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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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she wants an air fryer. >> it is the bomb. it will change. hey, brian. >> where do you get it? >> eve von network. >> not watching our last -- >> see you tomorrow. bill: morning everybody. explosive new details what president obama knew about hillary clinton's email scandal and campaign's efforts to try and quote, clean it up. good morning, everybody. big show on wednesday. bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom" as we get going here. nice to see you. look good in the white jacket. martha: thank you very much. i'm martha maccallum. take you through this. it all started about when president obama was asked about the email server issue in march of 2015. watch this. >> mr. president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an email system out side of the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. martha: hmmm.
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so we now know that interview triggered an urgent email from clinton aide cheryl mills to the other campaign staffers saying, quote. we need to clean this up. president obama has emails from secretary clinton. they do not say, bill: days earlier a clinton aide suggesting that the campaign kept it all quiet for very big reason. that is coming up in a moment. chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor. good morning to you. this was march of 2015. where all the action on the server was, deleted emails, subpoena from congress. this was moving very quickly. go. >> yeah and what is revealed, as we, as i dig through these purloined letters allegedly purloined letters you see what? arrogance. hubris. absolute total self-regard, astonishing. what you find revealing is, more
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clear-eyed members clinton's team say you needed to clean this up. why didn't you do this? why didn't you take care of business? they didn't take care of business and come forward. as a result all this time later, years after she left, it is still going on and we're having to say we have to clean it up with the president about it. bill: the aide is near john podesta. this is back and forth. march 2nd. this is cheryl special. know you love her. this stuff is like her achilles heal or kryptonite. she can't say no to this stuff. why didn't they get this stuff out so crazy. podesta says unbelievable. she writes, i guess i know the answer. they wanted to get away with it. probably a morsel of truth in that. >> dad gum big morsel i would say, a chunk even. a situation where clinton, we remember the moment she had press conference at the united nations so astonishing i did it
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for convenience, quick sweating me. asked and answered. if they had done the right thing, not been so arrogant. come out earlier, we've been asked for these records. as it turns out, we made a serious error in judgment, there would have been a huge firestorm over it. it would have been enormous. but you know what would have happened? it would have faded over time. instead because of that arrogance, they're dealing with this even still today. bill: president obama accused by some of lying, when you go back to that month and the months that followed, was he? >> you know what the favorite, one of the favorite terms the white house and any administration is, call it plausible deniability. bill: how come? >> they don't tell the president things that could be uncomfortable for him. the president can plausibly say he knew hillary clinton used a non-government email account for some emails to him. that doesn't mean that he necessarily knew that she had a home-brew server in her house running a whole separate email
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chain and didn't ever use state dot-gov emails. so he has plausible deniability on that count. bill: quickly, do you see why the fbi did not prosecute? into. >> yay? bill: or do you ask yourself why not. >> james comey basically said it in between the lines. his point was everybody knew, his first defense witness in the prosecution would be who? president of the united states. followed by secretary of defense. followed by head of nsa. a who's who of the obama administration and across the national security apparatus of the federal government because everybody knew. they let her get away with it. in the end you can't come back in well you let her get away with it for years but now we'll prosecute for it. the chief magistrate of the united states knew about it and. bill: we'll look for a little bit of redemption, sir. the reverend, chris stirewalt, see you soon. martha. >> by bye brother.
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martha: donald trump seizing on this, he hit both clinton and president obama during a rally yesterday in florida. watch this. >> in other words, mills was saying obama, he had to know that hillary was using an illegal server, but he claimed otherwise. so that means obama is now into the act. he didn't want to get caught up in the big lie. martha: so trump has a very busy schedule today. senior national correspondent john roberts following all of that live from washington. good morning to you, john. reporter: good morning to you, martha. we begin in washington today where donald trump is celebrating his latest accomplishment the old post office on pennsylvania avenue has been retrofitted with trump gold and officially opening today as the trump international hotel. why is this significant? because donald trump likes to use this as illustr he would do should he become president, start running the country, saying that he finished
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this project a year early and under budget. would like to today with a lot of federal programs, beginning with obamacare, which he took aim at yesterday after the obama administration came out and finally acknowledged that people who are enrolled in obamacare will be looking at double-digit increases in their premiums in the next year. but a big rally in tallahassee, florida, last night, here is what donald trump had to say about that. >> everybody's going to be going up like that. they gave a number of 25% average. they know that is not true. they wanted to try and get out of you know, get in front. they know that's not true. it's much more. you're going to have 60, 70, 80, 90% increases in obamacare. we're going to repeal it and we're going to replace it and get you great, great health care at a fraction of the cost. reporter: donald trump said in his speech at gettysburg last saturday that as part of his 100 day plan, his contract with the
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american voter, should he be fortunate enough to win the oval office the moment he walks in the door there he will begin the process repealing, replacing obamacare, saying hillary clinton would leave it like it is. president obama described obamacare as starter home. donald trump sees it more like tom hanks infamous money pit. martha? martha: john, what do you make of these reports, based on your reporting that the trump campaign is done with fund-raising, in particular fund-raising channeled to the party? a lot of people jumping on this news it indicates something where they believe this race is going. what do you know? >> reporter: first of all i'm hearing from the campaign that is not true at all. what is true, donald trump will not headline anymore big money fund-raisers but after tonight neither will hillary clinton. they will continue to raise money. donald, jr., is going out there, hosting fund raisers. reince priebus the chairman of rnc will be doing that. the rnc toiled me last night a
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lot of big money is already gone. so they're looking for smaller donations, still large. they will being continuing with their online and direct mail fund-raising which they say is going gangbusters. both campaigns, after tonight, neither one of the candidates will be out there with the biggs money fund-raisers. i think this thing got a little bit overwritten. i do know donald trump's fund-raising chairman might not have quite characterized it accurately when he was talking to a reporter from "the washington post." martha? martha: interesting. john, thank you very much. bill: trump was on our program yesterday and we were talking to him, he was in miami at doral, he talked about the importance of winning florida, boy apparent when you look at the schedule. comes out in new battleground poll in florida. according to bloomberg, donald trump has slide edge on hillary clinton, up by two points, 45-43 in that four-wray race. you can look at some early voting. there is a lot of spin from both side. martha: sure is.
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bill: democrats are doing it. republicans doing it. early voting can find good news for him and can find good news for her. 29 electoral votes in florida. martha: i mean at this point the only number that really matters is number that comes through on november 8th, into november 9th. florida is crucial. it is fascinating to watch the reports of these early votes coming in and sean spicer saying several close states they're seeing strong numbers for republican voting. we'll go through these in the morning. trump campaign ramping up charges that media is in tank for hillary clinton. watch this. >> most of the people when i go out campaigning it has been two on one with media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her. martha: now a new report showing how much negative coverage is going to each candidate. mike huckabee will weigh in on that. plus this. bill: we are watching this by
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the day. this is on the outskirts of mosul, getting uglier by the day. this battle isis fighters ready to defend the strong hold with army of suicide bombers . .
