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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 28, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i had the same costume you had but the guy version. this is just the costume you had when your parents were -- >> the homemade version? >> the homemade version. here's what we have. >> halloween pictures as well. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good friday morning to you and your family. it's october 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a major scare for governor mike pence overnight as the plane he was on skids right off of the ra rain-soaked runway. passengers were panicked and calling it the scariest landing of their lives. this morning, governor pence will join us live. >> great. also today, donald trump hits the battleground states with a new ibf for the election. >> we should cancel the election and give it to trump, right?
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what are we having it for? >> what do you think? >> we're live on the trail coming up shortly. then, as if it couldn't get worse, more examples of pay to play. a relative of hillary clinton's campaign chairman apparently earned millions lobbying clinton's state department on behalf of weapons manufacturers. that's not all. happy friday. we're really glad you're with us. well, ainsley, on this friday, end of a long week and we're tuckered out. hey, tucker. >> good morning. >> great to see. >> brian is promoting his book. i think he's gotten gaugements today. if you remember in the area where he is. he's in atlanta today. we have tucker on the curvy couch. he works every day of his life. >> good. >> we only have 11 more days until this election, the trump campaign. this is the fox news alert.
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the trump campaign is listening to battle grounds. despite a major scare for the vice presidential nominee. >> that as donald trump slams the media saying we ought to cancel the election and give it to him. >> we have fox team coverage on this friday morning. senior political correspondent mike emanuel. but we start with senior national correspondent john roberts in manchester, new hampshire. >> steve, ainsley and tucker, last night before 8:00 it was one of those things you fear might happen you hope doesn't but did last night. for governor mike pence, his family and the assembled media on board his plane landing on runway 22 in laguardia, it ends at the grand central parkway. the plane skidded off the runway, partially went through the concrete pad in there especially for that particular case a ended up on grass covered in mud. everybody okay. we had lofts people inside the plane, of course, getting all kinds of reports.
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some people said it looked like the plane went halfway down the runway before the wheels touched the ground. there was skidding, smell of burning rubber as the plane eventually came to rest in the grass off of runway 22. our producer, dan gallo was on board of plane. here's what he told us last night just before 8:00. listen. >> after two minutes, governor pence came back and checked on all of the reporters in the back of the plane. he seemed to be fine. he said he saw mud on the front windows of the plane. that's when i realized. i guess we're in the grass, not the runway. >> governor pence had to cancel a fundraiser but he did call in. meantime, donald trump in ohio on the campaign trail. he held a slight lead from hillary clinton yesterday. he believes that hillary clinton is so bad for the country that you might as well cancel the election and elect him president right now. donald trump suggesting
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yesterday that the clinton movie is one that we've seen before and do you really want to see that again? here's what he said in springfield. >> if the clintons were willing to play this fast and loose with their enterprise, when they weren't in the white house, just imagine what they'll do given the chance to once again p control the oval office. we've had enough, honestly, i think we've had enough of the clintons in all fairness. >> donald trump with three campaign events in three different states. he's in manchester new hampshire today where he trails hillary clinton by six points. then he goes to maine and off to cedar rapids, iowa where he holds a slight lead and then west to denver and nevada. steve, ainsley, tucker. >> he's one of three people awake in manchester, new hampshi hampshire. thank you very much. >> brand new e-mail revealed team hillary trying to use the choke-hold depth of barrett
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garner here in new york for political gains. >> eric garner is ripping into the camp publicly expressing her outrage. >> political correspondent, our friend mike emanuel has details on this story. >> tucker, ainsley, steve, good morning. new fallout for the clinton campaign after the daughter of an african-american man who was killed in a police choke-hold accused the campaign of using her dad to push their agenda. erica garner tweeted yesterday, i'm troubled by the revelations that you and this campaign actually discussed using eric garner. why would you want to use my dad? clinton aides were working on a gun -- clinton traveling press secretary mentioned eric garner writing "i know we have erica garner issues but don't weave
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want to mention eric at all? i can see her coming after us for leaving him out of the piece. he was not included because he was not killed by gun violence. this is the latest fall out of daily dump e-mails -- clinton had help in battleground north carolina from first lady michelle obama and clinton thanked mrs. obama for her support. >> let's be real. as our first african-american first lady she's faced pressures i never did. and she and the president, she and the president have been such wonderful friends to me and my family. it's meant the world, the world to me. it really has. >> to be fair, after reviewing the wikileaks e-mails, we do not see the word use in context with eric garner. we reached out to the clinton
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campaign and have not gotten a response at this early hour. >> mike emanuel, thank you very much. >> now a family member calling out the clintons. we're looking for more details on that. meanwhile, a couple of days ago, we told you this. apparently the fbi agent who ran the field office in washington, d.c. that started the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server, turns out the same month that they started investigating the server, that particular fbi agent's wife was running for senate in the commonwealth of virginia. we told you a couple of days ago about how terry mcauliffe who is the governor down there, his super pac gave this woman, there she is, put up a picture of dr. joe mccabe, gave her about half a million dollars and the dnc coughed up $200,000. there she is right there. >> she's a pediatrician in northern virginia. her husband is a high-level fbi
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employee in charge, among other things, of investigating political scams, including hillary clinton. >> he appeared in campaign ads for her. that's not illegal. but you should think they should treat itself as a priesthood above politics or else we can't trust them. >> the latest news. hillary clinton was at a fundraising event basically the night before or two nights before -- >> she was the headliner before the half a million dollar check was written. she's the headliner. then the next day, mcauliffe's super pac gives $500,000 to mccabe. her husband is over the investigation for the hillary scandal. the e-mail scandal. >> it's so sleazy. it's washington. i've lived there for 30 years. a lot of this stuff makes sense, i guess. this is the most unbelievable thing so far from the wikileaks. this is a story about a woman
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named heather podesta. she was married to john podesta's brother. the tangled web there. she was a big clinton donor and bundler. she was hired by a raytheon to help get foreign arms sales contracts approved by the state department, including about $19 billion of -- >> did she say she has to lobby to the state department and her brother-in-law works there? >> raytheon decided, they had a lobbyist. they said we're going to hire her too. i wonder why. they pay her a ton of money to get the contracts. guess what? they were approved. >> if you own a business, you just find a relative of the person that you're trying to get to give you this multimillion dollar contract and then it works. how is this even legal? ethically, shouldn't be illegal? >> qatar, not only paid for -- they wanted to buy these weapons, they gave her a million dollars to the clinton
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foundation. >> exactly. >> famously in -- money is coming from both ends. >> here's what you got to wonder. was it a pay for plaything? does this tell you anything? as soon as hillary clinton stepped down as secretary of state, raytheon fired heather podesta. her services were no longer needed because, obviously -- >> her brother-in-law -- >> connect the dots. >> that was her main qualification that her brother worked there. what country is this? >> that's really third world. >> there's lots more interesting stuff. >> it proves you they're above the law. about who you know and how much money you have. you can get out of anything. >> we're 11 days away from the election. what else does wikileaks -- >> when he says drain the swamp, that's what he means. >> there was a little kid singing draining the swamp. abby huntsman joins us now
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on this friday. >> happy friday. >> halloween weekend almost. >> we have headlines to get to. a deadly standoff. the armed militants that took over a federal building and wildlife refuge in oregon. cleared of all charges. five others have been behind bars since february. the bundys led a group of armed protesters in a 41-day occupation over a land dispute with the federal government. one member of the group was shot and killed during that standoff. 98 criminals will soon be back on the streets. president obama just commuted their sentences. this includes 42 people serving life sentences for drugs and weapons charges. he's shortened more sentences for inmates in the last 11 presidents kbiebd. nikki haley is going to vote for donald trump. the republican explaining her decision. >> the best person based on the
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policies and dealing with things like obamacare still is donald trump. that doesn't mean it's an easy vote. >> you remember trump criticized haley after she -- she later vowed to support the party's presidential nominee. donald trump jr. helping a stranded driver after a campaign rally. you can see him on the right pushing down the broken down car off the street in arizona alongside two other men. the group then called for help and gave the woman water so she could get hydrated in the heat. >> trump jr. taking a picture with the woman. the whole ordeal caught on camera by a supporter who tweeted, this is what makes america great. those are some of your headlines. i'll be back shortly. >> fantastic. >> who needs a gym membership when you can just push a car. >> it works. thank you very much, abby. does donald trump's appeal reach beyond the republican party? >> i invite all americans,
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republicans, democrats, independents, first-time voters, to join this incredible movement. >> could independents be the key to victory? >> lisa booth in the d.c. bureau, she's coming up next. good morning, lisa. >> hey, lisa. >> he rote a tell-all exposing what life was like protecting the clintons. now clinton cronies are colluding with her campaign to defame him. he's going to be here next. "driving my life away" by eddie rabbit
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and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. i am proud to have support from republicans and independents here across florida and across america. >> i invite all americans, republicans, democrats, independents, first-time voters, to join this incredible movement. a movement the likes of which has never been witnessed in this country before. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton trying to reach out beyond their parties. but a new fox news poll shows donald trump leading among independents 41% to 28%. so are the independents, the
3:18 am
game changer for mr. trump? lisa booth is the fox news contributor and april contributor to the washington examiner. she joins us from our nation's capitol. >> good morning, steve. >> it's clear that both of the parties have to energize their parties and get the independents. right now it looks like the edge is going to trump? >> you look at the latest fox news poll. that's part of the reason why donald trump was able to close the gap. he almost doubled his support among the independent voters, from i think 7 to 13. he was able to bring more republicans home. i think he got about 81% of the support from republicans in that whole and she got 83% of democrats in that poll. when you look at independent voters, sometimes they're identifying politically, party affiliation as an independent voter, but if you look at their leanings as far as ideologies, conservative or liberal. >> interesting you should
