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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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here 112 years from now the new east side line will be ready. they've been working on it since fluff was a kitten. have a great afternoon. city people. >> repealing obamacare is one of the single most important reasons we must win on november 8th. have to win. >> who knew a legitimate real issue could be deciding this elick right now, growing problems and the leaking seive called the affordable care act which is not so affordable, and we are live at the white house, with donald trump about to pound the issue again in toledo, ohio. he has a theme. senator tim kaine is also in
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ohio. we'll be checking in with him. he will be talking about anything but health care today but first now to kevin corker at the white house on what the conference cal might involve. >> reporter: the president and hhs secretary want to talk about the affordable care act. essentially what they're doing is making a sales pitch. yes, they'll talk about what is working, even talk about the fixes but most importantly, going to try to drive traffic to the web site, locking to get more people, especially young healthy people to sign up for plans under obamacare. this afternoon at the press briefing asked josh earnest why too you feel like so many people think the law isn't working? >> in spite of the political motivated attacks against the affordable care act launched by republicans, the american people are benefiting from the law. and they benefit even more from the law if republicans would
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finally decide to do something other than just score political points. >> reporter: did you catch that? it's not the law, it's the republicans' fault. at least that's what they're selling the white house press briefing. let me share some real numbers. these are increased reported to come in 2017. if you're in arizona you're about to get whacked if you have some of the plans under the affordable care act, and i'm using affordable, using quotations, which you want see because you're looking at the numbers, up 116%. oklahoma up 69%, tennessee, up 63, even minnesota up a whopping 59%. and so we'll look forward to hear what the president and the health and human services secretary have to say about why the increases are happening and what they man to do it republicans will continue to point out the fact that despite what the president said back in 2007 and 2010 how your prices will go down, the fact is for
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millions of americans prices could be going up and i mean big-time. or big league, or something people said, bigly. >> that's right, new word now. kevin, we'll get back to you later. my next guest says you can't blame republicans for this. for one thing, not a single republican voted for it. for another, texas congressman gohmert said the republicans were arguing you can't promise from the moon and health care stars and not expect to have to pay pour for -- pay more for that. that's what is happening. good to have you. >> always good to talk to you, neil. the secret of this goes back to a individualeye barack obama saying i want socialized medicine. single pair is not a fair description. but it's socialized government totally run health care. want to get there -- if we can't get there in one step, some so this was the step -- and you had
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clues all along the way, they knew that this was going to cost a fortune, that things were going to skyrocket and they anticipated some day they would get to this point and tell the american people, well, we gave the insurance companies a chance, and now the government just needs to take it over. and they were even planning that, you know they were because when the web site didn't work, they rolled out their first plan, and that was blame the insurance companies -- >> no. wait a minute. i'm going to go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt -- >> you do that. >> -- the war counseling on more young people signing up and that kind of prejudice -- hear me out, sir. by arguing for more young people signing up and then expressing shock that more didn't, look how they reframed the argument today. i want you to react to this. josh ernest at the white house saying there's a better
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opportunity for young americans who are opting to pay a penalty than seen up for a high premium insurance plan. >> the penalty that is imposed for people who don't sign up for hillary clinton is quite -- for health care is significant. it's 700 decide. think our argument is simple, which is why would you pay 700 decide to uncle sam when you don't need to. >> normally they're all for people paying money to uncle sam but leaving that aside, the flip side, make lemonade by trying to say you might as well sign up for this thing, high premiums and all, because it beats paying a penalty to to the government. a lot of young people realize they're going to be paying much more than the $700 just for the pleasure of having this. >> that's exactly right. you're exactly right. and in fact i've talked to a lot of young people who are shocked to find out, gees, they're going
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to pay -- i've been hearing about $800 and $900 in penalties and making 30,000 or less and then they look even with the subsidy that the government is paying them, some told me they would be paying around 14, $1,500 a year, and that was with five, six, seven, eight thousand dollar deductible. they don't have that money, and what these bright young people are shocked to find out is, gee, if i pay 1500 for the year, i don't have $6,000, i'll never pay -- >> so they're rolling the dice and we know -- >> -- not paying -- >> -- indestructible. >> they're being shocked. >> they don't want it. congressman, thank you very much. >> it's not worth it to them. >> we're watching this. thank you. in the meantime, you knew this was going to appear. that at&t time warner merger,
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that the street has yet to buy, maybe this is the reason that washington is going to weigh inch the senate wants to look into the matter on december 7, after the election, to see how this would all sort out and whether there are any sort of big company concerns here that the two of these together would sort of stiff out competition but the ceos of both concerns will be having to troop up to capitol hill to state their case, and of course we don't know what the makeup of the senate will be then. that will be a lame duck session handling that but prepare for much more of that. we have a lot more coming up, including the new wikileaks e-mails coming out, including a very, very ballistic clinton staff. hillary clinton staff, over bill clinton inc., that she wasn't so much the problem, though she was, he was.
