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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. we'll see you with just 13 days to go until election night, tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we have well over 1,000 employees at durrell. 80% of them are hispanic. >> donald trump campaigning heavily in florida but cancels an interview with a latina journalist. why? we will tell you. [chanting] >> americans may be rejecting the black lives matter movement in great numbers. >> don't shoot. i want to grow up. >> even minority americans. we have a stunning new report. >> people really excited for hillary, right? >> also ahead, miley sirus, katy perry and other young stars trying to help hillary clinton. gutfeld and mcguirk have thoughts on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is our political system rigged? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with two weeks left with perhaps the nasaest presidential race in history, many americans want the whole thing to end. donald trump has raised the specter of a fixed election. he says the system is rigged. bernie sanders also said that. >> we will no longer tolerate an economy and a political system that has been rigged by wall street to benefit the wealthiest americans in this country at the expense of everyone else. >> senator sanders putting forth that big money controls voting patterns, as well as the marketplace. sanders, by the way, got hosed by his own party because many of the
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so-called super delegates were locked in for hillary long before sanders started hurting her in the primary. so, that primary system for the democrats was rigged for sure against sanders. donald trump sees the rigged thing a bit differently. believing that the left-leaning media combined with suspect voting patterns is how the political system is rigid. let's look at the facts. with more than 100 million americans voting, it is virtually impossible for the actual vote tally to be rigged. however, a pew study says that there are serious problems involving voter registration. is it legal will take a hard look at that in a few moments. on the media front there is no question americans are not getting objective reporting, generally speaking. that's because some journalists are committed to the left. so, many republicans and conservative candidates faced rigged coverage. also, there is growing evidence that our justice system has been compromised and because hillary clinton is right in the middle of that, a case can be made that the election had been
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rigged in her favor by investigative authorities. a very powerful "wall street journal" editorial today lays it out, quote: evidence keeps turning up, suggesting that the fbi probe into hillary clinton's emails was influenced by political favoritism and double standards, unquote. the latest is the number two man in the fbi andrew mccabe, his wife, dr. jill mccabe received close to $700,000 from a close friend of hillary clinton's virginia governor terry mcauliff. dr. mccabe was running for the state senate in virginia. mcauliff controlled pac gave her the money. she lost the election anyway. now, at the time, hillary clinton was being investigated by the fbi. and andrew mccabe was involved in that investigation. so, mccabe should have recused himself. if your wife is getting $675,000 from one of hillary clinton's closest friends,
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you don't investigate hillary clinton. the appearance of corruption is staggering. talking points is not saying there is corruption. but the optics are awful and fbi director james comey had to know that. if you combine the mccabe stuff we just told you about, with comey not calling for a grand jury and basically giving secretary clinton every benefit of every doubt, again, you have the appearance of impropriety. so it's no surprise. many americans, including mr. trump, believe the system is rigged. dimens loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton during the investigation? i mean, come on. again, the vote cannot be possibly rigged two weeks from tonight. and mr. trump should accept whatever happens at that vote, unless there is compelling evidence of corruption. undermining our electoral system is not a patriotic thing. but overall, if you don't think the federal political
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and justice system has severe problems, you are living in the land of oz. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington james holman, national political correspondent for the "the washington post" has been looking into the fbi virginia situation i did. leave anything out? did i make any mistakes mr. holman? >> the fbi is pushing back very, very hard, terry mcauliff also pushing back hard on this idea that they knew about it at the time. kind of the back story it started in march 2015. terry mcauliff wanted to expand obamacare. wanted to expand medicaid in virginia. he needed a couple seats in the state senate. they recruited this woman jill mccabe and mcauliff sat did you kno --down with her husd her husband number two man at the fbi at the time he was the head of the washington field office of the fbi. the fbi says that's the only time this guy andrew mccabe and governor mcauliff ever met in person. >> okay. let me stop you there. so the fbi agent then number three, in charge of the
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washington investigative agency arm of the fbi, meets with mcauliff, who he knows is hillary clinton, one of hillary clinton's best friends, accepts, because he knew that the money was going to come from mcauliff, accepts the fact that his wife is taking $700,000, about, okay. and then continues to investigate hillary clinton? all he had to do and correct me if i acorrectme if i am wrone had to do is say i am going to recuse myself here because my wife is involved with the democratic machine and hillary clinton is being investigated by my agency. wouldn't that have been the wise thing to do? >> the fbi is saying he did recuse himself from all virginia public corruption cases. he didn't go to any of her campaign events. and. >> this is not the virginia corruption case. this is a national case. did you -- mr. holman. >> take control of the fbi. >> as a reporter. did you see an fbi memo saying that mr. mccabe recused himself from the investigation of secretary clinton? have you seen that?