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i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. ♪ >> i get up every morning i have to turn on the television with a stick.
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you know what i'm talking about? i just know what will be on there. the media like, two on one with the national media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her every day. bill: don't know how long that stick is, mike pence saying news outlets not giving his guy a fair shake. new report from the media research center, finding trump coverage of three nightly newscasts over past three months has been hostile toward donald trump 91% of the time. mike huckabee knows media very well. former arkansas governor, fox news contributor, trump supporter. thank you for coming back. what do you think of the report on its face. number seems extremely high, defend it. >> it is breathtaking. i don't doubt it, if you watch mainstream media, that is what you see, all donald trump all the time and all negative. so, media research center what they do, they analyze the total number of minutes that's given, what the anchors say, what the guests say, what the commentators say, they add it
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up. it is a pretty, pretty fair analysis, and 91% of the time they're speaking negatively about donald trump. and it may explain why right now the confidence of the american people in the news media is so much, even below congress. the media has become about as popular as a whole gang of cockroachers in your kitchen today. bill: that is pretty low. >> the is pretty accurate, bill. bill: crawling around the tile. listen, the comparison to coverage over clinton server is not even close. i grant you that. >> no. bill: but some of this stuff is coming from trump anyway, by either events of the day or something he said or something from the past. >> look, i will be the first to tell you that i think sometimes donald trump buries his own lead to use a journalistic term. gettysburg the other day, i thought that he missed an opportunity to focus solely on his reforms by even bringing up
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the potential lawsuit. soon as he said that, i said there is your sunday talk show headline right there. that is what they're talking about. sure enough it was. that aside, i mean there is no doubt but that the media will take any and everything that is negative towards donald trump, and they will blow it up like it is the 4th of july. but when it comes to taking a look at hillary clinton, things that really matter, things like coordinating with her pac, things like talking about she hopes for open borders and ultimate globalism. the fact she destroyed evidence, my gosh, bill, we have a four-star marine general who will go to prison for doing less than what hillary has done. gave classified information to the reporters, lied to the fbi. hillary lied to congress. she tore up classified evidence. she, you know, destroyed evidence that was under subpoena for heaven's sakes. this guy is going to the big house. she wants to go to the white house. americans are sick of the fact that the clintons play by a
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totally different set of rules than the great unwashed that they seem to have such contempt for. bill: i will grant you comment about first 100 day as an saturday, and probably would have been wise to leave that alone. look at last debate last wednesday in las vegas. 90 minutes of, a lot of issues and a lot of topics. one story people want to talk about whether or not the election was rigged. he could have avoided that, governor by not going there. or finessing it following way. if this election is close, i'm not going to give in. do you think al gore should have done it in 2000? think george w. bush should have done it? >> you know, it's always easier to look back, say, gee, this is what i should have done. having been on debate stage many times. i'm always better after the debate, what i should have said. i get that. even so, there was substantive issues not only in the debate, and i thought, to make a big deal of what he said in manner which he said it was really a little bit of overreach on part of the media anyway.
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they didn't hold the fact that john kerry after the 2004 election said the results weren't fair. of course the big example being 2,000, al gore, george bush race. barack obama in 2008 talked about a rigged election. how he wasn't sure it was going to be fair because he thought hillary might rig it. this is not all that big of a headline. people treated it as if, you know, just stomped on the constitution or something. bill: get to one more point. that is the issues. they're largely absent. there is a media critic, television, andrew tyndall, nightly news, going back to his study, virtually nonexistent. i saw anecdotal evidence out of ohio today, suggesting turnout there is already low, that could be the result in 13 days. low turnout in a campaign that has been personality, and not issues, governor. >> if it is low turnout i think that is bad for hillary because
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i'm convinced bill, trump supporters will go to the polls, if it rains 16 inches think will swim through the rainwater to get there. look at difference between the rallies trump is holding, intensity of his voters. they will stand in line for eight hours to maybe, and maybe not even get in the building. hillary's rallies? i mean, good grief, they have to pump oxygen in the room to keep them awake. numbers are low. tim kaine had 30 people show up. bill: very interesting point but in your experience you know rallies and numbers, do they translate to votes? give you last word there, go. >> well here is what i do know. traveling on planes and being in hotel lobbies, about five days a week, everywhere i go, the intensity level for donald trump is just extraordinary. what i see happening, people who will not tell a pollster, will not tell a news reporter how to vote, lean over whisper, waiters, uber drivers, all kinds of people who say i'm voting for
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donald trump. they're very passionate about it but won't even tell their own families because it creates such a fight with some of their friends and relatives, but i think what we're going to see what we saw in straight britain during the -- great britain during the "brexit" vote. i was there when it happened. it shocked everybody but the people on the street. bill: wow. take that as prediction. governor mike huckabee in florida. fair enough. we'll talk real soon. >> you bet. martha: more coming out about the rise in obamacare premiums. one state seeing a triple digit spike in arizona. why is it now considered a toss-up on election day. arizona governor jan brewer will talk about what is going on in her home state coming up. plus the outrage over california's national guard members being forced to pay back a decade-old bonus when they signed up to be available for iraq and afghanistan. this is a head-scratcher, folks. the pentagon now reacting. >> i held up my end.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one.
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woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. bill: we have debate raging here at home allowing more refugees into our country, france is struggling to deal with a camp known as the jungle in the port city of calle. massive move to get refugees into other parts of the country. 1000 have been relocated. 1000 remain in the camp. they are dealing with fires set by those in the camp. >> anybody who volunteers to serve in the armed forces of the united states deserves our gratitude and respect, period.