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met me tell you something the american people are sick and tired of pay-to-play politics that benefits the favorite few and it's exactly the kind of politics that will come to a crashing end when donald trump beings -- becomes president of
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the united states. >> here's where the pay-for-play comes in. it buys more than that. namely panic among the hillary clinton campaign staff and much broader than that. to ed henry in washington with the latest on the leaks and what he is finding out. >> good to see you. you're right, doug band, former clinton intimate wrote a big memo alleging in 2011, charge that former president bill clinton had enriched himself by getting clinton foundation donors to hire him for speeches and consulting contracts to the tune of $30 million. claiming there was some 60 million or more coming in future years. you know the clinton officials reit pedly say their work is focused on good works around the world. when you talk about panic, that sounds like what was happening inside the clinton campaign in march of 2015 when "the new york times" first posted that story about the e-mail scandal, and
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we're just learning in the latest document release, the idea of what was going on between john podesta and robby mook as "the new york times" posted the first story saying hillary clinton used a personal e-mail account for official business as secretary of state. o'desescalating to among. did you have any idea of the depth of the story, mook, said, nope. we brought up the existence of i'm eels in research but were told everything was taken care of. gives you an idea even some of the most senior people not being told by hillary clinton or others in her inner circle about what was really happening. one of those people in the inner circle, cheryl mills and other e-mail shows while the was chief of staff at the date extent was discussing clinton foundation matters on her gmail account and noted if a note was sent to near account, she said
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government e-mail is retained as federal report sod basically if you send something to me on it's going to be collected so be careful. so that's why it's interesting in the last e-mail, nirra tanden seemed frustrated by all this stuff spilling out, writing to john podesta, quote, it's like the whole thing is bleeping insane. might such up what the frustration was in private mooks evening some of hillary clinton's advisers but that's what way were saying in private in public they were downplaying the idea that the e-mail scandal had any resonance. >> were they using the word bleeping? >> no. there was another word in there. it's only 4:00. you're you're right. thank you. ed henry. the back and forth about the foundation and who was cozy with whom, it's a big issue today. the's judy cuter on
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that. they've got bleeping problems, it would appear. >> more than bleeping problems. they got huge problems, to paraphrase from trump. a lot going on. but, yeah, these e-mails certainly pose a problem. i think what the bill clinton element to it, it just gives the impression, portrait of a certain greediness of getting rich off of a charitable foundation and nicer no doubt -- no one is arguing with the fact that the clinton foundation has done a lot of good for a lot of people around the world, but getting rich off of a charity just has a bit of an x factor. >> one thing i noticed -- no direct e-mails from hillary clinton or directly to her but one of the things that has the staff is like, frantically trying to deal with the mess in the china shop around here, and often times very dismissive of her and the mess created they have to deal with but that permeates a lot of these.
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when i was reading through these wikileaks way start eled to see-at the media pounces on the pay for play stuff but just a tone to them, that is, my gosh, what now? >> yeah. it's not just doing damage control. that's the issue here. it's actually questioning your own candidate's judgment. >> exactly. time and again. right. >> time and time again. >> her husband's john, how the two of them created this mess. it's often a theme. >> right. when you're own advisers saying you have a perpetual problem with apologizing for mistakes when saying she has take i-terrible institutions, that's nat come from the other side. that's coming from your own people and plays into hillary clinton's biggest weakness which is honesty and trust. voters doubting that trustworthiness. >> the whole goes back to why the private serve never the first place and reinforced the
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secretiveness. do you think most americans -- we're into this a little bit, you more than be, a., more more knowledge inable -- we're into this but americans get their hands around the donald trump tape and all of that, easy to understand, even though i like to think that pay-for-play is a concept that is easy to understand and report on-it's too convoluted. i wonder if it's gaining traction now. >> i think that the e-mails, until this opinion, have largely been overshadowed by donald trump and sometimes donald trump is his own worst enemy. at this very moment, this very second, at least, he hasn't done anything extremely controversial but that could change with his next tweak, but anything he does has overshadowed the e-mails. now he has stayed relatively disciplined this week, hasn't been making to the kind of sensational headlines as he has in the past. these e-mail are getting more traction and to tightening of polls in states such as florida
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this. is a big issue. >> you said the concepts are relatively easy to grasp. they're not -- the old argument we can't get into that because it's so layered. there's nothing layered about it here. enough it's pretty straightforward, black and white, and you can report on it. we're starting to see that. >> voters are pretty smart, as you know. >> absolutely. thank you very much. we're waiting for donald trump. going to be in ohio again. this is his second stop there going to be quite busy giving that state a great deal of attention, state he has a good chance of winning here as the polls tighten up, pretty much everywhere. but not all polls. one thing that is interesting is that wide die -- divergence in numbers which my good puddy pat good old says they can't be trusted in the first place. ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride.