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>> no. what they're say something that he didn't end up getting control. >> i don't care what they are saying. >> of the investigation until after the election. >> look, you and i are journalists, i don't care what they are saying. i care about evidence and appearances. >> the optics are terrible. no question. >> you have not seen a memo from the fbi that mr. mccabe recused himself from the hillary clinton investigation and i have not seen it because it does not exist. it does not exist. so, that's the fact. we start there. the director of the fbi, comey, should have insisted upon it. he did not. the director of the fbi then went out, all right, and refused to ask for a grand jury about the hillary clinton email situation. okay. and then said he believed that there was no criminal intent. all of these things do not make a credible investigation. when you put the facts together. >> there is, i think in retrospect they probably would have handled it
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differently,. >> okay. in retrospect. but it still can be reopened. >> right. well, the fbi, again, they put out a press release. maybe not a binding thing but in their press release they stressed jim comey still had the final word on the hillary email investigation, not this. >> do you believe and this is an opinion question but it's based upon your reportage. do you believe that the fbi knows how bad this looks? >> i think people within the fbi realizes that it does look very bad. i think they believe no criminal act was committed, but, of course, that doesn't keep track of the optics which i think people, you know, when you are at the fbi, you think in terms of did you break the law? was the law broken? was a rule broken? so you can say we followed the rules, you know, we followed the letter of the law, but, in this situation, it does, yes, look terrible. and especially two weeks before an election. >> that's right. and it fits into this broader narrative, of course. >> because the fbi didn't bring this forth. somebody else brought it
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forth. and it is just not what our top investigative agency should be doing. mr. holman, we appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. next on the rundown, a new hacker leak shows that president obama may have known hillary clinton was using a private server, even though the president said he did not know. then are later, black lives matter has demonized american police. but there is a new study that shows the group has no blanking idea what they're talking about. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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impact signaturement tonight, another embarrassing wikileaks situation march 2015. president obama denied knowing that hillary clinton was using a private email system as secretary of state. >> mr. president, when first learn that hillary clinton used email system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state. >> the same time herb else
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learned it through news reports. >> but now a newly leaked email from march 2015 says shah clinton staffies surprised by president obama's statement that you just heard and very concerned. clinton advisor cheryl mills wrote to clinton campaign chairman john podesta, quote: we need to clean this up he has emails from her. they do not say, which is the official state department email. that's an unquote. now, giving mr. obama the benefit of the doubt, he most likely did not read secretary of state's emails himself. surely they were printed in his briefing papers and somebody should have flagged him on the private address. that's the way the white house system is supposed to work. then there is the dishonesty from the clinton camp itself. on march 2nd, the day after the "new york times" reported that secretary of state clinton used the private email server on the job to conduct national business, clinton confidante
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neera at a den wrote to poo destax quote why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago some of the crazy. podesta currently running the clinton campaign replies, quote: unbelievable. tanden writes back quote i guess i know the answer "they wanted to get away with it:" unquote. there is your smoking gun. lisa booth and juan williams join us. clinton people have said time and time again we didn't know we were doing anything wrong again. didn't know it obviously they did know it? >> obviously. >> okay. and then we have president obama who then goes on to say i don't know. you knew. i didn't know. when emails coming to the president were printed with her private email address. you say? >> let's begin where i think the critical issue which is accountability of people in power. this is an important issue for me. i think you can't have misinformation coming from the president. it's important to the
