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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hit me up on facebook and twitter. harris: obamacare. sandra: you were so nice you signed a copy. harris: just like the picture. some people look different on the cover but you do. >> thanks. harris: have a great weekend. we're back on monday at noon eastern. "happening now." >> mr. trump going to the state that gave him his first primary win and could help him all the way to the white house. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> you need a supreme court that will stand up on behalf of women's rights. >> we need a supreme court in my opinion will uphold the second amendment. >> the next president will influence the court for decades to come. there are rumblings about block it is nominees for the next four years. plus, new revelations from the hacked e-mails from hillary
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clinton's campaign chairman. and the exchanges that were never supposed to go public. and look inside of the chamber where history and christianity come together. and a site long venerated as the burial place of christ unearthed for the first time in history. >> we are waiting a donald trump rally in manchester, new hampshire. candidates are making a sprint to the finish line. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. mr. trump return to the granite state that he first had a victory. and later to maine and iowa. and hillary clinton appeared in north carolina with first lady obama. the democrats star surrogate. as president obama leaves for a clinton event in the all-
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important state of florida. we have mike emmanuel standing by. ed henry has the latest on fallout from wikileaks live in washington. >> reporter: you are certainly right. there is a lot of fallout. we are in round 21 of jon podesta's e-mail spilled out by wikileaks, there is fallout for not only hillary clinton but bill clinton and revelations of how much money he raked in as a former president and memo and so- call would bill clinton inc. and how the donors are hit up for money to go to bill clinton and highly paid speecheses and consulting contracts and all of that. and everyone wondering how did it all happen and how was podesta hacked and all of the secrets leaked out from the clinton world? it appears in march of this year, jon podesta received an
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e-mail suggesting that someone had gotten into his gmail improperly in ukraine. it turned out to be a ph ishing exercise. you change your pass word and they really do get in. he got an e-mail saying hi, john someone used your pass word to get in your google account. and sometime from it team with the clinton account said john change your pass word immediately and it is is done asap and it was a fhishing exercise. and troubling for hillary clinton how she flip flopped on the transpacific trade deal. robby mook trying to do a call, hey, should we do a small call
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and decide on a uniteded point of view. and gather with hrc and argue the united case and seems the most efficient path of getting her locked in to something. and the idea of her flipping and flopping and her staff was having trouble getting her locked into something. and distributions about using the case of eric garner in new york. i cannot breechlth the infamous case where he died and using this as a political issue in the campaign. his surviving daughter erica garner tweeting. i am troubled that you discussed using eric garner and why would you want to use my dad? it is troubling for the clinton campaign. and all are using them and going back and forthwith
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deliberations. and this is the first time deliberations have spilled out in real time. >> just breaking and jason chaffetz who headed the house oversight committee is putting out that the fbi has decided to reopen the investigation in hillary clinton's e-mail. new e-mails have come to light. one has to assume that that is a result of the wikileaks e-mail revelations >> we have seen deliberations back and forth of clinton staffer and what they knew and didn't know. we don't know what specific e-mail they may have looked at. one of the judicial lawsuits against hillary clinton, there is a state department e-mail that came out and some of the fbi documents came out and a lot of word here in washington, they are at medium and high level
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agents in the bureau had been frustrated with james comey not moving forward with criminal charges against hillary clinton and in addition to wikileaks, we are seeing fbi documents spilling out. we'll have to pin do you know what caused this. the question of hillary clinton and her not being honest and trustworthy. it will not affect the final days of the campaign. could there be another october surprise. it is very sxerl this could be one of those things that makes everyone say wait a second. >> once again jason chaffetz said the fbi has decided to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail situation. >> we'll read the tweet. fbi director, the fbi learned of existence of e-mails that are
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pertinent to the investigation. case reopened. we have to understand what is happening and the timing is crucial. just days before the voting day. and there is a lot of early voting happening and timing matters and we'll check it out. hillary clinton is in iowa and hoping to boost her numbers. she is holding two early vote rallies in iowa and president obama heads to another battleground state. mike emmanuel is live in chappaqua, new york. mike? >> reporter: hi, jenna, hillary clinton is returning to iowa and known to be significant in the start of the presidential campaign. and meaningful in the end. it is it a purple state. small state and six electorial votes. they know it could be 1 or 10 or so states to decide the election. in the hawkeye state it is
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a close contest with donald trump holding a slight edge. and today the clinton campaign is out with a now add with president obama talking about what is at stake on november 8th. >> all. progress we have made in the last eight years is on the ball on the. respect for women is on the ballot. and tolerance is on the ballot? >> reporter: michelle obama made the case in battle grouped north carolina. mrs. obama said she is qualified and experienced and up to supporters to do their part. >> if hillary doesn't win the election that will be be on us. because we did not stand with her and we did not vote for her. and that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. that's the strategy. to make this election so dirty