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we're watching toledo, ohio, right now. donald trump set to speak to the folks. he is resonating in a lot of polls but not all. this confuses me. depending on the 308 you look at here, this is a good national representation or is it? hillary clinton has nearly a double digit lead there you look at some other representations and it's like dead even. what is going on? former democratic pollster, the man who was such a big deal in the jimmy carter didn't want to shake his hand. pat goodell is with us. >> i have your high school yearbook picture.
1:23 pm
to unveil at the proper moment. >> touché. has not changed much. a lot of reaction, you just said that it's something in the polls, something where you don't put much stock in them. they're all over the map. we'll be -- >> well, let me just start off by saying, i have just taken a bunch of the national polls, including the one you just pointed out. the suffolk u.s.a. poll and i group them into bunches. the three tracking polls of rasmussen, investors daily and "the los angeles times." there's basically showing together a one-point clinton margin. a -- >> these are national polls. >> yes, national.
1:24 pm
fox, the economist, and others, they're showing -- there's a third one there, that are showing the -- is showing reuters is showing, those three polls are showing margins of either four or five, depending on the two or three-way race and then we have the really outliers here, the nines and tens and 11s. right up to the ap poll at 14 points, and those margins are 11 and 11. if you average them. then you have the outriders which are the abc polls. they're tracking poll, which shows 12 on saturday, 12 on sunday, 9 on monday, and last night, a reported six, which meant that trump was either -- closed the gap to three points, very small additional samples. three points on the day before yesterday and last night, trump had to be ahead by three points.
1:25 pm
this stuff it madness. it is -- >> what -- do you think is really going on? in one state, north carolina -- the same rating period. that can't be. >> somebody is very wrong. and there are lots of that are vary wrong in the state polls. they're at variance with each other in the same time period. we have florida, where now the bloomberg poll shows trump ahead a couple of points. we have georgia, which is one point, which anyone believes that i'll sell them a bridge, and we have iowa, where they showing a tie, and there are polls that have trump ahead. then other polls that come out in north carolina, look at this, one at four points, another at the survey monkey poll, has it way up and we have virginia at 12 -- >> i know.
1:26 pm
i'm sorry i'm not clear. what do you think, pat goodell, is going on -- >> i think this. think right now the movement is towards trump and some reasons which you just said in your previous thing, it will move more. here's what is basically happening. if you believe this race is in double digits, then you believe that all of the attitudes of the election structure, the country in the right direction or wrong track, and is 60% or more negative. is the majority at 70% in the country in decline. bad numbers on economics. weak numbers on foreign policy. a 20-point margin against now developing on obamacare. all of this and most importantly, do you want to continue with the obama policies or change them? and those numbers are almost 20 points for change. now, if you think none of that
1:27 pm
matters, then you can have a landslide like this. if you believe as i do that there is conflict here between a race centered on donald trump's personality and these larger issues, then you're going to have a closer race, and here is the kicker. if this race starts moving more -- as trump is trying to push it -- to these referendum issues, are you better or worse off, then this race is going to move, and let me just say this. when you have as the fox polls showed, not only three points but the internals look much better for trump than it has, but you go back to their polls in late august, and fox polls, and early september, when they asked the question about the clinton foundation and 60% of the people believed that they were trading favors for money overseas. if that is the case, and we have a lot of evidence -- today the media saying they have to cover the story but saying there's no evidence. well, peter switser and others
1:28 pm
have evidence and will lay it out and we'll see the story worsen. so if that happens we're headed to a closer race. it's simple. >> i don't know where we're going here but it sounds to me like anything could happen in the next 12 days. >> people have to either suspend their basic attitudes and create a landslide for hillary or will be closer. >> sure, or start drinking. thank you, patrick. beyond the issue of minority votes here -- i only mention that now because the accepted wisdom is that democrats, the only issue is by -- by how big a margin. an interesting subset of some of the polls is what is happening judgedneath and how minority voters are not exclusively in lockstep with the democratic candidate. those percentages could be change as we speak.
