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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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opine. name of the day, do not be a w factor. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking to night, 15 days until america elects its next president. hillary clinton is leading in most of the polls but there's a whole series of new campaign controversy tonight and the question is will it be enough to help donald trump. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. a lot has changed since we last joined you. early voting is now under way in 32 states, as well as washington, d.c. and we're hearing the total number of ballots cast has already hit more than 6 million. donald trump has taken his message to the battleground state of florida holding five different events today. think he cares about florida? meantime, hillary clinton is largely out of site holding just
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one single public event today. just one. it comes as her campaign and those around her come under increased scrutiny. first, there is a damaging report concerning a top clinton ally and big money he donated to another campaign. we'll explain. the candidate here just so happened to be married to the man who helped oversee the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. basically the governor of virginia made a big donation to the woman on the right married to a top fbi official who wound. investigating hillary. then another troubling new video from project very tas which exposed operatives working to harass donald trump and provoke his supporters and then play the victim. the clinton campaign has denied any link to the dirty tricks described in the videos which
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have led to two people being fired so far. watch. >> i've tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value and not just with a grain of salt but maybe a whole package of salt. >> vi no evidence of that. mr. cramer stepped aside because he did not want to be the kind of distraction that he is even at this point. >> no one working for the dnc or the clinton campaign was doing that. this is an attempt by donald trump to distract from there real issues of this campaign. >> we don't need any salt. we don't need a grain. we don't need a pound, we don't need a package. the democrats fired two people in those videos fur thor their antics. why are they firing people? but, this new foot and tonight is raising questions about the denials about how they had no linkage to the hillary clinton camp, the dnc had nothing to do with the videos, a bad democratic operative group, never heard of them. but you know the people have
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been caught on video saying that clinton's campaign and hillary clinton herself were in on an effort to troll donald trump in what appears to be not an unrelated case. using people dressed up -- wait. very clever. donald duck. it's not even good troll. it may sound a little silly but it could be a violation of federal election law. hillary is not allowed to coordinate with the outside groups. so she could be in a lot of trouble if that link is real. listen here. >> the good news is the candidate would like to have a mascot following around -- >> the candidate. >> trump. >> but the bad news is she wants it to be donald duck and that's because skalar is an old clinton ad. he went to some buddy of his and she explained the idea that hill
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c hillary, and hillary just loved it. >> she did? what she did love about this. we begin with our chief washington correspondent james rosen. james? >> good evening. for a while this summer donald duck emerged as a prominent figure on the campaign trail, showing up at trump rallies with outside his washington hotel and harassing trump surrogates and chastising the nominee. now in the latest undercover video from very tas, we hear from him confiding the identity of the purported mastermind
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behind the donald duck operation. >> in the end it was the candidate, hill clinton, the future president of the united states. ducks on the ground. >> wow. >> adopt repeat that to anybody. >> don't repeat that to anybody. he also alleged that donna brazile intervened at one point to get the donald duck's operation moved out of the dnc to a progress i grouped called americans united for change because brazile feared trademark trouble from nbc disney. at one point in the video an assistant press secretary for the dnc is seen confiding that the organization still had a hand in the donald duck operation. >> it's something we're involved in. we just have to be careful about these things and the way we talk about them.
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but you guys are -- i trust that it will all be fine. >> neither the clinton campaign for the dnc responded to our request for comment. however in response to last week's videos, both the campaign and the committee accused very tas of editing. but maybe a multigrain of salt. >> u feel like you need a tequila rim full of salt perhaps. forgive me for putting you on the spot. you hear the person in the video saying we have to be care afl about what we say. it's not we have to be careful about what we do. we don't want to be perceived as having broken the law. you once told me about a famous richard nixon quote to the same effect. do you remember it sitting here now? >> yes. >> can you tell me what it is? >> this is used in biographies of richard nixon quoted as saying you must show that you
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care and indeed you must care which indicates a slightly back heavy priorities list there. >> i knew -- that's impressive that you got that. i haven't spoken to you about that in eight or nine years. great to see you as always. check out his book "a torch kept lit." joining us now david clark and richard fowler, fox news contributor. great to see you both. i don't know, you tell me, richard. it's like, first of all that trolling sucks. and second of all, that group is not supposed to be coordinating with hillary on how to aggravate donald trump. >> well, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, this time i got to tell you, i don't think it's a duck. >> oh! >> and here's why. there's a couple of things here. one, this organization -- now this came from the fox news channel. this came from abc, nbc, "wall street journal," washington post, chicago tribune, chicago
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times, maybe i believe it. but this organization as mr. rosen said in the lead-in to this, a fair right activist group who is known for doctoring videos. and also megyn, in 2015 right before donald trump launched his campaign, the trump foundation which has its own problems, but they managed to get together $15,000 to give to this same group. i find this group to be problematic which is why don't take the tapes at face value. there's in question that what's said on the tapes is murky. >> donald trump may have given 15,000 to project veritas but he didn't make them say what they said and he didn't make the democrats fire two people in the wake of the tapes coming out. >> megyn, these democrat operatives are excuse my people. every time we think we've reached the bottom of the sewer with them, we find we have a long way to go.
