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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  October 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. it. and we begin with fox news alert. the presidential electionless than two weeks away. both the clinton and trump campaigns barn storming crucial swing states. hello everyone, i'm shannon bream. take a look. just the lucky number 13 days until the election. donald trump is heading to north carolina today. right now he's still in washington for the opening of his newest hotel there. while his running mait, mike pence is holding a rally in nevada this hour. state currently leaning democrat. democratic vice presidential candidate tim skainz rallying voters in pennsylvania. while shint just getting started on a two-day swing through florida. chief political correspondent carl cameron joins us live with
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carolina where trump will be holding an event later this evening, hi carl. >> reporter: he has a couple in north carolina. he'll have one in charlotte later this afternoon and later on the hanger. for trump, north carolina is a must-win. and it's been close, he has a little bit of a lead here in the polls, but today, he pretty much has given up the better part of the afternoon and the morning to his new hotel in downtown washington. it's actually been open for business, but it's sort of a soft open. today is the official grand opening. and he used it both to tout his business empire and to say that this is a great hotel and to take some shots at his opponent, watch this. >> remember hillary said herself, it was called hillarycare before it was called obamacare. she made that statement not too long ago, now she's trying to withdraw that statement. she wants to withdraw that statement. so badly. >> reporter: of course, trump for the last several days has
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been pounding clinton and the obama administration for word that premium under the affordable care act, obamacare, will go up an average of 25%, in some states, 70, and in arizona, estimates it could be actually 118%. it's a pretty potent attack and it does appear to be getting a little bit of traction, but later this evening when he campaigns in this afternoon when he campaigns in charlotte, he'll go back to his urban renewal rhetoric about the inner cities. african americans and the latinos. he's often said what have you got to lose? in other words, come vote for me because democratic policies and democratic candidates like no, i didn't trump' view have failed them for years, shannon. >> campaign carl cameron, thank you so much. we are learning more about the obama administration's knowledge of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail set-up during her time as secretary of
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state. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with a new twist. >> former senior intelligence officer with knowledge of the president's high security blackberry tells fox news these devices have a so-called white list of contacts that are deemed safe. each must be vetted and physically added to the device and this will also apply to clinton's private server address. the official emphasized this is an overact and more evidence that the white house and it's communication's team knew that hillary clinton private account existed and was being used for government business. the white house has responded. >> the president's explanation in march of 2016 and my explanation in march 2015 hasn't changed. and the truth is, this is just critics of secretary clinton and president obama recycling conspiracy theory that's already been thoroughly debudget. >> records show that president
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obama used tlooesz one pseudothem online to exchange e-mails with then secretary of state clinton. when investigators showed that e-mail to clinton aid huma abedin. she said quote, how is this not classified? and in addition to the 22 top secret e-mails deemed too damaging to release for national security reasons, the state department did withhold eight chains that totalled 18 messages between the president and then secretary clinton which remains confidential under what is called the presidential communications privilege, shannon. >> as that is all bubbling up, i understand there's more scrutiny of a potential fbi conflict. >> that's right. the government accountability group called cause of action, has written this letter to the department of justice inspector general asking them to investigate fbi deputy director andrew mckaib and his wife dr. jill mckaib's 2015 senate race where she received $675,000 from
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the government and democratic committee. he is the governor, long-time clinton ally. the government fbi officer said today the bureau should have done more to separate mckaib who would eventually oversee the clinton e-mail case from investigators. >> i would expect that given the recent circumstances with the e-mails and people and the players involved in overseeing this investigation, perhaps there should have been greater scrutiny on who was overseeing this investigation. >> le in a dunham is now effected can. dr. jill mccabe gave an interview to the news letter and identified her husband as an associate deputy director at fbi and she said that is why they're so politically aware, shannon. >> catherine herridge with the latest, thank you. >> new questions raised by the
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president's contact with clinton's private e-mail or the fbi's interview with clinton's aid. how is this not classified her amazement at the president's use of a pseudothem and asked if she could have a copy of the e-mail. let's talk about sid miller, founding member and co-chairman of the trump agricultural advisory board. good to see you today. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> all right. we're getting all of these new leaks. the polls not moving very much. so to speak someone who's involved in the presidential election, what difference does it make? well, we have something done in texas we have the smell test. and e-mailing secretary clinton on her pseudothem doesn't pass the smell test. something's rotten then. the only time to use a
