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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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please always remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, exactly two weeks from tonight, election results will be pouring in. i know. i know. and the campaign that has broken every rule will just about be over. but in the meantime one of donald trump's most trusted advisers is hinting at some surprises ahead of the final phase of the 2016 race. and that's where we begin this edition of "the kelly file." welcome, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. today the two campaigns are barn storming the key battleground state of florida, mr. trump holding five events across the state. hillary clinton holding a single public event there too. with its 29 electoral votes, the latest real politics average
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shows mrs. clinton with roughly a three-point edge on mr. trump in florida. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is here and we'll ask him about the surprises in store. we'll be joined by former speaker of the house, newt gingrich as well as general john allen. but we begin tonight with campaign carl cameron who filed this report from tallahassee, florida just a short time ago. >> reporter: hi megyn. donald trump is wrapping up three days here in florida and now he's got an entirely new closing argument. he planned on it being the contract with the american voter repackaging all of his policy proposals pu be. but the realization that the obamacare costs are going up next year, he's used it to try to wed hillary clinton to it and he hopes to take her down.
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>> as you know, it's just been announced that americans are going to experience another massive double digit spike in obamacare premiums, including more than a 100% increase in the great state of arizona. they're going up over 100%. think of it. and everybody is going to be going up like that. we're going to repeal it and we're going to replace it and we're going to get you great great health care at a fraction of the cost. >> reporter: earlier today in san f sanford, florida, the secret service counted 15,000 people at his rally and last night he had 12,000 in tampa. trumps crowds are beginning to grow. that doesn't mean that the poll numbers are going to shift. mitt romney lost to barack obama in 2012. but there's no question that donald trump sees momentum and now he's got a new attack on health care that he thinks will
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carry him to election day. >> carl, thank you. for his part, vice presidential candidate mike pence is headed to utah. utah. with critics suggesting that this trip signals trouble since this is a state that has rely blie voted republican in everybody presidential contest since 1964. rudy giuliani says not to worry that trump still has a few surprises in for us. >> did trump plan anything except for a series of inspiring rallies. >> yes. >> what? >> you'll see. >> when will this happen? >> we've got a couple of surprises left. >> october surprises? >> surprises in the way that we're going to campaign to get our message out there maybe in a little bit of a different way. you'll see. i think it will be enormously effective. >> joining me now, running mate to donald trump, governor mike pence. thank you for being here. can you give us any sort of a hint what that means, what kind of surprises we might be in store for?
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>> well i think for many in mainstream national media, the big surprise is going to come on november 8th when donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. i got to tell you, across ohio today and north carolina yesterday, we're seeing incredible crowds coming out for donald trump, the enthusiasm that we see across this state and the country is nothing like i've seen in my lifetime. we're going to continue to carry that message forward about making america great again, reviving our economy, having a supreme court that upholds our constitution. i like our chances come election day. >> but you know that the crowd sizes don't really mean that much. i mean mitt romney had huge crowd sizes at this point ghak 2012 and he lost to barack obama. in north carolina trump is down 2.1. mitt romney won that state by 2.2 points. trump is down in arizona by 1.3. mitt romney won that state by 10
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points. trump only leads texas, missouri, south carolina, your home state of indiana by single digits. mitt romney won all of those states by ten points or more. isn't it true you are behind in the polls right now? >> you know, i really -- number one, megyn, the only poll that counts is the one we're going to finish up come election day. but i got to tell you, i really do think that the pollsters and the pundits are missing something in the election. >> right now the political prognosticators are predicting that the gop is going to lose the senate. and if the gop loses the white house and the senate, you and i both know that hillary clinton is going to be able to get all f her confirmations straight through including supreme court justices and there will be no check on those. should you change the message a little to preserve the senate at this point? >> look, my message in north carolina yesterday, donald trump's message in naples on sunday night is it's time for republicans to come home. >> just tonight we learned that
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general colin powell, a lifelong republican is not coming home. now he says he's going to vote for hillary clinton, a woman of whom he was very critical in those e-mails that were leaked. he's not listening to you. first of all, your reaction to general powell going democrat in this election? >> it wouldn't be the first time i disagreed with general powell. look, i honor his service to the country in uniform, i honor his service as secretary of state. but if memory serves, he supported barack obama eight years ago. i'm not sure it's particularly newsworthy that he's supporting another democrat for the white house. even after eight years. but he's entitled to his opinion. >> other than telling them to come on board, what can he do, what can you do? >> well, i think we can just talking about the issues. we can just talk about the platform. look, there's no question that republicans went through this -- i mean how many candidates were there in our primary, 100?
