has unfunded pension liability of almost $1 billion. the difference? city and union officials agreed to a realistic benefits package. >> the unions have been amenable to keeping things reasonable. since they kept it reasonable, we're fully funded plus. >> reporter: pensions in the city of fresno average $39,000, almost $20,000 a year less than the county. >> it's better to be responsible
3:32 pm
and you take less of a benefit. right? so that you have something at the end. new video linking democratic dirty tricks to hillary clinton possibly. we will talk about it with the panel. plus an update on obamacare when we come back. anted gas. not good. then we switched to mirafiber. only mirafiber supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. switch to mirafiber. from the makers of miralax.
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that's why i propose a contract with the american voter. it's a set of promises for what i will do in my first 100 days. it includes getting rid of immediately obamacare, which is a disaster. even bill clinton admitted obamacare is the craziest thing in the world, quote, craziest thing in the world. where people wind up with their premiums doubled. >> the obamacare situation getting worse today with the
3:36 pm
confirmation from the obama administration that premiums in fact will go up, an average of 25% across the country next year. donald trump's nominee for vice-president tweeting out just moments ago, higher premiums, less competition, fewer choices lie ahead for owe bbamacare. if you look at this map, you can see the hikes. this is from usa today on the health care premiums under the affordable care act expected to rise. you can get a sense for the colors. it goes up to 50% is the black there, 40%, 45% is a little darker blue. and all of these states seeing increased premiums. here is the health and human service secretary tweeting out tonight. subsidies will increase she says along with the premium increases. let's bring in our panel.
3:37 pm
tom rogan, laura ingram, heidi prisbala and charles krauthammer. heidi, it was your paper's map about the premium hikes earlier in the month. now it has come to pass officially. what does this mean politically? >> well, i think you ask anyone, this was entirely foreseeable. mitt romney said when we were watching this it's not going to watch if you let the sickest people all flood into the system and the healthiest people aren't there to kind of defray some of the costs. we are inevitably here. it's coming days before the presidential election. absolutely it could really make some people angry. we're talking about a small generally speaking universe of people, 5 to 7 million people who fall into this category who don't get subsidies and will see the massive rate mikes, in some cases 116%. what needs to happen is both parties need to knock off the
3:38 pm
politics after the election. hillary clinton and the democrats need to stop -- like that statement you saw -- being in denial this is working. the republicans for their part need to also accept that this is -- this law is probably not going anywhere if we have a democrat in the white house. it's definitely not going anywhere. they have to decide whether they want to work with the new president to improve it. >> this is a major drag on the economy. health care spending is going up. obama famously said we're going to bend the cost curve down. i think ed morrisy said the only thing bending down is the honesty curve. my own preem miums have gone up 37%. a lot of people can't afford this. it was hoisted upon them. it was passed without any republican support. that was a mistake. it's obvious. but they sold this thing as an economic boon. they sold this as -- you can keep your doctor and your health care coverage if you wanted it. all of that turned out to be
3:39 pm
false. we have doctors quitting. we have prescription drug prices, the cost of that because we don't bid those out properly, it's a disaster. trump has a real political opportunity here. it happens to be true. >> this was an albatross in mid terms. the open enrollment starts november 1, one week to the day to election day. you would think that this has some affect on people looking at the ballot. >> yeah. one of the things that clearly this is going to keep happening, these cost increases. the fundamental structural problem is the fundamental problem in the sense that the cost curve, as laura notes, is going to continue on that up curve. i would say, one issue potentially going forward, i don't know whether mr. trump will be able to capitalize on it because of his polling with millennial voters, but it allows republicans to usurp some of the narrative about social justice. because young people across the country are seeing these escalating price hikes. certainly myself, my friends, liberal friends complaining
3:40 pm
about declining quality in tandem with escalating prices. that does not speak kindly to the notion of social justice as something people can gather behind. >> some are just not getting in. they're choosing -- why do i have to do this now? >> that's the rational thing to do is not to join. it was constructed from the beginning as a way to transfer money from the healthy young to the older sick. with a promise that somehow it's not going to cost anybody anything. the young have made the right decision, the rational decision of not joining in, which makes the risk pool, the ratio of the sick to the healthy completely out of whack, which was utterly predictable and predicted. as a result, it is becoming insolvent. as a result, the majority of the states the big insurers are pulling out because it's bankrupting them. when the democrats talk about a fix, the essence of the fix is, you pour in tax money.