6:25 am
we are going to look into it and resolve it. martha: let's hope, right? defense secretary ash carter dealing with the fallout after the pentagon told thousands of california national guard soldiers to give back the enlistment bonuses, some of them as much as $15,000. most of that money spent. some put into mortgages on houses. now they have to try to retrieve it. rich edson live in washington with this. rich, congress is already looking into this, correct? reporter: good morning, martha. the house oversight committee is requesting documents and information. the california national guard. in letter from committee chairman jason chaffetz and other senior committee members congress is asking for all bonus repavement information since 2002 and how much in bonus money the guard awarded and reclaimed. the committee is giving national guard until november 7th to provide the information. senate committee on homeland security has similar request. in response to the this the chief of the national guard bureau tweeted that the national
6:26 am
guard is working with u.s. army, department of defense and california national guard to resolve this in a way respecting both soldiers and our duty to taxpayers. "the washington post" reports major general matthew beavers of the california army national guard claims the national guard tried to address the bonus repayments two years ago though he claims congress failed to add the additional funding during a time of spending cuts, martha. martha: i mean it's a shocking on some levels. you would think with all of the layers of bureaucracy that are involved in these kinds of payments that there would be a enough people to figure out who deserves the money and make sure that they get it. so now is congress going to step in and fix this? >> well, martha, the issue now received significant national attention and when congress is confronted with a story of those who served in the military during a time of war and government is now asking them to repay promised bonuses, politically this is type of issue lawmakers promised to quickly correct. in a statement, house speaker paul ryan writes quote, when
6:27 am
those californians answered call to duty they earned more from the u.s. bureaucratic bungling and false promise. the house has taken steps to fix injustice in the future. now the pentagon should immediately suspend efforts to recover overpayments so congress has time to complete work to begin in may to protect servicemembers from life-long liability for dod mistakes. congress is out of town campaigning until after the election. the white house says president obama requested pentagon expedite its review of these cases, martha. martha: bureaucratic bungling at it is finest. they need to deal with it and deal with it quickly and get money back to those people. rich, thank you very much. bill: facebook executives speaking out about the company's future at "wall street journal" technology conference insisting there is still, they still consider themselves a tech company, not a media company. the social network has come under fire recently for what some perceive as censorship regarding political speech and content. chief operatingofficer, sheryl
6:28 am
sandberg says facebook wants to be a safe community and platform for ideas. six months ago, timely enough, talking about this with governor huckabee, brand new podcast, hammer time, in depth conversation with howard kurtz about the media bias. is it legitimate or is it not? i think kurtz's answers and analysis based on 30 years of experience in studying this stuff is verying interest. check it outon line. martha: always great. we'll do it. thank you. a brand new document dump ed henry is in process of pouring through from wikileaks. the clintons can not get out from under wave of controversy and damaging headlines. should they have politically dealt with this a long time ago, instead of two weeks before the election? what the campaign is talking about. bill: also this, fox news alert. keep a very close eye on this the battle to retake mosul from the hands of isis. reports of the most dangerous part of the whole mission is about to begin. the threat the coalition now faces inside that town.
6:29 am
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martha: another violent day is the syrian crisis continues to unfold on the world stage, syrian refugees known as the white helmets reporting that an airstrike outside a school has killed 17 people. most of the dead sadly are children. meanwhile the humanitarian crisis there getting more dire with each passing day, forces continuing their assault on the city, bombings have gotten so
6:33 am
rampant, they stopped trying to hang glass panels because shards are killing too many people. they are collaborating with syria, syrian opposition forces on the increase since russia got called. john: coalition forces are moving closer, hundreds of isis fighters armed with suicide belt are getting ready to defend that city. john huddy is watching that from jerusalem. >> reporter: we are hearing that isis militants are sending in death squads, executioners to kill people, civilians, men, women and children as they are trying to flee these villages and bulletins are heading back into mosul. at this point kurdish and iraqi troops have recaptured 90 villages around mosul so far
6:34 am
going into two areas that are also very important. that is where the frontline is at this point, a major offensive to reach those two villages as those troops pushed closer, the fighting will intensify as kurdish and iraqi troops pushed closer into mosul. we heard of isis suicide squads zero going to mosul to launch attacks with explosives belts, roadside bombs and that sort of thing, we have seen that but we are hearing hundreds of these suicide attackers on their way, and waiting for more information on that front. isis has been executing people, men, women, children but there are stories coming out about the so-called sniper of mosul or mosul sniper, a gunman waging a
6:35 am
1-man war on isis. we are told this sniper took out and isis executioner as he was about to put a bullet into the head of a teenage boy. the fight continues. bill: thank you. martha: the latest evidence of hillary clinton's questionable political practices, a controversy over the course of it, white water, the early days, benghazi and allegations of pay to play that have come out throughout the campaign and the state department. new evidence her longtime friend virginia governor terry mcauliffe influence the fbi's investigation. a large campaign contribution to the wife of a person who worked in the fbi's washington field office. the deputy assistant to
6:36 am
president george w. bush, democratic pollster and senior political strategist, welcome to both of you. the reason to look back at that list is if hillary clinton wins this election no doubt we will find ourselves back in the situation we were in last time the clintons were in the white house when we had this investigation. >> hillary clinton if she is the president won't have a honeymoon, it will be a hangover because a lot of scandals are yet to be investigated as part of oversight of congress. we start where we left off with hillary clinton and that is the sad part but clintons have a scandal in their governance. and my opinion the bonnie and clyde of political politics would be back in the white house keeping congress busy with investigation after investigation. martha: the most recent, there is no doubt regardless of the
6:37 am
outcome of this election that somebody has to look into the fbi investigation into the hillary clinton matter. the more we learn about it the more it looks like the fix was in, there was never going to be an indictment and terry mcauliffe made a large donation to the spouse of an fbi higher up, perhaps in order to make sure that didn't happen. >> the timing doesn't add up, influence the investigation. terry mcauliffe made the donation in march 2015, and -- martha: let me ask a question. let's assume you are running for office and your husband is involved in an investigation. you get the money into your coffers you lose the election and your husband comes home and says i know i'm in charge of the email investigation was wouldn't you say to him given that explanation shouldn't you recuse
6:38 am
yourself? >> i was highlighting the timing of it. i understand what you are saying and there were a lot of scandals, jason chafe it's chomping at the bit to continue at this. there were a lot of scandals in the bush years. we have a corruption problem for both parties and doesn't exclude donald trump even though he isn't a politician a year and a half ago. i understand the concerns, they hurt hillary clinton's numbers but if you look at the polls she will be the president and people have to be tough about these issues, more transparent and following up on that. martha: you look back at this fbi situation the more we learn about of the more troubling on so many levels it becomes. no grand jury investigation and you now learn about the president's awareness that she was sending him emails that did not say and there were 2000 emails from her home server.
6:39 am
and according to sheryl mills included the president so why was there never when it appears a serious investigation in how this information was exposed? >> the fbi and justice department made a political decision, should have been a professional decision the truly freed her as anybody else would be treated. the fbi said it would never be tried in a court of law, justice department concurred and now she we tried in the court of public opinion and if she becomes the president she will be the most damaged resident coming into the presidency because not only past scandals will hurt her but she will have a problem governing in this environment. this is self-created. the clintons brought this upon themselves and the government did not do their duty. martha: what about the complicit nature of the media? these stories have not been laid out in the detail that allows people to understand.
6:40 am
if the fbi decides not to indict someone before they did a thorough investigation and that is what a lot of people believe may have happened here, that is a serious undermining of the american system is it not? >> it is a serious undermining, james comey would say they did a thorough investigation and a lot of people agree, they wouldn't have recommended to indict, people who have been in that position. i understand the concerns and it will be a challenge by hillary clinton going forward. if she does have a clear mandate, i think she will have a lot to work with. republicans like johnny isaacson have spoken out about their ability to work with her and how bipartisan she was in the senate so i am hopeful looking forward. not like a lot of people are excited to work with donald trump. i do understand these concerns
6:41 am
completely. martha: thank you very much. bill: donald trump saying it is now or never. >> this is the last time we have a chance. and four years it is over. in four years you don't have a chance. this is it. we are really close. we are going to win florida. t new polling numbers from florida, what is the state of the race? we haven't on the board in a moment next. martha: cleveland and chicago game one of the world series, a series that has been a lifetime in the making. ♪ pair est liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila!