1:29 pm
it seems to be packing the path in a number of key states. you -- arizona stood out in my mind because in that state, again, the republican state that could be tipping -- we don't know -- but hispanic voters there, one out of three of them, liking donald trump. i think that would have to be a surprise even to donald trump. what is happening here? >> well, i think hispanics, african-americans, asian-americans are concerned about issues issues of the new , issues of national security, the war on terrorism, and we're concerned about shaking up the system. think minorities more than anybody else wants to end the pay-for-play corruption of washington, dc, and if there's any sneak preview of the kind of corruption to come we have seen it with the -- what has been
1:30 pm
revealed by wikileaks in terms of the clinton foundation and the games that they're playing in terms of pay-for-play. >> let me -- >> the american people -- >> on a key point, donald trump, when he has these renewal speeches and goes into the inner cities ex-more than many republican candidates, he addresses black voters specifically and says whatover how got to lose? what do you think of that? >> i think it's a very powerful line. i think what he says is that we've got issues of crime, we have to deal with. economic revitalization, and here's what has resonance in the black community and other minority communities, which is that the democratic party which has been the beneficiary of upwards of 90-plus% of the black vote, has taken that vote and that -- our people for granted, for nearly half a century, for actually in some cases over half
1:31 pm
a century. and if you want to issue a protest, here's your opportunity to do so. and i think the last vote in particular -- minority float general but the black vote in particular in states like north carolina, ohio, florida, and in wild card states such as pennsylvania and michigan, the degree to which the black community comes out in droves for the democratic party is going to determine this election. >> wow. well, you know, if you think about it, you're the republican candidate and can peel off more minority voters than is typically the case, a percent or two or three, it could swing the election. >> no question. look at north carolina, where african-american millenials, hillary clinton is barely getting 60% of that vote. which comprises up to over a fifth of the vote in north carolina. if that remains the same, and that's reflected in the turnout numbers and how african-american millenials in north carolina vote, then donald trump will win
1:32 pm
north carolina. >> wow. thank you very much. waiting to hear from the donald trump speaking in toledo. but another successful sort of strategy on the part of mr. trump, even though the media might not like it, is attacking the media, because they kind of framed the debate, and donald trump says unfairly. now evidence that he's right. after this. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog.
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>> are. >> a conference call that might have started with oohs. president obama and his hhs secretary how to get a handle on a affordable health care act that is not afford ank you. i become a model?!? able. allenge today and notice more beautiful hair, skin & nails or your money back.
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all right. amazon is having a world of hurt. is shares are. and after-hours trading missed some earnings estimates. furthermore telegraphing holiday shopping season, maybe not so great. that stock which had been running up amid talk it was easily going to hit $1,000 a share, down 40 bucks a we speak. it's a pricey issue. but right now, amazon telegraphing potential problems for the holiday shopping period. heavenwhile, keep an eye on donald trump and how little he thinks of the media. >> it's record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting the the greatest pile-on. go to rallies and they're starting to hate the media
1:37 pm
because the see it's all be big law -- not all but a lot of it is a big lie. >> you poison the minds, you do. poison the mind of the american voters. it's unfair. >> it's a relentless theme of trump that he doesn't get a fair shake, and compared to hillary clinton they're not in the ballpark. sarah westwood is here. and elizabeth harrington of the washington free beacon. elizabeth does hey have a point when you look the sheer number of hit pieces on him, a lot more than pieces on hillary clinton. >> absolutely. i think the has an incredible point to make. everyone knows the media is biased and what we have seen with these hacked e-mails released by wikileaks reinforces the fact we know that the media is willing to work with the hillary campaign to give her positive coverage, and
1:38 pm
you just see it when you turn into the other networks. we have huge bombshell stories about hillary clinton, her husband enriching himself through the clinton foundation, the fbi investigation that really wasn't an investigation at all. those get no coverage in the nightly news. they get two minutes, 30 seconds. it's all donald trump and something he may have the said. >> that's what he says. i'm one of those -- julie maybe you can help -- this stuff comes out, an 11-year-old videotape and woman coming out of the woodwork and it's incumbent on the media to question the timing but something to follow up on you do your due didill lens. where the same media effort to get in the same ballpark coverage of very legitimate hillary clinton stories and week can i leaks development and maybe different things she tells bankers behind closed doors versus what he says about them on a debate stage with bernie sanders. >> there's no question that both of these candidates have records