3:19 am
mention that. gallop poll a couple of peeks ago asked which party do you affiliate with. 27% of americans say rapp and 32% said democrat and 40% independent. there's a five-point spread between republicans and democrats. it's curious when some of the big polls have 10, 11, 12 point spreads between republicans and democrats. that looks like they're trying to help hillary. >> if you're donald trump, i mean, what he really does need to do, he needs to boost his support among the republican base as well. if you remember, mitt romney did win among independents in 2012 by about 5% nationally. if you look at a state like ohio, about 10%. he also got with his republican support, i believe, around 93% of republican support in 2012. and 90% of support with republicans as well. what donald trump needs to do is
3:20 am
keep trying to bring the republicans home, keep trying to build up the support with individuals that identify as independent voters as well and hope that hillary clinton doesn't draw sort of the record numbers that we saw with african-american voters and really that large amount of support that president obama had with women as well and millennials. >> let's see what's happening. i have a feeling we'll hear both candidates use the word independent a lot. >> a lot could change. there have been a lot of swings in the election. who knows what will drop as far as wikileaks and other information. >> lisa booth, a brand new foxconn trib tore. >> so honored. thank you, steve. he wrote a tell-all exposing life protecting the clintons in the white house. now he's suing saying that the clinton campaign machine is colluding to defame him. he's here straight ahead. while the rest of the country goes to pot, one state is staying sober when it comes
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headlines for you. a record drug bust for the coast guard. members off-loding 20 tons of cocaine from a submarine. the coast guard showing off the haul at a navy base in california. arkansas supreme court just shot down a measure allowing medical marijuana from appearing on the ballot. in the 5-2 decision, the court ruled the measure didn't have enough signatures. it might be a good thing that
3:25 am
arkansas might not have legal pot. the number of teenagers using marijuana is up in states that have legalized weed. that makes sense, right? meanwhile, hero to bombshell book telling of his life inside the clinton white house. our next guest, a former secret service agent is coming under fire for doing so. >> now he's filing a lawsuit suggesting collusion between the clinton campaign and those who criticized him. >> former secret service officer and the author of the book crisis of character. his game is gary byrne. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> why the lawsuit? >> well, i wrote my book the truth out about the clintons and my experiences. many people in the secret service have written books about their careers, but they're usually agents. when somebody in the uniform division writes a book and it's successful, i'm referred -- i'm
3:26 am
not a politician, not part of the washington, d.c. elite used to being smeared or smears other people. i'm a career veteran employee, i'm a good, honest dee cents person. i told my story, it's true. david brock and other media outlets have smeared me, called me a liar. the retired secret service association said i could have never saw what i saw. it's incredibly inaccurate because somebody from the secret service would know that i was subpoenaed six times and eventually ordered to testify by the supreme court justice rein quest. i stand by everything in my reputation and trying to restore reputation. >> david brock, he's a lefty blog. it's been trying to bail out the clintons for years and years. it's interesting, they suggest that you didn't have access to
3:27 am
the clintons. we put up a whole bunch of pictures where you're standing right next to them. >> that's right. in some cases, i wouldn't -- i don't know david brock. but he was spilling out anything he could to make me look bad. here's the thing. everybody knows that hillary clinton can't run on her record. anybody that says anything truthful about them, they have to hammer them. i realize it's part of the process. i'm not part of that system. i want to restore my reputation and my good word in the book. >> you got hammered but you also got ignored. if one much trump's security detail wrote a book about covering trump, i think that would be on "good morning america" every day for a week. most media outlets acted like your book never came out. for our viewers, tell us what they would learn if they read it? >> you're looking at the first employee in the history of the secret service who ever had to be compelled to testify against a sitting president in a
3:28 am
criminal law case. i was subpoenaed six times in the monica lewinski case. if this book was about a republican, they would be carving my face in the side of mt. rushmore. but because it's about a liberal, they ignore me or rip me apart. every tv show had somebody to tear me apart and call me a liar. but they wouldn't give me the ten minutes like you kind people did to explain myself and to tell the truth. >> gary, what is the truth about hillary clinton? you were very close to the family, clearly. what do the voters need to know about her? >> what they need to know that she's cold, she's distant and angry. the real hillary clinton is a woman you saw during the benghazi hearings that yelled, what difference does it make at this point? the real hillary clinton is the person who refused to pick up the phone and let a handful of men and women fight for 13 hours with a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of small arms when there were hundreds of millions of dollars and equipment and men
3:29 am
and women around to rescue them and she didn't make the call. that's the real hillary clinton. the real hillary clinton who defends her husband's affairs and the alleged assaults and shaming of the women. that's the real hillary clinton. >> in the wikileaks dumps, we've learned over something like 30,000 e-mails, there are a number of fbi agents who felt she's the last person they wanted to work for as well. one thing about gary's book, crisis of character, we've heard rumors about it. but it starts with a story about a vase in the private residence. somehow, after a melee of sorts up there, wound up broken and it seems like somebody probably threw that at the former president. right, gary? >> yeah. so here's the facts. there was a bad argue umgt, it was so loud it was echoing through the mansion. at one point there was a crashing sound. there was a broken vase found.
3:30 am
i saw it the next day in the curator's office. he clearly had a black mark under his eye and trying to conceal it with makeup. i don't know about the black eye or how the vase got broken, black eye, bad argument, broken vase. >> you connect the dots. >> it's quite a -- >> she does not. >> it's called crisis of character. >> thank you, gary. >> thank you. pleasure meeting with you >> ainsley, what's coming up? >> donald trump isn't just fighting the media and hillary clinton. now he's up against college professors too? >> my father was an immigrant and my children are immigrants. so vote for whoever you want, but vote for somebody who respects the facts that this is a country built on immigrants. >> does this belong in the classroom? >> we haven't seen the last of donald trump's open mike moments. his latest threat to nbc is
3:31 am
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. meanwhile, i read that hillary's campaign send out save the date invitations for her celebration here in new york city. i think things got awkward when bill asked if he could bring a plus one. >> funny. i was listening to driving home yesterday, i heard somebody on the wabc talking about how her party, her victory party was going to be at the jacob javits center. you know who developed it?
3:35 am
>> who? >> donald trump. >> it was a project developed by donald trump. >> the javits center is a huge convention center, the biggest building here in new york city. >> maybe the least attractive. just my view. >> you know that the mainstream media are out to get donald trump. we've been talking about that for 20 years here on fox newschannel about how media bias in this country. if you have kids in college or recently graduated, you know academia seems to tilt to the left. >> are you kidding, it's 100%. it's as if you need more evidence, here's peter ross nick a massachusetts professor of math. this is video taken from his class. watch this. >> i will tell you that of the 12 elections, there never been -- it's never been more imperative that people go out and vote. this is the scariest election that i've had in 12 years. i am in the very unusual
3:36 am
situation where my father was an immigrant and my children are immigrants. so vote for whoever you want, but vote for somebody who respects the fact that this is a country built on immigrants. i'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but vote for someone who understands that the goal in a nation, in a society and a caring society is to hold people together not to pull people apart. kind of being cute about it. but i'm not feeling this is funny. this is the most serious election out of -- in 48 years that i've been voting. do the math. right? >> do the math. there's the math lesson. he is a math professor. why is he talking about politics? >> clearly the student knew he wasn't supposed to be doing this. he's hiding the camera and then toward the end -- >> i was thinking of all the
3:37 am
americans who can't retire when they want because they're paying off debt from putting their kids through college. think of the kids who can't buy houses or cars because they're paying off student loans. they're selling us a lemon. higher education is a bubble. it's much less impressive than we think it is. it's distressing. >> i was talking to somebody who was telling me they have kids in college and none of the kids are going to vote. when they asked, well, what's going on? apparently one of the kids in college had a conversation probably with a math teacher about politics and the math teacher said who are you going to vote for and this kid said donald trump. the math teacher said, well my vote is going to cancel your vote out so don't bother. the kid was demoralized. not going to vote. how many times has that teacher used that vote. mine will cancel yours out. >> i thought they were for diversity. they're not. >> that's funny. >> you're on my side or get out of the class. >> let us know what you think. send us an e-mail.
3:38 am
>> my point would be do you want to hire a math major from mt. holy oak if that's what they're getting in math? just saying. >> probably not. >> abby has headlines for us. abby? >> good morning guys. happy friday. good morning to all of you. we have headlines to get to starting with this. donald trump says he's considering suing over what he considers an illegal leak over that decade old "access hollywood." >> it was an illegal act was nbc. that was a private dressing room. >> are you going to get -- >> you'll see. you'll see. >> trump telling bill o'reilly last night, he didn't know his microphone was on during his locker room talk with billy bush. we'll see how that plays out. >> stop and look at this body camera video. it shows a moment where an explosion nearly levels a home. trying to get people out of way and then this happens. >> get back!
3:39 am
get back! >> that is so frightening. oxygen tanks exploded but officials don't know if they blew up as a result of the fire or if they caused that blast. two people were hurt. we're waiting for word on their conditions. we'll bring those to you as soon as we know it. they don't call bravest for no reason. firefighters rush into this raging fire to save those that were trapped inside. >> where are you, bro? >> explosion two. >> take a look at this. the firefighter rappels down the burning building with an 81-year-old man in his arms. the two making it to safety seconds before flames snapped the rope in half. one person was killed and dozens hurt in that fire. rolling stone admitting mistakes in the debunked sexual assault case. sean woods testifying at the defamation trial saying he was in denial when he stood by that story each after it was
3:40 am
restrakted. he said none of the journalist fully recovered. he wants nearly $8 million from the magazine for writing false information about her. not sure that magazine will ever be the same. those are the headlines this morning. it won't exist after you libel an entire group of people. >> adam klotz has been joining us this week doing the weather. the big story, mike pence's plane skidded off the runway at laguardia. how bad was the weather at that time? >> heavy rain from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. it's not necessarily surprising. the temperatures were down around the 40 ezs. not necessarily enough to ice. >> the people in the plane heard the landing gear go down, couldn't see the runway. >> can't see it, can't see it. >> there it is. >> you've become a new yorker. you said we. >> we locally had that problem.