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
6:45 am
martha: game one of the world series got underway. eight strikeouts, indians, roberto perez. the final score last night. i am with the indians. we got a different impression. >> we will wingback the white house. >> we are going to win florida and by the way, the line that the voting booth are a record. bill: donald trump feeling
6:46 am
optimistic, what is the true state of the race in the home stretch. welcome back here, chew on this one. this is bloomberg, florida, today, trump is 45, clinton 43, four way race. >> i will take any action. in chicago. good news for trump, bloomberg poll shows him up two points in florida. it is crucial for him, he has got to win florida, closed the gap, clinton's lead, 1.6 percentage points including other polls. and the national average one to
6:47 am
5 points, and behind the eight ball and trailing. martha: republicans and democrats in blue, bush and kerry, this was the map in 2008 with obama beating mccain. this is the map four years ago and four years ago in florida when you think about it, 29 electoral votes even the trump team, you can't win the white house unless you win florida. obama won with 50,000 votes, very close four years ago. much better against mccain four years prior to that, the margin was 200,000 votes. look at the schedule so far hillary clinton, going forward today trump was there in five events in the last two days, you can see when they look at the map either wins florida and keeps hopes alive or that is where she is. >> exactly right. hillary clinton in miami, running the score, donald trump
6:48 am
running his score with voters i the panhandle and battling over orlando, tampa, hillsborough county, this is a split. just the other day, 20,000 people, they think they are ahead but it will be close. it is crucial, trump can't win without hillary. bill: we track the numbers every day. we moved iowa, lean republican to a tossup. we went to a been read, and congressional district tossup as well. does that square with where you are? >> i think pretty much. we have iowa, trump leaves four
6:49 am
points, having had a lot of pulling out of iowa. the main district was leaning for trump but might have slipped a little bit, that is where we have it. he is trailing, closed the gap in the final couple weeks. there are indications it might be happening but we have a long way to go and looking for more data to confirm that. bill: a big story, the balance of power for republicans, 46 democrats, two independents. back to the bloomberg poll, marco rubio has a 10 point lead in florida. >> an eye-popping number. democrats have been trying -- have this internal discussion whether to put more resources and or let the race go. this poll might get the upper hand of folks who think the race is gone but we will see. marco rubio needs to hold on to that if republicans want to hold
6:50 am
on to the senate. needs to be in good shape at least now. bill: thank you very much, good luck. you will enjoy the series. martha: maybe have a wager. i never changed, you were supporting the president. bill: since 1908. like you were thinking about it. bill: got to support my team but bowling came out yesterday, a huge challenge, take the indians. martha: if it was a thought process is what you were saying, not all in from the get-go. bill: coming around to it. martha: i rest my case. i spent some time in cleveland over the last year but now i get it. bill: good luck.
6:51 am
martha: millions of people have cast their ballots. who is that guy? justin timberlake. that picture could get him in some hot water and we will explain why. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. you're a smart saver. you find ways to stretch your dollar. so why not compare your medicare part d plan with other options? call or go online now and see how aetna medicare rx saver could help you save. with a low monthly plan premium. access to over 60,000 pharmacies. plus $1 tier 1 generic medications
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6:54 am
martha: justin timberlake rocking the boat caused a little noise, a selfy, getting a lot of attention because it is not legal to do that in tennessee at the polling place, he is among 10 million people, and shannon breen with more. >> great to see you.
6:55 am
this is one of those things, 2016 election story because everyone wants to do this. 30 days in jail, a misdemeanor, doing the right thing to encourage people to get out and vote, they appreciate that. it across the country was mixed, states where there may be some guidance on this or may not be, this is where they are mixed, tennessee is in there but where ballot selfys are allowed, all those in green, not allowed, you can stay out of trouble, read, don't -- there was talk about whether he would be in trouble, this is what we have from communications director, a statement released regarding justin timberlake and an
6:56 am
investigation was incorrect, no one is investigating this, escaping jail now. you see on the map? >> it is illegal in the red. >> if something happens i will bail you out. be change you are watching a lot of social media interaction which is a huge part of life and elections during the course of that. anyone who wants to be part of our coverage check it out. use hashtag fox news 2016. we have people sending stuff in. this is his mother registering to vote for the first time in 82, anything legal for you to show us, fox news 2016 is your hashtag. looking forward to having you here throughout the big
6:57 am
election. bill: there is more on the wikileaks matter about how much president obama knew about clinton's server and the state department and breaking news more emails released from wikileaks, we are going through them as we speak, details and headlines next. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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martha: a manhunt is underway for four days for the man accused of violent campaign in oklahoma. police say that 38-year-old michael vance murdered two of his relatives and an aunt and uncle and shot three other people, posting livid yes, sir on social media while he was on the now saying that he has also has a hit list of people that he is targeting and is out there somewhere. they are very concerned about the safety of those people. he was last seen on monday in western oklahoma. we'll get you a live report coming up on that ongoing manhunt later this hour. in the meantime there are brand new revelations that show a frantic clinton campaign struggling to come up with
7:01 am
acceptable explanation nation for hillary clinton's use of her private email server and their first reaction says a lot about what they really thought about this although she seemed to shrug it off when she spoke about it at u.n. lots to dig into here. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'll bill hemmer. wikileaks saying the that the campaign was sounding alarms after the president said this about the private server on cbs. >> mr. president, when did first learn hillary clinton used email system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports, so from the very beginning, this is with we're learning. clinton advisor phillip raines admitting quote, there is just no good answer. we need to gut through the process phase. get them out there and let the condo the talking, end quote. bill: ed henry doing talking from d.c. good morning to you.