1:39 pm
that are completely in defense able but what we're looking at with donald trump is he has had a strategy throughout this entire election season that you get out of one crisis by creating another. he very much fueled this and he -- >> how is he fueling it? >> i'll give you -- >> -- justify an 11-year-old tape. >> if we look in june when the stuff will hillary clinton's e-mails, the state department probe was coming out, he interrupted that by attacking judge curio. he couldn't let her have the limelight. because of that he can't really -- >> no, no. i see. i understand that. but sarah, that's where the media should come forward and be aware, we have given a lot of time to this story. this other story seems like a pretty good story. let's do that. >> exactly. that why i think this donald trump we're up against the immediate is more effective than
1:40 pm
the primaries. during the primaries we saw donald trump go after individual reporters and outlets for negative stories about himself. now in the final weeks of the election we see him indicting the entire media as an institution for comparative coverage of his opponent instead of nitpicking coverage about himself we see him pointing out the very real fact that the mainstream media has poured relatively speaking far less time and energy pursuing negative stories about clinton and that speaks to his larger campaign theme of the system as a whole being, quote, rigged. >> rigged in his favor. >> think about it -- >> -- more than two bill decide. >> a lot of these e-mail exchanges coming to light involve many in the media who are trying to curry favor with hillary clinton or her people, so you can understand why somebody in establishment media are reluctant to get them out because it embarrasses them. but it does seem there's no zeal
1:41 pm
on the part of the folks to media tends to supportd. democrats and democratic outsides, fine. got a you have to reflect that in your editorial product? >> of course you should be fair, and i think throughout this we have seen the media propping up donald trump, giving him a lot of free time, and then all of a sudden when he is the nominee, you see this barrage of attacks -- >> you think that was deliberate. >> look at the "new york times" story they did, an eight months investigation in trump's treatment of women and said he is crossing the line. they didn't have a single source in there that said, he touched them inappropriately or anything like that. and then suddenly, three weeks before the campaign, then they're running all these stories about all these accusers coming out of the woodwork, the timing is very coincidental to say the least and reflects on this bias -- >> i think --
1:42 pm
>> -- agenda -- >> -- they isn't seem to care who dumped the tax records of donald trump but they certainly care about vetting anything else that has to do with e-mails. >> i want to point out first of all the "new york times" was the one that broke some of the most damaging clinton scandals if you look at what was going on with the iranian deal, and e-mail things. they were the first on that. so have to give them credit. >> you thing the coverage is fair in the "new york times" and the "washington post" and balanced in these -- >> what i do not think is fair is, for instance, breitbart to be co will be operating with an "occupy wall street" reporter to disrupt rubio events so we have bias going both ways. every touch in -- >> the proof is in the final public pudding. right? and maybe go after trump. i'm not saying don't. i'm saying just show a fraction of the interest. >> he could have prevented bills by being wiser what he said. >> if you said that about a
1:43 pm
woman accusing a man of untoward stuff and you're kind of blaming the victim there. >> i think he is habitually been unwise -- >> you're plameing the victim of the bad press, the bad press. >> he has been the bushry. he owes his celebrity to media -- >> that is blaming the victim and you would hate it. >> i disagree. >> okay. thank you all very, very much. i do want to keep you up to date on other things. ash carter talking about the battle that's going on in the middle east, and elsewhere, not only to retake raqqa and mosul and all of that win general keane.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
defense secretary ash carter says won't be too long, maybe
1:47 pm
weeks, before u.s. and allies are ready to drive isis out of raqqa, and most of mosul. >> do you agree? >> i think that's as separational. the forces that occupy iraq iraq, this is the headquarters of isis where most of the forces actually are. those who are not going to fight and stay in mosul will go to raqqa and we don't have the combat force we had in iraq. in iraq it's close to 30,000 participating in this attack on mosul. mosul a larger city. what we have in syria is paling by comparison. we have a few hundred sunni syrian arabs and a few thousand and that's all, syrian kurds, assisted by some of our best troops dish. >> what is our role there? what are we doing.