3:41 pm
>> public option? >> exactly. and also they're going to have to increase the subsidies. they're going to have to lower the level at which you receive the subsidy. this is all to make this a transition to a fully controlled single payer government system, which is what obama and the others dreamed about at the beginning. whether it was intended or not, that's the only way to go, because it's utterly insolvent and structurally contradictory. that's what the democrats are going to sell as a fix. and i don't think anybody should buy it. >> i want to turn to our other story. that is this video. behind the scenes. take a listen.
3:42 pm
>> these individuals no longer have a relationship with the dnc. they never had a relationship with the clinton campaign. it was a video leaked out for the purpose of damaging the campaign. it's edited. we don't know what the full context is. >> bob's contract according to the records i was able to pull at the dnc was not signed until june of 2016. >> to give you context, bob creamer is this consultant whose democratic national committee contract was severed after last week's video. the white house logs say he visited 299 times between 2010 to 2016, 34 visits with the president also in attendance. some have said that there are even more of those meeting with
3:43 pm
the president. bottom line is this guy is connected. these videos show he is talking about hillary clinton saying, you know, let's get the donald ducks about tax returns out to this outside organization. >> yeah. if these are independent expenditures, they're not supposed to be coordinated with the campaign. there's a test to meet whether this expenditure which is against federal election law. it regards payment, content and conduct. the content here is this donald duck character. it's not clear that that would under the legal definition be a communication that is coordinated as a legal matter. >> we talked about it at the beginning of the show. >> i know the guest dismissed it. it's not that clear yet. that has to be fleshed out more. more important, they keep blowing this off as saying, creamer is no longer -- that doesn't matter. he was -- he is a dirty tricks guy, longtime confidant of the clintons. close with obama. he was involved in this.
3:44 pm
clearly, according to that video -- i can't see how they say that is edited -- hillary clinton gave the thumbs up to this. again, they keep saying, they are wick i cki l wikileaks were stolen. this again speaks to the question of ethics and propriety. they think campaign finance laws are important but when they run afoul of them they want to blow it off and say he is no longer employed. >> i just -- in this case -- don't know what we have here other than hillary clinton maybe thought it would be amusing to have a duck stalk donald trump. that doesn't necessarily translate into an independent expenditure, as laura points out. but these are very serious allegations. that's why as a journalist, i want to see the full unedited tapes. o'keefe had these moles, if you
3:45 pm
will, inside these organizations for many months. and he is refusing not only to release the unedited tapes but to put a time stamp or any context into the tapes. given his history of misleading editing, i think that's in the american's -- >> he did have this plot to tamper with phones in a mayor's office. the fbi arrested him and three others. they charged him with entering federal property under false pretensions with the intent to commit a felony. he was sentenced to three years probation. that didn't have to do with any of the editing of that tape, just to be clear of that, of the charges. >> a lot of the subjects in the tapes from the past and current, including the lady on the oxygen tank, she's been contacted and she said that's not what happened. >> we are looking at the tapes as far as the unedited portions where they are talking about the interactions with the clinton campaign.
3:46 pm
i guess the point here is that they have dismissed this entirely. the first tape dealt with inciting violence at trump rallies. there was a complete push-off, heisman award that they were nowhere near this guy. yet he is talking about hearing from hillary clinton and people close to her, interacting with the dnc and donna brazile. there's a lot of interaction that is not explained by the campaign or the dnc. >> that is, i think we need -- another journal point is his group was given money from the trump foundation at the beginning when he was about to launch his campaign. of course, a lot of his stories have been running through bright bart. you have to point out the connections as well. >> fair enough.
3:47 pm
>> i think the issue is that donald trump -- the issues at the beginning of october, it would give him a pretty powerful opportunity to just reinforce that notion. it speaks to something that i think pretty much everything -- everyone, whether they admit it or not, regard lless of politic leanings, that there's a deep center to the clintons that in various ways is sustained by the suspension of truth in political expediency. the problem is, i think at this point in the election, because the trump campaign is sort of self-defined by chaos in a way, his ability to use this to sort of drive those undecided voters into his block and say, hillary clinton, this is something -- i think people belief this. it reinforces something that is -- most people in the country, most voters believe already existed. i don't know how it changes the dimensions of the race. >> we will see.
3:48 pm
legally, there are questions where it goes. the latest from the presidential campaign and the latest polls after this.