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150 of them? >> about. >> it was a rough and tumble primary and so there's some of that left over. but look, the unifier in this election is that republicans, many independents and frankly many democrats know that seven and a half years of barack obama and hillary clinton's style of leadership has weakened america's place in the world, stifled our economy, obamacare is literally dissent grating before our eyes. you even have bill clinton calling it the craziest thing in the world. hillary clinton says that donald trump is going to rip up obamacare and she's absolutely right. >> why is trump out there blaming a rigged media. you've pointed to media bias. it exists. there's no question it exists. the media doesn't want trump/pence to be elected. that's clear. but they went want george bush to be elected and certainly not reelected and he was.
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why not take some responsibility? why doesn't trump look at himself and say, you know what? i was consolidating my base but now it's down to 80. and mitt romney has 50% of independents and i only have 43. brett humus used to say losers blame others. to try to blame the numbers entirely on the media being rigged is not real, is it? >> well, i think, you know, i hear that rift a little bit that pointing out the overwhelming bias in the national media is somehow, you know, making an excuse. i think he's making an observation. media research center came out with a study of media coverage. it showed since the conventions i think the number was that donald trump gotten significantly more coverage and more than 90% of it had been negative. i think people out there know -- >> he came out saying he wanted to grab women by the you know what. >> come on, megyn. long before that.
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>> but he does controversial things in the beginning. whether some of the things he says and does are no generate media attention which you know as well as i do, he loves. >> megyn, i got to tell you, most of the campaign i'm campaigning with know it's been two on one from the beginning of the campaign with the media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her. but the amazing thing is that we continue to see the movement growing. but the american people are talking to each other about the real issues in this campaign, not what the media is chasing after any given day of the week. this campaign. >> he's talking about it. >> we're going all the way to the finish -- >> donald trump went to gettysburg this weekend to lay out a new agenda, this contract with america and he started it by saying he's going to sue all of the women accusing him. and you know as well as i do that those lawsuits will go nowhere. and you're telling me if he's the sitting president of the united states he's going to start suing individual female
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citizens who have made these accusations? >> well, megyn, look, everyone in the country is entitled to defend their own reputation and their own integrity and that includes people running for president of the united states. >> great to see you governor pence. thank for being here. >> thank you. well with some forecasters suggesting that the democrats may take control of the senate on november 8th, we break down the numbers with newt gingrich. plus, one of the biggest names in sports could now be considering a career in politics. tim tebow is live on "the kelly file" tonight. >> i think everything happens for a reason. i wouldn't change a thing because i think i learned too much from the highs and the lows.
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as we edge closer to election day, attention has increasingly turned to the downballot races. the big tori now, can republicans maintain control of the house and in particular the senate. today the nonpartisan cooke political report released its new rankings with cooke predicting democrats will pick up five to seven seats and will
6:15 pm
likely gain control of the chamber. in moments we'll talk about it with former speaker of the house newt gingrich but we begin with trace gallagher reporting from our west coast newsroom. >> just like the old commercials when and his political report talk, people listen. the reason he says democrats are pick up five to seven seats is that republican senators in states can no longer run their own races because donald trump is drowning them out. the report says that the slow leak in the gop senate balloon came the day the access hollywood tape went public. and trying to turn the tide with only two weeks left could prove difficult at best for two reasons. one, the clinton campaign feels emboldened and pumping millions of dollars into the races of the down-ballot candidates. and early voting in under way in 30 states and traditionally democrats perform better than republicans in early voting. experts say the gop's best hope
6:16 pm
is to convince casual republicans to go to the polls so hillary clinton doesn't walk into the white house with a blank check. in fact voter turnout will likely be the difference in the battle of hairy reid's senate seat in nevada with katherine cortez is deadlocked with joe heck. the fear for republicans is that hillary clinton dominates the race along the eastern seaboard before the polls close in the west and some republican voters in nevada might decide to opt out of voting. we should note that kelly ayotte in new hampshire and marco rubio in florida are locked in do or die races but both of them are still holding small leads. as for the house, democrats would need to pick up 30 seats to regain control but for now even the most optimistic polls give them a net gain of 10 to 15 seats. so it looks like the gop holds the house. >> thank you.