3:41 am
i was battling it yesterday too. farther to the north some was the first snow that the northeast -- that snow falling in the extreme northern area. we're talking about backing up a little bit. that's going to continue to move on out. just the snow right here off to the west coast. that's where we're looking at more heavy rounds of rain. in the middle of the country, mostly clear. we're talking about a big warmup. a big look at the temperatures in the 60s. large portions of the country in the 80s today. >> fantastic. >> it's probably going to be a little bit of a warmer winter. >> how do you know that? >> global warming. >> he's a weatherman. >> long-range forecast. >> i just asked you. i trust you. >> no problem. coming up on this friday, alec baldwin becomes the punch line to his own joke. >> in the past, i've been big and loud. but tonight i'm a sweet little
3:42 am
baby trump. >> but alec baldwin eating his own words. what we just found out about his taxes. coming up next. an aide calls it bill clinton incorporated. stunning new e-mails revealing the former president brings in tens of millions of dollars while hillary was secretary of state. jeff sessions is on deck with that. it's not just a car, it's your daily retreat. the es and es hybrid. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer.
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a remarkable new memo confirms what the rest of the country suspected for years. bill clinton has been using charitable activities to get unbelievably rich. doug band details how he helped president clinton personally
3:46 am
make millions of dollars, personally. much of the cash raked in from the foundation donors happened while hillary clinton was secretary of state. that was a major boon to their finances. here to react is senator jeff sessions. he's a key adviser to the candidates. senator, thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you, tucker. >> i want to read part of the memo about bill clinton inc. throughout the past 11 years since president clinton left office, i have endeavored to support the clinton foundation and president clinton. he has 66 million to be paid out over the next nine years should he choose to continue with the current engagements. you have almost $100 million that he's bragging about in e-mails. is this a surprise to you? >> these numbers are surprise to me, tucker. i knew he was making a lot of money on speeches for political reasons and connections that
3:47 am
people were paying. not for the value of his speech, but those are stunning numbers. another number that, to me, is just -- knocks my socks off is he and hillary gained $153 million in speaking fees alone since he left the white house. that is just unbelievable. people feel correctly that our leaders are spending too much time worrying about rich people and big fees and not enough time about their own interests and america's interest. >> it's not to excuse the clintons to note that this is pretty conventional in washington. i'm certain that president obama plans to get very, very rich from arrangements like this, from speeches the second he leaves office. is this a swamp that the trump campaign is talking about draining? >> absolutely. we've got do better about that. a lot of this money comes from foreign countries, which is doubly troubling. donald trump's proposals ought
3:48 am
to tighten up the ability of foreign companies and lobbyists to fund pal tigss in the united states. it really needs to be tightened up. fundamentally, what the american people feel is this is in a way a real corruption. it corrupts the purity of the interests of our leaders. they spend too much time raising money. billions of dollars -- a billion dollars or more hillary clinton has raised for this campaign. donald trump has funded most of his own by his own money. i think that allows him to be more effective in fighting against this kind of kind of thing. >> so there's a new report, senator, that illegal immigrants are pouring over the border ahead of this election, afraid of a trump win. but a promise that a hillary win would allow them to become citizens at some point. it seems to me, if that were to happen, hillary wins and she were to legalize the illegals now, that would constitute a massive and history changing
3:49 am
voting block for democrats. >> he's saying -- we admit millions a year lawfully who become citizens. then we have probably at least a half a million or more entering unlawfully every year. maybe closer to a million. these are historic numbers. we'll soon reach the highest percentage of foreign born in america's history. it will continue to go up. american people are not against immigration or immigrants. donald trump does not hate immigrants. but we need a lawful system. we got to end the lawlessness and we can do it. i've studied it. this can be and should be done. if we don't, we're going to regret it and it's really impacting adversely the working conditions and wages of american workers. >> it's packing the electorate for democrats, that's for sure. >> thanks, senator for coming on. >> thank you. still ahead, if hillary wins, you may see a lot more of
3:50 am
this. >> the man who will be the next president of the united states, ba -- hillary has a job picked out for joe : did test test. test test test test. test test test.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
. well, after a series of embarrassing hacks, hillary clinton's team is responding to using a more secure way of messaging. when they are discussing sensitive information.
3:54 am
it's an app and it's called signal. we want to know how all this work so we're going to ask kurt the cyber guy to find out what this app is like and what it's used for. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> it's not dumb to use an app like this because email as you know regardless whether you are running a race to be president or whether it's just you and me communicating, it's open, it's obviously public now, and so apps like this are becoming very popular, especially reportedly at the hillary rodham clinton campaign offices where right after their email was known to be hacked, they moved to this with everybody. this is the app right here. it's called -- it let's you talk and message to one another privately and it's encrypted from end to end. how do you know it's working? it sends two words to you when you send the message, it might say red pine cone, i'll say does it say red pine cone, and it
3:55 am
says yeah, it does. it knows we're connected. >> how do we know that nobody can hack into it? >> we have to know the encryption workses. we've looked at the background and nobody has gotten to it. it's free. you will be asked to put in your phone number and guarantee it, these are the people in my phone book that have happened to have already downloaded this app. i could immediately start talking with them. you could enter into the phone number of somebody else you have and that's what it looks like on their end. >> it sounds great if you are not working for the politician. shouldn't we be seeing what they are saying to one another? >> this raises an incredibly interesting question. transparency is key when it comes to working in public office. you should have the right to have a record at least -- >> they shouldn't be hiding anything. >> once in you are in office, you should have a record of communications if for no other
3:56 am
reason to a, keep, security down with the government so we know what's being said to who and when, so there's some form of record to it. this opens up a huge can of worms now because i don't know what kind of secrets we should be doing behind the scenes especially when we're in office. >> and her entire campaign is using this app now? >> i wouldn't doubt that all campaigns are using this app at this point. it's a smart way to quickly circumvent an obvious problem. there's no question we're being hacked in america right now. >> a huge show ahead. we have governor mike pence, karl rove, mike rowe, and geraldo rivera. you've got to stick around for this.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good friday morning. tucker is over here snapping, steve is clapping. it is october 28th and we made it through the week almost. i'm ainsley earhardt. it's a fox news alert. while you were sleeping there was a major scare for governor mike pence as his campaign plane skids right off the runway in new york. governor pence joins us live to tell us all about it. plus, pay to play at the absolute highest level, wait until you hear who lobbied the state department for a $19 billion contract and got it. if you work for hillary, it's all in the family. the man who will be next president of the united states, barack america and his running mate vice president joe biden. he could be secretary of state in the hillary clinton administration. we've got more for you.
4:01 am
happy friday. we're glad you are here. ♪ good morning. welcome, tucker carlson. guess what, today is friday and we're ordering pizza. >> i came a day early. that's why i like the weekday show, better food. >> what time is the pizza coming? >> i'm trying to order it right now and i'm looking for a promo code for papa johns. >> it is 7:00 here in new york city and a fox news alert. >> we've got one for you. 11 days to go until the election. the trump campaign is blitzing the battleground states today despite a major scare for vice president mike pence. >> that and trump says we should cancel the election and just give it to him. we're going to begin with our senior national
4:02 am
correspondent john roberts who is in new hampshire. >> reporter: landing in la guardia airport is a white knuckle enterprise itself, add in the wind and howling wind and rain, and last night, the plane came in for a landing down runway 2-2 at la guardia. that's the one with the long approach coming over the water over the bronx and skidded off the runway in all the rain and wind. some people on board of the plane, said it didn't seem like they touched down until they were halfway at the runway. they partially went through the concrete pad at the end and ended up in the grass. everybody on board is okay. something like it is awfully frightening. governor pence said to be okay. last night in geneva, ohio, donald trump mentioned it.
4:03 am
>> i just spoke to our future vice president and he's okay. do you know he was in a big accident to a plane, pretty close to grave, grave danger and i spoke to mike pence and he's fine. >> donald trump in geneva last night. one of three events that he had in the battleground state of ohio where he leads by slightly more than 1%. hammering hillary clinton on a number of different fronts, declaring her to be so bad for america, joking hey, why don't you just appoint me president right now but promising on a more serious level to fix things in washington should he be fortunate enough to be elected on november the 8th. here's what trump said in springfield. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person to ever seek the office of the president. i want the empire corrupt washington establishment to hear and to heed the words i'm about to say. if we win on november 8th, we
4:04 am
are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. >> trump with three campaign events in three different states is in new hampshire where he trails by hillary clinton by six points and he goes to neighboring maine where he also trails at six points and then ends up at iowa where he's ahead. and thanks to the radisson hotel where we stayed. they let us film in the lobby instead outside. >> john, go meet your fans. they are behind you. >> when we talked to you an hourg, you were the only one up. >> here's the trump spin. >> he started his report talking about mike pence's plane skidded off the runway at la guardia.