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and ugly we don't want any part of it. >> reporter: breaking news in terms of where the candidate will invest time and energy. three no surprises mond in this ohio. and tuesday in florida and thursday in north carolina. wednesday in arizona which is typically a republican state. jenna? >> mike we'll be back to see if there is reaction from the clinton that the fbi reopened the investigation. thank you, it is nice to have you back and we have more information about the fallout from the wikileaks documents and the reopening of the case. what did you learn? >> we have a copy of the letter from james comey, sending this to congress that the criminal investigation of hillary clinton, the former secretary of
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state is back on. what is key here, he is saying in the letter, in connection with unrelated case, the fbi learned of existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. i am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this case, i agreed the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps to review the e-mails to determine if they contain classified information. the fbi cannot assess whether or not it may be significant and predict how long it will take us to complete the additional work. i believe it is important to update your committees in light of my previous testimony. obviously number one. james comey is under intense pressure from various members of congress and people saying what in the world happened with the
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investigation as more and more e-mail and questions spill out. what is the fallout for hillary clinton? when james comey said i don't know how long it will take to chlor it up? will that be cleared up in a week and be be good news or bad news. or will he hold it over past the election as they go through this and if hillary clinton is elected period, i use the word if, she would be under a cloud yet again as president elect. and if she were to lose the election, you would have clinton supporter ares saying it is dirty pool and the fbi came in the final weeks the campaign. this is what james comey was trying to avoid. saying he was not paying attention to the election cal willendar and yet here we are. a lot of questions of why
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criminal charges were not filed after that incredible public statement. and suggesting that there were all kinds of problem and misstatements, but we are not bring charges, now he's saying we have the existence of new emaims that appear to be pertinent to our investigation. this is a criminal investigation and the worst possible news for the clinton in under two weeks before the election day. >> have you asked her about the use of the private server and one of the things they said during the time the fbi investigation was ongoing, that the candidate herself was not under investigation and it was a matter of symantices. and based on the news as it breaks now. are we in a period where a candidate for president is under investigation by the fbi? >> it is hard to it read it any other way. it is right to caution that james comey is saying a key line
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in fairness to secretary clinton. although the fbi cannot yet assess whether or not the material may be significant and i cannot predict how long, we are looking at it. the bottom line as jason chaffetz first disclosed, this investigation is back on. and i was smiling as you talked about how you said the clinton campaign she was not under investigation. you are right to point that. the clinton campaign said it is a security review by the fbi and pushing back it is not a criminal investigation. this was a criminal investigation. let's use fact and the fact that james comey said i decided not to pursue back then criminal charges meant it was a criminal investigation with potential, crim nam charges. he decided not to do that in the summer and the fall. and now 11 days, he's saying hold on, folks, we are opening
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it and looking at it and we'll figure out what is the existence of e-mails that are pert anytime. is there new information that raises eyebrow and questions about the clinton camp and the handling of the e-mail scandal. i have not seen in the wikileaks showing new classified information that they didn't close previously. but he talks about that. director comey. i agree that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow the investigators to review them and whether or not they obtain classified information and assess their importance. my point is, did someone else come forward? and a whistle blower and within the fbi. we found more e-mails? did they talk to the it company out in colorado? i don't know if it ises inially
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related to wikileaks. but look, what we do know, there is intense frustration and we heard it all over washington and some of it whispered and some out in the open within james comey's agency of what is going on there and so did someone come forward? >> we are talking about wikileaks. we don't know the source of the specific part that james comey is referencing. and it is worth it to underscore to our viewers. the timing of this and the pressure that the fbi is under to issue a letter like this, just a little over ten days before election day. one would have to think there is something scientific that moved them to do so. to go out on a limb to do this for a gray area i can't imagine. we are really only have the
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letter from james comey to congress and i want to be transparent to our viewers that's all we know and we are obviously digging for more. and there is another element in the terms of the politic and also investigatively outside of politics. think about what happened the refalation by the wall street that terry mack caliph under a separate fbi investigation at this moment, by the way, helped to it raise money for a spouse of a high ranking fbi official and that spouse ended up not winning the political race in virginia. it was well over 400000 raised. and that raised questions outside and inside of the fbi. terry is one of the close friends with bill and hillary clinton. this is adding to the intrigue and whether there is conflicts of interest here.