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american people know what he knew and when he knew it and that he explained himself on it. >> he explained this now. >> absolutely he should explain it i think accountability for people in power is sloot. i think can you see from the clinton side that cheryl mills thinks this is a problem because of what she is writing. then did you go. >> explain to the audience who cheryl mills. >> cheryl mills was the chief of staff. but also the lawyer. she is a legal person. >> she is hillary clinton's best friend. does everybody understand that? >> you are too much. >> i'm not too much. i'm telling the truth. >> i'm just saying -- >> -- somebody has to. >> that's who cheryl mills is. >> this whole clinton thing was b.s. from the jump about the private server. b.s. from the jump. you see it? you see it? and that's it. >> as you pointed out, he is not looking -- how would he know -- >> -- i'm not talking obama now. i'm talking the clinton machine. everybody knew and they said they didn't know. lisa? what do you say? >> i think it's important here to note the fact that
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as you mentioned cheryl mills obviously saw this as a campaign issue and saw this as a problem that president obama was saying one thing but, in fact, had received emails that were not marketed with the state department email address. and the bigger problem here for hillary clinton, bill, is you can't look at any of this in isolation. you have to look at everything that has gone on pertaining to her private email server from the top down. you even have it a fox news report not that long ago of an fbi official saying top town. >> lisa, everyone knows hillary clinton did not tell the truth about her email. with the exception of one person. james comey. and here is how bad this is. off the first thing. the fbi director, all right. made no mentioned of this email. no mention of it, did he? no. he didn't mention it. he didn't mention it in his summation of the case. wikileaks put it out.
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didn't know about it dereliction of the fbi's duty or that he knew about it and covered it up. go. >> well, right. we have to look at the broader context of everything from the fact you mentioned in your talking points memo earlier on the show. the fact that you have the nation's top law enforcement that met with bill clinton whose wife is the subject of a criminal investigation at the time. >> we all know that lisa. you are going over. this is new stuff tonight. now, do you agree -- >> -- i understand that bill. you have to look at did. the point i'm making, bill, is the fact that this is damning in and of itself. that being said, you have to look at it in the broadest context of all these other things. >> that's why we did the talking points memo to lay it all out. >> that's what i'm pointing tout lay it all out. >> either comey knew about this wikileaks email which he should have done because the fbi had to go in and look. either he knew and he didn't mention it. you can explain that? can anyone explain that? >> remember, remember. he made a deal to get cheryl mills' laptop, remember
8:18 pm
that? i think he had to see it. because i think he sees it as a political thing. >> stop, stop. why didn't the director of the fbi tell the american people about that email? why? >> he felt it was political, didn't d. not speak to matter criminal action. >> what? what? the campaign itself. the hillary clinton machine itself, is admitting this is bad do something and comey doesn't think it has anything to do with the investigation. >> has to do whether or not the president was straight. >> keep the president out. it's just the podesta, what's her name thing. >> cheryl mills. >> no. no the other woman. >> tanden. >> comey didn't mention it. >> see, i think that's politics and they are going back and forth. >> he is the fbi director. no politics. he is the investigator. >> right. >> so if it's criminal he would go after it. he would go politics. >> he didn't blanking mention it. that is so damning. >> for comey? >> yeah. >> okay. i get your point.