4:05 am
the plane has been moved and there you can see, that's a close-up of one of the arrester beds. apparently the plane destroyed eighty of them. they have just replaced them and we understand that the runway is now open. >> it was a big enough field that they closed la guardia for a while. >> everyone on the plane was wearing their seatbelts. they say it would have been a much different story if they had not. >> according to politico this is not the first hard landing by the pence plane. apparently it's been landing hard whether it's a small runway in iowa or metropolitan area for months. >> i've been on some of these planes and some of them are kind of flakey. >> brand-new emails reveal team hillary trying to use the choke hold death of eric garner as political fodder. >> his daughter expressing outrage.
4:06 am
>> we're live from west chester, new york, with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. the clinton campaign is getting blasted by the daughter of an african-american man who died after a police choke hold. she's accusing the clinton campaign of wanting to use her father to push its agenda. erica garner tweeted yesterday i am troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed using eric garner. why would you want to use my dad? for some context, clinton aides earlier this year were working on a gun violence editorial piece to run in the new york daily news. they wrote i know we have erica garner issues but we don't want to mention garner at all. his did he go was not due to gun violence. this is the latest fall-out from
4:07 am
wikileaks dumping thousands of clinton campaign emails on a daily basis. as for the campaign, clinton returns to iowa where the 2016 marathon all began. yesterday, clinton had first lady michelle obama making the case for her in north carolina. >> if hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us. it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be because we did not vote for her and that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. that's the strategy. to make this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want any part of it. >> no response from the clinton campaign so far to erica garner's accusations. to be fair, we've looked at the wikileaks material and the word "use" is not in it but she is still outraged. ainsley, steve, tucker. thank you very much.
4:08 am
with wikileaks dumps we're learning more and more about how the clintons enriched themselves. think about it. here's a family that made a quarter of a billion dollars and never really had a job other than giving speeches. >> you want to know how that happens. here's one specific example of how all the people in the clinton constellation have become so rich. several years ago, raytheon was hoping to sell some of its products, weapons systems abroad. in order to do that, they needed permission from the state department, the hillary clinton state department. in order to get that permission, what did they do? they hired a woman named heather podesta, mattered -- married to tony podesta, who is the brother of john podesta. podesta works for hillary
4:09 am
clinton's campaign. they hired his sister-in-law to get into the state department so that they can get this multimillion dollar contract. how much was the contract? >> over 25 billion. >> b. it went to qatar. raytheon was hiring a relative of former chief of staff of clinton. the country of qatar was giving money to bill clinton. money was coming from both sides to get the deal done. >> they wanted to give it to him for his birthday and they wanted five minutes to talk to him. >> i wonder why they did that. when trump says we're going to drain the swamp, you can dismiss that. it's real. it is a swamp. this is the swamp he's talking about. it's people selling influence before your government. they are subverting the whole
4:10 am
deal. it's corrupt. >> you live in washington. you see this all the time. >> all the mandates in obamacare, by the way. how do you know they got there? they got there because someone paid to put them there. >> do you think we're just connecting these dots? the former sister-in-law of john podesta and they wound up getting all this money. what happened after hillary clinton left the state department, what happened? they fired the lobbyist. >> if you see a lobbyist, look at the family. >> you work very hard to put food on your table for your family. this is important. abby huntsman joins us today. we have some headlines to get to. a stunning outcome to a deadly
4:11 am
stand-off. the armed militants who took over a federal building and wildlife refuge in oregon have been cleared of all charges. they had been behind bars since february. one member of the group was shot and killed by police during that stand-off. mace, tear gas and water cannons used against people protesting the pipeline in north dakota. you can see them blocking off the construction site. 141 people already arrested. thousands of activists are wreaking havoc. environmentalists groups have been fighting to stop the project. if completed would carry barrels of oil from north dakota to illinois. 98 criminals will soon be back on the streets.
4:12 am
president obama commuted their sentences. this includes 42 people serving life sentences. and angelina jolie questioned by the fbi for four hours over allegations that brad pitt abused their oldest son. the fbi not nearly as concerned with our national security, spending more time grilling the actress than they did on hillary clinton. the democratic nominee testifying for a mere three and a half hours during that investigation into her private email server. and those are some of your headlines this morning. back to you guys. abby huntsman. coming up, they have not always seen eye to eye, but this morning, big news about nikki haley, why she's throwing support behind donald trump. >> there is a chance we haven't seen the last of this. >> a man who will be the next president of the united states, barack america. >> that's right, could joe
4:13 am
america, joe biden be the next secretary of state, veteran pete hegseth on that big headline. what are you drinking this morning? >> i love it. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance [ rear alert sounds ]," [ music stops ]on ] ♪ on the road again ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again
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4:17 am
>> 11 days until the election and hillary clinton is thinking about who was going to be on hardware -- her cabinet. >> she's thinking of joe biden for the secretary of state. >> pete hegseth is here. what do you think of the idea? >> terrible idea. bob gates has famously said that joe biden has been wrong on major foreign policy issue in the last 40 years, which is true. the guy was against the gulf war, which was famously successful. he voted for the iraq war. then he was against the surge. then he was for the pull-out. he was against all the actions that have been positive in afghanistan. he's famously very skeptical of the military. overly so. he's been these guys are lying
4:18 am
to you. they are not telling you the truth and hillary clinton loves to tout the bin laden raid. joe biden against the bin laden raid as well. >> joe biden spilled the beans that it was s.e.a.l. team six that killed bin laden. >> angered everybody. >> first of all, if i'm joe biden, do i want -- i was vice president. now i'm secretary of state. but for hillary clinton who used to have that job to pick him over john kerry who has got the job. >> keep the swamp going. if you want what you had the last seven or eight years, you want joe biden as secretary of state. why would you trust any judgments would be different than what you've seen from barack obama and hillary clinton. >> all the old institutions are crumbling. don't you want someone to see aknew and thinki creatively.
4:19 am
>> let the apple cart be turned over. that's the best argument for donald trump. we know what we're getting with joe biden and hillary clinton. with donald trump, we don't know exactly what his position will be. we know where his guts at. maybe we'll find the real guiding point we should be focused on as opposed to all the special interests and donations to the clinton foundations which have webs and ties and reasons that they make decisions that are not tied to the best interests of america. >> how do you go from vice president to secretary of state? but you have to realize he's going to be without a job, you know, come january. >> he's been in government since 29 years old. he's still getting it all wrong. they are addicted to power. he will take the next job he can get no matter what. >> at the beginning of the iraq thing, he said maybe we should partition the countries into
4:20 am
three, shiite, shia, and kurd. what's wrong with that? >> it's turned out unfortunately to be that way because of the bad policies that if we allow iran to surge into the area, which they have done. >> joe biden, visionary. you just made the case. >> visionary of his own failure. >> did he and clinton made a deal? i won't run if you make me -- >> quid pro quo, you think? the tomb of what was thought to be jesus, what was found inside? brand-new bombshell from wikileaks, you won't see them anywhere else except here and
4:21 am
judge jeanine pirro is here. for lower back pain sufferers,
4:22 am
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4:24 am
we've got some friday business headlines right now. first up, a whopping $70 million awarded to a woman who said johnson and johnson baby powder gave her cancer. they are facing several pending lawsuits. volkswagen unveiling the 2018 atlas, it's a new seven-passenger crossover suv. it's going to be built here in the united states at a factory
4:25 am
in tennessee. nashville's biggest stage coming to the big apple. ♪ ♪ >> yeah, the grand ol' opry branching out of nashville for the first time in its history. a restaurant and performance space is going to be built-in times square a couple of blocks from we're sitting in april. we'll make a reservation. wikileaks emails reveal that john podesta wrote did we actually know who told hillary she could be use a private email? and has that person been drawn and quartered. the whole thing is blanking
4:26 am
insa insane? >> how did they get away with this and cover it all up? >> joining us is jeanine pir row. >> they thought they were going to get away with it because they weren't going to tell anybody. when people say hillary clinton is so experienced, i think now the american people understands what her experience is like. she engages in a world of dark secrecy where even her top aides don't know what she's doing. she keeps everyone in the dark, and as a result of that the people that she's working with say it's insane, it's crazy, they need to be drawn and quartered whoever told her she could do this and putting our top secrets at risk in the email, but it gets better because then we see that the woman is so robotic and so orchestrated that they say gee maybe we can put some humor into this and maybe, you know, today she wasn't -- >> make some jokes. >> today she wasn't such a b
4:27 am
blank blank blank. you realize hillary clinton is not so much a real person as she is someone who goes through her aides in terms what to be said, a pr firm in terms of what can be said and her lawyers in terms of what legally can be said and it's ugly. it's horrific. and even they understood how dangerous it was and they should have gotten this out 18 months ago. >> is he said what i say in private is different from what i say in public and her campaign is similar because they are saying oh, it's not a big deal. we followed the law. it wasn't classified information, but then you read their emails to each other and holy cow, this is happening. >> they are panicked. they know this is a violation of law and one of the email they say not to worry. it's been taken care of. and you realize that they are saying the fix is in. so you've got this plan that is
4:28 am
this octupus where the fib says not to worry, don't worry about it. they know how bad it's been, how politically dangerous it is and yes, we have this face for america, we're here for you. >> the emails the staff comes off as the adults and the bill and hillary clinton that are out of control but they don't have the courage to confront them directly. what does that say about herman jeerl style? >> they are afraid of her. the fact that they refer to her as the "b" word and saying can we add some humor to this, it makes it clear that she engages in a world of her own where not only is she not willing to take any criticism, but she doesn't even want people in her world to know know what she's doing and her world is about power and money for her she and her husband. >> they have had women's
4:29 am
empowerment tour throughout portions of florida. you were down there watching what was going on. the reaction to the trump ladies? >> it's very interesting what's going on in florida. i was there yesterday, got back last night, a little delayed because of what happened to governor pence at la guardia, but a lot of women supporting trump in florida. there is a group of women. it was lara trump along with diamond and silk, the two women who were so historical, omarosa are going through florida and connecting with women. i spoke with a lot of women, they say we love donald trump because of what he will do for us, for our pocket books and our security and safety. the numbers are turning. you could feel it. it was palpable. everything is changing and people now know who hillary is and people now understand what donald trump can do for us and i can feel it. i was there. >> we can see the road trip on
4:30 am
your show. >> road trip on saturday and sunday on "justice." >> thank you, judge. coming up, maintenance stream -- mainstream media have been ready to write-off donald trump. karl rove joins us and he's got his white board. alec baldwin playing him on saturday night live, speaking of trump. >> in the past, i have been big and loud, but today i'm a sweet baby trump. >> campbell's one dish recipes. one pan, less than 30 minutes. because if they aren't going to eat it, at least you didn't spend too much time making it.