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i want to answer your question. >> jami >> jami jam -- james comey is seen as a white knight in washington. tough and stands his ground and will follow the fact and after what's happened between what i mentioned with terry mccaliph and james comey has been critized with his own building in the fbi. there will be a cry from the democrats saying you are giving in to pressure and you can bet donald trump will say the opposite. >> we'll waiting for a rally in new hampshire. this is breaking and waiting for donald trump and giving you a second. and a lot more news is coming in. chad is a producer in capitol
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hill. and he spoke with oversight chairman jason chaffetz. the word of this reopening on the investigation came out of the blue. he said he interprets this as reopening the case and the fbi is devoting time and resource ises to the effort. >> that is astounding that this has come up in the way that it has. joining us now jamie winestein senior caller of the daily caller and host of the podcast. jamie, you got the sense when james comey gave that extraordinary news conference and calling an end to the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, he was trying to drive a silver stake and saying it is all done and we've spent countless man hour and although she made mistakes we don't think
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a prosecutor would bring criminal charges. and now they have unspecified new information developed of a separate investigation and it is causing them to reopen the case. what is your take on that? >> i only know as what i heard on the newscast. it was a wow moment when i heard it in the earpiece. i can only imagine he would only open the case if there was significant evidence that came forward ten days before the election of the united states. unless he saw something that was eye popping that came in front of him. this is the kind of thing that can shape the election and this is a october surprise that was not planned by the campaign. and to insert himself in the election, you have to imagine he saw something alarming. >> we'll continue to do the digging and take a commercial break and jamie, we'll be back
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>> fox news alert. astounding news that the fbi be decided to reopen the investigation on hillary clinton and the missing e-mails on her private server. we'll get back to jamie weinsten from the daily caller and podcast. the new york post is out with an article might or might not be related. clinton's missing personal e-mails may be out there, that a technician at platriver
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networks, the agency that she had hired or her husband hired to handle that personal e-mail server transferred all of those documents on to a google e-mail address, but the fbi subpeonaed google to find out if those documents were available. this could be part of the new development and the new information that the fbi has developed with regard to the clinton e-mail investigation. >> that could be be the angle. you was thinking that through the leaks they discovered that it shoed hillary clinton knew more than what she said in the fbi interview. maybe a they have a perjury case. it is hard to believe that the fbi, james comey would open the case ten days before the election unless there is
10:25 am
something there that was significant. he would not try to insert himself in the election for kick and giggles. it must be something there for him to make a drastic injection in the political sphere. >> the letter is only three paragraphs and i will go back to the line. although the fbi cannot assess whether or not the material is significant and i cannot say how long it will complete the work it is important to update your committees. you made the point. they would not do this unless there was serious amount of smoke in the new development. >> if it is significant and he will hedge all he can in that type of a letter. when i came on, john. i was going to talk about all of
10:26 am
the electric metric and it looked bad for donald trump. this is the type of thing that might shift people's opinion and put him back in the electoral came and we are looking even if he doesn't win a new's cycle if hillary clinton wins the election, you have a potential she may be indicted as president elect of the united states. this is a new story that could shape the election or what happens after the election. we don't know where it will lead but it would captivate news programs for a long time to come. >> carl camerons said he will talk about p this reopened fbi investigation at his first event that is scheduled to get under way any minute now. and again, as you said, it is for had his campaign, it is perhaps the best news they could
10:27 am
have asked for and reopening the investigation of hillary clinton. >> absolutely, and on the podcast, i interviewed rick wilson who knew of two for hillary clinton's side. if they have an october surprise, they will try to drop something to change the news cycle. with donald trump harping on the new fbi investigation and the clinton campaign throwing out whatever research that they have. it will be a wild ten days to go. >> 40 percent of the ballots in the election are expected to have been early ballots and a lot of people already voted and made their decision. jamie weinsten thank you. >> we'll go back with donald trump in the podium. he is expected to talk about the
