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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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family per year. now it's up to $4,100 and rising. should he apologize in go to and let us know what you think. only 12 days to go as of tomorrow. thanks for being with us. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> you are behind with women. >> i'm not sure i believe it. >> donald trump may be gaining on hillary clinton. we'll have a brand new fox news poll and show you some moments in time with mr. trump. >> together we're the three owe mig goes. >> if chase, martin, and short dressed like that at tufts university, they might be arrested. the factor has been investigating halloween madness. [ laughter ] >> we're not mexicans. we're from out of town. >> also ahead, miller on voter anxiety. [ laughter ] >> i don't even know what i'm saying for god's sake. >> that's nothing unusual. >> caution, you are about to
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enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. crazy day, we were supposed to have donald trump on the factor, but logistics did not work out. he is running around all over the place. the trump campaign says he will be with us tomorrow, so instead of a live interview tonight, we have put together a highlight reel of my interviews with trump which i think you will find illuminating and then we will talk with him tomorrow for an extended period of time. also today there is a new fox news poll out on the race, and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo with just 13 days left until the nation votes for president. the poll says. this hillary clinton leads donald trump 44% to 41%, a tighter race than the last fnc poll which had it 45%
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39%. johnson and stein combined get 10%. what about the level of strong support? clinton 61%. trump 68%. that's a big plus for the republican. blacks are supporting clinton 82% to just 5% for trump. where are the other 13%? of plaque voters. whites going for trump 50% to 36 for clinton. good sign for trump in places like iowa and nevada. women back clinton over trump 48%, 38%. opposite with men they support trump 44% 39% over clinton. you can see it's a polarized country. fox news poll is somewhat surprising because it shows the race much closer than some in the media believe. also hillary clinton has not been campaigning all this much. this might be a wakeup call for her. mitt romney thought he had the race won four years ago and look what happened to him. trump's better show
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something because more independent voters are backing him now. a fox news poll has it 41% for trump. just 28% for clinton. she is down 7 points with independents in two weeks. a very significant fall. finally poll asked whether voters had favorable rate. trump 46% favorable. 56% unfavorable. clinton 55% favorable and 53% unfavorable. whoever wins on november 8th will be the most unfavorable president elect in history. two new state polls showed up today in florida. bloomberg has trump up by 2, a statistical tie. in new hampshire hillary clinton's lead has been cut by 5 points in the latest monmouth poll. she now leads trump by 4 points in the live free or die state. but before all you trump supporters get too happy, a new "u.s.a. today" poll also out today has clinton beating trump by about 10 points in a four-way race. we checked the methodology on that poll and it's
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similar to the fox poll. so there is some confusion afoot. the gannett company which owns "u.s.a. today" isy anti-trump but talking points does not believe the poll is skewed to favor hillary clinton. what all this tells is that that americans are not very happy with either candidate. and that comes through with the trust numbers. in the fox survey, 67% of likely voters do not trust hillary clinton. 62% do not trust donald trump. the fact that trump is still competing hard and within striking distance, if you believe the fnc poll is kind of amazing. the man has been battered by the media, including some commentators right here on fox news. some of that is trump's own fault. as his past behavior has hurt him and his penchant for airing personal grievances has cost him votes. but hillary clinton simply cannot put him away, no matter what trump does. that's because the country is in trouble. and secretary clinton
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refuses to acknowledge that even though the polling on disenchantment is clear, two thirds of americans are not happy with the direction of america. in order to secure his support, hillary clinton has chosen to uphold the policies of president obama. that is tough territory. with obamacare tottering now and economic growth at 1% anemic to say the least. trump is also an amazing campaigner, pounding the pavement in the four states he needs, florida, ohio, north carolina, and pennsylvania. the guy never sleeps. he just tweets. talking points believes that hillary clinton is leading in the race and has a big advantage in the electoral college. but trump has regained some momentum as voters start to seriously consider things like blatant media bias, a botched fbi investigation on the email front. and a swamp in washington that definitely needs to be drained. so the election is not a
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slam dunk and mrs. clinton should understand that her support can erode fast if more wikileaks stuff comes out. as for trump, nobody on this planet can predict what he will say or do. but one thing is certain, if he goes down, he's going down fighting. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, reaction to the new polling, then donald trump and i slug it out. some fascinating moments from my previous debates with him. also another poll says many americans are stressed out over the election. dennis miller has some advice. all of that upcoming as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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continuing now with lead story, from washington, university for virginia center of politics.