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test test test test test
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the system is corrupt and it's rigid and it's broken. and we're going to change it. >> all this talk about the election being rigid, trying to stir up people who are supporting him at his rallies that is a direct threat to our democracy. >> that's from the trail today hillary clinton and donald trump in key battleground states. this as we have new polls out. cnn with a new poll having hillary clinton up 5 points,
3:52 pm
margin of error .5. national poll in the four-way race. this tracks exactly with our sr average. the poll of polls, that clouds cnn, quinnipiac, fox news, bloomberg and monmouth and it's an average of the most recent polls that we trust and it has clinton up 5. last night we're back with the panel. we went through the other polls out this. the "l.a. times," rasmussen, ibt and ibd. investors business daily and why our calculations are on those polls. your sense the state of this race where it is in these final two weeks? >> well, if you eliminate the bias or accumulate it and get parts of it canceling other parts, you end up with a consensus that we are somewhere around 6%. you see it reflected in the tone and the demeanor of trump himself. there is kind of a whistleness at times. he asks the crowd at one speech? should i have gotten into this of course, et cetera.
3:53 pm
it's not the kind of charging ahead that you expect. and now he is saying that the polls are rigid. i think there is a general feeling in both camps that she is way ahead and it would take some giant act, external act to change things. some kind of rest of accurately somewhere through the wikileaks release or not. which i think is unlikely to come. i mean, lock at what we are discussing today. who ordered the duck is the big question. which you would expect to hear at a dinner party but not at the center of a national campaign. i mean, in some sense, it's a farce and i must say i was far more offended by the veritas tape that showed the planning for the violence and to blame it on trump. i think that's of a higher order of magnitude, what's at stake here is a possible violation of some arcane federal election law. but, i think in the end 6% is probably where it is. and the campaigns are acting
3:54 pm
accordingly. >> now, laura, traditionally, races tighten towards the end and we could see that tightening. you're going to have to if you are on the trump campaign, see that movement in the next week. >> yep. >> to see the path to 270. >> he has to move the needle. there has been a lot of discussion about the overweighting in some of the samples, which i understand the complaint about that. especially the abc poll that seemed to overweight way to the democrats' advantage. nevertheless, trump is behind. and, he is always better off when he is talking about america and not going back and talking 'well, i'm going to sue them. it's just a waste of time for him. and, i don't know if he knows that now. i think he does. he did the gettysburg speech. the first 100 days. he talked about cleaning out the corruption in washington, which i think most people are really tired of, regardless of their affection for the clintons or obama mass. people think they need change in washington. i think a lot of these down ballot races, kelly ayotte and heck in nevada, i think
3:55 pm
they're polling away from trump has actually hurt them in the polls. i think people, they think that's going to help them. i don't think that's going to help them at all. people trust them less. >> there are things in wikileaks, bill clinton being given and funded by a company $3.5 million a year. obviously that's something. and the foundation, there are things that come out day to day that we are looking into it's just a question to your point earlier, tom, whether it breaks through. >> right. and i think to charles' point, at this juncture i think it has to be something, you know, from the emails that were never recovered, the russian perspectively, whatever, people have their differing perspectives on how wikileaks got this. i think it was the russians 2009 to 2011. serious misconduct. i think this drip will continue. i don't think it changes the dimensions of the race. trump's difficulty is ohio and arizona at the moment look like the only two sort of mid battle states where he is ahead. >> this is the media, they
3:56 pm
have to cover these stories and cover them fairly as they do cover trump's foibles. >> i owe you a comment next time, hidy. that's it for the panel. we revisit one of the debates you may not have seen. we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. finally tonight the debates are over but our friends lip reading slammed poetry reading at the second debate. >> i call this brown bikini, we lived our white loy in a red cage that's now gone. anger, rust, and the summer ice i couldn't melt in a brown bikini. >> it was not good in my garden that year. it was not good in my garden. i am not brave. i am a merchant. my trade was bad for me but for my family and for my sun drake it sure looked like bravely it was not good in my garden that year. it was not good in m garden. >> okay.
4:00 pm
i'm not sure about that one. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid on the record. right next door is brit hume that starts right now. >> hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." there is a new project veritas video out tonight which seems directly to connect hillary clinton to donald duck costumes popping up at trump events. at this hour trump himself is about to speak in florida. you can see someone else is currently at the podium. we will monitor the rally and bring you any news that comes out of it at the moment the national polling average shows hillary clinton with a 5.5 lead in a two-way race and 5 point load in a four-way. the betting odds continue to show her a heavy favorite by more than 5 to 1. regardless of those figures donald trump says is he winning the race and blames the media for suggesting otherwise. watch this. >> watch the polls, because this is part of the crooked system. it's part of the rigid


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