6:17 pm
joining us now with more, newt gingrich. he served as speaker of the house. a trump supporter. thanks for being here. >> good to be back. >> with cooke and many others saying that the senate is likely lost to the republicans, what does that say? i mean if donald trump loses this white house race and the republicans lose the senate, does that suggest that the republicans nominated the wrong candidate at the top of their ticket? >> look. the next two weeks are a contest of two parallel universes. i just listened to that report -- first of all, i used to hang out with charlie cooke when he would explain that donald trump was hopeless and would not get the nomination. i like charlie. that doesn't mean he's infallible. let's take the report we just got. republicans are outvoting democrats in florida, they're outvoting democrats in pennsylvania that's
6:18 pm
unprecedented. >> you predict a win in pennsylvania. >> they're outvoting the democrats in early voting as in florida. >> all of the polls in pennsylvania have her ahead. >> i know. we have two alternative universes right now. in iowa, for example, the democrats are 50,000 votes behind where they were with barack obama in turnout. the governor is very confident we're going to carry iowa which obama carried last time. case after case like this. in minnesota we're going to learn the congressional seat around duluth which is a democratic area but it deeply dislikes hillary clinton. >> let me just ask you, because you say it's two alternate universes. these are sort of small examples of how he might be ahead in early voting and so on. but i'm telling you that the knox news decision desk just moved iowa that you just
6:19 pm
mentioned, indiana, second congressional district in maine, all of them moved left, more likely to vote for hillary clinton. and all of the moves that have been on the map over the last three weeks by labry sabato, by cooke, nonpartisan outlets -- >> not nonpart zpan outlets. every outlet you described is part of the establishment. >> fox news? really? i don't think so. every state has moved toward the left towards hillary. you tell me whether that's made up. >> there are two alternative universes. you have a poll which suggests that she's going to get a barack obama turnout mung african-america african-americans. i don't think that's going to happen. you have a nbc news poll where they took out 8% of the vote because they didn't like the way it looked. i remember when the detroit liberal newspaper on the sunday before the election said john angler would lose by 14 points.
6:20 pm
he won the governorship that year. i don't take polls as seriously as people who have never run for office. >> but your candidate loves them and has touted them from the beginning. and he's been behind in the last 40 polls that we've seen in the last month. >> if you want to assume the election is over, skip the next two weeks. >> i'm not assuming anything. i'm asking you whether you believe your candidate is behind based on the numbers. >> i remember the odds are at least one in three and maybe better than that. but the difference in intensity and the difference in determination and the degree to which hillary clinton is clearry the most corrupt dishonest person ever nominated by a party all mean that the odds are pretty good she's not going to win. i actually believe that. this is not because i'm for donald trump. i actually believe the american people are sickened by this. >> let's assume she is corrupt. he was just as corrupt three
6:21 pm
weeks ago and three months ago. she would have been corrupt and collapsing physically on september 11th of this year and her poll numbers tanked. but then you know what happened, he had a rough first debate, he took the bait on alicia machado. the access hollywood tape came out. that was trump on camera talking about -- >> i heard you go through this with governor pence. i get it. i know where you're coming from. let me point out something to you. the three major networks spent 23 minutes attacking donald trump that night and 57 seconds on hillary clinton's secret speeches. you don't think this is a scale of bias? i mean you want to know why dump has had a rough time -- >> if trump is a sexual pred door. >> he's not a sexual predator. >> you're taking that statement. >> you cannot defend that statement. i'm sick and tired of people like you using language that's
6:22 pm
inflammatory that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker, you have no idea whether it's true or not. >> neither do you. >> i'm not taking a position on it. >> when you used the word you took a position and it's unfair of you to do that. i think that is exactly the bias people are upset about. >> i think your defensiveness on this may speak volumes sir. what i said -- let me make my point and then i'll give you the floor. what i said is if trump is a sexual predator, then it's a big story. and what we saw on that tape was trump himself saying he likes to grab women by the genitals and kiss them against their will. then we saw ten women come forward after he denied doing it at a debate the say that was untrue, he did it to me, he did it to me, we saw reporters, people who worked with him. he denies it all. which is his right. we don't know what the truth is. my point to you is as a media story, we don't get to say the ten women are lying. we have to cover that story,
6:23 pm
sir. >> sure. okay. so it's worth 23 minutes of the three network to cover that story and hillary clinton had a secret speech in brazil to a bank that paid her 225,000 saying her dream as an open border where 600 million people can come to america is not worth covering. >> that is worth covering and we did. >> you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> me, really? >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> i'm not fascinating by sex but i am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in the oval office and i think the american voters would like to know -- >> that's why we're sending bill clinton back to the east wing because after all you're worried about the sexual predators. >> it's about the men and women in america and the poll numbers show us that the women in america are very concerned about these allegations and in large part believe that they are a real issue. and -- >> you want to comment on
6:24 pm
whether -- you want to comment on whether the clinton ticket has a relationship to a sexual predator? >> we on "the kelly file" have covered that story as well. >> i want to hear your words, bill clinton sexual predator. i daria. say bill clinton sexual predator. >> mr. speaker, excuse me sir. excuse me. >> $850,000 penalty. >> excuse me, sir. we on "the kelly file" have covered the clinton matter as well. we've hosted kathleen willey, but he's not on the ticket. and the polls show -- >> he'll be in the east wing -- >> in the deeds of hillary clinton's husband than they are in the deeds of the man who asked us to make his president, donald trump. we're going to have to leave it at that and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, mr. speaker. thanks for being here. >> you too. so we're taking your thoughts on that
6:25 pm a high ranking commander is taking part in an ad for hillary clinton. john allen is here next. plus a new wikileaks dump op clinton e-mails is creating new questions about whether president obama lied to the american people about what he knew and when. >> mr. president when did you fist learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state?