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they're up to their eyeballs in corruption. their motto is to cheat, lie and steal. what i find problematic is that the democrats don't care how they win elections, they just care that they win elections. but then in 45 to 47% of the american public that is supporting mrs. bill clinton, they don't seem to care about this at all. if she wins this election, i still don't think that this is over yet. but if she does, we'll spend the next four years with investigation after investigation. we still don't know the bottom of this thing and we're going to learn it as time goes on. >> you know, richard, as we are on the air right now, politico just breaks this story, saying that this same group, democracy partners, the same group that mr. cramer was associated with, a guy like don't tell anybody i said that, keep that stuff about hillary to yourself, don't tell
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fox news in particular, so that group, according to politico coordinated also with, get this -- going to blow your mind now -- breitbart, which is a conservative -- they think it's alt-right, whatever, site to hurt marco rubio. i'm just reading this now. they coordinated during the primaries to cover disruptions of events for candidates such as marco rubio. you've got the groups on the left who dislike rubio and the groups on the far right who dislike rubio. they didn't make rubio go into robot mode when chris christie came after him. but the point is these are dirty tricks and these democracy partners should not have been coordinating with hillary clinton. she was not allowed to do that. >> he says hillary clinton, mr. cramer does in the videos but there's no e-mails. maybe wikileaks has it. who knows.
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>> he's trying to protect her. he's like don't tell anybody. >> i think sheriff clark said this, politics is a blood sport and unfortunately thanks to citizens united, there's way too much money in politics. >> if they broke the law it's worse than dirty. >> this is the problem with super pacs. this lines are so murky because the super pac laws say we're working together today and i can fire you and then you can runny super pac. that's problematic. >> sheriff clark, you are a man of the law. and the law says you can't be a 501 c 4 organization which it appears this group was and engage in direct or indirect participation in a political campaign on behalf of a candidate. so if this group was taking its orders and acting them out on behalf of hillary as we hear the man say there, then they may be
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in violation of the law. it's not just somebody gets fired, somebody gets a visit from somebody like you saying come on down to the station and let's have a chat. >> this is interesting because i think the prima facie evidence that there's corruption going on. but who to you call on? normally i would say the justice department should step in here and take a look, the federal election commission. but nose institutions are corrupted. >> it's really the tax agencies who would say, you're not getting your tax exempt status anymore, you're a political campaign. >> here's the thing too. this is voter intimidation. this is straight up hard core voter intimidation. and some of the trump events, you look at the one in san jose, california where trump supporters at that event were literally attacked, beaten, bloodied and injured. that is voter intimidation. that if it happened on the other side --
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>> sir -- >> klan or supremacists groups -- please let me finish. if the shoe were on the other foot and those things happened, everybody would be outraged and they rightfully should be outraged. but now that it's the clintons, of course there's a different standard for them. they're above the law. >> i got to leave it at that. also tonight, we're tracking the fallout after we learned that a close clinton ally had direct tie to the man who wound up heading the fbi's investigation into her e-mail scalpel. jand anna napolitano says the story goes deeper than we have heard. plus, now an 11th woman alleges inappropriate sexual behavior on the part of donald trump. we'll show you how the campaign is handling this one. >> you know, this one that came out recently, he gra you owned your car
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15 days until the election. and new head aches for the clinton cam pap as we learn a central player in the investigation into her e-mail had close ties to a long time clinton confident. he happens to be the virginia governor who was cochair of
9:18 pm
president clinton's campaign and ran her first presidential campaign as well. well as it turns out, the governor was the man donating half a million buck to the wife of the fbi official who wound up leading the clinton e-mail investigation. judge anna napolitano and peter schweizer is here on that. but first to catherine here raj. >> the money accounts for more than a third of the campaign funding. the deposit any fbi director an due mccabe's wife ran for the virginia state senate last year. and while she lost the race, she received 467,000 from mccull luf's pack and another 7,000 from the democrat party. the governor met with mccabe and her husband to encourage a run.