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>> i think it's damning for all of the above. we should have known about it before and the fact we didn't is a big, big problem and this is problem for the clinton campaign as well. >> it's obvious the fbi booted the investigation. i believe intentionally now. it's obvious hillary clinton didn't tell the truth about her private email server beyond any reasonable doubt and now the american public has to go and vote for president. that's it. directly ahead. donald trump cancels an interview with a latina journalist in tampa. what happened? we will try to find out. young pop stars trying to get votes for hillary. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts on that. >> insult women. >> it's all talk. >> well, here we go again. >> it's really bad judgment. >> issues, not insults. >> she should be ashamed of herself. >> fox news channel has election night covered fair and balanced. up to the minute exit polls. breaks race results and
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personal story segment tonight. donald trump needs to win more hispanic votes if he is going to become president of the united states. thus, he agreed to an interview with latina journalist salazar today. that interview never happened. the whole thing turned into a bizarre situation. joining us from miami is salazar from mega tv news. so i understand you were sitting with mr. trump, actually sitting with him at mara largo his resort in palm beach and he got up and left? pick it up from there. >> it was basically in miami. and he was at an event for cuban veterans. and then my camera was ready. i was ready he was in front
8:24 pm
of me. we were talking. i was explaining to him that i was thanking him, i should say that he was taking this time to talk to hispanic media remember o'reilly has not spoken to any spanish network ever since he became the nominee. so it was the first time that he was going to talk to us. and we were eager to hear him directly without any filters. >> and then 24r he goes. and then all of a sudden he is leaving. i want to be clear here. you didn't just walk up to him. this was prearranged. he was going to sit down and do it, right? >> oh, absolutely. i don't think it's possible mr. o'reilly, for us to just say hey, donald, why don't you just give me an zaw. i would like to talk to you. >> when he left, did his people say he has to go out or did they give you a reason? >> well, they just pulled him. somebody came, when i was talking to him. he was very gracious, i should say. he was happy to do the interview. somebody comes and pulls him away. and then we're like flabbergasted what happened
8:25 pm
here? and then no one really could give me an explanation of at the time. 30 minutes later. >> really? >> yeah. 30 minutes later -- calls me and showing her deepest regret for what happened. apologizing and telling me that she really could not explain what happened but that she assured us. >> that's the press person couldn't explain it. so it remains a mystery. we will find out what happened ntledz but they promised that next week. >> next week? >> next week, yes. >> ahead of me. i don't have him next week. so, when you speak to him, do you believe that the hispanic community in florida, a state he desperately needs to win, can he convince them that he is the better candidate? is that possible? >> well, i think it's the first time that he is going to be talking directly to the community without any filters. i think he has got it take
8:26 pm
time and energy to explain to the hispanic community who he is. we have, like i said, we have never had a one-on-one where he can explain some of the major policies that he is putting forth. remember that. >> in your mind, what's the most important thing that you are going to try to get him to explain? >> two things that i think or three things, i should say. number one is that immigration laws are being broken in this country every single day by two groups. number one, the illegals, the ones that everybody talks about, mentions, the people that are crossing the border. jumping the fence, defying the desert. there is other group called the business owners of america who are offering those aliens or those illegal aliens jobs. so, if we really want to, in this country, fix immigration, the problem, we have to be -- we have to be transparent. no hypocrisy. >> everify and stuff like that. >> everify. you don't need a wall.
8:27 pm
some people think, sir, you don't need a physical law. you need electronic one. >> maybe. >> which is in place already. california and illinois. >> probably be best to be both. to some extent. >> fine. but let's talk about the other one as well. don't you think? >> will you promise me next week when you get the interview with trump, because i might not get one. you will probably be there before we that you will come back and tell me and we will see clips and everything about what you do okay? >> absolutely. i would love to be back and thank you very much for inviting us. >> it's a pleasure to have you. thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. as you know black lives matter has been demonizing american police. stunning new study says the group is full of it we have details. pop stars trying to make sure americans will vote for hillary. >> so get out the vote. >> for hillary clinton! >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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largest auto scandal settlement in u.s. history in a nearly $15 billion deal, half a million volkswagon and audi owners can begin selling their cars back next month. they can get cash payments up to $10,000, volkswagon admitted that the vehicles were programmed to cheat on emissions test. i'm kelly wright. back to o'reilly. factor follow up segment tonight, as you may know the radical left wing group black lives matter has demonized police all across the country. the group has alleged cops are hunting down young black men. new poll shows measures are not buying it. how much respect do you have for the police in your area? 76%. some 17%. hard any 7%. under the a great deal of respect question, 80% of whites believe that 67% of nonwhites concur. that's a big change from just one year for whites 11%