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pseudothem is when you have something to hide. which certainly like to see what's in the e-mails. of course there's presidential privilege, will not be able to see those. we don't know what's in those 18 e-mails. but certainly kind of debunks that the president did not know she had a private server until he heard about it on the newsreel. >> do you think as catherine herridge and reporters are breaking news, do you think it sticks though? do you think it changes a potential voter's mind? whether they are undecided, leaning to hillary clinton's campaign, do you think this is enough to change some votes at the ballot box? >> i think people already decided that the clinton campaign is corrupt. so no, it's not exciting news, it's not a big revelation, it's just more of the same. it's more corruption, more private e-mails, being hidden from the public. used on the private server. just 33,000 e-mails we'll never see that were destroyed, along
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with several blackberries that were crushed with hammers. it's nothing new, but it's more of the same and it does reaffirm what we've known all along. >> meantime, i want to talk about what's going on in your home state. early voting kicking off in the lonestar state. this week and as of yesterday, two days and 970,000 people have cast their ballots. rnc speaksman sean spicer addressed that. here's what he said on "fox & friends" today. >> they have to do well in early voting. democrats historically have done well in the early vote. republicans do very well day of. what they're not telling you is they're not doing as well as they should be. republicans are doing much better in early vote than the democrats. and they need to crush it in early vote, they're not doing it. >> mr. commissioner, folks seem motivated down there in texas. how do you guys move from solidly gop to just leaning gop? that's something i never thought i would see in texas. do you think that's what's got people riled up? they're voting in mass? >> well, i think they're wrong. we are seeing -- we have a
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record number of people registered to vote in texas. we're having record turnouts. the first day, the second day of early voting. and it's not bernie sanders supporters coming out to support hillary and it's not barack obama's supporters coming out to support hillary. it is a new surge of trump voters, many have never registered to vote. many have not voted in eight or ten elections. they're not recorded in the polls. i think this indication is going to be a crushing victory in texas for the trump campaign. it's very obvious to me. >> do you think some of the polls are off? why do you think the numbers don't line up within your estimation what's really happens down there? >> they're oversampling women 5 to 8%. so the republican vote is underreported. plus there's no way to sample this extra 20 or 25% of new voters that are trump voters. they're not republican, they're not democrats, they're tired of
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the status quo and they won't change. they see the donald trump campaign, he's a change agent. and they want to blow things up. and donald trump's the candidate to do just that. >> well they are turning now the record numbers down there in texas. commissioner sid miller, good to see you today. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. good to be with you. >> all right. it was one of these most memorable moments of president obama's 2009 state of the union address to congress. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie! >> that's not true. >> south carolina congressman joe wilson's reaction as the president touted obamacare. was he actually right? congressman wilson joins us live next to talk about those skyrocketing whose eligible for coverage. and breaking details to take back bonuses to take back thousands of soldiers. what they're saying now about
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secretary of defense ash carter ordering the pentagon to stand down targeting national guard members over the enlistment bonuses. thousands of soldiers were given payments of $15,000 or more when they agreed to reenlist for two wars. about a decade ago. the military had been seeking reimbursement after auditors revealed overpayments and payments to ineligible soldiers especially in california. painful changes coming to obamacare. some providers are pulling out of the program altogether. leaving some markets with sometimes no competition to
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actually choose from. and premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 25% next year. hillary clinton now slamming -- claiming that costs will go even higher in donald trump rather than her is elected. clinton telling voters, that's the plan of my opponent. take away everything, give it all back to the insurance companies, and if you think costs have gone up with the recent weeks, it'll just skyrocket up because insurance companies will be in charge again. >> i'm guessing you were among those who had criticisms that this is how that was going to turn out. >> iindeed there would be coverage of illegal aliens and we've had nearly a billion dollars shifted from people that need help, people of age in our country shifted to persons illegally in our country. additionally, now we find out that the premiums are skyrocketing on the young people of our country. >> let's talk about the coverage
11:16 am