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breaking to night with 2016 entering the home stretch, the former military commander who made big news at the democratic national convention has surfaced again.
6:30 pm
in a brand-new political ad general john allen says when it comes to keeping america safe, the choice is clear. >> i fought in the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about isis than the generals. i believe that secretary clinton understands the threat that the islamic states causes to the united states. >> joining me now in a kelly file exclusive, general john allen. a man who used to run the war in afghanistan and the fight against isis for a time. you've had some experience fighting the enemy. and i want to ask you, because it's extraordinary to see a general like you come out and get political. what made you do it?
6:31 pm
>> well, megyn, i spent a lot of time thinking about it. it wasn't an easy decision. it's less about being political than it the -- or it was and remains about expressing my very clear support for the person i believe utterly should be the next commander in chief. i was very concerned about the rhetoric that we were hearing in the campaign. i remain concerned about the rhetoric that we hear in the campaign about the potential that we could see american forces being used for torture or for carpet bombing or to assassinate the families of alleged terror victims or secure the illegal seizure of iraqi oil. that kind of rhetoric i believed had to be challenged and had to be challenged publicly. challenging that rhetoric would express unambiguously that
6:32 pm
clinton would should be the next commander in chief. >> the torture in particular, a lot of people look back at what happened during the bush administration and are horrified but h there are a lot of people that defended them saying they did work. and the very same people say go trump on his promise to bring those techniques back. >> well, a couple of things. first of all, we don't know how well torture works. i think what we do know is that someone -- people will say anything to stop the pain. and we know that very well. we know that clearly. we know that from experience. so the idea that the employment of systemic torture ought to be a part of the repertoire that we have with respect to how we handle and treat detainees i think is not part of who we are. it hasn't proven itself to be that valuable as a technique
6:33 pm
that we should even consider compromising our values or standards to do it. but also let me make something really very clear. if it were ever to be believed that we systematically tortured those that we detained, we have no reason -- we would have no reason to believe that our troops, if ever taken prisoner, would be treated in any other way, that they would be horribly tortured themselves. we need to be thinking about this in a clear eyed t's talk a clinton as a potential commander in chief. she does have a foreign policy record unlike trump who has never held public office before. it's far from perfect. she supported what we did in libya, which has led to disastrous results. she was behind the iran deal which has been very controversial. and certainly she underestimated the security threat in benghazi libya as a separate but somewhat related matter leading to the
6:34 pm
death of four americans. how can you as a general serve in the positions you have support her for commander in chief? >> i think she's responded to many of those concerns, particularly benghazi. i saw her in action when i was a commander in afghanistan. she was the secretary of state. we worked closely on a number of issues. i saw her in action in the sit room. i saw her in action in kabul. i spent time with her individually as the commander. she's calm. she understands international relations. she understands that tin fluhe influence of america is best exerted through our alliances and partnerships. >> what about trump and putin. he says he understands that top t too. putin, i don't know if he likes trump. he's complimented him. tell me why putin is doing that?