10:28 am
reopening of the investigation and i want to set the stage for you. 2:15, we expect hillary clinton to hold a rally. she will do that in iowa. and these candidates are off and running and we are getting fresh reaction. ed henry has new information from the hill. >> reporter: bob goodlight talked about the impact and segcanc of this thing. the fbi's decision to reopen the investigation of hillary clinton reenforced what the house panel said for month. the more we learn about secretary clinton's use of a private e-mail service. it is clear she committed wrongdoing and jeopardized national security. the fbi must conduct the investigation with impartial and fairness and the american people deserve nothingless and no one
10:29 am
is above the law. that is the kind of investigation democrat and republicans expected from james comey in round one. and the fact that he is under pressure from people inside of the fbi itself, saying it fella part in the sxend do not understand why charges were brought, this is it the worst of all possible worlds for the director of the fbi. it is a term that goes longer than presidential terms and so that democrat and republicans are not to influence the fbi director. remember this man in bush administration who stood up to president bush's inner circle when they were pressuring him to continue the wireless surveillance program and that he believed should not continue. he would not sign off on it and then when the justice department
10:30 am
and stood up to the white council and stood up with john ash crost and said i will not do this. and that's why the democrat and republicans were saying in the beginning of the criminal investigation that james comeyy is the perfect person to sort through it. a lot of people said no, it was not done thoroughly. he has a second bite of the apple but to it do it 11 days before the election it is breathtaking. >> timing is everything. ed, back to you. and in the meantime i am hopping around and we have no reaction on social media from the clinton campaign. and jennifer griffin reached out and no response. the white house is deferring to the fbi. and that is it one time time 30 eastern time. we'll be right back with more "happening now". think your heartburn pill works fast?
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>> back with breaking news that the fbi ve opening the investigation of secretary clinton and the use of a private e-mail server and speaker of the house paul ryan is coming out with a statement that is news worthy. yet again hillary clinton has no one but herself to blame. she was entrusted with the nation's important secret and she betrayed that trust by
10:35 am
carelessly handling closzified information. i renew my call for all classified briefings for secretary clinton until the matter is you fully resolved. that is from speaker ryan. we'll have bob who is a friend of the show. bob, we wanted someone with a legal background to talk about the significance. what do you you think? >> it is highly unsxushl disconcerting from my stand point in the manner in which we discuss with the public with the investigation. they should remain conconfidential and more importantly to it protect those who are innocent of things that are investigated and very much like when there was a decision she was not going to be indicted there was a press conference
10:36 am
discussing her recklessness and i agreed with director comey of the law and it is amazing to me during an election season typically 60 or 90 days prior to an election government officials do not release information on the investigation. >> our vowers are wondering, wait a minute. this is a person running to be leader of the free world? shouldn't we know if the fbi has additional questions? >> i get your point that it is an issue of public importance. but specifically with regard to elections. prosecutorial agencies applies to the u.s. attorney's office and department of justice are not to do this and influence to
10:37 am
the outcome. let's assume and think of it this way. we know she used a private e-mail server and confidential information. i don't know how that changes director comey. i am suspicious of the timing and i don't think it is fair to anybody and i am saying it as a prosecutor. >> your point is well taken. if we were up for a job and suddenly announced we were investigated and found innocent of that and we didn't get that job, we would be upset and your analogy is not lost. the announcement from the fbi and questions to what exactly was the catalyst, not only the letter but the fbi be to make the announce the on the day ahead of voting day. you made our conversation richer and we have more questions than
10:38 am
answers and we'll have bob back on. and we are awaiting donald trump in new hampshire. >> we understand he will make political hay out of these revelations. a prosecutor friend of mine said the fbi doesn't investigate maybe not cases a second time. whatever it is, it is bad. joining usnow. brad gersman and democratic strategist and mark larson, a conservativero talk show host in southern california. brad, if you are in the clinton campaign and your candidate is under a reopened fbi investigation what do you do or say? >> listen, you have to get out there and talk about the fact that the fbi has already rendered a decision in this case and new facts come you welcome a open and fair investigation.