for people who are not here illegally. here is what the president said in july 2015 about that specific point because the administration continues to deny that that's the case. >> we were very clear that the affordable care act did not apply to people who were not here legally. and that's the law. so that's another example of, you know, there's a lot of misinformation about this, the law says that if you are undocumented, if you're not here legally, you can't benefit from subsidies and the program that we've set up. >> all right, congressman, why is that not the case? >> well, with what the president said is not correct. the homeland security committee has identified three quarters of a billion dollars, almost a billion that's been shifted from the american people to illegal aliens, and then, in fact, the website of obamacare clearly indicates that illegal aliens have the right to apply to receive subsidies again causing
11:17 am
higher premiums for the young people of our country. >> okay. now that is not something that we have found. we'll continue to look at that research. we are tracking this case out of california where the governor there signed a bill that would extend this coverage to people who are here illegally and my understanding is the state of california actually formerly asked for a waiver. state innovation waiver to the hhs department saying we want to be able to cover people to some extent here illegally, our understanding is there hasn't been a response yet. hhs hasn't said no or yes, so california would be the first of it's kind if they do get formal, you know, basically endorsement of giving these benefits to people who are not here under any kind of legal status. >> and shannon, you're right, california is making such an effort, but actually the website of has different questions that are clearly indicate, twice, that illegal
11:18 am
aliens are covered, which again is shifting services from the people who need help, the ageing population of our country. >> you took a lot of heat, congressman, for that reaction during the president's state of the union address. do you feel like you can say now, i told you so? do you think there's enough evidence to back up what you said? >> i feel thoroughly vindicated. i received half a million letters from earns. around the country, every state, that indicated support for my position. and now, the facts have come out very clearly that what i said was correct. >> we will continue to track this. south carolina is one of the states bracing for a major hike in premiums. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> well honored to be here. go seminoles. >> hey, that's right. there is a pause in the push to retake mosul an elite unit halting as isis shows it will not go down without a fight. it is getting ugly there. questions over hillary clinton's ten yurl as secretary of state will not end if she
11:19 am
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the commander of the u.s. led coalition to fight sooiz warning that more attention must be paid to the de facto capitol in syria. recent intelligence suggests attacks on western targets are being plotted there. the coalition stepped up air strikes around raqqa as a first
11:23 am
step. military leaders need more resources and they need them soon. right now it's unclear when and where the islamic state intends to attack. the push by iraqi and u.s. forces to retake mosul from the grip of isis is facing new challenges. sending out a series soft-called suicide squads. we are live from iraq with more, hi ben. >> reporter: hey shannon. there's been a slight lull today in the fighting. that's just so iraqi forces can consolidate the gains they've made so far. as such, it's the calm before the assault on mosul itself. nefrl, we're seeing forces move towards the city, reinforcements come on in. ahead of them, isis are also preparing with thousands of fighters in that city. networks of tunnels and over a million people used as human shields. today iraqi special forces moved 1,000 people out from villages near the front lines. well at the same time in mosul, isis has grown brutal as it
11:24 am
seeks to eliminate potential threats from among the local population there. and also today, general joseph hotel, commander of the u.s. central command in iraq met generals in baghdad. his visit sent a clear message that the u.s. stands with iraq in it's war on extremism and on the battle for mosul. we're in the town that was recently liberated. churches and some abandoned isis command centers. this is the oldest church in iraq. and it was under isis control for over two years. you can see just by looking around the deliberate desecration of holy sites here. the alter has burned, crosses ripped off the walls, but this church is still standing. many others have been raised to the ground. nearby, in another church, we found an isis command center. it was rigged with ieds and in one room, we found suicide belts and sniper rounds. on the wall here you have a crudely drawn isis flag. this was used for the meetings. over here, where snipe hearse to
11:25 am
go in the village at a one time. most chillingly. you see a list of where the snipers should be aiming. the top three are eyes, nose, and ears. so, fascinating to see how they organize themselves, chilling to see the destruction they leave behind them and more of that ahead as they head towards mosul itself, shannon. >> yeah, and if people aren't watching what they're doing to christians and others minorities there and taking note, it's time to wake up. ben, thank you. >> reporter: yeah. donald trump's campaign manager crying foul over reports about her candidate holding a hotel opening. while hillary clinton makes time to celebrate her birthday at an adele concert. does she have a point? our political panel will debate that. plus as hillary clinton launches a full press in florida today, the latest shows about just how her campaign struggled to campaign her e-mail scandal. you can run an errand.