8:33 pm
more have a great deal of confidence for the police. for nonwhites 14%. here in new york city heather mcdonnell author of the very instructive book "the war on cops." so there is a study out. you wrote a column based on the study and on the gallup that by the center for policing quality organization -- first of all, what is that? >> it's the center for policing equity. it's a relatively left leaning group that itself is committed to the black lives matter. >> okay. so their own study, not a conservative group. not that friendly to cops. shows, what? >> that actually if there is a bias in police shootings it works in favor of blacks. white felons are more likely to be shot by the police following the arrest for violent felonies than blacks are. >> isn't that stunning? >> it's one of three other studies this year alone, bill. that have shown that everything that black lives matter narrative has been
8:34 pm
pushing out is wrong reverse it and you have got the truth. >> this group center for equity says lethal force on black students -- students, citizens. is 6.92% in all. lethal force on whites 16.70. so there is a big gap. it's not even close. >> well, officers are now second guessing themselves when they are confronting a black suspect. in chicago, this month, there was a female cop who was involved in a response to a car crash. the suspect started running. and he then started knocking her head she later told her police superintendent that she thought about using her gun but didn't because she was so worried police officer was assaulted and hurt but didn't use her gun because she was fearful that
8:35 pm
she would become a national outcry person? >> right. she would be the constant loop on tv. >> i wanted you to restate. you wrote a column and then it's been backed up by this study for policing equity and it's been backed up by the gallup poll that americans are not believing this black lives matter propaganda that young black men are being hunted down because of their color. is that primarily it, right? >> well, that's true. i think the gallup poll reflects the fact that americans realize after the assassination of 8 cops in july. >> in dallas? >> in dallas and in baton rouge, five in dallas, three in baton rouge, i think they have woken up and realize that this black lives matter narrative is poison and it is threatening civil peace and civil society. >> how many other news outlets do you think is going to report this study and your column and your book? >> i will be optimistic. everybody. >> come on, heather. how many have you been invited by cnn.
8:36 pm
msnbc, cnn. have you been invited? >> i recently did an interview with cnn. but it's blated, i will say that i'm grateful that my voice is getting out there a little bit more. >> you are telling the truth and that's what we are in business to do. thank you. we investigate it is it legal has been investigating voting problems across the country. legal is next. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. america will vote two weeks as you know. donald trump is not confident the vote will be fair. >> according to pew, there are 24 million voter registrations in the united states that are either invalid or significantly inaccurate. 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote. and some of them are voting. i wonder how that happens. >> walking dead. with us now are is it legal team kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. i'm making light of it but what mr. trump said is essentially true, correct, accord to go ahead pew study. >> the pew study is very
8:41 pm
disturbing. it points out inaccuracies, and inefficiencies in a way that the voting religion strayings the data is put together. it's very arcane system that we have. it really goes back into sort of the 19th century in the way that we garner up our data. the headline in the pew study is inaccurate. i'm reading here ininaccurate, costly and inefficient. that's how they headlined. >> i said in the talking points memo that with more than 100 million votes going to be cast, you can't rig the outcome of that. that big a thing. but, in the individual situation, it looks to me, guilfoyle, like there are major problems. and one of them is if you move from state to state. you don't have to tell anybody, so your name remains on the roles in that stated. even though you're in idaho and you are not in massachusetts anymore, correct? >> right. and a lot of people are migratory. myself from california to new york. they managed to figure it out and catch up with you for taxes.
8:42 pm
>> taxes. >> paying all the states. they still want my money. >> are you still registered to vote. >> no, not registered to vote there anymore. >> did you. >> i went ahead and did it. >> you were a responsible person. >> i was responsible and went ahead and got the drivers license here and did what i'm supposed to do. not everybody does that. >> there isn't any data base so if you move and you don't call. i move from state to state i never called anybody. i never said hey, i'm moving. i just moved. and then i registered in the state that i was in. but i guess i could have run back to the other state and voted twice. >> sure. also the number 2.75 million americans are registered to vote in more than one state. so some of them are registered to states. some are registered in three states. some more than three states, too. so that's the problem. this is 2012 study. >> the amount of people who would actually zoom back and forth you have got to feel is infans a infinitesimal.