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from cleveland, caitlin, is trup gaining? >> well, is he gaining some ground. we're seeing in that national poll that you just mentioned and in some battleground states, there is a little bit of tightening. that's good news for people like senate republican incumbents running for reflection or some congressional candidates looking for donald trump to close the gap a little bit with hillary clinton. but, if you look at what the campaign is focused on, they are still trying to coalesce support within the republican party and hold on to red states. places like arizona are in play right now. north carolina is another key battleground where hillary clinton is leading. utah is even in play at this point where mike pence is campaigning. and so that kind of tells you where the campaign is
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lk associated press poll that actually had clinton up 14. i think the truth is basically somewhere in the middle. that's where the national polling averages have been for a while. some of the states trump is going to do better than he does
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>> there isn't any trend. one organization says this, another organization says that. that has trump ahead, actually winning. >> i think you have to look at the aggregate.
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>> let me -- that's queued out to abc. we now know that poll is far more democrats and that republicans and the ap, which looks to me to be an outlier. but your average is skewed by those polls. >> well, it still a significant margin, if you consider all the polls that it does include. it also includes rasmussen and l.a. times poll that shows donald trump ahead. >> but just a little, though. you'd have 3% difference if you took them out. >> but i think what you need to look at here, too, is a range of polls right now show basically somewhere between a tie and clinton off double digits. i think if the rates were truly tied, you'd see polls coming in at trump plus four, trump plus five. i don't think it's actually
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tied. i think clinton is probably leading. >> i believe that clinton's ahead. but i was surprised, i have to say, that clinton -- i thought it was going to be 7 and it's down to 3. that shows me trump is gaining momentum. i don't know if momentum is going to help him. >> we've got a lot of early voters while bloomberg has trump up two, most of the other polls show clinton up a small amount, two, three, four points. if trump can't win florida, i don't see how he can win the election. florida with new york is the third most popular state, 29 electoral votes. you just can't make that up. >> that's why trump is living down in florida, he's chasing alligators around, water skiing. he's got to win ohio, he's got
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to win florida and north carolina. th he can get away with losing pam if he picks up the states out west. he's got to win those two. >> and here in ohio, he's slightly ahead. the demographics here favor donald trump. it wouldn't be surprising if he wins ohio. even if he wins ohio and florida, he still has a long path to the -- >> what's the thing about ohio that ohio's picked every presidential race going back to taft or something? >> ohio hasn't voted for a loser since it supported nixon over kennedy in 1960. >> all right. i think what we can learn today is the race isn't over. would you all agree with that? >> not quite. not quite. >> later, miller on political stress. and a new video showing more
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paragraphing interviewing the candidates. july 16th. both donald trump and hillary clinton and on the factor by phone responding to the terror attack in east france that killed 86 people. at the time secretary clinton said this: >> madam secretary, i appreciate your time tonight. thank you very much for appearing on the factor and i hope to see new person soon. thanks again. >> i would look forward to that, thanks, bill, take care. >> well, so far we have not been able to book mrs. clinton despite the fact that her staff told us an interview would happen and time is growing short. we hope she will do what she said she would do. on the other hand, mr. trump has appeared on the factor
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47 times since he announced his candidacy. here are some of the highlights. >> isis, how are you going to defeat isis? >> i would hit them so hearted. i would find our proper general. i would find the patent or mcarthur. i would hit them so hard your head would spin. remember, i sent you the document. i said in 2004 we should not go in and do that whole thing with iraq it was a disaster. i said that iran will take over and it will totally destabilize the middle east. there is nobody bigger or better at the military than i am. >> are you telling me you are going to send american ground troops into syria. >> i'm not telling you anything. the reason i'm not, is because if i run and i win, i don't want them to know. >> if you want to hit them hard. >> i have a way that would be very effective with respect to isis. a muslim registry controversy. what do you want there? what's your vision? >> oh, it's very simple. when they come in from syria, guest of president obama, we shouldn't be taking any because we have no idea where they come