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. look now at headlines we're following. the president of the philippines wants all foreign troops out of the country in two years. 100 u.s. special troops are stationed there now. apple bottom line slipping 4%. that is apple's first decline in 15 years. authorities in oklahoma say a suspected murder on the run could be targeting people connected to a criminal case against him. remember we featured this case.
11:30 am
michael vance is accused of killing two of his relatives and shooting two police officers on sunday. we are awaiting remarks from hillary clinton at an organizing event in tampa, florida, her second stop of the day as part of a full core press in the sunshine state. daughter chelsea, husband bill, and running mate tim holding other rallies. we are live in florida with the very latest. all right mike, how critical is that area where clinton is campaigning a short time from now to the overall win they hope to score? >> reporter: well shannon, the poll suggests a close race here in the sunshine state with hillary clinton telling supporters a short time ago that essentially florida could decide this election. so hillary clinton's about to do an early get out to vote event in tampa. part of that critical interstate 4 corridor which many folks believe could decide the election. the winner in florida earning 29 electoral votes. the real clear politics average of recent polls has clinton
11:31 am
leading slightly over donald trump. 46.6 to 44.8. earlier here outside palm beach. clinton noted the stakes are incredibly high, will work as hard as she can between now and election day. she also suggested after listening to donald trump on the campaign trail, that he's never read the constitution. >> forhe did back in school, he certainly doesn't remember it and he doesn't understand, it is the most important founding document for the longest lasting, greatest democracy in the history of the world. >> hillary clinton on day two of her tour of florida. senator bill nelson an ally says she'll be back here on saturday and finally for our friend from florida, we had to send you a little surf and a palm tree, shannon. >> you did it beautifully, mike, we miss you. come back. >> reporter: thank you.
11:32 am
thank you. >> thanks. >> reporter: see you soon. leaders at the clinton campaign struggling to find a good explanation which when news of her private e-mail server was revealed. the dramatic details exposed in wikileaks e-mails from the accounts of campaign chairman john podesta. ed henry has been digging through and there's a new e-mail suggesting they knew immediately this whole scandal potentially could spin out of control. >> big problems, and the very same day, one adviser to hillary clinton was challenging the veracity of president obama's take when he learned about the private server. a second clinton advisor was bluntly admitting in an e-mail to chiarelli mills march 7, 2015, they were going to have big problems. that their story might not add up. quote, there is just no good answer, he wrote. we need to gut through the process phase and let the content do the talking. three days later march 10, 2015, same aids who said they had no good answers on the server
11:33 am
allowed thoint go out there for her first news conference and vow to the american people she basically had the answers, watch. >> i have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the state department. >> now that was obviously one of many statements that have now come under question including when she vowed at that news conference there was no classified information on the server, shannon. >> i do recall you asking her more than once about this. all right. >> couple times. >> walks through the timeline, march 2015, it seems like the wikileaks e-mails are tieing together critical dates in the whole scandal. >> yes, because if you looked at the end of the month, that is when the fbi says the company in colorado that oversaw the server used bleach bit to delete thousands of e-mails. let's walk through what was going on in that very month. march 2, new york times breaks the story that she's using a private e-mail account. march 4, associate press reports
11:34 am
not just e-mail account, but private server. march 4 also, hillary clinton tweets for the first time that she wants the public to see her e-mail. john podesta on that same day e-mailed sheryl mills, do you think we should hold e-mails to and from the president? same day, trey gowdy tells her to preserve all records on that. beyond that march 7th, you have the president saying as you've been reporting on that he first learned about the story from the news on march 7th as well. sheryl mills sends out an e-mail saying we need to clean this up. that's not exactly the way it all panned out. and then the e-mail i just mentioned from reines also on march 7th, there is just no go good. then remember march 10th, that news conference. that's when hillary clinton addressed it publicly for the first time said in hindsight she should have used a second device, second e-mail account. march 17th, same month, john boehner was in as speaker of the house. he demanded the server be turned