7:02 am
the president's account being challenged. in the laws few minutes there new email suggesting that clinton's own advisors knew privately this was far worse than they let on. what have you learned? reporter: this is breaking this hour. this is round 19 of john podesta emails put out there by wikileaks. the one you mentioned march 27, 2015. that is so significant because three days before hillary clinton finally addressed the media at the united nations. what did she say then? this was no big deal. this was matter of convenience. i wanted one device. the server is being blown out of proportion. phillipe was by her side, now outside advisor to the campaign. he is saying just the opposite in private. there is just no good answer. you know, who also believed that? cheryl mills. the same day in fact when we cross reference this, march 7th, 2015, she sees or hears about the interview with the president on cbs you just
7:03 am
mentioned and she reads the president's interview and suggestion this is wrong. she fires off an email declaring quote, we need to clean this up. he has emails from her, meaning clinton, they do not say meaning mills, who was chief of staff at the state department knew that secretary clinton and the president had exchanged work emails on her personal email address. so his answer set off alarm bells as you said because they read it to mean that he had not told the whole truth there. josh ernest, the president's spokesman, came out yesterday said the opposite. he said, quote, the president did not suggest he hadn't traded emails with her. of course the president had possession of secretary clinton's email address but he did not have any knowledge of where her server was located or what sort of arrangements had been made to store her email. that from white house press secretary josh earnest, so he is splitting that thing. answering question about the email address, about the server, not the email address. the very bottom line if he knew
7:04 am
it was personal email address, didn't know about the server, here is the president of the united states, commander-in-chief trading emails with his secretary of state. he doesn't know whether it is secure server or not, number one. number two, some of these emails we learned from another john podesta email have been claimed under executive privilege. we may never see -- bill: does that come back to the difference is, is, was, where? is that we're going. >> bill plante's question, a very good one was, when did you first learn about the email system. he didn't say address, he didn't say server. the president decided to answer, i didn't know but i learned about it from news reports. his spokesman is choosing he meant learned about the server, not of the email address. sort of splitting hairs maybe. very bottom line, another email from john podesta, he called of this in private a hot mess. that is probably the most accurate description. bill: thank you very much. ed henry, get back to work. more headlines.
7:05 am
here's martha. martha: clearly all of this raises new questions about president obama's knowledge of hillary clinton's email situation as it was put. as we've been hearing the clinton campaign knew from the start that they had a problem with all of this. no matter how unworried she appeared to be, when she was in public. steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: let's look at a quote from "the wall street journal" piece this morning. we suppose a president wouldn't pay close attention to the email addresses of his cabinet officers though that lack of was sure a red flag. the fact that he said he didn't know about the server may also have protected him from an fbi interview. what do you make of that? >> yeah. i think they're right. i think they're give being the president the benefit of the doubt. there are basically two scenarios. either the president lied when he said he didn't know about the
7:06 am
private server or private email address or the president was telling the truth. if he lied, that was certainly the understanding of the clinton team as reflected in these podesta emails. they thought the president had said something that was either false or incorrect. that is why they panicked. that is why cheryl mills sent an email that they had to clean it up. if the president was telling the truth, it raises all sorts of additional questions. if you take white house claims at face value, that the president didn't realize he was emailing secretary clinton on unsecure server, you have to ask, did the president not see this was non-state.governor email address? does that raise questions about whether communications with his top foreign policy advisor were secure? if he never made the recognition, did he ask anybody about whether those communications would be secure? if not, is he engaged in those communications with anybody else right now? is he emailing somebody's gmail address or unsecure email address as we speak? martha: we know john podesta was
7:07 am
concerned about emails that came to and from the president because he said after the subpoena order came in, we have to find out what is to and from the president. which as you pointed out last night, steve, broadcast to everyone, there were decisions being made, which ones we're going to turn over. which ones we're not going to turn over. no one gave them authority to make those decisions. >> no, i think that is exactly right. what we're seeing here in these podesta emails, assuming that the e-mails were stolen from john podesta's account, published by wikileaks, are in fact accurate, what we're seeing here is the inside nature of a cover-up. this is a cover-up. i don't think there is any question about the fact that it's a cover-up. they were attempting to cover up what secretary clinton had done with her server, whom she communicated with, kinds of things she discussed, what emails would be turned over and not turned over. this is glimpse into the inside of a cover-up that we don't normally get to see. martha: and it's shocking, i think, when you look at that.
7:08 am
those two things, that john podesta said we need to make sure there aren't any the batch to and from the president. he said he can assert his executive privilege there. which is true. he is concerned about the backs and forth between the two of them. you pet them to the question of bill plant where he said he was not aware she was using an outside server. tough ask yourself if you're working on fbi investigation those two things alone would put question marks in your head, i guess we need to sit down and ask the question a few questions, no? >> you would certainly think. one, the president gave much the same answer to steve kroft in an interview he gave to steve kroft that he gave to bill plante. remember this is only one slice of this cover-up, of this controversy. the other part we saw last week in the release of the fbi 302s, interview summaries from the fbi. where you had a senior state department official, patrick kennedy trying to change, pressuring fbi officials into changing classification of
7:09 am
emails so as to protect secretary clinton. i mean this whole thing stinks and we're seeing it from the inside and again, in a way that we really never get a chance to see. martha: yes. so true. and you see, now, as you point out, the scramble that was happening. so she is coming before the american people saying, you know i had one device. made it easier for me. but there is a scramble and panic i think, not too strong of a word, based on these emails and on patrick kennedy's statements as well, to figure out how to cover this whole thing. because they knew it was politically very dangerous for her. that goes back again, i think, steve, to the question, given all of that, did the fbi give this whole thing short-shrift? >> i don't think there is any question. the fbi has to be embarrassed when they look at the interview summaries that have come out, now we see the podesta. mails, and how the clinton team was reacting they knew was not likely to be minor controversy
7:10 am
but a full-blown scandal. cheryl mills doesn't send an email we need to clean this up unless she is worried about it becoming a scandal. ed henry went out and hillary clinton made first public statement i remember discussing it at time, take away, if there was good answer to what she had done, we would have heard it. the fact we never heard a good answer from hillary clinton, the fact you go back now, look at statements one after another, after another, from that press conference, that she gave at united nations almost all of which have turned out to be false, suggests just how deep of a hole they were in and i think if you're on the clinton team right now, you have to be looking around, smiling, saying i can't believe we got away with this. martha: can you imagine their relief when she was interviewed on the weekend before the 4th of july for a couple hours by agents, jim comey wasn't even in the room for interview. couple days later, he comes out says, that's done. there is nothing there. so there's a lot more given what
7:11 am
we know. there is more to know in this story to be sure. >> no question. martha: steve, thank you very much. steve hayes in washington. >> thanks, martha. bill: obamacare blowing up on the campaign trail after the bombshell about millions of americans about to see their premiums go through the roof. will health care now be the october surprise? former mayor rudy giuliani, trump advisor is in studio next on that. martha: plus with two weeks to go donald trump severs ties with the fund-raising arm of the gop. how this could affect the down-ballot scramble to keep control of the house and senate. bill: bill o'reilly taking on the charge of a rigged american political system. we'll debate that in a moment. fair and balanced. >> mr. trump should accept whatever happens at that vote, unless there is compelling evidence of corruption. undermining our electoral system is not a patriotic thing.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
♪ >> repealing obamacare and stopping hillary's health care takeover is one of the single-most important reasons that we must win on november 8th. [cheering] martha: donald trump doubling down on calls to repeal and replace obamacare as the white house admits that millions of americans will see their costs skyrocket in the coming year.