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from, who they are. they have no paperwork. there is no way of proving that their paperwork is correct. when they come in from syria, i want them to be registered. because we just don't know who they are. woe don't know where they come from. we don't know if they are isis and we don't know if they have evil intentions. so i want them registered. >> all right. but they will be if they get papers to come here, ice, homeland security, we'll know who they are, we will know where they go. so what you want is a reality already, is it not? >>. no what i want is i don't want them to come here. >> the philadelphia daily news, a tabloid, puts you on page 1 looking like hitler. does that kind of stuff bother you personally? certainly i don't like it. i think it's disgraceful they are allowed to do it. i'm a person, you know, i'm in the forefront of something that has never i guess been done before. i have been called by very, very respected writers they
8:22 pm
have never seen anything like this happen in american flick politics. it effects my family. they don't like seeing their father or husband ridiculed but in the end they are very smart people. wait a minute, they are after you because you are up by 20 points and you have done something that's never been done before in american politics. >> you just put out an ad that features a southern border and you're saying that you're going to put up the madness. now your criticized because some of the video in the ad looks like it's from mexico is from morocco. >> he will stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> all it is a display of what it's going to look like and what our country looks like. that was just video footage. it's just display of what our country is going to look like. we're like a third world country. >> and you can tell them to go themselves. >> did you write that yourself? >> no, i didn't use the word. i never said the word, bill.
8:23 pm
i don't know told you i used the word. i never said the word. i said you can tell them to go themselves. >> the lips kind of moved in the -- >> -- well, they might have. >> they might have. >> i wouldn't do that hey, bill, even i wouldn't do that. >> the strategy you are going to use against hillary clinton is that she's not suitable to be president because she is not honest. that's your strategy, right? >> she's not honest. she is not -- i don't even think she is capable. look at her decisions. take a look at where she has gone. every decision she has made practically, she has made so many bad decisions. she would be a disaster as president of our country. look at benghazi, she was sleeping when the phone call came. in she did the ad on the phone call at 3:00 in the morning. she was sleeping. she was sound asleep. >> this khan situation, in hindsight, wouldn't it have been smarter for your campaign just to pretty much ignore him? >> well, you know, i was watching television i said
8:24 pm
isn't that nice? isn't that nice. all of a sudden i was attacked on the stage of the democratic national convention by mr. khan and i responded to that vicious attack. >> it wasn't wise to bring the mother in you understand khan and i got that he is going to come after you and obviously hired by the clinton campaign to do that. the mother is just sitting there. to bring her in gives the opportunity, opens the door to come in and hammer you as this mean kind of guy. >> i understand that. but, you know, part of it is i read a lot and i watch a lot and many, many people discussed this. many, many people said it. so when i said it, it became like a big deal. and that's, you know, the way it is. >> you tweeted today it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and can i now fight for america the way i want to. what exactly does that mean? >> the shackles are some of the establishment people that are weak and ineffective people within the republican party. senators and others and paul
8:25 pm
ryan led to a certain extent by paul ryan. >> they were holding you back. >> to the nominee. not question holding back no, but they are not giving support. they don't give the kind of support. more than 14 million votes more than anybody in the history of the republican primaries, bill, they don't give the support that we really need. >> as a reminder, we are hoping to have donald trump live here tomorrow for extensive interview and there is meant more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. new poll says voters have stressed out over the presidential race. miller has some advice. also, new project veritas video showing more left wing electoral sabotage. worry the only ones who have this tape. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. >> insult women. >> it's all talk. >> well, here we go again. >> it's really bad judgment. >> issues, not insults. >> she should be ashamed of herself. >> fox news channel has
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i'm lauren green. a motor overvaheated leaving th back bay train administration in boston. no word of any serious injuries. >> a man using a pick ax smashed donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. he identified himself as an heir to the otis elevator family. he's being sought by police. pus. monday is halloween and you better be careful on some college campuses.