11:35 am
over to a neutral party. interesting because at the end of the month, the fbi says thousands of e-mails were deleted. one that just came in in the last minute, march 5, reines said we should have a transparency day. release e-mails, wall street transcript, e-mailer in chief is in a good place about all of this. faithful words, shannon, they were in a good place now. it's ragged on ever since. >> you have to wonder if they had that transparency dpa we'd still be talking about it a year and a half later. keep digging ed, thank you, good work. >> thank you. major gift for republicans as wikileaks reveals tens of thousands of e-mails from the clinton campaign. house oversite committee chairman jason chaffetz is preparing for years of investigations if hillary clinton becomes president. raid yes talk show house, fox news contributor and radio talk show host, good to see you both. >> hey there. >> good to see you. >> leslie, even if he's
11:36 am
victorious, if the gop holds on to the house, it sounds like they have got a backlog of stuff waiting for her. here is a bit of what chaffetz had to say. he's the chairman of that committee. it's a target rich environment even before we get today one. we've got two years worth of material already lined up. she has four years of history at the state department and it ain't good. leslie. >> what isn't good is the gop not listening to the will of the american people. and it's not just republicans. the reason bernie sanders did so well, the reason donald trump is doing so well is what? they're an outside the beltway, non-establishment candidate. and part of the problem here is americans are sick, left or right, of their tax dollars and time being wasted on what many perceive to be ian on the right as witch hunts as we seen. hillary clinton has not been hurt, although julianoululian a might be upset of the wikileaks -- >> they may not have -- >> inner workings the trump
11:37 am
campaign. >> the question is if there is criminal activity, if, and so far the fbi says they didn't find any or find enough that was there to prosecute, why should any american citizen get away with doing anything? i mean, we have plenty of things, ampls of people doing similar things who have gotten in much more trouble. should it be about the end result or the fact that we have a rule of law and there is right and wrong? >> well, if the fbi says there was no criminal action here, and if there is no criminal action here, and we already have a gop member of our congress saying we're going to spend years and god knows how many millions of dollars trying to find criminal action when it's already been stated that there is none, then are we saying we have zero trust in our government authorities such as the fbi? >> and chris, as you know -- >> yes. >> there are separate investigations that are apart of from what the fbi has said. as you know, they've asked the
11:38 am
foib look into conflicting statements mrs. clinton made to congress made to the fbi. i mean, there are other investigations and other tracks here that are separate, chris. >> look, this is jason chaffetz is right. and this at least it is a target-rich environment. and leslie, good see you again. no, we don't trust the results of the james comey, fbi investigation and there's plenty of reason to question the comey findings. articulated all of the wrong doing then announced there would be no charges filed that the investigation would go no further. well, a lot of people have a vaguely unsatisfied feeling about all of that. we believe justification i would argue that lrge and the justice department can't be trusted to investigate democrats that james comey who is deputy was funneled money by hillary clinton fundraiser who happens to be the governor of the common wealth of virginia now, terry mckau live, and he's funneling money to the deputy at the fbi to the wife of
11:39 am
the deputy at fbi who is running for congress. i mean, this whole thing stinks. i'm from chicago. and i know corrupt politics. and no, leslie, we don't trust the fbi investigation. we don't trust the doj, we don't trust the administration. lied, deceived, misled, she can't remember things more than anybody i've met. >> 39. >> while the congress fumbled around for years, honestly, if she becomes president and the will of the american people will be determined on election day. and has not yet been determined. i think hillary clinton should be in the hot seat and congress -- this is branches of government thing, they should pursue this beyond the justice department and fbi. >> we are going to see whether congress is willing to subpoena a sitting president if that turns out to be the scenario. we'll see, buckle up, if that happens. in the meantime, donald trump taking time off from the campaign trail to promote the opening of his new hoemt in washington. it's cute.