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4:34 am
. it was last night at 7:00 hour, out at la guardia, mike pence's 737 came down mid runway, skidded off the run wark, ran in through an arrester bed, special blocks that slow down the plane and kept it from causing real problems. >> thankfully, everyone on board is fine this morning and was last night. they were all wearing their seatbelts and some of the reporters that were on the plane said thank goodness they were wearing the seatbelts because they would have been thrown out of their seats. >> or go into the river, that's a big problem. >> but it was scary. pretty darn scary. apparently governor pence missed a fund-raiser after that. he flew into town to do it. they were pretty rattled. he's joining us live last night. there was lots of rain last night but we're blad everyone is okay. karl rove joins us from austin, texas. good morning, mr. rove. >> good morning. steve said you have your white boards, oh, my gosh, it's that
4:35 am
time. we have 11 days until this election. what can you predict? >> well, i'm not going to be in the predictive business. i can tell you that the path ahead. let's take a look at the real clear politics average of recent state polls. we start with the romney states, right today, romney got 206 electoral votes. today in the romney states, trump is behind in arizona, north carolina. he's got about 180 elect torl college votes today that are relatively safe. the first thing he's got to do is win the two states where he's ahead, ohio and iowa. that gets him to 204. there are several states where he's close. down in florida by a point and a half. then he's got to win north carolina where he's down by 3 and it gets tough. because these states, here, minnesota, down about 4.6,
4:36 am
pennsylvania 5, wisconsin 6, new hampshire and colorado, 6.2, michigan 7, virginia, 8.3. he's got some room to make up in these states here in order to get to 270. if he gets minnesota, he's at 270. pennsylvania, he's at 280. wisconsin, he's at 270. new hampshire only gets him four electoral votes he's got to get new hampshire and colorado. anyway, he's got some difficulties once he gets into this territory. >> karl, what does your gut tell you? you've seen wave elections before. he's such a nontraditional candidate, and the legions of people who are supporting him come hell or high water, we don't know exactly who they are, but it sure seems like there are a lot of them. >> yeah. look, they are betting on a theory called the 5 million missing. the view is that barack obama won in 2012 because 4 million --
4:37 am
he won by 4.9 million. the theory is there are 5 million mostly blue collar working class whites who stayed home and the idea is they were not attracted by romney and his message even though they could not bring themselves to vote for obama. the question is between now and election day, is there zsh are there people drawn into the system, are they brought out to vote, and do they show up and alter the dynamic of the election by increasing the share of the vote that's cast by whites and bringing in 5 million additional people. we'll see in 11 days. so far, he is under performing among whites compared to mitt romney. romney got 59% of whites. in the fox poll, trump was at 49%. he could theoretically reach that basically taking the
4:38 am
undecided the in the polls and taking from the third party candidates. >> the question of nonqualified voters voting, there are millions of noncitizens with drivers licenses in this country. what would prevent them from voting? how hard is it for someone who is not a citizen but who has a government i.d. to vote in this election? >> well, it depends on the state and p depends on the state -- state's rules regarding registering to vote and voting. for example, some states require a certain level of documentation and they also ask you to affirmatively, upon pain of criminal offense, to affirm that you are a u.s. citizen, that you are eligible to vote. there is some of this and how much we really don't know, but it is a problem. that's why voter i.d. laws are important because at least they provide one additional instance where they have to document themselves so they can vote. another issue i have to quickly address. there's a woman in randall
4:39 am
county, texas, in the panhandle near amarillo. she wrote on the facebook page she had difficulty with the texas device and tried to vote at the straight party ticket and gotten to the end. this is the thing where you have a red dial and you hit a button when it gets to your choice and at the end of it, you are then given a screen that shows your choices, instead of the straight republican ballot that she wanted to cast, she had cast a democratic ballot. the machine let's you go back and correct it. she put this out to say watch out, make sure you are playing with that red device correctly. this has been turned into an accusation that election officials are trying to steal the election from donald trump. randall county is about as red america as you can get. this is a woman raising a concern saying be careful if you haven't used this device before,
4:40 am
make sure you check at the end that you've entered your choices right. we've got to be careful about quickly conflating this woman's experience with a new device she hadn't used before, with some kind of accusation in texas we're trying to steal the election from whoever choice the voter had made. >> sometimes with these newfangled gizmos, you make mistakes. just be careful. there was one lady who said she did it and couldn't change her vote. she voted straight ticket republican and it shged to democrat and couldn't change it. gizmos, i like that word. they haven't seen eye to eye. nikki haley is throwing her support behind donald trump. >> the best person based on the policies and dealing with things like obamacare still is donald trump. that doesn't mean it's an easy
4:41 am
vote. >> trump criticized hailey earlier this year after she endorsed senator marco rubio for the gop nomination. she later vowed to support the presidential nominee. al electric baldwin on the -- alec baldwin on the hook for something he is knocking trump for. >> will you raise taxes on social security and medicare? >> only will the wealthy. >> the actor is accused of dodging $60,000 in sales tax on a painting he says is a fake. an incredible site in jerusalem as jesus' burial site is exposed for the first time in centuries. a marble slab has covered it for the past 500 years. experts say it can help them
4:42 am
better understand the original tomb chamber. that's so cool. those are your headlines. that's amazing. well, this week, adam has been joining us from fox 5 down in atlanta. he's a meteorologist and he came up here and he got a whole platter of weather. >> you've got freezing rain, everything here in the northeast, beginning today, continuing to run through this morning. there's still folks dealing with a little bit of snow getting up into northern maine. otherwise just rain moving up the northeast coast. back you out a little bit and most of the country is dry besides the west coast continuing to battle with much-needed rain. bands of rain sticking around, taking you into the weekend. the real story in the middle. country, there it is. big warm up and we'll be in the middle 80s for a lot of folks in the country. >> great. we'll take it in october. >> what do you prefer atlanta or northeast weather? >> atlanta is better day.
4:43 am
what does the future generation think about this year's crazy election? >> i've heard a lot of things about donald trump, especially with building a wall, keeping immigrants out. >> illegal immigrants. what have you heard about hillary clinton? >> well, she hasn't been that great either. she's been sneaking herself around. >> what happens when millennial voters enter watters world next. plus geraldo rivera is here with more on the final sprint to the white house straight ahead. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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4:47 am
♪ >> what did you think about the debate? >> i thought they were very entertaining. not very informative as they she should be. >> what do you know about hillary clinton? >> i know that donald trump thinks she's wrongs. >> what have you heard about hillary clinton? >> well, she hasn't been that great either. she's been sneaking herself around. >> i just don't like her because the way she acts. she be talking too much and she's boring. >> that's how it's going to be. >> what have you heard about donald trump? >> i've heard about donald trump, building a wall, keeping immigrants out. >> illegal immigrants. ♪ >> what do you think the most important issue is facing the country? >> everything is expensive. if i was president, everything would be cheap. >> equal rights, feminism, very important. >> are you saying this to get girls? >> what have your parents told you about the election? >> they have told me to not be
4:48 am
like one sided about the candidates. >> how cute. sweet kids. >> if you guys could vote, who would you vote for? >> clinton. >> is there anybody else besides the two of them? >> you can write in bernie sanders. >> you get a vote. you get a vote. you get a vote. >> who would you vote for? >> trump. >> he's the only man we can trust. >> whose world is it? >> watters world. >> life isn't always fair. jesse out with the young people. let's lower the voting age to 16. >> sure, why not. there was a poll ka oim -- came out from social media app. if teenagers could vote, trump would win in a landslide. go figure, they know him from tv and so they like him. >> i don't believe that. >> i'm telling you. those are the numbers. >> i'm telling you. >> well, it's already happening. brand-new reports of thousands of illegal immigrants are
4:49 am
streaming across the border and hoping hillary clinton becomes president and allows them to vote. geraldo rivera is here to weigh in on that next. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
well; 11 days until the election and thousands of illegals are now apparently pouring into the country hoping, tucker, that they will be able to stay if hillary clinton wins the white house. >> our roaming correspondent at large, that's redundant, but well deserved, geraldo rivera is here to weigh in. good morning. >> hi, tucker and steve. >> does this surprise you after
4:53 am
the reagan amnesty in '86, i think there were thought to be one million and turned out to be three million who poured over. >> it's more nuanced. i'm broadcasting from the university of arizona in tucson. the big city in the southern part of the state. arizona now is a battleground state or even a leaning hillary state which is incredible. during my day it was always solidly republican. the arizona republic, the statewide newspaper endorsing hillary clinton. 31% of the population is now latino. talking about the influx and sudden spike of undocumented
4:54 am
immigrants coming across the border. in southern texas, they are reporting the border patrol telling cbs news and others that they have seen an uptick in undocumented or illegal immigrants pouring across the border but it's interesting that you say -- you talk about the reagan amnesty and the hillary, the prospect of a hillary clinton presidency as an incentive. what the border patrol is telling us is that there are two reasons. one is the prospect that hillary clinton will be lenient and amnesty is a word that you hear often. the coyotes are selling that to the immigrants. the other one, interestingly, according to the reporter's account of what the border patrol is saying, that there is a fear among the unsophisticated undocumented immigrants that the day after donald trump gets
4:55 am
elected, a wall will mysteriously appear on the southern border which would make it very difficult for the undocumented to come across, to pour across to use your verb. you are getting it from the fear of trump and the enticement of hillary that the u.s. election is -- [ multiple people speaking ] >> you have been memorialized with a park, is that right? take a lock at this video. hold on. >> erica and i wanted to do -- okay. we've got the park. >> okay. 3, 2, 1! >> all right. yea! >> all right. you were saying? >> we were very -- we are very proud to, you know, give back to the university community. i spent some really key years in my developmental stage becoming, you know, kind of who i was in
4:56 am
tucson. erica and i wanted to give back, so a bunch of my old classmates showed up. we donated a park, it's called heritage park, it's in the middle of the campus. it's on fraternity row, and to the wilder wildcat community and tucson at large. it's a wonderful spot for contemplation and whatever your event is. it's in the middle of the campus. we hope it becomes a magnet where in this huge world where people can go and be quiet, have some quiet time and we were very proud of it, and there i am setting stones. >> no one is sleeping or pan handling in your park, i notice. >> it's early. it's early. >> come back home, we'll see you soon. meanwhile, huge final hour of the program. former speaker of the house,
4:57 am
newt gingrich is here, plus vice presidential nominee mike pence is going to be talking about that hard landing at la guardia where they almost overshot the runway. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features,
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good morning to you and your family. you made it. it is friday. october 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. it is a fox news alert. a terrifying moment for donald trump's running mate mike pence overnight when his plane went out of control and skids off the rain-soaked runway at la guardia. this hour, governor pence is here live to take us through those very tense moments. >> we want to ask him what happened. a brand-new bombshell about the investigation into hillary clinton's email server and just how cozy her allies got with the fbi. the story just exploded overnight. nut gingrich -- newt gingrich reacts in 90 seconds.