6:35 pm
>> i believe that putin said that he hadn't complimented him. i'm not clear nes cessarily on your question but i don't see that there's a value in the nature of the relationship that i have seen be describe between mr. trump and putin. >> how closely do you think the russians and putin in particular are watching our election in. >> very, very closely, megyn. look, there are great forces at work here. one of the great threats i think to russia is the solidarity of the european union. they're deeply concerned about the capacity of the north atlantic treaty organization which has been the stalwart alliance on which so much of the transatlantic alliance, so much of the security of western europe, southern europe has rested for so many years. and the solidity -- the solidarity of those organizations are of great interest to him. and when one of the two
6:36 pm
principle candidates for the president of the united states in fact cheer leads the disillusion of the eu or would talk about not being willing to honor article 5 of the nato charter, we've got some real reason for putin to want to see a particular individual in the oval office. >> last question because i got to go. do they study -- he's a former kgb guy, putin. do you think he's studying trump and hillary clinton? >> they can tell when somebody is age taitated and whether the telling the truth or not telling the truth. all of this is to ensure that in a crisis they can push the buttons in order for the crisis to go their way. michael morrell wrote an excellent piece on this and i think that it's worth our always being conscious that the
6:37 pm
russians are going to watch every aspect of this. they're quite good at this, expert at understanding people's personalities and i think that's something we should take into account. >> fascinating. thanks for being here and thanks for you service. >> thank you, megyn. new controversial bubbling up. for hillary clinton in the white house today as the wikileaks dump suggesting that president obama may have lied in his initial comments about hillary clinton's private e-mail server. a former aid to president clinton is next on that. plus could one of the biggest names in sports be considering a career in politics? >> tim tebow is live on "the kelly file" in moments. elief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. [first, all customers who have changes been impacted right. will be fully refunded.
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6:42 pm
press the white house about the clinton controversy. >> mr. president when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the psalm time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> but now we're seeing hacked e-mails from wikileaks that show that team clinton was stunned by the response exchanging e-mails that president obama was not being truthful and how this needed quote cleaning up. ed? >> good evening. white house spokesman josh earnest never said he did not trade e-mails with hillary clinton, he did not know the details about the serve are. that's now how cheryl mills read the president's interview with cbs. she appeared to freak out in real time. mills, who was chief of staff at
6:43 pm
the state department knew clinton and the president had exchanged work e-mails on her personal e-mail address. those read it to mean that he had not told the whole truth and gasoline could be poord on the fire. other e-mails show in-fighting among clinton advisers with liberal activist writing to john podesta saying, quote, this is a cheryl special, why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago. so crazy. podesta agreed replying, unbelievable. i guess i know the answer, concluded tanden. they wanted to get away with it. another batch of notes reveal that the candidate had trust issues with her own staff. podesta may have sumd this up by calling the controversial a hot mess. >> thank you. joining me you.
6:44 pm
marc thiessen fox news contributor and matt bennett. good to see you both. marc, when you say the word lie, it means there's a consciousness of deception, you know, at a minimum the president said something that was incorrect. that much we know. how do you get to lie? >> well, because -- so if you look at the -- it's important to look at the question she was asked. he was not asked when did you learn that hillary clinton had a private unsecured server in her bathroom. he was asked when did you first learn that hillary clinton learned an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state and he said i learned it from the media. that is plain untrue. because we now know that he was e-mailing with her on an e-mail system outside the u.s. government. her e-mail did not say it said clinton so did he not notice that?
6:45 pm
cheryl mills noticed that. that's why she said we need to clean this up. which means cover it up. >> matt, why are you shaking your head no? >> marc doesn't know anything about where what the president knows or whether he was being untru untruthful. he didn't know whether the president noticed the url from hillary originated from. i don't notice people's urls. most people don't and surely the president one of the busy people on the planet doesn't notice. that's a staff thing. >> let me ask you, the facts seem to be that our secretary of state and our president were having a little chat via e-mail on an unsecure server via her private e-mail address which is outrageous. and he and your scenario doesn't even know. so what's to stop him from saying something he shouldn't be
6:46 pm
saying and does not not underscore the grossly irresponsible nature of her decision and her lack of disclosure of it in talking to people like the president? >> look, there is no question that she made a mistake and she has said that a million times, including in the last debate. >> a rather large one. >> i mean, it was a mistake. but we don't know anything about what the president was paying attention to as it relates to the e-mails coming from secretary clinton. >> if he didn't pay attention to it, is that not on her? >> it said clinton >> he had too much faith in her. >> it said clinton it's not an url. >> it's one or the other. either he saw it and he knew or he didn't see it and the reason he didn't know is because his secretary of state didn't call it to his attention that she wasn't writing from where she ought to have been. >> and cheryl mills knew and cheryl mills noticed it and she said, let's clean -- we need to
6:47 pm
clean this up. he has e-mails that don't say what did she mean by clean this up? cover up the fact they had been e-mail. >> he came out shortly after that and tried to clean it up. >> that would make him complicit in any breaches of security that came out. >> that is -- >> we'll pound are that ovnder break. the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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well tim tebow captured the nation's attention as a heisman award winning football player back at the university of florida. he went on to play in the nfl starting with the denver broncos. a few years later he's now taking a turn at professional baseball having recently signed a minor league contract with the new york mets. already one of the biggest names in sports could his future include politic road as well? joining us now, tim tebow, author of the new book shaken, discovering your true identity in the midst of life's storms. great to see you. thanks for being with us. >> of course, megyn. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. thank you. i'm not a sports person. forgive me. >> that's okay.