9:19 pm
at that time andrew mccabe was the associate fbi director. three months after his wife left, andrew mccabe was promoted to deposit my fbi direct eer. in this position he took on an oversight role for the first time in the clinton e-mail case. critics emphasize that these events, coupled with the controversial tarmac meeting between janet lynch and bill clipton in june reflect poorly on the justice department and the fbi. trump hit hard on the allegations today. >> it's unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the e-mail lie, the e-mail scam, the e-mail corruption but now at least we have a pretty good idea. >> this fbi etices manual says employees must avoid the appearance of a conflict. mccabe did flag his wife's senate race last year and the
9:20 pm
bureau dereview it and implemented a system of recusal, a process followed for the remainder of her campaign. during the campaign he played no role. but a former agent told fox nouz noo toith that the bureau did not do enough to properly distance him and their actions are not the keeping with the fbi integrity motto. >> our next guest thinks he knows where the leak came from. judge andrew napolitano is our judicial analyst. >> there are 100 investigators who worked on the investigation of mrs. clinton. hardworking men and women in the field who gathered evidence and interviewed witnesses and shipped this data up to senior management like mr. mccabe and are furious about the decision not to prosecute her. they were denied the right tools, no grand jury, no subpoenas, no search warrants.
9:21 pm
they are the ones who are leaking information to undermine the decision not to prosecute to demonstrate that it was not professionally made, that it was made for political reasons. >> what if the fact that the guy mccabe wasn't running the e-mail investigation at the time that his wife was running for office and got the donation from mccallive. >> the appearance of impropriety is where to a layperson it looks like it's fishy, looks like something smells. how can this guy be the number two person in the justice department when the person providing the money to his wife is himself being investigated by the fbi. >> this guy is the second in charge at the fbi chblt and when he has an interest in that money going to his wife and when he has an interest in seeing to it that mrs. clinton is not indicted because that disrupting the foonl stream to his wife. >> you know, we always learn
9:22 pm
there's more to the story. loretta lynch goes on the plane talking to bill clinton. what thar they talking about. you remember the "the new york times" broke the story on march 2nd, 2015 that hillary clinton was using a private e-mail to do all of her government business. president obama came out within days and asked whether he knew. here's what he said. >> mr. president when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> news reports. the podesta e-mails show that's completely untrue. >> here's another theory as to why mrs. clinton wasn't prosecuted. because the first defense witness to be put on the stand would be the former president of the united states, barack obama. you knew this because you used it and you authorized it because here's a couple of hundred e-mails from you going to her.
9:23 pm
that statement that he made was a boldface lie and we have evidence of it. >> it can't be true because the podesta e-mail that came out two days after the "the new york times" broke the story is asking should we hold back e-mails from hillary and president obama because of his executive privilege. this was at a time when podesta was working for president obama before he went to work for hillary. several days later obama comes out trying to tell us i just learned about it. >> do you see how this crowd has degraded the fbi, has degraded the justice department and has degraded the rule of law? >> well, they certainly have them in fast and loose with the truth, i mean forth coming with the truth. they have been fast and loose. again imagine if you tried to pull this nonsense with your boss and we are their bosses. we also have new reporting tonight on a justice department tactic uncovered by my next guest. his new report says that when president obama's doj goes after
9:24 pm
financial institutions, big banks messing things up, the et lment they exfrakt does not always go to the victims of the bank's behavior, but intaed the money leads right to left-leaning nonprofits who help get democrats elected. peter schweizer, the author of "clinton cash." so just give us an example of how this would go down. >> you had a lot of activity by wall street firms, some of it criminal in 2008. the department of justice decides to take legal action against them and the banks are obviously eager to settle. so they will settle. and part of that settlement will be that some of the funds may go to the victims of the crime you committed but some of that money is actually going to go to pay restitution in the form of giving that money to nonprofit
9:25 pm
organizations. and these are nonprofit organizations that are overwhelmingly progressive and serve basically as an ad junk to the democratic party. >> maybe we're going to save the whales, clean up the oceans. but that's no what we're talking about. >> no, we're not. one organization received millions of dollars is a group in new york called asian americans for equality. sounds like a great idea, right? the problem is when you look into this organization which got money from banks via the department of justice, this is an organization affiliated with the communist workers party. i didn't know that the communist workers' party was around anymore. and in fact the organization that received this money is sympathetic to the north korean regime. how hard it is to find somebody that likes -- >> why are we give them money? why are the feds giving that group money? >> it's a great question. a lot of it is get out the vote