5:01 am
president obama said if you like your plan, you keep it. rising costs are not his fault at all. wherever you are this morning, in bed, making coffee in the car, we're glad to see you. happy friday. ♪ >> who would that be? >> that's my daughter on the right. >> your daughter is a crustacean. >> she doesn't look too happy about it. >> look how cute cinderella is. did i see cookie monster? >> this is a tradition on "fox & friends." we have the "fox & friends" halloween costume parade. halloween is monday. today the kids come out because their parents are able to get
5:02 am
them here. >> she loves maine. >> this is her first live appearance. >> no, she was here a lot the first week she was born, and then -- >> oh, via -- >> the ainsley family. >> this is her first appearance as a lobster. >> her first appearance as a lobster. not only are we celebrating halloween with all these cute adorable kids dressed up, we also have governor mike pence who is going to be on our show and he's going to be telling us about what happen yesterday on that plane on the runway in la guardia. >> mike rowe has got some strong feelings about some of the people out in hollywood. >> mike rowe is everybody -- >> you got to exercise your duty. it's your duty to go out and vote. hollywood says. he's going to be talking about that. in the meantime, with more on the problem with mr. pence's plane, that's a lot of p's. >> happy friday to all of you.
5:03 am
the plane carrying vice-presidential nominee skids off a rain-soaked runway. >> that is the grass and it looks like we took out a really nice chunk of runway. >> this is exclusive video from inside the plane just minutes after the accident at la guardia airport here in new york city. luckily no one was hurt. the front end of the plane skidding to a stop just feet from a busy highway. a concrete barrier stopping the boeing 737. the ntsb is sending investigators to determine the cause of that accident. and donald trump says he's considering suing over what he calls an illegal leak of that decade old "access hollywood" tape? >> it was an illegal act that was nbc. that was a private dressing room. that was certainly -- >> are you going to take any action after the election against nbc? >> well, you'll see. you'll see. >> that was trump telling bill
5:04 am
o'reilly last night that he didn't know his mike was on during his locker room talk with billy bush. 98 criminals will soon be back on the streets. president obama just commuted their sentences, that includes 42 people serving life sentences for drugs and weapons charges. he's shortened sentences for more inmates than the last nine president combined. arm militants who took over a wildlife refuge building have been cleared of charges. they had been behind bars since february. they led protesters in a 41-day occupation in a land dispute with the federal government. one member of the group was shot and killed by police during that stand-off. by the way, your daughter is the cutest lobster i've ever seen. >> thank you. someone sold me i should put her
5:05 am
in a pot. i'm not putting my lobster daughter in a pot. >> that's so wrong. we have some melted butter we're going to sit next to her. >> yum. >> newt gingrich joins us now from our nation's capital. >> good morning. >> there's so much stuff to talk about between wikileaks and everything else. it has been revealed, earlier this week, we were talking about dr. jill mccabe who is the wife of a high-ranking fbi guy. he was in charge of the field office in washington, d.c. when they were looking into the private email server xes. as it turns out, we revealed that half a million dollars from terry mcauliffe's pac went to her campaign and a couple hundred thousand has gone from the state to the party. there was a fund-raiser for her and hillary clinton personally was the headliner at the fund-raiser for the wife of the
5:06 am
fbi guy. how crazy is that? >> well, look, as long as you start with the idea that corruption has now penetrated the obama administration at levels we have never seen in american history, that hillary is the personification of that corruption, that it has corrupted the fbi, the irs, the veterans administration is clearly corrupt. you go down the list. what the american people are facing is a genuine crisis in whether or not we're going to be a government in the rule of law or we're gok to decay like venezuela as long as you are powerful, you can get away with anything. this is one of many utterly insane things that the clintons can believe they get away and the truth is they do. she's raised huge amounts of money out of presumably honest people who are willing to tolerate having a corrupt
5:07 am
president because they think it's in their interests to do so. >> this is why a lot of people like donald trump. he wants to drain the swamp as he says. tired of the establishment. does this happen in washington on both sides of the aisle or is this just -- >> no. look. you can go back to the harding administration in the 1920s, the grant administration in the early 1870s, maybe a little bit of truman in the late 1940s, none of those are like this. this is the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency of the united states. the scale we're learning from the wikileaks, the scale and depth of her collective team, not just her, her collective team's contempt for the law. their willingness to lie, to run over the law, to subvert the justice system, the damage comey has done to the fbi may not be recoverable for a generation. it's terrible to watch one of the great law enforcement institutions of all time decay into this kind of corrupt
5:08 am
behavior, and there's no other way to describe it. >> yeah. mr. speaker, obamacare is collapsing, we're paying attention to it again. but it's been hurting people since it was past. it's been hurting a specific group. it hurts the middle class, the vote that doesn't vote democrat in the first place. do you think that was by design? >> i think that the left is very happy if obamacare collapses because it will be their excuse to go to a british or canadian style government run system which is what they wanted all along. if you notice the architect of the system said two days ago, dr. emanuel said that the dramatic rise in cost was always part of the plan. if you look at the -- again, let's talk about honesty and corruption. you look at what barack obama said publicly as a candidate and you look at what his team knew, it's a level of dishonesty that is breath taking. richard nixon must be looking down and wondering what he did
5:09 am
wrong that he couldn't be as clever as these people are at total dishonesty. >> now he's blaming the media for it. >> of course. you always know with obama it's somebody else's fault. it's never his fault. the truth is you look at his approval numbers. you have a country today in which an enormous number of americans are willing to tolerate almost anything, and they are not digging very far beneath the surface, even though as you just pointed out, it's costing them money. i have a good friend in minnesota whose personal insurance just for herself is going to go up $2400 a year in january and that's the increase. that's not the cost. and at the same time, of course, her deductible is going to get bigger. >> why are americans suddenly willing to put up with this level of corruption, do you think? >> i think it's probably where the culture is. i think we're numb from all the stuff we see in social media. i describe it as the age of the kardashians. we're in a period where you can do almost anything and get away
5:10 am
with it. you can say almost anything and get away with it, and people are kind of numb -- the whole -- the school system has taught don't render judgment. you don't discriminate. don't have a sense of right and wrong. well, you've got two or three generations now that have been told, you know, you shouldn't really be judgmental. the truth is, corrupt, honest, that's a big judgment call and that goesrything we've been teaching for three generations. >> sure. we're 11 days out. and mainstream media is saying for the most part she's going to win, show is over. don't bother voting, republicans, don't waste gas driving to the polling place. you've seen a lot of elections. you know, 11 days out, how does it appear and i know you are on the trump train, how does he win? >> well, i think he wins by two different factors, one is by the continue every single day weighing down of clinton with
5:11 am
the truth, which is happening around him if lets that continue to happen and doesn't distract people with other kind of issues and that gets bigger and bigger, that is wearing down her support among independents and democrats and second he's got to make sure he turns out his vote. i think things like the new deal for african-americans, which he announced two days ago. his contract with the american voter, which is a very attractive go down item by item compared to what he stands for and what hillary stands for. i think that, you know, if they have positive trump and they allow the negative stuff to continue to play out on hillary, i think he has a real chance to win. it's absurd to suggest this election is over and i'm always amazed at the people on the left who want to rush in and explain that it's all over. i remember when john kerry was elected in 2004 except he wasn't.