7:16 am
most of those are coming forward now. bill: yes. martha: now when people find out how much it will cost for next year, average of 25%. some places seeing 116%. when you see a place like arizona. one in five consumers will have to choose plans from a single insurer. while 15 insurers join exchanges, 83 say they can not afford to do that plan anymore. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, donald trump advisors joins us now. mayor, always good to see you. good morning to you. >> from the beginning i knew obamacare was failure from day one. we all did. then he lied to us, keep your doctor, keep your insurance, lie, lie. it is going to cost less money. how could we possibly have believed, how can you cover people with preexisting conditions and have it cost less money? i believe in covering. i don't believe in lying to people. the whole financial basis for this program was done by a bunch
7:17 am
liberal idiots who never run a business, never run economic program in their entire lives. the rollout was incompetent. and now, it is a disaster. what does she want to do? she wants to increase it. she wants to go to single-payer, as she told a canadian bank for a fee of $225,000, a speech she tried to keep hidden, she wants to go to, her words, not mine, socialized medicine. martha: now we're hearing a lot about this from donald trump, with 13 days to go. there was a very well-articulated editorial a month ago from kim strassel in the "wall street journal" saying donald trump needs to be 100% on this story. needs to be out in front of it. pound it day in, day out. why isn't he? i know he brought it up. but why didn't he. >> a whole bunch of things to pound during that period of time. he was playing defense and wikileaks things coming out and total corruption of the fbi, justice department investigation, revelation that the number two guy in the
7:18 am
investigation his wife got $650,000 in campaign contributions from none other than that 3-dollar bill mcauliffe. martha: talked to him about that yesterday. when you look a the place like arizona should be locked up red state -- >> i agree with you. martha: how is arizona on the fence given the border and given health care. >> it won't be. it won't be on the fence. he will wayne arizona. when you look at obamacare, you look at the border, he will win it. it won't be as close as big, as it usually has because hispanic vote has grown but the vote is still a secure border and with getting bombed by obamacare. you know what is left out of the story, the deductibles. one thing to say your premium will go up 50%, another thing to say your deductible will be $5,000. martha: basically means youh ca? >> who will use it? only time i ever used that amount of money for health care i had prostate cancer. other than that, i'm not a young man. i don't use $5,000 a year in health care. martha: yeah.
7:19 am
so you are making the argument, and others in trump camp are making argument the polls are all wrong. people are going to be shocked. these pollsters i imagine will be out of business. >> they have been before. martha: come november 8th. what are you is baaing that on? >> i sat here at fox, then i went over to nbc and cbs and 2008 and none other than than some of your bosses told me the election was over and the fox poll showed that kerry was going to be president. i was on nbc with senator kennedy and tom brokaw and senator kennedy were picking the kerry cabinet. it was over. exit polls had him winning. winning pennsylvania by 19. martha: then ohio happened. >> then ohio happened. i'm sorry, i don't believe in polls. i, every election i ever won, i outperformed the polls. even ones i lost i was down by 12. i lost by three. i was down by four, i won by four.
7:20 am
i was ahead by 12. i won by 18. so i have always overperformed the polls. they have never been accurate in my case. martha: all right. so what about ground game? you know that is the big argument. >> this is states. martha: i understand. florida, ohio, iowa, nevada, arizona, pennsylvania, looks like it is going for her. he has to have new hampshire, colorado or wisconsin. >> exposure there. so he spent, the reason that florida flipped he is now three points ahead he spent three or four days there. he got his message out there. martha: are there enough days left in the calendar to get to all the states? >> time left and couple surrogates and separate out. i spend weekend in new hampshire. i will go from dallas where i have to give a speech to university of north texas. martha: texas is on the bubble? >> oh, i just talked to one of my good friend in texas that is the biggest joke in the world. they can't find, they can't find a hillary supporter in texas or somebody who is willing to be
7:21 am
hillary supporter in texas. i will be in texas tomorrow. then i will go to nevada, colorado and come back through new hampshire. and i will do my own campaigning. so, won't be the 10,000 that he gets but maybe i get 2 or 3,000. martha: call us from the road. we would love to hear from you how things are going. >> i think he has surprise or two you will hear about next few days. i mean, i'm talking about some pretty big surprise. martha: i heard you say that this morning. what do you mean? >> you'll see. martha: stay tuned. rudy giuliani, we got to go. i'm out of time. i would keep pressing you. >> we're not, we're not going down and certainly not going to stop fighting. we have a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around. in a way that even, even the liberal pollsters will get to he see it. martha: rudy giuliani. stay tuned, folks. more to come. bill: call that a tease in our business. fox news alert on a manhunt in it is forth day in oklahoma. people searching for an accused killer as we learn more about
7:22 am
his alleged plans. >> now our gates are locked. our doors are locked. everybody is just locked and loaded, ready in case we need to protect our families.
7:23 am
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7:25 am
bill: here we go. donald trump about to appear at his new hotel on pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. he has said for some time it came under budget and beat the deadline. you heard rudy giuliani. we have new poll out of florida, battleground. bloomberg shows donald trump has slight edge on hillary clinton, up two points, 45-43. marc thiessen, fellow american enterprise institute. fox news contributor. eboni williams, political analyst and fox news contributor. there is suggestion this thing is over already.
7:26 am
marc, as you analyze that, how do you react with 13 days left? >> it is never over until the last vote is counted. there could be a world changing event between now and next two weeks. any number of things could happen. i used to work for senator jess ehelms of north carolina. senator helms said i never won a poll or lost an election. there are a lot of people in north carolina would not tell a pollster voting for jesse helms but ended up voting for him. there send tire possible there is helms effect in the trump polls. a lot of people are not telling pollsters they will support donald trump especially videos coming out with the groping and other allegations it is not politically correct to be trump supporter if you're not hardcore. whether it is enough to make up the difference in the polls is yet to be seen but 538 gives him 18% chance of winning that gives hillary about 80% chance of willing. that is not sure bet. 18% is pretty good odds.
7:27 am
it is not over yet. bill: ebony, how do you see it? >> bill, it would be a great mistake on anybody, particularly clinton campaign to be overconfident. to think anything is over at this point. a lot can change in 13 days. i don't think clinton campaign, many in the mainstream media might think it is over, but her campaign doesn't. she he is deploying elizabeth warren to meredith college in north carolina as marc spoke to. they are trying to take advantage early voting. they know it is not sure thing and not in the bag. bill: early voting goes to democrats historically, the day of voting goes to republicans. mitt romney won the vote on election day. barack obama beat him in the early voting tally. that gave him second term. >> that's right. bill: marc, what about the obamacare story? is that the kind of surprise that could swing this election, yes or no? >> i don't know if it will swing the election. it certainly will have impact. look, for example, hillary clinton is making a big push in arizona.