10:39 am
but the truth be known, it is politics. you know whatever the new facts, as your prior guest mentioned, the law doesn't change but the facts may change and apparently the fbi have new facts. that could lead in a million directions and i am sure the hillary campaign have a sense of what the new facts and are what they are looking into and it could be that somebody's going to become a scapegoat in the hillary organization. not necessarily hillary herself. mark, go ahead. >> it is politics all you like and they need to address it. they haven't with the avalanche of wikileaks other than to say it is the russians or something. >> mark p, donald trump is speaking and we'll listen n. [applause] [cheering]
10:40 am
>> thank you very much. we love new hampshire, i can tell you that. [cheering] [applause] >> i need to open with a very critical, breaking news announcement. [cheering] the fbi [cheering] has just sent a letter to congress informing them that they have discovered new e-mails pertaining to the former secretary of state, hillary clinton's investigation. [cheering]
10:41 am
and they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatened the security of the united states of america. [cheering] [applause] hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale that we have never seen before. we must not let her take her are criminal scheme into the oval office. [applause] i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now
10:42 am
willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. [cheering] this was a grave miscarriage of justice that the american people fully understood. and it is everybody's hope that it is about to be corrected. [cheering]. so that is a big announcement that i heard ten minutes ago. and i guess obviously most of you folks have heard about it. and in all fairness for all of the people that have suffered for doing so much less,
10:43 am
including four star general james cartwright. general petraeus and many others, perhaps finally justice will be done. [cheering] with that being said, the rest of my speech is going to it be so boring. [cheering] should iine make the speech? we will talk about borders, right? we will talk about trade. we'll bring back our job and strengthen our military and let's get going, okay. [cheering] i want to thank general flynn. he is a great general, and thank
10:44 am
you for being here. thank you very much much. just before general flynn was coming up up, we heard this news, i said general, get up there and keep them busy. we want to digest what just happened here. in 11 days, we are going to win new hampshire! [cheering] the state of my first victory. and we are going to win back the white house! [cheering] 75 percent of the american people think our country is on the wrong track and we are going to fix it. we are going to get our country back on the right track and very, very quickly. real change with immediately repealing and replacing obama care and that is big news. that is good news.
10:45 am
we can't forget how big of news that is. we can't lose track. it is a disaster. just like everything else in the administration. it is just announced that americans are going to experience a massive double-digit hike in the obama care premiums including a 116 percent premium hike to our good friends in the great state of arizona. even bill clinton admitted obama care is the craziest thing in the world where people wind up with their prem yups doubled and their coverage cut in half. in minnesota, where the premium increase will be 60 percent, the democratic governor said, the affordable care act is no longer affordable. johnathon gruber, the architect of obama care.
10:46 am
admitted it was all a fraud and he said it was passed because of the stupidity of the american voter. hey, we are doing a lot of good work. we are catching all of these people. we are doing a good job. johnathon gruber. we didn't forget. i never forgot johnathon gruber. if i do this, his name came up and people forget after a week or two. i will never forget johnathon gruber, architect of obama care. and we doesn't forget. it was a little more than a week. we didn't forget the name johnathon gruber. and the only real stupidity is showed by the politicians who passed the monstrositty of certain politicians and american voter. job killing obama care is one
10:47 am
more way the system is rigged. but with what i just announced, previously, it might not be be as rigged as i thought, right? right? the fbi, [cheering] i think they are going to right the ship, folks. i think they are going to right the ship and save their great reputation by doing so. hillary clinton wants to double down on obama care, destroying hearn health care forever. she wants to expand obama care and make it more expensive. i will repeal and replace obama care. and we will replace it with a much less expensive plan and a plan that is much, much better. just this year, hillary clinton
10:48 am
declared obama care is one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama and the democratic party and our country. that's turned out to be wrong. do they do anything right? we don't win anymore. i mean, oh, you are going to have such a good time in '17. we are going to start winning again. we are going to start winning again. [cheering]. because it turned out and i have saying before it passed, obama care is a catastrophe beyond imagination. insurers are leaving and doctors are quitting and companies are fleeing. worker's hours are being cut. part- time jobs are all over the place. beautiful full- time jobs that you used to have don't exist and deductibles are through the roof. you don't get to use it. we don't get rid of obama care.