5:12 am
>> what about establishment republicans who have backed away from donald trump but now 11 days out, for instance, nikki haley said, you know what, i'm going to vote for donald trump. and there are more and more establishment republicans realizing, you know what, if i don't vote for trump, really, that is a vote for hillary. >> from the establishment's perspective, if they come out for trump and he loses, it's not their fault. they can say look i did what i could. i'm sorry, he lost. if they don't come out and he loses, they become the people who were the margin of defeat. that's a big factor. the other thing that's going on, if you watch in msnbc, "morning joe" spending 13 minutes attacking hillary, you know things are bad when msnbc attacks hillary. that says to the establishment republicans, she is so sick, this when whole process is so corrupt how can i possibly not vote for trump and i think that is gradually getting people back
5:13 am
in to say, yeah, i'm going to be for trump. >> i think that's exactly right. speaker, great to see you this morning. thanks for that. coming up, brand-new details about the accident involving governor pence's airplane here at la guardia airport with breaking details. you know him as the host of "dirty jobs. "everyone loves this man. mike rowe joins us live. what he has to say about hollywood. >> do we have anything we need cleaned up? ♪ ♪
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vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. get this one done! ask about prevnar 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. we are back with a fox news alert. a major scare for governor mike pence. his plane skidding right off the rain-soaked runway. >> exclusive video from inside the plane just moments after that happened. you are watching it right now. >> that is kind of scary stuff. fox 5 new york's melissa azati is live at la guardia this morning. melissa, what happened? >> reporter: it's one of those situations where they are saying right now that the pilot may have overshot the runway. good news for passengers, however, both runways are now back open. we're going to show you what's going on.
5:18 am
there's a lot of traffic going on the runway. this runway reopened at 7:15 this morning. the first plane took off at 7:25. take a look at the plane earlier when it was still on the runway. it's being moved from the grass. roughly 30 minutes later, it was moved to a hangar. a charter plane slid off the run wark while landing at la guardia airport. the incident resulting in a temporary closure of the entire airport. it ended up stopping on an arrester bed which is a barrier. it slid on the barrier. the governor, his wife, daughter, secret service, along with the press and 48 other people were on the plane. none of them luckily injured. among those on the flight is actually fox news producer dan gallo, take a look at what he told us. >> after i guess maybe 2 minutes, governor pence came back and checked on all the reporters in the back of the
5:19 am
plane. he seemed to be fine. he said he saw mud on the front window of the plane and that's the first point i realized that i guess we're in the grass, not the runway. >> now the gop vice presidential candidate tweeted about the incident saying so thankful everyone on our plane is safe. grateful for our first responders and the concern and prayers of so many. back ton the trail tomorrow. donald trump chimed in, saying he's glad everybody is okay. both run warks of la guardia is back open. the governor is okay. everybody on the plane is okay. if you are heading out to lawyering, you want to give yourself some time and check with your carrier to see if there's any delays. thank you very much. we're going to talk with mike pence about what happened at lawyering. he's going to join us in ten minutes. >> they were all wearing their seatbelts. keep that in mind. >> any time there is mud on the
5:20 am
front windshield of your airplane, that's a bad sign. >> just say it. while the rest of the country goes to pot, one state is staying sober when it comes to medical marijuana. the huge court decision that just came down coming up. plus you know him as the host of "dirty jobs." this morning you see another side to mike rowe. what he has to say about hooled coming up right after this. >> hey, mike. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h.
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want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids.
5:23 am
no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. a record drug bust for the coast guard.
5:24 am
members off loading 20 tons, that's like 20 elephants. isn't an elephant one ton. 20 tons of cocaine from that submarine. the coast guard showing off their haul at a naval base in california. the arkansas supreme court nips medical marijuana in the bud, forcing a bill that would legalize pot off their ball lot. the court ruling against the measure because proponents didn't get enough signatures. regardless after election day, the u.s. could turn into cannabis country. access to medical marijuana likely to reach an all-time high. nearly 60 million americans could wake up to find out voters legalized marijuana. 24 million could find new medical marijuana use. 57% of adults supporting the legalization of marijuana. really? >> there you go. almost 60% of adults think there should be marijuana --
5:25 am
>> it looks like meanwhile, switching gears, you know him as the host of discovery channels "dirty jobs." >> mike rowe is making headlines for his political views. does anyone actually believe that leonardo dicaprio, he will be degeneres and ed norton would encourage the masses to vote if they believed the masses would elect donald trump? my celebrity pals are fundamentally mistaken about that. there is simply no such thing. vote sg a right, not a duty, and not a moral obligation. >> why did you write that post? >> i don't know. >> are you regretting it? >> no, not at all. >> come on. you are taking some heat over this, from your lefty friends in show business? >> oh, poor me. i've got five million friends on a facebook page. it's a hot mess of a variety of things and every so often i'll come home, i'll have a beer and
5:26 am
i'll answer a cranky question and somebody asks me why i haven't joined my friends in hollywood to rock the vote, and i said more or less what you read. i would just prefer to know who i'm talking to before i start doling out advice. >> voting is not a moral obligation. you are going guess -- against one of the most -- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. everybody knows voting is a moral obligation. you say it's not. >> if i'm wrong, i'm standing by to be corrected, but as i understand the constitution and i'm certainly not an expert, but it seems to be a right, and there are a lot of rights in there, and the way i figure it, most rights come with some measure of responsibility, so all i really said was by all means vote. don't tell anybody that you can't vote or shouldn't vote, but if you are a public figure and you are going to go out and say the second amendment is a fantastic right, everybody should go get a gun, people would be like, wait a minute,
5:27 am
everybody? are you sure? and then we would have that conversation. so i'm just saying look, protesting is wonderful and the second and third and the sixth and the right to vote is probably the most important of all, but it seems to me the more important a thing becomes, the more critical it is to understand why you exercise the right you exercise. >> exactly. mike, people love you for your straight talk. out of curiosity, how do you see this election? what is it a choice between? >> there's so many glib, clever things to say and i'm trying -- >> and we're waiting. >> look, i'm going to forego the obvious punch lines and just for say anybody in my opinion who is trying to be as thoughtful as they can, you have to take the long view and you have to look at policies, and part of the reason i wrote what i wrote is because nobody really seems to be able to -- by nobody, i mean, most of the people i run into
5:28 am
have a very, very strong opinion, but they don't really have a philosophy that backs it up or the means to articulate it. the short answer is long-term, you should cast a vote in a way that best reflects your core principles, and right now nobody is talking about that. we're talking about, the ball came back over net with a lot of topspin now what's the other side going to do? we just reduced it to something that's more now analogous to "american idol" than a thoughtful understanding of why you do what you do. you've beend congratulations to all the success in your life. tell us about the works foundation and what you are doing to give back to kids. >> well, it was a logical extension of "dirty jobs" when the headlines talked about unemployment. everywhere i went i saw help
5:29 am
wanted signs. the story i was hearing from small businesses and employers, just a real difficulty in recruiting people who wanted to learn a skill that was actually in demand. so my foundation helps train welders, steam fitters, pipefitters, carpenters and closed the skills gap to such an extent such a thing is possible. we raise money and give away. it's modest by foundation standards. we've given about $4 million for work ethics scholarship. >> you are not getting a quarter billion in it. >> no, i don't think i am. i'm calling my accountant. >> it's a dirt judge -- job being your accountant. mike rowe, have a wonderful weekend down in atlanta. >> let's do it in person next time. >> it's a date.
5:30 am
donald trump's running mate, mike pence, fresh off the scare off the runway, he will take us inside the tense moments. there he is, walking in our studio with his wife karen mg coming to our curvy couch in a moment. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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>> well, it must be halloween time and it is monday that's halloween and today we have our annual halloween parade featuring these many adorable children. >> they are so cute. >> one of them related to our own ainsley earhardt. >> my daughter is just fascinated. he's not looking in the camera. she's just staring at the people in costume. look at those cheeks. hey, hayden. >> our staff, we've just grown over the years and these are all of our friends and their little ones. >> that's great. >> well, joining us right now here on the curvy vouch we've got indiana governor mike pence who would be like to be the next vice president of the united states. you were giggling look at those images of those kids. >> i was too walking down the hallway. i want to stop in for -- >> gee, i wonder what mike pence would look like as a cowboy and his wife as a lady bug. >> there we go. >> when was that?