8:43 pm
when you die you don't call up the state and say uncle fred just kicked it get him off the roles. >> again it takes time. it takes time for the data to catch up. >> is there anybody even looking? do they look at the obits? do they look who is dead? >> it's old, it's arcane and the numbers are actually probably worse than this is what pew was saying because this was last conducted in 2012. so it's not an accurate. >> couldn't they get a big voting data base? >> that's another problem what pew is saying that even to get the data they have to go state by state and cumbersome process. >> very cumbersome and the states sometimes they will go along with it and try to get into the state data base or sometimes they don't or they are inaccurate. >> it costs a lot of money to keep track of the voters. the states don't want to pay the money. >> that's what they're saying. >> here is the causal link that would need to be made to say it's rigged. you would have to say all the people dead people,
8:44 pm
multiple registrations are actually going out and committing voter fraud which is a felony punishable by time in prison. >> according to the pew study they are not alleging it's massive fraud chaotic system. the potential of fraud is there. >> saying the potential for fraud is there not saying there is fraud. >> thank you very much, ladies. gutfeld, mcguirk on deck. katy perry and miley cyrus trying to help hillary clinton. we we do thi i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me.
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back of the book segment tonight. what the heck just happened. pop stars miley sirus and katy perry are visiting college campuses trying to get the students to vote for hillary. >> hello. >> you're room is so cute. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry to come in with like all these people.
8:48 pm
they are awesome people. also really excited for hillary, right? everyone. [cheers] >> hillary. >> how are you? >> are you voting this year? >> yes. >> who are you voting for? >> clinton. >> yeah! >> here now bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. you know, gutfeld, that same thing happened to me when i was at marist college elvis came in to the dorm. nixon. he was a big nixon fan because nixon gave him the little badge. >> fighting the drug war together. what did you expect these students to say? rush limbaugh? talk about voter intimidation. you have these two pop stars. they show up with a camera and they are going hey, who are you going to vote for? they would have said shae to get them off their back. pop stars are so
8:49 pm
predictable. they think that they are edgy and they are cool. they have tattoos. but they are as predictable as an end table. they don't take any risks. they follow the owe peed yent line as a good liberal. they don't think about it it's because they are trying to make up for. >> that's not fair, gutfeld. >> it's not supposed to be fair. >> i know, i met this katie perry. i think she is a nice woman. >> she is very nice. >> boo. >> in their conscience. they believe that the left line is the better line. >> you can't disparage them for that i'm sure you will try. >> no, no. not with katy perry. she is a nice lady. a classy lady whereas miley cyrus, nobody takes her seriously. even people her own age thinks she is a classless lunatic drug addict. >> i don't know if that's fair. >> on a map she couldn't pick out colorado miley sirus lady. and bernie sanders supporter. >> if he are not voting for bernie sanders if he is not
8:50 pm
on the ballot not showing up. deadline for registering has past in both of the states that they are in. big waste of time. >> it's a publicity for hillary clinton. publicity say. >> all i'm saying i don't publir hillary clinton. >> i don't have nothing against him. >> i don't have nothing. double negative. i would like to see one pop star come out as a nonliberal. >> you just ruined your credibility. katy perry did not use a double negative. elizabeth warren is a little upset about the nasty women comment. >> nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart and nasty women vote. and on november 8th we nasty women are going to march or nasty feet to cast or nasty
8:51 pm
votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> wow. she makes gloria allred sound like the little sister of the poor. i mean, first of all, you have two liars up there, hillary clinton the should be felon. and she's just a more garish version of hillary clinton. i don't see how that helps hillary. >> she's talking to the base. obviously she's doing that. >> maybe bernie sanders' voters. >> she scares me. warren scares me. >> i disagree. i was totally with her the whole time until she said nasty feet. she needs anti-fug l oint meant, clinically proven to treat athletes' foot and it's $11 at target. >> you see it on both sides but
8:52 pm
it's basically designed to rev the base up, right? katy perry, miley cyrus, elizabeth warren, they want to rev it because there's not a lot of excitement. >> thank god trump doesn't do that. >> no, he doesn't rev the base at all. >> don't want to scare the hell out of somebody though. >> are you frightened of elizabeth warren as i am? >> i am frightened of her. >> and you know what i hope? i hope a house doesn't fall on her. i do not want to see that. >> we do not want that. >> she frightens me. >> last word, gutfeld. >> i just want everything to end soon. that's all. >> we're all in agreement with that. factor tip of the day, my take on negative tweeting. the tip moments away. ♪
8:53 pm
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factor tip of the day, bad tweets in a moment. but first the male. gene reynolds, my husband and i sat slack jaw watching the interview with jennifer ruben. we played it three times to verify what we saw. her columns are fraud. bill, congratulations on the natural way you handled ruben. her father must own the newspaper. new jersey, while ms. ruben did seem flustered, she's accurate. you give trump talking points all of time, bill. john from phoenix, arizona, bill you have repeatedly said you're a commentator and not a news person yet you did not point that out to ms. rubin.