9:26 pm
examples efforts. in some cases it's designed for voter registration. the problem is when you look at the literature of the groups, what they mean by get out the vote or voter registration is progressive rovoters progressively. >> can this be stopped? you think the money that the banks have to pay, maybe we could use it toward the national debt, something everybody could agree that we need to do. >> i agree. if there are crimes committed by the banks and the financial institutions, it ought to go to the victims, the people that were victimized. >> that's a novel idea. >> or it ought to go to the national debt. but to turn it into political activism is absurd and it's something that riersd a congressional investigation and people at doj need to be held into account. as the judge pointed out and as you pointed out on your show, the department of justice is to enforce the laws, not break the
9:27 pm
laws and create their own rules. and that's clearly what this organization has been doing. >> you're not supposed to be a political arm of the white house. that's for sure. peter, good to see you. >> thank you, megyn. you get all of that? you get the general idea. i know you do. donald trump has wrapped up his fifth and final campaign event in florida. florida, i say. we'll show you the warning that he sent to the voters there as an 11th woman comes forward to accuse the candidate of sexual misconduct. plus, breaking news on plus, breaking news on obamacare tonight and perino ♪ plus, breaking news on obamacare tonight and perino ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle,
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did mention we're 15 days out from the presidential election. it's only been 15 months -- am c actually more. it's been two years. donald trump has cautioned voter ossen what she says are the phony polls. for more on that, karl cameron is in tampa tonight. karl? >> he's putting the pedal to the medal and charging hard in florida but it's never good when the politicians start questioning the polls or criticizing the polls when and
9:32 pm
donald trump did that saying that the pollsters are weighting their surveys to help hillary clinton and that the media is behind another conspiracy designed to do him in. watch. >> what they do is they show the phony polls where they look at democrats and it's heavy weighted with demeanors and then they'll put on a poll where we're not winning and efb says they're not winning. it's a heavily weighted poll with demeanoocrats. >> reporter: within most polls it's within the margin of error. having said that, trump today seized on the obama's administration' admission that the affordable care act os premiums are going to go up in a big way next year. that he mentioned tonight in tampa where he had 9,000 plus members in the audience, a big big crowd. and should he be able to turn that into a closing argument, making the point that the affordable care act, president obama's signature issue in his
9:33 pm
eight years domestically speaking as in effect backfired and the prices are going to go up, could be exactly the type of opportunity that trump needs to trump both the polls around and the momentum around in this race in the last two weeks. >> carl, thank you. donald trump facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in his case and he sees his numbers women continuing to plummet. using his threat at gettysburg to issue a threat to the women. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> that warning did not stop an 11th accuser from coming forward this weekend, adult film star jessica drake claims she
9:34 pm
received an unwanted kiss and proposition from the real estate mogul at a golf event in 2006. >> later that evening he invited me to his room. i said i didn't feel right going a0 loan. two other women came with me. when he entered the room he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission. he was wearing pajamas. a bodyguard was present. after that i received another call from either donald or a male calling on his behalf offering me $10,000. i did relate my experiences immediately afterwards to some friends. >> now trump's response to those allegations is sparking controversy of its own. watch. >> you know, i don't grab them on the -- you know, as they say on the arm and one said he grabbed me on the arm. and she's a porn star.
9:35 pm
now, you know, this one that came out recently, he grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm, oh, i'm sure she's never been grabbed before. >> oh, boy. well, the trump campaign communications adviser jason miller who we like was set to appear on "the kelly file" tonight but he canceled not long after the campaign asked us if we would bring this issue up tonight and we said, maybe. we're going to talk about trump's speech at gettysburg and trump is the one who brought up suing the women. we trust that jason will come back another day and my memory will kick in and i might ask the question later. joining me now, julie, who was brave enough to walk in on the set. a fox news contributor. this is all people were talking about, this woman. it got even dicier because she is -- you have to say adult film actre actress. >> is that the pc term in. >> porn star, even though trump is right about that that.