10:49 am
we don't have any choice. if we don't get rid of it, our health care system is gone forever. we'll never have another chance. and by the way, if we don't win this election, you will never have another chance. never going to happen again. repealing obama care is one of the important reasons to win on november 8th. but real change also means getting rid of the corruption in washington and again, maybe be that is happening, wow. it is a big day. think of it. i won my first primary in new hampshire and i am getting here, and the news this morning is, this is bigger than watergate. this is bigger than watergate in my opinion. this is bigger than watergate. hillary clinton blaeched and
10:50 am
depleted 33000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpeona. that to me, there were more serious things done. but how does it get much more? that was so that was so obviou. she beached and deleted 33,000 e-mails. it's not about the stale of the but you know, the deletion of 33,000 e-mails, that is just so out there, after receiving a subpoena from the united states government. she lied to congress, she lied to the fbi, she made 13 phones
10:51 am
disappear, some with a hammer, they gave more than $625,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi and the man overseaing the investigation. maybe now that takes care of itself. right now that takes care of itself i think. very proud the fbi was willing to do this, really. just yesterday we learned that bill clinton's right hand man, to funnel as much as $66 million in personal profit to bill and hillary clinton. he explained the relationship between his consulting firm, the
10:52 am
foundation, and clinton's personal income helped bill and hillary enrich themselves and gain services including hospitality, vacations, and the like. the same people paying him for speeches were lobbies hillary clinton at the same time. and, these people are seriously corrupt. a terrible conflict. hillary's pay for play included defense contracts. when the contractor wanted big foreign arms deals, they raised hundreds of thousands for her last campaign and are raising money for her current campaign. if you look at florida, we're winning, ohio we're winning,
10:53 am
iowa we're winning. doing great in new hampshire. i think we're going to have a tremendous victory in pennsylvania. better have a great victory in new hampshire, please. twlen is news of the fbi's investigation, they say mr. trump, we understand you can skip your speech in new hampshire and i said i don't have the courage, believe me, i don't have the courage. i'm not skipping new hampshire. when i won, and we had the big rallies and they said they'll
10:54 am
never work in new hampshire you have to sit down and have diner with everybody, that's a lot of dinners, they don't expect that, but do you remember when we met and i had a lot of small meetings too, and new hampshire more than any other place paugt me about the drugs pouring into the country. and i never knew, i never knew it was so bad. and i said to the people of new hampshire, you look at the politicaling rivers, lakes, the streams, and i i how can they have drugs here?
10:55 am
but it was always heroin. i say heroin, what do you mean? and learned so much and i said to the people of new hampshire that if i win, and if i go all of the way, we will top the inflow of drugs into new hampshire and into our country. and i dave the people of new hampshire my pledge. it is hard to believe, it is just so strange when you look and' the beauty of this place, and you see that aaron and drugs are the problem. within months, they steal over $26 billion in foreign arms deals, including $19 billion in
10:56 am
qatar. some people say qatar, that was $1 million for bill clinton's birthday for a few minutes of face time. the lobbyist, the sister-in-law to hillary clinton's current campaign chairwoman. they got billions in contracts and hillary clinton got her campaign cash and money for her foundation. and you know i'm putting up tremendous amounts -- today i wrote another check for $10 million. i'm spending money like crazy. i'll probably have close to $100 million of my own money for the
10:57 am
campaign. we're doing what's right for you not what's right for some contributor or special interest. she put the office for the secretary of state up for sale, and if she got the chance, she would put the office, and know what one, the oval office, up for sale, too. i propose a contract with the american voter which will end the corruption and give government back do our great people. i want the entire washington establishment to hear and heed the words i'm about to say. if we win in november, we're going to washington dc -- when
10:58 am
we win, okay. when. and we are going to drain the swamp. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. you have been suffering with the jobs. they are gone like candy taken from a baby. new numbers but the average growth rate for this year at 1.5%. if china goes down to 7% or 8% gdp it's like a national catastrophe. last quarter we were at 1%. our job numbers last week were horrible. they were anemic. obama is the first president in modern history not to have a
10:59 am
single year of 3% growth. and they say it is hard because we're a large country. well india is larger and they're at 8%, china at 7%, and china is not happy. we're at around 1% and we just keep going along. just keep going along losing our jobs to mexico and every other place. 47 million americans are on food stamps and 45 million people think of it, this is our country. living in poverty. meanwhile our trade deficit with the world is now nearly 800 million a year. you say who negotiates these contracts? it's true, obama. obama.
11:00 am
instead of campaigning for hillary clinton he should be in the white house negotiating trade deals, defeating isis, taking care of our veterans which he does not do we are living through the greatest jobs le theft in the history of the world. new hampshire has lost the most jobs -- we lost 70,000 fact voirs since china entered the world trade organization. another bill and hillary disaster. the trump administration will immediately begin negotiating and we will start this negotiation so fast. we will start a negotiation on nafta. and if we don't get the deal we want, we will terminate nafta and get a much, much


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