8:31 pm
for example tufts in boston has issued these guidelines for those in fraternities and sports. students could face severe disciplinary action. i'm talking to you. if you offend peers with your costumes or make anyone feel trend or unsafe. not appropriate cultures or display racial stereotypes. that's good no leprechauns aloud on tufts. no mexican sombreros, no buck skin and no french fries and no antipas that. eboni williams and katie pavlich. i'm with tufts on th can't get t
8:32 pm
the halloween costume. they are not only going to make it there, they are not going to make it in the real world either and they don't deserve to. >> i don't think college students deserve to be terrorized. >> i know you are being facetious and this is crazy over sensitive madness. i assure you it's not. >> you don't believe i'm behind them? >> i always believe you, bill. here is what i also know. you know what? i agree with katie. it's okay to be offends, of course it is. we are adults. you are supposed to be on campus to learn how to be an adult. there is something different than being offensive and being harmed or targeted. >> harmed or targeted. what costume on earth cuckoo that. >> the clowns. >> the clowns, okay, indicatey. i'm not afraid of the clowns. are you afraid of clowns? when people dress up hike the isis attackers. >> i havener seen that. >> i have seen that. instagram. the all black. >> really? >> tha that chety. and that stuff looks crazy. >> go ahead, indicatey.
8:33 pm
>> bill, this is about the students at this university paying fees so that people can grting hotline. someone paid to watch that hotline and by the way it's not about reporting isiseporting anything that anyone deems insensitive inculturally. >> i agree that's too broad. the black face, thes the nooses, i have seen all of that on campuses. >> i have was going to go as dracula but that would offend transveinians. >> i would like to do rendition of janet jackson. >> what are you gnow. >> you don't know? >> was supposed to be. i was katniss eb katniss aberde.
8:34 pm
>> bo and arrow. it's only native americans can have it. you are appropriating their culture. >> katie, you can do it i'm telling you can. >> i don't want to see you dressed like up like a native american or living in a tee pee you can't. >> none of it. >> the factor is the ultimate safe zone, everyone. >> no it's not. >> when we come right back, miller on voter stress. then martha maccallum with a new undercover video showing once again the far left descrupghting the electoral process. right back with those reports. ♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, voter stress. recent abc news poll asks election serious, so it's a stress in your life. 23% say yes, it is very stressful. 22% say this is some stress but it's not serious. 53% opine. election is not a source of
8:39 pm
stress for them. and 1% have no opinion. they're stoned and have no stress and they don't know. joining us now from chicago, sage of southern california keep miss miller. what are you doing in the windy city, miller? >> i just came in to do a performance, bill. and it's nice to be back in chicago where a death certificate is considered voter i.d. by the way i think the cubs have won more recently than the republicans have here. >> that's right. and it's been more than 100 years so we are all following that now, it's called election stress disorder, miller. people just feel hike they just want it to be over. and you say? >> you know, it makes me stressed out the 1% who have no opinion. wake up you morons. wake up. get an opinion. all right? billy, the last time the romney election i was stressed out. this time not so much. you know, my feelings.
8:40 pm
it's gone. by the way it's an abc poll too. i don't know if you can trust that they have hillary up by 12. abc poll with hillary up by 12 is like a poll telling you khrushchev has moved into the lead. so i wouldn't trust that too much. but i'm not as stressed this time. >> we did a report that abc queried more democrats than republicans. >> really? >> yes. on a fairly significant level. i'm not stressed about it other than i have to work ard. today was such a zoo. first we had trump on. then we didn't have trump on. then we had to get someone else. then you were in chicago and you wanted to go on at 4 chock in the morning. that's why i'm stressed, miller. >> well, listen, like i said, it's like the body snatchers. it happened the country is not coming back around. go to sleep. wake up. and join them.