9:36 pm
he's coming under fire for saying i'm suren grabbed before. give me a break. >> the shut shaming is kind of inappropriate. what she does for a living is what she chooses to do for a living. being grabbed by somebody is not what he she would choose to have somebody treat her. that's her decision. it's like blaming a woman for being raped because she's wearing a provocative outfit. those days are over. >> those attacking her, they say she has sex on camera for money so they don't believe her, that e was offended when he offered her money for sex. >> i'm not speaking for her, but i assume she chose and continues to choose to have sex for money which is different than having somebody force themselves on there. >> it's the alleged forcible kissing and the phone call she
9:37 pm
says he made offering her $10,000 for sex. some say we don't believe you were offended. >> i can leave that to her to decide. i think the forcible kissing is what the shi is for me. it doesn't mean she deserves to be forcibly kissed or assaulted in any way. it's her word against his. it's the way he talks about these women that i take issue with, not what may or may not have happened. we don't know what may or may not have happened. i look forward to the depositions. >> he's not going to sue anybody. trust me. he's not. and if he is, it's going to be very ugly. by the way, he didn't say -- he's going to sue them after the election. i assume only if he loses, otherwise we're going to have an awkward first 100 days. with all of the coordination we've seen on the democratic side, she wants us to believe she's squeaky cleaning with speaking of disney, he's like
9:38 pm
mini mouse over there. but she does some dirty stuff too. it is not impossible that there was some coordination at some level by the clinton campaign with one or more of these women. >> two things, one is she does do maybe dirty stuff but i don't think it's political dirty tricks. >> hillary? >> i'm sorry. >> did her campaign coordinate? he says all of this is a hit job, these women came forward last month of the election and he thinks hillary is kbhiend it. >> this is very much like bill cosby where you have a torrent of women coming out. i doubt this would need to be coordinated. you have unrelated women, some who have said they're not voting for hillary. think i think this is reminiscent to me of cosby who we have to presume is innocent until he's proven guilty. you see this time and time again, one woman being brave
9:39 pm
enough to stand up and say something, that begets more and more women. >> we'll look forward to jason returning to "the kelly file." it's not going to be terrible. great to see you. >> you're harmless. it's all good. >> pussy cat. >> look. they're excited. what's in his hands? it's mini jasper. she's converted. she's converted stirewalt. plus we'll have the story of the high school publicly condemned for the crime of honoring ♪
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are powering imaginations everywhere. so tomorrow will mark two weeks until the election. every time we come back we remind you of that. and the pollsters are reminding a victory, you may have heard,
9:44 pm
for secretary clinton. she now has a five point, it's an average lead of all four polls in the race. but what if the polls are -- as the fonz said. we're hearing from a growing number of political forecasters who think they know what's going to happen and trace gallagher has that part of the story from the west coast tonight. >> what if the political analysts say that a trump victory would be a bigger surprise than brexit. in a four-way race including the green party and libertarian candidates, the investors business daily has trump leading hillary by two points. and before you discuss the abd-tipp poll, consider it was dead on in the last three presidential elections and in 2012 the "the new york times" ranked it the most accurate poll. but polling accuracy can be an ox moron.
9:45 pm
on election eve in 2012, gallup projected mitt romney as the winner. a full day of exit polling, polling those who just voted, showed john kerry beating bush by three points. then there are the not so scientific rationales for why trump might win as explained by eric trump to abc news. watch. >> when i'm in these states -- and i just came back from north carolina and i just came back from ohio, you can't drive 500 yards without seeing another trump sign. you don't see a single hillary sign. >> and if trump doesn't win november 8th, he's looking at a landslide victory october 31st where he is reportedly stomping clinton in halloween styles. but then there's the red skin rule which has only been wrong once in 48 years if the red skins win their final game
9:46 pm
before the election the incumbent party retains the white house. unfortunately for team trump the skins won that game. >> fascinating. trace, thank you. breaking tonight, bad news for obamacare and for you if you're on it. as the administration confirms double digit premium hikes that are going to hit millions of potential voters. that comes as polling shows more than two-thirds of americans think the country is heading in the wrong direction. and the latest campaign surveys indicate that hillary clinton's honesty rating is under water. they do not think she is trust wo wo worthy. why are they predicting a win. here on fox at 5:00 pop, chris stirewalt and dana perino. let me tell you about jasper.