5:35 am
>> that was last year. the governor's residence, it's one of great traditions in indiana, karen and i pass out candy at the governor's residence. >> can you dress up? >> i don't know if it's going to happen this year with all of our travel, but it's a great tradition. >> i love halloween, i really do. >> how are you feeling after last night's scare on the run wark? >> we were great. thanks for asking. we had ten seconds of uncertainty at the end of that landing, but just so thankful, so thankful to our pilots and frankly to the first responders. the plane had no sooner come to a stop than i felt like we were surrounded by first responders. >> by uncertainty, do you mean terror? >> no, it's just uncertainty. we came down. it was a low ceiling. we landed, but it was -- i think obvious to everybody on the plane that they were hitting the brakes very hard trying to bring the aircraft to a stop. we fishtailed a little bit and then we passed through that part
5:36 am
where the concrete breaks apart. >> the arrester blocks. >> and then we saw -- i saw mud splash up on the windows on either side of the front of the aircraft and that's when i knew we were probably off the runway, but, you know, our son is a marine corps anti-inflammatory i can't teller -- aviator, he says dad, any landing you walk away from is a successful landing. we are very moved by the concern. >> i was impressed you were on the tarmac shaking hands with the first responders. >> i was impressed with them. they were on the scene almost before the plane stopped rolling and got everybody off very easily and very quickly, and i just felt the opportunity to shake their hands and give them a word of encouragement. >> we just had a local reporter on who said the preliminary
5:37 am
assessment is that the pilot may have landed a little too far down the runway and overshot things. >> well, we'll leave that to the experts, and -- but i can just tell you we're -- we have a saying in our family that the safest place in the world is to be in the center of god's will, so we were -- we had no anxiety throughout all of it. i turned to karen after the plane came to a stop. i asked her if she's okay. she's a pilot. is he she had -- she said i'm fine, and we're back on the campaign trail today. we'll be in pennsylvania and north carolina and looking forward to getting back out there and telling the story of the next man i hope to be the president of the united states. >> monday on halloween, perhaps you can dress up as a pilot or flight attendant. >> my wife is the pilot and our son is the pilot. somebody did send me a picture of a little boy that dressed up for halloween as mike pence. >> were you flattered? >> i was actually very
5:38 am
flattered. >> you are so busy running for v.p., you are probably not reading all the wikileaks emails and i want you to read a line and is this a democrat or republican? >> do we actually know who told hillary she could use a private email. has that person been drawn and quartered? her own aides saying this is nuts. >> ths not just the decision to have a private server. while hillary clinton was secretary of state in charge of all of america's foreign policy, she had a private family foundation that was taking money from foreign governments and foreign donors and had a private server presumably to keep all of the traffic and dialogue about all of that out of the public reach, but as i say at our rallies, truth is a force of nature. this information is coming out, not just by wikileaks but by freedom of information requests and some good journalism around
5:39 am
the country. what the american people are seeing more and more, the kind of pay-to-play politics where donors were given special contracts to rebuild haiti, we're seeing what's being called clinton incorporated with donors to the foundation, many of whom were lobbying the state department were hiring former president bill clinton. this is the kind of pay-to-play politics that the american people are tired of. it's the kind of politics that will end the day donald trump becomes president of the united states. >> a lot of people are disgusted when they see the stories about wikileaks. unfortunately, there aren't that many channels that are covering them. >> that's right. >> and you were talking about good journalists, they are not -- print reporters who are doing it, and to a lot of people mainly on your side, it looks like the press is in the tank for her. >> well, i think, since i joined this campaign, it's been two on one with the mainstream media
5:40 am
doing most of hillary clinton's work for her every day. media research center came out with a study that the network evening news over the last three weekends -- three months, that donald trump had gotten 91% of the governor but it's been negative. the momentum in this campaign is incredible. i was campaigning with donald trump in cleveland over the weekend. tens of thousands of people coming out and even rallies that i'm doing across the west and across the heart land this week, we'll have hundreds and hundreds of people come out. the american people know we can be stronger. they know we can be more prosperous, but they know it's going to take real change in the white house and a change of direction and leadership to do that, and that's why i think we're seeing so many republicans, independents, and many democrats preparing to stand with and voting for donald trump as the next president. >> i heard someone say yesterday trump seems to be talking less about himself and more about the issues. do you think that's a fair assessment? >> i don't think that's fair.
5:41 am
i think from the beginning of this campaign, donald trump has been giving voice to the frustrations and the aspirations of the american people. like no one in my lifetime since ronald reagan, and you've seen that, not only in the convention where he talked about -- he talked about standing up for the forgotten men and women in this country and week after week where the other campaign it seems like has been more focused on what they don't like about our team. donald trump has been out there almost every day laying out the kind of policies that will make america great again. >> what is he going to do in the next 11 days? >> i think what you are going to see is donald trump and i both out all across this country, carrying that positive, optimistic message that we can make america great again straight to the american people. i think to understand this campaign, to understand our nominee is to understand that this is a movement of the american people and we both believe as we continue to carry
5:42 am
that message all across this country, the american people are going to make america great again. >> 11 days is the final voting, and the news this morning is that south carolina governor nikki haley who had kind of backed away from you guys now says she's going to vote for you. what's your message to republicans who were never trumpers who say, i don't know, ultimately they go into that voting booth in a couple of tuesdays. >> two tuesdays from now. >> what do they need to think about that? >> well, look, number one, my respect for governor haley is boundless. she's done a great job in south carolina. we're grateful fof her support, grateful for congressman chaffetz expressed support. i think you are seeing republicans coming together around the trump-pence team and also just around our message of change, of rebuilding our military, of reviving our economy through tax relief.
5:43 am
repealing obamacare, smarter and stuffer trade deals, repealing all those unconstitutional executive orders that barack obama has been into law. i think you are seeing republicans and conservatives recognizing that we want a supreme court and appointments to the supreme court that will uphold our most cherished liberties in the constitution. that's going to take electing donald trump as president of the united states. it's also going to take reelecting republican majts in the united states house and senate. we're grateful for the support of many independents who are tired of gridlock. grateful for the support of many democrats who are tired of seeing our jobs shipped overseas and liberal policies. but my message to any republicans, it's time to come home and time to elect donald trump as our next president, it's time to do everything in our power to make sure that hillary clinton is never elected president of the united states. >> all right, governor. thank you. >> we wish all the best over the next 11 days. coming up, adam klotz is
5:44 am
getting ready for the cue -- cutest weather forecast ever. the children out there for halloween. you're a smart saver. you find ways to stretch your dollar. so why not compare your medicare part d plan with other options? call or go online now and see how aetna medicare rx saver could help you save. with a low monthly plan premium. access to over 60,000 pharmacies. plus $1 tier 1 generic medications at preferred pharmacies including walgreens and walmart. shop smart. compare your part d options today.
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we're going to have a halloween parade in moments. >> the kids are so cute and adam klotz bhos -- who is a meteorologist from atlanta from the fox station there is joining us here in new york for a forecast, right, tucker? >> he is out there. >> he's got some helpers. >> i'm near sighted. what do you have out there? >> we've got a whole crew of superheroes. we've got a black panther over here and we've had a cop taken out to the side. wonder woman. we also have -- i attempt sometimes to look into the future with my forecasting abilities. i also have another forecaster, a sorcerer here. >> jackson.
5:48 am
>> bring up some of the maps and let's take a look at this. there we are. what are you seeing, warm in the milling of the country, is that what's going to be happening? >> i don't know what it tells. >> it's going to be in the mid 80s in the middle of the country. >> okay. >> what do you think for halloween? what's the weather going to be like? >> probably cold like always. >> cold like always. it's going to be cold like that in the northeast but looking at warmer air across most spots in the country. we're going to keep playing out here and got a parade coming up. >> i love a parade. >> thanks for joining us this week. >> all right. the "fox & friends" halloween costume parade is coming up. stand by. "driving my life away" by eddie rabbit ♪ well, the midnight headlight blind you on a rainy night ♪ ♪ steep grade up ahead slow me down makin' no time. ♪
5:49 am
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5:52 am
you never know how this goes. halloween just a couple days away. but kevin it's not too late to get a costume, even an elaborate one. >> here with inspiration is liz stern. she's the ceo of and this is my daughter hayden, she's dressed as a lobster just for you. tucker loves maine. >> this morning she woke up crabby. >> we have the cutest tri trick-or-treater easy come up. we have a mini mouse, and we have cookie monster. we have every day superheroes. jared as a police officer and
5:53 am
luke as a fireman. we always love superheroes. >> this is the staff we've all work with for years and now we all have children. >> i love that. >> let's see our dynamite duos, siblings ryan and carter, super girl and super man and simone and sam as batman and robin. come on. classic princess. let's see, cinderella, ariel, and jasmine and snow white. every loves princess for halloween. >> come on in. come on in. >> for the girls who doesn't want to be a princess, we have lorelie as a dragon. and then of course inspired by pop culture, we have oliver as harry potter.
5:54 am
dort think from wizard of os and jake as a scare crow. >> the most important thing for halloween is being safe and getting lots of candy. >> eat whatever they give you. >> make sure mom and dad get to check out what you are having and most important is to have fun. have a great halloween. does everybody want to show their halloween costumes and turn around -- you want to make a magic wand? let's see your super powers. come on, everyone. >> it's a free-for-all. >> what's your name? >> lila. >> and you are dorothy from the wizard of oz. have you ever seen the movie? >> yeah. >> are you scared of the flying monkeys?
5:55 am
they scared me. i'm from kansas. >> jackson. who are you? >> a black panther. >> have you been doing a lot of sit-ups, because you seem to be developed in the abdominal area? you want to put your mask on or do you just want to look cute. show us the moves. let's put that on. >> jackson, can we see some moves? >> oh, it's upside down. >> show us the moves, jackson. >> whoa! very good. >> we have harry potter. harry potter and donald trump. >> my name is donald trump. it's not harry potter. >> you should have a blond wig. >> i tried. >> did you see cinderella? >> how are you? >> good. >> did you always want to be a cinderella kind of person? >> yeah, i was my whole life. >> have you been to disney world
5:56 am
and seen the castle? >> a lot of times. that's where you live actually as cinderella. >> you know what i love about halloween, all these kids get to use their imagination of who they want to be for the day. >> that's true. >> we could all dress up for halloween. >> yeah. >> i think the big reveal is on monday. >> thanks again to party city for decking out our set and to party city and the disney store for the kids costumes and liz stern, thank you. >> happy halloween, everybody! >> bye, guys! >> yes! ♪ ♪ you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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5:59 am
♪ >> they are all deckedded out today. on the weekend tune in sunday to find out what tucker is going to
6:00 am
be dressed as. >> i don't know. >> then monday, ainsley and i and brian will be back decked out in something. email us at friends @ >> have a wonderful weekend. bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news overnight and major scare for governor mike pence. his plane skidding off a rain-soaked runway, laguardia airport, new york city. boeing 737 eventually coming to rest on patch much mud. thankfully no one injured. governor pence thanking pilots and first-responders. taking pictures with the firemen on the runway. live from laguardia and more of the governor's reaction. we are 11 days out america, donald trump turning up the heat on clintons over wikileaks. it has been a big week already. big friday coming at you right now. i'm bill hemmer. welcome you to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, everybody, thanks for being with us this


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