7:28 am
premiums will go up in arizona 116%. that is enormous difference. same is true in other battle ground states. premiums going up in florida by 17%. maine, 21%. north carolina, 24%. ohio, 13%. this certainly could have an impact but where it really will have impact, bill, close senate races ability of gop to keep senate. pennsylvania, pat toomey in really tough race, close to keep his senate seat. premiums going up by 33%. republican senatorial committee with an ad up, with his opponent how proud democrats should be about obamacare. richard burr, north carolina tough race, missouri as well. could have impact on senator races. bill: what do you think about the effect of obamacare. >> two things, bill. the truth. marc is right about unpopularity of obama cair and remains unpopular with premium hikes even more so. separate issue, how will it affect these races? the white house, i just don't
7:29 am
think it will have a lot of effect. health care isn't in top 3 when voters list their concerns for this election. there is also, now, down ballot, again i do think marc might have a point there. this will be a about, i think mr. trump missed a huge opportunity to campaign harder on this. if this was election about policy, this would be a different conversation we were having. bill: doing it now. >> well, it a bit late in the game on that. certainly should have been making arguments sooner. this is about who mr. trump is as a man, for better or for worse. bill: thanks to both of you. eboni, marc, onward. 10:30 here in new york. martha: new reports that the trump campaign is done with fund-raising for the republican party. is this usual at this stage of the game or is the nominee raising concerns for the republican party? plus this. >> went around, struck him out. inning over. bill: andrew miller keeping the cubs scoreless. game one of the world series, we're off and running.
7:30 am
miller is calling it a grind. good for america. good for the game. wheels up for game 2. coming up shortly. ♪ you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. martha: investigators say a man wanted for killing two people and shooting three others has a hit list. oklahoma police are still
7:34 am
searching for michael vance after his shooting spree on sunday night. adam housley latest from the west coast bureau. adam are with do we think he is headed now? reporter: headed to vegas. the hit list has couple more names. the people may or may not be in las vegas. he was near western oklahoma near the texas border. in a car that he carjacked. shots were fired at a mobile home in oklahoma. this guy came out with firing with a ak 47. shot two officers. took the patrol car. drove to different mobile home park. killed his aunt and uncle almost cutting off their heads. went to gas station and took mitsubishi car. that is the car he is still in they believe as far as they know to nevada. he actually had a facebook live video of his escape. this guy is also out on bond right now for sexual assault allegations.
7:35 am
and he also is believed to have some sort of a communicable disease that may, he may attempt to spread. so a lot going on here. a lot of reasons to look out for the guy. anybody that comes across him stay away and notify authorities but the manhunt is on, martha. martha: adam, thank you. bill: donald trump apparently ending his fund-raising efforts for the party. john roberts reports last hour that while hillary clinton is doing the same thing for democrats. dana perino, co-host of "the five" and "we'll tell you what "on sundays. and author of a new book, let me tell you about jasper, how my best friend became america's dog. >> nosographic. bill: how do you make a living off of a dog. i might try it. >> he has new nickname. meal ticket. bill: hashtag. the story i just mentioned. both candidates focused on battleground states.
7:36 am
you watch where they go. florida, north carolina, it is ohio. >> just as we all knew, when you do the map two years ago, when you started showing map to people, these will be the state it come downs to? you were exactly right. bill: they are still the states. republicans are making last-minute investment in these senate races. what does that tell you? >> right. couple things. one, hillary clinton has done a huge amount of fund-raising, as of a month ago she had done more fund-raisers than obama and romney combined in 12. 658. to 59 by donald trump. what do you do with money like that? get out the voight. hillary clinton's team is investing a huge amount of money into red states where they might be able to upset some of the republican senate candidates like in missouri. they're going to try in indiana. i don't think they will be successful in indiana. what happened is, mitch mcconnell, the republican senate majority leader, through the direction of
7:37 am
outsidewhatever, and rnc is putting money to save republican seats. the position you would every mr. to be in at this point where one you are not having to defend republican seats but you are doing what the democrats are doing, that you would be going after democrats and trying to make sure that you keep the majority in the senate. bill: you know what the importance of that is being a republican yourself. >> for a while. for now. bill: what are you now? >> i don't know. i don't know. we might be breaking news. i don't know. i'm waiting to see. bill: are you one of the write-in folks right now? >> i don't know what i'm going to do. bill: you don't need to tell me. i'm not going to ask you. what i do want to know from you, whether or not you think voters consciously think about a divided government? >> i do think so. you mentioned i'll tell you what, podcast tv show i do with chris stirewalt, in his data dive this past weekend, showed in years where you have a big disparity between the presidency. so for example, 1984, if you did
7:38 am
the math in 1984, only state you would have turn blue on that map last night would have be minnesota. what else happened that night? democrats picked up two seats? the senate. there is precedent for people understanding they like checks and balances in government. bill: 1996 -- >> another good example. bill: two senate seats in a year bob dole was beaten badly by bill clinton. bloomberg, poll, rubio up 10 points in florida over his challenger, that tells me trump is not down 11. he is in the case. >> they never speak about each other out on campaign trail but trump and rubio might be helping each other down in florida. if you're motivated to vote for rubio, you might decide to vote straight republican ticket. if you vote for trump, you say i might as well help him keep the senate. bill: tell me about the book. come on. >> it's a book about jasper. i call him america's dog, not because i think he is is the number one dog in america, because one day on "red eye," gutfeld, we were talking about celebrity.
7:39 am
hates paparazzi taking pictures of your dog. he said, would you be like that, dana? i said of course not. i love my dog. america can share the cleanup you. a lot of pictures. bill: that's where it started. what does peter think about this? what understanding man, make it, go. >> daily you can read excerpt from the book how peter got arrested after failing to pay a 25-dollar ticket for walking the dog off the leash, even though he tried to pay ticket, and bureaucratic, nightmare overcriminalization of america. it happened to us. read that chapter on daily bill: great pictures. see you 5:00. martha: i read that part. heroes come in all shapes, sizes species. sergeant reckless the horse, is be honored bit marines for her row i can efforts during the korean war. national correspondent william la jeunesse live from camp pendleton in california.
7:40 am
good morning to you, william. reporter: martha, i love this story because i can not explain why a horse would go up a mountain 51 times, loaded with ammo, wounded all by itself, but i can tell you there are more marines alive today because of it. >> this is the true story of reckless, greatest war hero horse in american history. reporter: sergeant reckless is only animal to hold a official rank in the u.s. armed force. >> she was one of the boys. she was a marine. she was there to support us. we supported her. reporter: korean war votes remember her as pony they bought in soul for $250 to carry ammo for the platoon called reckless. >> she went up on her own. reporter: they auto to avoid tripwires and duck at incoming fire. >> you wouldn't expect she did. reporter: reckless earned her fire in 1953. made 51 round trips alone under
7:41 am
fire carrying five tons of ammunition, over 35 miles of steep hills and trails. >> you could never train a horse to do that. you had to, it has to be in them. reporter: despite being wounded twice, once above the eye, once in the ribs, reckless carried a dozen injured marines back to safety. >> there is a saying in the marine corps you never leave anybody behind and she never left anybody behind. >> camp pendleton california, first marine division headquarters, congratulations are in order for sergeant reckless. reporter: reckless returned stateside, two purple hearts and promotions and lifetime of food and beer in salary. she died in 1968. >> she is not a horse but a marine a true marine. reporter: today the corpse will unveil a bronze. sneak-peek for you, martha, we're expecting 500 people here. reckless is buried only a few miles away. martha: that is wonderful story, william. thank you very much. bill: nicely done. is the state of arizona in a
7:42 am
state of change in this election? it will be hardest hit by new obama care premiums. how does that play out? we'll talk to the governor jan brewer, she is love on deck next. martha: and thieves ransack a church office while the sunday service was underway just steps away. >> they were vulnerable. now they have been violated. that is absolutely feeling you get. i don't like to look at the video.