8:41 pm
because it's not -- it's not coming back. >> you don't think that trump wins and he still has a shot that he is going to make america great again. >> i know he has a shot but it's too far gone, bill. >> you don't think he can make america great again? >> no. i think he will try but i think there are people actively at work who don't quite frankly are embarrassed when america is great. and i don't know that he has a chance here because they're coming down on him with all this stuff. i think the women accusations, i can't quite decide if he is clintontonian or kennedyesque. if he is kennedyesque. is he more jack kennedyesque with women? yeah, probably. because teddy was really rough with women waiting seven hours to report that woman in the car was a rough thing. they are going to come down on him. boy, trump has to find somebody, i guess, to handle all these, what do you want to call them bimbo eruptions like bill clinton hired somebody. then i remembered it's hillary and he is running against hillary so i don't think she is going to help him with women like she helped her husband. >> all right.
8:42 pm
good history lesson there, miller. now, in the segment before you, tufts university, warning the students there they better not wear costumes that are offensive. >> well, listen, bill. let's change the name on the charter then to not so tufts university. i got a job at tufts. i'm a safe space lifeguard, billy. i jump in and save the kids when they are drowning in their own b.s. >> right. if they had a costume that may offend. >> this is why stuff like that is why hillary is probably going to win. let's face facts. trump is a startling array of grotesque missteps but his inner voice and his outer voice are the same, warts and all. hillary is a narcissist that november lent inept today whose inner voice and outer voice have never even met. that's why she is probably going to be the president of the united states.
8:43 pm
she best represents america right now, people who feel they are at the center of it all but claim no responsibility whatsoever when it goes cosmically wrong. >> all right. dennis miller, irving, from chicago. we have a major announcement for the 2017 miller-o'reilly live tour. rid in ready? we're adding watters to the tour. call us crazy. and we are. but the tour next year will now star miller, o'reilly, and watters. omg. you can see us in tulsa, oklahoma at the box center friday january 13th. redding, pennsylvania at the arena, saturday january 14th. omaha, nebraska, century link arena. friday march 24th, da coma washington. tacoma dome. saturday march 25th. west bury long island june 17th. tickets will most likely sell out.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that, conservative group project releasing a number of undercover videotapes showing electoral sabotage by some far-left guys linked to the democratic party. tonight in a factor exclusive the tape deals with discussing a man named bob kramer who was alleged allegedly involved with sabotaging mitt romney when he was running for president 2012. the situation concerns the inn
8:48 pm
if a mouse 47 infamous 47% remark. >> they believe they are victims, that the government has a responsibility to care for them who believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it. entitlement. >> we have to move on our guys who did the original back in 2000 and 2004 campaign against bush. they're the ones who negotiated to get that lawyer in in florida who recorded the 47%. >> wait, i thought that was a bartender. >> it was actually a lawyer at the event. >> it was not a bartender? >> it was not a bartender. >> really? >> no. the lawyer took his phone and had the bartender walk around. >> with us now to explain further fox news anchor, dirty
8:49 pm
tricks going back to the year 2000. >> pretty tangled. he has since resigned. he's not involved in the activity anymore. he doesn't want to have a negative impact on the clinton campaign but tied her to some of the decisions made. he is talking to this person he believes is also wanting to get in on the opposition research game and is boasting to him. bob kramer was involved in setting up the lawyer who went into the room and got the 47% remark. >> the myth was this was a bartender who happened to have the tape recorder and got the remarks. if you believe this it was an organized thing to get in to romney, follow him around and tape him. now the guy, kramer, he's quit, t too, the democratic pacs that he was associated with. he got to the white house more than 300 times. do we have any further information on that? >> he's left. he has resigned. scott vogel has resigned from the organizations he worked for.
8:50 pm
they're connected to the clinton campaign. >> and obama. the white house hasn't talked about that since. >> as far as the 47% thing this may be a boast or they may have been actually involved. >> there's always that chance. >> the bartender still claims that he acted alone, and the person, vargas, we got in touch with him who they're pinning this on, he got the lawyer in the room because they weren't allowing phones in. he pushed it and got it in. vargas claims he had nothing to do with it. >> that's a good caveat, people tend it to brag and all of that other stuff. the dirty tricks, these guys wouldn't have quit if they were clean and they're not clean. i want to know about the white house and this kramer guy, that's what i want to know. trump tower live, what is that, a tv show? >> facebook live. >> it's facebook? >> facebook live. they're broadcasting their own appearances every night. >> from trump tower?