11:40 am
kellyanne conway noting that hillary clinton has been taking time off too. >> respectfully, hillary clinton has time to go an adele concert and everybody thinks that cool. donald trump stops off to unveil an incredible, stunning piece of architecture and new hotel, first class hotel, and everybody's hair is on fire. >> all right. lesl leslie, fair criticism? >> i mean, they're both taking the break. >> i think it's ridiculous, quite frankly, that we're weighing in in a sense on where these two people are going. although, i think it would be more outraged that the steel that made that hotel is from china and that the goods that have been in that hotel when you turn them over are not made in the usa, but donald trump is not doing as well in the polls as hillary, so perhaps he shouldn't take as much time off, then again, maybe he's just looking out for himself on november 9th to keep that real estate job. what do you think, chris? >> chris, i heard that that it snarled up the morning commute by the way in d.c. this morning. final word to you.
11:41 am
>> well, it's always one thing snarling the commute in d.c. if it's not one thing it's two things. i think the chinese steel was from the hotel that's what hillary said in las vegas, this building was built long before any of us were born and weren't buying steel from china. it's a beautiful, wonderful hotel. he's a businessman. it's right here -- there's a presidential ballroom where when he wins the presidency, he will have an inaugural ball no doubt halfway between the white house and the capital. hillary clinton's doing everything she can to stay out of the public eye because the more time she spends in the public eye, the more people realize they don't like her and that's why she's going to adele concerts and i assume she probably slept through the concert. >> okay. no reported evidence of that. we'll lee it there, always a pleasure to see you both. >> thank you. one wife in texas is calling to please reelect her husband. >> costs us about $103 a day.
11:42 am
>> jared really doesn't have any hobbies. >> last year's tax rate is 1.169. >> please reelect jared. please. >> the commissioners wife getting in a few laughs in his ad asking voters reelect her husband so she doesn't have to listen to anymore of his yammering. it's the most creative and favorite ad of the season. all right within justin timberlake in legal hot water after posting a selfie from inside the voting booth. what's that all about and can you do the same thing or are you going end to up in the slammer? developments in the election season as the homes of neighbors in pennsylvania, senator pat toomey are vandalized with anti-gop graffiti. >> you've heard me say in the past that the whole reason that our political system exists is to find a way to resolve our differences through politics and
11:43 am
debate, not through violence.