7:43 am
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ martha: so arizona is a state that is considered up for grabs right now in the presidential race. you have very tight polls there, as we learn voters will be hardest hit when the new obama care premiums hit next year. some people could see costs rise 116% in the state of arizona. president obama explaining why he thinks that is. >> a part of this is because arizona is one of those states that had really low average premiums, among lowest in the country. now insurance companies are
7:46 am
basically trying to catch up. martha: hmmm. jan brewer, former governor of arizona and donald trump supporter, joins us now. >> thank you very much, martha. martha: your reaction to what the mt. said in the sound bite? >> he always has an answer for everything. bottom line we know obamacare is not working. it is a failed program. that he misled the public when he proposed it and got it passed. they had to read the bill to find out what was in it. and now rooster come home to roost. it's a stable situation that he -- terrible situation he placed american people in. in arizona, a young man, single will pay $450 a month for his premiums. he can't see his doctor. he can't have same carrier. and family of four is going to be almost $1450 for a family. now, that is just absolutely outrage just, and i think the
7:47 am
public now understands that they weren't telling the truth and things have really gone askew. martha: all right. let me ask but the political scene in arizona right now because a lot of people look at the map, and they assume arizona will be a red state. it is generally is a red state, and there is scorecard. you see it's a toss-up right now. and latest monmouth vote has donald trump ahead by one point, 46-45. and that is well within the margin of error. so essentially a tie right now in arizona. take a look at "real clear politics" average, hillary clinton at 43.5, donald trump, 42. why is this closest specially with the build the wall mantra in arizona? >> it is interesting race one we've never seen before. i do believe we will thing. we're not taking anything for granted. i think republicans will come home and independents will vote appropriately, wanting a change. you know, we're not giving up.
7:48 am
we are pushing forward and arizona will remain red. it is just simple fact of the matter, i've had people come up to me that never ever voted in an election that are turning out on election day, or already cast their ballot. we feel pretty comfortable. we know it's tight. it is not over until it is over. i don't think the polls are always right either. martha: why is it so tight, that is the question? >> well, this election, martha has just been extremely, misrepresented i think, the stories haven't really been told and said the way that they have -- martha: is that the candidates fault? >> i think some of it is the candidates fault. some is the left-wing media's fault. some people not paying attention. confusion. but i think people are digging in now and they're understanding the situation our country is in. they want jobs and economy turned around. they want taxes lowered. they want our borders secured. they want our families safe. i think that is is the message
7:49 am
donald trump has been saying and giving. fortunately not getting getting coverage he should have had in regards to all of that. but now i think the voting public understands that we need a change. we need to take america back again and make great. martha: he has a huge gap with women voters. you know it is 13 days enough to change that trajectory and some of those ideas that have become pretty ingrained? >> i think the last 13 days, 12 days, there is always time. this has been a race like we've never seen before. and think that people will go to the polls and vote for what's right for their country and for their families. and what's important to their families are jobs in the economy and reduction in taxes and health care, and our security. again, martha, security is really, really important to everyone, not just pub -- republicans and democrats. they want to be safe.
7:50 am
they believe, i believe, hopefully the public believes donald trump will make a difference. martha: we will sigh. governor jan brewer, always great to have you with us. >> thanks, martha. bill: jon scott coming up with "happening now." good morning. >> 13 days before the election martha was talking about with the governor. we're awaiting live events from hillary clinton and donald trump next hour. brand new polling out of florida suggests that three days of campaigning there for mr. trump is paying big dividends. we have poll out of new hampshire. the drip, drip, drip, controversies surrounding hillary clinton, will it follow her no matter who wins the election? new fallout from troubles with obamacare. that is all ahead, "happening now." bill: see you, jon. two teams seeking a new destiny. >> there is a shot into left. that is going -- it is gone. home run. bill: who is your money on, america? chicago, and cleveland underway
7:51 am
in game one of the world series. awesome stuff. [cheering]
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> high flyball into left at the wall, good-bye! [cheering] 6-0, indians. bill: catcher too. roberto perez coming up big for indians. first number 9 hitter to hit two home runs in world series game. not to be outdone, ace cory clubber masterful. -- kluber. there is plenty of baseball next. live in cleveland now, take us through the night.
7:55 am
atmosphere looked amazing there, jared. >> bill, good morning. it was electric here last night as progressive field. something interesting. wrigley field is only five hours away by car. there were a lot of cubs fans here. it is so much cheaper if you're cubs fan to see your team play in the world series in cleveland a lot of folks are making ride. indians fans obviously very excited as their team takes one step closer in four-step process to end 68-year drought. absolutely electric atmosphere last night. bill: cleveland fans had an experience yesterday, that they can't live three lifetimes to see again. what was happening right next door? >> right next door, literally right next door the cleveland cavaliers were getting their championship rings and their championship banner. that was cleveland's major sports title since 1964. you have two championships going on essentially at same time. this is the story. i'm holding up today's
7:56 am
"cleveland plain-dealer." the front page about the indians betterry power because pitcher and catcher did all the work. world series section. we have a banner day for the cavs and ring ding ding, also cavaliers and indians here. bill: it is christmas. bad weather rolling in? what is the forecast? >> we're expecting a little wave of rain potentially next hour or some but i understand the second wave of rain coming later on tonight is of concern. last night they told us tonight's game will start hour earlier. they hope to get it in before weather is a problem. they figure they can get it. in the tarp is back on infield. they had it off couple hours. hopefully we'll get the same great matchup tonight. bill: thank you. jared max in cleveland. game 2 on fox. >> thanks, bill. martha: hillary clinton is back in florida today, trying to stay close to donald trump as new poll shows him two points ahead in the sunshine state. live report from the campaign trail coming up.
7:57 am
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martha: chill in the air. world series under way. election time. bill: november. martha: all good things, right? [laughter] martha: have a good day, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: all right, the election less than two weeks away now and the candidates are focusing heavily on florida, a battleground that is now a complete -- jenna: whoa, exactly. john: almost threw the computer. jenna: you were demonstrating. we get it. brand new poll with donald trump ahead in sunshine state. donald trump is in washington this hour for the opening of trump international hotel after


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