8:56 pm
>> i did not say i'm not a news person. once again i will slowly explain this to you, john. i'm going to lean in now. the factor is like the op-ed page in any newspaper. journalists work here at the factor and provide information to me which i then use in stating opinion. that's part of the news business. it's editorial, not hard news. i hope you are finally getting this. charlie glassman, connecticut, bill you may fool some pin heads, but i know you're heavily invested in getting trump elected. kathie from new jersey, the segment with jennifer rubin was liberal lichl 101, no facts to support her facts and then she finishes accusing o'reilly of racism. you cannot make this stuff up. joe, mr. o'riley thank you for menging the subject of aworgs
8:57 pm
during one of your talking points. i believe it is very important. kathleen from tho ho, i'm appalled that many of my fourth grade students know more about the presidential campaign than the nyu kids watters was talking with. north carolina, o'reilly, just preordered your upcoming children's book "give please a chants" looks beyond adorable. it is. i worked with james patterson, the big fiction author on this book geared for kids eight years old and younger. the book is out november 21st. thanks for getting it in advance. that's a really good book for kids. elizabeth, grass valley, california, just finished "killing the rising sun" was an amazing read. hard but well done. my dad was on his way to japan and likely would have been killed in the invasion. thank for reminding everyone of the horrors of that war.
8:58 pm
greg, sydney australia, o'reilly just watched the movie "dennis the menace." have you noticed the uncanny resemiblens between you and walter ma though? grumpy? i hope you're 12 and under watching dennis the menace. i don't see any resemblance to walter. he's passed away. dirty harry, another story. factor tip of the day, i'm tweeting but not venting. i try to give you information in any tweets. i never attack using a tweet. if i do come after you, you'll hear me say the words, not type out some frustration. now last night on jimmy kimmel read some mean tweets. >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states exclamation point at real
8:59 pm
donald trump. at real donald trump. at least i will go down as a president. >> factor tip of the day, people prefer face toaining but face interactions. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news fak tor website, different from we'd like for you to spout out about the factor from nish in the world. o'reilly at name and town if you wish to opine. do not be invidious when writing to the factor. with the election closing in, it's going to be here before you know it. tomorrow night we're going to put together the highlights of all of my interviews with donald trumps, take best moments, patch them in. i think you're going to enjoy it. it's going to be educational and entertaining.
9:00 pm
rob m please always remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, exactly two weeks from tonight, election results will be pouring in. i know. i know. and the campaign that has broken every rule will just about be over. but in the meantime one of donald trump's most trusted advisers is hinting at some surprises ahead of the final phase of the 2016 race. and that's where we begin this edition of "the kelly file." welcome, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. today the two campaigns are barn storming the key battleground state of florida, mr. trump holding five events across the state. hillary clinton holding a single public event there too. with its 29 electoral votes, the latest rea


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