8:51 pm
>> there's been so much discussion whether or not donald trump will start his own network of sorts or his own channel and some are saying there's the seeds of it. they got 1.5 facebook looks. >> 1.5 million, you mean. >> yep. >> a taste of trump tower live. >> all right. welcome in to trump tower live. i'm with the trump campaign joined by boris epstein on my right, campaign manager kellyanne conway on my on my right kellyanne conway. >> we'll be coming to you from trump'ss campaign room. this is an effort by us reaching out to you guys getting the message straight from the campaign.. [ laughs ]e >> it is more professional than i thought it is going to be. >> one shot of the camera and it is just putting out propaganda. >> they're preaching to the
8:52 pm
choir. the people who are seeing these are already inre their camp. they are extremely frustrated. the big question is, is it the precursor to a trump tower tv channel. he claims to a cincinnati radio station that it is not his interest. it is interesting to know that jered cushner, his son-in-law, specializes in money and capitol. >> it is impossible to do itt o the regular television that we are on on trump network. i guess you can do the facebook thing, i don't even know what facebook is. i heard of it. you are looking at me like i have no idea and i have never been onn facebook. >> facebook live is gaining momentum and people are using it more and more. >> i basically than looking at someone's facebook page, you go on their facebook page and i wah it live. i
8:53 pm
>> i never in my life did. did you have a facebook page? >> i have to admit i don't put anything on it. >> so it is as blank page? >> i never looked at a facebook page in my entire life. i know, i know. >> it is a pain in the neck. >> i have to read and i have to breathe the air. martha mcccallum. we have amazing tips moments away. like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same. because your needs are unique, pacific life has been delivering flexible retirement and life insurance solutions for more than 145 years. ask a financial advisor how you can tailor solutions from pacific life to help you reach your financial goals.
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if you sign up, you will get any of my books free. >> santa paula, california, o' riley, you are unbelievable. all evidence points to obama knowing that hillary was using private e-mail. why do you keep making excuses for him. >> i will not do that on circumstantial evidence. i get the facts of the story and clearly says it looks bad. >> nicole hudson in danville, new jersey. >> president obama knew about hillary's secret server. he you know katcommunicated wit. please e-mail us.
8:57 pm
we have muffins in the green room and you lay out that evidence, we are ready to go. >> jim maxedon. why would fbi director comey know about the podesta-tanden e-mail thread exposed by wikileaks. that's what they had to find out. podesta-tanden was close to hillary clinton and getting e-mails all the time and lying to a federal agent is a felony. >> from austria. bill, you buy into the proposition that because of demographic changes in the usa and near total bias of the media. party will not matter with the rising number of independent voters here.
8:58 pm
very important. >> francis and willa, bill, you are right, more than a million votes. it was 100 million votes cannot be rigged but 100,000 can. that maybe enough to tilt the election. sure, evidence is needed, of combat voter fraud and not just speculation. >> joseph marotellaro from new windsor, new york. >> thank you for reading your book and thank you for your service. tonight, the tip of the day don't want to go -- the world war ii vet jim schlegel's his final wish is seeing the
8:59 pm
final cubs playing into the championship. the ceo gave the man the ticket of camping world, marcus lemonis. >> that's of course, for us tonight. go to our website. >> we have some good news today. that's now been stopped. we'll have a full report tomorrow, you will be angry about it on monday, i told you it is not going hold. you will have all the details tomorrow. you vets out there in california, breathe easier
9:00 pm
tonight. thank you for watching us. i am bill o' riley. the spin stops right here, we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight with less breaking tonight with less than two weeks to go until election day. new fox shows hillary clinton's lead is cut in half. welcome everyone, i am megan kelly. >> negative press, new fox polling suggests she's enjoying just a three point advantage over donald trump nationally and half of the lead that she enjoyed just last week. and also within the margin of errors meaning the two may actually be tied. >> mrs. clinton with a 44% to trump 41% marking. now, they both have seen a drop for clinton. she's seen a


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