6:52 pm
>> you played football. it went great and then it went not as great and now you've decided to play baseball and you're in the minor leagues for the mets. and how does that happen? were you good at both in motorcyclhigh school? how did you get to that point? >> baseball was something i did my whole life and i almost honestly went pro out of high school. but i chose the university of florida because mom wanted me to get an education. but baseball was something that has been with me ever since. and when football didn't necessarily pan out how maybe i thought or hoped it would, baseball is with me. it's something that i had been thinking about for a couple of years and even had to convince some people on my own team that i could do it. but now i'm out pursuing it and loving it and having so much fun. >> see, i get it. you like to hit things and you like to throw things so you've chosen two good sports for you. >> you got it. >> what i read about the book is very inspirational.
6:53 pm
i think people know you're a man of faith and a man who loved football and played it. but you've had failures as i read. you were let go by four nfl teams in five years after having such a story beginning to your career. how do you deal with that? how do you get through those kinds of challenges and failures? >> that's what this book is all about. it's handling the lows. i've been blessed to go through some highs, but i think going through the lows is something honestly i am so thankful for now too because i feel like there cease so many people, life hits nem in the face and they have to go through a lot of lows and it really gives me the opportunity to relate to a lot of people. that's who this book is written for. it's written for people who have gone through lows or about to go through lows or going through lows and it's to encourage them that their life matters, they're important, to realize the purpose they have in their loif. that was the heart i had behind this for the last year and a half or so really trying to write to young people to
6:54 pm
encourage them about how much they matter, how they can have a foundation that is bigger than what they do, it's who they are, more importantly who they are. that's what this book is about. >> is it scary for you to not having made it in your first chosen profession to be trying again in what is sort of a brand-new one? >> not really. a couple things. perfect love casts out all fear. and two when you're doing something for the fun of it, the passion for it and you're giving it everything you have got, what is success and failure. success is pursuing and playing something i love every single day. the results will take care of itself. i can look back and say i did everything i could for the passions i have and what i love and what was in my heart rath than being scared of what critics or naysayers or even failing and stopping because of that. i think unfortunately in today's society so many people do that because we're afraid of what other people are going to think. >> amen to that by the way.
6:55 pm
i have to ask you whether there might be politics in you future. were you asked to speak at the rnc this past summer? >> i was. >> and you declined. why? why didn't you do it? >> well for me i really try to go after what is on my heart, what i'm passionate about. politics could be in my future one day. my goal has been to make a difference in the biggest way possible to change as many lives as possible, to encourage as many lives as possible and right now i don't feel that's in politics. but if one day that's where i'm called to go, that's what i'll do. i don't know if that's the right road for me yet. >> it's been fun watching you. while your expressions of faith on the field were controversial to some, they were beloved by so many of your viewers. you are a man of faut and you speak about it openly. we've had mired you from afar. >> good luck with your book.
6:56 pm
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so tim tebow mentioned my book and it does come out on november 15th. the election is two weeks from tonight and the book comes out three weeks from tonight. barnes &, preorder. see you tomorrow night. tonight only two weeks left to stop the obama/clinton machine. this has the president breaks yet another promise. >> my universal health care plan brings down the cost of health care more than any other plan that's been offered and will save the typical family up to $2500 per family for a year in lower premiums. >> the white house now admits obamacare prum yums will skyrocket, a total and complete failure. lara ingram is here with reactions. a democrat operative exposed admits to coordinating with the clinton campaignnl


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