9:47 pm
how my best friend became america's dog. we brought a mini jasper. i want to talk about jasper but at the end. >> yes. >> but i do want to recommend you buy the book sincerely which hi have in my house right new and is beloved already. so obamacare, trump -- you any, he's made some mistakes. he's also done some good things but not pummelling obamacare is one of them. >> i've never understood that. if you look at 2014 when the republicans come roaring back in the midterm election, it really was because of obamacare. even in 2012 they did okay in the congressional races but in 2014 that's what it was about. it's not like obama care has gotten better for the people on it. there are people who love obamacare. >> sally cone. >> or people who don't have health insurance before and are getting the subsidies.
9:48 pm
but for people in the individual market -- >> the 7 or 8 million. >> the numbers go up, your doctors go away. it's not only the premiums, it's the dedistrictabluctibles. >> people said i'll decide whether it's crappy. i'll be in charge of the crappiness label. and the government said screw you, it's crappy. here's a new plan. and people are like, crappier than it had been before. it's 15 day to go. did i mention it's 15 tayes to go? >> how many days? >> 15. >> we better get ready to go. >> can that get any traction? >> mitt romney's detraction in 2012 was that he didn't prosecute obama on obamacare. that's what i he lost. if you wanted to talk about one thing that mitt romney did wrong, he was not able because of his strack record as the great grandfather of obamacare
9:49 pm
in massachusetts to prosecute the president on his biggest weak spot. >> these republicans, right now they control the senate and the house -- >> oh, now. >> they've got a republican running for president. >> now. >> why are you saying that? >> if donald trump talks about obamacare, he has to talk about what they he's going to replace it. >> left that ambiguous. >> hillary clinton has too saying we'll fix it here and tack up a couple of places. >> and the m thes are like single payer. >> but donald trump could have utilized the work that paul ryan has done. >> he didn't call him after the second debate to congratulate his performance. speaking of amusing things. dana loves her dog. don't you love your dog? >> americans love their dogs. >> you love your dog. and she's written this book about jasper which che brought over to my kids and they love it so much, it is -- my son sleeps with it in his bed. >> are you serious? >> he looks at it every night
9:50 pm
before he goes to bed. >> you're kidding. that is so great. if the election has been hard on you or your family, this is a nice distraction for me. this was born out of a chapter that was cut from the first book. >> well it's well worth the read. read. let me tell you a♪ something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed for the driven. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer today. infiniti. empower the drive.
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♪ a new jersey high school is under attack from the aclu. after it had the nerve to honor the police and the military at a football game. trace gallagher has that report from our west coast news room. trace. >> butch: megan, the football game was a conference showdown. the pregame ceremony was organ iced by deputy police chief and was meant to honor all branches of the military and all local first responders including the new jersey police officer injured in last month's bombings in new york and new jersey. it was also meant to respond to pro athletes like san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick who take a knee during the national anthem. with the deputy chief saying, quote, it is okay to stand up for social justice, inequality and reform, it is another thing not to stand up for the national anthem. the comments drew criticism from the new jersey aclu who wrote a letter to middle town south high school calling the event an effort to intimidate and
9:55 pm
ostracize, saying it was being used to send a message that people who express concerns about disparity in the criminal justice system are unwelcome, disloyal or unpatriotic. a group rupting black law enforcement officers also signed the letter, and an aclu organizer went on to say, quote, entrance to one of the biggest sporting events in the area should not require that someone accept an atmosphere that suppresses political protest. the deputy chief believes his comments were twisted by the aclu, saying he respects the rights of everyone, as he said, to stand up for social justice, but also wants respect for the national anthem. >> well. >> megan. >> trace, thank you. up next, jasper and yours truly. don't tell bosha. and can you explain to me why
9:56 pm
you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. cartels, militias, terrorist groups. they all need a place to park their cash and cherna is their dirty little piggy bank. we're going to insert into the country while nobody is looking. we're going to steal their money, sir? no, we are going to destroy it. we're going to finish this mission. anything we find is ours.
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10:00 pm
was a real -- well, you know. no, just kidding. we love dana, who is really jasper's mom. you can see he's well-read, he's interesting and really is america's dog. go buy this book, express love for jasper and his mama. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> and this is a fox news alert. a bombshell new report by "the national enquirer" details how bill and hillary clinton allegedly utilized the services of a political fixer for over a decade. a story you only will here tonight on "hannity." you will hear from interested yana governor mike pence, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. first, after a 16 month investigation, the national enquirer explains how the man they called mr. fix-it helped cover up the clinton scandals. this man's story is compelling, but the magazine alleges in 1994 it agreed to drop a story about


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