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shepherd smith, words republicans and democrats are preparing for potential legal battles on election day. especially now that donald trump is claiming the election's rigged. we'll speak with fox news legal analyst. she says many states have passed stricter election laws since 2012 and that he in some cases, they've already triggered court battles and created widespread confusion. we'll have that and more, shepherd smith reporting top of the hour, see you then. 2016 election cycle is fueling political vandalism. someone took a pick ax to donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. it is a deadline exclusive. you can see more. the man claiming he just wanted to remove the star to auction it
11:47 am
off. okay. well this isn't the first time the trump star has been vandalized and pennsylvania houses near pat toomey's home were vandalized by red spray paint. we are a defense attorney and former prosecutor. welcome. >> thank you. >> listen, you and i were talking about how this political season is just so heated up. the guy said that he was cutting up the star to seahawks off, it looked destroyed when he was down with it. either way, or like vandalizing these homes in pennsylvania, i'm assuming all of that is illegal activity. >> absolutely illegal and it'll land you in jail, plus i think donald trump's star, he was going to probably auction is off as dust or particles that's what he's doing it to it. that'll get you a fony conviction if you're convicted. what i see is even worse, taking vandalism and then added an element of hate speech to it. in my opinion elevates vandalism
11:48 am
to a hate crime. and the word that were on the senator's house, they're disgusting and they're hateful words. >> yeah. >> and that's worse. >> yeah, i think it was neighbors around his house. i'm not sure if it was his house as well. but if you if people refer to specific party, policies, those kinds of things, it could take it to a targeted hate crime? >> let's be clear, political parties aren't protected. you are protected against crimes that are motivated by a hate for someone based on race, religion, color, creed, et cetera. when you add an element of calling somebody a nazi which is horrible or slaver. >> these are horrible, hateful words. you could paint a happy face on the side of a house. you paint those words, to me that's a hate crime. >> and in this day and age, there are security cameras everywhere, and you know the video online, that's connected to somebody. you have to think if they want to investigate these, they'll be able to track down some people
11:49 am
involved with these cases. >> unless they're oning one of the popular halloween mask, each candidate's face. maybe they're doing that so they can't be identified, who knows. >> let's turn to another situation that we've talked a lot about. ballot selfies. justin timberlake on the box on instagram and whether or not that's legal to do in tennessee where he lives. we've looked a this the, it's like every state is different. some are mixed, some aren't clear. some laws have been put on hold in several federal rulings over the last few weeks. so selfie or validate at your own risk. >> kudos for testing this law, although i don't think he did it intentionally. i did not know, in 49 out of 50 states, there is some sense of illegality, sometimes it's a crime, might be a civil wrang in some states if you take a picture at or around or near a voting booth. >> you know, you can do anything you want. 24/7/365. >> if off ballot selfie send us
11:50 am
from new york, check your state, use the hashtag and we'll use them on the air. >> don't go to jail for that. >> there are better things, johnna's saying to go to jail for, don't waste it on a selfie. >> yes. heartless robber shoots her victims even after she gets the goods. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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national ge to -- authorities say she applied for
11:54 am
a pakistanii.d. s nearly one and a half refugees now live in pakistan. police searching for a woman who shot three people and then shot them. we have more on that. >> you know, it looks like the woman who opened fire did have an accomplice. i appeared they were either stalking their victims or scouting for victims. surveillance shows the car they were driving kind of going back and forth. a minute later you can see three people and a woman and her three nephews. the suspect comes up behind them, grabs the woman's purse and they start struggling. when the woman with the gun gets the purse she fires a shot that apparently hit a 12-year-old boy. all of them throw the cell phones on the ground and the suspect starts firing again. it is unclear why she kept firing after apparently getting
11:55 am
what she wanted. at such close range it is amazing she didn't kill them all. the shooter jumped into a vehicle and drives off. the victim said her nephews had just arrived in honduras. the surveillance tape is way too far away to get a good look at the suspect but police say she appears to be between 5'6" and 5'8" and was seen get sboog a four-door chrysler sedan. there are very few leads which say problem considering they tend to go after more victims. >> yeah, like you said, basically a miracle nobody was seriously hurt or killed. thank you. expanding to truck.
11:56 am
so what valuable cargo was this 18 wheeler hauling and where was it headed? that would freak me out if i saw that on the road. what about you?
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
mama mia. a land artist transforming a corn field into a giant portrait of donald trump. the artist depicted hillary clinton last month. this is terrifying. a self-driving tractor trailer. it drove 120 miles in colorado. the cargo, 50,000 cans of budweiser. it is still? early ages and can't deal with things like j-walking pedestrians. there was actually a human in
12:00 pm
the bathere for back up. >> and he or she is probably a little puffy since they usually pack on some pounds before they go into hibernation. i do it too. it's noon on the west coast. a new poll shows him moving into the lead. in north carolina it's a whole different story for donald trump. numbers show he is sliding. hillary clinton's team dealing with yet another wiki leaks including one that shows her own advisers about her private e-mail server and admitting there is no good answer. plus, remember how bush versus gore came down to the


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