1:48 pm
>> trainers and advisers. we help a little bit more with air power. calling in air power for them and we've got some guys right down there. they're probably as close in the fight as any of our advisers are and have been for some time. but that's not enough combat power to take raqqa. >> has come up in on election year but one thing donald trump mentioned we're seeing the likes of general patton and general eisenhower spinning in their graves by pre-announcing what we're doing. what did you make of that? >> there's some general truth to that we talk far too much in advance of all of our military operations and in the degree of specificity -- >> i assume we didn't do that with normandy. >> hardly. everybody knew there was an invasion coming. but they didn't know tactically and operationally when.
1:49 pm
and where. >> but we do it -- i think the argument -- to help average folks in the area, citizens, men, women and children, to get out of harm's way. >> some of that is done. we did that initially in fallujah. the previous fallujah when the u.s. was leading the operation. we advertised it because we wanted the people to get out. very sim already -- >> also tells the enemy what you're doing. >> the other thing we do too much of, we talk to much after we conduct an operation and give far too many details, particularly what our special operation forces are doing. makes no sense. >> why? >> we never used to speak about this, this started after osama bin laden was killed and the administration began to talk. and secretary of defense gates was furious with people in the white house giving out details of that attack, given the fact we'll continue to do precisions -- >> but still in that neck of the woods. >> absolutely.
1:50 pm
the other thing in fairness, these operations that we are won ducting, other the terrain -- these are desset open areas -- desert limited road networks. there's no way that we could surprise that force. we're going to come up those roads and they're going to see us coming days in advance of anything we do. we have to get logistics in place and then conduct an assault. >> in the meantime, isis operatives in some cases, they start killing. they start creating the same fear that made them such a force that had iraqi forces in the past running the other way. >> yeah. well know this. when they took mosul -- the shock that it was to all of us to see the iraqis leaving, isis knew the minute they seized that town at some point the iraqi army, likely assisted by americans, was coming back. it was just going to be a matter of time. now they probably thought in less than a year.
1:51 pm
but here we are almost two and a half years later. >> general, good seeing you in the flesh. he will break your land. >> i'm kind and gentle. >> general, thank you very much. we are getting the clinton campaign finally reacting to the latest leaks. it's how they react that's telling. the latest after this. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?!
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say this about hillary clinton, she's blessed with some incredible surrogates. probably no more popular than michelle obama. none of this got in the way of the drip, drip, drip of these week i can le wikileaks e-mails. how team clinton is dealing with it all.
1:55 pm
>> reporter: well, we have received a statement from the campaign. they are pushing back hard. in fact, they're criticizing the press for publishing these wikileaks for being agents of the russian government. here is a statement we received from hillary clinton's spokesman moments ago. that from her spokesman who went on a twitter rampage accusing trump of cheering on the wikileaks propaganda. he quoted madeleine all bright who said donald trump has turned into a useful idiot by the russians and mike morel concluded trump is an unwitting agent of the russians. trump's actions as putin's puppet he said have gone from bizarre to disqualifying. we also -- my colleague mike emanuel received a statement
1:56 pm
from the pr firm that is associated with the clinton foundation, run by doug band, who we have heard about in the wikileaks e-mails. they simply asked their clients to donate to the clinton foundation because the foundation does a lot of good. they never, they say, according to doug band, profited from that relationship. back to you. >> are they worried that the more this stuff comes out, drips and draps, the more it will register? are they still saying outside of folks of you and me and the media now and then, trying to pick them apart, they have nothing to worry about? >> reporter: senior officials who i talked to say that they think voters are not paying attention to the wikileaks. there are some polls that suggest that things are close -- are tightening. so i think that wikileaks is having an affect. the campaign it trying to really play out the clock. >> jennifer, thank you very much.
1:57 pm
jennifer griffin following team clinton here. we're going to look at that in more detail. where we are live saturday as well. telegraphing how this is falling out, latest polls, latest numbers, latest wall street concerns. see you tomorrow. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. put some manwich on the table... and give boring weeknight meals, the night off. ♪make tonight a manwich night
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ 12 days. although the mainstream media would love to prematurely declare hillary clinton the winner, they can't because donald trump has sliced her lead in half according to a new fox news poll. three points between the nominees now. yesterday, hillary clinton celebrated her birthday with her pals in the press. >> here is some birthday cake. i highly recme


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